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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  April 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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is he faces two federal charges. unlawfully knowingly operating an unregistered aircraft and violating national defense airspace. two federal charges that he faces there. but what we learned in court today is that an arrangement had been reached between the prosecution and the defense attorneys that mr. hughes would be released of his own personal recognizance from the courthouse here today. there are some conditions to that release. he will be on home detention in his home of tampa, florida. he will also have to stay away from the district of columbia and in addition to that he will not be able to operate any aircraft. today's hearing lasted about 1/2 hour. they had to work out some of the details of when he will make his way back to tampa and into the authorities there so he can be fitted for the home detention device. he spoke very quietly only asking a few questions. the most interesting thing we all noticed is when he walked in the courtroom, that he was indeed wearing that u.s. postal
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service uniform that he was wearing when he landed that gyrocopter on the west front lawn of the capitol. he will be back in court for another hearing next month. reporting live at federal district court suzanne kennedy abc 7 news. larry: thanks for that. stay with abc 7 and for updates on this gyrocopter incident and the investigation. alison: let's go ahead and turn to the weather now. really nice day out but once again, changes are in the forecast. larry: just the way it is. doug hill is in the abc 7 storm watch weather center. rain is on the way. doug: it's on the way. clouds are starting to roll in. let's give a look at temperatures around the area. 71 at reagan national. you can see a little bit of blue skies still but a fair amount of cloudiness moving in from the west and southwest. a little band of rain we've been watching all afternoon long here in the weather center continues to move to the east and
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northeast. heavy little shower now just north of winchester. and a few more showers but they're heading to the northeast. they should weaken a bit but over the next couple of hours, isolated showers sprinkles possible especially north and west of downtown. we'll keep an eye on that for the next couple of hours here on abc 7 news. what will come next is a larger area of rain. that won't arrive until after midnight and that will be with us for a good chunk of the day tomorrow. 73 in frederick and fredricksburg. 67 degrees in quantico. 70 now in manassas. bit cooler west of the blue ridge where it's been cooled by the showers. through the evening, mostly cloudy skies. showers developing to the west and northwest as we head into the early morning hours. as we head to the overnight hours, showers back overhead and drop to the lower 50's with southeasterly winds and a little larger picture of the satellite and picture shows one area coming through now and a little larger area moving out of nashville to asheville north carolina that's the area that will give us rain overnight and a good portion of the day tomorrow.
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hey, there's a little better news for the weekend weather outlook, we'll share that and the seven-day forecast for you coming up in a couple of minutes. larry? larry: thank you for that. look forward to it. a two alarm fire meanwhile, destroying a home in arlington. it happened this afternoon on south rolfe street. firefighters are looking into what caused this blaze. alison: well a police chase ended in a deadly crash in charles county. investigators say an officer tried to pull over a toyota sion in waldorf earlier this morning. the driver led police on a chase until he crashed a few blocks away at acton lane and timberbrook drive. he struck a utility pole that then fell on to the car. driver died at the scene. his name has not been released. larry: instead of protecting the streets, one fairfax county police officer is in jail charged with possessing child porn. liam "bud" walker a public information officer for the police department was arrested
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yesterday. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live now with more on this investigation. jeff? jeff: well larry, bud walker was arraigned this morning in fairfax county court. he appeared via video link. no comment today from his attorney. but this case really began with the tip here to the national center for missing and exploited children in alexandria and this investigation is far from over. one day after the arrest of bud walker -- >> i was surprised and shocked. jeff: people across fairfax county remain shake not by the news. >> i recognized his face. jeff: darlene burel of lorton is referring to his role as a public information officer with the department after he served as school resource officer at the high school in lorton. >> i'm shocked about it. >> that's horrible! jeff: walker was charged yesterday with one count of possession of child pornography and one count of possession with intent to distribute. according to authorities, walker allegedly uploaded one image and
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one video to the social media site tumblr which alerted the national center for missing and exploited children which then contacted fairfax police who traced the data back to walker's home. >> the criminal investigation is still active as we attempt to determine who the victims are. reporter: he retired in 19 the 9 as a patrol officer and served as a public information officer followed by his time at south county and back to the p.i.o. until his arrest. >> police officer is held to a higher standard. jeff: joseph agrees. he attended south county while walker worked at the school. >> everybody, we all make mistakes. when you have responsibility than others and we place trust in that, you can't betray that. jeff: the police chief says at this point, there's no evidence that any of walker's alleged actions involve children from fairfax county but police are asking any potential victims to please come forward. bud walker does have a bond hearing tomorrow morning in fairfax county. he is currently being held in
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jail without bond. and then coming up at 5:00 we're going to go inside the center. talk to them a little bit about how cases like these unfold and how social media sites like tumblr in this case are really helping in the fight to protect children. until then, live in alexandria jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. alison: ok jeff thank you. metro says a bad cable is to blame for the delays on the green and yellow lines outside of fort totten this morning. it caused metro to suspend service between prince george's plaza and georgia avenue. commuters were forced to use shuttle buses or take a detour on the red line. metro says a cable on the track showed evidence of arcing. it was removed and service is now back to normal. and green line service between greenbelt and college park has been restored after a pedestrian bridge fell right on the tracks in berwyn heights yesterday. we brought that to you as breaking news. a crane struck the bridge just before rush hour sending part of that span crashing on to the commuter tracks.
