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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  March 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> reasonly unsealed documents reveal new information about the corruption case involving former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen. jeff goldberg is live in the newsroom with the latest information. jeff? jeff: this is very interesting stuff. this affidavit was unsealed today and it reveals dramatic new information about what maureen mcdonnell would have testified on the witness stand if the judge had allowed that her and her husband to have separate trials which is what she was seeking but did not get.
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the document was found in march of last year. months before their trial in richmond. now, according to the affidavit, maureen mcdonnell wanted to testify in defense of bob mcdonnell by giving multiple examples of how she concealed information from him regarding her activities with johnny williams and star scientific. she would have testified that she never told her husband about how much williams paid for during that now infamous shopping trip to new york city in 2011. that she did not tell her husband about a $50,000 loan from williams until after she spent the money and she did not tell him about buying tens of thousands of dollars in stock in star scientific. on that rolex watch given to the former governor, there's this. "mrs. mcdonnell told mr. mcdonnell that the watch was a gift from santa. she did not want him to know it was bought by johnny williams." she would testify that mr. williams filled a void that she was filling in her life and he gave her both gifts and attention. now, the mcdonnells, of course
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were tried together which is why maureen mcdonnell never took the stand and why we are just now learning about what she would have said in court. affidavit was unsealed as a -- excuse me at the request of the defense team for bob mcdonnell and it will now be filed as part of his appeal to the conviction. live in the newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. kimberly: very interesting indeed. you're right. let's turn to the weather now. unfortunately, you really needed a coat all day. the cooler temperatures are back. chief meteorologist doug hill has a look at what to expect tonight. doug? doug: plenty of sunshine today. so chilly and so much cooler than yesterday. let's get you started right now, bright sunshine and upper 40's outside of the belfort furniture weather center. live from the rooftop camera. we're in for a gorgeous sunset. look for that tonight at 7:18. here's our story. upper 40's to mid 40's and 51 at reagan national airport. temperatures 16 to 18 degrees
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colder than this time ye we'll take a quick zoom down to the south. clouds roll in tomorrow and there's the troublemaker near dallas. that will bring us rain and snow for the day on friday starting in the morning tonight. clouds return tomorrow and steve rudin joins me in a few minute and talk about which areas will likely get the rain and snow and how much we'll see. alison? alison: thank you very much. the secret service is now trying to determine if that envelope addressed to the white housed to the white house contained cyanide. the agency is awaiting the results of a third test on this envelope. senior political reporter scott thuman live at the abc 7 capitol hill bureau with the very latest. hey, scott. scott: hey, alison the secret service saying that that testing is under way and they don't have an idea of exactly what they'll get results. they believe they know a lot more and share it with us in the next day or so. in the meantime another scare today. just this afternoon outside of
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the white house, it's hardly uncommon to see these. but secret service uniformed officers and other agencies jumping into action. pushing back a large number of tourists because of a suspicious package. as so often is the case it turned out to be a false alarm but on the heels of that letter addressed to the white house possibly tainted with cyanide and the secret service is under a lot of pressure and political pressure, too. after it was revealed that director joseph clancy didn't know about that latest incident involving a couple of agents suspected of drinking and driving until five days after the fact. >> i can't believe this happens over and over again. it's amazing to me that the new head of the secret service was not even notified for days until after this occurred. the chain of command needs to be tighter and certainly standards naed to be tighter. scott: also alarming testimony on the hill this morning about another security challenge that the secret service face. we're talking about drones and
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we'll have more on that coming up tonight at 6:00. live on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman, abc 7 news. kimberly: first lady michelle obama is touring asia to promote education for girls. five day trip kicked off in japan today. this is mrs. obama's first visit to the country. tomorrow, she will meet with japanese prime minister and his wife and attend events designed to highlight the let girls learn initiative. on friday mrs. obama will fly to cambodia. alison: prince charles and his wife camilla made a trip across the pond to d.c. it's been a busy day for the couple making stops at various landmarks and brianne carter is live with more from the royal couple's trip today. hi brianne. brianne: alison there's a bit of buzz here in the city. we had a woman come up to us saying did i miss them? in fact, yes within the last hour we saw here her royal highness walk out of these doors after visiting the shakespeare theater company and people lined those glass doors with cell phones in hand just trying to
