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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  April 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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e for enough periods of time to warm the temperatures up in the 70's to near 80 it would go boom-boom here. we're at 61 here. to the south, it's going crazy. temperatures right now in the 80's. 83 in richmond. 85 in norfolk. 80's through the carolinas and very slowly it's edging to the north and northeast. as far as rain around the area right now, doppler radar shows a little line of showers developing along east of interstate 81. no lightning yet. there's a little larger area developing along the cold front itself along the west virginia virginia border coming towards roanoke valley. if we are to get anything heavy or severe which is still a possibility, after 6:00 7:00 tonight in our area, it would be from this developing story moving northeast and increasingly unstable air. we still need to see the skies clear some and get the temperatures rising another 10 degrees or so which is possible. otherwise, all the potential for severe weather will be well to the south and east of our area where the air is warmer.
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so for this evening, we'll keep an eye open for scattered showers and thunderstorms. any storms developing could be heavy. current trend is south and east of washington for the potential of severe weather as we see it and eventual end tonight and weekend looks spectacular. happy to share that and keep you up to date on the storms in a few minutes. back to you. leon: the midwest has got a deadly taste of severe weather. the governor of illinois says a second person has died after tornadoes struck the northern part of that state. one of the hardest hit areas is fairdale. tornadoes flattened buildings there and the storms left devastation in the town of rochelle. search and rescue teams are continuing to dig through the rubble. looking for any survivors. just ahead here we'll have a live report from fairdale where victims are assessing the damage this hour. now, in central north carolina one man was killed after he was struck by lightning last night. several homes and apartment buildings were struck by lightning during the storms in the area causing fires. one person was hurt during one of those fires. stay with us here at abc 7 and
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we'll track the chance of any severe weather huth us here in the d.c. region and also be sure to download our phone apps to get alerts on your mobile device at all times. alison: chaotic scene at the u.s. census bureau in suitland last night after a security guard was shot and killed. flash bangs could be heard as police officers swarmed that huge complex searching for the shooter. that accused shooter was later arrested in d.c. and now, we're learning more about his criminal history. jennifer donelan is live in northeast with what she found. jen? jennifer: well we're standing on eighth street northeast. this is a busy street especially on a friday night. it's going to ramp again. things are back to normal. the chaos ended there in the middle of the street. let's show you a quick map to give you an idea of how chaotic it was last night. this started with a kidnapping in northeast d.c. it led to that shooting at the
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u.s. census bureau where a 59-year-old security guard was shot dead. then there was a chase with d.c. police during which police officers were shot at numerous times and then it ends on h street here in the city. let's get to a picture. this is the first pictures we are seeing of 48-year-old donald anderson. he is -- he is at the center of this and he is the one accused of kidnapping his 20-year-old girlfriend from northeast d.c. yesterday. and then taking her to the u.s. census bureau. police tell us that the guard at the census bureau saw that there were two -- there was a man and a woman fighting inside a car. he approached the car and he was shot. there was a chase on to eighth street northeast and that's when police after being shot upon several times opened fire on that suspect. he was shot on the head we're told by sources. today, our investigation has led
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us to a safe haven in northeast d.c. where the original kidnapping took place. we talked with neighbors around there and they said that they are very concerned about security outside, that that young girl the 20-year-old was kidnapped at gun point in front of that building and they don't understand how that happened. >> the building is in trouble yes. do i want to blame her? i certainly don't. i think she was a victim just 3 like the security guard who died. leon: that was jennifer donelan reporting for us there. a co-worker's family and friends is remembering the security guard that lost his life while doing his job. he's been identified as 59-year-old lawrence buckner. kevin lewis continues our team coverage at the census bureau in suitland tonight. kevin? kevin: hi there, leon. lawrence buckner was patrolling the main parking lot at the u.s. census bureau. within the last five minutes, we just saw the yellow police tape come down and the front gates reopen.
