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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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"7 on your side" i-team investigator joce sterman is live in frederick with what she found. joce? joce: maureen, what we found is several local companies including two popular d.c. area restaurant groups thatlaim they were stiffed basically by this frederick company. they filed lawsuits here in frederick county circuit court saying they did the unthinkable. they had to pay their taxes twice after they say they paid this frederick company but the money never made it to the tax man. the frederick business owner russell lloyd got valuable lessons when starting his company in 2005. >> first advice i got from my father-in-law when i came to america. russell, he said if all else fails, pay your taxes. joce: he hired another company to do that for him or so he thought. until a letter from the maryland tax collector arrived. >> it was a letter saying we were in arrears for the payroll taxes. joce: $5,000 that never got paid by period payroll.
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the owner, he says, claimed he'd take care of it. when he didn't, he sued. he won a judgment against the business that is down the street from him. >> to come into this town and to play these kinds of games just doesn't work. it's too small. joce: but the "7 on your side" i-team found claims that period payroll owes dig money across the d.c. area. lawsuits filed by at least three other companies say period payroll and its owner, david richardson failed to pay more than $400,000 in taxes taken out of their payroll. we tried to talk to david richardson at period payroll but no one answered the door or the phone. same at his other business address and his house. >> nobody here either. joce: the company's website still up and running says payroll is nothing but trouble. russell found that out the hard way. >> we've not written off the money. but we certainly are not looking forward to receiving it because i doubt we'll ever receive it.
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joce: we got an e-mail that david richardson included to one of the companies that claims they were -- their taxes were never paid. it says he is fully and personally responsible and that he has no excuse for the errors he made on the deposits or his failure to promptly reconcile his errors with the i.r.s. but in other court records, mr. richardson denies any liability in these cases. he could have bigger trouble, though, as the companies we've spoken with say they plan to report this to the i.r.s. live in frederick, joce sterman, abc 7 news. maureen: thank you joce much the allegations against period payroll come two months after the owners of a bel air payroll company were indicted on similar charges. federal prosecutors accuse the accupay owners of taking $2 1/2 million that was supposed to pay federal and state taxes. trial in that case is pending. senator ted cruz is promising a conservative platform as he
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becomes the first major candidate to announce a 2016 run for the white house. >> repealing obamacare and abolishing the i.r.s. ain't all that tough. the power of the american people when we rise up and stand for liberty. maureen: cruz, a republican from texas told a rally at liberty university in lynchburg he would sign a repeal of the affordablere act on his first day as president. liberty university filed a suit against the law the same day president obama signed it. that lawsuit was eventually thrown out. new figures released today show the impact of the much debated health care law. overall, the uninsured rate for those too young for medicare has fallen. in 2010 16.3% of people in that group didn't have insurance. now that figure is 12.3%. that's about 10 million more people with insurance. but the cost of premiums has
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risen. right now, an employer based family plan costs about $3,000 more than it did five years ago. supporters of the law argue costs would have risen more without it. police in charlottesville say investigators could not find evidence a gang rape took place at a university of virginia fraternity. the allegation was detailed in a now discredited "rolling stone" article last year. today, police announced the suspension of the investigation. chief timothy longo cited discrepancies between the article and witness testimony and the accuser's refusal to cooperate. >> that doesn't mean that something terrible did not happen to jackie on the evening of september 28, 2012. we are just not able ther sufficient facts to conclude what that something may have been. maureen: "rolling stone" apologized for the story and today it said an independent review of its reporting will be
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published in a few weeks. maryland's new governor larry hogan has found common ground with the state's predominantly democratic congressional delegation. they both want the f.b.i. headquarters and its 11,000 workers to move to maryland. right now the general services administration is deciding between a springfield location and two spots in prince george's county. governor hogan said today, landing the new complex is the state's top legislative priority. the g.s.a. is expected to announce the winning site sometime next year. d.c. drivers have a new incentive to slow down. starting today, mobile speed cameras are active in six new locations police say drivers often speed. that includes two cameras on south capital street near nationals park. one in southeast. one in southwest. right now, the cameras are issuing only warnings. fines will begin in 30 days. a commuter alert in virginia.
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buses are now using the shoulder as a lane on parts of i-66 inside the beltway. in the pilot program, commuter buses can drive on the shoulder any time traffic is going at less than 35 miles an hour. it's hoped this will help commuter buses maintain their schedule and reduce congestion. ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 a search for answers in fairfax county. the new steps under way 18 months after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed man. reporter: high level meetings and big developments when the afghan president visits here at camp david. could u.s. troops stay longer in that country and in larger numbers? it's a real possibility. we'll talk about it coming up. doug: i'm doug hill in the belfort weather center. bright sunshine right now. take a look at the weather maps. a disturbance heading our way tomorrow morning could bring flurries to the area. look for clouds to increase tonight. flurry or snow shower. details and possible impacts
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straight ahead here on abc 7 news at 6:00.
