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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  March 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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minutes. why? they don't know. >> for the time being, we say it's an accident. there's nothing more than we can say. elizabeth: the airbus aircraft previously captured in this amateur video according to company officials passed its routine inspection just yesterday. they say the pilot was experienced so they don't know why there was no distress call from the cockpit. u.s. officials are still in the process of trying to determine if any americans were on board. and while they continue to closely monitor the situation, they think for now, they do not suspect terrorism. leon: the plane that went down is a type of jet that is known to have a good safety record. a boeing analysis found that it it.0.14 accidents towards 1,000 takeoffs. alison: back here at home tonight, we've been pushing for answers for weeks and now new information on issues regarding
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ambulance response times in the district. d.c. bureau chief sam ford has been following this story. he joins us live in southeast d.c. with this big announcement from mayor muriel bowser today. sam? sam: yes, alison. well, the mayor said that she is going to be putting more ambulances on d.c. streets and it's not that people don't get care. these engine companies go quickly to the scene. problem is the holdup is getting transport there quickly enough. and to transport the patients. in a breakfast meeting with council members today, mayor bowser said she's increasing the number of ambulances on d.c. streets by 25%. that's from 39 units to 49. her deputy said they're paying overtime to current staffers to maintain the highest level between 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. there has been a higher demand for ambulances and the city will
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use more of its reserve units. >> we have more than 100 ambulances and we have half of them available for use so our long term plan and commitment to getting those vehicles operational is very important to our overall response. sam: and the mayor says that her administration has done a top to bottom a top down review of some of the problems that they have had in recent weeks. and they're trying to fix them at least on a temporary basis as they wait for the new fire chief to take over in may. and we'll have more on all of this coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. reporting live from southeast washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. leon: new developments in the latest scandal involving the secret service. video has been released showing two agents driving through a secured area and then tapping a temporary barrier earlier this month. the agents are accused of drinking before this incident. this all happened as officers and agents investigated a
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suspicious item that was thrown near the white house. the director of the secret service talked about the incident with lawmakers today on capitol hill and things got a bit heated as maryland congressman elijah cummings demanded changes within the agency. >> we're better than that! in some kind of way we have to take advantage of this transformative moment. if we don't, it can only get worse. leon: abc 7's stephen tschida is on this investigation for us. look for his live report tonight at 5:00. alison: the rugby club team at the university of mary washington has been suspended for actions off the field. leon: this involves an offensive chant captured on videotape at an off campus party. brianne carter has reaction for us. what are you hearing, brianne? brianne: some people here on campus knew about this. others did not. now, we listened to that audio recording and because of the graphic nature decided not to air it. now, in this statement from the
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university president to students, the audio recording is described in words such as "offensesive" and "sexually explicit." now, university officials say that the blurred lyrics as they're being called spread through social media but they say they originally learned about it and when first made aware of it late last semester. immediate action was taken. the rugby club was charged with violating the university's code of conduct. now, the club was later sanctioned by the school. according to officials, the rugby club appealed the sanctions and that appeal process wrapped up late last week. now, the team's activities are suspended indefinitely and each member is required to attend training on sexual assault and violence. >> that's the way we looked at it is it's a team. and, you know, that everybody is in this together when they, you know win or lose. and we really didn't have any means by which to determine the individuals involved. but it was clearly a rugby chant.
