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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  March 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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turn. brad? brad: yeah wrong turn is right. you know, this began with an awful lot of violence. our first reports, was it a car that was ramming the gate at n.s.a. and police returned fire. the only vantage point from news chopper 7 and we want to get to that video. when you see that video, you'll see a police cruiser bashed up and you'll see another s.u.v. nearby and you'll see a white sheet on the ground. that's one of the suspects from the car. what we understand happened is this car approaches the gate to one of the most heavily guarded, most secure facilities in the world. officers tell the driver to turn around. but the driver does not obey those commands. barricades pop up and the driver tries to ram that police car. that is when officers opened fire. one of the suspects killed on the spot. the others seriously injured. one of the police officers injured in the car crash. and then this back story that you talked about. police looked at the suspects and realized they were cross
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dressers and we had an opportunity to look into the stolen car. our sister station tracked down the owner and he admits that last night, he met two men dressed as women on a street in baltimore and decided to take them to a hotel in howard county. now, this morning, he woke up realized that the men had damage his car and wallet had been stolen. he reported that car stolen. we understand there was no chase. it was simply that these two suspects took a very wrong turn. and it appears as though they panicked when they saw police. so the f.b.i. is still investigating this case as are we. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. maureen: thank you, brad. that injured police officer was taken to maryland shock trauma in baltimore. suzanne kennedy brings up the team coverage live from there. suzanne? suzanne: maureen, we have spent much of this day parked outside of the emergency room here at baltimore shock trauma hospital. this is where we saw ambulance 21 that was parked in front of
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the hospital the same ambulance that brought that officer here from fort meade. we want to show you some aerials from earlier today that showed that particular officer wounded as he was about to be transported. he was able to get himself on the gurney. he had his right arm in a sling. his left arm by his side. it looks like he had been bloodied in the incident there. he was talking and conscious. able to move his head. we talked to a hospital spokesperson and due to medical privacy laws they were unable to give us any information about the officer. we do know from sources on the scene, though, that the injuries that he sustained were not life threatening. late this afternoon we saw a man believed to be a colleague of the n.s.a. officer leaving the emergency room. he had with him a large bag that had what we believe to be the officer's uniform. that bag went right into the vehicle. that officer hopped in the car and took off. we're not certain if the officer remains here at the hospital this evening and again, those
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privacy laws prohibit us from finding that out. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. maureen: thanks, suzanne. 10,000 people live at fort meade and another 51,000 work there. 55% of those employees are civilians. that's more than 28,000 people. 28% are military. more than 14,000 of them and 17% are contractors, about 8500 people. leon? leon: his family says he had a passion for flying. and now investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened before a young pilot crashed near orange county airport over the weekend. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live outside of river bend high school with the latest on the story. jeff? jeff: leon the ntsb is finishing up its work on the crash seen and they expect by tonight they'll have the aircraft removed from the site which is 30 miles from where i'm standing here. this is river bend high school. 16-year-old ryan mccall was a student here as are his two brothers fortunately one a freshman. one a junior.