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luckily, no one was on the bridge and no trains were in the area at the time. larry: former maryland delegate don dwyer is being ordered to pay $92,000 after he hurt several people in a boat crash. a judge ordered him to pay the medical bills and pain and suffering for the 2012 crash. his blood alcohol limit was more than twice the legal limit when he ran his boat into another one on a river. alison: the drink menu at terps games could soon be expanding. "the baltimore sun" said the school is considering selling beer and wine as soon as this fall. if the measure passes the school says it will mirror rules found in most professional sports venues. the number of drinks sold at one time would be limited, sales would stop all together after the third quarter of football games or midway through the second half of the basketball game. larry: we're hearing the 911 call that sparked the late e investigation into the silver spring couple known as free range parents. alison: that's right.
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this stranger called 911 after spotting two young children alone in a park. our diane cho is at the live desk with an update on this story. diane? diane: alison, larry, in the 911 call the man who saw the children said the children came up to see if he could pet their dog. he first spotted them in the park on sunday a mile away from their home in silver spring. >> two kids that are accompanied and they've been walking around for probably about 20 minutes by themselves. diane: this is at least the third time that police have been called about the children walking around unsupervised. children were taken to the child protective services office in rockville. their parents believe their 6-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son should be allowed to walk to the park by themselves. the family plans on fighting back. police say the case is still under investigation. in the newsroom diane cho, abc 7 news. alison: thank you so much. still to come here at 4:00 we'll hear more about this case
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and talk to a woman behind the blog called free range kids. hear her thoughts about this case in montgomery county. larry: plus a scare for a hit country music group. what one of the stars is saying about a tour bus fire that sent smoke and flames billowing into the sky. >> i tried to run. alison: and incredible video of a woman, she's swept off a cliff by a huge wave. and she lives to tell about it. what she says saved her life.
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alison: just a few minute ago, we brought you an update on the case of the montgomery county couple whose children had been found alone in a park. larry: the parents call themselves free range and there are other supporters of their method of child raising. they include blogger lanore skinasi who joins us live via skype. what are your thoughts about this maryland case? >> i think it's outrageous that the children who were happily walking home in a nice safe neighborhood with their parents' permission would be thrown into a cop car and kept for the next 5 1/2 hours and the parents told that they were being negligent when they were simply being old-fashioned parents who trusted their kids to walk home from the park on a beautiful day! alison: so now in our area
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there have been three occasions where other people citizens have called the police out of concern for these children. but you're saying that you don't think that the crime rates actually justify that concern, is that right? >> well the crime rate across america, i don't know the crime rate in silver spring per se but the crime rate across america is at a 50-year low and so that means that if you were allowed to walk to school or ride your bike to the library or you know, run an errand even when you were a kid and you don't think that your parents were crazy and negligent nut cases, there's no reason to think that of the meitivs because they're not doing anything more dangerous than you were allowed to do. larry: i guess at what point do you feel that the police do get involved? where is that -- does that fine line exist that if authorities or neighbors feel that maybe the children are too young? >> i don't think it's that fine of line. i think that if you see children under intuitive stress that's when the police should get involved. if the kids look like they've been beaten if they're strung
