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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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maryland bureau chief brad bell is live near the scene with how this played out. brad? brad: the n.s.a. is such a secure place. we're not even allowed to point our cameras towards any of their buildings and we've been told we have to point at these trees but that gate is 1/4 mile on the other side of those woods and these guys in the stolen car, it was the wrong place to be. for the suspects in this incident it was the worst of wrong turns. the two men dressed as women, and riding in a stolen car mistakenly pull up to a guarded entry gate for one of the most secure facilities in the world. when they alleged lyly hear the officer's commands to turn around barricades pop up. in an effort to escape, they ram a police car and officers open fire. one suspect is killed on the spot. the other is seriously injured. the officer in the rammed cruiser also hurt. now, we know more about why the men may have panicked at the sight of police.
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the owner of the stolen car, 60-year-old baltimore tells our sister station that he met the men who are cross dressers as they walked a street in baltimore. the man says he took the pair to a hotel in howard county for a night of partying drugs are involved. this morning, the man realizes his new friends have vanished robbing him of his wallet and his car. he reports it stolen but sources say the car is not spotted by police until the violent incident at the n.s.a. entry gate. this case is being investigated by the f.b.i. they've put on the a couple of statements today but haven't said a whole lot about it. they believe that this incident had no link to terror. at n.s.a. headquarters on the campus of fort meade, brad bell abc 7 news. maureen: we're told the officer that was hurt was taken to shock trauma center in baltimore. aerial video from news chopper 7 shows the officer, his arm in a sling getting into a gurney. hospital officials did not release the details of his
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condition citing privacy. abc 7 will bring you new information on the suspects and the officer's condition as soon as we learn them. today's incident is reminiscent of a crime scene in 2012. you may remember when a suspect in a police chase crashed into a vehicle and a naval officer outside of walter reid national medical center. in that incident police fired into the vehicle. the suspect was not hurt. she was later found not criminally responsible and sent to undergo mental health treatment at a facility in maryland. frederick police arrested a woman they say wandered on to the tarmac of the frederick municipal airport sunday morning. police say at least one plane trying to land had to veer to the side of the runway to avoid hitting 37-year-old lori katz. she's now charged with trespassing. a community is mourning the loss of a 16-year-old killed when his
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plane crashed this weekend near the orange county airport. the pilot 16-year-old ryan mccall was killed. his classmates at river bend high school in fredricksburg say they are numb. >> it's just crazy thinking like losing a classmate so young. you wouldn't expect that to happen. just thinking positive and saying our prayers and thoughts for his family. maureen: mccall's family released a statement saying he had a passion for flying. the ntsb is investigating. mccall was flying with a student pilot's license. we're told his instructor was on the ground and witnessed the crash. today marks a grim anniversary in southeast washington. it was on this day five years ago a group opened fire on a crowd outside of a funeral on south capitol street. three people were killed. it was the end of a string of violence that left five dead and several others wounded. tom roussey is live in southwest tonight with how those lost are being remembered. tom?
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tom: maureen, there's going to be two things going on tonight. behind me at faith presbyterian church, there's going to be a discussion about gun violence that includes family members of the victims. and then there's going to be a candlelight vigil held less from a block from here at the spot where three of the five victims who were murdered died that night. exactly five years ago. here's video from that horrible evening. these shootings rocked the city. they all started over a missing bracelet bracelet. it was a series of shootings over eight days that upset so many people. before it was all said and done five people were murdered. four of them teenagers and although a lot of folks have moved on in the five years since then the pastor here at the presbyterian church says for the family and friends of those who died, this still affects them every single day. >> there's always healing when we come together and share our stories and see that for the
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parents and the family of those persons who were killed to know that we haven't forgotten. tom: now, the first of the five victims was jordan hal. he was murdered on march 22nd five years ago. eight days later, three teenagers who had attended his funeral were gunned down. again, less than a block from where i am here and there was another victim who was killed that same night in a related shooting. eight others were shot and survived and some of the families of the survivors are going to be here tonight as well. again saying there's a lot of healing that needs to be done but she really wants these families to know the city has not forgotten them. we'll be covering this tonight and bring you what happens later on abc 7 news at 11:00. i'm tom roussey abc 7 news. maureen: new security measures are in place at the national
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zoo. >> bring it around! maureen: starting this morning, visitors were subject to bag checks. the zoo will not disclose what other steps it's taking to increase security. spring has been a violent time around the zoo in recent years. last year, two people were shot on the sidewalk in front of the zoo on easter monday. the year before someone was stabbed. awe a former secret service agent is facing charges that he stole money. shawn bridges faced a judge in san francisco this afternoon and he did not enter a plea. bridges is charged along with former d.e.a. agent karl force from baltimore. both men were involved in the investigation of silk road founder ross albrecht. just ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, what's to blame for long lines and delays of jet blue at reagan national airport and
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others around the east coast? what we've learned about the co-pilot accused of intentionally crashing a plane in the french alps. and next -- how much c.s.x. will pay after a train crashes into a virginia river and bursts into flames. doug: i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture weather center. absolutely beautiful afternoon early evening. enjoy it. more weather changes on the way. give you the timeline coming up next on abc 7 news at 6:00.
