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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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leon: a sexual assault inside d.c. police headquarters. the allegations against the officer who is also a pastor. a substance that could be deadly mailed to the white house. investigators trying to track it. steve: the high temperature today made it up to 73. changes are on the way. leon: and the royals are here. what they have planned in d.c. next. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: up first, disturbing details about a d.c. police officer accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls. one of the alleged crimes is believed to have happened inside police headquarters. alison: darrell best who was a d.c. police officer and a pastor in the district. leon: roz plater has the latest along with the department's response. roz: lots of questions about the officer. at one time he was a sergeant, he is now an officer. he is a 25 year veteran assigned to the fourth district. we don't know why he has an office on the fifth floor, the same floor as the police chief. inside d.c. police headquarters, that is where a 17-year-old girl told investigators she was sexually assaulted in early december. court documents say that it
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happened in a fifth floor office, and she identified d.c. police officer darrell best as her attacker. he was in uniform, wearing his gun, when he pawed her. then he said "girl, fix your shirt. if they see you coming out of my office like that, they will think something is going on." a second teenager told investigators that best sexually assaulted her three times at the second chance ministry church in southeast, twice during choir practice. court documents say before assaulting her in february, he said, happy valentine's day. both teenager say they are members of the church. he has done double duty as a police officer and pastor for years. this is video from 2000. >> i think he is a good man.
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he always treated me well. roz: d.c. police chief cathy lanier issued a statement saying the allegations against off-duty officer darrell best are serious and disheartening. he is on administrative leave and is in jail without bond. alison: the police need your help finding a person who shot a child. it happened in the 2400 block of 22nd straight southeast. -- 22nd street southeast. the six-year-old girl was shot, taken to the hospital, and is expected to be ok. leon: a case worker at a group home arrested for allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old in her care. she is charged with sex abuse of a minor. she was a case manager for the group home in rockville since last summer. the alleged incident happened there.
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the police say that hargrove told the teenager to be quiet because she did not want to lose her job. alison: we first told you about a body found last night. the police have identified the deceased. his body was found on pembroke drive. the police say there was try to his upper body but the cause of death has not been determined. leon: an envelope sent to the white house may have contained a deadly poison cyanide. it was intercepted at the white house mail screening facility. kevin lewis is live with the investigation happening now. kevin: leon, at first, the mail facility, they tested the package for cyanide. it failed. today, a new test with much more startling results. concern tonight after an envelope mailed to the white house tested presumably positive
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for cyanide. sources say an employee working at the white house's mail screening facility in maryland detected a milky substance monday stashed inside of a plastic zip lock bag. in 19 publication said the bag inside of an envelope at a return address. the address links to way man the secret service has tracked since the mid-1990's. according to the cdc cyanide is a fast acting, potentially deadly chemical. it can be found in crystal form or as a colorless and odor less gas. it prints the body from using oxygen and is harmful to the heart and brain. -- it prevents the body from using oxygen and is harmful to the heart and brain. they have intercepted multiple packages to the white house over the years. in one case, he sent small alcohol bottles, in another human feces.