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all day long investtgators have been combing through this crime scene. you can see employees' vehicles coming out for the first time in almost 24 hours. we learned a lot about lawrence buckner today. he was a married man. married to his wife linda for the last 36 years. together, they had one adult son and four grandchildren. buckner's family pictured here. it was simply put his pride and joy. during his younger years, he served in the u.s. army but for the last two decades, he worked as an armed security officer at various buildings and sites across the d.c. metro area. back in 2011 he took a new assignment guarding the u.s. census bureau right here in suitland. today, buckner's employer expressed their sorrow remembering the 59-year-old for his sense of humor, love for ford mustangs and position for protecting people. every day, he drove to and from work. commute each way was 90 minutes long and he lived in king george virginia, as one might imagine, his family gathered
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there this afternoon grieving privately. we're live in suitland, i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. alison: developing right now, a man hunt in anne arundel county and an officer in critical coot him in the neck and then took off. it was 2:20 this morning when that officer pulled into a 7-eleven along college parkway in annapolis. someone in the store told him about a suspicious person outside. the officer approached the man in a darkhood hoodie and that's when witnesses heard a shot. officer was struck in the neck and unable to call for help. >> did have his bulletproof vest. this wasn't a wound that hit the vest area so again this bag i decided to turn the weapon towards the police officer who was in uniform in the middle of the night. alison: our diane cho has been on this story all afternoon and has more coming up tonight at 5:00. leon: u.s. postal service worker is in critical condition after a crash in bowie. this happened yesterday as the driver was traveling westbound
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on annapolis road near highbridge road. prince george's county police say it appears the driver lost control while trying to avoid a vehicle that was traveling eastbound and preparing to turn left. the mail truck flipped over. no other cars were involved. alison: now we have an update to an abc 7 i-team investigation we first broke yesterday. it involves that security company that was contracted to guardian inmate who escaped last week. i-team investigator joce sterman is live innewsroom with the newest developments today. joce? joce: alison the u.s. marshals service tells me about a half-hour ago it's stopped using the services of allied protection at least here in virginia and will not be contracting with the company until its review is complete. that news comes after last week's escape of a prisoner being guarded by allied employees working over at inova fairfax hospital. the "7 on your side" i-team found some disturbing problems with the public space of that company discovering yesterday two of the three leaders mentioned on allied's website
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say they have no ties to that organization. we started asking how allied got its federal contract then to move and guard prisoners after uncovering that information. we've now learned the company didn't have to compete against anyone to get its multimillion dollar deal with the marshals. instead, we now know this was a no bid contract through the small business administration under its program to help build up small disadvantaged companies. we have contacted the s.c.a. to ask about his its review of allied protection and whether the findings will result in any changes to that multimillion dollar contract but we have not yet heard back. joce sterman, abc 7 news. alison: let us know. thank you. meanwhile, trouble for yet another secret service employee. abc 7 news has learned that an officer has been charged in connection with a break-in at a home in the district. he is expected in court this afternoon. and our d.c. bureau chief sam ford is there.
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he's following this investigation. you can look for his live report tonight at 6:00. leon: ok. coming up here on abc 7 news at 4:00 -- >> it's the worse thing that i've seen. leon: a closer look at the massive damage left by a series of tornadoes in illinois. we'll take you live out to one of the areas that was hit so hard by the twisters. alison: after months of speculation, it appears that hillary clinton is ready to announce that she is running for the white house. when she's expected to launch her presidential bid and what's next after that. >> my mom said she watches me every week. leon: something that parents pack every weekday but do you ever think about the germs that could be hiding inside your children's lunch boxes? we'll show you what a recent study found.