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capture a picture. now, the royal couple began their day at the tidal basin visiting a number of those monuments there and then they headed to a bunch of other places throughout day today in d.c. it started with the lincoln and m.l.k. jr. memorials. prince charles and his wife were joined by jesse jackson and congressman john lewis and there was a stop at mount vernon there. after that, they split up their day. we saw her royal highness come here to the shakespeare theater company. we do know that she is a supporter of the arts. she took in a performance here with students as well as the cast here from s.p.c. we do know that after the performance, she took the time to shake the hand of every single performer. and many onlookers made sure to line those doors, as we said a number of area residents tried to get tickets today just to get a glimpse. >> well, i think it's a really big event to have royalty,
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british royalty. we have never met british royalty before. and i think it's important if they're here to participate. brianne: we also saw very similar thing down at the monument as well. people just lining up around them with cell phones in hand to try to get a glimpse. this is not the end. we know they have several other engagements scheduled for this evening. they'll head for the white house tomorrow. trip in the u.s. wraps up the following day in kentucky. roaring live brianne carter, abc 7 news. kimberly: a memorial service has been set for the missing virginia tech college student presumed to be dead. memorial for the 21-year-old will be held march 27th in glen allen, virginia. the senior disappeared while on a carnival cruise in the bahamas 10 days ago. officials believe he accidentally fell overboard. his family has established a scholarship in his name. alison: a baltimore ravens
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player is now facing d.u.i. charges. running back bernard pierce was arrested in towson overnight. police say they pulled pierce over for speeding just before 2:00 a.m. and he failed a field sobriety test. they say the 23-year-old was processed and released. pierce started for the ravens after ray rice was fired last year. kimberly: at least 19 people were killed in today's attacks at a museum in tunisia. investigators say gunmen opened fire at the national museum killing tourists and a cleaning woman and wounding several others. security forces later killed two gunmen. it's believed two or three accomplices are still on the run. the state department says no americans were hurt in that attack. alison: happening right now outside of phoenix police are searching for the gunman to killed one person and wounded five others in several lobbyings. -- locations. in mesa, arizona. joce sterman following the
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developments. joce: the situation is changing moment by moment. one person was killed much at least five other people hurt in the shooting spree but there could be others and police are warning people to stay inside after shootings in at least five different places. chopper footage over mesa shows police officers on the ground there hunting for the suspect they describe as a bald man in his 40's with a large tattoo around his neck. at this point, they think the shooter has been acting alone and they say this started with a shooting at a motel. three people shot there including someone who later died. victims, though have also been found at a nearby restaurant and in an apartment complex. suspect is not in custody at the moment. detectives say people living in that area should be concerned tonight. >> absolutely they should be concerned but right now, we do have an active search for him. we have located the last known area where he was seen and we have a tactical unit. as far as we know he is alone. we do have a carjacking situation, i think it was at the
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bistro where the second shooting occurred. that vehicle has been located. joce: at least one of the victims in this shooting is at a technical school. that's been put on lockdown. police will have a press conference on this shooting coming up and we'll keep you posted. joce sterman, abc 7 news. alison: police ina pan are investigating what they're calling phone calls to kill u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy. calls were reportedly made to the u.s. embassy in tokyo last month. it's reported the death threats came from a caller speaking english. blackmail may be a possible motive for those calls. some neighbors are left stunned by a bold crime. >> went through everything in her house. kimberly: ahead at 4:00 more on the burglary caught on camera and the surprising thing the suspects did after committing this crime. kimberly: and "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. it turns out buying items in
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bulk doesn't always mean better savings. which things you'll want to avoid. kevin: i'm kevin lewis in bethesda. coming up next how chris borland's early retirement from the nfl is helping a bethesda company get out its message about the need for sensors on
