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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  April 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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in thinking i'm going to be early and half the team is already in here. >> i'm ready man. i've been ready. robert: meanwhile, some players have that act like you've been here before attitude. >> it's the same every year you know, got to play the first game before you play them all. so we obviously, enjoy playing out there. and starting the season. but it's a fun day. but, you know at the end of the day, honestly it's just another game. robert: today's skipper matt williams had some opening words of advice. >> relishing the fact that there's not many folks in the world that get a chance to do this. so butterfly don't change. be who you are and be excited about it. and be happy about it. and when the game starts and umpire says play, play.
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leon: horace holmes is live in southeast washington where fans are streaming into the park. rather slowly if you want to call that line a stream horace. horace: absolutely. it's a little slower because of the security that you have to go through, metal detectors. you know, they've already sung
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the national anthem and a young man threw out the ceremonial first pitch and guess what, it was a perfect strike. so the crowd went crazy. you can see the line here. it's a big crowd still filing into the stadium right now. and they've been here all morning and all afternoon long waiting for this trying to get the taste of last year's bitter defeat in the national league championship game in san francisco. out of their mouths. everybody is very hyped for this season right now. we ran into the first people very first people in line. they got there around 8:00 this morning and the gentleman who was number one in line that we talked to didn't want his face to be seen. didn't want us to tell his name because, like many people out here he is playing hooky from work. >> the boss doesn't know. >> it's a union issue right now.
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just don't have a floating holiday. >> it's too complicated. >> yeah, i had to be here. nats fans got to be here. >> we're sitting over on the mets side but i think i'll be the one i wouldn't get beat up walking to the car. he might. >> she's my protection just in case. horace: a lot of love now. let's see what happens when the game starts. actually they're doing player announcements right now getting ready for the first pitch. lot of excitement out here and a picture perfect day, guys. it's beautiful. reporting live from nats park, horace holmes abc 7 news. leon: you hit the nail on the head. couldn't ask for better weather than what we had today for nats opening day. could you? alison: just gorgeous. we want to know what to expect into the game and into the evening. steve rudin is at the park with the first check at the park for us. hi, steve. steve: this isely beautiful. fort home dare for the home opener, we're talking about temperatures in the 70's.
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baseball is going on. weather bug network, temperature is now 74 degrees. we have wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour and we are going to look for the breezy conditions to remain throughout the game. but look at the temperatures as they move through 5:00 6:00, 7:00 hour. we are still in the 70's. clouds are beginning to increase just a tiny tiny bit. but more clouds are on the way and with those clouds we will see showers and periods of rain. more on that and the timing coming up in just a few minutes with chief meteorologist doug hill. back to the newsroom. alison: see you shortly. thank you. stay with abc 7 and as we follow the nats' opening day. once the game ends, you can look for highlights from tim and all of our crews out there at nats park. leon? leon: alison let's get to the other news of the day happening now in prince george's county. firefighters are investigating a crash that sent a car into a house. news chopper 7 over the scene in heidelberg road in lanham. it appears the driver
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accidentally hit the gas instead of hitting the brakes. he struck a parked car and that house. the driver had to be rescued but the driver is ok from what we understand and no one else was hurt. jennifer donelan spoke with the driver and got a look inside that damaged home. look for her live report coming up at 5:00. alison: developing now, the supreme court will not hear an appeal from former government subcontractor alan gross. gross, as you may remember was held prisoner in cuba for five years. he was just freed in december. gross sued the federal government claiming it failed to prepare him for the risks of working in that country. but the u.s. court of appeals ruled last year the u.s. government is immune from claims arising in a foreign country. leon: tragedy at a row house in northwest washington. one person died and another was injured on kenyon avenue. our diane cho was there and spoke with the neighbors. what did they have to tell you? diane: leon the doors and windows have been boarded up at this house where the fire first
