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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: breaking news from new orleans, where a suspect with a machete was shot at the airport at the checkpoint. the police say the suspect 53-year-old richard white, used wasp spray on a tsa agent and
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attacked another with a machete. >> the officer fired three times, hitting the perpetrator once in the left chest the left facial area, and the left thigh. leon: a look at the scene from inside the airport posted on social media. white, a former taxi driver, was nonresponsive when he was taken to the hospital. stay with us and we will keep you updated. meantime, closer to them, bullets on a crowded metro bus. it started as a fight between two men in southeast. tonight they are oath in custody and the victim is recovering from a blue wound to her leg. roz plater has new information about the arrests. what is the latest? roz: metro transit police still working this. we don't know what prompted the fight. we know that it prompted an
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awful lot of tension on the bus as folks were trying to get home from work. metro transit police say that 22-year-old wade patterson is the man who opened fire on a crowded metro bus. investigators say it happened in rush hour on the pact 92 bus on good hope road in southeast d.c. a fight broke out between two men and things quickly escalated. one of them had a gun and fired a shot. a round struck a passenger in the leg, an innocent bystander. her injuries are described as non-life-threatening. both men had hand injuries taken to the hospital, then into custody. the please review the surveillance video and talked with witnesses. paterson faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon. off camera, a passenger said that in the confusion both men involved in the bus and into the neighborhood before the police tracked them down.
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within the hour we have learned the police have not yet recovered the gun, even though that they brought in a so-called gun dog trained to sniff out weapons. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: developing now, the police are out in full force after a series of violent attacks in the shell neighborhood. there was a string of robberies and a two bit robberies wednesday and thursday in the shaw neighborhood. two of them happened in the morning. if you have information d.c. police want to talk with u.s. soon as possible. a police chase ends in a deadly crash and the man killed had nothing to do with the crime or the suspect. we told you about the crash in temple hills last night. the identity of the victim has been released. richard reeve has the new details about what happened. richard, what is the story? richard leon,: leon, his name is charles. this is the yellow crime scene
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tape where he was fatally injured. he had nothing to do with a police chase, and he lost his life in the horrible accident. crime scene tape and a damage sidewalk, remnants of a horrible crash that took a lie. >> is just very sad and tragic. richard: on his linkedin webpage, the photo shows him relaxed and smiling. the gray manager for a defense contractor, he was well-liked in clinton. >> very nice guy, extremely nice. richard: jennings was among those who came to comfort his wife after the car crash and police pursuit. >> she is hurting and she just needs support. richard: it was about 8:30 p.m. when a pg county officer made a traffic stop on the 2600 block of branch avenue. the driver, larry henson, had an unregistered late and abruptly
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spat all. >> -- and he spat all. >> he struck the officer. richard: officers pursued him for about a half mile in what turned out to be a stolen suv stopping in the intersection, but the suspect cap going before smashing into the car, leaving him fatally injured. >> i was shocked. it's just something i cannot even imagine. richard: just so much sadness in that neighborhood. henson was already on probation for an armed carjacking charge. he faces assault and theft charges, and that family is in mourning tonight. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: just into the newsroom, a suspicious substance found in the white house letter was nothing but -- a test came back possibly positive for cyanide. tonight, a final test on the substance says it was saliva.
