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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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jeff: today in court, 42-year-old wossen assaye was heavily shackled and closely guarded by four deputy u.s. marshals. he was officially charged with escaping the custody of the u.s. attorney general following a frightening and fast moving man hunt. the man hunt for wossen assaye started at 3:00 a.m. at inova hospital, the suspect under observation after a suicide attempt several days ago at the alexandria city jail. he managed to get loose from two security officers, a man and a woman, grabbing the female's gun followed by the male officer fewering a -- firing a shot. no one was hit as assaye kept moving. >> walked down the hallway from our understanding with the female contract guard sort of as a shield. jeff: he covered a lot of ground after escaping the hospital. a carjacking that ended off backlick road another carjacking and his eventual arrest in southeast washington.
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in the first carjacking, authorities say that assaye got into the trunk later managing to kick in the back seat as the owner was driving herself to workshe was scared and stunned the car coming to a rest near a gas station. >> this lady comes running in hysterical, hyperventilating and she said help me help me someone is in my car and i was like what happened? jeff: police say he abandoned the vehicle that was later found with a gun inside. after some time on foot, another carjacking in annandale of unsuspecting home owners. >> they were threatened by him and turned over their vehicles to them. jeff: then for two hours, k-9 units, officers and u.s. marshals checking on tips and possible sightings through annandale but nothing until a possible sighting and arrest in southeast d.c. the second car also turning up in southeast off potomac avenue. but questions remain on how assaye got loose in the first place. two people should be able to certainly guard a prisoner. securely.
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jeff: and the u.s. marshal says it will be taking a very close look at procedures following today's incident.assaye's next court date is set for friday afternoon. live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. maureen: thank you jeff. as for those guards at the hospital, abc 7 has learned both of them work for allied protective services a private contractor. these types of guards have been used for such assignments for more than a decade under a contract with the u.s. marshals service. and as jeff mentioned, a review is under way to determine if policies need to be changed. even before today's escape assaye faced serious criminal charges. federal investigators say he is responsible for a dozen bank robberies in northern virginia dating back to october of 2013. that's shortly after he was released from a 13-year prison sentence for burglary and robbery. several of those recent robberies, surveillance video
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captured the suspect fleeing on a bicycle. investigators say the man that bicycle is assaye. our weather has transformed from a sun-filled day to a gray, rainy drive home. chief meteorologist doug hill was in the stormwatch weather center with how long this is going to last. doug? doug: several more hours, maureen, to go along with some rain, we have strong gusty winds developing right now. first thing, rainy outside of the belfort weather center. you see little areas of yellow shows heavier downpours. no thunder or lightning. we are seeing a lot of strong gusty winds. in fact, the entire region and then some out beyond the mountains under a wind advisory until 9:00 tonight for wind gusting to 50 miles an hour. recently here in the past several minutes, a 54-mile-per-hour gust at manassas. 51 at quantico. 43-mile-per-hour gusts at reagan national. that's going to be the story. very strong wind gusts, skies will clear and winds will diminish later tonight. look ahead to calmer weather and maybe warmer days in the forecast in a couple of minutes.
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maureen? maureen: doug, thank you. caught on video. the extraordinary end to a high speed chase through fairfax county. news chopper 7 followed the chase along the fairfax county parkway as police officers maneuvered to box in a fleeing vehicle. moments later, officers used a baton to smash out the vehicle's window and arrest the woman inside. this chase made us wonder what are the rules for such dangerous confrontations at the height of the morning rush? "7 on your side" investigator jennifer donelan is live in fairfax with what she found. jennifer? jennifer: that's why we came here to fairfax county police headquarters, maureen. the subject of this chase was wanted in arlington county on credit card and identity theft charges. this morning she wasn't stopping. highways in fairfax county turned dangerous at 7:41 this morning when police say 36-year-old lakisha tracy refused to stop for police and
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led officers on a high speed chase. such a rare scene here we asked what's the policy for fairfax county police and chases? >> our officers are authorized to pursue upon reasonable suspicion of any criminal or traffic charge. jennifer: in this case fairfax county police said its officer was allowed to begin the pursuit because he allegedly witnessed tracy commit a traffic violation. they haven't said exactly what that was yet. >> the officer always has the option of terminating a pursuit. jennifer: a spokesperson explained the pursuing officer can judge if the chase is a threat to the public. they can stop the chase. however, police said that can put other drivers in danger as well. >> there's also the potential danger of not continuing the pursuit. in this particular case we had the bad guy vehicle approaching oncoming traffic during the height of rush hour. jennifer: three fairfax county officers along with virginia state troopers stayed with tracy from falls church all the way to springfield. there were breathtaking near
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misses. but it ended with police stopping tracy by hitting the back of her truck and pulling her out on to the ground. now, tracy is facing charges in both arlington and now fairfax as well. we're expecting to hear from police either tonight or tomorrow morning as to what exactly that traffic violation was all about that started this whole thing in the first place. reporting live from fairfax, i'm jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. maureen: thank you. the f.b.i. has identified the man killed in yesterday's confrontation with n.s.a. police at fort meade. officers shot and killed 24-year-old ricky hall and wounded passenger kevin fleming after the two tried to ram the gate to the n.s.a. headquarters. police say the men were driving an s.u.v. stolen from a baltimore hotel yesterday morning. it appears the men took a wrong turn off the highway leading to the deadly confrontation. the defense has rested in the boston marathon bombing trial.
