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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 18, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, death threat. caroline kennedy targeted. police investigating a threat to kill the u.s. ambassador to japan. was she being blackmailed? just weeks after the u.s. ambassador in south korea was viciously attacked with a knife, are our diplomats safe overseas. enemy of the state. an air force veteran charged with trying to join isis. the former military contractor and american airlines mechanic accused of supporting the brutal terror group arrested trying to get to syria. jihadi videos discovered on his computer. to the rescue the dramatic moments caught on camera. >> sos, i've got three men in the water here at the dock at patriot's point marina. a water taxi racing to save the men who fell into the water. we hear from the heroes. and brewing backlash. starbucks under fire for serving up more than just coffee.
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why their attempt to talk to their customers about race is stirring up a new controversy this morning. and good morning, america. it is a very exciting one here in times square. we are celebrating 50 years of "the sound of music" and take a look outside. that is the new york city children's chorus. they know all the classics and great to have them with us. >> we'll all be singing along and diane sawyer with us this morning to share behind-the-scenes secrets from the beloved classic, a sneak peek of tonight's big special. >> we are going to begin with that breaking news overnight. a death threat against caroline kennedy. japanese police are investigating and abc's martha raddatz has all the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. the threat was phoned in to the
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embassy itself. the caller threatening to kill ambassador kennedy and tokyo police are taking it very seriously saying they are actively investigating this threat. there were additional death threats reportedly made to the u.s. consul general in okinawa where the u.s. has about 25,000 troops based. caroline kennedy took over as ambassador to japan in late 2013. today she was speaking at a symposium in tokyo, a symposium about her father's legacy george. >> and, martha, this comes on the heels of the attack to the ambassador of south korea. will they have to step up security. >> reporter: that's one reason they're taking it seriously. the attack on mark lippert left him with a huge slash on his face arm and hand and got people focused on diplomatic security. lippert did not have diplomatic security with him because south korea is an ally. he had only an unarmed local police officer, so the state department is indeed looking at security around the world
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although ambassadors generally do want to balance that with remaining approachable. george. >> they want to stay in touch. thanks very much. moving on to the u.s. military veteran accused of trying to join isis. set to be arraigned in new york today on charges he tried to aid the terror group. abc's pierre thomas joins us now from washington with the very latest and good morning to you, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, lara. we've seen america's men, women, boys, girls trying to join isis. now a new twist, a military veteran accused of turning his back on his country. federal prosecutors say tairod pugh, an air force veteran was hell bent on becoming an enemy of the state. he is now 1 of 30 people from inside the u.s. accused of supporting terrorists overseas in the last 18 months. including at least 20 trying to join isis in the past year alone. >> there's no one profile that intelligencece committee can look at tory to focus its efforts and that makes its challenging. >> reporter: according to the
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fbi pugh, 47, had been on a long road to the dark side. he left the military in 1990 after four years of service. converting to islam in 1998. the fbi says he became increasingly radical in his beliefs. and in 2001 while working as a mechanic for american airlines a co-worker warned the fbi that pugh appeared sympathetic to osama bin laden, but no charges were brought and despite fbi inquiries, pugh worked as an army contractor in iraq from 2009 to 2010. in recent years he had been living in kuwait and egypt. pugh was arrested in january after trying to fly to turkey allegedly to get into syria. the fbi claims they discovered on his computer 180 jihadi videos including at least one depicting isis executing prisoners. my law enforcement sources are scratching their heads. they can't understand why the suspects want to join isis even after they watch videos of them killing people. >> yeah, a lot of questions
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there, pierre also there's word of a possible threat directed at the white house this morning. a threatening letter possibly containing cyanide. what can you tell us about that. >> reporter: that's right. a letter mailed to the white house tested positive for cyanide. but additional tests are being done to confirm it is the deadly poison. sources tell me theit was found inside a letter and the sender is known known to the secret service discovered at on off-site facility eight miles away. this he take it seriously because we remember the deadly anthrax letters in 2001 and letters addressed to the president in 2013 laced with ricin. lara. >> thanks very much. we tay in washington. that surprise resignation of an illinois congressman who made headlines for his lavish lifestyle. aaron schock's extravagant "downton abbey" office and he'll leave congress later this month he anewsed. jon karl has the story.
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>> reporter: he is leaving because of the constant inquiries into his spending habits had become too great of a distraction for him to do his job. if you have any doubt that aaron schock loved life as a congressman, just look at his instagram. or his first magazine cover story. but now schock has to pack up the "downton abbey"-style office that started all this trouble. when questioned by abc news about the high cost of his most unusual congressional decor schock initially pushed back. >> you know as taylor swift said haters are going to hate. >> reporter: but he repaid the government $40,000 for the tab and came more questions about taxpayer-funded expenses including a 5,000 replica of the presidential podium and politico reported that schock billed for 170,000 miles of work travel on a car with only 80,000 miles on
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it. his now famous instagram posting with ariana grande now went private. now at 33 he's one of the youngest to resign. if schock had listened to his own advice when first elected he might not have gotten into trouble. >> usually there's somebody watching you, every action and everything you say so you have to be very careful. >> reporter: schock departs on march 31st. as for that "downton abbey" office, it will go to whoever is elected to replace him and, george given that it would also cost a lot of money to undo those decorations, that "downton abbey" styling will probably remain at least for awhile. >> maybe for a little while. okay jon, thanks very much. moving on now, george to a dramatic new testimony at the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev's former best friend took the stand saying he gave tsarnaev the gun used to murder a mit police officer and jurors got a look inside the killer's life.
