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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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n three conditions. he'll be on home detention in tampa and not be allowed to operate any aircraft and must stay out of washington, d.c. >> you know that is pretty scary. reporter: wisconsin resident rose nod witnessed the gyrocopter's flight. >> walking down the national mall when it happened and we seen it fly past. i just thought it was weird and that, you know anything could get in there like that. reporter: visitors to the nation's capital are still shaken by what happened here wednesday. just makes me nervous with anything attached. it could have been deadly. reporter: those charging documents that we've been going over shows hughes chose the gettysburg airport because it was uncontrolled. hughes left the courthouse here about an hour after his hearing with no clear way of getting back to tampa. however, he will be back here in washington, d.c. for another court hearing on may 8th. reporting live in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news.
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leon: thanks suzanne. major step up for the white house. new measures in the works now after several fence jumping incidents. just this morning the u.s. commission of fine arts approved a plan to add anti-climb features on top of the white house fence. those features reportedly steel spikes 1/2 inch long. >> won't be a house anymore. the idea of the house is the home where the president lives and he's in town with all of the -- his -- all the americans, all of the tourists, everyone feels welcome here. leon: last september, omar gonzalez armed with a knife was able to make it over the fence at the white house and into the east room. a month later, another man climbed the north fence and was immediately taken into custody by secret service there. at least one government agency knew about doug hughes' plans of trying to deliver those letters to members of congress. coming up at 5:30 we will take a look at just how he was still able to get so close to capitol dome. alison? alison: maryland state police are investigating the crash that killed a man in charles county this morning. maryland bureau chief brad bell
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is live in waldorf where officers say the driver fled for a trooper trying to make a traffic stop. brad: the traffic stop was for a burned tagged out light. this is where the crash happened and where the car came to rest. there's a long straightaway here and then a curb that these cars are negotiating now. the car involved in the crash did not negotiate it and now this whole area is littered with debris. here's a headlight assembly from the car part of an act that state police say didn't need to happen. at daybreak news chopper 7 spots utility crews repairing damage done in a violent crash. >> just heard a loud noise. brad: chester proctor among those awakened during the middle of the night wreck. a man loses control and runs off the road hits a utility pole and he's partially thrown from the tumbling car and crushed when the vehicle comes to rest. >> looked out my window and
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there's a car. overturned. it was there on the side of the road. and they had a sheet covering the body. brad: why the man was driving so fast is the rest of the story. he'd been spotted by a maryland state trooper northbound on route 301. the trooper says he sees a burned out tag light and flips on his blinking lots. the man in the sion ran from the traffic stop speeding through this red light. the officer pauses and loses sight of the car only to find the wreckage moments later. >> there was actually no pursuit at this point in time. attempted to stop and the vehicle took off. brad: according to sources, the man may have been wanted already by authorities for a prior crime. it is not yet being publicly named. >> took a risk they should not have taken. brad: this utility pole was snapped in half by the collision. this is a new one that's been put here in place. and again, the state police say all this guy had to do was pull
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over and stop. in waldorf, brad bell, abc 7 news. alison: brad, thank you. a fairfax county police officer is being held without bond tonight charged with possessing child pornography and now investigators are setting up a hotline specifically related to the bud walker case. to find out if there are anymore potential victims, northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg first reported walker's arrest last night at 5:00 and he is live in alexandria with more on how the center for missing and exploited children helped start this investigation. jeff? jeff: it really did. a tip came into the center here in alexandria and after that point, fairfax county police got involved. bud walker was arraigned today in a courtroom in fairfax county. no comment from his attorney. but now, the investigation into the former public information officer is moving forward. the arrest of bud walker has hit hard in fairfax county from everyday citizens -- >> shocked about it. reporter: to the chief of police. >> this matter is disappointing
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to all of us. jeff: and it all started here at the national center for missing and exploited children. >> our goal as a clearinghouse is to get the information in the hands of law enforcement. jeff: lindsey olson is the director at the center which receives tips on child pornography, trafficking and abuse from around the world. according to authorities last summer walker allegedly uploaded one image and one video to the social media site tumblr which then alerted the center. they then contacted fairfax police which say they then traced the data back to walker. olson says service providers and social media sites like tumblr are become more active in the fight against child pornography. >> a lot of them have gone above and beyond i would say to take those proactive voluntary steps to locate that content on their system. jeff: walker was charged yesterday with one count of possession of child pornography and one count of possession with intent to distribute. awful allegations which to many in this case seem even worse.
