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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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leon: hateful words in an e-mail. >> there is definitely a difference. leon: what umd is doing about it. plus the d.c. ambulance fleet about to change. pulling troops out of afghanistan. why it will not go on as scheduled. and the frantic search for
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survivors, tracing what caused an airliner to go down in france, next. a racist and sexist e-mail traced to a umd fraternity member, the latest in a series of fraternity-related scandals across the country. alison: the university of maryland is investigating the e-mail that was sent 14 months ago, but recently surfaced. campus members are calling for action. leon: roz plater has the story. roz: it was standing room only, and the students want to send the university a message. they say in a similar incident, the university of oklahoma cut ties with the fraternity almost immediately. some say the same thing needs to happen here. just days after a video went viral of a racist chant at the university of oklahoma, a frat
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member at the university of maryland using slurs to describe women during rush week last year. stone the students at the university of maryland held a town hall meeting to discuss the incident. >> we are thinking this is a broader systemic issue of race relations, gender relations on college campuses. roz: maryland's president says the university is investigating. the fraternity said the member has been suspended and said, "the like which in views expressed in the e-mail are inexcusable and are in start contrast to the fraternity." at a town hall meeting, they said more should be done to the predominantly white fraternity and a black fraternity was treated differently last year. >> the existence of the chapter was threatened last year. roz: students plan to keep the
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issue on the front burner. the students say they hope the dialogue will result in policy changes. they would like to see diversity training mandatory for all students. roz plater, abc 7 news. alison: thank you. in virginia, a college rugby team suspended for chanting explicitly rex. the season is over for the university of mary washington rugby team. recording showed team members singing sexually explicit derogatory, offensive words. the recording came out last semester, but the appeals process just finished. they must now go through education on sexual assault and violence. and in germantown, a close call after a car struck an apartment building. this is on halethorpe lane. the car just missed a child who was sleeping inside. there were no injuries. there is structural damage and a
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building contractor is being called to the scene. leon: two arrests in connection with a string of armed robberies in northeast. you first saw the story at 5:30. four robberies happened along metropolitan branch trail. two juveniles are facing charges. the police say they are responsible for a fifth robbery on monday. in each case, the suspects showed a knife. jesse jackson junior w will spend the last bit of his prison term at a halfway house. he pled guilty to taking funds and using it for personal use in 2013. his sentence is for 30 months and he will move to d.c. thursday. alison: new action, d.c.'s mayor is moving to cut emergency response times. she is raising the ambulances on d.c. streets by 25%.
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this comes after a series of response failures. d.c. mayor muriel bowser said that staffers will work overtime and fire and ems employees will get additional training on communication devices. >> when we have the most call volume is when we have the additional ambulances. alison: in the last two weeks there are reports of 30-minute wait times for emergencies. complaint include a motorcycle victim lying in the street for more than 20 minutes. and police driving a fellow officer to the hospital in a cruiser. leon: emergency response was the topic of discussion at a ward eight forum. it is a crowded field. a candidate has to receive 60% of the vote to receive the endorsement of the democratic party. alison: turning to the weather warmer weather arriving before the end of the week, but first
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we have to deal with rain and storms. eileen whelan is here with the stormwatch forecast tonight. eileen: yeah, we're dealing with spotty showers early tomorrow morning. they should be few and far between. the stormscan to show the big picture of what's going on. some of the showers -- actually let me show you stormscan. here it is. the showers off to the southwest, few and far between. further to the west, there is snow, ice, and severe weather. complex weather, but it is definitely chilly, already freezing at andrews annapolis winchester, 30 degrees gaithersburg. most of us will be above freezing if any of the showers move in. i am not concerned about the ice. 70 degrees thursday and a threat of spring storms. more on that from the belfort furniture weather center coming up. leon: we have this video of a
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private helicopter that landed in the water just off the dorchester county shoreline. the pilot and passenger were not injured. this happened at taylors island. there was a mechanical problem and they had to make a hard landing as close to shore as possible. alison: metro is cracking down on riders who do not pay their fair. they will issue warnings. may 11, fare jumpers will be ticketed. metro reported a dramatic spike nst employees in recent years and says that fare even asian is a big reason. last week, a metro employee -- fare evasion is a big reason why. last week, a metro employee was stabbed by a woman who was trying to avoid paying her fare. leon: kevin lewis is live in gaithersburg with the details on
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a felony case. kevin, what is the story? kevin: the elderly man lived here at these complexes. his son discovered $60,000 was missing. after nate month investigation the police arrested 48-year-old clayton lipscomb and his wife, felicia, pictured here from facebook. they're charged with a variety of crimes, including felony theft and abuse of a vulnerable adult. the police say that the lipscomb s brought alcohol to the victim's unit on a daily basis. they would get him drunk, then coerce him to transfer money out of his pacific life annuity count. we found financial records in a suitcase. the lipscombs accused of stealing $60,000 in total, and the man died of stroke. we talked with some old
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neighbors, who described the lipscombs, who been decades in prison if convicted, as, "good people." kevin lewis, abc 7 news. alison: thank you, kevin. searchers are combing remote slopes in the french alps after nearly crashed. it is believed 150 people were killed when the german link plan went -- plane went down. the race is on to find out what caused the crash. jay korff has the latest. jay: on the picturesque alpine mountainside there is only poorer following the crash. among the 150 people presumably who perished, 67 from germany. as night fell in germany, so did tears. 16 high school students coming home from an exchange program in spain were aboard the german plane that crashed in the foothills of the french alps.