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abc's tom llamas has been inside the courtroom in boston and joins us with more. good morning, tom. >> reporter: lara, good morning to you. jurors hearing about a different side of dzhokhar tsarnaev that he was a very noble, humble smart, nonviolent person who never spoke about religion. what he did talk about, his opinionated older brother who didn't like people who weren't muslim. it's the image lawyers of alleged boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev likely wish jurors didn't see. this photo of the now 21-year-old posing under a black islamic flag similar to ones used by jihadi groups like al qaeda shown in court monday. his former best friend stephen silva taking the stand testifying he saw that flag hanging in dzhokhar's bedroom. jurors getting a closer look inside his cambridge home seeing photos of his bunk bed and computer. silva admitting he loaned dzhokhar this handgun two months before it was used to kill mit
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police officer sean collier. he testified he needed it because he wanted to go rip some kids from uri, meaning commit a robbery. but in a blow to the government's case silva saying he believes dzhokhar was likely influenced by his older brother, tamerlan. >> he said that dzhokhar was a decent smart personable guy. >> reporter: jurors learns more about yolk's final moments on the run hiding in this boat carving these words into a wooden panel, stop killing our innocent people and we will stop. dzhokhar's friend is a convicted drug dealer who struck a plea deal with prosecutors who likely were not happy with some of his testimony. yesterday jurors taken inside his bedroom. today possibly taken inside his computer. lara. >> tom llamas thank you very much. to amy with the other top stories of day. >> good morning, lara. we begin with a big personal
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data breach possibly the medical records up to 11 million americans may have been compromised. in this latest cyberattack yet again it is a health insurer that's been targeted. this time premera blue cross the attack may have exposed everything from bank account numbers to social security number birth dates and insurance claims perimeterremera is notifying all customers involved. major implications at home from this election. benjamin netanyahu has mounted a surprise comeback pulling off what appears to be a resounding win. abc's alex marquardt is here to explain what this means mideast peace process and u.s. nuclear talks with iran. alex good morning. >> reporter: good morning amy. this is a stunning victory for netanyahu, a landslide that none of the polls had predicted. you can be sure there's a lot of disappointment at the white house this morning. realizing they have to try to work with netanyahu for the next two years, a man who has been such a thorn in their sides and that is unlikely to change any
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time soon with netanyahu this week coming out against a palestinian state after the obama administration has worked so hard on a peace process. of course, the white house also infuriated with netanyahu's speech to congress just two weeks ago. so while netanyahu is savoring his victory this morning this is not a triomphe umomphe umtriumph. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters set tires and cars on fire while demonstrating again european economic policies. police fired water cannons to control the crowd of 10,000. several officers were injured. well the new head of secret service is asking for $8 million to build a replica of the white house to better train agents following that string of recent security breaches including the fence jumper last year. meanwhile, director joseph clancy told a house committee there is no excuse for why it took five days for him to learn about two allegedly drunk agents driving on to the white house
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grounds this month. he learned about the incident from an anonymous e-mail. well a new case of a dangerous laser attack on a pilot in the sky. this time police say a worker at a florida air force base was caught shining a green laser at a sheriff's helicopter night vision equipment kept him in sight until he could be taken into custody. well a wild chase near san cisco. the driver of this suv was speeding up to 100 miles an hour losing a tire riding on the rim until he finally lost control flipping over several times. seconds later he was able to climb out of the wreckage and was arrested accused of driving under the influence of drugs. and finally most sportsmen out for a little deep sea fishing usually come back with some kind of barely believable fish tale right? this angler can prove his story is the real deal because it was all caught on camera. take a look. >> oh, no. damn.
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ah, ha, did you see that? >> oh we saw that. that's right. the shark literally took the bait. even worse, the proverbial big one got away. i don't know if that's a bad thing. i'd be flat he got away. as far as he would like. >> i'm glad he had a selfie stick. gave him a little more distance. thanks very much. big trouble for a frat at penn state been suspend for a year after a whistle-blower showed its facebook page of nude women who didn't know they were being photographed and some of the kappa delta rho face criminal charges and linzie janis brings us the latest from penn state. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: the seal above the door on the kappa delta rho house says honor above all things in latin but this morning the fraternity has been suspended by penn state while police investigate those members who posted illicit photos. >> the images are disturbing. >> reporter: those images allegedly posted by members of
7:14 am
kappa delta rho's penn state chapter show nude women apparently passed out or sleeping. others allegedly depicting drug sales for marijuana to cocaine and hazing rituals. >> we know that there were over 100 people were invited to this page privately. >> reporter: the pages accessible by invite only to current and former fraternity members. it was one of the former brothers who blew the whistle. >> he was able to still be active on the website facebook page with his assistance he was able to show some of the photos that he was describing to us. >> reporter: in a statement, penn state officials calling the facebook postings appalling, offend self and inconsistent with the university community's values and expectations. kappa delta rho which has 25,000 members nationwide is now placing the penn state chapter under full suspension for one year and putting them under review. >> it's actually a good thing
7:15 am
this has come to light because things like this are going on everywhere. >> reporter: right now the charges police say they are considering are invasion of privacy and a lesser count of harassment but those could be escalated. the university will wait for the police investigation to be finished before it decides on a further punishment. lara. >> all right, linzie thank you very much. a stunning decision from an nfl player to walk away from the league and millions of dollars over concussion concerns. chris borland says he's calling it quits no longer willing to risk his health for the game. abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> chris borland, incredible instinct. >> reporter: he's one of the best rookies in all of the nfl. 24-year-old chris borland a linebacker in his prime with a nearly $3 million contract with the san francisco 49ers projected to make millions more during a long pro career but this morning, borland is walking away from it all, fearful of
7:16 am
what years of hard tackles like this could do to his brain. >> i'm not going to do something tsouli for pay and certainly not going to take on health risks or compromise my well-being just for money. >> reporter: borland who suffered two diagnosed sports-related concussions as a teenager telling espn's "outside the lines" he became worried after training camp this past august. >> i thought i sustained probably a mild concussion just played through what football players refer to as a kick or getting your bell rung and that was the moment where i -- it really went differently for me. >> reporter: the nfl tells abc news in a statement "concussions were down 25% last year saying football has never been safer" but one study found that nfl players are three times as likely to die from brain diseases like alzheimer's or als than those not in the nfl. this morning, reaction is mixed. st. louis rams defensive end chris long tweeting his concerns
7:17 am
are real. former pats lineman damien woody saying the data was there before you were drafted in '13. what changed? the 49ers say bore land's decision was unexpected but they call him a consummate professional. >> i loved being a teammate. i loved the camaraderie but know this is it right for me. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, san francisco. >> and chris earned a bachelor's degree from the university of wisconsin and now plans to return to school and possibly pursue a career in sports management george. >> good for him. brave decision. to ginger. a lot of strong winds in the northeast last night. >> those were no joke. you can see behind me the trees down from morris county new jersey up through staten island new york. the pictures of trees into home the gusts were some 50 to almost 60 miles per hour and still wind advisories in place from parts of connecticut up to maine. this morning behind all of that wind very cold temperatures. everybody going, ah i didn't know it's going to be this cold.
7:18 am
you guys got to listen to me. i told you it was going to get cold. >> we always do. >> thank you. subfreezing windchills from saranac lake and pittsburgh too. a storm a brewing, we may be talking snow on friday. that's right. jacqui: good morning washington. sunrise underway right now, 37 degrees is the temperature
7:19 am
downtown, 20 possible suburbs, 29 it ellis, 31 degrees in quantico right now. despite the sunshine it will be cooler than average, northwest winds, breezy about 45 degrees for the lunch hour, feeling closer to 40 with low 50's >> so it's the storm bringing rain to texas today. in part that's going to move up the east coast and right there afternoon on friday that white. >> she says with a smile. hey. >> i just want everyone to make sure we saw that. >> i know. >> it's spring. coming up here the latest on suspected killer robert durst moved to a mental health facility as police raid his home. also ahead, caught on camera the dramatic rescue as a water taxi filled with sightseers races to save a man in the water. and barista backlash. starbucks' attempt to talk about race caused a lot of anger this morning.