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>> the police officer is held to a higher standard. >> trying to enforce the law and yet break it at the same time. i don't agree with it at all. jeff: from 2006 to 2009 bud walker served as a school resource officer in lorton. there's no evidence that any of walker's alleged crimes involve any children from fairfax county. however, they are asking any potential victims to come forward. tomorrow morning, bud walker is back in court for a bond hearing. live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. leon: a story we've been following, a judge is hearing a lawsuit filed by a deaf man saying he spent six weeks at the arlington county jail unable to communicate. the ethiopian resident was arrested for stealing an ipad but he wasn't aware of the charges for several days bauz he didn't have access to an interpreter. virginia supreme court tonight says a judge has overstepped his
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or her bounds when it comes to yelp reviews much the high court says that the judge did not have the authority to order yelp to release the names of people who posted negative comments about hadid carpet cleaning. he filed a defamation suit in 2012 and when yelp didn't identify its reviewers, the judge held the site in contempt. today's reversal of that ruling doesn't address the key issue of whether yelp has a first amendment right to keep names secret. alison? alison: two of three judges, leon on a federal appeals panel don't think there are any legs to a legal challenge involving president obama's climate change plan. this comes after a day of hearings today. lawyers defending the e.p.a. say ases against some of its proposals are premature. those two judges agreed because the e.p.a. hasn't yet many of those proposals final. so the air and the skies are clear as far as the eye could see today. leon: if your eyes weren't running because of all the pollen in the air, i can tell you that. little clouds did start to mauf
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into the area. doug hill is standing by in the storm watch 7 weather center with the forecast. how does it look to you? doug: there's clouds out there right now. a little further west a few showers. very pleasant outside of the belfort furniture weather center. there's the showers we're looking at live to the west-southwest and northwest of metro washington. those areas of showers have been diminishing a little bit over the past couple of hours. kind of just patches now and they'll overspread parts of the area the next couple of hours and that will be that. it will be the break for quite a stretch and then overnight 3:00 in the morning or so the next larger batch of rain showers will move into the area. 71 now at reagan national. 72 in frederick. 66 degrees in annapolis. and through the evening looks good. we may have a brief sprinkle or shower and beginning of the game time for the nats tonight. it will remain cloudy and that will be our story tomorrow. cloudy, off again on again rain through the day. sotherly winds. highs maybe 72 degrees. clearing late in the day and that sets the stage for what we think will turn out to be a
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pretty decent weather weekend. share that for you in a couple of minutes. leon: counting on you for that. a concert is in full swing at freedom plaza celebrating emancipation day. this is the day that president lincoln freed the slaves in washington, d.c. sam ford had the honor of today's parade downtown and the parade master joins us live from freedom plaza with more on the day's events down there. hey, sam? sam: hi leon. well, if you're listening, you're hearing d.c. music here at freedom plaza. it is a celebration of emancipation day. of course this week with the 150th anniversary of the assassination of president abraham lincoln, it takes on a more historical significance because of this. today, workers take the day off, the biggest, the parade celebrating 153 years that
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slavery isn't in washington, d.c. it had all the trappings of a downtown d.c. parade, the soldiers, sailors, marines, air force, coast guard. with the simple joys of the neighborhood parades like the elementary school cheerleaders and pom-pom girls who said marching down pennsylvania avenue is a little scary. >> we was marching and we was kind of all -- sam: d.c. held the 14th annual ee emancipation day parade in modern times. after president lincoln in 1862 paid a million dollars for d.c. slave owners to emancipate some 3,000 slaves, for decades after, every april 16th it was a celebration which presidents attended. there were the hif i can groups like the saltwater players from savannah, georgia that focused on this. >> we're celebrating jubilee, commemoration of lincoln's assassination and the end of slavery. sam: this being a city sponsored event, there were lots of politicians, political