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charges are likely. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. alison: no injuries after a metro passenger released peppers parade on a train. it happened at about 7:00 on a yellow line train near shaw station. the train stopped, passengers evacuated, medical care was offered, but everyone refused it. no word on if there was an arrest. leon: don't get too used to the springlike weather, because there is colder air whipping around. steve rudin is here with how chilly it will get. st today was a tease. the high temperature earlier this afternoon before the cold front moves through 73 degrees at reagan national. fredericksburg 74, charlottesville 75. cooler to the north, middle 60's hagerstown and frederick. the skies have cleared high-pressure overhead. tomorrow morning near freezing
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highs only in the upper 40's. when will we have another warm-up and what are the chances of snowflakes in the seven-day? that's coming up. alison: developing now three morgan state university football players are recovering from stab wounds after a fight on campus. their injuries are not considered life-threatening. a suspect is in custody, but the police are not saying what started the fight. it is the third instance of violence on campus in less than a week. the university president in an e-mail to students said, "this is not morgan." he said he will visit residence halls to talk about the situation. leon: a penn state university fraternity is suspended, accused of posting compromised photos of women, allegedly on a private facebook page. it showed women who appeared to be asleep or passed out. they were suspended for year during the investigation. state college police say they are having a hard time
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identifying suspects because the facebook accounts have been wiped clean. alison: an attempted burglary ends with the suspect shot in the face, according to fairfax county police. the owner of this house on lenore lane in huntington was home at the time when somebody tried to break in. the homeowner, who asked to be identified as mr. king, told the man to stop. when he did not stop, he said he had no other choice but to shoot. >> i was terrified. i did not even think i was going to hit the guy. i did not aim to shoot to kill. alison: the bullet grazed the intruder's cheek. he ran off and tried to flag down a school bus with students on board to help him. he was arrested and taken to the hospital with nonlife turning injuries. a congressman from illinois is stepping down. he was facing questions about his campaign financing. he has been accused of spending taxpayer and campaign funds for
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at least a dozen flights on private planes. he says the accusations were a distraction that made it too difficult for him to serve. leon: a former u.s. air force mechanic is accused of trying to join isil. he was indicted in brooklyn today. investigators caught him trying to cross syria to join the islamic state. according to the indictment, he tried to destroy several phone drives. overseas, is really a prime minister benjamin netanyahu declaring victory, despite exit polls showing a clear deadlock. he has only a slight edge over his competitor. net yahoo! is expected to win but -- benjamin netanyahu was expected to win, but it could mean decreased stability in israel. alison: british royalty is here in the nation's capital. prince charles and duchess camilla are here for a visit.
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jay korff has more on their plans for the rest of the week. jay: i counted at least a dozen trips for the royals during this . right now, a reception and dinner here at the british ambassador's residence in northwest washington. all the way to meeting the president. their royal highnesses arrived on a blustery evening to kick off a busy four-day trip in the u.s.. prince charles and duchess camilla were whisked off to the embassy. >> it has been 10 years since they both came after they were married. i think it is high time they came back. jay: they will meet president obama and vice president biden. they will also stop at mount vernon the national archives and in a deal charter school.
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prince charles will also pick up an award for his stewardship of environmentalism. >> some of the initiatives that he took on, like the rain for survival and climate change early on. jay: the duchess of cornwall will visit the shakespeare theatre company and attend a meeting with a teenager who help sexual assault victims. >> particularly those who have been victims of violence. it is an issue she is very much involved with. jay: the prince of wales and the duchess of cornwall will wrap up their u.s. trip with a day in louisville, kentucky. alison: a consumer alert straight ahead. why kraft is recalling its popular macaroni and cheese. leon: plus, investigators raid
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the texas home of robert durst after he was arrested for murder. with the
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. leon: a new raid of robert durst's home in houston. he was rested in new orleans and charged with first-degree murder. his wife disappeared in 1982 and it is believed he is the only person who knows what happened to her. tonight, officials in california are watching the case closely in connection with the disappearance of a teenager in the 1990's. alison: 7 on your side with a consumer alert. kraft is recalling its macaroni and cheese, 242,000 cases being pulled because some of the boxes may contain small pieces of metal. kraft did not say if there were
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injuries. the boxes can be returned to stores or refund it. to see a list of which boxes could be affected, go to our website, leon: from what is inside to outside, starbucks will jumpstart the conversation about race in america, but it is causing controversy. today starbucks announced they would train breese to -- baristas to talk about race. supporters say it is a healthy way to start the dialogue, but others say this could create division. the company will outline more about the campaign tomorrow. alison: a music superstar is helping an elderly woman from northern virginia. her name is edith hill, she is 96 and she made headlines when she married her 95-year-old boyfriend. her husband passed away in december. tonight, cher says she is going
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to pay to upgrade her family home in alexandria. a judge says she can return once the repairs are done. cher says she was inspired i the new story -- by the news story that she saw about her. leon: people everywhere are going green today. here scene from clarendon celebrating st. patrick's day with festive durex. bars were packed, many folks enjoying a plate of guinness or something green. alison: and also this beautiful shot outside of the white house. the whitese fountain water was dyed green. with the blue skies over the executive mansion, it was a beautiful day, which quickly turned into a cold night. leon: not springlike now. steve: when i was out earlier with the pop up beer garden, the wind was really picking up. it is here now.