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leon: all the tourists and families living here are really getting ready for some good weather this weekend to get out and check out the cherry blossoms. they'll be hitting their peak there at the tidal basin this weekend, right? alison: it's so nice because we have a short window. we have good weather. rebecca cooper live at the tidal basin with a look at the blossoms today. hi there. rebecca rebecca: hi there, alison and leon. good news, take a look behind
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me, it's not nearly as crowded today and yet the blossoms are bursting. i think because even though it was gray last year on this friday it wasn't quite as cold so maybe while we're having a little smaller crowd. last year you couldn't pass anyone on the sidewalks there was so much sidewalk gridlock but don't expect there to be this much room this weekend. have a listen to what some people had to say about these cherry blossoms today. >> always heard my friends that come here say they had a great time. i wanted to experience it. nice being here. >> nice to see the families being together and taking the pictures and nice to see that people are taking pictures for others and no one is really worried about you know is someone going to steal my phone? or someone going to do something to harm my family? very happy. >> comraderie. >> exactly. rebecca: so there you see that cherry blossom comraderie. everybody taking pictures. it is a beautiful day with the blooms. we are going to have peak blossoms we think tomorrow. keep in mind you are not going to have this luxury tomorrow of
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being able to walk around easily. it's going to be packed. some key things to remember don't touch the blossoms. these are valuable important trees and they can be susceptible to disease. don't think you'll easily find a bathroom once you're here at the tidal basin and most importantly remember the only thing more predictable than the blossoms this time of year is the traffic backup. you should not plan on finding any parking anywhere near the tidal basin. take it from me first hand, you will get ticketed here if you are parked incorrected. better to take metro and try to walk to the tidal basin or take a cab. be prepared. the cherry blossoms are beautiful and it is something you'll definitely want to see. reporting live from the tidal basin, rebecca cooper abc 7 news. alison: looks great down there, rebecca. thank you. some encouraging news coming from panama this afternoon. cuba's foreign ministry is describing its talks with secretary of state john kerry as respectful and constructive. this comes as president obama joins international leaders for the summit of the americas.
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the president praised panama for the summit calling the country a proud democracy and a symbol of progress. leon: we're looking forward now to a big weekend as we gear up for vote 2016. hillary clinton expected to announce her candidacy for president this sunld. that's according to people who were familiar with her campaign pledge. they say clinton will announce her bid over social media and then she'll be making stops in early voting states like iowa and new hampshire that hold small events with voters and start raising that money. former maryland governor martin o'malley is keeping his campaign possibilities under tighter wraps. he tells "the washington post" it could be late may before he decides whether to move forward with a white house bid. o'malley says that clinton's decision to enter the race will not affect what he does. alison: let's see if we're moving at all forward on the roadways on a friday. let's check in with jamie sullivan. hi there. jamie: a little better in some spots than we typically see. i want to begin with what we're seeing over here on the left
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shoulder 66 and it is an earlier accident. heavier traffic working your way in closer to the city before you get to the capital beltway. let's take a live look here. both the inner loop and outer loop, we have congestion. not bad as far as the conditions. this morning, we have to deal with wet roads. for afternoon commute so far, we're ok and let's move to the maps and focus on the area for you. excessively slow. this is what we're used to. as we pull out a little bit i want to show you. b.w. parkway getting from d.c. to the baltimore beltway, you have a lot of stop-and-go traffic. 95 same thing. no crashes right now to report on our interstates and as we move to talk about traffic on 95 heading south towards stafford county, it is stop and go. 43 miles per hour right now. that is a look at traffic. leon: thank you, jamie. a northern illinois community is
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remembering two women killed last night in the tornadoes that hit the town of fairdale. weather is leaving massive damage behind in several towns including fairdale. reporter: a massive tornado tears down an illinois town. >> we met an individual a few moments ago that was res from her home under rubble but she bandaged her head and is working in the red cross shelter to help the citizens here. reporter: the swath of tornadoes caught on tape. >> hit those cars. oh, no. reporter: sweeping over highways. >> oh my god! this is violent. reporter: pushing over trucks. >> go! go! reporter: and ripping through communities. >> pretty much just devastation to where the tornado went through. reporter: the outbreak of more than a dozen tornadoes trapped people in houses trucks and restaurants. >> i feel like it's a bad dream. on something i'm watching on the news somewhere else, not in my neighborhood. reporter: but after the storm,
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stories of survival while crews look to help those who may have been left behind in the rubble. >> it's obviously, distressing and our hearts go out to the families that are still here and who have left. reporter: while people here vow they will rebuild, stronger than ever. >> we cannot let tornado knock us down. reporter: we're told the two women who died as a result of this tornado were neighbors, one 57-year-old and the other 69. one was found in her bathtub clutching her purse. the search and recovery continues but that's slowly winding down. alison and leon? leon: that's terrifying stuff. do we still have nick? i was just wondering, nick if you know for sure how many folks are still looking for right now at this point. do we know? reporter: that's a great question. it was a point that was made at a press conference about 1:00 p.m. locally.