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now, this entire community is trying to cope with this shocking loss. the smiling handsome face of ryan mccall was well known at river bend high school and today, it was greatly missed. >> just depressing kind of around the hallways. jeff: ryan is a sophomore and so was ryan mccall. >> genuinely nice. jeff: according to virginia state police at 9:45 a.m. yesterday, 16-year-old mccall was flying a 1974 piper single engine fixed wing when it crashed in a field east of the orange county airport just after takeoff. the ntsb says witnesses including mccall's flight instructor watched the plane bank left before crashing. mccall was the only person on board. >> i'm sorry for his parents' loss because he's just doing something that he loves to do. jeff: in a statement, the
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mccall family saying this. ryan was our beloved middle son, a typical teenager who we loved so much and who himself had such a passion for flying. calling ryan their "vibrant intelligent and compassionate son" who at 16 knew his heart and his passion so young in life. >> i hope everyone is praying for the family. helping him out. it's a hard time to lose someone so young! jeff: now, according to f.a.a. regulations, a 16-year-old can fly on his or her own with a student pilot's license which ryan mccall did possess. the ntsb expects to have a preliminary report on its investigation out in the next five to 10 days and then a final report which will include the cause of this crash coming out in about a year. live in fredricksburg, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. leon: police now say a church van was overloaded when it crashed in florida overnight killing eight people. police say 18 people were inside the 15 feet van when it ran through a stop sign, crossed
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four lanes of traffic on a rural highway and then crashed into a shallow canal, the driver and seven passengers were killed and 10 others were taken to the hospital including a 4-year-old who was not in a car seat. maureen: a new state law in ana is causing a nationwide furor. supporters say it was meant to protect business owners' religious beliefs. critics say it allows discrimination especially over sexual orientation. scott thuman is live at our capitol hill bureau with why lawmakers are scrambling to fix things before more damage is done. scott: maureen, we've heard from even the white house on this one but it goes well beyond this. what's happening is an elevation of the debate over balance. some say it's whether or not to keep big government out of business and if you're going to do that how at the same time do you prevent discrimination. after facing this intense, emotion filled scrutiny indiana
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republicans say they will fix the bill. >> i think it's terribly unfair what's being said about our state. we don't support discrimination against anyone in our state. scott: amendments won't cut it counterparts argue. >> when you have a bill that is this tainted and this corrupted, there's no fix for it. you get rid of it. scott: big names across the country agree cancelling subjects and looking for change. it provides services for others they found objectionable on religious grounds that some do welcome. that would also give them the right to discriminate. >> i have two kids that could possibly not be served because somebody doesn't believe in me being married to another woman. >> this is a stupid law! >> they need to stop targeting our community. scott: governor mike pence having a tough time defending his community. he says it's meant to keep big government in check and in fact, similar to laws in plenty
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of other states. >> they're going through the stages of grief right now and they're stuck in the denial phase. they have no sense of how big of a problem this is. scott: the problem for indiana as opposed to other states with similar laws is indiana doesn't already have a civil rights law banning discrimination over sexual orientation. what they would argue is an important first line of defense. we'll wait to see if and how quickly republican lawmakers change this one. lye on capitol hill tonight, scott thuman abc 7 news. maureen: in the past hour, they have called for a ban for travel for all members of the d.c. government. they wret an open letter to all businesses saying that the commonwealth is a business friendly state that does not discriminate against our friends and neighbors. scott: the former head of
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hewlett-packard is 90% certain she'll take a run at executive office. she wants a shot at the highest consecutive office over the land. she's likely run as a republican in the 2016 presses shall race. she led h.p. from 19999 to 2005. she plans to make an official announcement in the next two months. so far, just republican senator ted cruz has officially announced he's running in the next presidential election but looks like he'll need to stay on the radar. according to the new usa/cbs poll, 42% say they'd vote for mike huckabee. kentucky senator rand paul and marco rubio are tied at third with 39% of the vote. scott is 24% of the voters.
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maureen: we have a beautiful start to the week. leon: see how things are coming up this week. chief meet meteorologist doug hill is in the weather center. how long will this good stuff last? doug: the key is the temperatures will be well above average later on in the week. look across the memorial bridge. quick traffic update as we look on the bridge. cars are going into washington. the cars going from left to right are going to arlington. thanks for that traffic update. 63 in quantico and fredricksburg. some areas of sleet and snow and then we turned it around and got in the mid 60's. that's what i love about spring around here. things change quickly. tonight, temperatures drop in the upper 30's to low 40's.
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we'll talk more about that and maybe a couple of 70's in the seven day outlook in a few minutes. leon: sounds good. thanks, doug. coming up mixed bag. find out where gas prices are up and where they're down in our region today. maureen: a little later, an ush even cab driver is fired. what he allegedly did during a ride this weekend. leon: more charges in the death of a maryland boy. reporter: a possible break in a lingering cold case. the former girlfriend of a person of interest could be providing vital evidence. i'm stephen tschida.
