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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  March 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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to blame for letting the pilot fly, experts say there is no limit to how much a court can order them to pay each of the victims' families. for now, the families just want answers why. what they most a hospital confirms he was a patient there for the last two months. the hospital is not commenting on what treatment he was receiving other than to say he checked in on march 10 for a diagnostic evaluation and his records have been turned over to investigators. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. anchor: the european union's aviation safety agency recommended all airlines have two people in the cockpit at all times. closer to home, a cloudy and chilly finish to the work week. anchor 2: chief meteorologist doug hale is in the stormwatch
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seven center. doug: you are so optimistic about the weekend weather. for this moment rain is moving out. this is in fairfax. it looks like as it does outside the weather center. 47 degrees at the moment. 48 in baltimore. temperatures holding steady. later tonight those will drop. this indicates how much colder it is now this time yesterday. we hit 77 at reagan international airport. gusty breezes will bring in colder air at about 32 degrees. not much in the way of sunshine. we may see a flurry or a
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sprinkle. we will warm all the way back to a tropical 50 degrees. much more about the weekend weather in a couple of minutes. maureen: the children of a man shot and killed in alexandria last night said their father wasn't involved in a drug deal. he would shot inside his house just north of mount eagle elementary school. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live on the scene after speaking with those children today. jeff: they are absolutely devastated, trying to look for answers at the moment. this area was packed with fairfax police everywhere. police vehicles all over the place. despite all the search efforts last night and today, the suspects are still out there. as the children cope with the
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loss of their father -- >> this is like a nightmare. just bang they are left with the question of why -- jeff: they are left with the question of why. and claudia was born in honduras. >> he came to this country to make a better living for his family. last night his life was taken away for no reason. jeff: last night fairfax police responded to the family's home on north kings highway where he was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. >> is pretty close to home. jeff: he was flown to a local hospital where he later died. police are looking for for male suspects between the ages of 16 and 25 and say they are investigating the possibility this was not a random act.
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jim i don't know for what reason. jeff: he had hip surgery in december and was still recovering. claudia and rafael were there for him. >> i can't do anything about it. we want justice to be served. jeff: those children are at a loss where to go next. the suspect may have been driving a dark-colored sedan arian they are still looking for that sedan. police and family members are looking -- dark-colored sedan. police and family members are looking for information. leon: investigators won't say it is suspicious that they won't say it is not. they are looking into an apartment fire. it injured two people. brianne carter there with the latest on the investigation.
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what have you learned? birarianne: you can take a look at the extensive damage from the third floor apartment. this as investigators trying to determine what started it all. >> we saw flames coming out of the building. brianne bang -- brianne bang -- brianne: we don't know how far it was. third floor -- authorities believe it's where the fire began. while fire ripped through the empty unit, his apartment unit started quickly filling up with smoke. his wife, who is having trouble breathing, had been rescued by firefighters.
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firefighters are not ruling anything out when it comes to the cause of the fire. k-9 units combed through the scene looking for clues. >> wow. the ending -- brianne: she grabs anything she could from her soggy and smoky apartment. take a look here, we do understand from neighbors that the woman who lived in this apartment and her daughter are out of town, they were not at home at the time of this. one was the wife of that man. said to be ok at last check. a firefighter suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. brianne carter, abc 7 news. leon: an update on that explosion in north east village. tina people are unaccounted for after two buildings collapsed. mayor de blasio toured the damage. he said a gas line may have been
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inappropriately accessed during the explosion. gas crews visited the and -- visited the building. maureen: an investigation is underway after a missing five-year-old boy was found dead. the body was found in a septic tank. hundreds of tips poured in around the country after news of the child's disappearance in polaski county over the weekend. police are you focusing on the evidence and the family is cooperating with the investigation. leon: new information from the university of oklahoma. the president has announced the results of the investigation into that racist fraternity chance that was caught on video. it was revealed that members learned that on a national fraternity leadership crews. >> learned by chapter members at a national leadership crews sponsored i the national
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organization for years ago. that chant was learned and brought back to the local chapter. leon: university officials conducted 160 interviews. the two students who led that chant are now expelled. 25 others were disciplined with community service and mandated cultural sensitivity training. maureen: now to a developing story from capitol hill, where harry reid says he will not run for reelection. he ran as majority and minority leader during his 28 years in the senate. reset his accident on -- harry reid set his accident on a treadmill in new year's day gave him time to think about his future. we will talk about what this means for the political landscape coming up at six. he was a supporter of the affordable care act. an audit -- an audit shows --
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brad bell has a closer look at what went wrong. brad: remember the jingle? the 2013 commercial for the maryland health exchange, the promise of an easy online sign up for health coverage. the reality was far different. most got nothing but frustration. the website governor martin o'malley hoped would be a cornerstone of his legacy had to be scrapped. republics and that republican congress andy harris -- that hhs audit is now complete and found that maryland miss allocated $28.4 million in taxpayer money. >> it looks like the state was incompetent in handling the federal payments or they misled the federal government.