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they have not accounted for everybody in this community so they don't have any reports of anyone missing at this time. it could very well be that people are scattered throughout the area and that they're still planning to get in contact with them. but there's no reports of missing people but not all the communities here accounted for. leon: thanks for that report and keeping us up to date on that. doug: terrifying videos. that's the season. and the truth is that we've had a remarkably slow tornado season so far for the year and let's just hope it doesn't ramp up. we'll see how it goes. we have our own. alison: severe weather that may be a little later. doug: the whole thing is we had to get, we talked yesterday and talked wednesday, too, we had to break into the warm air and get several hours of warm temperatures and sunshine. that would help the development of severe weather with the cold front approaching and it just hasn't happened. let's get to the maps and explain what is likely to happen. now for the first time this entire day and the first time in almost three days you see a little brightness in the skies. we have a view from the weather
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bug camera at the national harbor. capital wheel spinning. no blue skies per se but at least the skies are brightening a bit because we've been locked into this very cool and damp air mass off the atlantic ocean but the warm front is slowly working its way in from the west and the south and what we have developing now and continuing along the interstate 81 corridor, few showers and no thunder and lightning reported. a little farther south and west ahead of the actual cold front, that's where we're starting to see a little bit of action finally. there's an area in roanoke headed to the roanoke valley richmond south westward to there. it looks with the temperatures so cool here and getting to 4:20 in the afternoon that the best chances of anything severe developing from this cold front will be in the areas where the air is much warmer. mainly south and east of the greater washington area. is it possible that 6:00 or 7:00 tonight one of these storms can come in the metro area? yeah, it's possible. but from what we see right now, probably not likely. had things cleared out and got warmer earlier? yeah, very likely. but again, that's why i've been stressing that it all depended
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today on how much sunshine for how long a period of time and how warm it got. here's a close-up. satellite and radar, there's not a lot of development and we have a potential for these spots to flare up some. look at the difference in temperatures. 81 in richmond. 83 in norfolk and 83 in raleigh but the cooler air to the metro area and points north. even though we've been warming up incrementally here just not that much. here's a look at current temperatures. still 50's to the north. 60 at reagan national. 73 in fredricksburg and if we had that all day it would be a different story. but we didn't. we know whatever it is according to the computer model by 6:00 or 7:00 tonight, it should be passing south and east of the metro area. clearing skies will set the stage for a beautiful weekend here. so tonight precipitation comes to an end. we'll have a bit of a breeze out of the west with clearing skies. 53 degrees later tonight. check out the forecast for the cherry blossoms this weekend. looks speck taek -- spectacular.
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partly to mostly sunny. it will be breezy. 68. sunny, 70 degrees for the day on sunday. now, you're ready for a gander at the next seven days. here's what we have. 68 tomorrow with a breeze. 70 and sunshine on sunldday. 72 on monday. dry on wednesday near 70 degrees. more showers thursday but look at the highs. alison: beautiful. doug: that's the trend that we've been waiting for to develop. ok. alison: thank you. still to come we have new information in the case of a white police officer charged with murdering an unarmed black man. a look at more dash cam video that's now been released. leon: and "7 on your side" with a mystery involving a home owner. how in the world did he end up with a more than $7,000 water bill for a vacant home? stay with us.
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alison: a local home owner received a water bill for more than $7,000. and there's another big problem. leon: there was nobody in the house using any water inside there. what in the world happened? "7 on your side" trouble shooter horace holmes looked into this very strange case. horace: he lived in this capital heights since last june. fire raced through and he called
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in a restoration company and turned off the electricity and the water, he says. the water remained off until a couple of weeks ago right after he received his water bill. that bill was huge. over $7,000 for a 105-day period from november to march of this year. he was floored. how could it be he said? after all, no one was living in the house or using any water. he contacted wssc and they told him someone had used nearly a half million gallons of water at his house during that period and he was responsible. >> there's no way i could use that much water. >> especially in the house. >> yeah and the bill before was zero and the water was turned off. i called them but didn't seem to get me anywhere. horace: "7 on your side" called wssc late this afternoon. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00 we'll tell you what the water company had to say. in capitol heights, horace holmes, abc 7 news. leon: this is about the third time we've heard this kind of
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story happen with water bills. alison: unbelievable. leon: something is going out there. get on it horace. still ahead here at 4:00, consumer alert for drivers. why nissan and b.m.w. are recalling nearly 100,000 vehicles. >> so many emotions hurt, disappointment, latitude. alison: and a really bizarre case. a teenager accused of digging up an urn from a grave. why he did it and the huge mistake he made in the process.