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out on drugs, if there's no food in the house, any of the cases where children are in obvious and immediate danger, i am very glad that we have the police and child protective services. but i don't want them to be saying oh i wouldn't do it at that age or i'd wait another year. that's not exactly what i do. nobody says everybody else is raising their kids exactly right. that doesn't mean the government should get involved. alison: we know this case will continue. the meitivs have gotten a lawyer. they'll be filing suit and we'll follow all the developments and appreciate your time. >> thank you. thanks, alison. alison: thank you. larry: moving on now, third arrest tonight after a 19-year-old was gang raped on spring break in panama city. george kennedy was arrested and charged with sexual assault in a brutal attack along with two other men. kennedy is a student at middle tennessee state university. this may not have been an isolated incident. the sheriff's office is investigating multiple similar
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assaults. the tulsa county sheriff's office in oklahoma is conducting an internal review of its deputy reserve program. alison: that decision follows national scrutiny from the fatal shooting of an unarmed suspect. robert bates said he shot eric harris by accident mistaking his gun for his stun gun but the tulsa world reports that some supervisors at the sheriff's office were told to forge bates' training records. bates has been charged with manslaughter. new details about the events that led up to the officer running down the suspect with his patrol car. mario valencia is accused of a three hour crime spree that included robbing a 7-eleven breaking into a church and stealing a car. he was caught on camera allegedly stealing a rifle and ammunition from a wal-mart. police say the move by the officer may have actually saved valencia's life. >> i think the officer made a very difficult decision a tough, tough decision and i think it absolutely turned out
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to be the right decision. alison: so that officer was the subject of a lawsuit in his previous job in new york. the officer was accused of pointing a gun at a man during a parking dispute in october of 2005. that lawsuit was settled for $20,000. larry: a father in georgia was arrested for trying to build a barrier to prevent cars from plunging off a bridge. shannon hamilton's daughter died last month when the car she was in drove off the white county bridge and into a creek. feeling the county wasn't moving fast enough to fix the bridge, hamilton opted to try to do it himself. he says he had no regrets. >> if i have to go to jail for the rest of my life in an attempt to save lives, yes, sir, i would do that. larry: white county is responding to hamilton's concerns and the bridge has been lined since then with heavy concrete divideers. engineers are also working with the county to find a more permanent solution. alison: one of the most popular country bands is breathing a huge sigh of relief tonight. hillary scott the lead singer of lady antebellum was on this
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tour bus when it caught fire. look at that. she posted on facebook that she, her husband, their tour manager and driver were on the way to dallas when a tire caught fire. they all got off before anyone was hurt. scott said she lost all her personal belongings on the bus except for one thing. she says her bible was a little burnt but otherwise fine. larry: few students got a chance to enjoy the nice weather while learning some very valuable skills. some high school and technical education students spent the afternoon working on a microhome in northwest washington. the home will be 160 square feet. yes, i said that right. to prepare students took classes in construction planning carpentry, electrical and interior design and i think efficiency in packing and living. alison: micro is the operative word in that house. what a gorgeous day! doug: it's been nice in the lower 70's in spots. the clouds are rolling in now. get some rain a little later this evening, weekend looking
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pretty good. share our story with you and first up take a live look from the vantage point of the weath camera at the bell haven country club in alexandria. we're looking northward up the potomac river towards washington. you can see some breaks of blue sky but also see the considerable overcast that's moving into the area at this time but overcast is just ahead of a line of showers. now an hour or two ago, it was a little heavier when it was farther west but kind of breaking up now the heaviest concentration now north of winchester towards martinsburg, berkeley springs. over the next hour or two, this area drifts to the northeast of the that's the best chance of any organized showers. otherwise, might just see a few sprinkles, shower here and there moved across the potomac and through the metro area. as far as the nats game tonight 7:05 first pitch at the park. i think it will be fine. if there are any showers it will be very brief and the next batch of heavier rain not expected until after midnight. unless the game goes you know 20 innings, i think we'll be good to go here tonight with the weather. as far as numbers go very nice pleasant conditions. 74 at reagan national now. 72 in fredricksburg.