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brad: caroline's executive director of the maryland health exchange. she points out the audit found no evidence of crime or fraud. >> we chewed down too much from one pot and not enough for another. brad: the website is up and running. you can navigate around it quite easily. the open enrollment period for 2015 has ended. 300,000 people have now used website to successfully sign up for health insurance. brad bell, abc 7 news. leon: coming up, a traffic headache for commuters. maureen: and lift off. what this afternoon launch is scheduled for the at -- for the astronauts on board.
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kevin: i'm kevin lewis
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maureen: kevin lewis is live in bethesda where a woman from new york is charged with kidnapping a dog that belongs to a former friend. kevin: this is the case of two women at odds over a $7,000 loan. their dispute climaxed with a break in at this $1.5 million home behind me. a woman returned to her pricey home, her mercedes-benz missing. inside, no chanel purse or beloved $2000 yorkshire terrier. now for the crime. detectives say she was seeking revenge over an unpaid loan. >> i can't believe that. we have dogs here as well. kevin: days after the break-in she repeatedly help to find the
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missing dog in exchange for five grand. and then a call from a blocked number, the caller saying your dog is dead during 11:00 tomorrow. detectives reviewed cell phone records and found she was in bethesda on the day of the break-in incriminating because she lives 230 miles away in new york city. >> absolutely not. this is not a way to result the sort of thing. yes it takes time. taking mat your own hand does not usually end in any sort of positive result. >> people get to a breaking point. it is way too extreme. kevin: this was a silly disagreement between two friends. when asked to she broke into the
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home or connect the dog she hung up. we are told the terrier has been found and it is safe. we are live in bethesda, kevin lewis, abc 7 news. leon: a concert and an easter egg hunt. help to move out some of that nine feet of snow that is still piled up on the seacoast. there was no parking 24 hours ago. we should be ok. leon: they hoped mother nature would take care of all that snow for him. maureen: glad we are not seeing any of that this weekend.
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david: here's a time lapse from the hd weather camera from damascus elementary school still located in maryland. cloudy all day with rain. the sky started to brighten a bit. it allowed some sunshine. the roadways dried up. they are way below average. 46 on great falls. 44 degrees in frederick. we are seeing this and a very chilly numbers. 30 degrees in columbus. that cold air sliding in tonight.
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it is 34 degrees colder than it is yesterday in richmond. you see the drill here. what is going to happen. what we have seen is this cold air has been hanging in the great lakes. another push of chilly air comes next weekend. it is the last place in the country. it will migrate to the new england area. we have a long time warm up coming. late to pattern is going to hang on for a couple of weeks throughout our area. we are looking for breaks in the overcast through the day.
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it will be a lot of gusty winds. by sunday we will warm up a bit. maybe near 50 degrees. we will have another front to watch. then we will start a mini warm up. 45 in the afternoon. the next seven days look like this. mid 60's. by the time we hit the weekend we will be in the late cities by thursday and friday. maybe some showers later in the week.
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maureen: the tidal basin will see there's -- leon: see where you can see some of the flowers make an appearance.
