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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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13 responded last thursday to a block away from the firehouse when a motorcycle rider hit a car doing a u-turn out of the h.u.d. parking garage and according to terrance taylor who saw it went airborne. >> went flying off the bike and then the bike kind of spun in the same spot and kept flipping and the guy landed all the way on the other side of the intersection. sam: what he said he didn't see as he waited 15 minutes before leaving is an ambulance. just police and the paramedic fire company waiting with the victim. >> just laid there for minutes on end. that's ridiculous. he could have died there while they were who knows where. sam: according to fire department records obtained by abc 7 news it would be 22 minutes in all before an ambulance arrived. in a stabbing incident monday of last week a victim waited 28 minutes. the new mayor again today said they're working on it. she's hired a new fire chief. >> we're concerned about fire and e.m.s. that's why we have a change in direction with fire and e.m.s. sam: the head of the ambulance union insisted that the city
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needs more ambulances and people to run them. >> this is not going to get better. it's going to get worse. this is an issue that this administration inherited but it's still an issue they're going to have to deal with. sam: one big issue was mutual aid much there was an ambulance a mile away. fire station in maryland and in fact, they chose a d.c. ambulance that took 28 minutes. i spoke with an official with the 911 center today and he said basically, d.c.'s policy is if they have an ambulance available anywhere in the city, they will not seek mutual aid. as in the case here it was dispatched from over seven miles away. reporting live from southwest washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. leon: thank you sam. there are concerns about how crews are dispatched to emergencies. last week, calls went out for a toddler choking on a grape. that call went to a firehouse a mile away from the scene in northwest. it took seven minutes to respond despite the fact that fire
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engine 20 was in service three blocks away. 911 officials say the engine was not properly logged into the system so they didn't know it was available. d.c. fire say the child was transported priority one. the secret service is calling on congress to fund the construction of a second white house. this one for training the $8 million request would be built 20 miles away from the real mansion at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. secret service director joseph clancy said agents need a true-to-life white house replica in beltsville. this comes in response to september's security breach when an armed man jumped the fence and made it inside the white house before being captured. this request came as clancy admitted he is frustrated with the troubles within the agency. he said today that he was not told about a white house incident involving two possibly drunk senior agents until days after the incident. clancy told congress he gave staff a stern lecture over it and pledged to do better.
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>> my actions will determine how that culture will change. i don't have the ability to fire people at will. leon: the two agents involved in that incident have been reassigned and an investigation is under way. a d.c. police officer who worked as a pastor is now charged with sexually abusing two young women. according to court documents, one of the victims says that darrell best assaulted her on three separate occasions. she says all the incidents were at the church where he worked and when he was off duty. court documents also show that in one of the incidents, best was allegedly counselling the teen. in another case the teen was at the church for choir practice. a search for answers in fairfax county after two bodies are found just hours apart. the first in the northwestern part of the county around 12:30 yesterday. the second four hours later in annandale. diane cho live outside a fairfax county police headquarters on the story for us tonight. diane, what are police saying about these cases? diane diane: right now, police are
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saying they don't have any evidence linking the two cases at this point but the investigation continues tonight and today, we learned there was another man's body found in a creek in a wooded area in annandale off of ivy mount court. police say that person suffered trauma to the upper body but haven't said much more beyond that. about 21 miles away from that location roughly four hours earlier in the day, police were called to a wooded area after sources say a group of teens found a man's body off a popular walking path near hiddenbrook drive. we talked to neighbors in the herndon area who told us they're still shaken up by the discovery. one woman told us she's now picking up her little sister at the bus stop until investigators release more information about what may have happened. >> be like aware. it doesn't hurt for something down the street. but could make it. diane: the two men have not been identified at this point. medical examiner is looking into
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exactly how they may have died. in fairfax county, diane cho, abc 7 news. leon: right now, a burglary suspect is in the hospital after fairfax county police say a home owner shot him. this was along lenore lane in huntington. the home owner was inside the place at the time. and he asked only to be identified in the story as mr. king. mr. king said he told the burglar to stop and when the man kept trying to get in mr. king said he had no other choice but to shoot. >> >> i was just shaken and i was really terrified. i didn't know if i was going to even hit the guy. i didn't aim to shoot to kill him or nothing. leon: the suspect ran and flagged down a school bus for help and that's when a nearby officer arrested him. he's currently recovering in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. a big police presence today in silver spring after reports of shots fired. abc 7 counted at least a dozen officers along with a k-9 unit at the apartment complex on featherwood street. an officer on the scene told us