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it will be with us the next few days. temperature trend the next few weeks, below-average. alison: teo weeks. steve: two weeks. i could have said three. [laughter] steve: it is now 45 degrees at reagan national, the wind out of the west, northwest at 16. the dew point level, not so bad. 73 degrees was the high earlier today. that is well below average this time of year. the record 81, back in 1989. are your eyes bothering you sniffly nose, coughing, hard time talking? this could be the reason, the tree pollen is in the high range. coming days, even though it will be cooler, the pollen count will continue to increase. 40 dulles, 37 winchester, the temperatures have really cool down. compared with yesterday at this time, about 20 to 25 degrees
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cooler. we are about eight to 10 degrees cooler in the d.c. metro area. the temperatures continuing to fall to the north and west. nighttime lows middle 20's. inside capital beltway, 32 to 34. clear skies, which means a cold start in the morning. no problems during the daytime tomorrow. high pressure overhead. clouds will increase through the day thursday. with the clouds, we may have a little bit of a winter mix. it is not going to add up to way lot. this happens early, early friday morning. most of this is out of here and i don't expect anything to stick around. it very well could change as we move through the next day or so. we will keep you updated jacqui jeras is here in the morning. tomorrow, upper 40's, near 50. sunshine, but don't let it fool you, the wind will increase, 10 to 15, higher wind gusts around
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noon time. the extended outlook, the temperature near 51 thursday. better chance of widespread rain friday. the upcoming weekend, always looking forward to the weekend, even though it will be a little cool, slightly below average 50 to 55 degrees, nighttime lows in the 40's. alison: i'm glad you came back from the beer garden. we were wondering if you would stay there all night. steve: it was tempting. tim: colt mccoy is in the news tonight. and gw goes to the iron city to play pittsburgh.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: the gw colonials played in
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the n.i.t. tournament in berg. -- in pittsburgh. savage, that is way too easy. the final minutes, the colonials trying to hold on. savage with the j, the soft hook . gw wins for the first time ever in the tournament. the georgetown hoyas packed up r their first round game with eastern washington. the game is thursday night. way past leon's bedtime. the hoyas will be facing the national leading scorer, tyler harvey. >> this time of the season, it is win or go home. it is all business. >> the message has been pretty consistent since the pairings came out.
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eastern washington, nothing else. tim: you have to have fun, march madness. the redskins signed colt mccoy to a one-year deal. it with the same situation as last year. jay gruden has already said that rg iii will be his starter. really likes the tenacity of colt mccoy, and i think kirk cousins is underappreciated, but that will be the depth chart in 2015. the nationals and tigers in lakeland, florida, stephen strasburg on the hill, looking sharp. made a case for the opening day start in the national league east. the nationals win 6-4, strasburg with his first win of the spring. the ncaa tournament that started tonight. winning the honor to play kentucky in louisville thursday night. head coach a joiner, what are your chances? >> i told you that i have jesus on speed dial.
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hey, jesus? first of all come you cannot play, psalm not worried about you being hot, fine. hello? hello? i guess he will get back to me. it's a heck of a mountain. tim: good luck coach, 16 seed. a 16 seed has never, ever beaten a number one. leon: it's bad when jesus hangs up on you. tim: don't tell me how high the mountain's, just climb. alison: hello, is anyone there? he was not really calling. steve: i know. alison: coming up next -- imagine flying to a destination and then driving home without leaving your seat.
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alison: flying cars are a thing of the future, but they may be closer than you think. this was designed by slovakia and company. it reaches an airspeed of 124 miles per hour and can land just about anywhere. they want to make it available
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to the public as soon as 2017, but no word on the price tag. leon: that looks pretty cool. alison: that is what you need on
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steve: tomorrow, a lot cooler only in the upper 40's, near 50. clouds increase thursday rain friday, but the weekend looks nice, 50 to 55. we cool down next week, and that cooling trend continues for the time being. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. alison: have a good night.
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