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maureen: new at 5:00 an ohio grand jury indicted the man for the murder of a frederick county maryland toddler. body was found inside a backpack late last year. sources say curt flood beat the toddler. the mother was living with him in ohio at the time. she pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and evidence tampering last week. a dramatic twist in a local cold case tonight. leon: that's right. this development could finally give local investigators the evidence that they need to bring charges against the person of interest in the disappearance of
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a young mother. this happened four years ago. stephen tschida is in the newsroom tonight. he's got the new information in this case. stephen? stephen: leon the cold case is the 2011 disappearance of bethany decker from her ashburn apartment. decker's then boyfriend was arrested in november for attempted murder of his new girlfriend. that woman tells thedaily ronald told her things that could implement him in decker's disappearance. investigators comb the area near bethany decker's ashburn apartment four years ago. they never found the 21-year-old. the young mother and wife of a soldier in afghanistan was five months pregnant when she vanished. >> so hard not knowing anything. reporter: she and her husband had problems. while he was overseas she became involved with ronald rovan. a waiter at the time he became a person of interest but never
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charged. he moved to north carolina where last november at the home of his new girlfriend he allegedly went into a rage and viciously beat the woman. she says when she grabbed the gun to defend herself, he took it and shot her in the eye. he is jailed and charged with attempted murder. now, his alleged victim tells "the daily mail" he told her that he could make people disappear. loudoun county sheriff's detectives have interviewed him in north carolina where he is behind bars awaiting trial. at this point, despite the revelations from his alleged victim, he remains a person of interest in the bethany decker disappearance. reporting live from the newsroom stephen tschida, abc 7 news. leon: thank you stephen. a road closed for hours because of a brushfire in montgomery county just reopened in the last half-hour. take a look at this news chopper 7 video. this is the scene in gaithersburg along game preserve
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road. more than a dozen fire and rescue units including water tankers on the scene fighting that fire. no word of what caused it. maureen: we have a nice start to the week. beautiful weather today. doug: turned out a big turn-around from this morning. some areas of rain and turned around like that. lots of good stuff to talk about this week. on average, on the plus side mostly if you like mild temperatures. we got that in abundance right now. look live from rooftop cam remarks a few fair weather clouds will tend to dissipate after sunset tonight. we'll be mostly clear and seasonably cool overnight. quiet. winds are a little gusty. they'll diminish during the evening hours as well. 63 degrees right now at reagan national airport. humidity is only 23% and westerly wind at 13 miles an hour. 54 degrees in middletown at frederick county. augusta 33 miles per hour. 37-mile-per-hour gust and 60 in
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manassas. 58 degrees in chevy chase. temperatures across the board making a nice comeback after the chilly start. lots of 60's showing up. 61 in martinsburg. and 65 in fredricksburg. warm enough that you can feel the difference between yesterday and today. right now, it's 15 degrees warmer in washington than it was this time yesterday. closer to 20 degrees warmer in quantico. the temperatures are cooler but seasonably. not bitterly cold. look at the temperatures. 59 in chicago. 54 in minneapolis. even warmer the farther west you go. we'll have one system come through tomorrow with a cold front and then this warmer air mass will move in for thursday and friday. it's going to be very very nice. here's the story. we're seeing high pressure build in. the front has moved off shore. now we have a partly cloudy skies. big batch of clear skies we'll enjoy tonight and tomorrow morning. but quickly tomorrow morning, mid to late morning, this cloudiness will spread in. with that will come showers through the afternoon and
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evening and nighttime hours. actual cold front here may see some steady rain for a while. this is noon tomorrow. the computer simulation coming through the northern and western suburbs. as we get through the afternoon and through the rush hour a line of showers and maybe a few downpours. no thunder expected. clear back out to tomorrow night. we'll be good to go for a few more days. overnight, mostly clear. diminishing winds. cooler temperatures. and then through the day tomorrow, up into the low 60's again with morning sunshine afternoon showers. gusty winds still at times out of the west and southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. next seven days for you numbers will go down a bit on wednesday. but we'll have lots of sunshine. highs in the mid 50's and then that warm air i showed you through kansas and missouri and arkansas, that's headed here for thursday and friday. at least 70 and maybe lower 70's. another cold front coming in through friday afternoon and through the day on saturday likely to bring rain. look at the temperatures. they stay well above freezing and right now, it looks like by easter sunday we'll is sunshine
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and highs in the upper 50's. no complaints. leon: that's it. maureen: having breakfast for lunch or dinner isn't uncommon anymore. leon: still to come one restaurant isn't going to be drawing a line of when you can get yours much longer plus -- >> you could hear people screaming. we could hear people running in trying to help. we could hear several folks trying to direct traffic. trying to keep bystanders out. maureen: the rush to help after a firefighter falls through the roof of a burning home. leon: but first, new revelations about the co-pilot of that downed germanwings plane. find out what he had been treated for before. next.
