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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  March 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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charging documents that have been obtained by abc 7 news that in fact there may have been more than one victim. according to these court documents at the time a 16 and a 17-year-old. and according to these documents, one of those incidents happening just down the street here at metropolitan police headquarters. >> ok so come to the police station. brianne: this is darrell best a police officer walking his beat in an interview with abc 7 back in 2000. back then best also worked with these kids as musical director at a.p. shaw med methodist. the now 45-year-old is a police officer and pastor and he's facing abuse charges for allegedly assaulting a 16-year-old. >> that's terrible. i think it's terrible. supposed to be protecting the people. brianne: according to court documents, the victim alleges the sexual assault happened on three different occasions. one of the incidents, best was allegedly counselling the teen. in another, the teen was said to be at the church for choir
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practice. >> i think the incident is sad. it's kind of sick. brianne: at the church today, no one responded but people in the area are talking about the arrest. now, we did try to speak to his lawyer after the court proceedings were over. he said because of this ongoing case, he could not comment. we also know now that he is on administrative leave in the police department. reporting live brianne carter, abc 7 news. leon: thanks brianne. following a developing story now in virginia where a man was shot after a home owner defended himself in alexandria. this happened during what police say was an attempted burglary along lenore lane in the huntington neighborhood. jeff goldberg spoke with that home owner about half-hour ago. jeff joins us now. jeff, what's the latest here? jeff: leon some pretty amazing comments coming from this gentleman feeling certainly traumatized by what happened. certainly in shock by it all. we'll hear from him in a moment. first, i want to tell you a little bit about background about what happened. this is the home on lenore lane where this took place this morning, this attempted
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burglary. after 8:30 just after 8:30 fairfax police got a call about a break-in happening here. they arrived and actually this is what happened according to the home owner. the home owner says he saw a man trying to break into his side glass door on his porch. the man was using a brick to try to get in. the home owner said he told the man entering to stop. the man kept coming in. that is when the home owner says he shot the suspect hitting the suspect, he believes in the cheek area. that's when the home owner, rather the suspect rather fled the scene of the home. according to police the suspect then ran down lenore lane to telegraph road where he tried to flag down a yellow school bus with children inside the school bus. at that point, an officer responding to the call here spotted the man and took him into custody. here now is what the home owner had to say about half-hour ago. >> a little terrifying somebody breaking into your house. you don't know what to do.
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you know so just ran and got my gun. and then i told the guy to stop but he didn't hear me. so that's when i returned fire at him. and unfortunately, i hurt the young man you know. i was just shaken. i was really terrified. i mean i didn't know if i was going to hit the guy. didn't aim to shoot to kill him or nothing. i'm glad he's doing fine. jeff: really amazing. that suspect currently in the suspect with nonlife threatening injuries. we're told he is a 27-year-old man from northern virginia. he did have a stun gun on him. charges are pending. the home owner was asked a few minutes ago whether or not this man tried to break into the wrong house. the home owner saying evidently, yes. live in the alexandria section of fairfax county jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. leon: the head of the u.s. secret service admitted today that he didn't know about the incident involving two senior
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agents driving into a barrier at the white house but he made a promise during his testimony on capitol hill. >> it's going to take time to change maybe some of this culture. there's no excuse for this information not to come up the chain. leon: that is joseph clancy. he was named permanent director in february after a series of embarrassing security breaches at the executive mansion. today was his first official visit to the hill in that role. he told members of the house appropriations committee that he was frustrated that it took five days for him to learn about that incident on march 4th. clancy also talked about building a new facility representing the white house for agent training. we'll have more on that plan coming up at 4:24 right here. alison: let's switch to the weather now. warm and sunny. just so nice. really couldn't ask for much more in mid march than the weather we had today. leon: that's right. you know what they say all good things must come to an end. chief meteorologist doug hill in the stormwatch weather center with the forecast.
