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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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kimberly: a terrifying first-hand account. the moments that a police officer allegedly pointed a gun at a man. new efforts tonight to help a family of a teenager who died when he was run off to bwi parkway. and we are in the thick of march madness, live in the middle of it as the terps are battling it
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out right now with the mountaineers. the news at 11:00 starts now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: good evening, i'm kimberly suiters. a prince george's county man says he has lived his life in fear after a pg county officer pointed a gun at his head. jay korff has the story. certainly a disturbing account. jay: it is and the attorney for the alleged victim gave us a new development, a new look at this incident, including one of our reporters was able to look at cell phone video that the attorney says capture the incident. we were not permitted to record the video, but we looked at it. it shows the officer pointing the gun at william cunningham's head and then down his mouth. >> the officer took total
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control over whether i lived or died, whether i ever got to talk to my wife. jay: he said the emotional trauma of that day in may in his bowie neighborhood still haunts them. >> i don't sleep well at night. jay: sunday, the 36-year-old spoke publicly for the first time since the incident. he was walking home after being dropped off by a cousin. they say that the officer thought that the car that cunningham was in was pulled over a legally and ordered him back into the car. cunningham did not reply, and that is when officer santiago pointed his gun right at cunningham. >> the police officer reference to his service in iraq. jay: after the internal investigation, the police have
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handed over to prosecutors. >> this must be looked at not simply as an isolated incident, but is a systemic disease in the police force. jay: officer santiago faces a number of charges, including assault. he has been placed on leave without pay. repeated attempts to reach him and his attorney have not been successful. jay korff, abc 7 news. kimberly: virginia state police need your help finding this young boy. come take a look, this is five-year-old noah thomas, last seen in central virginia polaski county. he is considered to be in danger. if you have seen him, the police want to hear from you immediately. call 911. a woman is in jail tonight accused of fatally stabbing her own mother. her 94-year-old mother, margaret wells, was found dead inside of their chikllum home saturday
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morning. neighbors said they never heard the and argue. -- never heard them argue. >> we never saw any fighting or any arguments or anything like that. it's usually peaceful around here. kimberly: investigators have not said called 911. taking a live look outside right now, the temperatures are going to keep heading down. eileen whelan is joining us with the first look at the forecast. eileen: it was a little cooler today, but it will be getting colder overnight. in fact, i want to start with the temperatures that will likely be waking up with for monday morning.
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yes, 20's across the board the city may hold steady in the lower 30's, but nonetheless hopefully you have not put away the jacket because you will need them. at 11:00, we have fallen into the upper 30's in gaithersburg. 48 degrees downtown, 37 degrees hagerstown. still a bit of a breeze. it was breezy year earlier, but the wind is starting to lighten up. as the wind eventually goes calm the temperatures will really tumble, especially before daybreak. getting to the bus stop, getting through the day, a cold start. unseasonably cold temperatures through the day, 42 degrees at noon time. mid day mid-40's, unseasonably cool this time of year, and it will stay chilly monday and tuesday. milder temperatures midweek, could be nearing 70 degrees. we also have to talk about the rain chances returning. i will detail that from the
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belfort furniture weather center coming up. kimberly: the terps are slugging it out west west virginia in the round of 32. robert burton has been courtside. it looks like the terps have to stage a quick come back. robert: yeah the closing minutes, kimberly, and at last check, they are trailing 59-51 just under four minutes to go. i think the name of the game tonight is turnovers. also a big letdown, melo trimble , sitting on the bench with his head in the shoulders. they announce he would not return. his mother came down to the bench to see what was wrong. during a fastbreak, he fell to the floor and took a knee from his teammate. don't exactly know what the cause is, but we will let you know. meantime, i have to get back in here and see what's going to happen with this game.
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uva falls, georgetown false. it's not over until it's over so we will see what happens, kimberly. kimberly: we are watching it, and it looks like maryland has closed the lead to about one bucket. in college park, march madness in full swing as the terps keep fighting. rebecca cooper is there live. a huge crowd tonight. rebecca: big crowd, kimberly and excited and nervous. these are students, many of whom have never seen their team going to march madness games. this is a big one tonight whether they make it to the sweet 16. we talked to many of them about what it means to be a terps fan tonight. this is a popular sports bar in college park, within walking distance of the main campus. tonight it's packed, with fans excited to cheer on their team, win or lose.