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campaigners in two council races but a lot of it was just fun for the kids. mayor muriel bowser this year ordered city trucks of all sorts parked in front of city hall so kids could play on them. >> and they have fire. sam: we're back live here at freedom plaza. the concert continues up at the african-american civil war museum. and then back here at 8:45 tonight, there's going to be fireworks. big celebration for emancipation day in the nation's capital. reporting live in northwest washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. leon: all right. thm. coming up at 5:00 here -- >> i'm inside the plane. i feel like it's moving in the air. leon: frantic calls for help from the man stuck inside the cargo hold of a plane as it
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takes off. alison: and prosecutors talk about the potential penalties for that south carolina police officer accused of shooting an unarmed man. leon: plus sky-high. find out how this major mess started and where it became a headache for commuters. reporter: it might be legal but has a lot of metro pass holders upset. we're talking about smoking. not cigarettes but e-cigarettes. i'm stephen tschida. i'll f
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alison: "7 on your side" with a health matters report. a new study finds e cigarette users are less likely to quit smoking. researchers say smokers who used an e-cigarette even once were significantly less likely to be the one to cut back on tobacco. if they did they were less likely to kick the habit for at laos a month. well, the centers for disease control and prevention says the number of middle and high school students using those e-cigarettes tripled between 2013 and 2014. and now, some metro passengers are complaining about riders who use them on the trains. they asked abc 7 to find out why they're allowed on metro trains at all. stephen tschida has the answers. stephen: the sign says "no
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smoking". why are some metro passengers permitted to inhale e-cigarettes on board? we talked to some passengers who said they've had to travel with e-fumes and they don't like it. took a ride on the red line. plenty of passengers are ready to vent on the e-cigarette craze. >> it's a different smell than cigarette smoke but it's still very potent so i would think they would ban them like they would cigarettes. >> lot of metro passengers say they don't understand how metro can allow passengers to smoke e-cigarettes either on a train or on the platform. we asked metro and they say it's really not up to them. a spokesperson says metro doesn't set the rules. the jurisdictions metro travels through makes them. so far none of the surrounding jurisdictions has said no to e-cigs on metro. there is some passengers who say lighten up.
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while there's not a lot of controversy surrounding e-cigarettes, angela says she's convinced they're not as bad as the other kind of cigarette. >> i don't think they're harmful to anybody. stephen: the issue of banning e-cigarettes has come out before. opponents think e-cigs will go the way of tobacco cigs on metro. leon: other issues regarding metro this evening. metro is federally mandated to make passengers and first responders can get cell phone service in every station and every tunnel. it's a project that began in 2008, years after flaws in that system came to light. but according to wmau deputy manager rob troop says the work won't be finished for another three or four years. fire departments say their radios are only 89% reliable in stations and tunnel inbound metro trains are single tracking after they fix a problem at fort totten. it caused them to suspend
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service on the green and yellow line. so if you're heading towards branch avenue or franconia, you can expect some delays tonight. and this sunday, don't be surprised if you see a huge police presence near the greenbelt metro station. metro transit police and prince george's county police are conducting a full scale emergency response drill. they'll be simulating a mass evacuation of passengers on a disabled train. they include training after that deadly smoke incident in l'enfant plaza in january. the station will be open but the drill will go on until 1:00 in the afternoon. be advised. alison: let's check in on the weather. we had a picture perfect day out there. leon was missing the pollen. that was an issue. leon: getting up there. doug: once the tree pollen starts to taper down some and the pollination and grass pollen will take the lead for a couple of months. it will be tough. some showers tonight will tamper it down a bit especially tomorrow. at the moment, we're looking at clouds overspreading the area. that was certainly the story all day up in iamsville.