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brianne: now, coming up here on abc 7 news at 5:00 what students across the campus are saying about all of this and what one organization hopes comes out of all of this as well. reporting live in fredricksburg, brianne carter abc 7 news. alison: meanwhile, a university of virginia fraternity is exploring a possible lawsuit. this comes after charlottesville police announced yesterday they found no evidence a student was raped at the phi kappa psi house as alleged in that "rolling stone" article. in it a girl claimed she was raped by seven men at a party thrown by that fraternity. phi kappa psi asked "rolling stone" for a full retraction. also at u.v.a. this afternoon, the board of visitors is expected to vote this week on a possible tuition hike. it's in response to a projected $30 million increase in cost to the next school year. proposal includes a more than 3% increase in tuition for both in and out of state undergrads and tuition for graduate students
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could go up 2% to 6%. leon: turning to the weather, cooler conditions continue outside today. alison: that's right. meteorologist eileen whelan in the stormwatch weather center with whether or not we'll need the umbrella today. hi eileen. eileen: hi i think tomorrow morning, some of you may want to bring the umbrella especially southwest. you can see some of the showers through southern illinois and indiana and it will continue pushing north and eastward over the next several hours. but nonetheless, temperatures are definitely on the cool side. look at our live shot from rooftop camera. 47 degrees and some mostly cloudy skies. i've been looking out the window and see a few peeks of some sunshine. farther northeast into baltimore, 39 degrees. 50 degrees farther southwest in culpepper. well below our average of 58 this time of year. so overnight tonight, mostly cloudy. i think a few showers possible by dawn. so it probably doesn't hurt to bring the umbrella early tomorrow morning but shouldn't cause too many impacts to your
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wednesday morning commute. then big changes thursday as highs climb into the 70's. oh it's going to feel so nice! but with the warmup also comes the threat for some spring storms and coming up in just a few minutes, i'll detail when the likliest chance of seeing those storms is. alison? alison: see you then. thank you. meanwhile, relief is on the way for drivers traveling through the district because tomorrow mayor muriel bowser will launch this year's pothole palooza campaign to repair roads damaged by the storm. over the past two weeks, ddot has filled nearly 7300 potholes in the city. leon: construction crews caused quite a mess this afternoon in the district. this is at second street and massachusetts avenue northwest. officials say this geyser began spewing water when the contractor struck a water main in the third street tunnel. d.c. water quickly responded and the water was turned off and the road was reopened. alison: the secret service is expected to follow up after someone called in a threat
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against president obama's niece. leslie robinson plays for princeton's women's basketball team. the university of maryland's athletic director received an eight minute voicemail just before their game in college park last night. the caller claimed there was a gunman on campus possibly targeting robinson. local police later determined that the threat was "unsubstantiated." >> incredibly disappointing. first question you get being 31-1 in the ncaa tournament is about a freak. college park police i'm sure have that under control. leslie is safe. alison: the game took place without incident. princeton lost to the lady terps and the score was 80-70. leon: president obama met with afghanistan's president today at the white house. his meeting come as the u.s. finalized their plans to slow down withdrawal from that country. senior political reporter scott thuman is live in the newsroom with more on activities there at the white house. scott? scott: we're talking about some huge developments today. remember, the plan was to cut
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the roughly 10,000 u.s. troops on the ground in half by the end of this year. now, that is not going to happen. president obama today has decided to change course and going to keep the current troop levels in place through the year 2015. this announcement coming as president obama held a joint press conference with afghanistan's president ghani. he came to d.c. specifically hoping to get president obama to slow the draw down. now, this is a significant change in plans even though the president says it won't alter the goal of getting all but about 1,000 troops out of the country by the end of the year 2016. >> this will mean that there are going to be some of our folks who are in afghanistan under the new schedule who would have been home. but it is important to keep in perspective first of all, that we've gone down from 1,000 down to 110,000. that they are not on the front lines because they're not in a
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combat role. scott: the fear of president obama explained if we don't leave behind a stable afghanistan, there's a chance that we have to go back. some are facing right now in iraq. so is this the right choice? does it make us safer as a whole? we are going to explore those questions, have answers for you and talk about new concerns in other parts of the world where u.s. special forces are actually backing out as we speak because it's gotten too dangerous. that story in tonight's town hall. it is live at 7:00 on newschannel 8 called "the new terror threat the countdown." it will be streaming on line as well. we hope you will join us members of congress and a panel of experts will be here so the day is very important topic. live in the newsroom scott thuman abc 7 news. alison: ok see you shortly. thank you. meanwhile, we have a heads-up for pepco customers today. the company says there's an error on some bills and it's impacting about 650 customers. due to this error, pepco is holding back bills or issuing partial bills to ensure
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customers don't get the wrong information. public service commission of d.c. has been notified and looking into the matter. leon: getting rid of a nuisance. ahead at 4:00, how you can weigh in on a plan to chase away geese on parts of the national mall. alison: wild scene near philadelphia. look at this school bus right into a house. what students say the driver did moments before the crash. horace: and i'm horace holmes. a local motorist said one of these construction barrels nearly cost her her life and she was driving down there on 395 just about to head into the third street tunnel. what happened? we'll tell you coming up next on abc 7 news.