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alison: the subject of football and head injuries back in the national spotlight after chris borland announced he's retiring after one season due to concerns about head trauma. also increasing concerns, of course, about helmet safety for student athletes as well? kevin lewis has more. >> a rookie. kevin: 49ers linebacker's chris borland's sudden divorce from the nfl. >> to me it wasn't worth the risk. kevin: an example of safety trumping salary. >> the sport needs to focus on this serious issue. kevin: greg welcomed borland's unexpected announcement. after all, his bethesda based company develops football helmet sensors that track harsh hits. >> this helmet has experienced 55 impact and if the child were
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to take a big hit, turn on the red warning light. sarah's son gavin played lacrosse at chevy chase high school until a serious injury last year. >> it was a sandwich hit that they call it and the guys came in like a football hit and lifted up and separated his shoulder. kevin: back at brain century, a memorial wall recognizing 34 student athletes killed playing the sport they loved. >> this wall tells me there's a problem in the detection of impacts that can lead to catastrophic brain injury. and sensors have a role in fixing this problem. kevin: we did reach out to howard, montgomery and prince george's public schools seeing what they're doing to make contact sports safer. but all three school systems said no to an interview. in bethesda i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kimberly: donald trump is looking into a run for the white
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house in 2016. he announced an exploratory campaign committee today that will allow him to start raising money and hiring staff as he considers a bid for the presidency. trump said in a statement "our country is in serious trouble" and that he is the only one who is can make america truly great again. alison: thousands of dollars worth electronics and jewelry stolen in broad daylight. and take a look at this surveillance video. it catches two thieves looting the home for four hours? they look so at ease that neighbors say they thought they were simply people moving out of an apartment. and then when they were done, a hug between the two suspects before one of them drives off. the other pretends to work on his car for a while. police have not made any arrests. let's get a check of traffic. bob is standing by in the wtop traffic center. hi there. bob: hi there alison. on the inner loop, it's getting quite slow already from the dulles toll road and through bethesda and silver spring. no incidents along the way.
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it's just volume on this bright sunny day and 95 southbound headed to the occoquan slows down a little farther south as you head south of triangle. nothing unusual going on there. standard rush hour fare. we have some speeds to show you here on 395 south. it will take you a little while to get down to the pentagon to centreville as well. we're not in h.o.v. anymore but outer loop of the beltway, if you have a problem on 66 tail end there, broken down car accident on the right side before nutley on the westbound side. volume delays getting out to centreville beyond and thank you and traffic on the right side heavy and slow heading into silver spring. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. kimberly: time to take a look at the weather. looks so nice outside. doug: yesterday, 20 degrees warmer but at least it was sunny
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and bright out there. it's going to stay on the cool side for a while. by friday morning, rain and snow both a possibility. let's get into it. start with a beautiful live shot. this from the weather camera in chesapeake beach. you can see on the far eastern horizon, it's clear enough that you can see tillman island on the other side of the chesapeake bay. gorgeous weather and i think it will stay very pleasant. winds are kind of gusty out there gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour. everybody else north and west in the 30's and 40's. chilly afternoon compared to yesterday especially. plenty of cold air to the north and west. 45 in indianapolis. colder than average temperatures will dominate. what happens here when you have colder than average temperatures, see a storm? well, you start thinking what do we got? satellite gives a little hint. clouds will start moving in tomorrow. they'll be moving ahead in this storm system that's going to be developing just southeast of dallas and along the gulf coast. steve rudin will pick up the
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stories with the computer models are saying might be in store for us on friday. steve? steve: we need to stress this is just a computer model. it indicates we could be looking at another round of wintry weather across the mid atlantic. look at the futurecast we'll start it off with you tomorrow. absolutely no problems at all. we are going to see partly to mostly cloudy skies during the afternoon hours. as we move ahead, we are going to look for that moisture to overspread the mid atlantic by 7:00 in the morning on friday. keep in mind this is just in time for the rush hour commute especially north and west of d.c. we could be looking at snow mixing in with rain and the further south you go we could be looking at just all rain so not as many problems. best news of all is they move through friday afternoon into the evening hours all begins to rip down off to the north and east. our skies will begin to clear. that means a better weekend ahead. how much snow are we talking about? are we talking about? let's get the timing with doug. doug: mostly what we'll look at here is really the chance of