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started this morning. it affected these two homes next to it as well and firefighters are investigating exactly what caused this deadly fire earlier this morning. police tell us one person died and another in critical condition when the fire broke out here on kenyon street northwest. by the time they arrived, they saw flames shooting up 20 feet into the air at the home next door. after the flames quickly spread into a neighboring home we talked to two guys who live in a home next door and they say they heard their smoke detectors going off and later realized what was going on. >> i mean it was, you know 6:00 a.m. an hour before i was going to wake up and kind of crazy seeing that the neighbor's house is on fire and all of a sudden, your house is filled with smoke and you have to be out and grab the few things that i could. diane: three firefighters were injured fighting this fire this morning. we are told they are all expected to be ok. the victims have not been identified at this time. in northwest d.c. diane cho,
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abc 7 news. alison: thank you. one person is dead and five others hurt after an early morning crash in beltsville. we have video now from news chopper 7 of the scene. it was along edmondston road when it was closed. a preliminary investigation reveals the driver of the impala hit a trash truck head on. a cause has not been released. leon: closing arguments under way in the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev is charged with conspiring with his brother to bomb the marathon in april of 2013. marcy gonzalez explains what happened in court today. marcy: some of the final images and words left with the jury graphic and heart wrenching. during today's closing arguments, the prosecution replayed videos and showed pictures of the boston marathon bombing and the bloody aftermath. pointing at defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev saying he and his brother tamerlan considered themselves to be soldiers and they were bringing their battle
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to boston. also focusing on the anti-american words the 21-year-old defendant reportedly scrawled on the inside of a boat before he was captured. "stop killing our people and we will stop" countering the defense's claim that tamerlan was the mastermind and he was under his brother's influence. >> defense shows the picture of him following tamerlan through those pictures showing he was just a follower. marcy: the defense team led by judy clark who successfully fought to keep past clients off death row hoping to spare tsarnaev's life with 17 out of the 30 charges he faces carrying the possibility of the death penalty. the defense trying to convince the mostly female jury tsarnaev's role was different from his brother's but aside "there's no excuse. no one is trying to make one. planting bombs at the boston marathon was a senseless act." if tsarnaev is found guilty the trial will move into the sentencing phase.
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the defense says he is ready to be held accountable for his actions. in boston marcy gonzalez abc 7 news. alison: meanwhile, the defense team for former new england patriots player aaron hernandez has rested its case. the prosecution spent more than two months laying out its case and today, the defense only called one witness. hernandez is charged with killing oden lloyd in june 2013. jury deliberations are expected to begin tomorrow. leon: montgomery county police are looking for two people involved in a stabbing and hit examine run in germantown. it started at an argument on party. the victim showed up to finish the argument and the fight broke out. two people were stabbed and another one was hit by a car. the victims are expected to recover. columbia university's journalism school weighs in on an article by "rolling stone" magazine about an alleged gang rape at u.v.a. >> it was the collective fault of the reporter the editor the editor's supervisor and the fact checking department.
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leon: just ahead here at 4:00 how the fraternity at the center of the scandal is reacting. alison: and "7 on your side" with an alert for anyone looking for a place to rest. how to detect phony listings designed to steal juroryour money. president obama: i'm going to sit down. is that all right? leon: tens of thousands packed the south lawn of the white house for the easter egg roll. stay with us.
