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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  March 28, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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it helps me and my family financially, regardless of how i do. i will get scholarship money and this also means a great deal because i have a passion for the culinary industry. kimberly: they were judged on taste and presentation and organization, sanitation, and timing. the results will be revealed at an awards breakfast monday.
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kimberly: going to need a warm coat for the palm sunday services. eileen: teens and 20's in the morning. the afternoon will be brighter, more sunshine, highs in the upper 40's. still about 11 degrees cooler than we should be this time of year. 60's monday and closer to average for the work week. kimberly: we have 30 minutes to go.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: another train-car collision, this time in los angeles. here's more. >> looks like two cars derailed. reporter: a chilling train car crash in los angeles, adding to a string of crashes across the u.s. in recent weeks. this time, a commuter train slammed into a car that was making an improper turn at a crossing in front of the university of southern california the impact all but demolishing the silver car. miraculously, the driver was still alive. >> we use the jaws of life to extra great driver. reporter: also injured, the train operator in 19 passengers. the train came to a sudden stop in the first two cars jumped the
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tracks. >> they were walking wounded. reporter: this is the seventh train-car collision in the last two months. six people died in february when a train slammed into an suv in new york, and the operator of another commuter train and southern california was killed last month was killed when a driver got stuck on the tracks. kimberly: the university of maryland student who sent a racially charged e-mail will not return to campus. jeanette reyes has how this dude and send the school are reacting. jeanette: a racially charged in sexually explicit e-mail sent by a white cap a sigma fraternity member. the e-mail was sent to six people over a year ago, but it went viral after it was recently discovered. last night the school said the student would not return to campus this semester.
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vice president of student affairs said the hateful e-mail from january 2014 has shaken our campus. i know many of you are hurt and angry. the university's investigation into the incident is continuing and due process will be completed before any final determinations are made. >> they should have looked more and to situation before dismissing the student. >> he does not deserve to go to school here. jeanette: kappa sigma said the student was suspended from the fraternity after they learned of the e-mail. in a statement on its website, the fraternity said, "the language and views expressed in the e-mail are inexcusable and are in stark contrast to the values of our fraternity. they are counter to everything that we stand for." >> it's very hard for something you say to be kept private. jeanette: the university will
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create a student multicultural group and the fraternity will implement a diversity training program for members year round. jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. kimberly: it feels a lot more like winter, but the d.c. circulator more summer hours starting monday. it will run two hours later on weeknight. saturday service will be added on the union station navy yard metro. it also adds sunday service on game nights for the nationals. to wish and is going up at the university of virginia. -- tuition is going up at the university of virginia including an increase of 3.6% for current in-state students, 3.7% for out-of-state students and 2.6% for graduate students. the board also approved an 11% hike for incoming students.
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d.c. residents may exhaust the 202 area code by the beginning of 2019. it is according to the company that oversees the phone number system for the country. last year, phone carrier said they had assigned 62% of the 202 numbers assigned to them, which means a new area code could be coming to the district in five years. that for passengers want to know what to do on the train in the event of an emergency. -- metro passengers want to know. brianne carter reports. >> i take it about four times per day. brianne: he says he has concerns about his safety on the train. >> i'm always worried. brianne: to increase safety, metro released a set of video showing riders what to do and what not to do if another emergency happens. >> our first priority is your
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safety. brianne: the video is available in spanish and english, coming two months after the tragic smoke incident on the yellow line that left a woman dead and dozens injured. we asked metro's interim general manager of the thought this video would make a difference in a similar incident. >> hopefully customers would's a on the train -- would stay on the train and wait for first responders, but we want to mature they know all the alternatives and communication with the train operator first. brianne: reaction today on the yellow line. >> i think it's proactive. >> i will watch it, but this is a repeated theme with metro. every incident, they keep saying they will do things better and better. brianne: brianne carter, abc 7 news. kimberly: coming up -- a battle brewing over powdered alcohol.