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leon: scary morning for some students near philadelphia. take a look at this. a school bus slammed right into a house. students on board that bus told police that right before the crash, the 58-year-old driver started hyperventilating and then hit the gas pedal. he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. the students on the bus are ok and the three people inside the home it turns out were not hurt. alison: wow. one woman was left really shaken up after a barely came off a bridge right over 395 and damaged her car as she drove on the street below.
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she doesn't think this is an accident. leon: horace holmes spoke with that driver and he's live in northwest with her story. horace? horace: well she said it happened so fast she was driving down there when suddenly something came falling out of the sky and crashed right through her windshield. she says she was driving home from work on 395 around 8:30 sunday night. she had just passed under the overpass just before entering the third street tunnel when all of a sudden she looked up and saw one of these orange and white construction barrels crash on the hood of her car and then bounce in the air. >> it wasn't nothing in the street so i know i didn't hit it. it came from the sky because of the way that it landed in the window. it came head on. so i know somebody had to drop it over or it must have flew over. horace: well there's lots of construction here on 395 and you can see these orange and white barrels are just about
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everywhere but were there any barrels up here on this overpass. we'll talk about that coming up at 5:00 and hear what police have to say. and you'll hear more from temecular daniels. she talked about that accident. reporting live in northwest, horace holmes abc 7 news. alison: see you then. some lanes of rock creek parkway are still closed between m and p streets in northwest washington. overnight, chunks of rock fell on to the parkway from a bridge that is crumbling. structural engineers are still assessing the damage but some runners that we talked to say they've been concerned about this bridge for a while now. >> i've never seen pieces come down. >> that's terrible. alison: ddot said two lanes will be maintained until 6:30 and then after rush hour that will go down to one lane until everything is fixed. the bridge is on a list to be rehabilitated later this year. leon: timing is everything. we want to welcome now a new
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member to the abc 7 team. alison: that's right. we're excited to introduce you to jamie sullivan our new traffic reporter and she's here now with a look at the roads. hi jamie, welcome. jamie: thank you so much. good thing is i don't have many big problems for you this afternoon. i want to begin taking a look at what we do have. definitely a few spots that we're seeing some of that red but pretty typical as far as the afternoon traffic. we zoom in though i want to talk about something that we did actually just talk about and that is mainly in the d.c. area with rock creek parkway being closed. it has reopened. you have some lanes blocked. really want to be careful. take a look at the overview slowest spot we're seeing right now will be on the beltway in both directions right near chain bridge road. we have some slowing once you get out of let's say, montgomery county near bethesda working your way a little bit closer in towards virginia. we're ok 25 miles per hour. take a live look to show you what we've got as far as volume. it's been in both directions you can see near seven locks roads this is the beltway.
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no big crashes to report this afternoon. just some slowing. back to you guys. leon: good deal thank you jamie. alison: thank you very much. nice to have you as part of our team and nice to have eileen here with us today. we have an interesting change coming ahead of us. eileen: this warm front we keep talking about because we're all focused on the 70's come thursday. but it's going to bring us a little bit of some moisture come tomorrow morning. i don't think it's going to be a big deal. but as of right now, we are starting to see some of the clouds beginning to move in. let's get you started with one of our weather bug cameras at st. vincent high school in laurel and you can see some of that filtered sunshine but today, one of those cool days. coolest days of the week. it's only 39 degrees at b.w.i. marshall. 47 at reagan. 46 degrees in manassas and remember, our average high this time of year is 58 degrees so well below that. so here are those clouds that you can see. the showers off to the west associated with this warm front starting to move through southern illinois indiana and ohio and i think some of these
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might be pushing into the metro area by dawn tomorrow. so your morning commute may be a little bit wet but look at how light the precipitation is. it's thursday that we tap into the really warm air off to the south. but overnight tonight, temperatures will fall from the 40's now into the middle 30's. you'll likely wake up to maybe a few sprinkles. otherwise, just cloudy conditions. highs tomorrow a bit milder than today but still below average. only about 50 degrees and relatively light wind. and then thursday, when that warm front lifts to our north we climb to 70 degrees so a 20-degree difference just in this span of 24 hours. but late in the day on thursday a cold front slides through. that will bring a chance for some showers. even a few spring storms. and it may coincide with the evening commute so the stormwatch weather team will be watching that for you and looking into friday we dry off but also cool down into the upper 50's. saturday and sunday look dry. however, it will be on the cool side saturday highs only in the middle 40's. and by sunday only around 50
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degrees. so the ups and downs of spring continue. leon? leon: all right, thanks, eileen. the national park service wants your input on how to chase away the geese from parts of the national mall. the agency says that big plots of geese have excessive amounts of droppings and that can damage the pipes in the reflecting pool and create a health hazard as well. they want to use border collies to chase away the geese to other parts of the park. alison: coming up here on abc 7 news at 4:00 you might have noticed a larger police presence on the streets of arlington. we'll explain the crackdown. it's designed to keep commuters safe. >> hello! leon: you have got to see this. a fire rescue from the perspective of the police officer right in the middle of it. see what else is captured on his body camera. reporter: this is critical television. we are gearing up for a diabetes alert day here at the abc "7 on
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your side" help center. standing by to answer your calls. we've got experts from across our area. stay with us.