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>> good morning. we want to get a check on the traffic situation. jack? jack: moving northbound on route five the accident activity coming out of the roadway slapping -- traffic is slowly beginning to recover. activity of springfield has not been great, it will take a while
7:27 am
for the volume to lose out. traffic that you see there, they keep moving the camera back and forth, the accident is deion montgomery village avenue where they have only the far right lane getting by. plan ahead, this may cost you some time. you mentioned the word snow? jacqui: that is not until friday morning and it will not be a problem in d.c., we could get some light accumulation, but today it is cold enough for snow right now, but dryers -- dry as a bone with clear skies at dulles and the windchill at 15 in gaithersburg. it will be a cool day overall, breezy as well, 52 downtown, upper 40 possible suburbs, with tomorrow the clouds just starting to increase ahead of the next system that i mentioned. autria: top stories that we are
7:28 am
following right now, a third round of testing will be done to determine if a letter addressed to the white house contains cyanide. the secret service said the envelope tentatively tested positive for the poisonous substance. a candlelight vigil is set for tonight for the two-year-old girl killed in buoy. dynasty mirage was hit by a van at the intersection of route 197 and old chapel road. you can get more traffic news, and weather updates all morning long honor sister station and
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7:30 am
good morning america. right now police investigating a death threat against caroline kennedy. the u.s. ambassador to japan. also right now, robert durst durst's home in houston raided by police as the suspected killer is moved to a mental health facility. heroes of that water taxi rescue speaking out this morning. as we say good morning, america. a lot to get to this morning including our big sound. listen to that big "the sound of music" spectacular. there they are in times square the new york city children's kwoor. ♪ brown paper packages ♪ >> we want to sing but we'll spare you. the one and only diane sawyer is with us with a preview of her special with julie andrews and some incredible behind-the-scenes stories. >> all coming up tonight. but first the latest on robert durst. the millionaire heir charged with murder was moved to a mental health facility last night as police in houston raided his home searching for
7:31 am
evidence. abc's matt gutman is tracking the case from st. gabriel, louisiana, good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning. over that fence and through that field right there and all that fog is the acute mental health facility where robert durst is waking up this morning in this isolated part of louisiana. now, sources are telling me his mental health condition has deteriorated since his arrest. that as his case has taken more twists and turns. the league vise around robert durst continues to tighten. the 71-year-old appearing disoriented leaving court rail thin and smiling eerily into a photographer's lens. police raiding his luxury condo carries out boxes of potential evidence and here in louisiana an appeals court judge moving him to a facility for inmates in ed of mental health treatment. right now the sheriff's deputies are moving durst from this jail facility to a mental health facility.
7:32 am
that's him in that cruiser right there. newly released court documents reveal he takes hydrocodone with pain along with other medication then there's the marijuana. during his arrest in a posh new orleans hotel over the weekend, police say they found a whopping five ounces of it. but durst's biggest legal challenge remains that capital murder charge out of los angeles for his alleged 2000 execution of his best friend susan berman a murder authorities hint may have something to do with the disappearance of his wife kathy in 1982. much of the mystery chronicled in the hbo docu-series, "the jinx." during the show's finale durst muttered what seemed to be an off-camera confession? killed them all, of course. >> reporter: durst's attorney implied the show prompted his arrest. >> the basis for his arrest it's not based on facts, it's based on ratings. >> reporter: also overnight police in eureka, california telling abc news they want to talk to investigators in the
7:33 am
durst case about the 1997 disappearance of 16-year-old karen mitchell who they believe met foul play. at that time police released this composite sketch which seems to resemble durst. now, we know that durst lived in that area at that time and this is the second time that this possible link is being investigated. still police say he is not a suspect and caution against overreaching. meanwhile, he'll have to spend the next five days in that facility until his bail hearing on monday. george. >> okay matt gutman thanks very much. more on this from dan abrams. we saw durst's lawyer who won a lot of big cases in the cowboy hat and seeing the beginning of his defense. >> and helped him previously. we are see the defense and that will be pointing the finger at the documentary. the problem with that of course is he's saying it's not based on the facts. well of course it is based on the facts that were learned as part of a documentary that did get good ratings, okay fine, but that doesn't -- it's a nice
7:34 am
slogan but it doesn't address the fundamental question of did robert durst do it. >> now, at the same time you know you saw the durst lawyers want to get to california to face the charges right away but he's facing this gun charge in new orleans which could be 10 to 20 years in prison if convicted. >> i'm sure the california prosecutors want him there. i'm sure the defense attorneys want to move this case over there but there could be a delay. i mean it could be that they decide in louisiana to move forward with that case and there's an argument he made that that wouldn't be such a bad thing? that's what i was going to ask about. it gives the prosecutors more time and if convicted gets him in jail no matter what. >> i think that the prosecutors in california might want a little distance from this documentary. i mean right now, there's so much talk and so much buzz about what's happening with the documentary, if i'm the california prosecutors i may say, you know what we're okay with taking a little time here letting this settle down and allowing us to focus on the facts. >> doesn't appear like the defense is going in this direction but hear about these
7:35 am
mental health problems and could it lay the groundwork for a future insanity defense. >> no, maybe not fit to tan trial and somehow argue he doesn't understand the wrotings can't assist in his defense but insanity defense would relate to his mental state at the time of the crime. when you're talking about his mental state today it simply can relate to the question of can he stand trial? very tough standard to say you're not competition it interto stand trial. >> dan abrams thanks very much. switching gears to a dramatic rescue at sea and all of it caught on camera. the fast thinking crew of a water taxi in charleston south carolina racing to pull an unconscious man and his friends out of the water. abc's gio benitez has our story. >> i need an ambulance at charleston harbor resort and marina. >> we'll lift him onto the dock. one, two three. >> reporter: watch, a lovely day at sea turns foo a dramatic race for survival. >> someone's unconscious. geez. >> reporter: when charleston water taxi typically used for
7:36 am
sightseeing and dolphin watching becomes an emergency life line for a 28-year-old man unconscious in south carolina's charleston harbor. the man wishing to remain anonymous tells us he fell off a sailboat while having a seizure. his friends jumping in after him desperately trying to keep him afloat. >> we pretty much put the handler down and got there as quick as we could. >> let's go! >> reporter: with eight passengers on board his water taxi captain matt balassome decided to take the dramatic detour. then with time running out, that water taxi hearing the sailboat's mayday call on the radio. >> sos, i've got three men in the water here at the dock much i need help immediately. >> reporter: arriving at the dire scene even before emergency response crews. two passengers and captain balassome's trained crew helping too including robert schultz who just started his first day on the job. >> it was go time. >> stay with him. do not leave his side. >> reporter: incredibly the
7:37 am
ragtag team pulls all three men to safely. >> we've recovered all people. >> we're in the business of showing people a good time. that's what we're known for but working on the water, that can change real quick. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> he got it done. >> yeah love seeing everyday heroes in action. >> indeed. let's check the weather now with ginger zee. >> the stunning aurora borealis. i have to show you this picture from rochester, new york last night right along the shores of ontario, lake ontario. it just wasn't there, but so many places able to see because of the strongest solar storm we've seen since fall 2013. a level 4 on the scale of 1 to 5 and fortunately we didn't see any satellite disruption just a whole lot of pretty pictures. thank you for those. now we get to see the moisture in texas and rotation right there just west of corpus christi, some floodjacqui: good morning, washington be r rick -- good morning washington.
7:38 am
before we warm up, it is still below average today. mostly sunny skies wl be bree >> and all that weather brought to you by colgate optic white. this is chicago with all that really coal air and the wind. beautiful. you can see a rainbow in that wave crashing on lake shore drive. brings us home paula, doesn't it. >> yes, it does. coming up everyone starbucks under fire this morning. the coffee chain plans to start a conversation about race stirring up backlash. kraft recalling 6.5 million boxes of mac and cheese. i've just found my new beauty bff. hi there! new colgate optic white express white. wait, don't you mean me? new colgate optic white express white toothpaste has the professionally recommended whitening ingredient hydrogen peroxide for whiter teeth in 3 days. without the hassle of whitening treatments. think of it as your smile bff. i thought i was your bff. i mean my other bff!