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snow the farther north you go from washington. mostly rain the farther south. the problem is going to be this big in between area. starting probably 2:00 in the morning or so friday and then continuing through the rush hour especially, i think the best opportunity for any snow through the metro area will be through the morning. 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. mostly rain to the south and more snow likely. as far as how much is possible? because of the surface temperatures, ground temperatures, air temperatures, we're thinking across this area the greater metro area maybe an inch on grassy areas. but the farther north and west you go by winchester and gaithersburg, maybe up to two inches. it will be farther north closer to the pennsylvania line and across the northern maryland area, could be three or four inches. we think most impacts will be in the farther north areas meaning most of the snow whatever falls will be mushy areas in the grass and roadways. could be issues in hagerstown and frederick and by the afternoon, as we showed -- steve showed you on the futurecast, we think enough warm air will be in, most of what's left over by
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friday afternoon will be old fashioned cold rain. in the short term it looks good tonight. clear and cold with diminishing winds. through the day tomorrow sun will increase. only hit 47. as we move through the next seven days there's an 80% probability of snow and/or rain as we get through the day on friday. the weekend clears out but still remains cool. reinforcing push of cold air sunday will keep us in the mid 40's. only 41 on monday. looks like more chances of rain this time around on tuesday. look through next week, even in the upper 40's. we'll have an average high of 60 before you know it and we're going to go with highs in the 40's. doesn't seem right, does it? alison: it's not fair! doug: spring will come one day. kimberly: you promise? doug: absolutely. alison: thank you. well still to come here, disturbing results in the investigation into a deadly shooting at naval station norfolk. ahead at 4:00 the security lapses that allowed that shooter to get on base.
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reporter: st. patrick's day has given rise to many traditions. people wear green, green beer and a lot of problems. as for police, they have a tradition of setting up d.u.i. checkpoints. i'm brad bell in annapolis. last night, police had a checkpoint set up here monitoring people leaving town. when a man ran through their barriers. there was a pursuit and this fiery crash. when we come back at 5:00 we'll have the full story including the exclusive video and you'll hear from the
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alison: a man is challenging officials after his social security number was given to himself. kimberly: now he wants a new number but the social security administration won't give him one. chris papst joins us with this story. chris: two people being issued the same social security number is so rare, the social security administration doesn't keep statistics on how often it happens. when it does happen it creates all sorts of problems. for 19 years, these two men shared a social security number. one is named kendrick williams jr., a native of d.c. the other is kendall williamson jr. of kilene texas. not only do they have very similar names, they also have the same birth date, march 21 1989. now, the error was first discovered when the two were 18 years old and applied for
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college loans. soon after, williamson got his number changed but williams' request to do the same was denied by the feds. now, he says he's having major issues with getting loans, building credit and having his tax returns withheld. >> i want a social security number. i want a new one. i want a new social. he had opportunity for a brand new start. i feel as though i should get the same opportunity. chris: coming up at 5:00 we'll tell you why the feds will not give williams a new number. also, we'll hear from the man in texas who did get a new job and get his take on this situation. chris papst, abc 7 news. kimberly: very interesting, thanks. growing concerns at colleges after incidents involving racism and vulgar e-mails at fraternities. how some of the fraternities at the center of the scandals are now taking action. horace: i'm horace holmes in district heights where a sink
4:27 pm
hole has opened up and swallowed a fire hydrant. wait until you hear how long ago this happened and why residents are hopping mad about it.
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kimberly: frustrations for neighbors in district heights dealing with a sink hole since january. alison: so far no permanent
4:30 pm
fix. horace holmes live in the neighborhood to show us how things look right now. horace? horace: well the problem is not necessarily the sink hole but what the sink hole swallowed up. take a look over there. that's a fire hydrant. took the fire hydrant right down. this is on district heights parkway in district heights, maryland. this happened way back in mid january, early january and residents say they need some answers. the sink hole is right in front of lee jones' district heights home. he's been complaining about it since it opened up. he said crews came and turned off the water from the fire hydrant and secured the area around the hole. neighbors say they have called repeatedly asking for this to be fixed but nothing has happened. >> when i came home from church i saw kids jumping up and down on these planks.