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alison: nearly 30 million americans have diabetes. but eight million of them don't know they have it. well, today is diabetes alert day and our jennifer donelan is live in the abc 7 help center with more on the symptoms to
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look for and also how one young girl found out she has diabetes. hey, jen. jeanette: hi alison. there really is no age discrimination with this disease. shenandoah wynn was on a family trip when she suddenly became ill. at the time she was only 7 years old. when shenandoah wynn was dying nieced with diabetes her stomach hurt and she became nauseous. >> i started feeling really off. jennifer: in the four years since, she's learned how to manage her diabetes. >> i have to check any blood sugar 10 or 15 times and i get a shot about eight times, seven times a day. jennifer: it's especially important for the competitive swimmer at practice. >> i'll feel real shaky sometimes. and i'll get out of the water and test my blood. jennifer: though diabetes can run in families, that wasn't the case for shenandoah. >> the rest of my family doesn't
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have it. it's only me. jennifer: as you can see, this disease knows no barrier. so this phone bank that we're setting up here and the phone lines will open up in 30 minutes is critical. other common symptoms that we should be looking for when you're talking about diabetes, feeling very thirsty and urinating frequently. american diabetes association has this test to take to determine whether or not you're at risk. i took it about two hours ago and i'm a five out of 10. that was eye opening for me. so you can go on line and you can go to and we'll lead you to that on-line test that you can take to find out your own risk. we'll be back. again, the phone lines open at 5:00. leon: you got it, jen. still ahead here at 4:00 -- reporter: police are increasing patrols here along a popular d.c. trail after four people are robbed by a man armed with a knife. coming up find out what that suspect was after.
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reporter: thee bring tourists to washington, d.c. who spend money during their time here. critics say not enough is being done to help the motor coach industry find legal places to park at this busy time of here. i'm suzanne kennedy.