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now a push by starbucks to tackle the touchy issue of race relations. after events like the shooting in ferguson the coffee giant is encouraging baristas to get the conversation going with customers, but there is major backlash this morning. abc's neal karlinsky has the
7:43 am
story. >> reporter: for most of us a conversation at your friendly neighborhood starbucks is about as heavy as a scene from "sex and thety." >> i would love a career in fashion. >> oh. >> this is not nonfat. >> oh. >> reporter: but this morning starbucks' ceo howard schultz hopes to change that taking on nothing short of america's racial divide one cup at a time. >> what if we were to write race together on every starbucks cup and that facilitated a conversation between you and our customers. >> reporter: #racetogether in ads and coming soon written on the side of a frappuccino near you. the idea is to encourage people if they feel comfortable to talk about race relations. do you think that's a good idea to try to get the discussion going? >> i personally don't want to see it on my coffee cup. that's just me. >> just encouraging the conversation not really driving it toward any certain direction.
7:44 am
that sounds like a good idea to me. >> reporter: but social media is lighting up with skepticism snark and even anger. how long do you think i could just reparations in a starbucks before everyone gets nervous and i get tasered tweets one. a daily show comedian tweeting before they write race together on cups can starbucks just spell my name correctly? and there was this there are people who have the time and training to facilitate discussion about race but they are not starbucks baristas. starbucks own vp of communications temporarily deleting his twitter account under an avalanche of criticism saying he felt terminal attacked. schultz seems to participate some pushback. >> some said, howard this is not a subject we should touch of the i reject that completely. >> reporter: coffee talk. heating up the national conversation just maybe not the way starbucks was hoping for.
7:45 am
for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news seattle. >> all right, thank you. coming up here the latest on harrison ford's plane crash, the frantic calls for help just released. special delivery. the unexpected surprise when one family welcomed their baby boy and look how they shocked grandma. >> it's funny. >> it's a boy. (playing harmonica) get your own liquid gold. go on, git!
7:46 am
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7:49 am
we're here at the amy. amy in the social square with the speed spooe. >> on yahoo! this morning, a mistaken identity but of the best kind. kyle and danielle williams of michigan were so excited to have their second child they went for their ultrasound in october. she was 20 weeks and they were told congratulations, you're having a second daughter. they chose the name char leigh and then on march 3rd the baby came and, surprise it was a boy. the couple cooked up a fun way, though to let the newborn's grandma to know about the switch and said hey, could you change the baby's diaper for us? take a look. >> oh. the diaper. and get some wipes. how much -- oh. what! are you --
7:50 am
>> are you kidding me? well, charles, welcome to the world! >> yes, grandma had some choice words that we had to bleep out but that makes it funnier. the big baby news surprised the entire family. take a look at the newly named bentley's aunt when she heard the news. there she is and then we have the happy family big sister peyton with her new surprise brother tell us about the surprises in your feed. tweet us with the #socialsquare. they didn't stick with the name charlee because peyton took the name for her doll because she still wanted a sister. >> the next one. >> hope they don't have to repaint. okay. coming up will ferrell, kevin hart, can't wait for that.
7:51 am
7:52 am
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♪ still ahead on "gma," the surprising new study about young children and heart health and the important changes you can make to their diet right now and then rihanna and jim parsons visiting our hometown hero for their big movie premiere and delivering a big surprise.
7:56 am
autria:autria: to get a check on the traffic situation this monday more -- wednesday morning. jack: germantown out of fredericks town, the good news is the crash was before 370 and has moved to the shoulder so things are getting better, this had literally been solid and not moving at all. northwest, same deal out of springfield, the crash after seminary got moved to the shoulder travel lanes are open still kind of a hairy ride south of 295 on the bw parkway, but lanes are open. it looks like a nice day, but i am inside. jacqui: it looks good, but it is
7:57 am
37 out there, the feel factor is down to 30 downtown. 34 in frederick, 34 in lexington park, 36 right now in ray. temperatures rising into the 40's by lunch hour, but with the stiff reason will fill closer to 40 degrees itself. 40's outside the beltway temperatures tomorrow cooler as the clouds increase. autria: d.c. police want your help in finding a missing 12-year-old boy. take a look at this, demetrius brown was last seen in southwest yesterday on irvington street. a tech firm cofounder charged with murdering his ex-wife's new husband will appear in a loudoun county courtroom. he will attend a pulmonary hearing on first-degree murder charges. police are still looking for the person who shot a six-year-old girl at the intersection of
7:58 am
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it started with a whisper. good morning america. it's 8 a.m. and two big headlines for parents. new research revealing the kids die yets could put them in danger as toddlers. one thing you can do for your baby to grow up smarter, richer and healthier. major mac and cheese warning. why is kraft recalling millions of boxes right now? and get ready to laugh. will ferrell, kevin hart both here live. anything could happe >> that's a strategy that could work. >> no, i don't. ♪ the hills are alive ♪ ♪ with the sound of music ♪ and "gma's" giant celebration as the classic turns 50. diane sawyer and julie andrews going back to where it started visiting the homes of the original von trapp family and we're all singing along as we
8:01 am
say -- ♪ good morning america ♪ ♪ doe a deer a female deer ray a drop of golden sun ♪ ♪ me, a name i call myself far, a long long way to run ♪ >> of course they're heap to help us celebrate the 50th anniversary of "the sound of music," diane sawyer's big special. we went back to austria with julie andrews. they'll bring us this tonight. your first look at that extraordinary special. there's diane right there. >> everybody, feel free to sing along because we're celebrating "the sound of music" all morning long with a huge singalong. singers from the gardens in saltsburg, austria singing from right where so many scenes from "the sound of music" were shot. take a look.
8:02 am
♪ do re me fa so la ti do so do ♪ ♪ when you know the notes to sing ♪ >> we'll be in austria and times square this morning but right now news from amy. >> good morning, everyone. and we begin with late word from japan that police are investigating death threats against u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy. they say an english-speaking man called the u.s. embassy in tokyo several times in recent weeks threatening to kill kennedy. those threats may be part of a scheme to blackmail the ambassador. we could know later today whether it was really cyanide that was sent to the white house. a preliminary test on a substance found at a mail sorting facility tested positive for the poison. secondary tests are now under way and sources say the sender is someone known to the secret service. prime minister benjamin netanyahu has declared a resounding victory in israel's national election after trailing
8:03 am
in the polls. netanyahu declared he would fight palestinian statehood. he also opposes a u.s. nuclear deal with iran. back here at home kraft is recalling millions of boxes of its popular mac rhone & cheese because they might contain tiny fragments of stainless steel. it affects organic flavor mac and chose only with the code c2 use by dates september 18th through october 11th of this year. the information is also available on our website, on yahoo! new research on the benefits of breast-feeding. after a long-term study researchers found babies who were breast fed went on to score higher on i.q. tests later in life. scientists followed 3500 babies and while they acknowledge the results are not 100% conclusive they do seem to back current thinking that says babies should be breast fedex collusively for six months. and a close call for a family in washington. their nanny cam, look at that captured the moment their home's boiler exploded.
