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ets it back, drives on bogut. gordon, quick layup, too strong picked up by bogut and thompson is fouled. by the way, the pose points ever scored in your first nba playoff game is 38. super john williams with the nets in '79. davis has 33. and that last missed opportunity may have done in the pelicans' last chance. thompson, another missed free throw. wow. missed ten free throws. >> jeff: his dad is here too, the great michael thompson. >> mike: unbelievable as thompson misses a pair. thompson, a terrific free-throw shooter.
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he shoots 88% and we'll take a break. pelicans down seven with 24.8 remaining. they'll have possession when we come back but they're out of time-outs. >> mike: anthony davis exploding in the fourth quarter. 18 points against 4 rebounds and a block putting up big numbers but his team is down 7 with 24.7 remaining.
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they just got to think three-pointer now, jeff? >> jeff: i think what's going to happen here, norris cole will get on the run here and try to get anthony davis isolated. you are going to try to take that first, best shot. >> mike: gordon, fakes a three. a couple of dribbles. leans in, in and out and in again. and they are going to check to see if it's a three or two for golden state inbounds. he had to take that dribble and may have gotten inside the arc and obviously this is huge. >> jeff: i love monty williams out of time-outs. >> mike: gordon has five three-pointers. no, put on the line. >> mark: you make a good point. i think both coaches in this series very good coming out of time-outs. >> jeff: really good. you're right. >> mike: so it's going to be
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102-97. golden state led by 25 in the final minute of the third quarter led by 18 early in the fourth and then new orleans cut it to six at one point. gordon's toe clearly on the line. right now the scoreboard says 102-98 but it's going to be 97. >> mark: can't overemphasize enough anthony davis success in the fourth quarter has been at the five position. it has created problems. you don't have a big -- a legitimate five that can guard him and then spreads the floor out when you add a shooter like ryan anderson on the court. >> mike: you anticipate perhaps a lineup change for game two. >> mark: i'm not sure what monty williams will do. he's an outstanding coach and doesn't need my help. i'm just saying that it'll give them the best opportunity. and it creates problems for the
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warriors matching up. now you got to adjust. >> mike: well, now it's golden state ball. the pelicans are out of time-outs. they don't have a foul to give. so right now for golden state they're going to have to probably hit free throws before we wrap it up even with 20 seconds remaining. all right, always in playoff series one game is over, usually no carry-over but for the pelicans can this help them as they get ready for game two. >> jeff: no, i think who it helps is the warriors. if they would have blown them out and kept going, game two, you know, it's a lot harder to reach your team. steve kerr will have no trouble pointing out the flaws in their second half. >> mike: this game they were in complete control at the end of the third and even early fourth and had to sweat it out down the stretch. iguodala will inbound. 20 seconds remain. trying to get it to curry and thompson is fouled.
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thompson again a great free-throw shooter but just missed two and they've missed 11. thompson overall with 20 points. one of the splash brother ss. ryan anderson comes back in for cunningham as monty williams doing some offense/defense substitutions. golden state, last 18 games at home just two losses all season, another miss from thompson. six-point game. pondexter, the drive. scoop layup. misses, tipped. won't go.
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rebound, davis and davis is fouled with 9.7 remaining as green crashed into him. davis is going to shoot a free throw now. momentum carry -- davis doesn't have any chance -- has to hit one and miss one, correct. >> jeff: absolutely. and i would say trying to tip it out so you can create a three. >> mark: if you were going to miss it you would think you would have asik in the game for offensive rebounding abilities so almost indicates he's going to make it. >> mike: five-point game right now and no question he looks to make it. now it's four with 9.7 remaining. ball knocked out of bounds. cole who played such a strong game still golden state game. 8.3 left. pelicans have no time-outs left.
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so steve kerr will call a time-out and he's out of time-outs. 103-99. >> jeff: there's no time-out, mike. we're going to another review. >> mike: oh, a replay. last year the 2014 playoffs, 21 games decided by three points or less. we've already had an overtime game today and this one coming down to the wire. this is what they're going to look at. it doesn't appear curry touched it. cole's played well. >> mark: tough to see at that angle we don't see curry's left hand entirely. >> mike: right. >> mark: but you're right about cole and to go with what coach said it's a good opportunity for steve kerr to coach his team and
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also an opportunity for monty williams, telling hihis team all the mistakes we've made. all the missed assigns we committed on the defensive end. it's a four-point game under ten seconds to go. we can be much better. >> mike: look at that score in the fourth quarter and, again, defensively how well they played. obviously golden state hurt themselves by missing all those free throws. missing seven free throws in the fourth otherwise we wouldn't be out of these time-outs and wouldn't go down the stretch. they led 4-0, the pelicans did, warriors then dominated for a long stretch, that 5-point lead with under a minute to go in the third. but new orleans scored the last seven points of the third. the first seven of the fourth to kind of give them a little bit of a chance. so it's still golden state ball as the officials look to the replay. now they've got to get it in and hit some free throws.