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the federal government says it's safe, but maryland once it off your shelves. eileen: it felt like winter today, where his spring? the forecast coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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kimberly: weeks after the federal government gave the thumbs up, maryland's alcohol
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industry agreed to a ban on powdered alcohol. reporter: the federal government gave the ok for powdered alcohol. today, prominent doctors from across maryland are standing side by side to say that is a mistake. >> we don't know how quickly it gets absorbed all the other effects. brad: like a child's drink, a can far too easily be mixed with a bottle of water, shaken, and consumed. they say that could be dangerous. >> imagine that your child is offer a product that can be snorted, eaten mixed into food and drink. brad: tonight, as they push for a law to ban powdered alcohol in maryland, the state comptroller
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says that maryland's entire outlook beverage industry has promised not to sell powdered alcohol in the state ever. >> this product will never see the shelves of retail operations in the state of maryland. brad: peter franchot says as the lost dam now, he can prosecute anybody who brings this -- says as the law stands now, he can prosecute anybody who brings powdered alcohol into the state. brad bell, abc 7 news. kimberly: 7 on your side with a consumer alert -- bmw recalling 49,000 motorcycles in the u.s. and canada, covering multiple models, most from 2005 through 2011. bolts in the rear wheel can crack if they are too tight, causing the wheel to become disconnected from the bike. the recall will begin april 21
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and dealers will fix the problem at no cost to wonder. a test of a new way to take a tour without leaving your house. this robot is being used at the seattle art museum to give virtual tours to people who cannot get there. this man is bedridden after a stroke, but the robot is giving him an experience he would ever otherwise not have been able to have. >> it has given me part of my life back. kimberly: the owner controls robot with keys on his laptop. a cost about $15,000 each and can run eight hours on a charge. you're being tested across the country, including at the smithsonian national museum that they are being tested across the country, including a decent sony
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and national museum. coming up, a massive undertaking to remove nearly nine feet of snow and why crews need it gone now. ♪ deidre & the dark - classic girllays in the background ♪ a great entrance never goes out of style. dresses start at $25. the eva mendes collection. exclusively at new york and company.
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kimberly: new england is still struggling with piles of snow. a concert, marathon, and easter egg hunt were all scheduled for this weekend at hampton beach, new hampshire. an armada of trucks came to help
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move out some of the nine feet of snow still piled up. >> mother nature needed a little bit of help. it were big snowbanks and there was no parking, but it looks like they will be able to open this up. kimberly: they were hoping that the snow would be melted by the sun, but the snow had to be hauled off to vacant parking lots away from the beach. hard to believe we had some passing snow flurries over fedex field. eileen: new england once again got more snow today. we found the back age of the system, but winter just will not lose its grip. the current conditions right now, we are at freezing at reagan national right now with wind chill at 23 degrees. it is definitely on the cold side right now. it looks like temperatures will continue to tumble as we go
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through the remainder of the overnight. 27 right now gaithersburg, 12 manassas, 28 dulles and bwi, but it feels colder when you factor in the wind. it is not as dusty as it was, between five and 15 miles per hour. it feels like 19 degrees at andrews, 12 dulles. the wind chill values are likely to be the air temperatures in the morning. the highs across the u.s. today, look how cold it is in the northeast and mid-atlantic. we got to 40 degrees today. we should be 60. further west, 70's and 80's. we have this region the west the trough in the east, allowing the cooler air to sink to the south. the good news is this will start to retreat and we will have warmer air as we start the work week monday, the temperatures up and down the east coast well below average. even jacksonville, 13 degrees
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cooler than average. denver, feeling nice. quiet weather conditions across the u.s., still some snow impacting parts of new england. for us, the clouds have moved out, high pressure moves in tomorrow, sunny and cool upper 40's. tonight, 25 degrees in the city. suburbs falling into the teens. this is air temperatures. and there is the possibility that some of us may be breaking records. tune in tomorrow morning to news channel 8 for the latest on the numbers. tomorrow, mid 40's, lots of sunshine. 60's on monday, a slight chance of passing showers wednesday. thursday, nearing 70 degrees. we are all over the place. kimberly: thanks, eileen. "downton abbey" will be calling
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it quits after this season, the final episode airing on christmas day in great written. the show typically starts showing in the u.s. in january after its british run. coming up -- they made their debut this week. see how the newest addition to the national zoo ear
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kimberly: a big week for the
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indian bear cubs at the national zoo, making their debut. before stepping into the spotlight, mike conneen reports. mike: visitors got a sneak peak this morning. >> they are beautiful. >> smaller than i expected. mike: longtime zoo supporters, local media, and a delegation from peru were invited. they are natives to peru. one of the names means unique, the other one means warm or loved. >> we are working together to bring more species and having a partnership with the national zoo. mike: the cubs are one of only five surviving litters born in north american zoos. there are one step away from
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endangered. >> we are working with the folks that live in their native habitats to try to have good collaborations. we cannot do it on our own. mike: zookeepers have had to do a little bear proofing, filling in holes putting hay in stairwells, and putting them around the bottom of the moat in case one of them takes a tumble. >> they are very rambunctious exactly as expected. it will be a lot of work to take care of them. mike: they will debut this saturday, march 28. kimberly: starbucks is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its famous frappuccino. they are offering a limited time earth day cake -- birthday cake frappuccino topped with raspberry-infused whipped cream. for one man recovering in
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hospital, getting well soon did not take long. >> i was shocked, to say the least. i had surgery, so i did not jump up and down, but i was in my mind. kimberly: a simple gift meant to lift his spirits instead netted him $7 million. he had just had hernia surgery and his dad sent him a scratch off ticket in a get well card. he is newly married and says he and his wife might splurge on a second honeymoon.
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