8:04 am
it sprayed nails, splinters and other debris into a playroom that their son had just left. their daughter was asleep upstairs but thankfully amazingly no one was injured. well for the first time we are hearing the 911 calls following harrison ford's plane crash. ford used his piloting skills to steer the vintage plane on to a golf course after the engine failed. calls for help came rushing in to 911. >> he turned around and tried to make it back. >> all i can say is small and yellow. >> like a world war ii plane. >> like an old vintage -- >> just one person in the plane? just one passenger. >> okay. >> and he is being carried out of the plane right now. >> reporter: ford is reportedly being treated for his large wound on his head and other injuries. and finally, how about the happiest story of the day? we have told you before about devon still of the cincinnati bengals and daughter leah treated for a rare form of cancer. devon posted this photo yesterday saying "when you receive the best news of your
8:05 am
life and you don't know what to do you just flex." so what was the news? doctors say leah's latest scan shows she is cancer-free >> that's awesome. >> yes, amazing. more tests are scheduled but the doctors are very optimistic about her prognosis and so, so happy for leah and for devon. everybody flex. >> yes! >> so great. just made my day. thank you, amy. "pop news" and weather coming up. now paula is over in the social square. >> hey there, george. now here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" in "pop news." hugh jackman taking us backstage at his new show revealing the special methods he got from another a-lister. plus important security tips this morning for keeping your money safe if you're using your smartphone to pay your bills which a lot of us do and the surprising findings about kids and food. are you putting them on the road to heart disease at a very young age? all that plus we are celebrating 50 years of the "the sound of music" with diane sawyer and this chorus live in times square.
8:06 am
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♪ ho do you solve a problem like maria ♪ celebrating 50 years of the "the sound of music." we'll hear a lot more from them in a little bit but "pop news" from paula. >> would you like to give me five not that kind but another five. michelle obama's gimme five workout challenge has taken off in full force. when vice presiden joe biden got in o the action tweeting there video saying he does a million arm curls a day. two tickets to the gun show, right, challenging a certain other veep to take the challenge next and look at this julia louis-dreyfus did, the "veep" star stopping by jimmy kimmel's show last night and teaming up to take that challenge to a whole new level. >> squat, one. oh geez. >> two. >> three. >> they're going to fall. >> four. >> no.
8:12 am
>> five. >> that is hard. >> that is difficult. that's very difficult. george could you do that? lara just asked. >> will i or can i? >> both. >> ginger wants to do some tricep extensions right now. >> 1 million 1, 1 million 2. yeah. >> gimme five challenge. i would like to give you an honest high-five. didn't mean to leave you hanging. turtleneck black turtle turtleneck. that is what daniel craig is sporting in his james bond "spectre" poster and got a lot of people buzzing. the suave secret agent turning in his tux for something a little more demure. trending on facebook overnight and if he loses that holster it sparks comparison to another famous turtleneck fan. what do you guys think? steve jobs. i'm kind of digging that look though. >> the turtleneck is back. >> not the sweater turtleneck.
8:13 am
>> never a dickey. >> yeah. >> avoid the dickey. >> all righty then. on to hugh jackman. tap dancing in turkey. he's stepping on to well new territory posting a picture of this special message that another famous actor left him backstage if you can read it from russell crowe. he wrote, i was here before you, hugh jackman but it's all in good fun. hugh is saying crowe is legendary, mate. is that -- i was trying to do that in an honest australian accent. hugh is hard at work. check out these moves during practice. >> wow. ♪ >> yeah he just does everything. >> i know. >> he looks like gene kelly. completely -- >> he's effortless. his show is going to highlight musical classics like "singing in the rain," "guys and dolls"
8:14 am
plus odes to his homeland australia, he sings, dances acts, really good looking. >> get that man a black turtleneck. >> thank you, paula. >> quadruple threat. he's got it all. >> so do you and so does ginger. >> oh good morning, guys. we got great kids here today. journalism students from ft. wayne so it takes being cold. is that okay? >> yeah it's worth it. >> totally worth it. >> how about rainy because in houston that's what they're talking about and that's where we'll begin. a shot of the city and just from earlier this morning, you kind of see those low-lying clouds and certainly see rain if you aren't already. already falling in south texas and heavy at times. some flood concerns. that's the gulf there with another warm day for tallahassee. yesterday breaking and tying records in much of northern florida and winter weather advisories and some of the winter storm warnings in some of the rockies west of denver even some thunderstorms possible in southern california. so things are changing here as we go across the nation west to east.
8:15 am
jacqui: good morning washgton. teeratures a much cooler today and d will s stay below avererage welell in nexext week. yourur forecast, expecting mostlyy suy skies, bezy today, h high tetemperates i in n the uer 40's to low0's, mainly clea sks toght, low tpetures around 34 downtown, uppeper 2's backck into the suburbs, tomorrow afternoon increasising cloudiness with a cooler hihigh temperare because of >> windchill in the teens so your face starts to get frozen up a little. i'll let garrett from austin do the honors. >> george. >> thank you. that was for lara. >> that's all right. kicking off our "heat index" this morning, mobile pay apps are becoming more popular with facebook announcing one. they let you transfer money but are they keeping your money safe?
8:16 am
"gma investigates" one of the most popular apps, called the venmo and becky worley explains. >> reporter: on college campuses. >> venmo. >> reporter: it's how they split the bill or handle shared rent. >> venmo. >> venmo. >> reporter: it lets you send money to your friends instantly. and then it holes that money in a virtual account that links to your bank or credit card account so for example if you need to split a $20 taxi ride you can transfer $10 with venmo instead of handing over cash. >> they're doing about a billion dollars a quarter. >> reporter: experts say you may soon be using venmo but as the company grows so do concerns about it keeping your money safe. >> there's a notification on my phone. >> reporter: a hacker cracked this man's account and stole $2,000 and says venmo didn't
8:17 am
notify him of any account changes. >> i was dumbfounded something like that could happen. >> reporter: the top complaint emerging on social media what he experienced when he tried to contact the company, venmo offers no phone or live support. you can only submit complaints through an online form. were you ever able to talk to a real human being on the phone? >> no no one ever contacted me on the phone. >> reporter: he says he eventually got his money back but only after he took to twitter to complain. the california department of business oversight cited more than 20 unsafe practices by venmo last year. today the department tells us we continue to work with venmo to obtain full compliance with the order. the day after we contacted venmo about this story, it added a feature that lets users know of any account changes. >> sure enough, i get an alert straightaway my e-mail address had been changed. if my account had been taken over the way his was there's still the issue of no live
8:18 am
customer service. owned by paypal they tell "gma investigates" we're working to be more responsive to your support inquiries. we've made significant progress and will continue to improve in this area. >> even with the issues that are happening, they really are more secure than a lot of other payment methods. >> reporter: for "good morning america," becky worley abc news, san jose. >> becky sent us more tips to keep your money safe. start with using a password that's strong and unique, not used for any other account and change it frequently and cash out often to keep your venmo account sum low. >> that makes sense. our "heat index" now to a new study that finds it's never too early to take care of your heart. what you feed your kids now could create serious health risks so mara schiavocampo took a lt what you can do to bring those risks down. kid food faves. >> mac and cheese. >> doughnuts. >> french fries. and burgers. >> reporter: palettes can make healthy choices tough. >> it's hard to get my son to
8:19 am
eat healthy. if he had it his way he would eat pop-tarts and doughnuts all day long. >> reporter: a new study that suggests kids who eat their heart out today could develop heart disease tomorrow finding nutrition in early life may have long-term influences on cardiovascular health in adulthood. ever too young to start thinking about heart health? >> it's never too young to start thinking about it. >> reporter: the study looked at 9,000 kids and body mass index, blood pressure cholesterol and diet. finding 40% of kids 6 to 11 had intermediate to poor cholesterol levels and fewer than 1% of children 5 to 11 had ideal diets. >> kidding are eating too much sugar, too much fat and too much salt. and what does that do? that increases their risk of diet-related chronic illnesses as early as 2 years old >> reporter: experts say expect to expose kids to new foods about ten times before they'll try them.
