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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  March 29, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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anchor 1: a deadly stabbing with hardly any answers. and a church after -- under fire. a rallying cry from protesters and new details from the victim of an alleged sex abuse scandal. a curtain call for one of these the's most famous theaters. the news at 6:30 starts now. announcer: abc seven news: 30, on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: police and prince george's county are looking for a man who stabbed someone to death this morning and langley park off university boulevard. richard reid joins us live.
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one of the neighbors found the victim on his own porch? richard: that is right kimberly. it was right outside the store. there are a lot of families and kids, and this troubling discovery has a lot of folks concerned. crime scene tape along the stairwell marks the location of prince george's county's latest homicide. around 4:14 sunday morning police responded to a welfare check call along the 1400 block of can was street. -- kenowa street. officers found a man stabbed to death. residents of the building believe the victim and his attacker were drinking, and an argument turned violent. >> it was not a matter of someone hating him. richard: investigators have not
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found a weapon. witnesses have been hard to find, since most people in the building were asleep. >> once suspect information develops, we will put that out. richard: police are not sure if the man was a resident or just visiting. jackie says she is worried about safety in the neighborhood. jackie: we come here and the children are around. i don't know. it has been bad. scary. richard: certainly a lot of people worried, and a lot of unanswered questions tonight. there is no idea on the victim yet, and there is no lookout but a lot of residents say they will be on alert. richard reeve, abc seven news. kimberly: the four-year-old shot inside of her apartment is safe. abc 7 spoke to the victim's family. they did not want to be identified, but they tell us the
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girl's home and will be ok after friday night's shooting. police have little to go on. they say they are looking for a white car that drove off. another chilly day, but looking ahead to your work week, the temperatures are going to feel a lot nicer. eileen whelan joins us now with a look at the forecast. a little weather too, right? eileen: maybe just put the umbrella in the purse or handbag now, and the kids' backpacks. but brilliant sunshine right now. temperatures only in the 40's. another unseasonably cold day. we are doing better than this time yesterday. we will fall into the upper 30's by about 11:00, and will kind of stay there. clouds will be moving in over the next several hours. drain showers arrive after midnight. it is going to be light and hit or miss, and probably will wrap up around 9:00. this is a simulation of radar
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around 7:00 a.m. the good news is, we will see some sunshine returning for the second half of the day monday. 60's return in our extended forecast. coming up in a few minutes, we will look ahead to your easter weekend forecast. kimberly: for me to and out of new york city. hours ago, firefighters found two bodies in the rubble of the collapsed building in lower manhattan. we do not yet know their identities, but authorities have been looking for a 26-year-old -- 42 26-year-olds. it is likely and illegally tapped gas line caused the explosion that hurt 24 people, four of them critically. one person has died after being trapped in a fire in northeast ec fire crews tell us they found "extreme packrat conditions" in the home on eastern avenue, making it very tough to find the victim. the did eventually find that
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person, but he died after being taken to the hospital. this is the third fire since last friday in northeast. around six: 30 friday morning, crews had to rescue people by letter from the 1100 block of 19 street. another fire four blocks away sent to adults and two children to the hospital. today, dozens of people in loudoun county protested in front of a controversial church. calvary temple has come under fire for reports of sex abuse. diane cho was there today. she has new developments from one of the alleged victims. diane: dozens of people lined up across the street from calvary temple on sunday morning holding signs protesting against the church. protester: it is a shock to realize all of the craziness. diane: this after the sheriff's office confirmed they are investigating allegations of sexual assault at the church. they said because it is an ongoing case, they cannot
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release other details. one of the victims, who was out of town when we called, said the sexual abuse started when she was 12 or 13. she is now 26. >> we are hoping there will be evidence and people will come forward, and people will be called accountable. diane: john is a former member. he and other members describe it as a cultlike atmosphere. john: part of the difficulty to recovery is, there is no justice. diane: andrew lawrence was raised in the church for 27 years, and is no longer a member after questioning its practices. andrew: the more we can -- we want justice to come out. diane: we stopped by the church today told they had no comment. detectives are asking if anyone has information regarding this investigation to contact them at the loudoun county sheriff's office. in sterling, abc 7 news. kimberly: a plane crash in
