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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, new threat. a major terror takedown down at home. at least six people arrested for ties with isis. a nationwide ring as the terror group pushes to recruit more americans into its ranks. the florida postal worker who landed the gyrocopter on the lawn tells his story this morning. the incredible new video of his journey high over washington. dramatic rescue. the harrowing 911 call from a 13-year-old boy trapped in his burning home with his sister. >> we're going to die! >> how he helped lead firefighters to save them with only moments to spare. and standing up. taylor swift's mom battling
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cancer taking the stage for her daughter. >> i am a very proud mom. >> what she said what brought some of music's biggest stars to their feet. and good morning, america. happy monday. what a moment that was at those country music awards last night. everyone listen to the applause for taylor swift's mom. >> what she said was so emotional. first time we have seen her since that big revelation with her battle with cancer. george has the exclusive interview with the postal worker who listeneded his gyrocopter on the capitol lawn. >> he has no apologies. no regrets. we're going to begin with that big terror bust at least
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six people taken into custody overnight. so much concern of isis recruiting here on u.s. soil the fbi is cracking down and the suspects are exhibition edpected in court this morning. abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: sources tell us at least six people have been charged and there's a new emerging threat recruiters, people are trying to facilitate radicals to join isis in syria. they're using an unprecedented social media campaign to develop networks within this country. >> okay pierre thanks very much. we want to turn to the very dangerous weather, tornadoes, hail knocking out power, causing damage across the south. that weather is moving east. affects more than 40 million people. rob in for ginger tracking it all. >> reporter: this system has been stuck for the past few days.
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baseball-size hail in hot springs, arkansas. two of them right there. we had over 140 reports of wind yesterday and over 90 reports of hail. 4 reports of tornadoes and two surges. we had some tornadoes but it with us the straight-line winds that did the most damage. overnight, severe storms slamming the south. trees toppling on to homes in tennessee. lightning igniting louisiana skies and also the likely cause of this apartment fire overnight in houston and portions of florida now on fire. this video showing the blaze in miami. officials say the cause is still unknown. heavy hail torrential downpours and strong winds wrapping up a wild weekend of weather. in alabama, winds so strong trains blown right off the tracks.
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in texas, water rushing this car into a ditch. the woman inside crawling to safety. >> it turned over and i got under the water. i panicked. >> mother nature shaping and shifting the clouds all weekend but still showing a soft side with this rainbow over arkansas. we have more storms to get through before we see more rainbows this afternoon. this is the area of severe risk. d.c., philly new york in on this. so both the morning and afternoon rush are going to be suspect. we'll talk more about the rainfall later on. we're going to turn to politics now and a new book raising questions about foreign donations to the clinton foundation. hillary clinton takes her campaign to new hampshire today. jon the clinton campaign tried to get out in front of this question last week. >> reporter: that's right, they
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limited the number of foreign donations that the clinton foundation would take. this takes a close look at the tens of millions of dollars in donations that the clinton foundation received and also the speaking fees that bill clinton received while hillary clinton was secretary of state. it charges that those donors got favors. they're pointing out that the author is a former speech writer. >> republicans up in new hampshire over the weekend, giving their stump speeches. taking aim at hillary clinton. she's also starting to get some shots from democrats, too. >> she sure is. martin o'malley, the former goff of maryland considering a run. look at what martin o'malley said he said the bigger issue is do we have ability as a party to lead by our principles, or
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regoing to try to conduct poll where the middle is every single day? keep in mind george in every poll i have seen martin is at 1%. >> not even close right now. sounding more like a candidate. amy, the other top stories. right now, there's desperate search for nearly 1,000 people feared dead after a ship capsized in the mediterranean, it's the latest in the string of deadly migrant boat sinking. it shows people panicking. swimming for their lives. hoping for a better life in europe. european leaders today are convening a summit to talk about this. abc's alex marquardt. >> hopes are fading here this morning for those hundreds of
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migrants still missing. this could end up being one of the deadliest disasters in the mediterranean seas. just 28 migrants have been rescued from that small boat that capsized just off the coast of libya. one survivor said there could have been as many as 950 people onboard. just this year 35,000 migrants have crossed from africa to europe with around 1600 or more drowning in the process. now with the weather getting better it fears that number will only get bigger. amy. >> alex with the latest. also breaking overnieblgt, a van carryingkers from the united nations was attacked in somalia, the terror group al shabaab claiming responsibility. it happened again, a man