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let's face it, everyone came here hoping for a win. >> i have them going all the way, so i hope they do. rebecca: maryland's successful march into the march tournament has been especially meaningful for seniors. >> this is the first time i've been at maryland that we have been kicking but. rebecca: there are also lifelong terrapin fans. >> my first memories of basketball is my family watching len bias. rebecca: this man jokingly refers to himself as a university of maryland senior. his son attended campus, and he says this is helpful in building morale. >> it brings everybody together for a common interest and goal, the success of the team and the university. rebecca: kimberly, the crowd is
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cheering for stop not only are they watching the game, but they are also watching abc 7 news. they are cheering for the basket made by maryland, and they are also excited to see that abc 7 is cheering to fear the turtle as well. reporting live in college park rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> let's go terps! kimberly: switching gears the police and glen burnie are looking for the person who shot and killed 19-year-old antoine coleman. he was found shot near southgate park last night at 9:00. he was taken to the hospital but later died. if you know anything, call the police. two more people have died from their injuries after a crash involving a police officer. two people, just 19 years old, died today at umd shock trauma
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after they were rear-ended on route 50. crash killed 63-year-old raymond batters. an off-duty tacoma police officer rear-ended them as they stopped for another accident off the road. friends and strangers are putting an to cover the funeral costs for terrence lagrew. the 19-year-old died friday morning in a crash on the bw parkway's chevrolet. he was out with friends when they were confronted by a group of armed men. they said that lagrue was trying to get away, when a vehicle rear-ended his, putting it off the road and causing a fire. the police are investigating. as you head out tomorrow, keep and i out for new speed cameras in the district. we have them all on this map all within 25 mile-per-hour speed zones. for the next 30 days, you will receive a warning citation. after that, d.c. police will start mailing the real deal.
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new york city's taxi industry wants to curb the growth of uber. a cap with limit the number of uber cars until they study its impact on the city. the ridesharing service has 14,000 vehicles in new york city. that is compared with 13,000 taxis, a number virtually unchanged in 80 years. unbelievable video tonight. a teenager comes within feet of running off a bridge. the police say that he hit a slick spot on the road, lost control, and careened into the snow bank sending him airborne, causing them to land on the guard rail. he was given a citation for failing to stay in his lane. the police do not think drugs or alcohol played a factor. a recall for no good reason? the problems one group says that nissan failed to fix.
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kimberly: the department of
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defense is working to keep american servicemembers save after a group linked with islil posted the names, pictures, and home addresses of more than 100 american military members. the message was "kill them where they are." the pentagon said most of the information was already available on social media. this week and marks 12 years since the start of the iraq war. in sterling, volunteers prepped care packages for those serving abroad, organized by a memorial foundation. >> i know this is exactly what my son would have wanted us to be doing. >> when you see a bag of fritos overseas, it's like everyone dives on it. kimberly: they have shipped
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15,000 packages overseas. today they added 338 more to the list. tomorrow, texas senator ted cruz is expected to make his announcement that he will run for the presidency. you will be the first high-profile candidate to formaly launch a bid. "the boston globe" posted in editorial column asking elizabeth worn to enter the race. "the globe" says her running is necessary to keep hillary clinton from running unopposed. clinton has not formally announced. 7 on your side with a consumer alert. in hts a has been look -- the national highway traffic safety administration has been looking into complaints that nissan failed to fix problems with
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front seat airbag seat sensors. if they do not work properly the airbags will not inflate. probe covers nearly one million vehicles recalled in the past two years. turning now to the weather. eileen, i cannot stop thinking about the terps. i want them to put us out, and i don't know if they are going to. eileen: well, i will let you watch the game and i will watch the temperatures. at the golf course -- she is already gone. oh, no, go back to the game. we had some thin clouds through the game. in great falls virginia, the golfers out there deciding, why not get on the green and get in a nice round of golf. it was a cool day, especially with the breeze. a high temperatures topped out at 56 at reagan national, 52