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leon: we're on storm watch right now. weather moving in tonight. alison: doug hill is tracking this weather alert for us. hi doug. doug: things start to go develop a little bit right now for you. the key determining factor and where the best chances for severe weather is. not so much in the d.c. metro in points north and northeast where it's been cool all day. doppler radar to the metro area a little line of showers but there's no lightning strikes reported anywhere. let's zoom in closely here. you can see if we go from front royal all the way to sperryville, that's a line of shower. no lightning. trend of this system is diminishing a bit as it
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encounters this cool damp air. will it get showers? yeah. could we get an isolated thunderstorm? yeah. are we going to get severe weather, probably not. but the farther south and east you go the better the chances of that happening. even though it's 4. 306789 -- 4:30 in the after. once we get through the next few hours, any isolated showers or thunder will end. we'll see skies clear late tonight. drop through the 50's. and the weekend spectacular! coming up in a few minutes, alison. alison: we like how that sounds. see you shortly. thank you. fairfax county police are looking for a hit and run driver that struck a jog. victim was jogging on ox road about 6:30 yesterday evening. police say she was in a crosswalk and had the right-of-way when that car hit her. her injuries are not life threatening. anyone with information is asked to call police. leon: a new development in the case of a white south carolina
4:32 pm
police officer accused of killing an unarmed black man. alison: there's another dash cam video that shows the moments prior to the deadly attack and it's been released. karen traverse reports. karen: we're seeing for the first time the passenger in walter scott's vehicle. this is dash cam video that shows the unidentified man being questioned by police. he's officially a witness and may be the last person to speak with scott before he was fatally shot by former police officer michael slager. previously released dash cam video shows what seems to be a calm, uneventful traffic stop. >> give me your license. karen: after 2 1/2 minutes, scott bolts. slager chases after him. >> he's off! karen: moments later, shoots him dead. state investigators say the shooting seems suspicious from the start because of multiple gunshot wounds in scott's back saying the cell phone video confirmed our initial suspicion. the scott family is preparing for walter's funeral on saturday. >> i pray that this never
4:33 pm
happens to another person. this has got to stop! karen: the service is expected to draw a large number of mourners. >> we will be there to support them for the funeral with the police escort to make sure that we get them moved properly and give them the upmost respect. and the respect that the gentleman that is deceased deserves. karen: the dash cam videos add more evidence to the encounter but there are still gaps in the timeline and what happened between what walter scott ran from his car and was shot is still unknown. reporting from northwest, karen traverse, abc 7 news. alison: still no verdict after four days of deliberations in the aaron hernandez murder trial. jurors adjourned at 1:00 this afternoon due to scheduling issues. they're considering whether to convict the former new england patriots player in the 2013 death of oden lloyd. the defense acknowledged that hernandez was there when lloyd
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was killed but says he did not pull the trigger. leon: a teenager is in trouble after police say he tried to dig up his late father's ashes. steven pike was adopted at the age 36 and ee-- 3 and eventually tracked down his father's family only to learn his father was killed in a hit and run. for him, this was supposed to be bringing closure. >> i can't find anybody, no one really gets it. i went to the cemetery and i went over to the cemetery and that was like grabbed a shovel just lifted up the dirt and i broke down emotionally right there. i'm like wow like dad. leon: this will having you saying wow. for pike's family, he dug up the wrong remains. removed his aunt's ashes instead. mike doesn't know he took the wrong ashes. they don't want to hurt him but they want justice. alison: moving on to this "7 on
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your side" consumer alert today. nissan and b.m.w. are recalling 94,000 vehicles because of faulty fuel pumps. it impacts 2014 nissan rogues as well as 2014 b.m.w. 2 3 and 4 series and 20154 series cars. officials say improper nickel plating in the fuel pumps can cause them to fail that can cause the engine to stall and increase the risk of a crash. leon: this one is just for you, mom. budding mom, literally. all right now. start packing your kids' lunch every day for school there's a good chance you'll be sending them out with more than just the food. alison: you may not want to hear this. but there's a pretty gross new study and it looked at germ contents of lunch boxes for a class of sixth graders, right? well researchers took swabs and found a number of different bacteria anything that was in the soil to e-coli and staph. all can make for nasty
4:36 pm
infections if they get into cuts. >> some of the lunch boxes have as much bacteria as you'd expect to find in a train station toilet. the fact that your food is sitting in there is gross. alison: dr. wittier says this is an easy fix. simple disinfectant or bleach wipe is all you need. make sure you leave the lunch box out to dry overnight. leon: that's appetizing. train station toilet. but it doesn't matter even if you clean out your kid's lunchx, they trade stuff all the time anyway. alison: of course. of course. i guess you could try. it's a start. leon: ok. yum! alison: still to come at 4:00 remembering that teenager. one who didn't let cancer stop her dream of playing basketball. we're going to have a look at lauren hill's accomplishments and how she helped fellow patients. leon: she inspired a lot of people. that's for sure. "7 on your side" with an alert about student loans. what you need to look out for if