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alison: more fallout today from that "rolling stone" magazine article on an alleged gang rape at u.v.a. the fraternity at the center of all of it is now pursuing legal action against the magazine. this comes after columbia university released its report on the article and as andy rhodes reports, columbia labelled it a failure of journalism. reporter: the authors of the investigation was blunt. >> this is intended as a piece of journalism about a failure of journalism. reporter: the columbia school of journalism was tasked with finding out what went wrong in "rolling stone" magazine's november article about an alleged rape at the university of virginia. the account told the story of jackie who claims she was gang
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raped at the phi kappa psi fraternity house. police say there's no evidence this rape occurred. >> whose fault was this? >> well it was the -- it was the collective fault of the reporter, the editor the editor's supervisor and the fact checking department. reporter: columbia's review found no one lied or invented facts. the reporting staff will get a second chance. "rolling stone" says no one will be fired including the story's writer. she said in a statement that "these are mistakes that i will not make again." columbia's report found that she and her editors failed to corroborate jackie's story with the friends who were with her that night, did not do enough to get a response from the fraternity and were not aggressive enough in making sure the details provided by jackie were accurate." while dana, the managing editor release a statement last night saying in part "we'd like to apologize to our readers who all those who were damaged by our story and the ensuing fallout." >> systemic and interpersonal problems we leave it up to
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decide how to best deal with those problems. reporter: andy rose abc 7 news. alison: with that scathing report from columbia "rolling stone," of course is now doing damage control. leon: some are arguing that the bigger story here really centers on what this means for the reporting of sexual abuse. abc 7's chris papst is live in our newsroom with a look at that side of the story. hello, chris. chris: good evening. on the surface here this false report from "rolling stone" is not simply just about bad journalism or an unprovable crime but beneath the surface advocates say that this situation could have terrible consequences for survivors of sexual abuse. now, will majerle is the national director of the organization of victim assistance. he says the biggest problem of combatting sexual abuse is convincing survivors to come forward. he points to figures from the rape abuse and incest national network that only about 3% of rapists go to jail and more than
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half of all rapes are never reported to police. mostly because victims are afraid of not being believed. and this "rolling stone" article could convince more victims to stay quiet because they don't want to create a media firestorm. >> victim blame is at the heart of this particular very intimate violation that we want to presume that there is a reason there's a causality for why a woman is raped and that she in some ways is responsible for that. chris: coming up at 5:00 we'll hear from the attorney general concerning this article and we'll find out what the columbia review said about u.v.a. possibly messing up here. live in the newsroom chris papst, abc 7 news. leon: thanks chris. we want to know what you think about the fraternity's plan to pursue legal action against "rolling stone" magazine folks. you can join the conversation by commenting on our abc 7 facebook page. alison? alison: prince harry is in australia for reporting for
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military duty. the british army captain arrived this morning. prince harry is serving a four-week attachment with the australian army and he'll be embedded with a number of units and regiments in the cities of darwin sydney and perth. this is the final mission of his decade long military career. and former president george w. bush is about to become a grandfather again. his daughter jenna bush hager announced today she is pregnant with her second child. a girl. she's due in august and her and her husband already have a 2-year-old girl. leon: sound familiar? sound like anybody you know? anyone you live with? alison: we could talk. leon: a long standing white house tradition still on a roll. kick off the annual easter egg roll this morning. more than 35,000 people gathered
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on the white house lawn for the event's 137th year. this year it was used to tout the fifth anniversary of first lady michelle obama's let's move campaign. alison: gorgeous day. like you said for the nats, they have perfect weather. let's check on traffic and see what's going on with jamie sullivan. jamie: not a perfect day for traffic. we have quite a few accidents, of course, all in this area. we have the home opener. expect a lot of congestion south capital street, the douglas bridge, the freeway, 295 and it's not just vehicular traffic. i want to remind you that give it a few hours. once everybody gets out of this game, pedestrian traffic. that's what we really need to watch for. as we zoom in i want to talk about what you got as far as the crash. there is one right now southeast-southwest freeway near main avenue. we're 14 miles an hour heading in on 395. i want to show you some of our congestion working your way in. as we flip the camera and head to 395 southbound there's a crash near seminary road so i will show you just how heavy
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this is our traffic heading out of the city. with that accident we do have a lane blocked. as we move back to our maps congestion as well for you. and this congestion mainly going to be on the bottom side of the beltway. so the outer loop. there is an accident right near the eisenhower avenue connector so because of this a lot of the heavy traffic for you mainly just approaching the wilson bridge. get ready for these delays and then typical traveng. yes, we've got it a little bit closer here and about 17 miles per hour for you working your way on the inner loop from virginia getting into maryland. 270 so far so good. that's a look at traffic. back to you. alison: the man of the hour is here. we've been talking about the weather all day. doug: you can ask for weather for the day. doug: let's get started. enjoy it today. blue skies and sunshine will be the premium for the next several days for this one. 76 degrees at reagan national
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airport. pretty gusty breeze before the air is dry. it's absolutely gorgeous weather for any time in early april. check out the rest of the numbers. 75 in gaithersburg. 75 at washington dulles. 76 degrees right now in fredricksburg. it looks like temperatures will stay in the low 70's for another three or four hours maybe because of the sustained winds out of the south and southwest. liteserly transforming into warmer temperatures. each of these shifts will give us an opportunity for rain so as i said enjoy what we have right now. 6:00, 7:00 will still be in the lower 70's with partly sunny skies. some increasing cloudiness through the evening. a bunch of different systems. we have the primary batch of rain that will miss us to the south. another area will approach. frontal system in the north will push through the next couple of days as the cold front and then it's going to push north as the warm front and each time it makes a move the temperatures will change. but each and every day we'll
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have opportunities for some rain at times. here's kind of the way we laid out the features. leading edge of the warmer air through the north through pennsylvania. the warm flow of air is all going to shift tonight and the pattern will get complicated here. i'll spare you the details of that and give you a little hint by the futurecast of what it may look like at the surface weatherwise. this is for 11:00 tonight, fair amount of cloudiness moving in from the west. tomorrow, overcast and patches of rain developing through the morning. and through the midday as well. every now and then we could get some heavier patches of rain moving through. then we get an early wednesday and that's when the frontal action will start flowing back and forth. here's the way it works out. you notice probabilities of rain for the next four days. and the front will drop through wednesday and thursday only in the 50's for highs and then bounce back into the 70's on friday with showers and thunderstorms as another cold front comes in. bottom line pleasant weather and some sunshine. we expect back overhead by the weekend. alison: that's good timing. doug: yeah it worked out for today just as well.
