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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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pinker: questions about pilots and mental health. after a copilot crushes a playing. -- crashes a plane. and, long lines for pot fees. dc's growing marijuana culture.
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>> this is a breaking news alert. anchor: out of alexandria gunfire sent one person to the hospital. it happened in north kings highway. anchor: richard's live with what officers are saying. scott: behind me, you can see officers working. they continue to investigate the shooting. you can see the house that is the focus of the investigation. we have video we can show you of the scene. a lot of officers searching. a chopper. units on the ground, looking for people. we know they have at least three people in custody right now in what apparently was a drug deal
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gone bad. they had for bank people we saw -- for bank -- four people we saw. the shooting happening right across the street from an elementary school. a lot of people concerned. it is scary, it is. >> someone had gotten shot -- i was concerned about it. i knows some of the people but i don't know those people. richard: right now investigators focusing on the car you see. we don't know what role it played. we know at least forur people are at large in connection with the shooting.
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richard reeve. anchor: right now, three people hurt in an explosion in manhattan. reporter: you can see, the building is collapsing. anchor: this is an manhattan 's east village. the area was evacuated as firefighters were heard. >> the whole building came off to the side of the sidewalk. acre: they are still looking into what is to blame. scott: accusations of sex abuse at a sterling church. the sheriff's office announced they are investigating. the office is asking anyone with
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information to come forward. stay with us for updates. new video, just in. jesse jackson junior arrived in baltimore. he will serve the rest of his prison sentence there. he was transferred from alabama. he is serving time for misusing campaign funds. he told reporters he has quote made mistakes. anchor: storms rolling through the area. steve rudin is here with how low the temperatures will go. steve: it lasted one day. temperatures in the 70's, now long gone. waking up tomorrow morning, you will not only feel the difference but it will stay cold for a good couple of days. temperatures falling. 56 at reagan national.
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looking at doppler radar, the heaviest activity off of dc. heavier downpours. closer inside the beltway alexandria just a few lingering showers. we will talk about the upcoming weekend and a cold saturday in a few minutes. scott: new questions about the copilot accused of purposely crashing a german airliner with 150 people on board. it is bringing to light the issue of mental health among pilots. jay korff's live with the investigation. jay: what happened -- we spoke to investigator who said what happened is in settling --
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unsettling. investigators believe the copilot locked himself while the pilot was likely in the restroom and then programmed the plane to fly into a mountainside, killing all 150 aboard. this development has authorities grambling for a motive. they are delving into his state of mind. >> he had a plan. he knew when the captain left he was going to make his move. he had to actively change the flight management system to direct the aircraft. jay: in general, the industry does a good job of screening pilot and self policing them. >> the type of test most airlines do, to make sure they are hiring the right types of personalities. jay: this may leave some to conclude more should be done. the tons -- the airline says
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there is a policy where pilots can report the problems of themselves or others without punishment. >> it hadn't been used in this case. the safety nets we are so proud of did not work in this case. jay: u.s. airlines required to wo people to be in the cockpit at all times. anchor: the name of the third american was released. robert oliver was an american citizen born in spain. he worked as a real estate coordinator. a mother and daughter from virginia were also killed. breaking news out of vince george's county. emergency responders are at the scene of a fire at a vacant
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home. we have a crew on the way. we will bring you updates. anchor: a day care center shutdown down and the owner arrested. the owner nearly shook a baby to death. the 16 month old has serious brain damage. the records show the day care center was cited 10 times. the license has been revoked. anchor: a rookie dc firefighter facing a weapons charge. andre is charged with having an unregistered firearm. he was arraigned today and pleaded not guilty. scott: agents of the dea accused of having sex parties with prostitutes. what is according to the inspector general poss report.
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the incidents happened between 2009-2012. congressional committees promise hearings on this matter. and a new tonight, the secret service city new rules about driving government cars. the washington post reports staff will be prohibited within 10 hours of drinking from driving. earlier, towo agents were accused of driving drunk. anchor: marijuana is legal in the district, but you are not to buy or sell it. hundreds of people lined up for a seed exchange tonight. roz plater's live with more. roz: organizers are considering this a success.
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we are told everybody in line got seed tonight. all perfectly legal. her first cd giveaway in adams morgan. it makes pot legal, but you cannot buy or sell it. donors are giving away dc. >> -- the seed. >> the tomato model. you give the seeds away to your neighbors. roz: word got out quickly. everyone from recreational users --to medical marijuana patients. >> i cannot afford this medicine as it is. i am looking to grow it. some still think the law is a bad idea.