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it came from a heavy smoker, which makes sense because it contains small amounts of cyanide. it is not clear the sender will be facing charges. winter weather is on its way out , finally going to feel like spring this weekend. hopefully. steve rudin has the word on how warm it will get. steve: big changes on the way tomorrow. it is after that that we will have another down. outside right now 45 gaithersburg. southern maryland, lexington park 37 degrees. long gone, the snow and rain from earlier today. now we are looking at fog beginning to develop mainly north and west of the city where we have snow on the ground. this ability four miles in frederick, 2.5 miles hagerstown and martinsburg. inside the capital beltway, i do not see a lot of fog. the express forecast, the
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temperatures at 9:00 near 40 degrees, lots of sunshine at noon time, lower 50's. by 5:00, upper 50's near 60 degrees. talking about the cooldown on the way sunday. how long that will last, the details coming up. leon: a police offersicer is indicted on training to kill a man with his service weapon. he faces several charges. this is connected with an incident that happened in bowie. officer santiago is accused of putting his gun to a man's head in turning to kill him. the arrest of uva student martese johnson remains under investigation. cap officious -- campus officials met with student body today. the students did not like what they heard. >> black lives matter! leon: the students walked out saying officials are not answering their questions. they want to know why johnson
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ended up with a bloody head wound wednesday morning. they are not the other ones concerned about the officer's tactics. >> they are not appropriately trained, they don't have the appropriate protocols. and here's another example of them being overzealous in their enforcement. leon: johnson was at the forum but he did not speak tonight. state police are investigating. north carolina state university is temporarily banning alcohol at social events at fraternities after two chapters were suspended for stop one chapter is facing sex assault allegations. in another case, postings were found with racist comments. they say that the out the whole band is in response to those allegations and national issues. a series of racist online the lead a rally at american university. the post appeared on yik-yak. those posts are anonymous and only travel 1.5 miles away from
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their origin. students linked arms in a show of unity. a big celebration on the other campus in college park. the terps advancing in the big tournament, but the fans had to sweat it out. they win by just three points. tim brant, you expected this to come down to the last possession? tim: absolutely. thevalparaiso hit eight threes, but marilyn survives. melo trimble had a double double, dez wells had 14. a tough win, but mark turgeon will take it. >> is hard to win this time of year for stop really proud of my group. >> we just have to ignore the scouting reports and come ready to play.
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tim: 65-62 was the final for the maryland terrapins. they will play sunday against west virginia. west virginia will be tough. west virginia is very athletic and they will run the floor. they are very quick. leon: just as close, last possession? tim: absolutely, melo will have to have a great game. leon: the d.c. streetcar project, is it ready to roll after delays and safety concerns? a new review says yes. a study was conducted that found no safety problems. the association gave them a list of things to complete before launch, including operations and staff training. some still doubt the project will ever happen. there is a new perk for amazon prime users. you can get a delivery within an
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hour. there is a convenience fee of eight dollars. it is only available in baltimore, manhattan, and miami. >> we have opened a new operation. we are hiring 1000 full-time people. it's powered by those new operations in baltimore. we are offering one hour delivery on tens of thousands of daily essentials for prime members. if you are heading off to work and realize you are out of toothpaste, we can get that to you in an hour or less. leon: amazon plans to bring the service to other zip codes in the future. a consumer alert -- you may want to think twice before your next glass of wine. a class-action lawsuit claims that many inexpensive wines contain high levels of arsenic. the suit claims the winds claim up to -- contain up to five times the amount of arsenic. the wineries are disputing the claim.
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we have a link to each of the wineries mentioned the suit on our website, drink carefully. your next adult beverage may have more nutrition information for you. plus -- kevin: i'm live at nationals park, where some people are freaking out.
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leon: a 7 on your side health alert -- the largest out the whole company in the world is planning on adding calories. the first brand to be labeled as smirnov, followed by johnny walker and guinness. now that spring is here, baseball is on the minds of many folks. the groundskeepers at nationals park are scrambling because the
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winter wreaked havoc on the newly sodded field, and they're concerned it may not be ready for opening day. kevin lewis has the story. what is going on, kevin? kevin: marches to the major-league groundskeeper what april is to a tax accountant, a hectic month. this year is worse. the nats gave the field a major facelift, with a lot of snow and record low temps. >> another cold day. kevin: nats park, the head groundskeeper feeling foul. the nhl left a mark on nats park. >> once we had the winter classic, there was no way we were coming back. all the equipment, that was four weeks. kevin: they resodded the field
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with lush kentucky bluegrass within a cluster of snow. >> here we are two weeks away from the first game, and it's going to go like that. : kevinkevin: today's drizzle cap to the grounds crews from working. a tart blanketed the field. -- a tarp blanketed the field. monday, april 6, is the deadline. nats bersus the mets, first pitch at 4 p.m. >> it's a waiting game and we have to be patient and know that everything will eventually come around and work in our favor. kevin: as your week and is getting underway the grounds crew will be back here tomorrow morning, bright and early. i'm told that some of their shifts may run from 6:00 in the morning all the way until midnight.