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you're considering consolidation. stay t
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do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva respimat. discuss all medicines you take even eye drops. if your breathing suddenly worsens,
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your throat or tongue swells you get hives, vision changes or eye pain or problems passing urine stop taking spiriva respimat and call your doctor right away. side effects include sore throat cough, dry mouth and sinus infection. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist leon: lauren hill young woman
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who wouldn't let cancer stop her dream from playing basketball has died. alison: she was just 19 years old. here's a look back on her legacy. >> i always wanted to make a difference. because you always want to leave an impact on the world. reporter: lauren hill basketball player for a small college in cincinnati ohio, will forever be known as a fighter. lauren was told she had a rare and terminal form of brain cancer while a senior in high school a diagnosis that would stop a lot of people in their tracks but not lauren. >> i never gave up for a second even when they told me that you know i have a terminal diagnosis and i never for a second thought about sitting down and not living life anymore. reporter: despite the odds she continued her basketball career joining mount st. joseph's team her freshman year. her coach knew time was running short so they petitioned the ncaa to let them play the first game of the season two weeks early so lauren could realize her dream of playing college
4:41 pm
basketball. >> i love the roar of the crowd and the bouncing of the balls and the squeaking of the shoes and people working hard and, you know fighting and i can't wait to be standing on this court in a basketball uniform with the number 22. reporter: in front of more than 10,000 fans lauren got her chance to play even scoring a basket in her first college game. lauren accomplished her goals on the basketball court and off the court, she had a new, more important goal in mind. to raise more than a million dollars to help fight all kinds of brain cancer including the type that claimed her. the goal was quickly met. >> now that more people know about this story and awareness, i just am so happy that people know about it now and that we can get some research going and hopefully find that home run cure for cancer. alison: that was andy sholz
4:42 pm
reporting. the president of mount st. joseph university called hill an inspiration to all. leon: absolutely. absolutely. you know, she may have suffered but she helped so many in the process. alison: sure did. think about her family today. leon: all right. lots more coming up next here at 4:00. alison: "7 on your side" with really important information for those dealing with student loans. what you need to consider before consolidating loans. leon: and going to the chapel nearly a dozen times but without getting a divorce in between. what prosecutors are saying about a woman who got married 10 times without ever getting a divorce!
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maxx life! at t.j.maxx. alison: we have a warning for anyone trying to pay off their student loans or parents of students dealing with college loan payments. consumer reporter john matarese shows what happened to one grad who thought she was getting a great loan rate. this so you don't waste your money. john: thousands of college grads in the d.c. area are struggling with thousands of dollars in
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student loans. they are making it almost impossible for them to buy a car or house or get ahead in life. might be tempted to turn to a consolidation company but before you do buyer beware. companies promising to consolidate your student loans are advertising everywhere. andrea caldwell, a recent grad with $40,000 in college loans was thrilled to find a company willing to help her with one low monthly payment. >> and they said you know this is the process and your payment is going to be $48.49 a month. and i was just ecstatic. john: she signed a contract with a company and made an up-front fee of $300 and each month watched $48 go towards her loan or so she thought until she checked with her lender six months later. >> new balance on my student loan and she said ma'am, we haven't received anything. john: she hadn't been paying down her loans at all. >> the guy was baffled like what? that's like $650 that i've paid and you guys haven't received anything. john: turns out her $48 monthly
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payment, $41.74 was going towards a service fee with a $6.75 bank draft fee. the consumer financial protection bureau in washington warns about college loan relief companies. it says check with the u.s. department of education. not web ads and says do not pay a fee up front. andrea is telling her bank to stop the withdrawals from a company she thought was going to help her. if you're trying to consolidate student loans, research any company that wants to consolidate. leon: a new york city woman is accused of marrying 10 men over a 11-year period without getting a single divorce. the 39-year-old was arraigned today on felony fraud charges. prosecutors said she was involved in an immigration scam. she was once married to eight different men at the same time. seven of those men filed for permanent immigration status.