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hey there, doug. doug: we've had a couple of stretches with a little hint of springlike temperatures and it's in the process of going away once more. let's get you started outside of the belfort furniture weather center. it's delightful. sunshine, few high clouds. temperatures still in the low to mid 60's in the metro area. farther north and west in the city temperatures are falling down to 50 now at hagerstown. 48 in cumberland and that trend of falling temperatures will continue as the gusty winds bring in the cold dry air. wind speed right now out of the northwest at 23 miles an hour at dulles. 21 at reagan national. 22 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall and stronger gusts on top of that sustained wind. now, by tomorrow our computer projects temperatures in the mid 20's in many suburban areas. 27 in frederick. 2 29 at manassas and 35 degrees near reagan national airport by early tomorrow morning. after a very chilly start, there still will be a breeze in the morning. wind chills in the lower 20's so plan ahead. and then for our wednesday, bright sunshine.
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but a little bit breezy. high temperatures expected at 50 degrees. but with northwesterly winds at 10 to 15 it will feel a bit cooler. look ahead to the weekend and beyond in a few minutes. alison? alison: see you then thank you. more questions tonight about the response time for some d.c. ambulances. it's a story you saw first here on 7. and tonight, our d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live with word of a new case under investigation tonight. sam? sam: there is growing concern about these response times. the actual time that the city sets as a standard is eight minutes to arrive on scene. after one was dispatched here last thursday, it took nearly three times that long. paramedic engine company 13 responded here quickly after a motorcycle struck a car making a u-turn out of the department parking garage. according to one witness, it sent the motorcycle rider airborne. the witness who called 911 said
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the firefighter paramedic tended to the victim. police stood watch. the witness said that after 15 minutes of waiting and no ambulance, he left concerned about the quality of ambulance service. >> it's scary that if i was to get hurt had right now, i might bleed out because they're too busy doing god knows what. that doesn't make any sense to me. no confidence at all. sam: d.c. fire and e.m.s. records show that it took 22 minutes for the ambulance to arrive. a fire spokesman said the victim suffered serious but not life threatening injuries. as for why it took so long i'll have more on that coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. roaring live from southwest washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. leon: thank you sam. new developments tonight after a shooting in silver spring. montgomery county police say 24-year-old jonathan lopez died after being shot near piney branch road and dale drive. police say they believe it was
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an armed robbery. but they don't have much of a description of a suspect. if you have any information on this case, please call police. police are investigating if whether or not there's a connection between two bodies that were found in fairfax county in similar circumstances. both were found yesterday in wooded areas. one in herndon and another in annandale. both also had similar injuries. in annandale, a man's body was found behind apartments in the 4300 block of ivy mount court not far from the beltway and little river turnpike by the way, police are waiting for the medical examiner's office to determine the exact cause of death. in herndon, neighbors say the body of a man was found in an area known to be a party hangout. police are also waiting for word from the medical examiner on a cause of death in that case. right now, investigators are stressing that there's no connection between the cases but they are not ruling out that possibility. alison? alison: leon a ruptured gas line in the heart of downtown d.c. sent hundreds of people out of their offices and out into the streets. and tonight, some of the lanes
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around 17th and m streets northwest are still closed. stephen tschida discovered the chaos stemmed from a bureaucratic mix-up? so stephen, what went wrong? stephen: well, first of all alison, six hours after this gas line ruptured here's the situation. we still have crews here on the scene trying to make repairs and check out m street. one of the main arteries here through the heart of downtown d.c. usually a torrent of traffic along here reduced to a trickle down to one lane. about 11:00 this morning, hundreds of workers in several office buildings suddenly bolted for the exits. >> i don't know what's going on. stephen: they have encountered confusion and chaos on t street. and something else. >> gas. it's terrible. stephen: some heard announcements. others just decided to flee on their own. >> as soon as i stepped out of the a conference room, i could smell it immediately. we talked as a group and left and evacuated. >> grabbed my purse and my phone and chargers and get out of there as quick as possible. i don't play when it comes to
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gas. stephen: initially, first responders expected a contractor had slashed a 20 inch gas line. actually, it was four inches. >> look how close that was. stephen: michael caruso's shop sits just feet from the broken gas line. >> it was very loud. hissing. very loud. almost like a water gush coming up, you know. stephen: the man who tore through the gas line with a backhoe says he got a green light. he also said it surprised him how close to the surface that line ran. >> then we tried to go back in and the fireman said the building could blow up. stephen: yeah, eventually they did get back into the office building. now, as to how this all happened, we spoke with washington gas. i was told that there's a company that's supposed to come through here and mark all the gas lines. just 15 minutes ago, i spoke with the guy who ruptured this line. he said when he started digging, there were no markings on this spot. reporting live, stephen tschida abc 7 news. alison: ok stephen. thank you for the latest out
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there. right now, all eyes are on a popular couple just back in the area. leon: before we get to that we have the story of a man accused of plotting to bomb the u.s. capitol heading back to court. find out what his attorneys are asking for. alison: a little bit letter panhandling on the metro. find out why one police department thinks they look a little familiar. leon: and starbucks wants to try to engage you in a serious conversation sometimes before you get that first cup of coffee.