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leon: robbers are target a
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popular bike trail in northeast washington. four robberies took place on or near the metropolitan branch trail over the weekend. diane cho spoke with one of the victims and she's live in northeast with the story. diane? diane: leon the victim told us she was jogging along the trail here near edgewood and h street northeast on sunday when someone came up to her with a knife demanding everything she had so she immediately handed over her cell phone and that's when she says he then asked for her password so he could unlock it. now, d.c. police say they are looking into four similar cases that they believe could be related. and in each one, the suspect demands a victim's cell phone or money, according to police reports here. somewhere along the metropolitan branch trail or near it as you said. in one case a woman told us she was walking with her young daughter when she was robbed by a man with a knife. and in one case the victim told police that there could have
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been two suspects involved. now, d.c. police have increased patrols here along the trail in light of what's happened. of course, we'll have more on the story tonight coming up at 5:00. leon, back to you. leon: thank you, diane. alison: let's turn now to the weather. another day of cooler temperatures out there. but changes are ahead in the next few days. leon: meteorologist eileen whelan here with a look at that for us. how is it looking? eileen: right now, it's looking kind of cloudy and kind of cool. how does 70 sound? i know we've been emphasizing that part of the forecast and the 70's will arrive by thursday. right now we are watching this weather system to the south bringing a few scattered showers and they may arrive early tomorrow morning. but it is cool. our average high is 58. so we are 10 to 15 degrees below that. quite a temperature spread from baltimore at 39 degrees down to the southwest in luray where it's 52. so we are under the influence of a good bit of cloudiness. peeks of sun here there and. that's the system moving in our
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direction. i think that that may greet us by early tomorrow morning. let me quickly show you our futurecast. started it at 10:00 and goes through 7:00 a.m. and notice by early tomorrow morning some of that patchy green indicating some rain. i think mainly southwest out of the d.c. metro. why not bring the umbrella? you can probably use it and also to the south of luray where you see that pink temperatures as we get closer to the mountains and the valleys and higher elevations where it's close to 32 degrees may have some freezing rain but nothing that i think should impact the commute too much. and then the clouds stick with us through the day tomorrow as we get to about 50 degrees. and then 20 degrees warmer for the day on thursday. but also a threat for some storms. and we'll talk more about the timing of those storms coming up in just a few minute. alison? alison: see you then, eileen. thank you. police in arlington are working to keep the roads safer for drivers, for pedestrians and for cyclists. they're targeting busy intersections in rosslyn,
4:32 pm
courthouse and also along columbia pike. jeanette reyes explains what police are looking for. >> 10, nine, eight. jeanette: it's one of those times when seconds can feel like hours. ideally, you wait for your turn to cross the street and drivers give pedestrians the right-of-way. she says that's rarely the case at the columbia pike and dimwitty street intersection in arlington. >> i worry about her crossing the street. jeanette: arlington county police say jaywalking pedestrians and distracted drivers are mostly to blame for the roughly 90 pedestrian-involved fatalities a year in the metro area. that's why they're out in full force today to educate people through literature and sometimes a citation or a ticket. officers will focus on the rosslyn, columbia pike and courthouse areas. >> and 99 times out of 100 the person that is struck by a vehicle is not going to win and could cost you your life over something that is just an easy
4:33 pm
behavioral change. it's not worth it. jeanette: it's simple. if you're driving, be aware of your surroundings and get off your phone. and if you're a pedestrian, avoid jaywalking and probably a good idea to take off those headphones. >> i'm just hoping that they can do something about, you know the danger of this busy road. jeanette: reporting in arlington, jeanette reyes abc 7 news. leon: the federal highway administration is kicking off national work zone awareness week. this year's theme is expect the unexpected. state and federal officials teamed up for a ceremony at the washington boulevard bridge over the columbia pike in arlington. they were joined by workers and families affected by work zone clashes including the widow of carlos keen a vdot worker killed in 2012. >> i would like to ask everybody to watch these workers on that road because they're just doing their job. they have a family at home that wants to see them come home. and our lives will never be the same.