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70 in gaithersburg. farther west with the heavier clouds and rain have moved in. temperatures dropping into the 50's and 60's. as we go through this evening, we'll see the temperatures slowly drop. again, an early evening sprinkle or shower and better chances, though of the showers and maybe steadier rain developing overnight through the rush hour tomorrow and at times through the day tomorrow. temperatures should stay fairly mild in the overnight as well. the satellite and radar shows the first batch coming into this and then there's a break and few more showers. area of low pressure as well to the south and as that moves northeast, more rain here through the day tomorrow. that will even move through late tomorrow afternoon and evening. our futurecast paints that picture. by 10:00 in the morning, scattered showers in the area and it looks like things clear out after the last batch moves through about dinnertime. then we're in clearing skies and good shape here going forward. here's the next seven days for you. 72 72 tomorrow with a chance of rain especially through the morning and afternoon. some sunshine for a while on sunday. late afternoon and evening showers move in. about 69.
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rain likely on monday. tuesday, wednesday and thursday the hat trick there with sunshine and temperatures and coming up in a few minutes, steve rudin is out back here in arlington with live tulips. absolutely gorgeous. alison: wonderful! ok, look forward to that. larry: thanks. appreciate it. just into the newsroom now video of doug hughes the pilot in that gyrocopter that landed on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol yesterday. he appeared in court today, again, video that we just got in and he was released on his own recognizance but with several conditions. released to home detention and he must not operate any aircraft. also hughes must stay out of washington, d.c. suzanne kennedy is following this case for abc 7 and will have more coming up tonight at 5:00. alison: let's get a check on the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is here with the details for us. hi jamie. jamie: this afternoon, we are ok. so far crashes not too many to worry about. i want to focus, though on the area for you near federal
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triangle. so d.c. emancipation day festival under way right now. we had closures that went into place this morning at 4:00 a.m. this area, pennsylvania avenue 14th street northwest. i want to take a live look in this area and just show you. you can't see any closures here. this is 15th street near pennsylvania avenue. but again, we're going to see a lot of extra pedestrian traffic. be careful a lot of the closures expected to be in place and last until tomorrow night at midnight. as we move to take a look at what else we're working right now, traffic slow. typical for you. on the beltway right near here working your way closer to the american legion bridge. you're on the brakes. continuing to 270, same thing. get a little break getting into bethesda and you can see top side of the beltway, we're in the yellow. so the heaviest spot is this red stretch and that's going to be basically from the toll road to the american legion bridge. as far as our volume heading outbound on 295, so far so good. but we do have the nats game tonight. just a few hours and we'll see the closures put into place.
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that's a look at traffic. back to you. alison: thank you very much. coming up at 4:00 we are hearing from the woman at the center of this incredible video swept off a cliff during a vacation. what she credits with saving her life. larry: that's stunning. "7 on your side" with health matters as many work to get your body beach ready for the summer. the simple steps to take now to reduce belly fat.
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larry: it's the incredible video making headlines around the world and shows a woman swept off a cliff by a massive wave. alison: and it all happened while she was on vacation. abc's marcy gonzalez explains how it happened and how the woman was saved. marcy: soaking in the stunning irish coastal views when there on the left a giant wave crashes into a woman standing on the cliff. >> at first i didn't see it coming. so i tried to run and the wave just pushed me off my perch. marcy: aparajita gupta visiting the islands with her parents watching in horror as the wave knocks her to the rocks below. >> most terrifying moment of my life when i see the huge wave coming and my daughter shouted mom wri -- mommy and i look back and she's not there. >> the impact wasn't as good as it could have been and next to me, i held on to it.