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attorneys for dzhokhar tsarnaev called only four witnesses much the -- the defense arrange argues that his older brother tamerlan was the mastermind. it killed three people and injured 260. closing arguments are scheduled for monday. still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, the deadline has passed in the nuclear negotiations with iran. why secretary of state john kerry says there is a promising development. also ahead, the new restrikct on the so-called pop-up houses in the district. a former f.b.i. agent admits tampering with evidence. the
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maureen: the prince george's county police department has suspended one of its own. it comes after a lawsuit accuses jesse stewart using a paddle on another adult during a fraternity event. according to suit stewart is an alumni member of the kappa alpha psi fraternity. stewart has been charged with misdemeanor reckless endangerment. a former f.b.i. agent has pleaded guilty to stealing heroin that was evidence in federal crimes. matthew lowry admitted to the crime in court saying he used the drugs to deal with his addiction to pain medication. >> want to apologize and say i was wrong for my actions
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especially to my family and former law enforcement colleagues. maureen: dozens of government cases are at risk of being thrown out because of lowry's tampering. he faces seven years in prison when he's sentenced in june. more than two dozen cyclists from newtown, connecticut, rode into washington today. this is the third year team 26 has made the 300 mile trip to promote gun control. the journey honors the 26 victims of the shooting at sandyhook elementary school in 2012. they met with family members killed in the capital street massacre and there was a minor incident today as riders from the washington national cathedral were going to a rally in southeast. no one was seriously injured. a victory for opponents of pop-up homes in the district. the d.c. zoning commission
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lowered the maximum height limit from 40 feet to 35 feet. the change applies to our four residential zones including capitol hill shaw and columbia heights. the commission also voted to allow pop-up condos with four units. one of those units must be reserved for residents earning less than 80% of the city's median income. just ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 the new report that shows how bad d.c.'s traffic is compared to the rest of the world. plus where nuclear negotiations stand with iran after a key deadline passes. plus chief meteorologist doug hill tells us when the rain will end. tim: the women terps are back in college park after winning the regional championship. the nats are closing in on opening day. and the georgetown hoyas announced that their top player is moving on. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues
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maureen: new developments in the negotiations over iran's nuclear program. a short time ago negotiators extended a key deadline in the
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months long talks and there is significant progress to report. senior political reporter scott thuman is monitoring the talks from our capitol hill bureau. scott? scott: maureen, the deadline was midnight swiss time. that's just about 15 minutes ago. but because there was what's being described as "progress" both groups, the six major nations involved in the negotiations and iran decided to forgo that deadline and keep working into tomorrow. the top u.s. representative at e meetings, of course is secretary of state john kerry. he has been at the forefront as they've been described as tense and promise. what's being debated right now is significantly slowing iran's ability to possibly build nuclear weapons. in exchange there would be a lifting or an easing of many of the sanctions that the u.s. and many other international community members have imposed on iran. the hope was to have a deal struck by now. as you mentioned, that has not been the case. however, the white house says everyone could use a little bit of breathing room here. >> it's time for iran to make
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the serious commitments that they know the international community is expecting them to make to reach an agreement. and if they're not willing to make those serious commitments, then the united states will alongside the international community will be in a position to having to consider other alternatives. scott: the other alternatives that press secretary john ernest was talking about, there would be new harsher sanctions that could be applied to those that already exist. that's what many members of the hill are pushing for. many are saying they better have the final say on if a deal is struck hard deadline is june 30th. scott thuman abc 7 news. maureen: thanks scott. hillary clinton sent e-mails from an ipad as well as her blackberry while secretary of state, according to the associated press. that contradicts clinton's explanation as to why she used a personal e-mail address from a server at her home.
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clinton said she did so because she wanted to use only one device. records obtained by the a.p. also show on at least one occasion clinton mixed personal and professional e-mails. you may think the d.c. area traffic is bad. but it's not the worst according to navigation company tom-tom. washington ranked ninth out of 60 u.s. major cities for traffic delays. when it comes to major cities around the world, the d.c. area ranked 74th. mexico city is home to the most congested traffic in north america. los angeles holds the top spot in the u.s. followed by san francisco, honolulu new york and seattle. don't want to be in the top 10 at all. doug: no, we can do without that. maureen: especially in the bad weather. doug: we have rain right now. that's not the big story. winds are gusting to 50 miles an hour. let's get started with the coverage here. first up live look from the
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rooftop camera. skies will be darkened and brighten up a bit as rain moves through. steve rudin and i have been watching planes take off from reagan national. planes coming in and going out a little bumpy. but just fine and safe. no delays at the area airports with these strong winds. they will diminish later. 66 degrees now at reagan national. winds sustained at 17 miles an hour but higher gusts to 43. almanac page 73. beautiful spring day with the sunshine. then the clouds came in. 44 was the morning low. 61 and 42 are the average high and low for this last day in march. cold front coming through. but the really chilly air is lagging well behind to the northwest and the north. we'll see the changes in temperatures later tonight. now, we continue to see some pretty good downpours indicating yellow on the eastern shore and north and east of frederick and westminster but no lightning, just rain. but gusty winds and heavier showers especially come down and tend to bring stronger winds with them from a couple thousand feet up.