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baltimore. 54 dulles. it felt cooler especially if you were not in the sunshine, and with the breeze blowing it felt cooler. right now 44 dulles, 39 gaithersburg. pretty much everyone is going to have light wind through the early morning hours with the temperatures in the 20's and 30's. we have thin clouds moving and associated with the weather system off to the south. the high pressure moving in from the northwest will keep the moisture at bay. it will bring us cloudiness that you may be working up to tonight. tomorrow, not only do we have the cold start tomorrow, but the afternoon high temperatures will be much cooler. highs today in new england, only in the 20's. this air mass will continue sinking further south. subtract about 10 degrees from the high today, only in the mid 40's tomorrow. the main crux of the forecast going forward monday, a cold
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start. the cloudy 32 overnight in the city. the suburb temperatures are all in the 20's. improvement is on the way for the next seven days. 47 tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, 49 tuesday, a little steady. wednesday, close to 60. thursday, the models indicating we may get close to 70, showers, possibly an isolated thunderstorm and that will drop temperatures again friday into next week and, back into the 40's and lower 50's. so what's the forecast? kimberly: up-and-down roller coaster temperatures. right now we are going live to columbus ohio, where we find robert burton. robert, it looks like maryland may not make it to the sweet 16. robert: yeah, you are right
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kimberly, not looking too good. a couple of big injuries and turnovers.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the key to tonight's game against west virginia was surviving the full-court press. they did that well in the first half, but in the second half not as well. the terps go down 69-59, a total of 23 turnovers. senior dez wells had eight of those by himself. also, melo trimble left the game with a head injury. not exactly sure what happened, but he did on the fastbreak. he sat on the bench, put his head in a shoulders. his mom came down to the bench to see what was wrong. a tough night for the terps.
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virginia had trouble against michigan state, never recovering. michigan state with the 52-44 lead late in the game. tony bennett put things in perspective after the game. >> it just leaves that feeling that you wish you could have taken it further. but it does not take away when the dust settles what it was. we will give thanks for that but certainly learn from what took place. robert: duke just rolls over san diego state this afternoon. okafor was a beast, finishing with a season-high 26 po ints. duke advances. unfortunately, another home team goes down. georgetown could not get it done
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last night against utah. they lost 75-64. early on, they were on fire, making six three pointers in the first seven minutes of the game, but the hoyas fell in love with a jump shot a little too much. when the offense stalled coming utah took over, scorn from inside and outside. the utes outscore the is 62-31 in the final 30 minutes of the game. jt-3 had a special message for his team after the game. >> you lose a game, i don't think anybody played on going home tomorrow, tonight. so at this point right now there is no need to beat them up or analyze the game. the important message is to thank them for the work that they put in this year, because it was hard work and this group
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cared about each other, played for each other. i love them. robert: let's talk nba. the was earned struggled on the west coast against the kings. look at the ball movement. sacramento with the fastbreak. macklemore with the highflying dunks. washington loses 109-86. they are at golden state tomorrow night. d.c. united on the road tonight facing new york. united getting things going offensively. united drops this, 2-0. uva goes down, georgetown goes down tonight maryland goes down in columbus, ohio. so i guess the trip to the sweet 16 will have to wait. robert burton, abc 7 sports. kimberly: a lot of heartbreak on
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the hard court for the local fans. moving on, people in britain are burying the past. a funeral today that was 500 years
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kimberly: he died more than 500 years ago, and now britain's king richard iii is getting a
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royal burial. his remains traveled to the english countryside. the medieval monarch died in battle in 1485 and was buried in a money scary. his bones were just -- is he was buried in a monastery for stop his bones were discovered in a parking lot three years ago. ♪ ♪ ♪
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kimberly: now a check of the forecast. eileen: it will be called early tomorrow morning, so mixer that everyone is dressed appropriately. -- so make sure that everyone is dressed appropriately. wednesday is going to be nice right near 60 degrees. thursday, the warmest day. kimberly: we are not going to
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bed yet, so stay up another 30
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: the u.s. defense department is taking action after a so-called terrorist or minnline threat. reporter: names pictures, home addresses, more than 100 military personnel exposed online. the message? kill those we've listed. >> people can be inspired to kill the military in the united states. reporter: the group behind the list calls itself the islamic state hacking division and claims to represent isis. it


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