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oakdale high school in southern frederick county maryland and enjoyed some sunshine though for a while after the morning clouds and temperatures warmed into the lower 70's for a while. clouds are rolling in and there's some showers coming in. 67 now at manassas. 64 in the pa tuxent river naval air station and college park, winds generally out of the south or southeast right now and off to the west of the metro washington area here are the showers. they've been diminishing and weakening a bit. there are a number of them. they'll continue to drift up slowly in the next few hours. some will make it out of the metro areas, not out of the question near first pitch or first inning or so. the nats game tonight at the park, there will be a sprinkle or shower. i don't see any cause of a rainout or delay, this is it. there's one batch. the next larger batch of rain comes in well after midnight. 73 at reagan national now. 59 at winchester where they had some rain. 61 at luray. 69 degrees at andrews air force base. through the evening, clouds
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increase. maybe a shower here and there and then kind of cloudy through late tonight and more showers roll in overnight for the morning commute. temperaturewise, no great shakes here. 70's and 80's. maybe below average temperatures because the clouds are moving in. we'll see an improving temperature pattern starting tomorrow even with some rain and then especially for the day on saturday. the source region for these rain showers coming in from the gulf of mexico. we'll be watching doppler radar as more rain comes in our direction and overspreads washington. look at the futurecast and get a feel for the timing. there will be a light area of rain showers around the area. progressively during the day, pressure should break up by late afternoon. we'll get some clearing skies tomorrow night and that will set the stage for what will be a pretty good weekend. i'll show you in the seven day, we have a chance of showers later monday.
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nothing but sunshine and highs will reach the mid 70's. very nice. sunshine for a while. increasing cloudiness late afternoon or evening showers. highs close to 70 so you may get quite a bit of a day in for the good outdoor activities. monday not so much. showers 69 and nice day there. tuesday, wednesday and thursday sunshine and 70's. alison: remember when we were dying for this about two months ago. it's finally here. doug: give it some time. leon: soon enough. alison: thanks, doug. well spring has really hit full stride around here in just the last week or so. but still to come, find out where it's still looking a lot like winter today. leon: plus -- president obama: we are among heroes here today. leon: the president and vice president honors some of those heroes as they deal with the effects of war. alison: first, police close in on that suspect in a bizarre shooting in milwaukee after a
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toddler was hit by a car. find out what happened next.
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leon: new developments in the murder case against a former north charleston carolina police
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officer. prosecutors say because there were no aggravating circumstances, state law will not allow them to pursue the death penalty against michael slager, and probably have seen that video that shows slager firing eight shots at walter scott as he was running away following a traffic stop. if convicted, slager is facing 30 years to life. milwaukee's police chief says the man suspected of shooting his own nephew after a traffic accident killed another of his nephews and now has taken his own life. alison: diane cho is at the newsdesk with the latest on that investigation. diane: police found him in a chicago area at a hotel. as officers started to close in on him he shot himself. ricky child iii had a warrant out for his arrest after police say he was suspected of killing the driver who hit his 2-year-old nephew in milwaukee. police say the toddler ran out into the road and the driver got out to help and that's when authorities say he shot him on sunday. one of the bullets hit the little boy's 15-year-old brother who later died at the hospital. the teen is the suspect's
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nephew. witnesses say the brothers had been at a birthday party when the accident and shootings took place. in the newsroom diane cho, abc 7 news. alison: that's a tragedy. leon: just awful. alison: thank you for the latest there. former rap mogul suge knight will go on trial in connection to a fatal hit and run. knight will face charges of murder and attempted murder. knight is accused of plowing his truck into two men killing one in january. knight faces life in prison if convicted. in the meantime the judge reduced knight's bail from $25 million down to $10 million. leon: coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, rolling up their sleeves for a cause. find out why people are donating blood in falls church today. alison: and then a little bit later -- >> where are you in a plane at? >> i'm inside this plane. alaska airlines flight 448. alison: the frantic moments as the man trapped inside a cargo hold tries to explain his situation to 911.