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alison: welcome back. right now all eyes are on a popular couple. they're just back to the area now. tom and audrey are a pair of ospreys that tend to nest on the shores of kent island in maryland. today, the chesapeake conservancy announced the couple returned after their platform was repaired. it had been damaged in one of our winter storms. leatest reality show now here. alison: exactly. not quite as exciting as some of the others. all right. well washington, d.c., speaking of excitement, is gearing up for a royal visit. leon: speak of couples.
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the prince of wales and the duchess of cornwall are just about an hour or so away from arriving here in our area. suzanne kennedy is live outside of the british embassy tonight with more on their two-day stay in the city for us. hi suzanne? suzanne: hello, leon and alison. their royal highnesses arrive here at joint base andrews in just about one hour. it's been a decade since the prince of wales and duchess of cornwall made their first official visit here to washington, d.c. this one will begin here at the british embassy at 7:00 tonight with a reception. washington, d.c. has a long history with royal visits. the prince of wales has made repeated trips to the nation's capital. this week another that will include stops at a world renowned theater and a school for immigrant students. g.e.d. student and the salvadoran immigrant says he's grateful the prince will be acknowledging the hard work of the students at the carlos
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rosario student. >> we are immigrants to this country and we'll have a chance to learn english and get a better job. >> we are delighted to see that the prince of wales is so committed to adult education and immigrant integration. suzanne: the duchess of cornwall will accompany the prince on his four day trip. tomorrow, she'll visit the shakespeare company where the royal highness will tour the theater, meet staff and watch several special performances. >> this is a great opportunity to show them while shakespeare is from england, that his work pertains all around the world and that we in america have a special affinity for it. suzanne: back now here outside the british embassy. in addition to the stops that i mentioned in the story there, they will also be going to mount vernon. and then they will spend two days or about a day and a half in kentucky before returning to the u.k. reporting live in northwest washington suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news.
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leon: thanks suzanne. today, ford's theater and the smithsonian's museum of american history gave abc 7 an advanced look at a new exhibit. it is titled "silent witnesses, artifacts of the lincoln assassination." the 150th anniversary of president link on's assassination is next month. the pistol and the carriage they rode in that night brought together from a number of different collections. >> our history comes alive when we see the objects. and it causes us to reflect on really what abraham lincoln meant to the country, the whole purpose and what happened in the civil war and who we are as a people. leon: the exhibit at ford's theater opens to the public on march 23rd. carriage is on display beginning today at the museum of american history. the museum of natural history is celebrating its 105th birthday today. that facility first opened its doors to the public on march 17
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1910. today also marks five years since the museum opened its hall of human origins. alison: all the reasons that we're so lucky to live in d.c. you know, that ford's theater stuff looks fantastic. leon: absolutely. alison: speaking of fantastic, the weather today at least -- leon: i thought you were talking about doug. doug: i'll take that. alison: then there's the weather. doug: yesterday was warm west. we had 81 degrees in culpepper. so it took almost a day to get warmer here. we had today a wrmer day. and it's all going tonight. hang in there, hope you enjoyed the spring preview. get you back to reality right now and start with a time lapse from mount airy maryland time lapse at summit ridge early this morning, beautiful sunrise and through the day, clouds increase as the cold front came to town. but as happens many times, the actual cold air lies hours and hours behind the actual passage of the cold front and that was the case today. look at this right now, beautiful sunshine. just a few clouds in mount airy. temperatures have been dropping there and will continue to drop
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through the 50's and 40's. 66 still at reagan national airport. 50 degrees in hagerstown. still 69 degrees in fredricksburg. so we have the change in temperatures over 24 hours so the more dramatic changes, in other words, it's 18 degrees colder now in winchester than it was this time yesterday. remember, it was much warmer west of washington. our numbers are not very impressive and only a degree cooler than t time yesterday because of the air that was so split through the metro area. now, everybody has the same conditions. strong northwesterly winds gusting to 30 35 miles per hour. 37-mile-per-hour gusts at gaithersburg recently reported. and these strong winds will bring in colder temperatures but bring a steady decline tonight from the 50's 40's to 20's. take a look at what's up today, pollen count. high range for tree pollen. mold spores in the low category. mild temperatures and gusty winds will do it every single time. later tonight, we'll drop to an average wake-up temperature of 32 degrees. we'll still have a bit of a