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le in portland say it is not too unusual to see chickens running around their city. these birds were placed in the chicken coop. how they got be pink in the first place, officials say they have seen a trend of people injecting dye into fertilized eggs before they are hatched. when that happens they produce these colored chickens. they say it is temporary. the chicks will eventually grow out of it. now you have seen everything. there is something to see up there. the spacecraft making its way toward the international space
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station. maureen: it lifted off half an hour ago, carrying and asked not and cosmonaut to their new home for the next year. ted rowlands expands their historic mission. >> it is expected to provide essential information on how the human body holds up in space. >> this will help us learn a lot about the negative effects onspace on human physiology and then we will figure out how to mitigate that. ted: the goal is to compare how the twins body differ during marks extended exposure to potentially harmful elements in space. them our top risk is radiation. beyond that is maintaining bone and muscle, cognitive function, behavioral health, surviving those long isolated missions. ted: if all goes as planned he
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will set the record for a u.s. astronaut with the longest time spent in space. the risks are certainly real and the payoff is the potential to help pave the way to mars, which would require a year and a half in space. >> risk-taking has always been a part of the space program. in this case there is extra risk. ted: he was joined by two russian cosmonauts. one of them will remain up there for an entire year. maureen: travel can be costly. a museum is testing a way to take a tour without having to leave your house. meet the roadblock -- meet the robot. henry and jane evans live in california. esther evans is bedridden after a stroke 12 years ago. but the wide angle camera is giving him an experience he otherwise would have missed.
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>> it has given me part of my life back. maureen: they control it with a row keys on their own laptop. the robots cost about $16,000 apiece and can run for eight hours on one charge. they are being tested at seven museums across the country including the smithsonian national museum of the american indian here in washington. leon: our like to have one if i had to go to jury duty. still ahead on abc seven news at five, what police are doing after a rash of tyer thefts in one local neighborhood. maureen: the police officer who lost his job after body slamming a man to the ground is facing more charges tonight. they may southeast d.c. mother accused of tortur
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. leon: french investigators say they found a ripped up note excusing l of work. ubitz prosecutors say he delivered we flew the plane into a mountain, killing 150 people. maureen: a man was found with multiple gunshot wounds in the
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61 hundred block of north kings highway. suspects are males between the ages of 16 and 25. leon: a new york city woman is accused of stealing from a woman's home to make good on a debt. she waited years for her friend payback for thousand dollars. she is now accused of breaking into the woman's home and then having her car repossessed. maureen: the case of a former police officer on camera. he lost his job with the madison alabama police department. the man was from india. the officer is now facing federal charges of violating the man's civil rights. parker slammed him to the ground and investigation found he did not comply with police command because he did not understand english.
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disturbing allegations against it d.c. mother tonight after her son was treated for hot water burns on his back. leon: police say she is responsible for injuries. more on the investigation underway. sam: i am outside the apartment building where she lived with her boyfriend and children including a nine-year-old son. he was tortured at the hands of his own mother from september 20 13 to june 2014 when she was arrested. she was back in court today. after a court hearing this afternoon, that he head back to the halfway house and was trying to avoid our camera. they are accused of first degree child abuse. jackson allegedly put a lock on the boy's bedroom door in the
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building where the mother held him, the seizing -- receiving $700 per month for his care. the father took the boy to children's hospital where they call police. the child said his mother had eat him, locked him in a room, and down his arms and legs with duct tape. >> i can't believe that. sam: a neighbor said she doesn't know why please came last june. police detectives say in their report she admitted she took the complaint out of school and kept it inside the house because she was ashamed of him. the complaint and had also lost money pounds -- lost 20 pounds. >> i didn't hear anything of a lawsuit. sam: despite that threat made to a photographer, she plans to
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plead guilty when the case resumes, when the hearing resumes on monday. she is now staying in a halfway house. the nine-year-old son and other children have been taken away from her. reporting live, sam ford, abc 7 news. leon: a consumer alert, bmw recalled nearly 49,000 motorcycles to the u.s. and canada. most of them were from 2005 2 thousand 10, and 2011. -- 2010, and 2011. the recall is expected to begin on april 21. they will fix that problem at no cost to the owners. maureen: time for a check on the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is here.
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jamie: this is the traffic coming toward us. what you can see is an earlier accident. this crash did not have three of these lanes blocked. let's talk about this crash. just to give you an idea. we are used to it heading southbound. if you are trying to get in you average about 16 miles per hour right now. let's talk about what we are working. we've got the delays on the top side of the beltway. getting to connecticut avenue, closer to georgia avenue. mainly just getting a little bit closer to baltimore.
