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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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leon: surprising statements on metro safety. >> they are not reporting what they see? >> not like they should be. leon: what workers say is the root of the problem. a woman sexually assaulted at gunpoint in the district. the search for suspects. deadly tornadoes roll through oklahoma, leaving destruction.
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and three americans killed in the playing crash in france. shocking revelations about the flight's final moments, next. a young woman from virginia and her mother are among the dead of the plane crash in france. reports that a copilot was locked out of the cockpit just before impact. alison: a third american is among the dead. roz plater has more about the lives lost and the ongoing investigation. roz: the new york times says before the crash the pilots were having a cordial conversation. one got up and walked out of the cockpit, we don't know why, and that he could not get back in. the mystery deepens tonight. "the new york times" reports a stunning scenario of what may have happened just before the crash of germanwings flight 9525 .
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"the times" says that one of the pilots was knocked out of the -- locked out of the cockpit. he was first knocking softly then he tried to smash it down. the contents of the flight data case are being investigated for stop where learning more about the two americans who died, a mother and daughter from virginia. yvonne selke a longtime contractor for booz allen hamilton, and her daughter, emily, a 2013 honors graduate from drexel university. her family said, "our entire family is deeply saddened by the loss of yvonne and emily two wonderful, caring, amazing people who meant so much to so many." >> i'm still kind of shocked. we are a small community.
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it's a tragedy. i hope they find out what happened. roz: the state department said there was a third american, but they have not named that person yet, respecting the family's wishes. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: people across oklahoma are spending the night in their tornado shelters. the damage from the tulsa area one person died after a tornado or straight-line wind hit a mobile home park. higher fighters rescue dozens of children from a gymnastics studio after the roof collapsed -- firefighters rescued dozens of children. >> we got them tucked under across the street. the tree fell on the house. leon: a tornado hit moore oklahoma, the flashes powerlines and transformers failing. alison: warmer temperatures are ahead for us but we are
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watching for the chances of storms tomorrow evening. steve rudin is here with a bit of a timeline. hi, steve. steve: all the rough weather well off to the west. closer in, satellite radar showers earlier in the day. really did not amount to a whole lot. patchy fog later tonight, early tomorrow morning. waking up, upper 40's, near 50. grab the umbrella and a pair of sunglasses. clearing midday, then a strong cold front arrives later in the day bringing thunderstorms. i will bring you the timing of the storms. talk about a big cooldown. wouldn't you know what, just in time for the upcoming weekend, highs only in the upper 40's. how long will the cold weather last? details coming up. leon: metro's g.m. under fire at a packed meeting about safety. workers say they have incentives
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to not report hazards. chris papst is live at the l'enfant plaza metro station with how mature has responded. chris: metro employees say they are hesitant, the workers are hesitant to report safety concerns. they say that could lead to another incident likwe had in january at the l'enfant plaza station when it filled with smoke and one person died. >> there is some apprehension regarding the reporting of safety issues. chris: this man works for metro. he says the person to keep trains moving and customers moving means that some employees cannot report safety concerns. he attended a public meeting this evening at new york avenue presbyterian church. this man gave a different reason for how this culture of not reporting was created. >> because of concerns of retaliation, concerns of the company looking at them, taking them out of service.
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chris: a few years ago, an employee testified said he was suspended five days after he reported safety issues. he took a picture of it with his phone, which apparently is not allowed. throughout the meeting, the interim general manager listened closely. afterwards abc 7 asked him about the issue. >> our surveys show 80% of employees are comfortable reporting safety concerns, so we have to continue to work to build the confidence of the employees. we all to be responsible to their concerns for stop chr. chris: they are working on a system where the concerns can be reported anonymously. chris papst, abc 7 news. alison: the police are searching for suspect after a woman was sexually assaulted at gunpoint yesterday in northeast.