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what if a child falls through one of those planks. horace: so there's concern about these planks as he calls them that's covering the hole. there's concern about the fact that there's water in the hole and there's concern about the fact that this is a fire hydrant. there are other fire hydrants so we talked to wssc a little while ago, we've been going back and forth with them. they have an explanation for all of this and we will report it to you tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. reporting live in district heights, horace holmes, abc 7 news. kimberly: see you at 5:00, horace. police are investigating a deadly accident that killed a pedestrian on i-270 overnight. a man was hit by a tractor-trailer while walking in the southbound lane just after father hurley boulevard in germantown. the driver of the tractor-trailer did stop. police say the victim's s.u.v. was parked on the shoulder and smelled of alcohol. his name has not been released. alison: the weather is being blamed for a 50-car pile-up. look at that in canada.
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the crash happened about midnight on highway 401 in trenton two hours northeast of toronto. 40 tractor-trailers and several small vehicles collided because of the icy roads there. four people were treated. for nonlife threatening injuries. kimberly: wow i don't know if i've seen a pile-up like that. keep the coats handy, the cooler weather is sticking around for a bit longer. alison: just when we thought maybe it was over. doug hill is here with a look at the forecast. hey, doug. doug: we have bright sunshine with temperatures in the upper 40's to about 50. we added insult to injury here being chilly with strong winds. take a look at the wind gusts that we've had around the area. 24 combustgusts at reagan national. the skies remain mostly clear. cloudiness off to the west will increase tomorrow and then come overnight friday through friday morning's rush hour and through a good portion of the day friday. that area of moisture you see,
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east of dallas. developing along the north gulf coast, that's going to move in and give us a chance of rain and/or snow. again, overnight, early friday periods for snow. changing to rain later in the day. there could be accumulations especially north and west of the city. i think most of the rush hour will be just wet roadways but there could be some grassy area accumulations. we'll talk about those possibilities in detail and look ahead to the weekend when i join you in a couple of minutes. alison? alison: see you then doug. thank you. a navy investigation says security lapses at the main gate of naval station norfolk allowed an intruder to come on base and fatally shoot a sailor rather. petty officer second class mark mayo was shot and killed aboard the u.s.s. mayhem last march. the report says jeffrey savage drove on base without being asked for i.d. or his reason for being there. security at the gate also failed to warn others on base. navy security eventually shot and killed savage.
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kimberly: real estate heir robert durst is in a new prison tonight. the 71-year-old was transferred to a facility with a mental health unit because he is considered a suicide risk. he's in new orleans right now in custody on gun charges. he's set to be extradited to los angeles to face murder charges in a friend susan berman's death from 16 years ago. alison: penn state is taking action against a fraternity after its members posted inappropriate photos of women on line. kimberly: the act follows racist chants by a fraternity at the university of oklahoma and a vulgar e-mail from a frat member at the university of maryland. abc's karen traverse looks at the growing concern. karen: another fraternity in serious trouble. kappa delta ro fraternity at penn state has been suspended for a year. its members accused of posting pictures on line of nude women who didn't know they were being photographed. >> the images are disturbing. karen: some of the fraternity members are facing criminal
4:35 pm
charges in connection with the photos published on a secret facebook page. they show women apparently passed out or sleeping and others allegedly depicting drug sales from marijuana and cocaine to hazing rituals. the pages were accessible by invite only to current and former fraternity members. >> we know over 100 people were invited to this page privately. karen: it was a former brother who blew the whistle and went to police. >> he was able to still be active on the website facebook page. karen: this is the latest example of a frat under fire. last week, the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity was disbanded at the university of oklahoma. the school expelled two members accused of leading a racist chant in this viral video and at the university of maryland a member of the kappa sigma fraternity was suspended after being accused of sending a vulgar e-mail saying that black and asian women shouldn't be invited to rush parties unless
4:36 pm
they're hot and consent for sex is unnecessary. >> shouldn't be happening at a big university like this. karen: today, the sigma alpha epsilon announced a plan to combat racial intolerance and an extensive nationwide review of all its chapters after that oklahoma incident. karen traverse abc news, washington. alison: the search for the remaining crash victims of air asia flight 8501 has officially been called off. 56 bodies are still missing. main search was called off march 3rd. small scale efforts continued for two more weeks at the request of the victims' families. it's believed all 162 people on board that flight died when it crashed december 28th. and still to come here at 4:00 it's become a bit of a tradition during this time in office. president obama makes his picks for the ncaa basketball tournament. which teams he thinks will win it all. kimberly: "7 on your side" with
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a health alert for those with pets.