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maureen: c.s.x. has been fined $361,000 for last year's derailment that sent three crude oil tankers into the james river near lynchburg. one of those tankers burst into flames, as you can see. abc 7 first told you about the proposed fine in february. now, a state board has signed off on it. as part of the deal, c.s.x. will also pay investigative and cleanup costs. a virginia man will spend a year and a half in prison for not telling women he slept with he has -- he was h.i.v. positive. daniel cleaves admitted having unprotected sex with two maryland women without disclosing his h.i.v. status. the women involved in the case have not tested positive for the virus. an american health care worker being treated for ebola at the national institutes of health is getting better.
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the hospital says the patient has been upgraded from serious to fair condition. the parents -- the person's name has not been released. we're told the patients contracted ebola while volunteering in sierra leone and arrived at n.i.h. more than two weeks ago. president obama joined other former senators in boston today at the opening of the edward kennedy institute for the united states senate. president obama: may we all set an example for the kids who enter these doors and exit with higher expectations for their country. maureen: after today's dedication, vice president biden presided over the opening of a full sized replica of the senate chamber located next to the j.f.k. presidential library, it teaches what it's like to be a senator and promotes civic involvement. senator kennedy died from brain cancer in 2009. next on abc 7 news at 6:00
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what's to blame for what some call hours long wait to get on board jet blue flights today. plus chief meteorologist doug hill has the timeline on when the sunshine will turn to rain. tim: notre dame has given wisconsin a huge gift. while the lady terps don't need any volunteers to play tennessee. they're pumped and ready for a chance to go to the final four
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maureen: authorities have identified the remains of 78 of the 150 people killed when a germanwings plane crashed into the french alps. it comes as we learn more about the mental state of co-pilot andreas lubitz. investigators say he was deemed unfit to fly but hid that from the airline. cockpit voice recordings indiat lubitz locked the pilot out of the cockpit before crashing the plane intentionally. secretary of state john kerry vows to work late into the night on negotiations over iran's nuclear program. tomorrow is the self-imposed deadline for the framework of a deal but even as all sides try
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to resolve substantial differences, concern is growing over the implications of the talks. reporter: results of a nuclear deal with iran would largely be based on what's actually included. but critics are already concerned of short and long-term unintended consequences. here's alan dershowitz professor emeritus and outspoken critic of these negotiations. >> israel is not going to accept this deal it endangers its very existence. reporter: the obama administration for months has been arguing the opposite, that it would prevent war. not to mention give the u.s. and its allies access to observe. while no deal would make things much worse. vice president kerry: iran would have to go back to spinning their centrifuges.
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reporter: they say it would lead to permanent changes that you wouldn't see, at least not right away. first and foremost the deal will become the gold standard for nuclear programs in the region and beyond. >> whoever wants nuclear energy in the middle east and elsewhere in the world will now come to the international community and say why can't i get what you conceded to iran? reporter: another concern, erosion of america's standing in the world some say that could happen with or without a deal. >> you already see signs of u.s. allies in the region openly challenging america's judgment and wisdom and taking their own actions without consulting washington. reporter: saudi arabia's action in yemen without first coordinating with president obama could be a first sign of things to come.
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maureen: president obama's passport and other personal information were leaked in a data breach. we've learned that 19 other world leaders who attended last year's g-20 summit in australia were already -- were also rather, affected. their information was sent to organizers of the asian cup football tournament. australia's department of immigration and border protection says the recipient of the leaks immediately destroyed the data. the white house, of course is investigating. things are returning to normal for jet blue passengers after a hectic morning. the airline says a computer crash forced employees to check in passengers manually earlier this morning. of course that meant long lines at reagan national as well as in new york and boston. at this hour most jet blue flights are leaving national airport on time. not a bad day to be up in the skies enjoying some of the blue.