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breeze. wind chills will be a bit of a factor as well. surface temperatures dramatic turn as you head west over the appalachians. 41 in pittsburgh now. 44 in detroit. chilly air mass moving in our direction. 50 degrees for a high tomorrow. futurecast shows a lot of sunshine through the day tomorrow. later tomorrow night, see just a couple of passing clouds but then as we get into thursday turn into a cloudy day. still will be chilly and thursday night overnight into friday this futurecast map centered at 1:00 friday morning. rain moving in. storm system will pass to our south. we think most everything we'll see in our area will be rain. however, there will be a chance friday morning early of some w snowflakes mixed in. don't think we'll have any impact on driving or commuting. in higher elevations on the blue ridge and along west of the continental divide here, we'll see the possibility of some accumulation on grassy areas there. we'll watch it. it will take most of the day for the rain system to move out of the area. clearing skies later friday night and good shape as we head you through the weekend.
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tomorrow, lots of sun. only near 50 degrees. as we head through the next several days increasing cloudiness later thursday and as we get into the weekend, things start to clear back out. it will remain cooler than average for as far as i can see which is about, you know, 12 to 15 days out. may have an individual day that's mild but generally will stay very chilly. alison: ok. at least we're turning the corner. getting better. all right, thank you. hopefully we are but at least the kind of cold that actually cracks water mains here in our area. leon: haven't seen too many of that happening. find out what sent this water rushing down the street outside of our studios today. reporter: it may be accurate down to the iconic white columns. i'm brad bell. coming up, how an $8 million mockup of the white house may better protect the president.
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leon: strong words out of an ohio courtroom today. cornell is accused of plotting
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to blow up the u.s. capitol building. prosecutors tried to block his phone usage saying he's a self-proclaimed supporter of isil and easy phone access poses a security risk. detectives call the motion overbroad and hypothetical. alison: the u.s. secret service has a plan for land $8 million and a fake white house. maryland bureau chief brad bell explains. brad: first, omar gonzalez jumps the fence. he's caught on camera but not by the secret service. early march, after leaving a party, two secret service agents in an agency car bump a barrier at a crime scene. >> going to take time to change maybe some of this culture. brad: that appraisal today from the new secret service director joseph clancy brought before a house committee to explain how he plans to better ensure the safety of the president. >> i have been away for several
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years and was not as familiar with these policies as i should have been. they have to be readdressed. brad: one of clancy's solutions to the problem has people talking. in beltsville beyond those trees at the secret service training complex, he wants to spend $8 million to build a mock white house. at the facility now agents can train on mockups of the president's helicopter and air force one. there's been a mini city and something vaguely resembling the white house. agents need a more accurate look of the building fences and landscaping. taxpayers we spoke to aren't so sure. >> waste of money. >> why? >> don't they do training like somewhere else? >> that's a lot of money for something that may not work. brad: the secret service director tells congress the current setup in beltsville just isn't realistic enough. in beltsville brad bell, abc 7 news. alison: coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 starbucks wants to
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start a dialogue. find out why the push to talk about a serious topic is leading to some major backlash for the coffee king. leon: plus -- a big band gives a small concert. find out why they had to change the words for their biggest hit. chris: women panhandling on metro trains while holding
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leon: alison: women panhandling on metro trains while holding infants. this has been a growing trend in d.c. over the past few months. leon: before you give them some money, there's things you should know. chris papst looks into this. what did you find out? chris: the image of a woman panhandling with an infant is a very powerful one. you want to help that woman and that child. in this case it might not be that simple. this picture of a woman panhandling on a metro train with an infant was taken about two weeks ago. she's on the red line with a sign that reads "help me please for food and rent. thank you, god bless." this man took that picture. says he sees the woman on a regular basis and he didn't want to be identified. but he's noticed this is happening more often with more women.