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marcy: the 21-year-old student clinging to that boulder until this man paramedic visiting the island rushes over to help making a rope out of a jacket tying it to a backpack and lowering it down to pull gupta to safety. >> i suppose we just did what anybody would do in that situation and try to help out. >> miracle she's alive. just simply amazing. marcy: she broke her ankle and has cuts and bruises but otherwise ok. her rescuer will be awarded a medal for bravery later this year. marcy gonzalez, abc 7 news. alison: unbelievable! larry: amazing. alison: isn't it? thank goodness she's ok. one school's field trip causing outrage in one community. >> i think it breeds a lot of intolerance and a lot of, you know, misunderstanding. larry: coming up how a school official is responding to criticism for a trip that was only for african-american students. reporter: first, a number of
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security breaches and now a proposal to change security measures here outside of the white house. i'm
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alison: new security measures are coming to the white house. larry: the move comes after several fence jumping incidents. brianne carter is live at the white house to explain the changes. brianne? brianne: well, we do understand there are going to be some additional changes here after
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we've already seen changes in the last couple of months. just within the last five minutes, take a look. secret service moved everybody back in the park away from any of those barriers that are there and as you can see, that small temporary fence still sits outside of the main fence here of the white house. now, currently, those two fences are still in place and this is all coming as you mentioned a number of those security breaches that happened. this morning, the u.s. commission of fine arts came up with a plan to make changes. those changes also include some temporary fixes. among them, anti-climb features on top of that fence reportedly happened to deter any fence climbers and this comes, as you mentioned, after those breaches that we saw last fall last september, one man armed with a knife able not only to make it over the fence but up towards the white house. nearly a month later, another man climbing the fence and was immediately taken into custody by secret service and k-9 units. what do visitors out here who try to get as close to the white
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house as they can think of the proposal? >> i don't feel it will be a house anymore. the idea of the house is a home where the president lives and he's in town with all of the -- all of the americans, all of the tourists, everyone is welcome here. brianne: some people we talked to said they absolutely understand the security measures that need to be in place. talking to the national park service who presented this proposal alongside the secret service, they say they can't reveal anymore about the security information that would be happening here. but they say they'd like to get this done as quickly as possible. while there is no immediate timeline, we know there is one more meeting that will need approval for this plan. that is set for may 9th. reporting outside of the white house, brianne carter abc 7 news. larry: thanks so much. we are learning now more about doug hughes, man arrested after landing a gyrocopter at the capitol yesterday. new information coming from one of the people who knows him
4:32 pm
best. mike shanahan is the president of the reform group whose mission hughes was carrying out. i-team investigator joce sterman, i should say is here now to say with what he has to say about the pilot. joce: shanahan knew about doug hughes' plan for more than a year before he ended up in cuffs. he tried to talk him out of it over and over again. and once the two men were interviewed by the secret service last year he thought this whole thing was dropped until he got a phone call yesterday morning. and that call came from hughes himself. it was a stunner he said, it let shanahan know that he was in d.c. and was planning to live stream an event and wanted him to go and look on a website. that turned out to be the flight hughes had been practicing for for months. learning how to pilot that gyrocopter that eventually landed on the capitol lawn. shanahan says it was a plot that came out of a brainstorming session to drum up support for the two and their cause. campaign finance reform. shanahan grew up in the d.c. area and has long warned his
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friend that he risked death and potentially prison if he took that flight into restricted airspace but hughes could not be swayed and shanahan was surprised as anyone when he saw his friend end up making national news. >> he knew he could die. he knew he could be arrested. and he also knew that he could go to jail. but he was willing to do that. his stunt was dangerous and probably a little stupid. but it was also extremely brave and it was patriotic. he is not a terrorist by any means. joce: shanahan says his original plan was to land in the reflecting pool so he wouldn't be posing any risk to anyone else. that's obviously not what happened. he ended up on the capitol lawn. shanahan says he's thankful his friend is alive. he actually thanked the secret service and other law enforcement involved in this whole situation. we'll explain why coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. joce sterman, abc 7 news.