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alison: absolutely. ok. see you in a little bit. thank you. a new app is growing quite popular with teenagers. but child safety advocates warn it could put children in danger. what you need to look out for. reporter: the national zoo beefs up security
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alison: in recent years, it's come with violence. leon: stephen tschida is live in northwest washington tonight to show us how the zoo hopes to avoid a repeat this year. stephen: we're in the back of the zoo, the north side, a parking lot. we have a security guard here. they have to be screened everybody before they come through and also we have these fences, these areas, these walkways cordoned off so that security can better control the crowd. now, it's kind of quiet right here. i want to tell you as we move over this hill over this band right beyond us, that's why you have throngs of people visiting the zoo. we talked with a lot of people on this what was traditionally the african-american family day here at the zoo and we spoke with some people and they said you know they actually were worried about coming today but because of all the security they feel pretty good.
4:26 pm
>> i'm a little bit more relaxed. but i'm still a little nervous. stephen: so far all quiet here at the zoo. there's a lot of people having fun here but all quiet as far as any fights or people getting into it like we've seen in recent years. there's also a group of volunteers along with all the law enforcement officers. they will be here until the zoo closes tonight. reporting live stephen tschida abc 7 news. leon: thank you, stephen. just ahead at 4:00 a warning for local business owners and their employees. alison: what deputies are saying about thieves trying to pass counterfeit bills. reporter: after three american women are arrested accused of trying to support terrorism, what is law enforcement doing to try to keep that
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leon: there are growing concerns about home grown terrorism after three americans, all women, were arrested last week. alison: senior political reporter scott thuman is following these cases live from our capitol hill bureau this afternoon. scott? scott: alison and leon these are the kinds of challenges that the homeland security secretary jay johnson says frankly, keep him up at night. of those three women arrested two of them in new york accused
4:30 pm
of trying to plan and detonate a bomb inside the u.s. the other a philadelphia woman allegedly trying to travel overseas and take up arms with the terror group isil. secretary johnson acknowledges the difficulty in cases like those as well as the challenges of keeping a close eye on people who have made it overseas and then came back to the u.s. >> 40 has come back. i assume that you're keeping close tabs on those 40. >> we have, in fact, kept close tabs on those who we believe have left. and those who have come back. a number of been arrested or investigated. and we have systems in place to track these individuals. but you can't know everything. scott: law enforcement has said in the past roughly 180 americans who have gone overseas to join the fight so what is it doing exactly about that? what do some people say is the big draw these days? we'll analyze that and talk more about it coming up tonight at
4:31 pm
6:00. reporting live on capitol hill scott thuman abc 7 news. leon: you got it scott. president obama is pushing for support from congress and from his critics for an iran nuclear deal. the blockbuster deal that will be finalized by the end of june allows unprecedented inspections of iran's nuclear facilities and also reduces iran's existing supply of nuclear fuel and limits its ability to make highly enriched uranium. president obama made this point in an interview with "the new york times." israel, however, is not sold on it. president obama: this is our best bet by far to make sure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon. >> use it to pump up their terror machine worldwide. leon: in exchange for this nuclear agreement, iran will get relief from crippling economic sanctions. there's no word of when that will start. in the meantime president obama vows to beef u.s. support for israel's security. alison: back here locally, the loudoun county sheriff's office is warning local businesses about thieves trying to pass