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maureen: tonight, the obama administration is laying the groundwork for the post war u.s. relationship with afterghanistanafghanistan.
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the work is happening at camp david in maryland. scott thuman spent the day at camp david. he's there with where the talks stand. scott? scott: a critical day here at camp david. afghan's president asking for not only money that he got. there's a new program incentive based that will go their way but also in the form of something many people may see as even more important. u.s. troop presence. secretaries kerry and carter meeting with afghanistan's leaders today for quite a bit of time discussing those troop numbers. right now, they're about 10,000 troops in afghanistan scheduleed to go down to 5500 at the end of the year and then 1,000 by the time president obama leaves office. however, afghanistan's president not at all shy about asking for those numbers and those troops to stay longer and in bigger presence than previously
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schedule scheduled. vice president kerry: president obama is actively considering that request. that will be the focus of the discussions tomorrow and we intend to continue to work very closely on all of the parameters that were discussed here today, the finance, the economy, the reforms, the reconciliation. >> not going to get involved in any discussion of numbers. scott: so that will be taking place tomorrow during a conversation in the oval office between president ghani and president obama. as you hear, something that many people will find a very bitter pill to swallow is now a possibility some say a likelihood to some degree especially with the opportunistic isil taking up some territory in afghanistan and the re-energized taliban, lot to talk about and president ghani will be doing so when he addresses congress this week as well. reporting live from camp david,
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scott thuman abc 7 news. maureen: the pentagon are notifying service members whose names are on a hit list of a group with ties to the islamic state. home addresses of 100 personnel were posted on line. isil urged the followers to kill the service members and their families. the pentagon says the list was compiled using social media. in december the f.b.i. warned military personnel to scrub their account of personal information. join us tomorrow for a roundtable discussion on isil and the new terror threat. you can watch "the countdown" on our sister station on newschannel 8. it will be streamed live on next on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> the police involved shooting of john geer has sparked outrage. now a review panel. will it make any difference in
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fairfax county? i'm richard reeve. we'll examine that issue coming up. maureen: bracing for a blast of winter. when we can see snow flurries in our area and for how long? tim: the maryland men leave the big dance on a sour note and the maryland women try to pick up the beat against the unbeaten tigers and the washington nationals name their starter for opening day. anybody on that staff could be the starter. i'll talk about it as abc 7 ne
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maureen: a search for answers begins tonight in the police involved shooting death of an unarmed man in fairfax county. a fairfax police officer shot and killed john geer in august of 2013. it took more than a year and a legal battle for police to release the officer's name. richard reeve is live in fairfax where a new commission is preparing to meet for the first time. and richard, we're told john geer's best friend is going to be a part of this commission. richard: that's right. jeff stewart was among the witnesses who says they saw officer adam torres shoot john geer outside of his home. all that sparked a lot of public outrage. now, as you may recall, geer had
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been involved with a nonviolent domestic argument at his springfield town home back in that date. police begin a 50 minute round of negotiations but officer torres said he saw geer moved his arm and he opened fire. geer died of a chest wound. four other officers and two witnesses say they didn't see geer move at all. it would take a wrongful death lawsuit 17 months police 11,000 pages of information about that shooting, the incident report and, of course now the shooting is now under investigation by the u.s. justice department. now, tonight, this 34 member panel will be reviewing not only policies about shootings but also police transparency. what kind of information they're releasing and how long it's taking to release it. this panel has a deadline, they have to come up with some ideas this october. in fairfax, richard reeve, abc 7 news.