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alison: all right, joce see you at 6:00. we'll turn to the weather now. no complaints about the conditions out there today. larry: gorgeous day. get ready for more rain. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with another check of the forecast. doug? doug: larry and alison, few showers are popping up on radar. check those out for you on live doppler and moving from the southwest towards the metro area. they are breaking apart a bit but over the next couple of hours, don't be surprised if there's a light shower or a sprinkle. the area gently moved to the northeast towards the west side of baltimore. it will take a few hours to get in that direction. temperaturewise, fall through the 60's slowly tonight and again, any showers or sprinkles will be short lived and the next batch of rain won't move into the region until after midnight tonight. as far as the big picture, we can get a feel for what's downstream from us west of asheville, north carolina another larger area of rain that's moving northeastward. through the good portion of the day, we'll have the shattered showers. showers in the morning should end by noon and then maybe some
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sun in the afternoon. climbing to 72 degrees. in a few minutes, check out the weekend forecast in detail. but right now, we're going to make the short hop out back of the studios to the netherlands pavilion where steve rudin has a pretty picture for us. lots of them. thousands of them. steve? steve: yeah, let me tell you, this is the first time that i have ever been here and i've been in d.c. for almost 20 years. the view is fantastic overlooking the city. thousands and thousands of tulip bulbs now getting ready to bloom. some are already in bloom. ranging in color from orange to yellows to pinks to purple. you get the point. this is the place to be. if you've never been here it's easy to get to. to find the iwo jima memorial walk for three or four minutes and here you are. find yourself in the middle of all these beautiful, beautiful tulips. if your allergies are bothering you and mine have bothered me now for probably the past 10 days or so. this is a pollen count and the latest pollen count shows trees in the high category. don't have to worry about the weeds or the grasses or the
4:36 pm
molds at least not right now. but if your allergies are bothering you, it's the trees. as the trees continue to flower allergy problems are not going to improve much. here you have it. take a look around. come down to visit. it's really quiet here. looking around it's probably only about five or six people here. this is probably the best time to go now that the cherry blossoms have passed their peak a beautiful, beautiful scene here in arlington. let's head back to alison and larry. larry: thanks, the tulips there. gorgeous shot. alison: pretty isn't it? larry: very pretty. love that. police are investigating a serious crash now involving a taxi and a box truck in prince george's county. alison: it happened this morning near fourth street in lanham. jeanette reyes talked to neighbors near the scene of this crash. jeanette: two people are in the hospital after a serious head-on collision here involving a box truck and a taxi cab. take a look behind me. you can see the debris field stretches over 20 yards here. now, we're along fourth street and sipriano road and you can see a dark streak of fuel that
4:37 pm
spilled as well. it's giving off a strong odor. now, a haz-mat team has been called out to clean that up. take a look at the front of this taxi cab. the damage is just significant. and it's also significant on the front end of that truck as well. according to prince george's county police, two people were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries and one person was evaluated on scene. now, we talked to a woman who lives right across the street where this all happened. she said this is the third time that a vehicle has crashed on to her property. take a listen to how she found out about this this morning. >> from the building, i was like oh, my god. what is going on? >> all i heard was my uncle screaming. reporter: the manager of the company who owns the truck told me police told him they're looking into the possibility the driver of a cab may have fallen asleep at the wheel. jeanette reyes, abc 7 news.
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alison: coming up at 4:00 the school trip that's made some parents very upset. why they disagree with a group of students selected to take part. larry: t
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alison: an indiana school field trip to visit colleges quickly turned into a conversation about race. larry: that's because the trip is for african-american high school students only. here's more on the details of the field trip fallout. >> we should be able to do everything together and not separate. >> i feel like all kids should be going. >> creates a double standard. reporter: some parents in south bend are upset tonight after a school field trip for third graders turned into what they say is discrimination. >> i want these third grade students to have an opportunity to think of themselves as college students. reporter: dr. moss is the director of african-american student parent services at south bend's community school corporation. he says statistically, black students are less likely to think of college as a real possibility. >> our kids our black kids are struggling. reporter: that's why he says he organized this field trip for them to visit higher education institutions around south bend.
4:42 pm
>> have to meet with african-american college students once again modeling the idea that as a black person college is a great place. reporter: this didn't sit well with some south bend parents who say it should include everyone. >> why everybody not going? i just think that it breeds a lot of intolerance and a lot of you know creates misunderstanding. >> we're all supposed to have equal rights. reporter: dr. moss says this was never meant to offend anyone. >> it was not meant to be exclusive, only meant to support and give these kids what they need to think positively about themselves and their future. reporter: while it still leaves some parents feeling left out -- >> if anything it still creates a divide. reporter: if anything it might have at least started a necessary conversation. >> something about supporting from the best adults they can become. larry: there are seven primary schools involved and they will
4:43 pm
tour three different colleges in south bend. alison: coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 -- larry: "7 on your side" to help you get fit for the summer. coming up simple ways to reduce belly fat.