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kimberly: president obama took time out to do something really important. fill out his bracket for march madness. he says that kentucky will remain undefeated and take home the championship. a lot of people are predicting that. president obama admits he's been wrong the last couple of years. president obama: the fact of the matter is there's a sense of north carolina my first year in office i have not won the pool in any subsequent years. so the good news for all the teams that are out here the fact that i didn't pick you may mean good things for you. kimberly: the president says arizona, villanova and duke will make the final four. kind of some interesting choices there. alison: well you know, it's really an exciting time for american university's women's basketball team. tim has been talking about this for a while. and really exciting. they're preparing to head to the ncaa tournament themselves. tim: yeah, this is great. you guys filled out your brackets yet? now we're talking. it's really truly one of the great stories this season in all of college basketball. the american university women's basketball team is making its first ever trip to the big dance
4:41 pm
and the team is really excited to go. at american university where teaching history is nothing new, they can now add a new chapter to the curriculum. >> this is the first women's team to make it to the ncaa tournament. tim: the a.u. women are making their big dance debut. >> we're excited. tim: so today, a sendoff so many years in the making. >> this is something i've been waiting for personally for over 40 years because i played women's basketball for american university. yeah. tim: the team clinched a bid on saturday but it didn't really hit home until the official invite came monday night. >> we're going to iowa and playing in the ncaa tournament. >> i can't wait for them to experience what it's like to play against great opponents in a situation where you're on the national stage and you have to perform and you got to bring your best and i think they're ready. tim: on campus this american history course is quite popular. >> i think the whole school is
4:42 pm
excited. >> makes students more proud to go here and makes me excited to be alumni and able to come back and still support their teams. >> now we've done it phenomenal student athletes and great coaching staff. this is it. this is the start. tim: and american will play iowa. that will be out in iowa city. so american is really up against it. it's friday afternoon at 2:30. another look at the brackets and get a little bit bigger look at the men and keep moving towards march madness. it's great. kimberly: what do you think of the president's picks? tim: i think he's going to keep his consistency with what he's done the last few years. i'm glad he did it. alison: coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 we have a consumer alert for you. especially those of you who buy in bulk. you know it doesn't guarantee a cheaper bill. how to save money by going to a regular grocery store. >> ♪ go ♪ alison: sounds hard to believe. its been 50 years since "the sound of music" premiered.