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jumped the fence at the white house. carrying a package. steel spikes are being added to the fence to deter other climbers. a baltimore man has died after he was critically injured while being arrested. he later slipped into a coma his family's attorney said that his spine was severed. it's still a mystery how he was injured. prosecutors -- protesters accuse police of a cover-up. a dramatic roadside rescue in new jersey. rescuers rush in and pull an unconscious woman from that car, a few minutes later, it burst into flames. finally the most adorable photo bomb ever 8-year-old josh was posing for his school picture when you see there, his
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soldier dad chose a fun way to let him know he was back home from kuwait. at first josh didn't believe it. but then oh he sees his dad. the hug says it all. his dad was away for a full year. the audio said you still got it. apparently his dad is a jokester. >> he was shocked. >> that was great. we're going to turn now to our abc news exclusive with that man who landed his gyrocopter on the capitol lawn. here's brand-new footage of his flight. doug hughes this is from his perspective, racing down the runway last wednesday. taking off from gettysburg pennsylvania. only 150 feet up in the air, you can see d.c. in the distance below him as he makes his
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approach. >> this is not good people. >> reporter: the 61-year-old lands right on the west lawn of the capitol all to deliver a political statement about campaign finance reform. he's facing four years in jail house arrest in florida today. his daughter is standing by his dad >> i was just down right proud. he's a patriot, you know he did it for the country. >> reporter: was this the right way to sfashg a movement? >> doug hughes join us now from his home in florida. thank you for joining us this morning. have you gotten any closer to the capitol, you would have been shot was it worth? >> i landed right on the front lawn. >> the chairman of the house, homeland security michael mccaul said they were prepared to shoot you. >> i was a mailman, i was
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delivering the mail i don't think that the government is going to shoot a 61-year-old mailman in a flying bicycle who's not -- >> you know the security fears have been real for a long time. >> well i made every effort to notify the administration ahead of time of my to flight and who i was and that i wasn't threatening anyone. >> when did you become so passionate about the issue of money in politics? >> i think almost everybody feels that there's corruption in congress i think people have a gut feeling that congress isn't working for them. i think that goes across party lines completely. it's necessary to bring national attention to the problem of corruption in congress as the first too step of solving it. >> what did it feel like flying toward the capitol? did you feel your message was getting through and what was
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going through your mind? >> at the time that i was flying up the capitol mall and it was a huge thrill i wasn't worried about getting shot down i was worried about my flying and i was getting focused on making my landing and i think that's the same thing every pilot does when they're making a final approach. >> you're now on administrative leave from your job, you're facing possible punishment so was it worth it? >> it's up to the american people to decide whether or not they're go catch the ball that i threw. if they pick this up it's in their power to fix the problem and then it's worth it even if i lose my job, even if i go to jail. >> and what's next for you? >> this morning i'm going to get fixed with a gps bracelet. i get to go home and i'm confined here except for a
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hearing that happens in two weeks. depending on the outcome of that, there should be a trial after that. >> will you be in a gyro copter again? >> i don't think they'll release the aircraft to be. >> thank you. he's got a quirky sense of humor. >> indianaeed. going to switch gears to a mysterious disappearance to a mother and 14-year-old daughter they seemed to vanished three weeks ago, this morning, they were found wandering around the city raising even more questions. >> reporter: this morning, the mystery deepens, a mother and her 14-year-old missing for three weeks found. a hotel manager calling police to report the two, but it's unclear why they vanished for weeks without a trace. their family and police spending almost a month desperately
7:14 am
looking for them. >> going through phone records, texting records, e-mails, credit card accounts. we haven't had any luck. >> reporter: the pair last seen leaving this parking garage. surveillance video shows the mother and daughter walking out of the garage with suitcases in hand. sunday police removing 51-year-old iona costello's car from this parking garage. the last place they had been seen. she tells the parking attend about they're standing staying at a nearby hotel. april 1st they don't return. april 14th emily misses school. family notice mys police they were missing. she runs a farm in long island new york. >> she went away for a week and i know you know somebody's going to watch her horses for a week.
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>> reporter: her husband had recently passed away she's currently involved in a legal dispute over the contents of his will his four adult children from avious marriage. they were interviewed by detectives. authorities tell abc news no charges are expected. we're going to turn now to last night's emotional moment at the country music awards. abc's t.j. holmes with that. >> her mother spoke for several minutes, very intimately about her daughter. very passionate. revealing stories about a girl she called a tangled-hair little girl. it's my pleasure my joy to introduce my daughter taylor swift. star-studded performances one after another. the biggest standing ovation of the night for this stay at home mother from tennessee. >> i am a very proud mother.