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that is all to get the job done. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. leon: thanks, kevin. that sound that you heard was fingers crossing. they need some sunshine. steve: they do, and we have some coming the next six days or so. the temperatures, not so great. outside we go, mostly cloudy skies. northern montgomery county frederick county, looking at a little bit of fog. that will eventually ease through the late-night hours into the early morning. 39 degrees at the airport, the wind out of the north, northwest at 12. the high was only 45 degrees. the jackpot of snow totals was frostburg, maryland, six inches. 3.5 inches martinsburg gaithersburg about 1.5 inches, same in leesburg. in the district, just a trace amount. dulles 35, winchester 36 34 frederick, bwi-marshall 35.
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we may see a little bit of drizzle the next couple hours. not going to amount to a whole lot, nothing that will beep up on radar. the core of the system moves off to the north and east. in its place, the high pressure builds. the cold front late tomorrow night may bring showers. not going to amount to a whole lot. futurecast tomorrow morning heading off to the farmers market, no problems. a mixture of sun and clouds, the temperatures a little chilly, but lots of sunshine in the afternoon. then we have a cold front, a weak cold front moving through. that will bring clouds, may be a shower, but after that the temperatures will fall. sunday, only near 50 degrees for the daytime high. tomorrow come enjoy the sun, 59 partly cloudy, breezy. the wind out of the southwest at 10 to 15. the extended outlook shows 50 sunday. monday and tuesday, can you
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believe we are talking about temperatures back into the 40's? we stay that way tuesday, but wednesday, middle 50's. by thursday, lower 60's with a chance of showers. they need to dry things out and get the field in shape at nationals park. leon: we can dry off some brows people were sweating today. tim: no question, they were close. the mountaineers climbed the bracket. and the maryland terrapins win another close one.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: the maryland terrapins hang on to be valparaiso by 3. they will meet west virginia sunday. valpo was tough maryland new
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they would be. the terps showed great and hang on to win, 65-62. robert burton is there and he has more from the coach. robert: in march it is all about survival, and that is exactly what the terps did, they survived, avoiding the upset by 13th seed valparaiso, to advance to the next round. >> no game is easy. we watch the games yesterday. we knew this game was not going to be easy. >> this is a big win. it's a really big win. coach says the first game is always the hardest. it's good to get the win and survive. now we just have to keep playing. robert: we will hang out here a couple days and wait for the terps to take on west virginia sunday.
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in columbus, ohio, robert burton, abc 7 sports. tim: the terrapins will play west virginia. mountaineers beat buffalo. phillips hits the three ball game, set, match. now they have a date with maryland sunday. the virginia cavaliers had a tough time with belmont. you hear that, leon, belmont. but they had a nice game from justin anderson. they get past belmont, 79-67. the cavaliers play michigan state sunday for a right to go to the sweet 16. baseball fans, the nationals beat the astros, which does not mean a lot, but this was significant. bryce harper with his first home run of the spring, he went 1-2 max scherzer went five innings, struck out six. the l.a. dodger survived a huge scare this afternoon. kershaw with a broken bat liner
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that caught him on the jaw. hearts stopped in los angeles, i'm sure. he stayed in the game and he will be ok. and in the women's tournament george washington lost to can xanga, -- george washington lost to gonzaga and american also lost. that was a big win for maryland. survive and advance. leon: and look out for this, mr. t is getting a new tv show.
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leon: an innocent bystander shot during an altercation on a metro bus. also, march basketball mayhem, along with the weekend forecast. mr. t is getting a new tv show about home renovation. he will be starring in a new series titled "i pity the tool." mr. t will be helping people redo their kitchens. it is expected to premiere later this year.
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steve: the weekend is here daytime high tomorrow 60 degrees. a lot of sunshine to enjoy. a cold front late tomorrow night drops temperatures about 10 degrees. 50 degrees sunday, middle 40's monday upper 40's tuesday. middle 50's on wednesday. tomorrow come outdoor plans a little breezy, but near 60 degrees. leon: also some indoor plants the terps and hoyas. at is it for us tonight. jimmy kimmel live is next. have a great weekend.
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>> dicky: from austin, texas, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- willie nelson. colin hanks. and music from edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros. with cleto and the cletones. and now, i reckon, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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