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larry: warmer weather is here and has a lot of people thinking about summer clothes and bathing suits. alison: some people. i'm not included in that list. not everyone will be excited to get into the bathing suits after possibly putting on some winter pounds. medical reporter liz bonis has the formula for losing that belly fat in time for summer. >> lifestyle gives you the belly fat. lifestyle taketh away. liz: just a few days ago, he started working with the personal trainer. as a dad, he wanted to be a role model for his family and did it work? >> probably 60 pounds heavier when i started in here. liz: what's most impressive he says, isn't that the weight came off. it came off right around his waist exactly where he wanted to lose it. >> oh, yeah. absolutely. that's about where most of it
4:47 pm
was, you know. liz: the secret -- watch what he's working. not just the belly. but -- >> having him do something asymmetrical that will work on his core muscles to stay balanced here. liz: along with aerobic exercise, good core workout and a change in lifestyle can help you beat belly fat. >> core strength keeps your body good and makes it easy to exercise other things. liz: in addition to that however, a few foods can make a big difference in this one area that want to spot reduce especially as we move into the warmer months. those foods include fruits and vegetables for fiber, fish and chicken for lean protein and whole grains instead of white or refined foods. eating foods with better fats may also help you balance belly fat. those include olive oil avocado, and nuts. to reduce empty calories you may need to cut back on alcohol and dessert. but not completely. a recent study in the american journal of clinical nutrition
4:48 pm
actually found those who keep off the weight indulge in what they love to eat. they just include it more and eat and drink less of it at each sitting. i'm liz bonis, abc 7 news. larry: sometimes easier said than done. ikea wants to do more than just organize your living space. retailer is offering you a chance to have some fun on line with a virtual wedding. alison: ikea unveiled a new service. it's called wedding on line. you choose from one of the themes, send a time and date and invite your loved ones to your so-called big day. it's all fake. but each wedding venue is outfitted with various ikea items, of course. then you can click and find more details about a particular product or you can buy it on line. looks like a wedding planner who dreams. larry: hair raising experiences. alison: the clients are working
4:49 pm
out with works of art on their head. artist behind them is derek hernandez, one of a growing number of super barbers who use people's heads as a canvas to create these stunning works of art. hernandez says he's been cutting hair since he was 12 years old. >> started off as helping people out. i'm been in the business for 23 years this one dude is the best i've seen. alison: hernandez has won national contests and soon appear on a new television series with top barbers all competing for cash. larry: it's amazing. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- >> you're where? >> i feel like it's moving in the air. larry: the frantic call for help from a man trapped inside the cargo hold of a plane. alison: and it's emancipation day. see how the district is
4:50 pm
celebrating this unique holiday coming up tonight at 5:00. larry: doug hill is back for a look at the weather. beautiful day today. what's coming up? doug: showers coming up this evening, more tomorrow and those are the headlines. now the details. looking right now at the army navy country club down the road in arlington here. this was just at sunrise this morning. few patches of blue sky turned into a beautiful morning and then the clouds kind of held off for a while giving us mostly sunny skies allowing temperatures to rise in the 70's. late in the afternoon, clouds rolling back in as expected and ahead of those clouds or behind the clouds have a few little showers we're checking. again, not numerous but certainly not heavy and much lighter than they've been all day long as we've tracked them out of areas west of the appalachians so the next few hours, couple of showers especially north and west. there's a little bit more of the activity. that will end and it will be quiet tonight and overnight tomorrow, the next batch will
4:51 pm
move in with more rain possibilities. 71 in fredricksburg. 73 in frederick. a little cooler off west. a slow and steady drop of temperatures into the 50's especially overnight, a little more organized areas of showers and we'll let it animate one more time. now, some breaks. spread early in the morning by the first half tomorrow rain to deal with. details and the timing. tomorrow morning, we'll have batches of rain overhead and kind of come and go and there's even a little chance of one more batch late in the afternoon and that will be it tomorrow. things should clear out and we'll be in good shape. check it out. seven days all lined up neatly. stacked together for you. 60% chance of rain tomorrow. 75 with sunshine on saturday. some sunshine for a while sunday. clouds or afternoon showers, rain on monday tuesday, wednesday, thursday. beautiful. alison: good looking forecast. doug: i think so.