8:20 am
start with mild flavors like cucumber bell peppers and grapes and be creative. you're just making it festive and fun. >> that's the key, right. fun and festive so that it gets eaten. >> reporter: healthy snacks today for a healthy heart tomorrow. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news, new york. >> hanks to mara for that joined by our medical contributor dr. jen ashton and daphne oz from "the chew" and, jen, you're also a nutritionist studying it as well. this is important. >> yeah here's the study right here. we know that heart disease is the number one killer of adult men and women. well we didn't know how far back we had to search to see the development of the risk factors that we know stack the deck for heart disease so the good news based on this study, most kids start off as a blank slate pretty healthy. the bad news is is that at very early ages we're starting to see those risk factors pile up with obesity and high blood pressure and it starts with the food
8:21 am
choices that they make. >> so let's take a look at some things we can do to prevent that. you start out with juice and think that's great. >> not so much. we call this in medicine a sugar bowless. we're not saying never drink it. they can have six ounces a day but in this study over 50% of children drank way too much sugar sweetened beverage. >> what's the best way to fix it. >> i'm going to say water and parents are like have you met my child. but my thought is growing up around my dinner table when we were thirsty that's what you got and got a sugary beverage as a special treat. if you ease your kids in it pour half the glass with juice and fill the rest with water, sparkling water and eases them into it. let them flavor it with some of their favorite fruits. that's how all of us make healthy choices a priority. >> all kids love pizza. >> as do adults. >> exactly true.
8:22 am
we're not saying never. one slice of pizza is not the worst thing but when you're talking about young children, again, it carries a lot of sodium a lot of salt a lot of fat in the form of saturated fat and oil and, again if it's white crust just the carbs that are not so beneficial so there's definitely healthier alternatives. >> we see one right there. >> we see one. >> i think of the single greatest thing you can do trying to get your family on the path to health cook one more meal a week at home. with pizza we probably have a recipe on marrow batali and make it at home or buy it ready made at the store and that way you can control cooking at home from scratch the only way you control what's in your food and also again let your kids have fun. pile some veggies on top. that's a great alternative. if they go for one slice of regular pizza it won't kill them. >> it is a giant slice. >> exactly. >> i'm always happy when my kids have cereal in the morning because it means at least they're getting some breakfast. >> but these technicolor --
8:23 am
>> paula. >> the technicolor cereals we know they're not colors found in nature. a lot of sugar. it's a missed opportunity to supply healthy things like fiber and, again, if you start off your day loaded with sugar and empty calories it's only going to go downhill from there. >> i know what it's like to have the fight going out the door and don't have time to make a healthy breakfast. i'll put all the ingredients for a homemade oatmeal into a container the night before. it soaks overnight in the fridge and cook it and shaves the cooking time in half so setting yourself up for success in those tricky ways to quicken the cook time. >> or maybe once a week. >> once a week. >> thanks, guys. watch daphne on "the chew" every day on abc at 1:00 eastern. 12:00 central. tweet her at dr. jen ashton. finally in our "heat index," the big red carpet premiere of rihanna, jim parsons and steve martin's new movie "home" in
8:24 am
plano, texas, where cheryl jackson lives. she's the winner of her "gma" brings "home" to your hometown contest. they had one more big surprise and rachel smith was there for all the excitement. [ screaming ] >> remember this. >> we want to bring home to your hometown. we cannot wait to meet you, girl. >> cheryl "action" jackson overjoyed when she found out she had won our "home" in your hometown contest. now the big day is finally here. but before cheryl heads to the premiere rihanna and jim parsons take a walk down the red carpet at minnie's food pantry. >> look everybody. they're here. she wants to meet my whole family. oh, my god! i can actually touch them. she's beautiful. >> and i'm beautiful. >> you're beautiful. >> we gave boxes to families in need. >> all of this came from the donation of one single person.
8:25 am
>> i hear that little person might be standing right next to you. >> did you hear that? >> did you hear so it was rihanna that did the donation. [ cheers and applause ] >> we were so inspired by the work we've seen you do in your community we wanted to jump in. >> if you can't feed 100 people -- come on now. come on. jim, the cans are upside down. presentation is everything. yes. >> when we announced cheryl had won the grand prize dreamworks surprised her donating 25,000 meals to her food pantry. and they're not stooping there. >> they'd like to donate another 25,000. [ screaming ] >> you have to get two girls to wipe that off. >> we got a premiere to get to. >> finally the moment cheryl has
8:26 am
been waiting for. >> they're bringing the movie to us. >> that is so cool. >> we wanted to shine light on her today and make her feel special because she makes so many people feel special. i'm a part of cheryl's heart now because she's a mom. >> rihanna just said i'm the mom. i got some real friends in high places y'all. >>ism smith from plano, texas. >> ah, we are so happy for cheryl and the runners-up by the way to our "gma" brings "home" to your hometown contest got to join in on the fun and dreamworks also surprised them with donations to their charities. coming up will ferrell and kevin hart. stay with us.
8:27 am
right now we're watching your wednesday morning commute. jack taylor has an eye on the roads for us. jack: as you approach university boulevard there is a broken down vehicle that we've had trouble clearing out of the left lane but beyond it traffic is moving pretty well. if you're headed into barnesville on 109, be aware of the fact that it shut down around stillman road dealing with an overturned vehicle, simply use caution. 395 has been a mess near springfield. they do have a delay, plan for the extra time. jacqui: things are little bit on the cool side this morning the windchill of 29 downtown, 28 admin at. the forecast today will look good, lots of sunshine and
8:28 am
overnight tonight mainly clear skies, lower 30's, temperatures increasing with a high around 50 degrees. a wintry mix of snow is possible in the northern suburbs, cold rain for the afternoon. autria: we want to take a look at the top stories we were following this morning. a third round of testing will be done on the letter addressed to the white house, which actually contained cyanide tentatively testing positive. a candlelight vigil is set for tonight for the two-year-old girl that was killed in buoy. she was hit by a van. a d.c. police officer accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls, best is a church pastor. you can get news, traffic and whether all morning long o
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes ♪ ♪ snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes ♪ >> that is the new york city's choir celebrating the 50th anniversary of the "the sound of music" all morning long. >> we've been celebrating right here with our "the sound of music" times square takeover and we hope you're getting in on the musical action at home with our epic sing-along. we want to get right outside to military island with amy. >> that's right. in addition to having all of this beautiful music around us i'd like to ask you at home to get ready to laugh. we have will ferrell and kevin hart here live.