4:32 pm
counterfeit bills. deputies say the suspects have entered a number of stores throughout the county and attempted to purchase tall small items with counterfeit 20's 50's and $100 bills. in some cases, they receive a large amount of change after receiving the fake bill to make a small purchase. leon: turning to the weather now. beautiful start to the week for us today, huh? alison: absolutely. but doug says enjoy it while it lasts. chief meteorologist doug hill is here. so we'll need the umbrella a bit this week? doug: probably a good thing to have you for the next several days. rain moving from ohio and western pennsylvania. clouds tonight and then we have rain to deal with. for a moment starting out, beautiful shot right now from congressional country club in bethesda. 76 degrees. few low clouds. and to the right-hand side of the screen farther to the west the higher level of cloudiness. hopefully we'll have good memories of the nats home opener
4:33 pm
and beautiful temperatures in the 70's right now. 75 at nationals park. a bit cooler in annapolis from the bay breeze there. 56 and 74 degrees in leesburg. the numbers across the map are pretty darn impressive. 73 in dover and easton. 77 at luray. 81 in culpepper and 76 in the nation's capital and we have the gusty winds out of the south. again, temperatures in the mid 70's and gusty winds are kind of refreshing. things will change. the winds will change direction and the weather pattern is going to change. by early as 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow morning, showers could definitely be a part of the morning and definitely be a part of the morning rush hour. that's your story. tomorrow is still warm but areas of rain increasingly likely throughout the day. we'll check out the rest of the week and into the weekend in a couple of minutes. leon? leon: ok doug. a mobile app gaining in popularity is causing a lot of concern. it's called you now and child safety advocates say without proper care, it could lead to danger. here's more. >> introducing you now. the world's first live network.
4:34 pm
paul: it's advertised as a new way to interact. you now. a mobile app that allows people to live stream whatever it is they're doing. >> it's very enticing. >> while broadcasting viewers can follow with one click. >> the problem is who else is watching you? paul: for this family counselor, the service raises a lot of red flags. what is supposed to be public fun isn't exactly private. >> anyone that you allow to access your information, they can capture it and rebroadcast it out. and you have no way of knowing who got that or where it ends up going. paul: just as bad the doctor says there are predators out there so on a mobile app like this one, it won't take long for someone to find you and hurt you. >> there are people looking to gain information about your personal identity and those kinds of things to steal your identity. paul: something the doctor says is easy to do in this age of
4:35 pm
oversharing. >> i don't think people realize the negative possibilities of how that could affect their lives. leon: counselors recommend parents put privacy settings on your children's accounts if they use mobile devices. alison: coming up at 4:00 new details in the deaths of three muslim students in north carolina. what a judge has ruled concerning the accused killer and upcoming trial. leon: and "7 on your side" with a warning for renters. how the most sophisticated listings for hou
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leon: the man accused of killing three muslim college students in north carolina can face a death penalty trial. alison: tom roussey is in the newsroom with the judge's ruling that came down today. tom? tom: alison, the judge today in north carolina said because there are aggravating factors in this case 46-year-old craig hicks can face the death penalty. now, the victims in this case include a 23-year-old university of north carolina dental student as well as his wife and younger sister. hicks is accused of killing all three of them at his chapel hill condominium complex on february 10th. all three were shot in the head. now, this case gained a lot of attention because some insist it was a hate crime.