5:31 pm
>> were they giving her lots of money? >> with that money, they've noticed some red flags. she turned it down when she offered services and he noticed her carrying three different children when her sign says she has two. also "7 on your side" found this december report on panhandling moms from nbc in new york. it woman who looks very similar to this one. begging for money on metro is illegal. "7 on your side" contacted metro transit police which said panhandling enforcement nearly doubled last year with 41 arrests and 66 citations. and they are now on the lookout for these women and their infants. >> i think when you use a child to solicit money a metro, you're putting that child in danger and that child is working alongside the mother.
5:32 pm
chris: "7 on your side" contacted d.c. child and family services and they do appear to be with their mothers and not neglected. and since the kids are not school aged they are not truant. live in the newsroom chris papst, abc 7 news. leon: thanks chris. good job getting that video. let us know how 7 can be on your side folks. kill our tips -- call our tips hotline. alison: local leaders met today to talk about ending homelessness across the region. d.c. mayor muriel bowser and the montgomery county executive, prince george's county executive signed a proclamation with their pledges and they also compared notes on how to aapproach the issue and collaborate in the future. the mayor also talked about her plan to close the shelter at d.c. general hospital in favor of opening eight other shelters all across the city. >> the idea is to have emergency shelter that houses between 20
5:33 pm
and 50. alison: we will keep you posted as we get more specific information on the plans for these eight shelters. leon: let's take a look at other top stories. a man who works as a pastor and d.c. police officer is accuse of sexually assaulting two young women. according to court documents, the victims say they happened on three different occasions and each time it was in the church office when he was off duty. in one of the incidents, best was allegedly counselling the teen and in the other the teen was at the church for choir practice. alison: a resident shot a man when he was trying to burglarize his home. the suspect then tried to flag down a passing school bus for help. that's when he was arrested by a nearby officer. he is in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. leon: and a makesup with red tape ended up with a contractor tearing through a gas line a matter of inches below the
5:34 pm
surface of m street. that forced hundreds of people to evacuate their offices in northwest d.c. today. officials are trying to figure out why washington gas allegedly gave that contract to dig in the area. alison: right now, crews are doing work to fix a water main break in arlington. this after a contractor hit a fire hydrant a line there along 1100 wilson boulevard in rosslyn. this is not impacting traffic anymore and work should be wrapped up around 8:00 tonight. let's get a check on the traffic situation with bob emler in wtop traffic center. hi, bob. bob: hi alison. traffic slowing down headed down through woodbridge to the occoquan and as you head south of quantico volume delays. not a bad drive. outer loop slowing a bit to the wilson bridge. we have slow traffic on d.c. 295. part of the reason now, there's a crash south of bowling and near blue plains and that has traffic tied up from the 11th street bridge northbound it's volume delays headed up towards route 50 and then, of course 95 as we've seen just volume delays
5:35 pm
on the virginia side. take a look at some cameras and see what it looks like on 270 northbound, just very slow headed up most of the way up into germantown and through clarksburg. bit of a minor crash through falls road. that's out of the road already and traffic on 66 headed westbound past nutley street and 123 heaviest heading west into the sun out towards centreville. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. leon: help you ensure that what you download for your kids are appropriate. the company plans to introduce a new rating system in its google play store. the company will ask developers to fill out a questionnaire about the app before it's published. that will then activate different ratings based on their answers. alison: a falls church teenager has serious bragging rights tonight. 18-year-old max johnson was named a portfolio gold medalist in this year's scholastic arts and writing awards. now, that is the most prestigious recognition program in the u.s.