8:31 am
they have a brand-new movie. you never know what's going to happen when they are here. we are looking forward to that in just a few moments. back inside to you, george. >> all week long looking forward to this day ever since we saw julie andrews, diane sawyer telling always about the special last week. >> so fantastic. their hour-long special, the untold story of the "the sound of music" where they travel to austria together airing tonight and we're so happy to have diane here to share her favorite things from the special. >> wish you'd been there, guys. it was so great in saltsburg with julie. >> unbelievable. >> it looked like we were talking and seemed like such a great girls trip. the tourists recreating the moments. >> i know you can see some on youtube but there they are putting themselves -- whole families into their favorite scenes and they're going minute by minute through their favorite -- all oefrver salzburg. i have confidence in me so i
8:32 am
gather together a group of canadian tourists and we decide to re-create "do, re me" on the fountain. it was joyful beyond imagination. >> so many iconic scenes that opening scene "the hills are alive." julie andrews. what i didn't know that is a secret location. >> it's privately owned. they do not want people coming in. you cannot find it on google maps so we set out in the car and we take you, yes, we take you on the trip you have to cross out of austria into germany. you go past sign posts and cows and sheep and we think we're there. we think we're there. we're getting closer all the time. but it's quite a trek. your ears are popping and then suddenly suddenly here it is. >> the hills are alive. >> wow, is this it? is this it? here we are.
8:33 am
the view exactly as it was half a century ago but the day we're there is nun i. julie andrews, wasn't so lucky. >> so i went to your mountain. i want to know how you did that. >> how i got up there? well it rained a lot. >> the tarp over your head. >> freezing cold waiting for the clouds to part. >> i know. we actually went up the mountain in big open carts pulled by oxen. i would sit on top of all the camera equipment and then they'd hoist me up and up we'd go. >> on that day we were shooting on the mountain we're lucky. we have small silent drones getting the shot. back in 1965 julie andrews was doing battle with a helicopter that kept blowing up a tornado of wind. >> this giant helicopter came at me sideways with a very brave cameraman hanging out the side where the door would be normally and the helicopter would shoot me and i'd come from one end of the feel and he'd come from the other and i'd make that big turn
8:34 am
and then he'd go around me to go back and start again and i'd run to the other end but every time he went around me the downdraft from the jets would fling m into the grass. >> quiet, please. >> reporter: but somehow out of that duel with the helicopter the nine takes after every one of them were refreshed, somewhere out of the long hours and the cold and the exhaust common and that 20 minutes of shorthand, the giant speakers up in the trees began playing that music. >> it was suddenly released from waiting and waiting, i don't know but these huge big speakers in the trees were blasting this beautiful music. >> and for all of us an indelible moment celebrating the simple joy of being young and alive. ♪ the hills are alive with the sound of music ♪ ♪ with songs they have sung for
8:35 am
a thousand years ♪ >> and we will take you inside all of your favorite scenes sometimes it's simply hilarious what is really going on. christopher plummer weighs in, oh, my goodness irreverent christopher plummer and some of it is so moving and i promise you'll love the movie even more if it's possible to love it more. >> we could see those clouds in the background if. >> we'll show you scene by scene you could see what was really going on including the brook with the stone she jumps over which was brought in by the movie studio put there, there was a brook and then it was taken away. and we'll show you everything that was really going on. >> can't wait to watch the special and then watch the movie again. it's going to be great and watch diane's special "the untold story of the sound of music" at 10:00, 9:00 central. let's go to diane right now. >> oh we are trying to stay
8:36 am
warm out here. the wind is making it a little tough. you have a cute hat. >> diana marie panetta. >> from brooklyn. she knows just as well as many of us it starts on friday evening, spring but it won't feel like it in the northeast. let's start with pretty sunsets, though in louisiana and then wisconsin dells, a beautiful shorthand there. you can see sun there. it will mix in with other things and that would be 3 p.m. on friday. this is just one computer model solution but still a quick little hit. last little breath of winter before we start the weekend. that thoughjacqui: good morning, washington be rick -- good morning washingtonon. before we warm up,p, it is still below average today. mostly sunny skies will be breezy, high temperatures in the
8:37 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> all that weather brought to you by sprint. this little lady from arizona has it right. i got to get my hood up. >> thank you, ging. time for a new edition of "gma's" yahoo! your day. how to upgrade your makeup and skin care routine. turns out some of the best beauty products aren't this your makeup case but in your kitchen cabinet. abc's rebecca jarvis has more. ♪ ya here ♪ ♪ >> reporter: whether it's in your grocery cart or your refrigerator at home there are literally hundreds of at-home remedies that will have you looking at your food in a whole new way, even your yogurt. forget shelling out the big bucks for beauty. we're talking all natural exinexpensive kitchen remedies to help you get that red carpet glow using your cooking ingredients. we're whipping up some of those
8:38 am
homemade beauty recipes with bobbi brown, editor in chief of yahoo! beauty. you don't have to go to the drugstore. >> you can go right downstairs into your kitchen. >> reporter: her favorite pantry secret coconut oil. >> it works great as a skin cream. also works for your hair and takes off all your makeup. >> reporter: a makeup remover. >> all your makeup. >> reporter: brown sugar, guilt-free indulgence for your skin. >> the brown sugar and honey together is the perfect -- >> lip scrub. >> mix it on your body with olive oil. >> had could be like a body scrub. >> a body scrub. >> reporter: then there's yogurt. >> you could make as masque yogurt yogurt oatmeal and honey. >> the yogurt will moisturize your skin. >> reporter: a little bit of lemon goes a long way. >> limin is the great astringent for the skin. if you have a spot if you apply lemon every day it'll lighten the spot. >> reporter: a kitchen staple apple cider vinegar. >> apple cider vinegar will work
8:39 am
to keep your hair shiny as a hair rinse in the shower. avocado has so much incredible omega oil in it's excellent for your hair. >> reporter: lastly a must have moisturizer, coconut milk. >> another great remedy i tried myself full fat coconut milk is so rich it's incredible. >> reporter: beauty hacks straight from your kitchen straight from the pro. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news new york. >> some great tips to yahoo! your day. thank you, rebecca. and thank you guys. coming up will ferrell, kevin hart here live. >> that's for you. >> "the bachelor" segment is -- >> i'm going to rub mayonnaise on my forehead. >> live tv coming up. >> yes. >> that will be good.