4:39 pm
the victims' families believe they were targeted because they were muslims. some say they believe hicks was motivated by a long running argument over a parking space. hicks posted on line that he's an atheist that believes strongly in the second amendment. the f.b.i. is looking into the killings in part to determine if they were hate crimes. on the criminal side of this case a judge in north carolina has now ruled that hicks can face a death penalty trial in this case. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: up next on abc 7 news at 4:00, strange ruling. why a judge is allowing a wife to serve her husband divorce papers via facebook. >> depth of your struggle will determine height of your success. we struggled to get through this one. alison: record-breaking debut for the latest "fast and furious" movie. what the production crews did to keep the late actor paul walker in some of his scene
4:40 pm
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so i'm working from home. i get on a video conference. with my boss, and my boss's boss. t i forgot to attach the presentation it sends in a flash, good thing i have fios. i don't and it was taking forever. we don't miss a beat. i'm yelling at the kids to get off wi-fi. get off the movies! get off the video games! i think i got a promotion. i think i need a new job. are you guys hiring. why settle when you can have you have fiber optics with a two year price guaranteed. fios. the fastest, most reliable internet. leon: alert now for anyone hunting for a rental home or
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apartment. john materise warns about phony listings so you don't waste your money. john: many renters start looking for a bigger place. in the hunt for a new rental unit, we have a warning about a proliferation of scams from phantom landlords who want your money. >> i have copies of the e-mails right here. john: sydney is a graduate student. she's not naive. but she says she has almost fall not for an apartment rental scam several times. >> i've been using my iphone. john: sydney like a lot of young people use trulia's apps to find apartments and rental homes. she's always been leary of craig's list but had no idea that they were targeting more sophisticated rental sites as well. >> i found some good deals and almost too good to be true. they have been. most of the time we'll get an e-mail back and it's something confusing asking for money and they can't show me the house. john: she found a cute rental
4:44 pm
house for $490 a month. when she inquired the seller told her he was out of town and wanted her to send a deposit. >> look through the pictures of the home i can look on google maps. even if you look at the street view the house is the right address. john: attorneys general across the country warn this is how rental scams work. they steal legitimate ads and repost them at lower prices. >> and hijacked that picture and put it up and you send them money and you're out the money. john: for instance this home for $780 a month is fake it's really this home for almost $1,200 a month. how to you protect yourself? never send a deposit for a rental home or apartment if you haven't met the landlord. driving by the building isn't good enough. he may not even own it. leon: see that happens here. "furious 7" left the box office competition in the dust. alison: that's right. the latest installment in the franchise took the top spot by earning nearly $144 million.
4:45 pm
after paul walker's death while in the middle of filming, the seventh installment went on with the help of paul walker's brothers and c.g.i. technology. they put his face on to his brother's bodies to finish some of the scenes. >> i think he's upstairs and looking down on us and smiling right now. because we are honoring him in this film in the best way possible. alison: the film raked in $384 million worldwide over the easter holiday weekend. right now, that's the biggest opening weekend for a movie this year and the ninth biggest opening ever. leon: how many more movies will they make? if they can put his face on his brother's body. alison: you wonder. leon: get ready for fast and furious 16 19. other movie news actor daniel craig taking a break after having surgery on one of his knees. it's believed the 47-year-old star suffered the injury while filming action scenes in mexico
4:46 pm
for the next bond film titled "specter." producers say it was a minor procedure and craig is expected to resume the production when it resumes later this month. alison: there is time for fans to enter to win a v.i.p. experience with kristian bush. it includes a day with him in his studio and the chance to see him in concert in atlanta. to enter, go to you have until april 12th and good luck. leon: a new study finds that smartphones are definitely taking over. according to a survey about 2/3 of american adults own a smartphone. that's up 35% over four years. survey also found about 7% of adults rely on their smartphone as their only internet access. 46% of people said they couldn't live without their smartphone. alison: how about this? it turns out facebook isn't just useful for friending people. you can get a divorce, too. a judge gave a new york city woman permission to file for divorce from her husband via a
4:47 pm