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all 150 people aboard are presumed dead. the town is silent. nothing is happening anymore everybody is in shock. the airbus a320 was traveling to düsseldorf win for reasons unclear it to send it rapidly -- when it descended rapidly. the airplane crashed in rugged the brief. -- the airplane crashed in rugged terrain, only bits of debris visible. while inconsolable relatives arrived at the düsseldorf airport, they talked about the painful level of loss. >> i'm concerned with the depth of suffering that is being brought to so many people. jay: officials confirm one of the data recorders has been recovered and will hopefully lead investigators to the calls
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use, which remains under investigation. leon: breaking news from san jose, california, a police officer has been shot and there is a massive manhunt for the suspect underway. these are live pictures from the scene. there is major police presence. the condition of the officer has not been released. we will stay on top of this story and give you updates as soon as we get the information. president obama says troop with drawl will not go as originally planned. the u.s. will keep just under 10,000 service members in afghanistan through the end of 2015 at the request of afghanistan's president who met with mr. obama today. the original plan was to cut troops to 5500 by the end of the year, but president obama says keeping troops there will help security in the countries. still ahead, scary moments on a roller coaster in orlando.
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alison: she spent 22 years on death row, but now she is free.
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leon: scary moments at a theme park in orlando. a roller coaster stalled in the middle of the ride. riders had to be rescued from the hulk roller coaster. there were no injuries and no word on what caused the malfunction. alison: an arizona woman is speaking out after she was cleared of murder. after 22 years on death row debra milke was convicted of murdering her own son in the arizona desert. her conviction was overturned
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because a detective on the case had a history of misconduct. she warned today that her case could happen to anyone. >> law enforcement officials are human, and a badge or law degree does not make them moral. alison: milke says she still suffers from the loss of her son. the two men who killed him still remain on death row. leon: today, the first images of the secret service scandal who ran into a white house barrier disrupting a bomb investigation. clancy is promising proper punishment of foreign to it. alison: the uso of metro washington honored our nation's bravest. more than 2000 medal of honor recipients were welcomed and thanked in arlington. singer stevie nick's was in attendance. she said spending her time with service members wounded in
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combat holds a special place in her heart. >> it's like i go into their world. it's the thing i'm most proud of. i'm more proud of this than i am of fleetwood mac or my solo work or any of the things i've done. alison: nicks and some other familiar faces, nfl quarterback peyton manning and author sebastian younger, were honored for their contributions to those in uniform. you will hear what peyton manning had to say coming up in sports. leon: i've seen him before. alison: that is a great cause and nice to see them gathering in the district. and we had cold weather for them. eileen: welcome to d.c., but if they are in town thursday they will have 70's to enjoy. today, more clouds and sunshine. the weatherbug camera, cardinal
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ridge elementary school in centreville, virginia. hold your horses, we saw some sunshine as the sun was setting. a nice bright ending to the day, but the clouds rolling in as we speak. they will be with us the majority of the day tomorrow. the temperatures across the region, only in the 30's, right near 40 degrees culpeper after highs today reach the lower 50's and called for. the rest of us were in the 40's. definitely cooler than average. the higher reagan national, 47 degrees. notice the start contrast from the colder weather to the north to the warm air to the south. the air mass to the south will move in by thursday, but it's going to be short-lived. then a cold front comes in and drops temperatures again. today, 12 degrees below average. much of the mid-atlantic and northeast, even back into the midwest, well below average. the warmer air is heading in our direction. he forwarded to the warmer air
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we have to deal with a little precipitation. -- before we get to the warmer air, we have to deal with the light reciprocation. within the past few lapses, it is losing a bit of steam. i'm not concerned with that, but it may impact the morning commute a little bit. with some temperatures closer to freezing, especially the higher elevations, above 2500 feet, there may be freezing rain. the big crux of the forecast is the warmer air heading our direction. it will be cold heading out the door tomorrow, 35 degrees. get the umbrella in your purse, backpack help the kids at the bus stop. the clouds on the increase. 7:00 a.m., spotty sprinkles, but that is about it. we stay cloudy and relatively cool for the day tomorrow, with eyes only near 50 degrees. a little warmer than today, but we jumped 20 degrees thursday.
