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king from home. i get on a video conference. with my boss, and my boss's boss. t i forgot to attach the presentation it sends in a flash, good thing i have fios. i don't and it was taking forever. we don't miss a beat. i'm yelling at the kids to get off wi-fi. get off the movies! get off the video games! i think i got a promotion. i think i need a new job. are you guys hiring. why settle when you can have you have fib optics with a two year price guaranteed. fios. the fastest, most reliable internet. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: first, a gyrocopter lands and jaws drop on the steps of the u.s. capital. the pilot is now in custody and tonight we have learned about the man and his motivation. what we don't know is how he made that far without being stopped. >> it landed and bounced on the
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ground. immediately the cop came over and said get back. leon: that landing at about 1:30 on the west lawn put the u.s. capital and the white house on lockdown. the pilot that you see being taken into custody in the video was doug hughes, april to worker from florida. his mission, to deliver letters about campaign finance reform to all 500-plus members of congress. the bomb squad examine the plane but did not find anything dangerous. >> we don't know what everybody's talking about with beer in restricted how can you fly a helicopter and land on the lawn of the capital building? leon: the no-fly zone is highlighted onin red, including
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the space around the white house, the capital and aviation experts are baffled that he made it that far. >> the faa will have to answer and border and customs patrol will have to answer how he got so close to the white house without being detected, and then how they will handle the ramifications as far as the criminal proceedings or the faa for proceedings. leon: they say they have the ability to pick up an aircraft identity even if they do not have broadcast of what is on board. we are tracking new developments about hughes and what he was trying to a cop was. tom roussey has been digging into that and is live at the capital with what he learned. tom, what's the story? tom: just to give a sense of how close this gyrocopter got to the capital, it basically landed right near this cone and there
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is the capital, just a football field away. tonight we are learning a lot more about the man who flew here. >> i'm going to land in front of the capitol building. tom: that is doug hughes telling "the tampa bay times" he plan to do exactly what happened. >> i don't believe anybody is personally taking responsibility for what is going on for publicly executing some money for a inactive dissent. tom: oh my insecurity was prepared to shoot him down if he got closer. instead, they took him into custody. this is a reporter who said hughes contacted him out of the blue about a year ago. >> he thought if i do a stunt big enough, i can get people's attention. tom: a search by abc 7 shows that hughes has no record besides a traffic offense. in the video he said he wants to commit civil this obedience to
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have campaign-finance reform. >> i want them to change the government to build a wall of separation between the government and big money. tom: a friend in florida said he and not been able to reach use for days. >> we fear that he had crash somewhere. tom: abc 7 spoke with a man who hughes in the past who said he was angry and anti-establishment and a bit odd. we found writings from hughes online about congress in which he said he feels like congressman only work for themselves and special interests. we also found his facebook page which indicates he is a married grandfather. reporting on the west lawn of the capital, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: happening right now authorities and the secret service are at the gettysburg airport and pennsylvania, where witnesses claim they saw the gyrocopter take off this morning.
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>> he had a big winged -- like a helicopter, but it wasn't a helicopter. leon:the gyrocopter was unlike anything at the airport that usually sees. the airport is more than 80 miles away, in gettysburg, from the capital. at this hour, as of this report hughes has not been officially charged with anything. we'll continue to following the developing investigation. stay with abc 7 and for updates through the night. developing right now, repairs of metro's green line will stretch into the morning commute after a pedestrian bridge collapsed onto the tracks between greenbelt and college park. for shilique him and nobody was hurt, but there is a massive cleanup underway. -- fortunately, nobody was hurt. roz plater has the latest. roz: they have managed to cut
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down the wire canopy of the pedestrian bridge a few minutes ago. they have been moving away the slabs of concrete that fell, and they are still working to replace a crucial piece of track. crews are working through the night, shoring up the damage to pedestrian bridge, then removing debris so they can get to win begin replacing the damaged metro rail track. >> we have to replace sections of the third rail where the concrete came down onto the track. roz: contract workers moving a rail crane down the tracks crashed into a section of the pedestrian bridge overhead. >> for whatever reason, the crane was not in the right position. roz: and a massive slab of concrete came crashing down onto the tracks. >> it was a loud noise, like a big boom. roz: crews had been building a
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new test track for the 7000 series metrorail cars full stop fortunately, nobody was hurt but people say that time of day people are often standing on the bridge to watch the trains go by. >> it's pretty scary. >> i'm glad nobody was there and i am glad a train was not going underneath. roz: multiple investigators are looking into why the crash happened. >> i'm really puzzled because whenever you are an overpass you should be careful. roz: here is what it means if you are a commuter using the green line tomorrow morning. if you take the stations at college park or greenbelt, there will be no trains running, only shuttle buses. if you go to the greenbelt station, you may what to consider going to new carrollton and give yourself a few more minutes in the morning. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: thanks, roz. a fairfax county police officer