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leon: in 2013 the most recent data year there were 579 fatalities. alison: there was a milestone for t.s.a.'s precheck application program. more than one million travelers have now enrolled. t.s.a.'s precheck launched in october of 2011. it allows low risk travelers to leave on their shoes, their light outer wear and other items in select screening lanes. leon: the start of the spring season has a lot of people springing to their feet to travel and do other things. alison: the motivation to move could result in some serious injuries. frank frabona shows us why living well could begin with your feet. reporter: spring has sprung. motivating folks to get moving but doctors say stepping out after a long winter can lead to serious injuries. >> we see stress fractures of the metatarsals and a lot of heel pain. reporter: dr. greg costanzo is a
4:35 pm
podiatrist at appalachian foot associates. this time of year it's common to see a variety of injuries to their feet. >> they start an exercise program without proper preexercise stretching. and that's what causes injuries. reporter: the human foot has 42 muscles. 26 bones. 33 joints. at least 50 ligaments and tendons all working together to handle hundreds of tons of force. your weight in motion every day. the doctor says with help of computerized technology -- >> it's a kinetic chain and it all starts with the basic function. reporter: they can often identify the source of pain. >> the easiest way to determine that is to analyze the date pattern that the patient has. diagnosis often begins with a gait scan. >> perfect. reporter: stepping on to a device that captures an image of your feet. helping to identify potential problems. >> is this foot functioning optimally? does it need some assistance or
4:36 pm
an ortotic device or a good shoe? reporter: doctors say healthy feet are the foundation to living well. >> if your foundation is off, nothing else up above is in line. alison: a stunning announcement from angelina jolie. coming up at 4:00 today, details on her latest surgery and why she chose to have it. >> ok! leon: a police officer there talking about the harrowing moments as he rescued a child out of a burning home. look at the rescue caught on h
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leon: an oregon father is behind bars after he was caught on camera blowing marijuana smoke into his infant's mouth. someone turned the video over to them and it allegedly shows the 22-year-old smoking pot from a pipe and then blowing it into his 1-year-old child's mouth. police say he has since admitted to the whole thing and he now faces several felony charges. alison: we are getting a first person perspective of the rescue of a child from a burning home in georgia. leon: this is really gripping stuff. a police officer captured this
4:40 pm
rescue on his body camera. mike talked with him about these frightening moments. >> and my grandbaby. >> where is your grandbaby? >> bedroom. mike: as soon as sergeant joe hudson realized that the child was in the house, he ran right in. >> i looked straight back out there and my thoughts were to find the trial for a second i got scared that i couldn't find the child. mike: the 14-year veteran, police officer and father of three struggles to breathe. >> hello? looking for a baby! mike: he searches but can't find the child. >> i got frantic at one point. >> is there a little baby in here? mike: hudson grabs random clothes in the house to cover his mouth. for a few seconds, they block the camera.
4:41 pm
then he finds the child in a back bedroom. it takes him minutes to find ray-ray and he brings him outside as firefighters are just arriving. >> ray-ray. mike: for the next several minutes, hudson coughs. and holds on tight to ray-ray until paramedics arrive. >> gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek, you know that made me feel good. makes it all worth it doing my job when you have something like this happen. so much negativity out here. felt good that day. i felt good when i went home. mike: humbled to the end hudson didn't want to tell his wife what happened. once ray-ray was safe it was on to the next call. leon: how about that? alison: it's nice you can actually see a happy resolution like that you know and see the people involved. leon: there's so much negativity out there.
4:42 pm
nice to have a story that ends like that. coming up next here on abc 7 news at 4:00 it pays to babysit in d.c., folks. results of a new study for the most expensive markets for babysiters. alison: little league star monet davis, do you remember her? she's a class act off the field, too. surprising response to a c ♪ ♪ ♪
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alison: little league series pitcher monet davis is stepping off the mound and teaching a lesson in compassion. the 13-year-old is speaking out and forgiving college baseball player joey castleberry. he was just kicked off bloomsberg university's team over the weekend after posting an offensive tweet about davis. davis sent the school a letter and asked that castleberry be reinstated. >> because everyone makes mistakes. i know anything he would do just to take that one tweet back and how hard -- i know how hard he's worked so i mean by not giving a second chance. alison: bloomsberg university is praising her for her maturity but tells abc news it is standing firm on their decision.