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>> jeff: now they're calling time-out. >> mike: now he's out of time-outs. it's just day one of the 2015 nba playoffs and games coming up tonight, the bucks and the bulls from chicago derrick rose back in the postseason and then dallas and houston, james harden, spectacular all season long banged up. patrick beverley won't be available. they'll need certainly dwight howard and dallas, of course, everybody forgets, certainly in dallas they don't, last year the mavericks in the first round were up 2-1 against the spurs. the series went to a seventh game and spurs won it big in game seventh but could have been eliminated in the first and wound up winning the title. >> mark: the interesting thing rick carlisle says mark cuban
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isn't going to say anything and then mark cuban says something. it's going to be a great series. >> mike: between mark cuban and darrell going at each other it might be fun -- >> jeff: the games are going to be good. i just don't know with dwight howard back, i just -- james harden/dwight howard will be a little too much for the mavericks unless rondo plays a special series. because it hasn't worked out so far, but no better time for rondo and the pastmavericks for him to play great in that series. >> mark: i see houston winning that series. >> mike: rondo had many of his best in the postseason with boston. now philly needing to get it inbounds with 8.4 remaining. iguodala to inbound. pondexter will guard it. davis is playing a free safety there. can't throw it in the backcourt.
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and they find green. green found an opening, get it to curry and best free-throw shooter in the nba this season with a chance to ice it with 6.2 remaining. 33 for curry. but he's even missed a couple of free throws today. 91% during the regular season. he shoots with a mouth guard out of his mouth. >> jeff: like what armstrong used to do. >> mark: a guy in my neighborhood used to do it, but it was a cigarette. >> jeff: nice neighborhood, huh? you know, thinking about that i heard smoke -- the new smoking healthwise as we fly to cleveland, flying. >> mike: misses another one. knocked loose and barnes comes up with. he's fouled and that will do it.
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the pelicans thought there was some contact there. had a chance to grab the rebound. and were still down by five. would have bto try and pull it out. and barnes will now take the last free throws. and golden state survives an unbelievable charge by anthony davis. first time he missed three three throws in the game all season. davis with 20 points in the fourth but it won't be enough as golden state takes game one, a difficult fourth quarter after a dominant first three periods, bottom line, they get the win with game two coming up on monday night right back here in oakland. so anthony davis' first nba
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playoff game, he had 35 points 7 rebounds, much of the damage in the fourth with the 20 points and 6 boards in the fourth but pelicans lose game one. meanwhile, curry had 34. he's with lisa. >> lisa: thanks, mike. you guys seem to be in control most of the game until the last few minutes. what changed to make it so close? >> i don't know. tried to force it and he made it. the offense, look momentum change but we're a resilient team and found a way to get a win. game one. >> lisa: when you go up by so much, up by 25 points with about a minute to go in the their, with so much time left in the game, does complacency, lack of focus come into play? >> no. as aggressive in the whole fourth.
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playoffs, anything can happen. so big success for us in the playoffs and we haven't had many experiences like this down the stretch. >> lisa: give me one word. today's free throws shooting was -- >> awful. i missed three. klay missed a bunch. we'll fix that. we need those extra points down the stretch in the playoffs. >> lisa: thanks, steph. congratulations. mike. >> mike: all right, lisa. 34 points for steph curry as golden state begins their playoffs with a win. four-five matchup. clippers at san antonio. what an unbelievable first round and houston and dallas, that series begins in houston later on this evening. anthony davis did his best in the fourth quarter. came up short as the warriors defeat the pelicans abc "world news" coming up on most of these abc stations except on the west coast.
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so for jeff van gundy, mark jackson, lisa salters and our terrific crew, mike breen saying thanks so much for watching here on abc, home of the nba finals.
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he's out there. there's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no stake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to theascar xfinity series.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: good evening, i'm kimberly suiters. cars in the district left charred and burnt. it's also much the crime that has people talking but where it happened. richard: that's right, it happened behind the fourth district police station. inside, just a gut it mess. there were several explosions, then flames. the smell of burnt metal, charred fabric hangs in the air. >> i heard an explosion and then several smaller explosions. richard: the blast shook her out
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of bed at 3:00 thursday morning. she saw this car and another one parked close by on fire. >> i could see fire shooting up the telephone pole. the whole car was engulfed in flames. richard: vandals came through the neighborhood early tuesday and saturday at 4 a.m. >> there were about seven cars that had their windows broken at the same time. richard: windows were smashed thursday and saturday. the police say that juveniles may be involved. >> they destroyed a couple of vehicles. richard: what has many frustrated is not just the damage but where it happened -- right behind the fourth district police station. >> we have cars broken into every night, and we have a police station right here. >> i think it's awful that
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somebody would do something like this, destroying other people's property. richard: and look at what the heat from the fire did, melting the front of this volvo. the gas cap has been open. the police found matches below. the residence say they would like increased patrols, but also some street lighting, better street lighting. in northwest washington, richard reeve, abc 7 news. kimberly: a clear start to the day, although there is rain creeping us as we head into the work week. eileen whelan joins us with the first look. eileen: 80's across the board already starting to see the high clouds move-in in, associated with the next weather system. 80 degrees at reagan national, 82 culpeper, and we will fall into the 60's by 11:00, waking up in the city in the mid-50's, 40's and the suburbs. most of the day tomorrow will be
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dry, cooler. highs only in the 60's. i think the rain will arrive after 5 p.m., most of the day dry, but i am anticipating a wet commute monday.