facebook message. the message will be repeated once a week for three consecutive weeks or until acknowledged by the woman's husband who apparently is hard to find. an attorney for the woman says the couple married in 2009 but then the defendant left and has only been in touch with his wife via facebook and phone. leon: ok. welcome to the modern age! all right. coming up just ahead here on abc 7 news at 5:00 a car slams into a lanham home with a 91-year-old driver told our jennifer donelan about what went wrong and what he's going to do next. alison: white house tradition gets a new twist. special dance the first lady performed with a little bit of help. we'll show it to you ahead tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. leon: ok. weather is worth dancing over today, that's for sure. alison: wasn't it? doug: beautiful weather for opening day. still nice through the evening hours and then it all changes while we're sleeping tonight. the rain starts to move in. let's get you updated on what's happening. start with a time lapse from the
4:48 pm
h.d. weather bug camera. this at john champs high school. beautiful sunrise this morning and through the day sunshine throughout most of the day and late in the afternoon now, starting to see a few clouds gathered but that's all. but later tonight, more cloudiness and as i mentioned, before long early tomorrow morning, probably about 12 hours from now we'll have showers moving into the area. 76 at reagan national and 75 in richmond and charlottesville. 79 degrees at this hour in hagerstown. so the warm air is here. you can see it demonstrated on the map here. warm air surging out of the south. that's the leading edge of the warm air. still chilly through new england. we have rain developing in the west and northwest. couple of areas of low pressure on the boundary of the atmosphere. this front will come south as a cold front hangs down to the south a bit and come back north is the warm front and then eventually later in the week a stronger cold front comes in. all this frontal action the next several days gives us plenty of opportunities for rain. in the futurecast look through the day tomorrow. early in the morning, areas of rain developing along the front
4:49 pm
as it slowly drifts southward into the area. a little area of low pressure will develop along that and that point will give us heavier downpours and then as we get through tuesday night and wednesday, the front will be far enough to our south that the winds will start coming in off the atlantic. tomorrow we'll be in the lower 70's but only in the 50's on wednesday and thursday and then finally by thursday night and friday, the cold front will approach and that will bring showers and thunderstorms and eventually lead to warmer temperatures as we get into the weekend. so a very busy weather week and just fine out there. for the morning, kids back to school. rain a good chance in many spots. 56 in the morning. and then as we get through the late afternoon, about 72 degrees with more showers, umbrellas, good chance to have one nearby for the next several days. here's the next seven days for you. we have sunshine in favor of clouds and showers. still mild. 72 and then periods of rain drizzle. wednesday and thursday highs in the 50's. and then time you get to friday we break back into the warm air. 74 before a cold front comes and
4:50 pm
brings afternoon showers and thunderstorms. right now, the weekend looks just fine with partly sunny skies and highs around 70 degrees. alison: thank you very much. leon: late breaking news coming in now from princess anne in maryland. eight people died in a house in what appears to be carbon monoxide poisoning. seven of those people reportedly are juveniles. the police chief is scheduleed to have a news conference sometime after 5:00 and, of course, bring you the breaking details from that coming up here at 5:00. alison: ok. in the meantime let's get a check on how traffic is moving along today. jamie sullivan is here with details. hi jamie. jamie: you know it's going to be a slow one in most spots this afternoon. i want to begin with a couple of problem spots. of course, we have the nats game under way and you're going to sigh a lot of pedestrian traffic in the area. expect though if you are driving into the area or trying to get out of the area the douglas bridge the freeway, we have some congestion as well on 295. let's take a look at a crash we're working. this one is on the freeway
4:51 pm
heading eastbound. it's in the clearance stages soon. 47 miles per hour is what you've got heading in on 395. we've mostly cleared out. if you're heading outbound on 395, bumper-to-bumper traffic getting to seminary road. that's where we've got an accident. we zoom in a little bit closer. the crash for you is blocking a lane. now, the backup, well yes, that's there. let's take a look leaving crystal city and working our way southbound. see this big heavy red line. we're not quite in the single digits but averaging about 20 miles per hour in some spots. and you can really see this is all of the jammed traffic heading southbound past seminary road. i do want to move now to talk about the slowing on the beltway. so the outer loop near van dorn street, that's what you're seeing up here. we do have an accident. as we move to the maps the crash near the eisenhower avenue connector. with this you drop down it 14 miles per hour approaching the wilson bridge. this is where we've got that accident. so a few different crashes. mainly just those three accidents that we are working. other than that, normal slowing for you and that's mainly on both the inner loop and outer
4:52 pm
loop near the american legion bridge. that's a look at traffic. back to you. leon: all right, jamie. coming up here next a trip for spring break turns into a nightmare for a family of four. what landed all of them