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that is pretty much in the stretch between the baltimore beltway and the capital beltway. that's a look at traffic back to you. maureen: most folks go through the tidal basin to see the famous japanese cherry lost some in the spring. leon: that is not the only place to see those pink flower reach these. they are already starting to bloom there. stevee: i will step out of the way and you can see just the beginning of the irruption of the cherry blossoms here in the congressional cemetery. even though it is going to be chilly during the day tomorrow chilly for the day on sunday. we are going to look for really
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beautiful sites. it is a great place. it is pet friendly. you can bring your pets in here. maybe a different situation. here is your pollen count. it is going to continue to stay high. these cherry blossoms erell over the city. now april 11 through 14. that is 70% of the 2000 cherry trees that will be in full bloom. back to the news desk. leon: juice bars and denim bars. maureen: me to working women who want to introduce you to snack bars. leon: most of the team is in florida. most of the nats are busy working here at home. find out where they went today. maureen: coffee with a side of
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for. >> that copilot who locked the captain out was discovered -- out, what was discovered in his home.
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leon: in a few days april would begin an autism awareness month will kick off two local winners want to change that. -- will kickoff. snack bars may not be what you think of, but to local winners want to change that. maureen: these both were fighting health issues. debbie was taking countless medications and living with pain, suffering from severe food allergies.
5:41 pm
both women realized eating or not eating certain foods made them feel much better. >> when i cut those things out of my diet, the good, the grain the soy, my inflammation is much lower and i don't suffer. this is coconut meat. maureen: they stepped away from the kitchen and created charmed bars. they are free from gluten, grains dairy soy, refined sugars, and more. >> we would give them to our friends. we knew we were onto something. maureen: they produce an estimated 30,000 bars per month and ship all over the world. despite the success, they are the most proud of their connection to the autism hope alliance. the bars are autism approved as a healthy whole food snack.
5:42 pm
jen has family members with autism. >> i know how difficult it is. to find things that work. financially it is difficult. reporter: throughout the month of april 10% of the proceeds go to the autism hope alliance. alison starling, abc 7 news. maureen: coming up >> he was the best of the best. he was the greatest coach in my mind. maureen: find out why so many are seeing and the praises of dean smith more than a month after his death.
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maureen: do you worry your wheels literally won't be there when you get back to your car? first it was crystal city and now it is alexandria where blatant ripoffs have left residents stranded.
5:46 pm
jennifer donelan joins us live from the scene with the latest on this crime. what happened? jennifer: you go out to the parking lot and you expect to see the wheels on your car. at least four residents walked out and the cars were bare. rolling on cinder? tried parked on bricks. this was ashley jennings 2012 dodge challenger. >> all four tears have been taken off. jennifer: her car was stripped in alexandria last month. >> estimated damages and everything came up to around $4300. jennifer: do youe $4300? >> absolutely not. jennifer: tonight's ago the
5:47 pm
thieves struck again in the same lot. jennifer: -- >> my fiance said you are never bringing your car back here. jennifer: abc cameras found for suv's stripped of their wheels and rims within a mile radius. >> the cops think it is for people. they go out and do it in less than five minutes. it kind of rattles your sense of security in the community. jennifer: we spoke with police departments. so far there is no hard evidence that these cases are related. abc 7 eyewitness news. leon: and other money matter here. an early version of america's first one cent coin now costs quite a pretty petty.
5:48 pm
-- pretty penny. it was sold for more than $1 million. it is known as the birch set. the rare penny is said to be worth between $5 million and $10 million. maureen: local businesses tell us they gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to a payroll company for taxes that never got paid. our full conversation with the owner of that company and how many businesses have now filed suit. stink bugs wanted. why the university of maryland wants you to send them the insects and why you may want to join in the hunt. leon: i think i will sit this one out. we don't have any stink bug weather to worry about. doug bang -- david: we see sunshine developing in the past few minutes here. --doug: we see sunshine
5:49 pm
developing in the past few minutes you get a little sun. 51 degrees. that northwesterly wind will ring and try her air and will drive colder temperatures. only 46 degrees in winchester. 51 degrees in fredericksburg. temperatures will drop to the 30's by early tomorrow morning. this high pressure builds and tomorrow. we may see a few snow showers in flurries. that will move through on sunday.