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has been arrested for child gaddafi. william bud walker was the public information officer and a school resource officer. tonight, walker is in jail without bond. chris papst has how walker was busted and what the investigation is doing, not over yet. chris? chris: leon, during bud walker's long history as a police officer, he had been specifically assigned to help children, a public resource officer for schools and fairfax county, but now he is behind bars, accused of hurting kids in one of the worst possible ways. >> i am here to facilitate the media opportunity. chris: just a few weeks ago, this press conference was conducted by bud walker. instead, this is about him. >> it gravely upsets me to inform our great community of the arrest of a fairfax county police officer. chris: earlier today the
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16-your cop and public information officer was arrested and charged with two felony child pornography counts. according to court documents inside his home the police seized numerous computers, thumb drives, and discs. >> this matter is disappointing to all of us. chris: in july of last year, tumbler reported to the national center for missing and exploited children that child pornography was uploaded through walker's account. walker is now in jail without bail. he is still on administrative leave with pay. county officials tell 7 on your side that is standard and they are working to remove his salary. >> the most import job i've had on this police department is the job am currently in, to protect kids and it's a good feeling when we go home at night knowing we've done that. chris: investigators tell us there is no indication any of these kids involved were local.
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the investigation is ongoing. live in fairfax county, chris papst, abc 7 news. leon: now breaking news from prince george's county, where the police are investigating a homicide in seat pleasant. victim was a 25-year-old male who was shot to death in a car who has not been identified. a suspect is not in custody. if anybody has information, the prince george's county police want to talk to you. the so-called beer prong rapist will spend the rest of his life in prison. julie percha dexter was sentenced formidable sexual assaults. prosecutors say that he would attend ours and beer pong tournaments and college park and assault victims. investigators say that he lured several intoxicated people into their home and then attacked them. julie poindexter will spend 150 years behind bars. -- julie poindexter will spend 150 years behind bars. >> he hunted human beings. leon: joey poindexter
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represented himself at trial. today a lawyer appeared with him and said they plan to appeal. metro's raising awareness about sexual assault on public transfer patient -- public transportation. the event was part of the sexual assault awareness month. metro recently began the second phase of the nt sex assault campaign with ads in stations. the teenagers speaking out after being arrested for spray painting hateful graffiti. the police say that the teenager and three friends to faced the synagogue. they painted swastikas kkk and other hate messages on the building. tonight, the teenager said he is sorry. >> i don't hate jews, i'm not racist. i treat people with respect. if you are black, white, latino. leon: he is facing several
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charges and is out on bond tonight. a judge is refusing to block the closure of sweet briar college. same judge issued a 60 day and junction to prevent the college from using charitable contributions. sweet briar college said they will appeal. they plan to close in august citing financial challenges. still ahead -- a nutritious snack, but now the fda is calling that into question. they have about kind bars. plus, free holick beverages on long flights. the airline that's bringing them back. steve: we have a dry day ahead, but changes on the way. the forecast coming up.
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leon: today, a pause to remember the lives lost and impacted by the boston marathon bombing. the attack happened two years ago today. moments of silence were held across the country yet 2:49 p.m.
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this afternoon, including at the u.s. capitol and through the city. they have called on people to participate in ask of kindness on april 15. three people were killed and more than 260 injured. former nfl player aaron hernandez will spend the rest of his life in prison. a judge sentenced hernandez hours after the jury found him guilty of first-degree murder. the former new england patriots star shot his friend odin lloyd to death. after the verdict, the judge told people about the allegations of hernandez and a 2012 homicide. questions in the aftermath of the germanwings crash. the head of germany's air traffic control agency says the ability to allow authorities to take control of an airplane from the ground and landed should be
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examined. german officials say remote flight controls are already available for drones and they should examine using him on commercial flights. a bizarre interruption at a german news conference. check this out. that is a woman who jumped on top of the table. a few later this was at the european central bank press conference. they were talking about the economy. the woman was shouting, calling the bank a dictatorship. she was taken into custody. nobody was hurt by the falling pieces of paper. 7 on your side with health matters, popular kind bars claim to be healthy and nutritious but the fda is asking questions. they have received a warning letter, sing some of the bars are labeled "healthy" and no trans fats, but the fda says they do not meet the
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requirements to fit those descriptions. kind says they will change the labels, but not their recipe. to read more on the story, go to a 7 on your side consumer alert, united airlines is bringing back free beer and wine on international flights. this is not just for first class and business class but economy as well. they also will add more selections to their movie service on flights. this will be for flights between the u.s., europe asia, and some south american countries. steve: wild times. leon: whatever it takes to bring people back. steve: we had nice weather today, a nice weekend tomorrow but some changes for the weekend. we will talk about that. i think you will like saturday. sunday, not so much. absurd right now -- outside right now, mostly cloudy, the clouds thinning out in the morning. 60 degrees at reagan national.