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
leon: a dramatic scene caught on camera. police say a suspected carjacker slipped into a woman's white honda friday afternoon and then tried to drive off. the car's owner made a move of her own though, and jumped on the hood. that's when a city worker who was getting his car washed took off after the stolen vehicle pulled out his gun and shot the accused thief in the shoulder holding him at gun point until police arrived. >> something is going to happen. she wasn't letting go until that car would have pushed through her. >> she would have died. if that guy didn't shoot, she would have ended up losing her life. leon: the woman who owned the car is not hurt. accused carjacker is a minor. recovering in the hospital charged with aggravated assault
4:56 pm
and theft. police are still looking for the two accomplices. alison: oh, man. a trip to paradise was anything but for a family from delaware. they became seriously ill within just hours of arriving on the island of st. john's. leon: now the e.p.a. is investigating a dangerous pesticide used at the family's luxury report. lindsey davis has the story. lindsey: a department of justice investigation is under way looking into why members of this family are fighting for their lives. >> i've never seen anything like this. lindsey: the esmonds were planning to spend a week at this luxurious resort in st. john but their vacation in paradise cut short when according to the e.p.a., only a few hours after they checked into the second floor condo the entire family started feeling seriously ill without any warnings. within hours all four were rushed to the hospital. three of them on ventilators. the couple's two teen boys suffering seizures. the e.p.a. says methyl bromide, colorless, odorless gas may be
4:57 pm
to blame. they believe the same day the family checked in condo below theirs were sprayed with the pesticide to kill indoor bugs. >> it can damage your nervous system and cause long term and short term neurological problems. it can cause brain damage. lindsey: on march 23rd the parents and their 14 and 16-year-old sons were air lifted to u.s. hospitals. >> one of those families that everybody likes to be around and it's just horrible. lindsey: the e.p.a. says a pest control company that operates in the u.s. applied the pesticide which is legal but was banned for indoor residential use in the u.s. more than three decades ago. terminex telling abc news we're cooperating with authorities in their investigation. and conducting our own thorough investigation in the matter. the sons reportedly remain in critical condition. steve esmonds is in stable condition and theresa has reportedly been released from the hospital. alison: that was lindsey davis
4:58 pm
reporting. final test results are expected next week. leon: that's scary stuff there. alison: so scary. leon: that's it for us here at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now! a "rolling stone" retraction. the concern after a u.v.a. rape article is labelled a journalistic failure. >> just panic. leon: car vs. house. if you think the situation looks bad from here, wait until you see what it looks like inside. and -- >> been ready. leon: the sun is shining and the boys of summer are back in action and hopes are high. abc 7's team coverage at nats park for opening day. leon: we begin with breaking news from princess anne on maryland's eastern shore. police there say there are eight people dead inside of a home. seven of them children. delmarva reports that investigators believe the deaths were caused by carbon monoxide
4:59 pm
poisoning. a news conference is scheduled to get under way any moment now and we'll bring you more information from there as soon as it's available. alison? alison: leon also tonight, the fraternity at the center of an outrageous and now discredited report of a campus rape is fighting back against "rolling stone" magazine. phi kappa psi says it will pursue all available legal action against "rolling stone." the fraternity calls that november 2014 story titled "a rape on campus" reckless but no word on when a formal lawsuit will be filed. this comes as columbia journalism school is blasting what it calls the poor journalism behind this article. chris papst live in our newsroom with that and also the dangerous long-term effects that this article may have. chris? chris: well alison this isn't just a story about a college rape that hasn't been able to have been proven. neither is it just a story about bad journalism. advocates say from the governor on down this story has far reaching implications that could
5:00 pm
hurt survivors of sexual abuse. >> the product of failed methodology. reporter: an avoidable failure at every level of the magazine. that's how they describe this article about a frat rape at u.v.a. in the aftermath the magazine has issued a short apology but the damage caused could be vast. today, virginia's governor released this statement. "this false account has been an unnecessary and dangerous distraction from real efforts to combat sexual violence on our college campuses." the attorney general said" rolling stone's" failures has put survivors in a more difficult position. we remain committed to enacting survivor centered reforms that will encourage reporting. >> i appreciate the comments of the attorney general. reporter: this is the executive director for the national organization for victim


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