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45 tomorrow. sunshine in 50 degrees on sunday. back to you. maureen: back home the nationals mascots are busy. teddy and screech visited u.s. service at walter reed hospital. they had lunch with wounded warriors at the family center. it is part of the 10 days of sex campaign to give back to the fans who have system -- 10 days of success campaign. to give back to the fans who have helped them succeed. leon: the legendary north carolina university -- university of north carolina coach died. he left letters to every member of the school on the bench created -- on the bench.
5:51 pm
>> he had to plan this a long time ago. leon: the money wasn't intended to make the guys rich. matt doherty played back in 1980. most checks were sent out to 180 different people. >> i was getting texts from former players. i would frame it. it was not signed by dean, it was signed by the attorneys. a good bottle of wine. the wizards play the hornets tonight. the whiz kids have fallen on tough times. a gametime decision on this morning shootaround. he turned it hard. the swelling has come down as he could play tonight. somebody else really has to step up. 10 games remaining before the
5:52 pm
playoffs. the wizards need to get their old mojo back. >> things can change pretty quickly. you want to be playing at a high level. that is what we are trying to get to. reporter: duke plays utah. n.c. state goes against louisville. then there is michigan state and oklahoma. i like ucla and canseco. it was too good zagat -- to gonzaga in december. great matchup there. here is your is of the night. when baseball goes into the stands you get to keep them. how about a football? yes. not a basketball. how about a hockey stick. when a stick goes into the stands, do you get to keep it? brandon p had still -- had
5:53 pm
escort two goals with that stick. that is his lucky lumber. when that stick flew into this dance that into the stands he said give me my stick-back, and the kid got to keep it. how about the kid in boston? it is nine-year-old liam fitzgerald did u.s. today called him the best fan in the nation. he never misses a game. touches fists with players every night. last night was special. they gave him his own trading card. makes your hair stand on end. the best fan in the world. leon: that makes a curmudgeon like me say aw
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go to today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v maureen: italy supreme court
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overturned fluxes original murder conviction. she and her ex-boyfriend were accused of killing her ex-roommate. an appeals court overturned the conviction, which allowed knocks to return to the united states. this is the final ruling in the case. knocks will not have to go back to italy. leon: our area is pretty pleasant for commuters. if provided we don't have a car taking a look at how easy it is to move across the country. as his the fourth best country city in the country, when it comes to public transportation's by walk ability. the virginia department of transportation says it started working on rehabilitating the bridge that carries washington boulevard over route 110 over the pentagon. the preliminary work won't
5:58 pm
because any traffic problems. drivers along 16th street in northwest d.c. are already feeling the pain from another bridge project underway. they have one lane in each direction on the bridge over military road. >> it is being completely replace by these crews. the single lane of traffic in each direction and same situation below military road which we are driving toward right now. a single lane -- lane westbound and eastbound get a this will continue for the next four months for now it urging drivers to find alternate routes. georgia avenue may be your best that you a lot of drivers are using 14th street northwest in them all that overflow traffic is creating more congestion for drivers across this judgment of
5:59 pm
the district. you may want to allow some extra travel time. mike conneen, abc 7 news pitta leon: that is it for abc seven news at five to getting us some answers, we go one-on-one with a man whose business owners swindled them out of the tax money. and a shake up on the hill. metro's money. >> now abc 76 on your side. maureen: a massive plural problem in frederick tonight and business owners say one man has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from them. for the first time seven on your side i-team investigator joce sterman goes one-on-one with the man who owns the company. joce: we are at about eight loss
6:00 pm
so it's -- eight lawsuits filed. there are a growing number of businesses making the same claims, wondering where their money went. getting answers may require an investigation because we went to the owner of period payroll and he was not providing any answers. can you tell us what happened to the money. no answers about tax payments his client say disappeared. we are talking about hundreds of thousands of missing money. the third quarter and fourth quarter we had an explosion. the payroll services manager say there firm has taken on 25 clients in the last year that claim they gave period payroll tens of thousands of dollars for taxes that never got


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