5:36 pm
johnson created original videos feeding more than 300,000 applicants. the award comes with a 10000 scholarship. leon: there you go. taking it to the max! alison: congratulations. leon: all right. surprising decision by an up-and-coming nfl star. >> chance of that happening was more of a negative than the positives that a career can be. alison: still ahead tonight, find out why chris borland is calling it quits after his rookie year. >> it's st. patrick's day and are you looking for an alternative than going to a bar? maybe want to grab a beer. i have a place where you can go.
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leon: the irish spirit overtook parts of boston's logan airport last night much the band was leaving for a tour of ireland and broke into a slightly altered version of their song "shipping off to boston." lot of folks were singing along and having a good time doing it. dublin was party central for st. patrick's day celebrations. people donned green hats and took in a pint or two as they celebrated ireland's patron saint. the events in dublin culminated
5:40 pm
with a parade after four days of celebration. meanwhile, back here at home president obama hosted irish prime minister at the white house. alison: and people across the region are wearing their green preparing to do some partying tonight including our steve rudin live in arlington. he found a local st. patrick's day celebration. hey, steve. steve: hey, yeah, pop-up beer garden here in rosslyn. 19th and moore street if you're interested in coming. look at what's going on here. we have 100 people actually enjoying this all. it started at 4:00 and goes until 8:00 this evening but the crowd continues to build even though the temperatures are dropping. so winds picking up. it's not stopping people from enjoying these nice irish beers earlier this morning, let me tell you things are really picking up over in arlington. this is the irish bars very busy early in the morning. folks enjoying themselves having a lot of fun. of course, it continues as we work through the afternoon and well into the evening hours and
5:41 pm
we'll look for more activity lots of fun as we head through the late night hours tonight. if you're interested in coming, 19th and moore. if you're coming from metro you head off the metro and you'll see the big rosslyn hall in front of you. all you need to do is turn to the left head 1/2 block. you'll hear the music and see the crowds. and you'll see a lot of fun and a lot of green. once again, this is until 8:00 tonight. we're lirosslyn, hope you can join us. alison and leon, back to you. alison: ok steve. have a great time! hopefully, everyone who chooses to drink a little bit will celebrate and do it safely. but if you find you've had too much to drink tonight, there are a few options for you. the washington regional alcohol program is offering its sober ride service. cover the cost of a cab ride up to $30. the free rides will last until 4:00 a.m. all you have to do is call 1-800-2 1-800-200-taxi and you can request one of the free rides. so if you'd like to find out a
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little bit more about why people celebrate today, then you can head to the and you'll have a look at the history of st. patrick's day right there. leon: all right. it's not the sort of thing that any passengers or even air traffic controller wants to hear. >> we've got a situation with a passenger. we're going to have to return back to the airport. alison: find out what that passenger did that forced a flight back to dulles. coming up. reporter: starbucks is trying to get people to start talking about racial issues. it's causing some controversy and what starbucks executive did
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
alison: trending now a company, of course known for its social activism caught in a whirlwind of controversy tonight. leon: that's right. starbucks announced on monday it's encouraging its baristas to engage customers in conversations about race. tom roussey live in our newsroom with a look at the reaction the company is getting from this. tom: it's causing some controversy and on twitter, this man who is an executive at starbucks, he was taking a lot of flak for it. so much so that later on today, if you googled his name and tried to go on his twitter
5:46 pm
account, it doesn't twist. it was pulled down and that is causing more controversy on twitter. that said, there's mixed opinions about whether this whole thing is a good idea. customers at this greenbelt starbucks weren't necessarily told why. >> didn't say anything about what they're doing. tom: some left with something besides their name on their cups. the words "race together." starbucks is encouraginging employees to write it and even if they want to talk about race with customers. but is starbucks really a good place to get people talking about race? >> where else do they have a conversation than over coffee? tom: most customers we talked to said yes. >> we need to work on facilitating a dialogue around race and i think for a corporation like starbucks to be at the forefront of that is kind of impressive. i wouldn't have expected that. >> it's a community gathering place. so i think it's a good place for conversations like that. >> we really need to talk about it because it allows us to start understanding each other. tom: but the race together
