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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 17, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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on this tuesday night, the millionaire murder suspect, robert durst, and the new charges. flashing that smile, the stunning stunning audio, saying he quote, killed them all. tonight, authorities now pointing to this evidence. the two pieces of handwriting. the breaking news. the u.s. air force veteran, tonight, charged with trying to join isis. pierre thomas standing by. the midair emergency. the man running for the cockpit, screaming jihadis in the cargo hold. you will see them tackle him. >> i'm sorry. the abc news exclusive. inside the nypd. retraining 35,000 officers. after the eric garner case. and tonight, you'll see the new takedown. and, the famous university and the images of young women, allegedly posted on facebook sleeping partially undressed. they had no idea.
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goo evening. ande begin this tuesday night with dramatic new developments in the case of millionaire murder suspect robert durst. this image tonight, durst in shackles, an orange jumpsuit smiling from the backseat of that police car after he was taken into court. tonight, facing drug and weapons charges in new orleans and first degree murder charges in california. after thehbo documentary bringing new evidence with this handwriting right here. one written by durst, the other, some believe to be written by the killer. authorities pointed out the spelling error. abc's matt gutman leading us off from new orleans. >> reporter: the real estate heir who has spent nearly half his life suspected of murder slumped in the squad car, robert durst, smiling eerily at the cameras today. his lawyer calling the charges baseless. >> i think it's not based on facts, it's based on ratings. >> reporter: after 30 years of suspicion over his role in three
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depths one of his his first wife the indictments pouring in overnight. in louisiana, durst faces weapons and drug charges after he was arrested in possession of a .38 special and five ounces of pot. the same night, in california capital murder charges in the death of his best friend susan berman. the indictment alleges he was laying in wait for her, shooting her in the back of the head. >> not guilty. >> reporter: the legal team by his side managed to win an acquittal for durst in the murder trial of his neighbor as featured in the hbo docuseries, "the jinx." >> there are people that escape responsibility because they're able to mount a really effective defense. >> reporter: the filmakers captured what seems to be a confession. the millionaire heard muttering to himself offcamera. >> what the hell did i do? killed them all, of course. >> reporter: after the filmmaker confronted him with handwriting from two letters.
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a key piece of evidence law enforcement sources tell abc news. one envelope durst sent berman, they other sent to the lapd anonymously informing them of berman's death. look at the similarities. down to the misspelled word. and tonight, durst's sanity in question. prosecution sources telling us that the disoriented man we saw in court today suffers from acute mental health issues and should be transferred out of this jail complex. his legal team saying he is perfectly sane to continue right here his bail hearing is on monday. david? >> matt gutman tonight. matt thank you. and now to the breaking headline this evening. the arl force veteran from new jersey arrested by the fbi tonight, charged with trying to join isis. authorities studying his transformation over time revealing now what they discovered and his laptop. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas live in washington. he's been talking to hitz sources. pierre good evening. >> reporter: david, the fbi claims tairod pugh was headed to
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the darkside. an air force veteran and one-time american airlines mechanic trying to join isis. he was recently arrested after flying to turkey attempting to get into syria. according to the fbi, pugh had 180 jihadi propaganda videos on his computer, including one showing isis killing prisoners. he was all in, prosecutors say, writing to his wife, "i will use the use the talents and skills given to me to defend the islamic state." those talents likely included his skill with . pugh will appear in new york city in a federal court tomorrow. david? >> pierre thomas thank you. now, to boston this evening, and the trial of accused bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. hiding in that boat. this image of the message he carved into the wood on the inside of the boat as gunshots flew. and for the first time jurors see that message, and something else. what authorities found in his bedroom. abc's tom llamas in boston again tonight. >> reporter: in court today, jurors seeing this photo for the
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first time. boston marathon bombing defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev posing under a black islamic flag similar to the ones used by jihadi groups like al qaeda. his former best friend stephen silva testifying today he personally loaned dzhokhar this ruger p95 handgun with an obliterated serial number, the one used to kill m.i.t. police officer sean collier. dzhokhar said he needed hit because he wanted to go rip some kids. but in a possible blow to the government's case silva said on the stand he believes dzhokhar was likely influenced by his older brother. and didn't talk a lot about rrj? >> no and nor did he talk about you know, nor was he violent in any way. >> reporter: jurors also learning more about dzhokhar's final moments hiding out inside that boat. >> there are have been shots in watertown. >> reporter: diane sawyer interviewing a neighbor watching it all unfold live. >> right now, the police are everywhere.
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there are s.w.a.t. teams. >> reporter: agents using flash-bang stun grenades to disorient dzhokhar. the remainder of the boat's cover ripped to shreds. >> the suspect's in custody. >> reporter: but before he gave up prosecutors showed jurors he did more than just write a so-called jihadi manifesto on the boat's hull with this blood-stained pencil. he also carved this into a wooden panel -- stop killing our innocent people and we will stop. >> and david, we learned today for the first time that tsarnaev stopped by three different homes in watertown while that home was under lockdown ditching two cell phones and a stolen atm card. david? >> tom llamas live in boston for us again tonight. tom, thank you. now, to the terrifying moments on board a united flight out of washington, bound for denver. >> talking to sergeant -- >> you heard that man saying i'm sorry, apologizing after being tackled by passengers after allegedly rushing the cockpit, shouting there.