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virginia killed a spotsylvania teenager. the 16-year-old died when the plane he was flying crashed into a field in orange county this morning. the 16-year-old was the only person on board. because of the crash is under investigation. -- the cause of the crash is under investigation. in canada, a commuter jet slammed into the runway. the air canada jet was flying from toronto to halifax early this morning. all the people on board were able to get off, but to hear them tell it, the landing was a nightmare. >> a living hell. the airplane was in pieces. >> it is brutal. kimberly: air canada reports two dozen people were taken to the hospital for observation and treatment of minor injuries. heavy snow was reported at the time of the landing. it is not clear if that play a role in the accident. crews have reportedly identified the remains of at least 70 victims of the 150 people on board the germanwings flight
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that crashed into the french alps. a mobile lab at the site is conducting tests of the remains. helicopters have been traveling to and from that lab. today is palm sunday mass at the vatican. pope francis prayed for the victims of that crash. he cited in particular the 16 german exchange students returning from a trip to spain. it is lights out for a famous d.c. theater. why the west end cinema is playing his final film tonight. and a reopening derailed. the pickup that left dozens stranded at an iconic amusement park. first, turning up the heat on the hoosier state. >> george, it is a yes or no question. kimberly: how indiana governor mike pence
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announcer: abc 7 news, on your side. kimberly: indiana governor mike pence appeared amid criticism of a state law that allows dissemination against days and lesbians. the governor says it protects business owners from having to violate strongly have been held beliefs. george: if they refuse to serve a gay couple at the wedding, is that legal now in indiana? governor pence: this is where this debate has gone, with misinformation. george: it is just a question. yes or no? governor pence: there has been shameless rhetoric about this latention. kimberly: pence accused the media of representing -- misrepresenting the law, saying it is no different than a 1993
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federal law and those in 19 other states. former governor martin o'malley was also a guest on "this week." he spoke about speculation he will run for president and likely candidates hillary clinton and jeb bush. governor o'malley: the presidency is not a crown to be passed between families. it is an awesome and sacred trust to be earned. kimberly: when asked about his early support for clinton's presidential run in 2008, o'malley said she was the best nominee "for those times." he added that times have changed. carly fiorini a says she has all but decided she will run for president. the former hewlett-packard ceo says she is more than 90% likely to seek the nomination. her other campaign was a failed california senate run in 2010. rand paul and marco rubio are expected to announce their candidacies very soon. texas senator ted cruz announced his run last week.
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it is a final curtain call for a d.c. theater best known for independent film showings. the final screenings at west end cinema happening tonight at 7:00. the three screen movie house in foggy bottom is closing its doors for good. it is grinning jaws and monty python's holy grail. the cofounder and general manager said operating costs have skyrocketed while attendance has dropped. an american icon off to a rocky start. how long people were stuck today on the famous coney island cyclone. and finally, something of spring in the week ahead.
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kimberly: it was the first right
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of the season and did not go as planned for coney island's 88-year-old roller coaster. it got stuck a few feet from the top of its incline. writers were standard -- stranded for about 15 minutes before coney island staff were able to reach them. passengers were escorted down the steps to the bottom. there is no word on what went wrong. the new york building department will inspect the coaster before rights can resume. that is not as thrilling. eileen: at least it stopped going up. can you imagine if you started -- i guess kimberly: the physics of that one. eileen:least they were not upside down. spring. kimberly: it is a transition season. eileen: it is a roller coaster ride. kimberly: great transition. eileen: we are starting to see high clouds move in, and i think
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this is a beautiful shot from the national harbor. the high clouds are going to make for a spectacular sunset. i am going to hopefully be able to show you a pretty time lapse tonight at 11:00. it has been chilly today, not as cold as yesterday. temperatures are in the 40's. this morning, 18 degrees. it was 19 this morning at martinsville. 25 the morning low at nats park. 45 degrees right now. definitely not baseball weather. we have got warmer temperatures in the days to come. it is much milder than it was at this time yesterday. temperatures anywhere between 10 and 20 degrees warmer than they were at this time yesterday. clear skies right now, but i want to zoom out on radar to show you what is coming. high clouds approaching the area. this is the front that will bring us a chance for some showers overnight tonight while you are sleeping and early tomorrow while you are waking up. that will also bring us warmer temperatures.