5:47 pm
campaign is taking a lot of flak on line with many people bashing the company on twitter including some questioning why starbucks promotional photos only included white hands. others worry this could cause division at a normally friendly place. >> to bring the subject of race up, it would just cause a bunch of problems i think. >> why stir up something if you don't have to? tom: and you can see on this map right now how many starbucks there are in our area. this is downtown washington alone. a lot of potential people could be seeing the words "race together" on their cup. that said the c.e.o. in the video statement to all of these employees say if you want to do this, you can but you're certainly not required to if you're uncomfortable with the idea. reporting live tonight, i'm tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: new tonight at 6:00 just ahead here the latest from israel as the votes are being counted in an election that could determine the course of
5:48 pm
history. plus a congressman who made waves for the way he made out his office is head out of office when forced to resign after his downtown abbey fell into the spotlight. new details on the ebola patient being treated in bethesda. all that new coming up tonight at 6:00. alison? alison: the man who forced a united airlines flight to return to dulles international airport this morning is under evaluation. that flight from d.c. to denver had to make an emergency landing when passengers say the man became violent. he ran towards the front of the plane. passengers say he seemed paranoid and was screaming about jihad. he was quickly tackled and subdued before he reached the cockpit door. >> the flight attendant came with a restraining kit and plastic handcuffs. they put him on him and he's screaming that they hurt. they cut them off and put a new pair on i think, it got them restrained that way. they had to keep holding his head. he was fighting and fighting the whole time. alison: an airport spokesperson
5:49 pm
says the man has not been charged. the passengers were booked on other flights overnight and early this morning. leon: a major solar storm is causing quite a display on earth. it could make it possible for us to see the northern lights further south. here's an image that nasa tweeted out from the international space station earlier today. check that out. this weekend's storm ranked a four in the scale of one to five. 100 storms like this every 11 years. it will be a huge one. alison: all right. good to see that. let's check in with doug one more time as things are about to change in a big way around here. doug: they're changing as we speak. temperatures are starting to drop. still plenty comfortable in the metro area. it will turn a lot colder by morning. start off with a look at the current temperatures. we actually hit 73 degrees earlier today at reagan national for the high. but now, we dropped 66 there now. 52 in gaithersburg. 54 in winchester. warmer temperatures south and east.
5:50 pm
the gusty winds will blow the colder air southeast towards the atlantic coast. winds gust out of the northwest at 36 miles per hour at gaithersburg. 38 at quantico and 35-mile-per-hour wind gusts reported at reagan national airport. we will turn colder and have that steady decline in temperatures. we'll have an average wake-up of 32 degrees. the range across our viewing area 25 to 34 degrees. on top of that we'll have a breeze out there. it will knock the wind chills a bit lower. in fact take a look at our future wind chills for 8:00 tonight, range from the 30's to low 40's and then overnight through tomorrow morning, wind chills backing into the mid 20's and downtown tomorrow morning, plan ahead. as we get through the day it will s on the chilly side. air temperatures near 50. wind chills remaining lower. it will be a chilly day. so long to the 70's for a while. 32 in the morning in the city. 46 at midday. 50 in the afternoon with lots of sunshine and then the clouds return thursday. still chilly. overnight thursday into friday and through the day friday good
5:51 pm
chance of rain and mixed in friday morning, you have to get the much higher elevations north and west of the city to see anything more than that as a possibility. clearing out but cool for the weekend. sunny to start next week. next chance of rain next week comes our way on tuesday. that's the latest leon alison timmy, back to you. alison: tim is looking very festive today, by the way. tim: all of you have your green. yeah, buddy. hear this. according to multiple reports, the redskins have reached an agreement with the quarterback colt mccoy, one year deal and means the skins will have the same quarterback situation as last season. the head coach has said publicly that r.g. iii will be the starter. but the last time mccoy was healthy, he was the guy and got the redskins biggest win of the year by winning at dallas. kirk cousins is back but still in limbo. his window of being a full-time er is closing rapidly. meanwhncaa tournament goats under way tonight with the first four. what i call the play-in game. more importantly, the georgetown hoyas left for portland this morning. so it is game time!