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maureen: thanks, richard. getting in and out of nationals park will be more time consuming this season. every major league baseball stadium will require its fans to go through metal detectors. this is one of several new security restrictions. and it also includes limits on bag sizes and ban on liquid. the only exception is one liter water bottles. fans, of course, are encouraged to get to the games an hour before the first pitch. we don't want to talk about the weather for the opening day. doug: a little bit early. maybe some snow flurries for the morning. we're full of surprises here. let's get started. a lot of ground to cover. looking live from a rooftop camera in rosslyn. beautiful late afternoon and early evening here in the nation's capital. that will be the story as we continue through the overnight. 50 degrees at reagan national airport and humidity levels pretty low based on the dew point temperature of 17 degrees. air is really dry. that will slowly change as the
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disturbance comes in from the north and west overnight. 40's across the board. average high this time of year 58 degrees. look at that. only in the 30's in pittsburgh. 30 in detroit and chicago. 20's and tens as you get to new england. here's the disturbance. drops five to 5 1/2 inches this morning. this will come through to our south and west tomorrow morning early and may bring a snow shower or flurry. we don't expect much more than that, unless you're in the mountain areas where they can scrub out several inches in the higher elevations. maybe a sprinkle or shower late morning and precipitation moves out. and then we'll keep our eyes to the south and west as we get through wednesday with a developing warm front and that will push through our area on thursday. wait until you see what thursday's weather is going to look like. the maximum possible snowfall from this little thing going through may be a 10th of an inch
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on grassy areas. that's the most. anything that falls will be farther north and west spes -- especially in the higher mountain areas. high of 47 degrees and then do a little better than that on the day on wednesday. as the warm front approaches, high of 54. as we work through the day and the warm front comes in it will bring quite a bit of cloudiness and chance of light rain or showers. early thursday morning, we should clear out and possibly hit 72 degrees for the afternoon then a cold front could bring showers or a first thunderstorm to the region late thursday. clearing skies friday and friday, saturday sunday monday, definitely a touchable cool side. bright and sunny all across the area. maureen and timmy? tim: did he use the four letter word? maureen: i don't believe so. tim: snow. maureen: yes very briefly, though. tim: exactly. let me talk baseball. forget the snow the nationals named their starter for opening day and the maryland women play unbeaten princeton in the ncaa while the maryland men try to
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figure out what the heck hit them last night. they got bounced from the big dance and we'll h
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tim: for baseball fans opening day two weeks from today and you can almost feel it. you can almost smell the grass. forget the snow. manager matt williams was named opening day starter today or
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named his opening day starter. he gets the honor. but this could have gone so many different ways. stewart and zimmerman is in his last year. scherzer is the only guy to win a cy young award on that staff. he's aggressive. and that's perfect for opening day. all right. this afternoon in florida, nats and yanks. bottom of the fourth we pick it up. ee ian desmond rips a frozen rope. doug fister will score easily. danny espinoza is on his horse and the nationals go on to beat new york 7-6. opening day, as i said two weeks from today. the number one topic around the water cooler today, the buzz on social media was the way maryland was man handled last night by west virginia. i mean it was bizarre. a bizarre ending for the great season. the terps did not match up with the mountaineers who came in with a plan to create chaos, be physical and force turnovers. west virginia did that. they forced 23 turnovers against
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maryland. melo trimble took a tremendous shot on a screen. when all said and done, dez wells wants everyone to know this maryland basketball season was special. >> we far exceeded anybody's expectations for us this year. and these guys they have heart. and determination, you know and willingness to work for us. i'm happy for those guys. i wish we could have gone further. tim: west virginia moves on to play number one ranked kentucky in the sweet 16. how do they match up? not very well. but you can take this to the bank. the mountaineers will still try to cause havoc with the wildcats. biggest difference is kentucky will throw it over the top and not have as many turnovers as maryland did. our play of the day comes from soccer. liverpool against manchester united. maria chips ahead and watch juan matta flips it backwards and drills the kick far corner. bingo, goal! saucy, spicy spine tackling
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soccer. our play of the day. and finally now hear this. the atlantic coast conference has five teams left in the sweet 16. notre dame louisville, n.c. state, carolina and duke. they're all still alive. now, virginia is the only team to be eliminated so the a.c.c. could become the very first conference ever to make as much as $30 million in one tournament. a lot of money. maureen: yes, it is. let's hear what you've got to say. doug: maybe some flurries in the morning. that's a six letter word maybe. that's it and then a little sun in the afternoon. no i gotcha. eileen whelan in tonight and she'll give you the latest on the possible impacts of snow showers or flurries in the morning and maybe some thunderstorm talk for thursday. maureen: ok. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. join us again at 11:00. have a good night.
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breaking news thisñ/monday, the fallout tonight after the explosive decision at a well-known university. police revealing their findings after the alleged attack seven men and a female student. it divided the school and made national headlines. off and running. the first major candidate announcing he's running for president. promising no abortion no gay marriage, no gun control, no irs. the deadly collapse. the scaffolding that gave way today in one american city. witnesses horrified. workers in a free fall. the beloved tv reporter a young mother who collapsed after her report. the sudden brain aneurism that took her life and our medical team and what you should know. and did pope francis perform a miracle? you'll see the moment after this kiss.


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