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5:24 pm
site today. they paid their respects on the same day that we learned more about the co-pilot's medical history. reporter: the co-pilot andreas lubitz believed to have deliberately crashed the germanwings flight into the french alps suffered from suicidal tendencies at some point before he began his career as a piloted. this according to german prosecutors. they say investigators found documents from doctors say lubitz was unfit to fly. but they say there's no evidence that suggests he was suicidal before the crash. >> these documents don't show any hint of being suicidal. reporter: the german newspaper "build" has published what it says is a summary of the transcript from the cockpit voice recorder. according to that pilote report the pilot is heard shouting to get back in the cockpit several times as the plane descends. a spokesperson says the organization is dismaid by this apparent leak of information about the voice recording.
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near crash site on monday, family members continued saying their final farewells embracing each other. some blowing kisses towards the debris field. among the dead an iranian sports journalist. this is his sister. >> i said to one of his friends if someone killed in the flight it would be ok because it's -- reporter: more than 100 german investigators are at the crash site continuing to look for the flight data recorder and collecting the remains of those who were on board. in northeast, karen kaffa, abc 7 news. maureen: coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 prosecutors reach a major point in their case against the surviving boston marathon bombing suspect. leon: plus -- >> that's what really kept me motivated. leon: find out what helped keep that state trooper going after being shot in a deadly ambush. sam: a d.c. mother admitted in court today she threw scalding
5:26 pm
water on her 9-year-old disabled son. i'm sam ford. that story i
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px#á&ú:1v tt2wmrst.! pt#j'ú:%vd tt2wmrst.! pt#j)ú:.6 tt2wmrst.! pp#jáú:9-< tt2wmrst.! pp#j,ú:xwé tt2wmrst.! pl#á.ú:qíp tt2wmrst.! pl#á0ú:jh8 maureen: a woman accused of abusing her son was back in court this afternoon. police say betty threat tortured her 9-year-old son who has cerebral palsy. sam ford has an update on the
5:29 pm
story you saw first on 7. sam: yeah maureen. age 27 mother of five children is facing up to nine years in prison after she pleaded guilty today to abusing her 9-year-old son who has cerebral palsy. they referred to his son with his initials t.b. she admitted in court today she threw scalding water on t.b. that with her ex-boyfriend, they duct taped the boy's mouth, arms and legs and left them in a bathtub in their southeast d.c. apartment for up to five days at a time. she admitted they would not feed the boy to the point where when he was finally examined by medical personnel, he was extremely underweight. since she were not sending him to school they were asking questions. she gave the boy to his biological father and they were arrested and the children were taken away. she pleaded guilty to first
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degree cruelty to children while armed and first degree cruelty to children. threat who cried a lot during that court hearing walked into this courthouse but she did not walk out. the judge held her as a flight risk since she now faces up to nine years in prison. her ex-boyfriend lester jackson, pleaded not guilty. and his trial is set for this coming july. reporting live from d.c. superior court, sam ford, abc 7 news. leon: checking the top stories now. one man is dead and another hurt after authorities say they tried to ram a gate outside of the national security agency at fort meade. the two men were dressed up as women had apparently stolen an s.u.v. from a man they met the night before. the n.s.a. says the two refused orders to stop and that's when security personnel opened fire. one police officer suffered minor injuries. maureen: investigators are trying to figure out what happened in the moment before a plane crash that killed a young pilot. 16-year-old ryan mccall of spots