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strong winds and wind advisory are a good deal. drive a couple hours north into pennsylvania, you're dealing with snow now. there's that much of a difference in temperatures between pennsylvania and our area. here's the wind advisory until 9:00. everybody west of the chesapeake bay out to the appalachians and a bit beyond through the highest ridges. wind gusts again to 50 miles per hour. within the past 25 minutes, we've had a wind gust of 54 miles an hour at manassas. 43 at reagan national airport. 38 at washington dulles. no wind report at this hour. baltimore are probably in that same category. our futurecast, simulates what the weather might be like. simulation starts at 11:00 tonight with skies clearing. clearing skies continuing overnight. clear skies to start the day tomorrow. just a few passing clouds. and more sunshine and clear skies on tap for the day on thursday. so it's all looking good. so tonight, the winds will diminish later tonight. still breezy but diminishing. and skies will clear. temperatures about 37 by early in the morning. and then we can check out the next seven days. so today, 73. tomorrow, only 58 degrees for a high. sunshine and 70 on thursday.
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friday breezy. warmer, lower 70's. even with clouds and showers with another cold front. the showers should end by midday on saturday. clearing and breezy by the afternoon and 56. easter sunday looks fine. sunshine and 63. nats home opener sunshine and 64 in the afternoon. back to 70 degrees by tuesday. i think that wraps it up. good night, maureen. maureen: sounds good. good day for the wizards? tim: absolutely. they're in the playoffs. they backed in but they're in. everybody is submitted. smith-rivera says so long to the hoyas. i'll tell you about that. while the regional championship celebration continues for
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tim: we've been having a debate all afternoon about d'vauntes smith-rivera leaving georgetown to turn pro. now, d'vauntes smith-rivera had a year of eligibility remaining but he's coming off another impressive season. averaged 16 points a game and making the first team all big east. smith-rivera is hiring an agent and turning pro and he wants to make some money. who can blame him? in case you missed it the wizards officially clinched a playoff berth last night when the charlotte hornets lost to the celtics. despite the wizards losing five of their last six games, they backed into the playoffs. they're still happy and thrilled to be there. with eight games left the wizards still feel there's time to turn things around. build some momentum and improve their playoff position.
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>> your first goal in a season is to make the playoffs. and last night you know we clinched a spot. i told them you know we've got that goal out of the way. now, i want these last eight games, you know, let's improve each day. tim: come on randy. get fired up. for college basketball fans three of the top four men's teams that made the final four, kentucky wisconsin and duke. the blue devils played the number seven seed michigan state. that will be saturday. meanwhile, all four number one seeds have made it to the final four from women's tournament. great excitement surrounding the lady terrapins. they won the spokane regional title and now will play the best team in the nation huskies. >> uconn is a force to be reckoned with, you know so we got to walk in and prepare for them, you know incredible squad and have an incredible coach. so we got to be ready for whatever they throw at us. tim: and tiger woods landed in augusta this morning.
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it's been reported that he will play a few rounds to evaluate his game decide whether he will play in next week's masters tournament. he hasn't won the masters since 2005, didn't play last season and dropped out of the world's top 100 this past week. tiger trying to find his game. maureen: not a good time for him. not a great time for some drivers out there tonight. doug: no another couple of hours. tomorrow will clear out. tonight, we have issue with showers. live doppler radar shows the heavy showers, d.c. metro area south and east, a little bit a break as you head to montgomery county and another line coming in with the cold front. next couple of hours, rain and gusty winds. we could have wind gusts to 50 miles per hour. steve rudin will be tracking that and give you an update tonight at 11:00. windy. tim: that is windy. watch your kite. it w
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breaking news tonight, reports of a 15-second video, the final moments on board that jet that crashed into the alps. also tonight, the airline now admitting it knew about the co-pilot that he suffered a bout of severe depression. how was he allowed to fly? armed dangd rouse. the escaped prisoner the fugitive and the wild chase. hiding in a woman's trunk. landslide. the homes that came crashing down. others eat theering on the edge tonight. the high profile murder trial and the surprise witness today. the owner of the new england patriots called in to testify about what one of his star players told him. and jumping ship. the stunning video coming in of the rescue in the storms right off america's coastline. the man who jumps for his life.


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