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it will not be picture-perfect because clouds come showers. it will be breezy as well, and maybe a rumble of thunder in the afternoon and evening as the cold front slides through. we drop into the upper 50's behind the front friday. the weekend will be dry, but cool. 44 degrees saturday, 50 degrees sunday for stop early next week we returned to average. alison: we will focus on the 70 degrees. that will be enjoyable, even with the rain. thanks, eileen. leon: dry but cool. tim: peyton manning is honored in washington. the wizards need to copy an attitude. have the redskins fallen in love with quarterback marcus mariota?
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: the baseball season does not start for 12 days, but the
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fans are already yelling at "sports illustrated" for putting the nationals on the cover. we are hearing about the jinx, but there are four different covers for the different regions. that does not lessen the jinx or take away the pressure that it adds to the teams involved. nice honor for the cover boys. >> they put that expectation every year. for once, we would love to just play the game and enjoy it. that is what we are waiting for . we want to be happy, man, just enjoying it. at this point it's all about pressure, expectations. let's just put it aside in play. tim: new general manager scott mcluhan says the redskins will draft the best player available with the fifth overall pick, even if it is the quarterback. there is a chance it could be heisman winner marcus mariota.
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believe me when i say scott mcluhan fell in love with him at the combine, despite the fact the redskins gave the starting job to rg iii last month. happy birthday, peyton manning 39 years old tonight, in town with stevie nick's to be honored for their work with the uso for stop he spent time in afghanistan and kuwait. he is a patriot and prodded the military. >> the chances i've had to visit with wonder warriors and the military, i've enjoyed the interactions. they are all big sports fans and i enjoy those conversations. i'm certainly honored and humbled to receive this award tonight. tim: the was earns have lost three in a row. they are off tonight -- the wizards have lost three in a row. they are off tonight. none of the so-called experts believe they will be in the playoffs very long. there are 11 games remaining in the regular season to turn
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things around and build momentum. oklahoma city, lakers-thunder. augustine, the lob alley. russell westbrook with 27 points, including the flush. okdc beats l.a. mark turgeon says he will talk to melo trimble later this week about his future. will he go to the nba or stay with the terps? there is word in college park that he is leaning toward staying. believe me, if he stays, he will be first-team all-american. leon: absolutely, and he will be higher in the draft. tim: and maryland would be a contender next year. leon: check this out -- a creative way to
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alison: a search for answers after the airliner crash in germany as the top trending story on president obama changes the plan for withdrawing troops from afghanistan. plus, the work week forecast. leon: people try a lot of things to get around traffic rules, but a man in washington state got very creative. for a fake passenger in his car for the hov lane, he used a
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cardboard cutout of the most interesting man in the world. he was slapped with a $124 fine. alison: the best part of the picture is he's laughing.
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alison: the final look at the weather? eileen: it will be cloudy and cool in the morning. grab the umbrella heading out the dork because there could be spotty showers. cloudy and cool, 50 degrees. a chance of showers, maybe a rumble of thunder thursday. for the week and drop about 30 degrees. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next.
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