4:48 pm
alison: sounds like a big headache to me. well, time is running out to enter a contest for a v.i.p. experience with sugarland star kristian bush. we've been telling you that a fan will get the chance to see him in concert in atlanta and also get to spend a day with him in his studio. to enter, go to you have until sunday to enter. so good luck. i'm happy with one. leon: all right. tomorrow, 7-eleven stores in the u.s. will hold the first ever bring your own cup day. bring any cup they like and they get to feel it slurpee for a regular price of $1.49. alison: a similar event took place in canada earlier this week some customers went a little bit overboard. one used two huge water containers and filled them up with slurpees and one guy, he brought a rice cooker. and filled it slurpee. leon: the deal should be you have to drink the whole thing while you're there.
4:49 pm
that will keep that under control. alison: it would. leon: here's what's coming up in the next hour. two more contenders ready to throw their hats into the ring for next year's presidential election. we'll tell you what the addition of hillary clinton and marco rubio could mean. alison: record breaking day at the masters. find out what jordan spieth did on the link. leon: the dude was on fire. we're not on fire here. not even close. cool mode here. doug: look back in the weather center. do you see that incredible sunshine coming through the window there? leon: yeah! we can! doug: it just came. started to look at the rooftop camera. the way we're pointed right now, we're pointed down river. i mentioned that to you, we have bright sunshine. looking south of the area towards crystal city still cloudy. so slow warming up. it's late in the day and with some sun developing now we jumped up to 63 at reagan national in the past 20 minutes. so we're going to warm up but
4:50 pm
it's not going to be enough to do all the things required atmospherically to create really nasty weather in most of the area. that will be restricted south and east. it's plenty warm in fredricksburg. 78 degrees there. we're up to 63. that's been the battle all day long. the cold air mass cool wet air mass in place all day and very slowly moving out. thought it would move out sooner, we'd warm up sooner. never happen. but the warm air is there. areas with the warmer temperatures have the greatest risk of having the severe thunderstorms late this afternoon and this evening. 83 in norfolk and raleigh and temperatures in richmond at 82 at last check. this is where the action will be tonight weatherwise, not so much locally. couple of radar images for you. first satellite and radar together, not a lot of action at all ahead of this cold front and part of this reason is the lack of warm air in the mid atlantic area. it's cool controlled by the ocean air. we have this brief little warm sector developing as we speak. on storm scan you see a couple of areas of showers. this is the cold front south and
4:51 pm
west of richmond couple of heavy elements developing here but everything is moving to the northeast so the threat of any thunderstorms, i think, will be south and east of the district. at the moment still no lightning being detected but we're watching the little area of showers to the southwest. it's weakening a bit. as this moves off to the east there will be a chance of a few showers but the key is the threat of severe weather in the washington area very diminished to almost zero level right now but the farther south you go there could be an isolated heavy to possibly severe thunderstorm tonight. but conditions improving quickly later tonight with clearing skies and the weekend looks spectacular. so clear skies and sunshine. clear at night. sunny during the day. ittlooks just fine. so let's get you started with what's coming this way for the next seven days. all right. tomorrow partly to mostly sunny and breezy. temperatures mid to upper 60's. very, very nice. sunday, not as breezy. bright and sunny. approaching 70 degrees. 72 on monday. on tuesday, a 40% chance of
4:52 pm
showers. 68. 70 on wednesday. more showers on thursday. so we'll keep watching it. every now and then, a little something will pop up. whole key to why things are quiet weatherwise is because we stay cloudy and cool so long all day that locally, not much will have a chance to fall. leon: you busted steve rudin. now we know what he does out there. eats -- he's working on his tan. alison: thank you. leon: thanks doug. let's check to see how things looking on the roads. jamie sullivan has the word for us. jamie: couple of different problems. look at how red we are on the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. inner loop will start to work its way to the bridge continuing to the 270 spur. as i zoom in we have a crash on the 270 spur northbound. right as the 270 split here. let's take a live look. i want to show you near democracy boulevard how slow our traffic is. again, this is heading northbound. so get ready for those delays
4:53 pm
that may impact our commute a little bit more on the inner loop of the beltway. now, let's go ahead and take a look back at the maps and i want to talk about what we're seeing on 95 in virginia. going to take you about 25 minutes to head south on 95 from the occoquan continuing closer towards triangle. even northbound, we have the slowing as well. i want to take a look at 95 near dumfries. it is heavy. this is the traffic working our way. we lost the good camera shot here. you can see they moved it around. it shows you how heavy they are. back to you. leon: thanks, jamie. alison: thank you. coming up next here on abc 7 news at 4:00 remember these students. they were devastated after their trophies and prize winning robot were stolen. some good news for them. we'll tell you how good samaritans are helping out.