4:52 pm
alison: thank you. larry: thanks doug. time for a check on the traffic situation getting close to 5:00. jamie sullivan is here with the details. jamie: we don't have a lot of accidents that is good for you. a lot of typical heavy congestion that we see in the arch. i want to run through first start, working your way past 66. even if you're heading outbound on 66 good to go once you approach the beltway. beyond the beltway, it's slow continuing stop and go towards centreville. the red that we're seeing is on the top side of the beltway near maryland and bethesda that we'll be congested. we're slow as well working our way towards montgomery county and getting towards college park where you get a little bift a break. take a look outside near the beltway, give you an idea of the congestion and seeing it pretty typical. not so much sun glare as we need to look like right now. head towards silver spring, just to give you an idea of some of the volume near the beltway and georgia avenue, that's a rough spot. getting towards silver spring
4:53 pm
pretty typical commute. we don't have any interstate accidents right now. i want to give you an idea of in the d.c. area what we're working some closures and that is because the emancipation day festival going on. so you'll see closures near federal triangle. that's a look at traffic, back to you. alison: thank you very much jamie. coming up next at 4:00 police officers turned bank robbers? the latest on the man hunt f
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
larry: health officials in california say a measles outbreak that began at disneyland will be declared over if no new cases pop up by friday. investigators worked for months to contain the highly contagious disease that owe rimming natured at disney's theme park in december and spread to several other states and countries. 131 people in california alone were infected. alison: two armed and dangerous bank robbers are on the run. they may be well trained officers now on the other side of the law. larry: marcy gonzalez has the
4:57 pm
latest on the man hunt that started in pittsburgh. marcy: almost as chilling as their tactics is who investigators think may be behind a recent string of violent bank robberies. >> these are very aggressive individuals. marcy: the f.b.i. says two men who tarpthed two pittsburgh banks since january may be former or current military or law enforcement officers saying these surveillance videos hint they're well trained. >> the trigger finger is off the trigger guard. that is -- when you're handling a weapon safely that's what you do until you intend to shoot. so not everybody knows of that. marcy: investigators basing their concern that these may be officers who turned against the law on their use of gun holsters. their authoritative presence and the layers they're wearing possibly hiding body armor. >> going to make sure they have the right gear on the right weapons, they're going to have an entrance route. they're going on have an escape route. they're going to have mranlz for contingencies. marcy: now the f.b.i. getting more concerned as the criminals are getting more violent. in the most recent robbery last
4:58 pm
week, one of the men pointed a gun at an employee's head. >> threatened to kidnap the bank employee. they've talked about -- they've alluded to the automatic weapons in the vehicle and they will engage in a law professional if they should be pursued. marcy: the f.b.i. is looking for their getaway car and there's a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. marcy gonzalez, abc 7 news. leon: the flying mailman grounded one day after landing on the west lawn of the capitol, the gyrocopter man lands in court. where he's going next. smoking on metro. >> different smell than cigarette smoke but they're still very potent. leon: you can't smoke tobacco but e-cigarettes are allowed. why metro says if you don't like it, you can't blame them and -- we hear from the guy that got stuck in the cargo hold of an airliner on his 911 call. leon: the man accused of landing a gyrocopter on the grounds of
4:59 pm
the u.s. capitol is heading to home detention. doug hughes was arraigned in federal court two hours ago and suzanne kennedy is there live with the new developments in this case. suzanne? suzanne: leon this is the first time we've heard the charges that he is facing unlawfully operating an unregistered aircraft and violating national defense airspace. court documents show that he intentionally violated the airspace in order to send a political message and that he was well aware of the facts that he could have been shot out of the sky. he appeared in court 24 hours after he was arrested on the front of the capitol. he was arraigned on federal charges stemming from flying a gyrocopter into restricted airspace. the flight was more than a year and a half in the making by a man who wanted to end government corruption. >> trying to galvanize millions of people to do a relatively simple thing. change the government to draw the wall of separation between the government and big money. reporter: hughes will be released on three conditions.
5:00 pm
he'll be on home detention in tampa and not be allowed to operate any aircraft and must stay out of washington, d.c. >> you know that is pretty scary. reporter: wisconsin resident rose nod witnessed the gyrocopter's flight. >> walking down the national mall when it happened and we seen it fly past. i just thought it was weird and that, you know anything could get in there like that. reporter: visitors to the nation's capital are still shaken by what happened here wednesday. just makes me nervous with anything attached. it could have been deadly. reporter: those charging documents that we've been going over shows hughes chose the gettysburg airport because it was uncontrolled. hughes left the courthouse here about an hour after his hearing with no clear way of getting back to tampa. however, he will be back here in washington, d.c. for another court hearing on may 8th. reporting live in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news.


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