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spotsylvania spotsylvania, virginia died in sunday's crash. mccall had a student's pilot's license. leon: the fallout from indiana's controversial religious freedom lieu is -- law is growing. today, virginia governor mcauliffe called on businesses to relocate because of the law. supporters say it keeps business owners from having to violate their own religious beliefs. maureen: new developments in the boston marathon bombing trial. today, prosecutors rested their case with autopsy photos of the three people killed in the april 2013 attack. lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev began their case on monday. the defense admits tsarnaev's involvement but contends he was under the influence of his older brother. they say he should be spared the death penalty. leon: maryland's attorney general says it's "beyond foolish." and he says he sent a letter to the department of interior voicing his opposition to plans for allowing offshore drilling along the atlantic ocean's continental shelf. he says the plan to search for oil and natural gas there comes
5:32 pm
with needless risks that will threaten maryland's natural resources. maureen: gasoline prices are down again across the metro area. but it's a different story in the district. according to triple a, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.39. that's down a penny from a week ago. but in the district of columbia the average is actually up a penny to $2.55 a gallon. nationwide, drivers are paying an average of $2.42 a gallon. leon: let's get a check and see how things are shaping up on the roads this evening. jamie sullivan standing by on traffic watch. how is it looking at this hour? jamie: definitely some slow spots. that's where i want to begin. 95 in virginia we drop down to 22 miles an hour. this is on 95 northbound as we get closer to where we've had an earlier accident. it's been cleared away. that was 95 northbound near triangle. i want to talk about a crash on 95 southbound. this did have all lanes blocked.
5:33 pm
as you can see, as we pull out just a little bit they do have lanes that they're starting to open. but i want to move to the backup. this is actually right here lorton. the backup that we're going to look at is near newington. we are seeing this volume. as we go back to the maps, i want to focus on the beltway. so really the slowing for you that we are used to getting into montgomery county and then for you traveling in d.c. we've got us heading outbound on d.c. 295 with the congestion. as we move a little bit closer towards the top side of the beltway, college park getting into lanham. we average about 33 miles per hour. couple earlier accidents, most of those gone. but 95 boat directions in virginia past the heaviest stretch for you. that's a look at traffic. back to you. leon: thanks jamie. mcdonald's customers say they've been wanting this for years and now the fast food giant is considering serving breakfast all day long! that's right. mcdonald's is going to be testing this idea at restaurants in san diego over the summer. the move is mcdonald's latest attempt to reverse slumping
5:34 pm
sales. so far, the company removed items from its menu and replaced its c.e.o. and now it will be breakfast all day long. maureen? maureen: even 4-year-olds get a craving for a midnight snack and one child in philadelphia actually left home and hopped on a bus to find one. authorities say the little girl unlocked the back door and slipped out of her home at 3:00 in the morning on friday. then they say she hopped on a bus. as the bus driver was calling police little annabelle told other passengers where she was headed. >> i will take you. but listen promise me next time you'll wait for me, ok? >> yeah. maureen: she had slushies on her mind. police took the child to a hospital where she was reunited with her parents. and as you can see, mom promised to get her a slushy. the family says they've since changed the locks in their home. leon: don't just change them. put more of them in. lock the windows, too.
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good for her! glad she came out of that ok. maureen: she is fine. leon: teens from prince george's county and d.c. public schools faced off at the careers in culinary arts program over the the weekend. and congratulations goes out to kyra green of oxon hill high. and gregory brow of bowie high school. they both received full tuition scholarships towards degrees in the culinary arts. 20 high school seniors and one junior earned more than $340,000 in scholarships and brand new opportunities. congrats, guys. way to go. maureen: coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 a simple mistake. how the american academy of pediatrics wants to help parents avoid what could be a deadly error. leon: but first -- >> uniform burnt. trying to tell a story by looking at it what hell he went through in those three minutes. leon: a community springs into action after a firefighter falls through the roof of a burning building.