4:43 pm
a look at some of the new revelations coming from a special airing tonight
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alison: sam's club costco and
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b.j.'s wholesale club are more popular than ever, of course as shoppers look for bargain biz buying in bulk but the consumer reporter john materise shows us some cases where your local grocery store might be cheaper so you don't waste your money. john: we've heard it over and over again. one of the best ways to save on groceries is to buy in bulk. with some things, bulk doesn't save as much as you think. shoppers love sam's and costco for buying staples like paper towels or detergent in bulk can save you hundreds per year. there are a number of things where you may not save money. among them, large cans of vegetables. small cans in supermarkets are often on sale and cheaper in those cases. cereal kiplinger's says the sale price at supermarkets is almost always less per ounce. vegetable oil. its shelf life is just six months. you need to fry a lot of food to make a gallon worth it and sunscreen, it loses
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effectiveness after a year. if you don't use it all, don't save it for next year. and from the doesn't that stink file, bulk items that go bad. unless you run a restaurant or school, most families have no need for huge bags of perishables. if it goes bad, you'll say doesn't that stink? even ketchup and other bulk items can go bad long before you use it all. even if you have a large family. you need a lot of something or know you can store the item for months, then bulk buying may be the way to go. if you don't need it or can't use it consider don't waste your money. alison: in "7 on your side" health matters, a new study appears to link pet food with some children's food allergies. the study was prompted by young boy in california who broke out in hives after his dog licked him. turns out the dog had been given a peanut flavored snack bone shortly before interacting with the child. the study found that the most common allergens in dog food
4:48 pm
were wheat, soy, eggs and fish. >> some of the fish flakes contained shrimp. some of the foods for chicken and rabbits contain wheat and peanut. you've got milk protein that's in some of the dog bones. kimberly: we've gotten so gourmet with our dog bones. check the label on any pet food and if needed switch to hype allergenic food for that pet. alison: facebook's messenger app has a new feature that allows friends to send money back and forth for free. the new service is geared towards casual payments. they began rolling out this new feature just yesterday. initially only to users in the u.s. it works inside the messenger app on android devices or iphone as well as in the chat experience on your computer. and mobile pay apps are becoming more and more popular. now there are concerns about if they can actually keep your money safe. one popular app is called venmo. it's owned by pay pal. and it added a feature that lets
4:49 pm
users know of any account changes. one user said it didn't work. a hacker cracked his password and stole $2,000. >> these issues that are happening, they really are more secure than a lot of other things. rs alison: the top complaint is it doesn't offer phone support. you have to contact the company through an on-line form. kimberly: it's super popular with millennials and so easy. no cash just boom. alison: too easy almost. can you believe it's been 50 years since the hill came alive with the sound of music? kimberly: abc is giving a special look back at the iconic film. >> ♪ i must have done something good ♪ kimberly: abc's diane sawyer accompanies julie andrews to
4:50 pm
austria and together, they embark on a journey of those hills. that house and people's other favorite thing about the movie, the music. andrews also shares her memories. >> went into the mountain and pulled by oxen. with a tarp over your head. >> i would sit on top of all the camera equipment and they would hoist me up and up we'd go. kimberly: isn't andrews as gorgeous as ever? the special the untold story airs tonight at 10:00 here on abc 7. alison: i know you'll be watching that. doug: get over what lady gaga did a few weeks ago. it was a beautiful tribute. i was blown away. alison: julie andrews seemed to be as well. that will be fun. remember last time we were talking about weather wise we look at the cameras and how looks can be deceiving. perfect example for you here. h.d. weather bug camera on the boardwalk at third street in ocean city maryland clear
4:51 pm
skies, gentle waves rolling on. beaches all manicured. only problem is it's only 40 degrees and it's windy enough it feels like 31. so listen we'll get there. we'll get warmer days. we'll get 70's and 80's and i will even guarantee you the time will come over the next few months where you ladies will sit here and say can't we do something about the heat? it's coming. but we're not there yet. in fact, we still got some winter weather to deal with. 51 at reagan national right now. 47 rather, at andrews air force base. the winds are still a feature. still gusting at 32 miles an hour at dulles. one of the highest gusts around. winds will lay down a little bit later on this evening and especially tonight. probably down from three to eight miles an hour. through the day tomorrow clouds will increase. that's a minor part of the story. major story is this storm center that's developing. it's going to develop and pull a lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico and head east and emerge
4:52 pm
off the north carolina coast. probably sometime friday evening but in the process it's going to pull moisture from the south and east. we'll be the recipients. big question is what kind of precipitation are we going to get? take a look at the close-up future cast here by noon tomorrow, still some sunshine. then the clouds on the horizon will move in and precipitation by 8:00 a.m. friday will be overspreading the metro area in the form of rain with snow in the colder area to the north and west. transition the time period ahead to noon where most of the rain is in d.c. north. mostly rain to the south. that's what we're expecting to happen here through the remainder of the day and maybe continue through the afternoon but then by early in the morning hours of saturday it's all history. and see clearing skies developing for the balance of the weekend. of course, that remains one big question. how much? and we think the best chance the more likely conditions for any sort of significant snow will be closer to the pennsylvania border. several inches mainly on grassy areas. can't rule out some impact on roadways up in this area. but most of the area i think we'll see an inch of snow. very wet snow on grassy areas.