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it happened about a block from the capitol heights metro station. the police say the suspect had a gun. if you have information, d.c. police want to talk to you. leon: new surveillance footage of an attempted robbery sunday on missouri avenue. the two people are trying to steal the atm, then taking off after it would not budge. the police are trying to track down the suspects. alison: a man has life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car in capitol heights, the 8400 block of central avenue this afternoon. the victim was taken to a trauma center. no word on the circumstances of the crash. leon: a plea for answers from the widow of a murdered d.c. lawyer. she said she lost everything when her husband david messerschmitt west at last month. the police found a computer, cell phone, lubricant, and condoms in the hotel room. she said that her husband was a good person. >> my husband and my best friend
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. in one day, i lost the most important person in my life and the man that i loved so much. and i have no answers. leon: investigators say that a person of interest in the surveillance video is a woman, but they have not been able to find her or identify her. his homecoming was celebrated across the country last year. now former taliban and captive bowe bergdahl is facing prison. he was held five years before he was released from the controversyial prisoner exchange. the army is charging them with the desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, leaving his post in 2009. alison: aggressive efforts to fill potholes on d.c. rose, working seven days a week, 12 days a week -- seven days a
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week, 12 hours per shift. ddot says it has fixed more than 7000 potholes and expects to fill about 12,000 by the time the operation is over. drivers in virginia are fed up with congestion. a review of projects pitched to alleviate the situation. which ones could become reality on the roads? jay korff is live in springfield with what is on the table. jay: these are not random numbers i'm going to show you. one, 7 16, 28, 50. those are the busiest and most popular routes in all of northern virginia. today, the public conversation today on decreasing congestion on the roadways. we lose so much of our lives in northern virginia traffic. >> we believe in unlocking the
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transportation crisis through regional collaboration. jay: wednesday night, the northern virginia transportation authority held a packed public hearing on which projects will receive funding of fiscal years 2015-2016 from a pot of $300 million. any of those said it should go to congestion-reducing road widening projects. >> by one measure, the delays are slower than the posted speed limits all over. that is just one weekday. it is about 900,000 of wasted hours every day. jay: the widening of this road in springfield to not make the cut. >> the 13 projects you have selected have ratings of less than 12.5. we want to know why it was not included. jay: the authority members can
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change their minds so whatever projects did not make it on the present recommended list can certainly be on the final recommended list when it comes out in late april. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: new tonight, lawmakers on ice. members of congress faced off against lobbyists in the annual congressional hockey challenge. also included this year, members of the usa warriors hockey team rehabilitating injured veterans. many washington capitals alumni were also on hand. all the money raised will help with the thurgood marshall college fund. still ahead -- partying in the u.s. capitol building. the police say it is out of control. what they are asking lawmakers to do. leon: taking action against powdered alcohol. leon: and up close and personal
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with a black bear.
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(brad) holy cats! has, has anybody else been experiencing a snail infestation? no? i'll tell you later.
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incredible new video from brazil. a bus falling into a hole when it collapsed road. it was then carried away by floodwaters. amazingly everyone on board escaped unharmed. leon: ok, we will stop complaining about our potholes. the police say there is a party problem at the u.s. capitol and they're asking lawmakers to dilate back a bit. the police say that parties held are getting out of control. the police want to limit activities inside of the building only to those who have offices, and they will be trying to crack down on liquids being brought inside. the police say that security is essential because of the heightened threat environment. alison: it is a great season for virginia wine. today, governor terry mcauliffe announced the great harvest this
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year is 17% higher than last year, the second largest on record. virginia ranks fifth in the nation for the number of wineries, and there are more than 250 in the commonwealth. leon: 7 on your side marilyn says they will ban -- maryland comptroller says they will ban powdered alcohol. it was approved by the atf earlier this year. maryland official says they are concerned about misuse especially by minors. alison: lots of conversation about a picture on social media showing children climbing on the vietnam women's memorial. posted on facebook, it shows children climbing is a veteran in a wheelchair sits nearby. some are calling a disrespectful , all the way to kids being kids. the memorial is dedicated to women, most of whom served as nurses in the war. leon: facebook is launching new features, including ways to track online purchases.
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you also may be soon allowed to control devices such as your garage door. facebook will also support videos shot using camera technology. alison: brad bell did something today that few others have a chance to do. he held a two-month-old black bear cub. maryland department of wildlife resources were there checking on the mother. while they were there, they weighed and tagged the cub. the black bear population is growing and they are showing up in more populated areas as well. looks very comfortable. leon: exactly. wait until mom wakes up. alison: big trouble. steve: the snow on the ground over there, they had a little bit.