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kimberly: hundreds of people waited in line today for a chance at a job. the summer jobs program draws thousands of applicants every year. this year, mayor muriel bowser expanded the program's maximum age from 21 to 24. a man accused of vandalizing two metrorail cars has done it before. the man from new york city is charged with trespassing and damaging property. a say that he vandalized metro cars at the west falls church metro yard. he was arrested last year on similar charges and ordered to
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pay $6800 in restitution. time now for a check of the weather. today felt like summer. eileen: it really did, and i'm sure people are still enjoying it. still 79 degrees in alexandria. it is so green, it definitely feels like spring, maybe even summer in the air. a lot of people at the golf course. 78 in laurel maryland, but notice the clear skies all day long. now the high class beginning to move in. but fear not, they will not produce rain. we probably will not see rain until this time tomorrow night. it is so warm and the humidity is low. 75 gaithersburg, annapolis at 70 degrees, 80 degrees in the city with light wind. the high pressure that cap does nice and dry will start to slide offshore, allowing for the next weather system off to the south and heavy rain in the midwest into the deep south.
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all of that moisture comes into our region and will bring us rain by about 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow night. overnight, not that chilly, 55 in the city, 40's and the suburbs. tomorrow, the clouds thicken through the midday, mid 60's, which is where we should be this time of year, but also breezy the wind out of the east at 10 to 20. the futurecast at 6:00 tomorrow, this simulation keeping most of the rain still far southwest into petersburg and charlottesville. later into the evening and overnight, the rain could be heavy at times and possibly lasting through the morning commute. 7 a.m. monday, still showers. we will have to keep an i on the timing. best case scenario, it moves out faster. midday, weekly route monday, but then the -- we clear out monday but then we could have another front trigger showers and thunderstorms.
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the seven day, 80 degrees, that is fantastic. here is the rest, 70 tuesday, slight chance of showers wednesday and thursday. kimberly: and wonderful sports weekend. gregg: two teams in the playoffs, the nationals playing as well. wizards go into overtime in game one of the playoffs.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. gregg: the was reserved trying to re-create the magic of last season, with more expected this season. today they opened the playoffs on the road and took the game into overtime. paul pierce, for three. he had 20, the wizards up five.
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fourth quarter, the was earns cruising. bradley beal did not have the best day shooting, but he had one here. toronto kept eating into the lead. they tie the game at 82-82 with a long jumper. don't get too excited, this is going to overtime. john wall has the basketball for the wizards. inside to nene, with the jam the wizards win game one 93-96. >> i think when you win game one on the road, it's the mindset. it was a good game one win on the road, sets the tone for the series. we know they are tough at home. it takes the pressure off of us and puts it on them now. so we will just take it one game at a time and try to get game
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two. gregg: the nationals three-game winning streak comes to an end. we will have more at 11:00. kimberly: lots of teams just cruising. how about the weather? eileen: really nice the rest of the remainder of this evening. even tomorrow, outdoor plans yes there is a chance of rain but i think it holds off until 5:00. some models show it holding off until 8:00. we will keep you updated on the timing. thing that you will notice is it will be cooler mid 60's. we say goodbye to the 80's for now. monday is rainy in the morning midday sunshine, showers and storms in the afternoon mid-70's. 70 degrees tuesday, a slight chance of showers wednesday and thursday cooler into next weekend. kimberly: we were spoiled today. but that's not a bad forecast. thanks for joining us.
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welcome to "world news tonight." southern slam. fierce winds ripping a circus tent wide open. families running for cover. the lighting and flooding and tornado sightings. right now. severe storms firing up at this hour. who is in the hot zone tonight. up in flames. the bus full of students. first the smoke, then the panic. >> get off the bus! >> the rush to get away just in time. split-second decision. a suspect with his hand in his pocket running toward police. >> i don't want to shoot you, man! i don't want to shoot you! >> one officer's life or death call caught on camera. and the rock star. she's one of the best climbers in the world blazing up mountains. shattering records and still finding time for middle school.


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