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4:56 pm
leon: we have a happy ending to a story we shared with you earlier this week. loudoun county high school robotics team took top honors at a regional competition but all
4:57 pm
of the students' trophies and their prize winning robot were stolen. alison: that's right. thanks to several donations, the team will still be able to participate in a national competition in st. louis later this month. mike: with financial help from the loudoun chamber of commerce and several i.t. companies, the loudoun education foundation presented a $15,000 check to robo loco high school robotics team from loudoun county schools. last weekend, the team was named a runner-up at a regional robotics competition in tennessee but an s.u.v. containing the team's computers, trophies and robots was stolen from the hotel parking lot. since then they've been scrambling to raise funds and build up a backup robot and today, they learned they would receive this donation to support their efforts and fund their trip. >> it's overwhelming. from waking up on sunday morning to lose everything to just in a few short days we're so grateful for all the outpouring of support we've received.
4:58 pm
>> been really impressive to me. very positive. never had any fears. >> how quickly we were able to come together just embodies the spirit of how well we'll do at worlds. mike: not just money, they received a donation of spare computer parts and laptops from systemic solutions. meanwhile, police in knoxville are still looking for that stolen s.u.v. a white chevrolet with virginia tags. reporting in ashburn, mike conneen, abc 7 news. leon: a criminal past. court records paint a troubling picture of the man at the center of a chaotic and deadly sequence of events from d.c. to maryland. also, fury unleashed. >> there goes cars! leon: mother nature slammed the midwest with terrible force. we'll take you to the heart of the danger zone and -- >> there's no way i could use that much water. leon: the water company says half a million gallons and the amount due, over 7 grand but the house has been empty. "7 on your side" investigates.
4:59 pm
alison: we're watching the skies. rain moving into our region. leon: uh-huh. doug hill is here now with an eye of what's happening on the skies out there. doug? doug: as the old song said -- ♪ we have sunshine on a cloudy day ♪ yeah, senior karaoke. doing better there. live look at the rooftop camera across the street from the kennedy center. looks bleak there. looking out west along route 50 eventually up towards seven corners and look at that, a little clearing, a little blue sky and a little sunshine. it's late in the day. we're not going to hit 80 degrees. i doubt we're going to hit 70 degrees. clearing is under way. in a way that's a good thing because of the lack of the warm air and the persistence of this cool, damp air all day has prevented us getting any severe weather in the metro area. we see the temperatures warming to the south and southwest and in the southeast, those areas
5:00 pm
still subject to heavy storms and maybe some isolated severe weather this evening. locally, doppler radar shows us we're dealing with an area of showers that is not intensifying across northern sections of faquier county. some areas may get a few showers. as we look at the satellite and radar, there are a few more ahead of the cold front. the threat of anything severe has dramatically diminished. those areas of concern have shifted way down to the northern neck middle peninsula and tidewater. we'll keep watching things for you and tell but the weekend forecast that is beautiful coming your way in a few minutes. back to you. leon: you got it doug. that same weather system hitting our area spawned a deadly tornado in illinois. two people were killed in the tiny town of fairdale and another dozen people were injured when the twisters ripped their way across six counties. illinois's governor has signed a disaster declaration. >> the damage is


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