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that someone fired a shot into the air during a fight. no one was hurt. crews have completed the repairs to a water main that burst yesterday afternoon flooding a berwyn heights street and damaging four homes in the process. cunningham drive reopened around 2:00 this afternoon. about 21 hours after the 10 inch main burst. about two dozen residents spent the night without water while the crews repaired that damage. still ahead here on abc 7 news at 6:00 the polls are closed in the critical israeli election. ahead, what we know about benjamin netanyahu's future as prime minister and what that vote could mean for the relationship between the u.s. and israel. plus the controversy that forced the congressman known for his downtown abbey office out of office and house speaker john boehner's new demand for former secretary of state hillary clinton. doug: and i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture weather center. after temperatures hit 73 in washington, they're on their way down. how low will they go and all part of our forecast [ female
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announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. leon: house speaker john boehner is calling on former secretary of state hillary clinton to surrender her private e-mail server to a mutual third party. speaker boehner: i think this is the fairest way that we have all the documents that belong to the public and ultimately all the facts. leon: secretary clinton has
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resisted such calls so far saying that the private server will remain just that. private. the state department also now says that clinton never signed a statement saying that she had turned over all classified and unclassified work documents. that form is standard for employees leaving the state department. however, it appears that neither condaleeza rice nor colin powell signed such a form either. some suggested signing that form could open clinton up to prosecution. new at 6:00 illinois congressman aaron shock stepping down. he's come under scrutiny of late for reports of lavish spending and allegations that he paid donors to fly on private jets. might also remember his elaborate office remake that caught a lot of attention. shock apparently had it redone to mimic the popular downtown abbey set. he's resigning his house seat at the end of the month. a logjam is growing in the race to represent maryland in congress. former chair ingrid turner and maryland delegate are now
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running in the fourth congressal district. brown and ivy announced their plans to run last week. they all want to replace congresswoman donna edwards who is running to replace retiring senator barbara mikulski who will leave in 2016. 16 aid workers are now being monitored in the united states for possible ebola. all of them worked in sierra leone with an american who is being treated for the virus at the national institutes of health in bethesda. that patient who has not been named yet is in critical condition, we understand. 16 other workers at monitoring facilities in maryland atlanta and omaha nebraska. up next on abc 7 news at 6:00, the late e on the election in israel. how that could impact the relationship between that country and the u.s. doug hill breaks down the changes coming after a perfect springlike day. tim: steven strasburg carves up the tigers and there is breaking news with colt mccoy and the
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leon: right now votes are being counted in israel as the world waits to see if benjamin netanyahu will remain prime minister or be replaced. senior political reporter scott thuman is in our capitol hill bureau monitoring the numbers. polls have been closed for two hours. still too close to call, scott? scott: depends on who you ask. we've seen prime minister benjamin netanyahu declare victory. polls would indicate this is too close to call. we're seeing political drama to unfold. early on, it looks like he may be in trouble of losing his see. and then the numbers come in showing him, perhaps, a small lead. analysts were saying this is a hail mary by benjamin netanyahu because he's vowed in the last 24 hours that he will not allow to the establishment of a palestinian state. he also pleaded with supporters and said get to the polls that arab voters were being brought in by the busload. as for his main opponent, isaac herzog has been in favor of the peace process and that's a view
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that aligns really well with the white house.o secret that president obama and benjamin netanyahu do not get along. the white house was asked today if that relationship could be repaired if netanyahu were to win. >> the president has no doubt that the strong ties between the united states and israel will endure far beyond this election. and that has been true for generations now. that the u.s.-israel relationship is not one's been subject historically to part -- partisanship. scott: we talked to members of congress who are keeping a close eye on this election. but they have to have a patience. they don't vote for a single party candidate but elect a party list of names. those parties confer with the other parties and the president. they choose a prime minister based on that majority. and that's how they move forward. it can be a very lengthy, very
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complex process that in some respects doesn't play out for weeks. we'll keep an eye on it and bring you developments as they occur live on capitol hill tonight.thuman abc 7 news. leon: a former air force mechanic is in custody tonight accused of trying to join isil in syria. tairod nathan webster pugh has been indicted on charges of attempting to support a terror organization. the 47-year-old from new jersey had recently been fired from his job as an airplane mechanic. he's been in custody since january. abc 7 is taking a deeper look at the growing terror threat again. next tuesday, at 7:00 p.m. we're putting together a panel of experts to discuss the threats from isil as well as the u.s. relationship with israel and iran. you can watch it live on our sister station newschannel 8 and music and dance filled the air around one of d.c.'s oldest catholic churches today. the traditional irish dance came before mass at st. patrick's cathedral, catholic church