5:52 pm
bright and early the hoyas left northwest washington for their test against eastern washington. >> time they go. tim: the message from the head coach john thompson iii. >> just stay focused. message has been pretty consistent, you know since the pairings came out. >> time to win or go home. we don't play again if we don't win. so it's all business. no fun at this point. tim: let's take a look at this ballgame. we start with georgetown look at their resume and what sticks out is rivera. josh smith is the key. big space eater. this isn't a layup. eastern washington they have the number one scorer in the country. >> leading scoreer in the country but then, even when he's out of the equation so many people that can really shoot the ball. and not just shoot it, they can score. tim: look closer. i think all the so-called experts say georgetown will advance and beat eastern washington. history isn't good. they didn't qualify last year and the four years before, that the hoyas were knocked out three
5:53 pm
of the first four years in the first round. >> the teams that are in this tournament are very good. they're playing well. they feel good about themselves because they just won their conference tournament or very good team from a good conference. you have to play. you have to go out and win. tim: you have to play. that's the big thing. and if you look at their history, georgetown didn't make it to the tournament last year. and three of the four years previous to that they were knocked out in the fir we all remember that. leon: remember that one, yeah. all right. alison: ok. another sports story coming up that you know about. he had just finished his rookie year. leon: had a great year too. still ahead, find out why an nfl standout is calling it quits as his career as just started to gain speed.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
alison: san francisco 49ers linebacker chris borland has announced his retirement after playing only one season in the nfl. he is the fourth player age 30 or younger to retire before the
5:57 pm
2015 season. here's an explanation of what's fuelling borland's tough decision. >> chris borland has been doing this every night. reporter: an explosive rookie campaign. that's apparently all we'll see of 24-year-old nfl linebacker chris borland. speaking with mark stainer of espn's "outside the lines" he said he had been battling with the decision even before stepping on an nfl field. >> not going to commit the prime of my life to something that could ultimately be detrimental to my health. reporter: with two concussions recorded before college he knows how debilitateing they can be and he thinks he suffered another during training camp with the 49ers but played through it. >> what football players refer to as getting your bell rung. reporter: he mentioned a former chicago bear who left a note requesting his brain be studied for disease before committing suicide. today, scientists believe they found evidence.
5:58 pm
medical editor said it's not just the big hits that hurt. >> blows to the head that aren't strong enough to cause a concussion can increase your risk. reporter: the nfl releasing a statement saying in part everyone involved in the game knows there's more work to do and player safety will continue to be our top priority. a decision made with those closest to him reaching farther than he ever could have imagined. >> be there next year. and that hurts. but i know this is right for me. reporter: borland said he's not trying to sway public opinion. encouraging people to do their research and be honest with them about the risk they're taking on. in los angeles, i'm kenya wentworth, abc news. alison: that's it for abc news at 5:00. right now at 6:00 -- >> doesn't make any sense to me. alison: tough questions being asked after a motorcycle crash victim becomes the latest victim of a slow response by a d.c. ambulance. what could be to blame. plus how much money the secret service wants to build a fake white house in beltsville? and why?
5:59 pm
and two bodies found in fairfax county just hours apart. what we're learning from investigators ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00. leon: right now at 6:00, d.c. ambulance response times, this after two incidents where it took more than 20inutes for an ambulance to arrive at a scene. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is leading our investigation tonight. is the city giving any reason for this? sam: leon the only word we're getting, the official word from a spokesman is they are investigating. but after a rush hour accident here at seventh and east it took 25 minutes for an ambulance to arrive here on the scene as the man lay in the street. paramedic engine company 13 responded last thursday to a block away from the firehouse when a motorcycle rider hit a
6:00 pm
car doing a u-turn out of the h.u.d. parking garage and according to terrance taylor who saw it went airborne. >> went flying off the bike and then the bike kind of spun in the same spot and kept flipping and the guy landed all the way on the other side of the intersection. sam: what he said he didn't see as he waited 15 minutes before leaving is an ambulance. just police and the paramedic fire company waiting with the victim. >> just laid there for minutes on end. that's ridiculous. he could have died there while they were who knows where. sam: according to fire department records obtained by abc 7 news it would be 22 minutes in all before an ambulance arrived. in a stabbing incident monday of last week a victim waited 28 minutes. the new mayor again today said they're working on it. she's hired a new fire chief. >> we're concerned about fire and e.m.s. that's why we have a change in direction with fire and e.m.s. sam: the head of the ambulance union insisted


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