4:53 pm
i don't think it will have any physical impact in the morning rush hours on friday but could have psychological impact and then south of the area mostly rain and that will be bad as it clears out for the weekend. i think i've done enough damage. let's take a look ahead to the next seven days. up to an 80% probability of rain and snow for friday, saturday and sunday clearing but still remaining chilly and i think it's going to stay chilly straight through this upcoming week, maybe the next two weeks chilly. i'll put a little super glue in my ear piece here. kimberly: quickly, doug impact on schools friday do you think? doug: the metro area i don't see a need for anything going on. we'll watch it closely just in case. it's warm enough ground that the metro area should be wet. alison: right. won't stick much. see what happens. thank you. and coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 new details in the case of an air force vet accused of trying to join isil. learn what happened in court. that's next.
4:54 pm
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alison: a former air force mechanic accused of trying to join the terror group isil pleaded not guilty. kimberly: the plea was made earlier today in a new york city federal courtroom. elizabeth hur reports. beth: tairod nathan webster pugh pleaded not guilty in brooklyn federal court. prosecutors accuse the 47-year-old of plotting to travel to syria to join isis. in a letter to his wife he allegedly wrote -- i am a sword against the oppressor. i will use the talent and skills given to me by allah to establish and defend the i says lamb i can -- islamic states. >> he did seem like a nice guy. elizabeth: the u.s. military vet was determined to become an enemy of the state. they claim 180 jihadi videos
4:58 pm
including isis execution videos were found on his computer. court documents indicate he had been on a long road to the dark side. the former u.s. air force mechanic left the military in 1990 after four years of service and converted to islam in 1998 becoming increasingly radical in his beliefs. he was even investigated though not charged when a co-worker said he expressed sympathy to usama bin laden. he was arrested while living in egypt allegedly trying to fly to turkey to get to syria. >> you have real cooperation between the turks and the egyptians and the united states to make sure he didn't get in the area. elizabeth: if convicted, he could spend up to 35 years in prison. leon: racist comments. >> this isn't the first time. leon: only on 7, a posting on
4:59 pm
social media sparks a firestorm at a local university. double trouble. a sink hole sitting ignored. inside it a now useless fire hydrant. how long neighborhood residents have been watching their step. and checkpoint trouble. >> looked up in the rearview mirror and saw a car coming fast. leon: the driver failed to stop at a local sobriety checkpoint and pays a fiery price. alison: after three incidents in just two weeks, 7 is on your side tonight trying to get answers about d.c. ambulance response times. leon: the latest incident came last night when a d.c. police officer had to be taken to the hospital in a patrol car after his fellow officers gave up waiting for an ambulance. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live in northeast tonight with more on the stories that you saw first here on 7. sam? sam: leon it seems that every day, there is a new issue involving slow ambulance response. the city's standard is eight minutes from dispatch to arrival. but here at fourth and rhode
5:00 pm
island northeast, the response was anything but that. engine 12 right across the street from the incident made it to the scene quickly and rendered care. but when a d.c. officer fell and was injured when pursuing a suspect, that ambulance never made it. the 911 center this afternoon put out a statement saying engine 12 was dispatched at 6:28 p.m. adding "the request for an ambulance was then made. at that time, no units were available for dispatch. after additional requests, m.p.d. made the decision to transport the officer in their cruiser to an area hospital after waiting approximately 20 minutes." granted, it was a minor injury -- >> has a right to expect that when 911 is called because of a medical emergency, that a transport vehicle, if necessary, with a paramedic on board shows up, shows up within a matter of minutes. sam: this is the latest in a growing list of ambulance failures in the last 10


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