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reporter: how could a pilot actually land his aircraft just yards away from the u.s. capitol up here on the hill virtually undetected? i'll have a live report on that investigatio
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alison: and welcome back. the florida man who landed that gyrocopter on the west lawn of the capitol was ordered held in
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home detention today. but the question is how doug hughes was able to get through one of the most restricted airspaces on the entire planet. jeff barne is live on capitol hill trying to get answers for us. jeff? jeff: alison good evening. right now, it's very interesting to see exactly what happened here. it's been a day now since that pilot landed his aircraft in this grassy area just a few hundred yards from the u.s. capitol here on capitol hill as designated by that orange cone and now the question is as you said who is responsible for allowing doug hughes to get this far in very restricted airspace. 61-year-old doug hughes landed his gyrocopter just yards from the capitol building to deliver 535 letters for house and senate lawmakers regarding campaign finance reform. he was immediately taken into custody. his aircraft moved to an undisclosed location. but the landing of this aircraft is now raising issues of
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national security. >> the technology is obviously outrun our security perimeter. >> it is shocking but, you know, what do you do? i don't know. you shoot it down when it's coming in. that's a pretty tough question, i guess. jeff: hughes took off from gettysburg pennsylvania, 80 miles northwest of washington, d.c. his trip took about an hour. now the question is who was responsible for allowing him to land his aircraft a few hundred yards from the capitol building without responding. >> department of homeland security. they have the primary responsibility for countering acts of terror. while this guy did not conduct an act of terror a suicide bomber on a gyrocopter would have been a great headline for al-qaida or isis. jeff: reports say the secret service intervie a year ago and did not pose him to be a threat. capitol police f.a.a. and lawmakers are also investigating. >> a couple of years when people start getting lazy again.
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jeff: hughes claimed he had no violent intent and has been likened to a little p.t. barnum and a little paul revere but his implausible flight has raised too many post-9/11 red flags at the nation's capitol. >> any time you have anybody coming in under radar, it's a concern. jeff: hughes readily admits he knew he may be shot out of the sky at any time especially when approaching washington, d.c. he said, "no sane person would be doing what i'm doing." i'm jeff barne reporting live from capitol hill. back to you, alison and leon? leon: a warm welcome for some military veterans today. president obama and vice president joe biden high fived participants at the eighth annual wounded warrior project soldier ride as they showed up at the white house there. you can see that scene, great scene, isn't it? helps out the wounded warriors restoring their physical and emotional well being. >> we've got extraordinary military families who support you every single mile so we are
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among heroes here today. leon: cycling raises awareness of veterans who deal with the effects of war. alison: we're celebrating the anniversary of the most deadly rampage in u.s. history. 32 people were killed before the gunman, another student took his life. a blood drive was held at the virginia tech national regional campus at falls church today. that drive will continue until 7:00 p.m. leon: unexpected move by the vatican today. it's ended its controversial takeover of the main umbrella group of u.s. nuns. the vatican took over the leadership conference of women religion in 2012 claiming that group undermined catholic teaching on the preshood and homosexuality. it signals a major shift in tone and treatment of u.s. sisters under pope francis. retired pope benedict the 16th
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is celebrating his 88th birthday today. he's doing it with a party. the vatican newspaper released these photos showing benedict celebrating at his old summer residence. these are the first proof that he's used that residence. pope francis held mass in benedict's honor this morning. alison: when in bavaria, you got to have a beer, right? a water main break created a major mess this look at this gushing water out here. this happened 15 miles northeast of sacramento. crews were able to stop the gusher two hours after it was reported. right now, california is in the middle of its worst drought on record. so terrible timing for that. and a major headache for commuters in boston this morning. part of the box truck dangling over the side of an overpass. this is interstate 93. two people were injured. the road was shut down for a couple of hours and because the truck was hanging like that over the railway tracks commuter train service in that area had
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to also be replaced with buses. leon: see if there's any craziness happening on our roads. jamie sullivan watching things for us. jamie? jamie: no way don't have anything like that which is great news for you. getting out there this afternoon. i want to take a look at river road. we're seeing the inner loop and outer loop and pretty typical congestion, nothing out of the ordinary right now, no box trucks hanging over any bridges. as we move to the map, give you an idea of where we're seeing the slowest. that's the traffic right now heading outbound on 66. you got to catch a flight at dulles. we're so far so good working your way out on the toll road and even if you got to catch a flight at reagan not too bad heading in on the g.w. parkway. outbound, pretty typical for you working your way through the stretch that is usually the heaviest from virginia crossing the american legion bridge getting closer to river road is where we saw those delays. i want to move into the d.c. area and talk about some of the closures in place for the d.c. emancipation day festival. lot of festivities. e street we have closures.