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it is quite comfortable if you're heading outdoors in the next hour or so. the high today, 68 degrees, one degree above average, 92 is the record high, not so long ago back in 2002. we continue to gain about a minute and a half of daylight each day. the tree pollen not quite as bad as two days ago, but the mold has increased because of the rain yesterday. that will go down tomorrow and the pollen will increase as we look for more sunshine of the forecast. 49 degrees at dulles, cooler off to the west, 50 gaithersburg quantico 53. satellite radar, the moisture suppressed to the south. the d.c. metro, the clouds thinning out along the maryland-pennsylvania border. the thinning clouds arrive later today, into the morning. tonight, 47 degrees, partly cloudy, the wind out of the northeast at five. will start in the morning.
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you will need the sunglasses for the first part of the day. clausing greece -- clouds increase late in the day, but tomorrow night and into the day friday, we get wet weather cloudy skies. then the high pressure tries to dig in to our area the first half of the upcoming weekend. saturday looking pretty nice. 7:00 in the morning, 47 degrees 12:00 p.m. noon lower 60's, a good deal of sunshine. clouds at 5:00 upper 60's. the extended outlook, friday umbrella day, but not all day. 40% chance of showers. daytime highs near 70 degrees. saturday looks absolutely beautiful, almost feeling like early summer, 75. showers sunday. leon: ok, we'll take it. i told you you should have rocked the red today. robert: it's going to be a long
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series for the caps, and the wiz as well. the wiz now know they will play in round one of the playoffs. the caps hope and to kick things off in the postseason on the right foot. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the caps have returned to the postseason, facing a team they have faced four times this season, splitting the series 2-2. does not matter tonight 0-0. the caps trail until marcus johansson scores, now it is tied 1-1. in the second, off the face-off, ryan strohm gives the islanders the lead. later in the second, the caps' struggles are not over, josh bailey finds the net.
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the caps lose game one 4-1. coach: i was disappointed in a lot of guys, personally. the guys did not step up. tonight, they got under guys. full credit for the islanders. they stepped up. >> our level was not as high as it needs to be tonight. we were disappointed in that, especially since we work so hard to get into the playoffs. but we will come back and rebound and have a good game friday. robert: the caps back at verizon friday. i will wear red. leon: you better. robert: it looks like the wizards will play the raptors in the first round. meanwhile, the wizards in a game that really did not matter. final seconds of overtime, trying to tie it up. the steel, but dunk.
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they mob him. cavs win 113-108. baseball the nats trying to avoid a sweep against the red sox. wilson ramos at the play, r.b.i. three runs score. nats avoid the sweep, beating the red sox, 10-5. a sweep would not be good right now. o's and yankees. check out chris young. tags one to left center, two run double. the yankees within three. but the o's hang on and win 7 -5. and a final note -- the u.s. men's soccer team in an international friendly tonight 2-0 final. leon: it's always friendly when we win.
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still ahead -- >> highways wanted to do it. leon: and she did.
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leon: a pilot under arrest after landing a gyrocopter in front of the u.s. capitol. also, a pedestrian bridge collapses on metro tracks in berwyn heights affecting the green line. and steve's forecast, all of the stories and more at you are never too old to accomplish your goals. lee hunt is 103 years old and today she graduated from high school in wisconsin. she was forced out in the eighth grade to take her of her siblings. her dream came true. congratulations.
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leon: we have good stuff and not so good stuff?
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steve: tomorrow looks good, lots of sunshine, high of 67, the wind out of the south west -- southeast between 5 and 10. friday, not a washout, but need the umber a lot near 70. saturday the better day of the upcoming weekend. showers on sunday, same on monday. jacqui jeras will be here bright and early with "good morning washington," starting at 4:24. not 4:25. the daylight hours are getting warmer and longer. leon: thanks for staying with us and joining us. jimmy kimmel live is next. have a good night.
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