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doug: quiet weather but a lot of changes coming in the next few days. on average, mostly rather pleasant for us. let's get started with a look at things from the rooftop camera in rosslyn. beautiful afternoon. seeing temperatures kind of rise and fall a degree or two but they are very comfortable indeed at this hour in the 60's. now, 65 degrees again as reagan national. they had dropped to 63 degrees about 30 minutes ago. still late in the afternoon, sun is still high enough in the sky to give us late day warmth. north westerly winds at 12 miles an hour and the air is very dry. officially, 65 is the high at reagan national. fewer degrees above average. right where we should be for the final couple of days of march. temperatures are in the 50's north and west of the metro area. it's comfortable. few 60's elsewhere. 61 at lexington park. so a little pocket that you can tell by the blues and greens. a little cooler weather through the great lakes. nothing cold. cold air what it is for it is way up to the north and east of boston. that's a good sign for spring weather lovers. it's indicative of a pattern
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shift that's under way. when you have pattern shifts from winner weather patterns to spring weather patterns it's not like that. it takes a while but certainly you can see the signs and already look to the west st. louis, kansas city, 72 and that weather pattern is heading here for thursday and friday. this morning, the front went through. a little rain, a little sleet and a little snow. sunshine and remember whatter temperatures. don't get used to it. another pattern is coming in. upper air disturbance on the leading edge of another cold front. that will bring clouds tomorrow afternoon and showers. our futurecast suggests the timing that will be like this. clouds start increasing during the rush hour in the morning. we'll get some rain showing up on radar potentially by midday. that will spread ahead of the cold front by this afternoon. probably rain through the evening rush hour as well and quickly, it should push out and clear out tomorrow night and be back in business with sunshine and nice little warming trend after wednesday. 39 overnight with clear skies and lighter winds. for tomorrow, sun in the morning and showers in the afternoon. gusty winds. 62 degrees. and then turn a bit cooler behind that on wednesday. that shows up on the seven day
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with sunshine 56 wednesday. sunny, breezy. 70 degrees on thursday. lower 70's on friday with cloudy skies and showers and the next cold front looks as though the showers could continue into saturday morning. clear in the day and cooler. easter sunday closer to sunshine. same on monday. maureen and tim? maureen: thank you for the good news. tim: looks good. maureen: any good news for us. tim: news that's just breaking as we speak. george mason basketball has a brand new man in charge. kentucky's pursuit for perfection continues while the lady terps carry their win streak into primetime tonight. i have the very latest and it's coming up next in sports.
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tim: let's begin with breaking news. george mason has hired dave paulson as their head basketball coach replacing paul hewitt. paulson led bucknell to two ncaa tournament appearances the last five years. head coach brenda frese has made the terps the consistent national contender. they won the championship in 200 6 and the terps have been knocking on the door ever since. they lost in the final four last year. to get back to the final four the terrapins will have to win tonight against one of the most storied programs in all of basketball. tennessee volunteers. game time is 9:00 p.m. hey, it was a great weekend in the men's tournament. coach k has taken duke to the final four for the 12th time.
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tom izzo has the number seven seed in the semifinal. how about kentucky going for the perfect 40-0 season? that's incredible. notre dame had them on the ropes. they had to do -- all they had to do was make free throws. irish played well and may have given wisconsin a blueprint to beating the wildcats. they spread the floor. switched the defenses. led to a strong inside game. that's what august did. great game. we'll see what happens in the final four. for baseball fans the nationals open the season one week from today against the mets. today, they continue to work on weaknesses in an exhibition game against the cardinals. ryan zimmerman played well first game back since injuring his shoulder. base hit back up the middle. he's on his horse coming from third. nats take a 2-0 lead but the cardinals did come back and scored six straight to win 6-2. that's great news about ryan zimmerman. the caps had urgency against the rangers and the biggest stars stepped up and lit the lamp twice. great eight was fabulous with the puck.
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with the puck and without it. ovi skated fast and hard and washington won its fifth game in the last seven outings. they have seven games remaining in the regular season. meanwhile, the caps -- the wizards, rather failed to clinch a playoff berth against houston yesterday. washington has lost five of its last six games and appear in a freefall to host philadelphia. that will be wednesday night. they're headed in the opposite direction as the capitals. maureen: what's the latest? doug: quick look for the forecast for tonight. sunshine tomorrow morning, breezy, warmer lower 60's in the afternoon with some showers especially by this time tomorrow night, steve rudin has his eye on that plus an update on the easter weekend forecast when he sees you at 11:00. maureen: have a good night.
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tonight, the breaking developments. the deadly shooting outside one of the most secure sites in america. gunfire at nsa headquarters. officers opening fire. the deadly confrontation. the co-pilot who crashed that jet in the alps. tonight, the images now of him flying. and the medical records that reveal he had, quote, "suicidal tendencies." how did get into that cockpit? the near disaster. new images tonight of the passenger jet crashing more than 1,000 feet short of the runway. one of the engines ripping off. on the eve of the final four, the firestorm where they're playing. the ncaa now weighing in on indiana's controversial new law. and the governor? >> george -- >> the abc news exclusive. and the dangerous fall through the roof. the country pulling for one brave firefighter.


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