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14th street pennsylvania avenue as well. working your way now from georgetown, a little closer to rosslyn or vice versa, let's take a look at the key bridge to show you traffic is moving. we have volume. no problems right now, getting a little closer to georgetown. that's a look at traffic. back to you. alison: thank you so much. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert now and word of a settlement between target and mastercard over a massive data breach. nearly 40 million accounts were compromised in that hacking in 2013. now, target will pay the banks that issue mastercards as much as $19 million. to cover fraudulent charges and the cost of reissuing credit and debit cards. leon: trending now a "star wars" celebration. actors mark hamill carrie fisher and peter mayhey joined some of the cast of the next installment of the series at the anaheim convention center today. part of the build-up of the december release of the new film and then the new trailer dropped on you tube.
5:36 pm
"star wars the force awakens" is new in theaters on december 18th. raise j.j.abrams who did the "star trek" series. he's got magic touch. he's got the midas touch in hollywood. going to be a good one. alison: you know that will be popular. absolutely. all right. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 you may crave ice cream but find out what ben and jerry's is ready to start serving up now. leon: first, millions of dollars and find out why next. alison: the moment that left a finance committee hearing in tears from laughter. leon: all right. then stay tuned for "world news tonight." here's david muir with a preview. david? anchor: breaking news. a terrorist arrest of a man training in syria. he came home with a dangerous
5:37 pm
plan for america. we'll have late details. the pilot that caused panic right there in washington flying past homeland security. new details as he shows up today in the post office uniform. trapped mid flight for the first time we hear the stunning 911 call from inside that cargo hold and the operator couldn't believe it. and the hit found in the massive tour bus fire.
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leon: this is what it sounded like as sirens rang out across israel in honor of the six million jews who died during world war ii. today is holocaust rememberance day around the world. this year marks 70 years since allied forces liberated the concentration camps. here at home, they lit a memorial candle at the u.s. capitol. this week, we're learning more about the treasure found aboard the wreckage of a german u boat in 2011. it sank in 1942 deep in the atlantic ocean and it was carrying 100 tons of silver coins to england as part of the war effort. the salvage company says most of those coins have been recovered and melted down and then it's all so old. alison: a discovery in another body of water is not quite as exciting. in maine people have been finding dirty diapers in streams
5:41 pm
near the towns of wilton and farmington. police say someone dumped more than 24 buckets of soiled diapers in the waterways in the last few months. now a $500 reward is being offered to bring the litterer to justice. leon: thank goodness it's not summer. it's really bad. we might be a month into the spring but mother nature apparently hasn't gotten the message. alison: still ahead, where folks are still seeing snow today. reporter: a 13-year-old girl on the way to school hit by the car in the crosswalk. driver dropped the girl off on her front stoop. that girl's mother is furious and talking to
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alison: the search is on for a female driver who hit a teenager along a busy beltsville road. that driver gave the teen $50 to help fix her cracked ipod. but never called police. kevin lewis with the interview you'll see only on 7.
5:45 pm
kevin: nathaniel walker relegated to her family's leather couch. around 6:00 a.m. tuesday, the 13-year-old was hit by a car along cherry hill road in beltsville. she was walking to the b stop using a crosswalk. >> i was on the floor. on the concrete. >> thinking what? >> this really hurts. kevin: the female driver apologized and even drove her home but then left the teen on her apartment's front steps. it was pouring rain. >> she said i've been hit by a car! of course, we asked where is the car? kevin: ann marie walker witnessed her daughter stumble through the front door. >> she left her on the steps in the rain. what were you thinking? she was soaking wet. kevin: paramedics took her, a standout freshman at laurel high school to the e.r. a bottle of advil and a pair of crutches helping to minimize her pain. >> unconscionable.