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still, the line kept growing. organizers checked ids. once they got a couple of seeds they were on their way. >> if you cut the branches and make clones, you can grow this. roz: for some folks, there is a learning her. -- curve. roz plater, abc seven. scott: why the fda is taking a closer look at treatments. allison: fundraising efforts and how you can get involved. >> i am having a baby on the side of 270.
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allison: a
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alison: seven is on your side with health matters. the fda is planning to review the safety of products like zicam. scott: dc clergy came together to reduce violence. the matthews memorial church reviewed -- they address community members. they want to reduce violence and improve relations between police and minority communities. alison: videos released more than two bang months after the deadly accident on the yellow line. metro is also testing trains.
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they will debut april 14. scott: high school lacrosse players stepping up to help a teenage family. the mother is legally blind. the father lost his sight in a car wreck. that is when the guardian angels stepped in. >> i wanted to help out because she is my best friend. i did not want to see her family struggle. scott: they held bank sales and gave money. alison: the true meaning of teamwork. one day of spring. anchor: a lot of -- and then
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this came in. take a look for yourself. an approaching cold front. southwest dc. the sky looked ominous. some did see heavier downpours. east of dc, looking at the heavier downpours. winds out of the north northwest at 14 miles for our. humidity had 75%. --at 75%. as we head to the next stop, 0.6 inches fell. 0.4 inches in leesburg. doppler radar, you can see all the action to the east of dc showers to the west.
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we will see showers continuing as we move through the overnight hours. we are going to look for them to stick around early tomorrow morning. 77 degrees at reagan national. the average for this time of year is 60 degrees. here's the cold front, moves to the east. only in the 30's in chicago and detroit and pittsburgh. feels more like february. talking temperatures falling into the 40's. some of you may hear a rumble of thunder. mainly east of dc, all this moisture moving our way. behind it, the skies will begin to clear. that means sunshine. the only bad part is we are talking temperatures well below average for this time of year.
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winds returned saturday. saturday poss highs, only around 45 degrees. at least we build on that as we move into the next seven days. here is the forecast for the day tomorrow. you will need an umbrella. you may need your sunglasses later in the day. 4540 hi saturday. -- 45 for the high saturday. the weekend not going to be a bust but not what you would call outdoor enjoyment whether. -- weather. [laughter] >> come on. alison we've got basketball. :anchor: the caps
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tim: the caps off started the night ahead of ottawa --. let me take you downtown, where they rocked the red. 2-0 washington. in the third. steve, lights the lamp right there. the game is tied at two. caps had a little extra energy. he wraps it up, two points for the capitals. eight games left in the regular season. >> i was not happy with that game and i know they should not be. we are fooling ourselves.
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we did not play well. tim: open day is april against the mets. this was the gonzales show. five scoreless innings. two bangwalks. lose, 8-3. home run derby. get up, get out, see you later. 6-4, tigers over the o'ass. from bethesda, a bethesda boy. wisconsin sent carolina home. kentucky is inking west virginia -- spanking west virginia. getting ready for the matchup against duke. the 80th game for the teams.
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the only other time the terps beat the blue devils for the national championship, 78-76. >> a great game. we have had great games in the past. >> they always look forward to this matchup. for them to have it on a neutral court, that is important. tim: the class act award goes to the late coach. he left $200 for everyone to have a nice dinner. dean smith. that is class. everyone who ever letter beforehand. alison: isn't that nice? still ahead, a set of parents go through a challenging birth.
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scott: investigators believe a copilot intentionally crashed a german wings playing. -- plane.
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that is the top trending story. also, colder temperatures will be here. you can read the forecast alison: a couple's trip to the hospital took an unusual turn. they pulled over, called 911. that is where amanda gave birth to their son jacob. it was a breech birth. >> i am having a baby on the side of 270. >> oh my god, i just gave earth in the car -- birth in the car. alison: unbelievable. the dispatcher instructed them to clear jacob potts mouth. -- jacob's mouth. look at that video.
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scott: what an experience. he had said, should i go to the hospital. they said, no, just wait.
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steve: cherry blossoms getting closer. 52 tomorrow. chilly saturday, only around 45. temperatures by monday tuesday wednesday, and thursday back to the lower 60's. alison: scott: thank you for joining us.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zooey deschanel. from "scandal," jeff perry. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from charlie wilson featuring snoop dogg. with cleto and the cletones. and now, i'm warning you, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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