5:36 pm
maureen: first here's david muir with a preview of tonight's abc's "world news tonight." david: breaking developments deadly shooting today outside of one of the most secure sites in america. what led to the deadly confrontation? news coming in tonight, crash landing of a jet missing the runway by more than 1,000 feet and one of the engines ripping off. on the eve of the final four, the scramble. what the ncaa is saying about playing in indiana amid that controversial new law. and quarterback tom brady's vacation video. fans asking what were you thinking?
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leon: some good news to pass on about harrison ford. the actor harrison ford out of the hospital now following the plane crash. a source tells "people" magazine the 72-year-old was spotted driving in los angeles on saturday. he crashed a vintage plane on a golf course on march 5th you may remember. he reportedly suffered a cut scalp and broken bones in his pelvis and aing i will. the plane's engine failed shortly after takeoff causing him to make that emergency landing. maureen: tonight a fire captain in california remains hospitalized after falling through the roof of a burning home. this is some very dramatic video from the scene in fresno
5:40 pm
yesterday. authorities say the firefighter was trying to ventilate the roof when the incident happened. while his fellow firefighters scrambled to save him. a retired marine also jumped in to help. >> i went to go help the firefighters. help them and taking the hoses and removing the trash cans even cutting the cable from the garage door. maureen: the fire captain was rescued with the remnants of his burned uniform still on him. he was taken to the hospital with third degree burns over his body. leon: that pennsylvania state trooper injured in a sniper ambush last fall is talking about his recovery. he will have his 17th surgery since the september shootings last month. he's had his hip replaced in the six months since they were ambushed outside of the barracks. >> i'm glad i'm getting better and off crutches and on a cane. leon: trooper douglas spoke this
5:41 pm
weekend after a ceremony naming a street after corporal dixon. the support of his department helps him motivated to recover. he hopes to regain the strength to return to work and go on to run marathons. maureen: larry hogan declared today welcome home vietnam veterans day. the bill was introduced by the democratic senator and vietnam vet of anne arundel county. supporters call it long overdue recognition for those who served in the vietnam war in the 19630s -- 1960s and 1970s. find out how students rank in advanced placement plus -- reporter: a woman trying to get home saturday night used uber to try to get a cab. but never made it home. instead, ended up here in this gas station parking lot. details next. leon: not quite the scene patriots fans want to see. more on the splash this video is making just ahead.
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maureen: "7 on your side" in health matters tonight. the american academy of pediatrics endorses the metric system. the physician's group says more than 70,000 children go to emergency rooms each year after getting an unintentional overdose of medication. often, they're given a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon. the group says changing to mill liters for children's medical doses could help. maryland and virginia have among the highest percentage of high school seniors qualifying for credit on advanced placement tests. maryland ranked first with 31.8% of public schools seniors qualifying. virginia ranked third with 30%. the number of virginia public school graduates taking at least one a.p. exam has grown 82% in the past decade. leon: a taxi driver who contracted with uber is out of a job after a wild ride over the weekend. brianne carter takes us through
5:46 pm
the claims you'll see only on 7. brianne: a frightening ride for a woman who tried on take a taxi home. >> i use a taxi or uber at least three or four times a week. brianne: according to this police report, the woman used uber to get a d.c. taxi home around 11:30 saturday night. during the ride, the woman told the driver he was going the wrong way and he then became enraged and began yelling. "woman, shut up. you don't know what i'll do with you. you don't know what i'm going to do to you." the woman called 911. the driver allegedly sped up. while driving along military road, the men allegedly made a turn on to a side road in a wooded area and told the woman she could get out. police report says she declined and the driver began to speed up and intentionally slowed down jerking the car. the terrifying trek ended in this exxon parking lot off connecticut avenue. the woman tells police the driver locked the doors and began driving in circles. after allegedly asking to get out three times, the driver
5:47 pm
finally unlocked the doors. >> absolutely horrifying. and i can -- it's the scenario that i think all of our mothers warned us about when you're younger. you're getting in the car with a stranger. >> i think with uber at the very least you get a picture and the name and know who is going to come and pick you up if you're hailing a cab, it's just as random. brianne: due to the technology from the app, authorities do know who was behind the wheel. d.c. taxi commission is aware of the complaint and is investigating alongside authorities. uber confirms to abc 7 the driver has been deactivated from their service. in northwest, brianne carter, abc 7 news. maureen: ahead tonight at 6:00 our brad bell is learning new information about that shooting that left one person dead outside of the n.s.a. headquarters. plus new security procedures are in place at the national zoo. what spurred the changes and what you should know before you visit. we'll also show you the lasting tribute to the late senator ted kennedy. what president obama hopes it accomplishes new tonight at 6:00.