4:46 pm
leon: girl has a big heart. speaking of body parts, it's been two years since angelina jolie had a double mastectomy reducing her risk of breast cancer. today, the oscar winner revealed another medical surprise. here's abc's kayna witworth. reporter: as only angelina jolie can, she wrote about the stifling clarity to go under the knife again. you know what you live for and what matters. it's polarizing and it's peaceful. an advocate of genetic testing, she wrote in "the new york times" a recent blood test found a potential sign of ovarian cancer, also the cancer that killed her mother. it was a difficult and deeply personal decision. jolie said she broke down while meeting with the same surgeon who treated her mother. but the procedure to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes was a success. >> we don't have consensus about when this surgery should be done. we hear at the age of 35. we hear 40. obviously, it has to be done at the end of childbearing because it does place a woman into immediate menopause. reporter: i will not be able to
4:47 pm
have anymore children and i expect some physical changes. but i feel at ease with whatever will come jolie says. acknowledging that some things are still out of her hands, jolie wrote "the fact is i remain prone to cancer" adding "i know my children will never have to say, my mom died of ovarian cancer." dr. ashton said the average woman has a 1% chance of developing ovarian cancer but with the ca-125 gene mutation that risk can be as high as 40%. alison: twitter is rolling out an option to hide offensive tweets from your timeline. the feature is called quality filtering. it removes tweets from the timeline containing a variety of red flags including threats and also those sent from suspicious accounts. right now, the feature is offered to some verified twitter users. it's also available as an option in twitter's i.o.s. app. leon? leon: pays to be a babysitter. babysiters across the country make on average $13.44 per hour
4:48 pm
according to but plan to pay more in the d.c. area. san francisco takes the top spot on the list with parents paying nearly $17 an hour there. san jose california came in second followed by boston new york city and then washington, d.c. parents in the district plan to pay about $15 an hour for a sitter for one child. alison: all right. singer lady gaga is in washington, d.c. but not in the flesh. a wax figure of the star was unveiled today at the mansion on o street. it will be on display at madam teasseau's in northwest all the way to june. the wax figure is dressed in a black sheer leotard and thigh high leather boots. leon: ok. alison: no meat dress. leon: no meat dress. an interesting move by new york city police officers some of them are throwing pizza parties for gang members. part of a pilot program called n.y.c. cease-fire, effort to steer the gang members away from violence. gang members from several rival
4:49 pm
crews have gathered for pizza parties hosted by the police. coming up at 5:00 this evening, we have new information of the top stories for you. college rugby team suspended over a song. and the deadly plane crash in france. alison: another new approach to crime prevention. this time in the district. new group being sent to some crime scenes to try to prevent police from being called again. plus -- >> when i talk i go -- leon: how two young children fought off a man who tried to abduct them and hurt their grandfather. that's for you next hour. alison: before then let's get to another check of our weather situation. eileen is here now to look ahead for us. hi there. eileen: hi. yeah, lots of ups and downs this week. today, the coolest of next seven. actually, no that's saturday. believe it or not, if we could to any cooler. look at these temperatures from our weather bug network across the board. 49 degrees at fairfax station. 44 at campbell elementary school in arlington. 44 as well in waldorf and 39 degrees in iamsville maryland.
4:50 pm
definitely a chill to the air. at least we have light winds but the easterly wind that we have is bringing us a good bit of cloud cover, and you know our weather pattern is going to change a little bit as we get through the day tomorrow. and you'll really notice the difference come thursday as this weather front approaches. notice some of these showers popping up through indiana, illinois and back through northern kentucky. this is going to continue pushing northward. so i think by early tomorrow morning when you're waking up it will be cloudy. it will be cool. and there may be a few sprinkles especially farther towards the southwest of the metro. by thursday we tap into a warm air mass off to the south where temperatures are in the mid 70's in nashville. 76 degrees in little rock. you can see kind of where the cooler air is still trapped to the north. so as we go forward, this warm front will kind of start to nudge a little bit closer towards us through the day tomorrow but with this easterly breeze, we'll kind of be socked into the cloud cover. temperatures are a few degrees higher than today but still only about 50 degrees. then we soar into the 70's as
4:51 pm
that warm front lifts to our north north. taking you through the day thursday, thursday morning there may be some showers especially east of i-95. as the cold front gets closer to us by the late afternoon and evening hours, there may be enough support for not only rain showers but also a few isolated thunderstorms. so definitely keep an eye to the sky come late thursday maybe the kids have sports practices and may be hearing some thunder and may need to get them inside. we'll monitor that for you. but tonight, temperatures mainly above freezing in the mid 30's in the city with mostly cloudy skies. along the i-81 corridor, there may be some temperatures that may get close to freezing so with any rain maybe a little freezing rain. but nothing that i'm too concerned with. we'll soar into -- or climb, rather, to about 50 degrees for the late afternoon tomorrow. and then 70's quickly for the day on thursday before we fall back into the 40's and 50's for the upcoming weekend. alison: ok. all right, eileen thank you very much. and let's go ahead now and get a