5:46 pm
kevin: this mother longing to know who abandoned her young girl. >> it was just a mere accident. accidents happen to best of us but when you leave the scene, it's no longer an accident. it's a willful act. kevin: the driver had just turned right out of the condominiums before the accident and her vehicle described as a silver four door sedan. if you have any information as to who that driver might be call prince george's county police. i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. leon: let's look ahead to what's coming up next hour at 6:00. a man arrested after landing that aircraft on the front of the u.s. capitol. a big security change being planned for the white house now. what's in the works now and when we could see that change after multiple security breaches inside the president's home and a warning for nats fans before they try to park near the park. we'll explain that tonight at 6:00. alison: ben and jerry's is taking its creative ice cream combinations to a whole new level. the company is teaming up with a
5:47 pm
brewery to make an ice cream inspired beer. ben & jerry's -- is that a good or bad? leon: i don't know. alison: they're going to collaborate with new belgian brewery to make a salted caramel brownie beer. it will hit stores this summer. there's no plans to make a beer flavored ice cream. leon: i don't know. alison: i don't know. speaking of creative combinations if you love bacon and cinnamon rolls, well maybe this burger is for you. take a look at one of clint cantwell's latest creations, the bun is made of grilled candy bacon rolled with cinnamon roll dough and then baked on the grill. the burger patty is seasoned with coffee dry rub and then topped with a sunny side up egg and swiss cheese. leon: that's the kind of stuff you started to see when the roman empire fell. you knew had gone way too far. alison: gluttony?
5:48 pm
leon: of course there's only like 25 calories in that thing. alison: you're not thinking about calories if you eat that. you can have one of those beers with it. leon: your stomach will explode. alison: let's check in with doug today regardless of what you're eating. leon: we're tracking a few showers. take a quick look at that. showers are diminishing. you see them mainly west of the metro area. zoom in for a quick second here. a few more from bluemont south to warrenton. won't cause much of a disruption and won't have much if any, effect at the ballgame tonight. while we're dealing with temperatures in the 70's and parts of the country are dealing with winter weather, real deal. let's go back to arlington at the netherlands pavilion steve rudin spent all the day saying it's curleon? there you go. steve: hey.
5:49 pm
few drops out here right now. not going to amount to much as doug just mentioned. let me tell you, winter does not want to let go in the western part of the country. it's been dry for winter and early spring at least so far in utah. look at the video. this is from near salt lake city earlier today alison: night. and they had tons of snow. upwards of 10 to 12 inches of snow and get this in salt lake city higher elevations of salt lake city saw 10 inches of snow. at the airport, they picked up five inches and that's more snow measured at that site than they saw in january, february and march combined. let's head over to colorado where they're also digging out from snow. lots of airport delays earlier in the day today. talked to one of my friends who was stranded for about six hours at denver international airport. thankfully, the snow finally beginning to wind down and the good news of the snow in denver and in colorado when it falls, it doesn't last a very long time. back to me here and we are in
5:50 pm
arlington. beautiful sight. if you've not been here, head over to the iwo jima memorial and walk five minutes and you have this beautiful view and all of the tulips to enjoy. let's head back to doug with more on the seven day outlook. doug: let's talk about what's coming up once we get past the few showers tonight, weather conditions will improve. take to tomorrow afternoon. 71 now at reagan international airport. temperatures will slowly drop into the 50's. next batch of showers after this will come after midnight. and we'll deal with showers at times tomorrow. but it will still be mild and 72. it will clear out late tomorrow night and the weekend, saturday terrific. sunshine, temperatures in the mid seventh70's. on sunday, some sunshine early. rain on monday. tuesday, wednesday and thursday it looks like we'll stay with sunshine and very mild temperatures in the lower 70's. we'll keep an eye on things for you and give you an update the next time we see you about the showers moving towards washington and any impact on the nats game, i don't think there will be one.
5:51 pm
leon: that sounds good. after last night, what do you say now? robert: i say don't panic. it's only game one. the caps are playing catchup after a 4-1 loss to the islanders in game one. they'll look to even the series tomorrow here in d.c. puck drops at 7:00 p.m. today, the caps had an optional skate around understanding there's a lot left in this series. you win tomorrow and you carry your momentum to new york for sunday's game three. if you play like you did last night, that won't cut it. >> we have to execute better. we had too many guys that didn't play the way they need to play. >> wanting to win and maybe guys are trying to do too much and maybe the level of excitement was there. we kind of -- you do that look like a bad hockey team. >> we're excited for the next game. robert: as for the other playoff team, it won't be any easier.