5:48 pm
leon: all right. you know weatherwise today, doesn't it feel like officially we're never going back? this is it for good? maureen: we certainly hope so. we want to say so. doug, tell us it's true! doug: i'll sign on that thought and wish. we may get close to that. i think we're not going to see any bitterly cold outbreaks. i'll give you that much. all the advance guidance continues to show temperatures at or above the average. we're in good shape here. we're in good shape outside. that's why steve rudin has joined us to give us an idea of how the cherry blossoms are doing and what it feels like to be out in springtime. steve: it feels great out here. a little breezy out here right now. sun was out earlier and now we're looking at temperatures that are going to slowly cool as you move through the overnight hours. big warmup on the way. doug will talk about that in a moment. look outside and you can see the cherry blossoms around the tidal basin. have another nine to 10 days until we see the flowers and the blooms start to erupt. the peak period right now april 11th through april 14th.
5:49 pm
that's the projection. but with temperatures that are going to be in the lower 70's later this week we might have to push that up a little bit.if your allergies are bothering you, this could be the reason why. tree pollen now in the high category. grass and mold on the lower category but those will continue to increase as they move through the coming week. doug has details on the rain on the way. doug: sunshine now and more rain tomorrow. first up with the temperatures here in the 60's. 63 degrees at reagan national. 65 in quantico and fredricksburg. 59 degrees at this hour in winchester. there goes this morning's cold front. we have clear skies developing across the area but already the next weather system is on the move pushing clouds across indiana and ohio. clear skies early on but then some cloudiness through the rush hour. as we head through lunch time some rain may be showing up north and west of the metro area. good chance we'll dealing with
5:50 pm
rain through the rush hour through tomorrow evening and then clings should clear up nicely as we head through late tuesday night and wednesday. tomorrow, nice day with increasing clouds. 61 for a high. and then as we head through the next seven days cooler with sunshine on wednesday. sunshine, 70 degrees thursday. clouds and rain. but lower 70's friday. some rain left over into saturday morning. clearing out just in time for easter sunday. that is the very latest from the weather center. leon? leon: thanks doug. lots of football fans out there particularly the new york jets fans would probably over the years about quarterback tom brady and the patriots to take a flying leap. for patriots fans he did just that and it caused a bit of a moment of panic over the weekend when the super bowl m.v.p. did this. >> are you going to jump? leon: yeah. you can see the answer was yes. brady posted this video on his facebook page and jumps off a 30 foot cliff into that water below and he says it was filmed on a recent vacation with his wife in
5:51 pm
costa rica. patriots fans went wild on social media pleading with the quarterback to not do anything to risk his million dollar arm again. not the first time that brady has tackled this particular waterfall. in fact, in 2012, he made a similar jump but only from 10 feet up. this time he tripled that. wonder what his insurance agent has to say about that. tim: have a nice trip. see you next fall. breaking news right now, this is just taking place. george mason has hired dave paulson as the new head basketball coach. he led bucknell to two ncaa tournaments in the last five years. he replaces paul hewitt fired earlier this month. on to women's basketball the terps play tennessee tonight for a right to go to the final four. believe me when i say this won't be any walk in the park. volunteers match up with maryland. they're used to being on a big stage. maryland likes the big stage as well. the terps have won 27 straight
5:52 pm
games. and still have yet to reach all of their goals. >> we set goals at the beginning of the year. we've met every single one of them thus far. to put all the work in the summer and preseason and everything that we've been able to accomplish this year you know, this is more icing on the cake of our accomplishments and we're not done yet. tim: downtown lexi brown, they need you tonight. at the men's tournament so many of the games have been phenomenal and down to the final four four. leon has all four of them. for one, i enjoyed seeing mike k win again. i went to maryland. i understand maryland-duke but he is a class act. great coach. good friend. he's going to his 12th final four which ties him with the legend of john wooden. way to go mike. >> being with these kids and sharing this moment and this final four i am so happy. i'm so happy for them and to be