4:52 pm
check on our traffic situation. jamie sullivan is here with the details. hi there. jamie: good afternoon. you know, we are seeing definitely some volume for you. i want to begin though in virginia. we don't have any crashes to report right now but again volume. let's focus here. this is going to be 66 working your way out of the city closer to centreville. this is at the vienna metro and let's talk speed. for you heading out the average speed right now as we take a look at our maps just going to be some spots at about 18 miles per hour. again, this is heading out on 66. as far as our volume on the beltway, yes we've got it. mainly just in that top stretch between montgomery county and working your way a little bit closer towards the toll road. as we move in just to give you an idea of the time for you. if you are heading outbound on 66, going to average about 25 minutes getting from the beltway to the fairfax county parkway. now talking about one problem spot we've got. police activity. yes. this is on the baltimore-washington parkway. it is closed. this is between m street and l
4:53 pm
street. and then for you traveling on the top side of the beltway, let's take a look here to show you what we've got. that's a little bit of sun glare. yes, definitely we will have that on the top side of the beltway this afternoon. really, that's the only thing that we have up there. again, no crashes. that's a look at traffic. back to you guys. leon: thanks, jamie. up next at 4:00, "7 on your side" as we bring attention to diabetes alert day. how what you eat is key to managing diabete
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4:56 pm
leon: "7 on your side" now with health matters and on this diabetes alert day, we're taking a closer look at the disease. alison: recent numbers show 85% of people with type two diabetes are overweight or obese. and jennifer donelan is live in the abc 7 health center on the importance of eating a healthy diet and exercising to manage diabetes. jen? jennifer: alison and leon this is my new inspiration here.
4:57 pm
he learned the lesson the hard way. one year ago, he turned everything around with a new mindset and here to tell the story. one year ago, michael jackson ate junk food, drank soda every day and did not manage his diabetes. he weighed 275 pounds. that's when he had a heart attack. >> i was in the hospital for 22 days. they would pretty much tell my wife i had the left arterial artery cloged. they put stents in and chance i might not make it. jennifer: step by step jackson took back control of his health. he adjusted his attitude and completely changed his diet and began walking 10 minutes a day all for his wife. >> i could tell how upset she had been. and i never wanted to see her like that again. ever. jennifer: now he walks two hours every day and has lost 95 pounds. >> i know god has blessed me with another chance at life.
4:58 pm
jennifer: all right, michael. give the audience a wave there. wave to the camera. you've got a lot to be happy about. he's going to be taking his wife out for her birthday tomorrow. listen we have nine medical experts in this room as we speak. doctors, nurses, you name it. we're running the gamut. we have everybody here to answer your questions. the phone lines are open right now. if you have any questions about diet exercise diabetes prediabetes, type one diabetes type two diabetes, call 703-236-9220. we're all here. we're waiting for those phones to ring. see you soon! back to you. leon: all right. thanks, jen. looking good now. alison: fantastic. thanks for sharing your story. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. leon: suspended for singing. an entire virginia college rugby team punished after an off campus party. the lyrics that landed them in hot water. muggers on a local trail flashing knives and stealing cell phones.
4:59 pm
what the police say you should never do if yours are stolen. and? a windshield explodes as the driver passes under a local construction zone. why she believes this was no accident. leon: first tonight, the outrage ois song lyrics that ended the season for a club rugby team at the university of mary washington. the controversy on that fredricksburg campus the latest involving the culture on college campuses. brianne carter live there tonight with what was said and reaction to it. brianne? brianne: leon some people on this campus have heard it. some have not. well, we heard these lyrics and decided because of what they said not to air them. but school officials say it was in violation of the code of conduct. the club rugby team at the university of mary washington has now been suspended indefinitely after school officials were made aware of an audio recording of some of the team's members chanting what school officials call sexually
5:00 pm
explicit derogatory and offensive words. >> regardless of where they are in life is offended by them. jeanette: the chant includes references to sexual activity and was said to be recorded during an off-campus party. >> definitely has a lot to do with it. and everything is in a fishbowl now. reporter: university officials say the lurid lyrics spread through social media but school leaders tell abc 7 they were first made aware of the recording late last semester. immediate action was taken and the rugby club was charged with violating the university's code of conduct. the club was later sanctioned by the school. they appealed the sanctions and the appeal process wrapped up late last week. >> each member of the club will undergo awareness, training about sexual violence and on campus and sexual assault. reporter: paige mckenzie is the president of feminist united and wrote an op ed in her school paper about the chant. >> for people to t


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