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rather. the cardinal celebrated the mass at the church there. that traces history back to that church to 1794. much different kind of celebration under way right now in arlington. this is a live look at the pop-up beer garden at the corner of 19th and north moore streets in rosslyn. the festival includes beer vendors and live music. and it's open until 8:00 p.m. tonight. a little while ago, we saw steve rudin wander somewhere down in that crowd. doug: made it back. he's fine. earlier today, 70's for high temperatures. it will be a long time before we see 70's again here. let's get started. nice image from the rooftop and h.d. cameras. cardinal ridge elementary school in centreville, beautiful e. and like everybody else, we saw bans of clouds come in with the cold front and then the clouds moved off to the east as the front cleared the area and a beautiful evening. temperatures are falling. we've dropped in many areas 15 20 degrees during the day. but lots of sunshine still until
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the sun goes down at 7:17 it will be clear. still breezy and turns somewhat colder. officially 71 today at reagan national the high. average is 56 degrees. we're on our way down right now. 13 degree drop since midday. 52 in gaithersburg and already in the 40's. the higher elevations in the mountains. it will be the process through the night of the gusty winds bringing in the colder air. winds gusting within the hour at 36 miles an hour at reagan national. 31-mile-per-hour gusts at b.w.i. thurgood marshall and gusty winds will d bit. it will remain rather breezy throughout the overnight hours. forecasting morning temperatures between 25 and 34 degrees and put on top of that bit of a breeze. 10 to 15 miles per hour could knock the chills briefly down a bit more. a dramatic change over the past 48 hours. plan ahead for tomorrow morning. it will feel a whole lot different than it did. 31 in burlington. all this cold air is being
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driven in by the persistent northwesterly winds. so not only colder air but wind chills to deal with as well. our futurecast paints a pretty nice picture around the area with high pressure building in and lots of sunshine. few passing clouds late in the day. get into the day thursday though the clouds rapidly increase as soon as 1:00 or 2:00 tomorrow morning it will make its presence felt. this indicates in higher elevations there could be some snow mixed in with the rain. that's certainly possible at higher elevations and even not out of the question in the metro area to see a few wet flakes on friday morning with the system as it advances off to the east. we do not anticipate any impactfrom the system in the metro area. maybe a little slush in the higher elevations and it will clear out as we move throughout friday night. we have a 60% probability. see what the guidance says in the next 24 hours. we know skies will clear as we head through the weekend. that's what i meant about the temperatures staying cool for a while. look at that through saturday sunday, monday and tuesday. temperatures remaining
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noticeably below average. leon and timmy? leon: all right. hey, march madness getting well under way here now. tim: who do you have winning the national championship? leon: i'll be one of the guys that will go for the chalk. i have to pick kentucky. tim: not going to happen. the hoyas put on the dancing shoes and head west for the music. there's breaking news with colt mccoy and steven strasburg was throwing b.b.s today in flori
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tim: it's being reported today that the redskins quarterback colt mccoy has afreed to return to the redskins for another year. jay gruden has said that r.g. iii is the starting quarterback and kirk cousins still on the roster. same deal as last season. earlier today, the georgetown hoyas boarded the bus and headed for the first game in the ncaa tournament. it starts tonight with the first four of play-in games. georgetown plays thursday night in portland oregon. the hoyas ride into the dance with a little more confidence than they have in recent years. and are optimistic despite all the chirping about their number four seed being too high. >> someone has to be number one. someone has to be number 10. but when you look at the teams individually, you know, side by side collectively, there's not much difference. the teams that are in this tournament are very good.
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they're playing well. they feel good about themselves because they won the conference tournament so you have to play. you have to go out and win. tim: our shot of the day comes from the practice of north florida, look at this. sophomore moore, 3/4 court and bang! he rips cord. and then watch, he goes over and heads to the first round tournament game. show a little emotion, fellas! that shot is a good omen. the nationals beat the tigers this after in the grapefruit league. steven strasbourg was really sharp. this was a nice day for him. justin verlander gave up his first runs in over a year. this is tony gwynn jr. he gets a hold of this and rips a frozen roper. that's gone. verlander gave up four runs five hits including two dingers. they win that game. 6-4. g.w. plays pitt in the first round of the nit in the peterson
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events center in pittsburgh at 7:00 and when they get ready to play in the pitt -- in the pete, they rock it. leon: absolutely. let's check this out. before we take off, check out this landing. prince charles and his wife camilla moments away of touching down at joint base andr royal couple beginning their u.s. trip in washington. attending a reception for british embassy staff tonight and meet with the president on thursday and then after a quick trip to louisville kentucky they will be then heading back. keep our eye on this trip and let you know what happens. all right. doug: crystal clear skies out there. it will be cold tonight. join steve rudin tonight at 11:00 with the latest on the falling temperatures and let you know how low it will go and more about the rain. maybe a snowflake or two on friday. leon: that will do it for us. "world n
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on this tuesday night, the millionaire murder suspect, robert durst, and the new charges. flashing that smile, the stunning stunning audio, saying he quote, killed them all. tonight, authorities now pointing to this evidence. the two pieces of handwriting. the breaking news. the u.s. air force veteran, tonight, charged with trying to join isis. pierre thomas standing by. the midair emergency. the man running for the cockpit, screaming jihadis in the cargo hold. you will see them tackle him. >> i'm sorry. the abc news exclusive. inside the nypd. retraining 35,000 officers. after the eric garner case. and tonight, you'll see the new takedown. and, the famous university and the images of young women, allegedly posted on facebook sleeping partially undressed. they had no idea.


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