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for us, nothing like that. tomorrow will be great, daytime highs in the lower 70's. one more time, lower 70's, because i only get to say it one day, then it goes downhill from there. outside right now, mostly cloudy, the cloud stick around. we may have patchy fog later tonight into the early morning hours. the temperatures will pretty much hold steady. right now we are at 50 degrees at reagan national, the wind out of the south at five to 10 miles per hour. the wind will increase especially heading into the daytime hours tomorrow. 54 was the high earlier today, five degrees below average. we will take it. at least we were not below average by 15 degrees, like we will be for the weekend. 48 degrees dulles, winchester, andrews at 43. the further west that you go, shaded in light green, that is where we have the warmer temperatures. the warmer temperatures eventually make their way into our area tomorrow.
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chicago 38. warmer air pushing and from the south. we have the warm front tomorrow, followed by the stronger cold front tomorrow afternoon. the 24 hour temperature change, something is going on in the atmosphere we are about 10, 15 degrees milder than yesterday at this time. satellite radar, the showers earlier today move off to the north and east. a lot of action in the mid part of the country comes slowly moving our way. fortunately, we are not looking at a severe weather outbreak, but showers, thunderstorms especially in the afternoon and evening. likely to bring stronger storms with gusty wind, heavier downpours. it will not last long. 6:00 tomorrow morning, heading up the door, grabbed the umbrella and grab your sunglasses. midday, clearing out to the west. frederick, montgomery county loudoun county, heavier storms. keep in mind this is just the
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computer simulator. then the cold front moves through the late evening, likely triggering thunderstorms and showers, even snow flurries to the west, in the mountains. we clear out nicely for the upcoming weekend. 50 degrees the general temperature inside the capital beltway overnight into early tomorrow, patchy fog. the high tomorrow afternoon, 73 74, the wind out of the south may gust up to 24 stop a big cool down saturday, the high temperature only 44 degrees. that is it. not ideal weather. alison: it was very nice today. steve: it will be better in two weeks. leon: what's going on? tim: max scherzer was razor sharp and ready for opening day. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: the headaches got more intense tonight for the wizards. bradley beal sprained his ankle and left early. washington seem to be in control against the pacers. then this. downtown, time running out. john wall from beyond the arc. wall drains it, tie game. 11 seconds left, the pacers with the ball, chance to win it. watch george hill, way too easy, time running out. good night, everybody, drive home safely. the pacers win, the wizards' fourth straight loss. the nfl draft will take place in chicago, the first time it has
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taken place outside of new york city. the redskins general manager got everybody talking when the he said the best athlete available even if it is a quarterback, and they love marcus mariota. >> we think it's worth the risk to hit the reset button. he is that good of a football player. if we think we should do that, we should do that, but we will see. that has not been determined yet, obviously. we still have time to determine if we want to go in that direction. tim: nats opening day starter max scherzer was insatiable against the cardinals today, six shutout innings, striking out nine. he allowed only three hits and appears ready for opening day april 6, against the mets. college basketball, the maryland women practice this afternoon boarding the bus for the airport for the way to spokane and the
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sweet 16. duke is a four seed, maryland is a one seed. this will be the first time they have met in the ncaa tournament. maryland beat them in the national championship game 78-76. n.i.t. murray state down three. bang! are you serious. jeffrey moss ties the game. here comes o.d.u., up the side throws up the prayer, it is answered. old dominion wins. the monarchs are going to madison square garden for the n.i,.t. there is a report that kentucky coach john calipari once back into the nba, badly. he won at umass memphis kentucky, but never in the nba. leon: he is the biggest guy in
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the game right now, college basketball. tim: he has been for a while. he wants to prove himself. alison: we have incredible video to show you tonight, a high wire plunge with a car.
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leon: jaguar showed off the 2016
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vehicle by moving across a high wire in london. the car will be revealed on the ground at the international auto show next week. hopefully in one piece. alison: we had a flying car a couple days ago.
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alison: final look at the weather? steve: it will be warm tomorrow, much cooler friday. only 44 degrees saturday. sunday near 50. we turn the corner monday tuesday. jacqui jeras will track the showers and then the thunderstorms later in the day.
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