5:53 pm
with them. they are -- look i'm not saying just because we've won, i've said it the whole year. i love my team. tim: as we close in on baseball's opening day the nationals are getting warmed up by getting the kids ready. screech has been visiting schools, the military. this is barnaby manor elementary school. screech surprised them by showing up and giving them gifts. let's play ball. bring on the mets. that's one week from today! leon: all right. tim: how about that? good stuff! leon: that feels good to hear. tim: absolutely. leon: all right thanks. maureen: coming up next at 5:00 a basketball tournament becomes a backdrop to a violent confrontation. leon: find out why it
5:54 pm
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leon: back now with an update on the use of the selfie sticks in
5:57 pm
crowded places. you can add music festivals to the list of places where you can't use the devices now. several museums including the smithsonian have already outlawed them citing concerns about damage to paintings or the exhibits there. selfie sticks for those of you who have never seen them before it lets you take photos of yourself and getting the cell phone a little further away from your face. county deputies is you -- surrounded by two dozen teenagers. reporter: saturday afternoon a basketball tournament was wrapping up here at spotsylvania high school. according to authorities, deputies say the teens were first confronted by the principal and investigators say the first two deputies arrived, they tried to arrest the teens involved in the burglary. that's why they say the 14-year-old started attacking
5:58 pm
the deputy punching him several times causing he beens tensesive injuries to his face. the 18-year-old was charged with obstruction of justice. he tried to help one of the teens being arrested and had to be threatened with a taser before he backed off. >> that deputy and his partner were in a lot of physical danger as the crowd was swelling around them and attempting to free their classmates, so to speak. >> how many people would you guess? >> between 15 and 18 people that were there. other deputies arrived on scene were able to quell the disturbance. reporter: we're told the teens are from prince william county. the 14-year-old and the two 17-year-olds are being charged with several felony charges including assault by mob according to authorities, their names are not being released because of their ages. we're told the deputy is expected to be ok. in spotsylvania diane cho, abc
5:59 pm
7 news. leon: that's it now for abc 7 news at 5:00. coming up at 6:00, two men shot and a guard hurt after an s.u.v. tries to ram a gate outside of the n.s.a. what we've learned about the men inside that vehicle. plus the lasting legacy of a string of deadly shootings five years ago today. it costs five people their lives and -- >> better be safe than sorry. leon: the new security procedures at the national zoo. what you need to know before you go. as abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. maureen: a wrong turn is blamed for setting off a chain of events that ended with one man dead and another hurt outside of the n.s.a. headquarters in fort meade. n.s.a. police officers opened fire after they say two men tried to ram a stolen car through a security gate off connector road. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live near the scene with how this played out.
6:00 pm
brad? brad: the n.s.a. is such a secure place. we're not even allowed to point our cameras towards any of their buildings and we've been told we have to point at these trees but that gate is 1/4 mile on the other side of those woods and these guys in the stolen car, it was the wrong place to be. for the suspects in this incident it was the worst of wrong turns. the two men dressed as women, and riding in a stolen car mistakenly pull up to a guarded entry gate for one of the most secure facilities in the world. when they alleged lyly hear the officer's commands to turn around barricades pop up. in an effort to escape, they ram a police car and officers open fire. one suspect is killed on the spot. the other is seriously injured. the officer in the rammed cruiser also hurt. now, we know more about why the men may have panicked at the sight of police.


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