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>> reporter: jihad dipsists in the cargo hold. one of the men that took him down now talking to us. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: the trouble began at takeoff. >> we're declaring an emergency due to a passenger disturbance. >> i'm sorry! >> reporter: on this united jet last night, flying from dulles airport near washington, d.c. to denver david cohen was in the first row. >> i saw the guy running and one of the stewardesses started yelling, "stop him!" and he was yelling, "i got to get to the cockpit." >> reporter: cohen and fellow passengers tackled him first. >> i'm sorry! >> reporter: restraining him as he yells that there are terrorists on board. >> he said he, that there were jihadists in the cargo hold >> reporter: pilots turned the plane around. >> hands up! >> reporter: cases of unruly passengers are on the rise. more than 28,000 worldwide since 2007. often it's passengers jumping into action. like this time, taping an unruly flier to his seat. >> i think post-9/11, people
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just feel a responsibility that maybe before they didn't feel. >> reporter: and david, that passenger has not been charged. but he is undergoing a mental health exam. united says it is investigating. david? >> clayton sandell toyou. now, to another developing story at this hour on the congressman from peoria who made headlines for his spending your money. congressman aaron schock known magazine cover, then his renovation of his capitol hill office inspired by "downton abbey." our team arriving asking weeks ago if taxpayers should fit the bill. the congressman now resigning, and abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight. >> reporter: aaron schock's troubles began with that office decor. at first, he defended it. >> haters are going to hate. >> reporter: but he repaid the government the $40,000 decorating tab. schock's instagram tells the story. he enjoyed life as a congressman.
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but he was under fire for allegedly excessive expenses including $5,000 for a replica of the presidential podium. and today, politico reported schock billed the government for 170,000 miles of work travel on a car that only had 80,000 miles on it. it's quite a downfall. at 27 he was one of the youngest ever elected to congress and now, david, at 33 he is one of the youngest ever to resign. >> all right, jon karl live at the white house tonight. jon, thank you. and to the breaking news out of israel at this hour. prime ministermin netanyahu in the fight of his life for re-election. exit polls coming in at this hour they are too close to call. you'll remember two weeks ago, greeted with a standing ovation by congress. it was supposed to help him back home. tonight, some now asking did it backfire? abc's alex marquardt is in tel aviv for us tonight. alex? >> reporter: good evening, david. lots of very happy voters here at the election night headquarters of benjamin
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netanyahu. early exit polls showing a neck and neck race which means netanyahu has a good chance of remaining israel's prime minister. this just two weeks after that speech to congress that infuriated the obama administration. there's no question that tonight's result will be a disappointment to them. though we don't have the the official results for another two days he has already declared victory, and now will try to get other parties to join his coalition, so he can stay on at prime minister david? >> alex marquardt, the election results too close to call at this hour in israel. and we turn next at home tonight to the rising football star making a bit of a surprise announcement announcement. one of the nfl's top rookies retiring at 24. concerned about possible held injuries. 123 player concussions reported last season. that was down from previous years. abc's cecilia vega on the player who says the game is simply not worth the risk. >> great position. >> reporter: a nearly $3 million contract the potential to make millions more during a promising pro career.
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chris borland is a rising star in his prime. >> incredible instinct. >> reporter: but the san francisco 49er is walking away from it all today, concerned about brain injury in the future. >> i'm not going to do something solely for pay and certainly not going to take on health risk. >> reporter: borland telling espn he became worried in training camp before he even played his first game. >> i thought i sustained probably a mild concussion and just played through. >> reporter: the nfl telling abc news in a statement, concussions were down 25% last year saying football has never been safer. but according to one study, nfl players are three times as likely to die from brain diseases like alzheimer's or als. after just one season this star player says it's not a single hit that took him out of the game so soon but the potential for so many more to come. borland is now the fourth person age 30 and under to announce his retirement in the past week alone. he does say that he plans to
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monitor his neurological health and contribute to brain research. he says he plans to go back to school and pursue a career in sports mang ss management. david? >> cecilia, thank you. we turn now to an abc news exclusive. inside the nypd. the effort to retrain every single officer on the force. so much attention after ferguson after the eric garner case here in new york city on police tactics. tonight, your first look at training for takedowns. avoiding the neck. protecting suspects and the officers. and only our team allowed inside. ferguson, missouri. an unarmed black man, michael brown, is shot to death. the officer is not indicted. just days after that decision we learned there would also be no indictment for a new york city police officer in the case of eric garner. who could be heard screaming, "i can't breathe." >> i can't breathe! i can't breathe! >> reporter: eight months after
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that decision, we are invited in. a sprawling complex. queens, new york. mock courtrooms, police cruisers, subway cars. even mock atms. the nypd not only training new recruits, but setting out to retrain every single cop, 35,000 of them, in just months. new training for takedowns to avoid another garner case. three days of training for every officer. lieutenant bob shepherd. one of the key focuses here is defusing the situation. >> yes, de-escalating the situations. >> reporter: training right through the night. around the clock. for folks at home, this is about 9:00 p.m. now. >> correct. >> take a seat. >> reporter: and inside this gym we see officers trained on new takedown methods. >> i'm going to come in step slide. bicep, at the same time. >> reporter: all of the moves avoiding the chokehold. >> slide down. we're behind them. >> reporter: you're training all of these officers to stay away from the neck. >> yes. >> reporter: and how important is that? >> extremely important. >> reporter: when folks at home say, oh well i see them using