5:52 pm
wiz are in toronto saturday during a raptors team that swept them during the regular season. 12:30 p.m. tipoff and that means an early morning wake-up call. last night, they lost a meaningless season finale to the cavs. that would go into overtime perhaps. talk about wasted energy. today a little shoot-around and of course that's 0-3 against toronto is on their minds but it's the playoffs. just not the same as the regular season. >> we're familiar with them. they're familiar with us. like it is in any playoff situation. so let's play the game. and we got great confidence in what we have to do. >> a lot of things change in the playoffs. you know, each team starts 0-0. so, you know right now we're a confident group. we feel like you know we can be pretty much anybody in the east. robert: in college baseball indiana and evansville. fly ball to left field and the outfielder, oops! look out! he makes the catch. this is why i wouldn't have made it in baseball.
5:53 pm
i just stick to basketball you know. a lot safer. even though you do fly over benches sometimes. that's tough. didn't see that coming. leon: it strikes me how they credit him with the catch even though they never saw him with the ball. robert: exactly. i don't know. scoop it up and say hey, i got it! that's what i would have done. alison: don't admit that, robert! leon: coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- >> he was screaming at me and saying he couldn't breathe and he was stuck on the flight. leon: a 911 operator calls an airport after getting an unusual call for help. alison: hear what a man trapped inside the cargo hold told her on the phone. that's next.
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5:56 pm
leon: update tonight on a 95-year-old man who was trying to make his mark in the history books. now, we told you about it last
5:57 pm
week about peter webber jr.'s attempt to become the world's oldest active pilot. well, this week the folks he guiness book of world records certified that webber is just that. he was 95 years, four months and 23 days old when he flew three looping circles around an airfield in sacramento last month. he's been a pilot for the past 24 years and flies twice a month. alison? alison: speaking of flying different story here. tonight, we are hearing newly released 911 calls from the airline worker who got trapped in the cargo hold of a plane after falling asleep. kaina wentworth has more on this frightening experience. reporter: time to power down your devices. or maybe not. in the case of the menzes aviation contract worker at seatac airport, a bag fell on his head and he woke up terrified in pitch-black. he used his cell phone to call 911. >> hello, i'm stuck in this
5:58 pm
plane. reporter: the operator clearly confused but trying to help. >> you're where? are you at the airport? >> i'm inside a plane. i feel like it's moving in the air. reporter: he was right. the plane left seattle and was headed to los angeles gaining speed and altitudes quickly. >> until somebody stopped it. reporter: the flight was in the air for 14 minutes. >> are you by yourself or with somebody? >> geez! reporter: the plane has been out of range and the call dropped. operator quickly finds out who the phone belongs to and alerts port of seattle police who were already aware of the problem. >> we are actually getting an alert where we think someone is trapped in the baggage compartment. or something. reporter: officials say despite this 911 call the key factor in his rescue was the passengers on board. they were the ones who alerted the crew after they heard banging and screaming beneath them. in los angeles, kaina wentworth, abc news. alison: incredible story.
5:59 pm
that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. but right now at 6:00, securing the white house. the change that could soon come to stop fence jumpers in their tracks plus -- >> somebody i suspect, made a decision not to kill him. alison: a long time friend of the man accused of laning that aircraft at the capitol said he tried to talk him out of it. how long the plan was considered and what happens next. plus the sinful device that may be to blame for filling much of arlington with smoke. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. leon: first at 6:00 big changes being considered at the white house after a string of security breaches. it centers on the first line of defense against any possible defenders there. brianne carter is live at the white house. what's new here, brianne? brianne: well you want to talk
6:00 pm
about security measures that are in place, leon take a look behind me. you can see we're being kept back in the park away from the white house. the white house not only has that fence but now a temporary fence in front. after today more changes are expected. a second temporary fence, secret service standing guard in the streets. it's all part of increased security measures in place outside of the white house. soon, additional measures are expected to be added around 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> this morning, the u.s. commission of fine arts unanimously passed the plan to install temporary anti-climb features on the top of the fence. reportedly 1/2 steel spikes to deter climbers. there's also a plan to permanently replace the fence as part of a larger infrastructure improvement. >> i think this is why everybody is here, they want to see it. brianne: the proposed change comes months a


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