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futurecast initializes at 8:00. clouds increasing. after midnight, by 6:00 a.m., some rain showers move in. it will be very light. higher elevations may see a few wet snowflakes, but i think that is about it. i can :00, skies begin to brighton. it is going to turn out to be a nice day, with highs in the lower 60's. tonight, cloudy, damp, and cool. showers moving in after midnight. tomorrow morning when you wake up, it will be cloudy and cool. by about noon, you will see the sunshine return. 60 degrees by 4:00 p.m. clouds roll in again monday night into tuesday. you will want the umbrella tuesday as well. highs around 61. a bit cooler wednesday, in the upper 50's. the warmest days arrive late week. thursday, 69. easter weekend so far looks pretty good. maybe some showers still lingering, but easter sunday looks dry.
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kimberly: greg spent most of the day indoors, where it was not hot. greg: it was cold. in a basketball sense. the temperature was fine. what happened to these guys? why was there a chicken
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>> now, the toyota sports desk. greg: i was at the wizards game today, and the crowd got the most excited when the rockets' nick jonson missed two free throws. other than that, the wizards fans did not have a lot to cheer about. it was way too quiet in the building. the wizards needed some chicken sandwich enthusiasm as they headed toward the playoffs.
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today, no one was really pleased. >> we got to get in. everybody has to get into the game. we are going through the motions. gregg: part of the second quarter, john wall lost the ball. the wizards were down 13 at the half. wall the only guy to show a lot of heart. sloppy play. wall scrambles. porter, the reverse. wall had 12 assists and 25 points. the rockets one in a 14-2 run to blow it open. the wizards have lost five of their last six. >> it was an effort where we did not, and try. our focus from an offensive standpoint -- john was time to get us into something, and two guys are running one thing, and three guys are running another. that is what you meant? we had a lot of that. gregg: the caps did not have any
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of that. a big game against the rangers. nice move as always. scores. he had two goals. 1-0, caps. a lot of traffic out in front. jason gets the rebound. the caps win. big win over the rangers. the women will likely play for the privilege of playing uconn in the and all four. the terps will play tennessee monday night in the regional final. a solid performance yesterday. this time against duke. laura, who cranked it up in the first half, shot after shot -- she had 43-pointers. -- four 3-pointers. in the second half, tori walker-kimbrough. picking up the score. maryland one by 10. now, they get tennessee. one game at a time. the 27-game winning streak will
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not minas as much if they do not get to the final four. >> we have met every single one of the goals thus far. for us to put in all the work we did in the summer and preseason and everything we have been able to accomplish, this is more icing on the cake of our accomplishments. we are not done yet. gregg: the net start for real next monday. another bryce harper home run at spring training, against the miami marlins. the nationals go on to win 11-7. a nash -- a nascar race. three of the four final teams are set. michigan state beat louisville. they join kentucky, wisconsin, and either duke or gonzaga. no cinderella story there. i think a lot of people are still having good brackets right now, because kentucky is still in. i think they were sweating last night. kimberly: a tight game. gregg:
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kimberly: mild improvement in the forecast ahead. eileen: early tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 30's and some clouds, a few showers maybe drizzle. by midmorning, much warmer. 60 degrees. keep the him relevant you on tuesday. a bit cooler wednesday, -- keep the umbrella with you on tuesday. 60 seven friday with some showers. maybe a lingering shower into saturday. easter sunday looks nice and sunny in the upper 50's.
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