8:40 am
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what happens when two of the most outrageously funny men on the planet join forces? well you get an outrageously funny movie. in "get hard," will ferrell plays a wealthy hedge fund manager forced to leave his comfortable life when vick of fraud and sentenced to ten years in prison and hires darnell his car washer to teach him how to survive behind bars. >> anger, you got to show me anger. why are you smileing? >> i'm not smiling. i'm tense and i'm agitated. >> come on, man. >> hmm. >> that's it? if beyonce left you
8:43 am
>> that's right. >> are you happy about that. >> no. >> then get mad. she's going to leave you. what is she doing? james. >> i'm sad-dogging you. do you think that's a strategy that could work. >> no i don't. >> we have will ferrell and kevin hart with us this morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thanks for loving us. >> hi! good morning, america. >> is that your morning voice. >> yeah. >> good morning, america. >> how many cups of coffee have you had. >> none yet. >> i'm just souped up on life. >> this movie takes on stereotypes in a humorous way. >> yes. >> will your character, just assumes because kevin's character is black that he's been to prison. >> yes, wrongly, so yes. and, yeah i assume that he can be someone who can help me to get ready for my future incarceration. >> how does that go? >> well, i think i fail at all
8:44 am
levels yeah. but, you know that's some of the fun, you know everything that i believe to be true about kevin's character is absolutely wrong and vice versa about me. >> there's a heartwarming moment in the end. >> there is. >> and we figure it out and racial harmony ensues. >> you get -- laughter ensues as well along the way. >> yes, yes. >> i know that will you like to show your body in your films. >> well, when you have a body like mine you know i know kevin's been on the cover of "men's health." >> yeah. >> and i mean that was your first cover, right? >> yeah. >> because i've done ten of them. >> i noticed you waxed for the movie too. but, see, look -- he's got a good body. i've got a body that is more ainthatable for the average human being. in. >> well, yeah. >> you were working out by bench pressing kevin. >> that was one of the drills kevin puts me through. >> he curls me.
8:45 am
>> were you really bench pressing him or photo shopped? >> no. >> of course. >> we did a lot of takes. >> everything ha happens in movies are real. i just took a lot of testosterone that day and bench pressed you 20 tiles. >> it was about 20 times and he throws me. >> you bench press to get the real abs. >> i wanted to bench press will one time and he smacked me. the first time i was ever smacked. don't touch my tom. >> i'm very sensitive right here. >> he sdofrnts like me to touch his stomach. i learned the hard way. >> we've been laughing for the last week -- you guys have been busy in addition to getting out there and putting this movie out there. over the weekend i know that kevin, you taped a roast for justin bieber. >> we have a little clip of that if we can roll it. >> uh-oh. >> tonight we're going to do what his parents and legal system should have done a long time ago, we're about to get this boy a [ bleep ] whooping
8:46 am
that he deserves. >> good morning, america. >> we are! >> good morning. >> how far is too far to roast? >> you know what, you can go too far and this one, it got a little -- it got a little -- it got a little tough, you know th looked at justin and i saw one tear welling up like one eye couldn't blink. >> he's only 1. >> one eye just wouldn't blink. he was trying to hold it. you better not. he was a good sport. >> you weren't there but ron burgundy was, i understand. >> that's what i heard. >> that's what you heard. >> yeah. >> you also -- look at you -- who knew you were a baseball star? >> who knew? i'm still hoping to be signed by some of the clubs. >> will you stop? nobody is signing you. >> five baseball games, ten positions all in one day. >> last week we raised a bunch of money for cancer for college, over a million dollars and i played all nine positions, as well as dh. there i am catching. >> don't steal. >> and snacks too and very important advice for players on
8:47 am
the field. >> don't pull a muscle. we all pulled a muscle laugh the at this one much can national wait for everyone to see "get hard." thanks for coming. >> all right. >> "get hard" opens nationwide next friday march 27th. coming up how one group of moms solved the dinner dilemma sharing their secrets to feeding your family.
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ we're back now with the whole new wave to solve the daily dilemma of dinner for moms trying to help get homemade food on the table sharing their secrets in "the soup club cookbook." paula faris sat down to talk to them about it. ♪ >> reporter: meet the soup club. four moms juggling ten kids and very busy schedules. >> one of the things we always would talk about on the playground when they were little was the daily chore of getting everybody fed. breakfast, lunch, dinner every day. they eat every single day.
8:50 am
>> yes. >> yeah. >> regularly and we wanted to be eating well. we wanted to help each other out and we wanted to also stay connected and so food is the answer to all that and we started soup club. >> reporter: the first rule commitment. once a month each of the women is responsible for soup night hamming the shopping cooking and delivery. >> so if it's your day typically are you spending all day preparing the soup? >> there are ingredients you can prep the day before so that when you're actually cooking you're just assembling. >> i don't have all day so i prep in stages. tend to make tock on the weekends. i do prep in the evenings and so i cook late at night. >> reporter: now most families would think oh let's do a cast casserole casserole. why soup? >> it scales up. it travels well and i think it's a little bit easier than a casserole. >> you're cooking for 18. is it cost effective? >> oh soup is so cost effective. >> reporter: so what happens if
8:51 am
one of you makes the soup and it's not good. do you tell that person. >> well it's just soup right. >> so it's happened. >> it's totally happened something turned out maybe not ideally. >> reporter: but practice makes perfect and the ladies are sharing their soup simmering know-how with the coupe coupe. >> knowing how long a big pot of soup takes to simmer. you can take a shower while it's coming to a simmer. that's news you can use. >> important if you're a mom. >> reporter: and now the soup sensation is catching on. fans starting their own soup clubs across the country so i'm about to jump out of the frying pan and into the stock pot. making a moulee-inspired chili. >> we add the chicken broth. crushed canned tomatoes and espresso powder. >> i like where this recipe is going. >> you're adding in 2 1/2 pounds of ground beef you ground already. 30 minutes loosely covered and then it's ready.
8:52 am
bon appetit. >> own appetit. to the soup club. >> ah. >> okay so i legitimately made this soup in my kitchen. >> wow. >> it's vegetable minestrone. all about sides. put a little pesto, some parmesan. >> you made that too. >> what i love about this my kids got involved. all about community, feed your family feed your friends, feed yourself. it's really just people helping people. >> very healthy. >> you don't have to lie. >> really good recipe. >> what's great about the book it automatically -- you don't have to multiply by four. it makes a large vat for you. >> great stuff, paula, thank you. >> have some. >> get the eastrecipes
8:53 am
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♪ the hills are alive ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by visit california. california, dream big. >> hump day here on "gma." be sure to watch diane's special tonight, "the untold story of the sound of music" at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. >> we have to thank new york city's children's chorus based in new york's presbyterian church. just fantastic. thank you for bringing us the smile. in vienna in june they'll perform songs from "the sound of music." have a great day, everybody. ♪ good-bye ♪
8:56 am
autria: we want to get you started with a check on that morning commute with jack taylor. jack: we have had a lot of activity around bethesda apparently most of not all of the activity has been cleared
8:57 am
from the rear end of the hospital itself. a problem earlier on 32 eastbound as you approached three hundred 95 delays moving very quickly. lake crash south of the beltway fire trucks just left the scene all travel lanes are now open. all right, do you have is good a news is i do? jacqui: kind of. dry and sunny, those are good things. temperatures are not as great, but not terrible. a bit of a windchill and below freezing at dulles 32 in hagerstown 30 eight degrees downtown. slowly warming things up into the upper 50's today, a touch cooler than that, not as windy as yesterday with clouds increasing tomorrow once we have weather around here on friday morning. autria: good, something to look
8:58 am
forward to. d.c. police want your help in finding a missing 12-year-old boy. demetrius brown was last seen on irvington in southwest yesterday. a self-proclaimed tech expert accused of murdering his wife will be appearing in a courtroom today. police are still looking for a person who shot a six-year-old girl that hit a six euro girl in southeast d.c.. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to be ok.
8:59 am
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announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, one of our favorite funny guys, will ferrell. and one of our favorite dancing guys derek hough. plus, one of our favorite sportscasters, erin andrews takes the seat at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are michael strahan and erin andrews! [cheers and applause] ♪ michael: hello! erin: yeah.


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