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the chokehold. what would you say? >> it is dangerous. >> down on the ground. down on the ground. >> reporter: the chokehold was formally banned by the nypd more than 20 years ago. but many argue, it is still being used in parts of this country. >> we try to roll him over. why we want to promote, what? >> free breathing. >> free breathing. >> reporte positional asphyxia. what does that mean? >> any sort of compression on the chest. >> reporter: the officers come in groups from the same present, same shift. the 2-6, west harlem. and listen. they are candid about the last time they got this kind of training. when's the last time you practiced techniques like this? >> seven years. >> reporter: seven years. >> 1 years. >> reporter: 12 years. >> 14 1/2. >> reporter: 14 1/2 years. >> it should be more. it should be done maybe twice out of the year. >> reporter: how often are you taught go nowhere near the neck? >> there is no neck. >> reporter: how difficult is it to expect it would kick in perfectly? >> someone doesn't want to be arrested it's never looks
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pretty. >> reporter: because of the split-second nature of everything? >> absolutely. >> reporter: officer wattley, two son, 23 and 10. they worry about you? >> they do. >> reporter: do they listen to you at home? >> yes, of course. >> reporter: this was in the works, but there's no question that the garner case accelerated it? >> yeah, certainly. in the aftermath of garner this training accelerated. >> reporter: they ared a mat that the nypd had ordered retraining months before the garner case. >> police officers after the police academy never get any physical training tactical training after that first academy. >> reporter: they walk out of the academy. >> that's it. >> reporter: tonight on "nightline," the ride along. how is this new training being used on the streets? that's right. later tonight, we're in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. we asked the officers and the people on the street will the new training work? is it needed? and what we heard later tonight, right here. in the meantime there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the famous university images of young women, allegedly posted on
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facebook partially undressed. they had no idea. and the other school tonight, the players accused of texting each other about what they were going to do to their own teammates. the investigation tonight. the video so many people are talking about today. the grandmother opening the diaper and an entirely different surprise. oh boy. and the huge solar storm hitting the earth tonight. authorities warning, strong enough to upset power grids, your cell phones gps? stay tuned. two allergy sufferers. one had allergies with nasal congestion so he tried the newest allergy spray, which could take several days to feel the full effect of relief. the other went straight to the pharmacy counter for the fast, powerful relief of claritin-d. it's tough on allergies with nasal congestion and starts to work in just 30 minutes. the moral? nothing works faster than claritin-d. find it at the pharmacy counter. and live claritin clear.
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post nude pictures of women, some as they slept or appeared to be passed out. according to a search warrant, a former member of the fraternity gave police printouts from the page which also allegedly includes drugs and hazing. in a statement, penn state calls the postings appalling, offensive and inconsistent with the university's values and expectations. both the university and national fraternity are investigateing. meanwhile, another investigation under way on the university of maryland baltimore county >> it isn't who we are at all and certainly it is the disappointing. >> reporter: five members of the women's lacrosse team now suspended, after a series of texts emerged. texts they allegedly wrote about their freshman teammates. 16 pages of screenshots of the texts were sent to the baltimore post examiner. in them the students allegedly posted messages like "can we just kill them," and "kill the freshmen." overnight, a prpd firm issues a statement on behalf of four of the five suspended young women,
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strokes, blood clots or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogen should not be used to prevent heart disease heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. to the index. that massive solar storm pushing the northern lights south, to montana, south dakota. authorities say it could disrupt power grids, satellites even gps. so far, no word of that. monitoring. prince harry will leave the british armed forces in june after ten years. he's calling it a really tough decision. and a shock for this family from michigan. told they were having a girl. but watch as grandma changes the diaper at the hospital only to discover coming up right here -- watch. she realizes -- oh. it's a grandson after all. apparently the sonogram missing something.
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claritin i'm living claritin clear. every day. finally, the green at the white house today, st. patrick's day. but even with the green tie, i learned green wasn't the key color to start? our camera right there along the parade route today in new york. the faces, the children. new york's finest bravest, all that green. across america tonight, we heard from you. isabella and olivia from pennsylvania taking those shamrock green cup cakes to school. even patches the dog with his green sunglasses in ohio. bull what we never knew about. patrick's day. the official color wasn't green, but blue. the green, depicting the shamrock did not become part of
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this day until the 19th century. can you imagine the chicago river blue instead of green today? the very first st. patrick's day parade did not take place in ireland, but in boston in 1737. and what would st. patrick's day be without a pint? alcohol was banned in ireland on st. patrick's day in the 1970. many own doubtedly cheering for that change tonight. as they cheer on st. patrick. happy st. patrick's day. thank you for watching tonight. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
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