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>> reporter: andrea swift, taylor's mother presenting her daughter with the milestone award. >> i witnessed a young girl with very few friends. become a young woman with many. learning to stand up for herself and things she believes in. >> reporter: and even explaining the origins of one of her first songs. >> her dad and i strongly disapproved of a certain young man, she was real mad and she went to her room she came out with an hour later, and she came on out with a song love story. >> reporter: coming two weeks after taylor announced her mother has cancer. ♪ >> reporter: the singer frequently sharing family pictures on instagram. casual sunday night with my
7:17 am
parents. it was mom when it c comes to a show-stopping moment the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree. >> i thank you internally. >> as we know we don't know -- she revealed her mother has cancer. but didn't reveal what type. she spoke for several minutes. >> really choked me up hearing a mom so proud of her little girl. >> still a young girl. thank you t.j. back to ron, you warned us about this rain coming to the northeast. we're about to get drenched. let's take a look at the radar, it's filling in and moving quickly toward the northeast. couple of waves, d.c. just had a pulse, philadelphia getting some heavier rain rolling up the i-95 corridor. we do expect to significant rainfall and some melt just to
7:18 am
the knot. little bit of flooding across northern new england. one to two inches of rainfall here over the next 24 hours. elsewhere, where it's been raining seemingly all weekend long across california. >> good morning, washington, we have cloudy day. clouds and thunderstorms will re-develop and a few could be strong to severe with highs around 79. headed d into tonight after the
7:19 am
storm skies will clear out and a loaf around 55 degrees and tomorrow, we will see the sunshine and cooler temperatures with high temperature around 70 degrees. a few showers are possible on winds we will watch for low 60 the rest of the week. >> not quite a severe storm but this picture of the day shows that intense rain shaft across parts of kentucky. we won't see them that heavy. rain across the northeast today. >> thank you, rob. coming up here on "good morning america" -- under fire dr. oz fighting back against a group of doctors trying to get him fire. also the dramatic rescue a 13-year-old's incredible 911 call leading firefighters to save him and hitz little sister. plus off-target shoppers angry with the store after their new line by a top designers sells out in minutes. and star wars secrets. get mark's response when george
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dr. oz battling back this morning trying to get him fire. what the popular doctor is saying right now. tim tebow trending big this
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autria: good morning, washington. larry: light rain showers, sprinkles more than anything else across the region. jacqui: stormwatch doppler radar showing you those in the region as we take a look at that with sprinkles moving up to the north and east, not really adding
7:27 am
insult to injury in the heavy downpour that we had to the overnight. temperature wise this is what we are waking up to, cooler 50's to the north and west, 51 in hagerstown, 57 in frederick with warmer air marching in from the south, reaching 57 in fredericksburg, 54 in quantico 66 degrees at reagan national airport. showers and thunderstorms likely this afternoon, high around 80 degrees. jamie: we have got a lot of brake lights we are seeing with headlights on the inner loop of the beltway at braddock road. the backup for you beginning at the springfield interchange continuing through an accident giving you an idea of where we do have the actual crash, it is a bit closer to gallows road with a lame block. the map will give you an idea of what we have got as far as how heavy the traffic is on the inner loop, flooding this morning definitely something to
7:28 am
keep in mind, get out there, you are going to see the wet spots they will get that are through the morning commute, but right now a lot of congestion. over to you. >> a suspect in custody after allegedly climbing over the white house fence last night on the south side of the complex. secret service agents immediately arrested the suspect. a new study will be unveiled today on the economic impact of the metro imposed purple line.
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7:30 am
good morning, america. right now, at least six people arrested for ties with isis will be in court this morning. an fbi investigation cracks open a nationwide ring. also right now, dr. oz fighting back after a group of doctors tried to get him fired from columbia university. claiming he promotes quack treatments. tim tebow expected to sign a contract to join the philadelphia eagles after more than two years out of the game. good morning, america. and a good day to hear about tim tebow's possible comeback he's friend of ours and there he is in action. what is that call thibaulting. that is the moment. we have star wars mania taking over. it's everywhere t.j. >> another part of mania, can you imagine a luke
7:31 am
skywalker-less star wars. >> no never. >> that was a possibility. mark is telling us about that himself. the latest episode of the saga. we're going to begin with dr. oz fighting back against a group of doctors who want him fired from his job at columbia university's medical school for promoting what they call quack treatments. new questions about the accusers and their agenda as well. david wright here with that story. good morning, david. >> reporter: these critics accuse him a little more than being a snake oil salesman. this morning, dr. oz is fighting back. one of tv's most famous tv doctors. and this morning, dr. oz is fighting back against a group of fellow physicians now calling for his job. as seen on the abc show "new york med." he's a cardio thoracic surgeon and he's also a professor of surgery at columbia university. ten doctors around the country
7:32 am
are now urging columbia to fire him, because of claims like these. >> this miracle pill can burn fat fast. >> reporter: writing the deans promoting quack treatments and kurs in the interest of personal financial gain and they claim dr. oz has a lack of integrity. a criticism that dr. oz has responded to before on capitol hill. >> my job on the show is to be a cheerleader for the audience. >> reporter: he's long be a supporter of alternative medicines. >> one solution is to give you labels on food and tell you that this has genetically-modied food in it. >> reporter: against labeling gmo foods in california and elsewhere, according to the liberal watchdog group
7:33 am
sourcewatch. >> some people who signed the letter have their own bias against the disclosure of gmos. dr. oz has been outspoken about his concerns. >> reporter: and one is a convicted fellon who served months in prison for fraud. dr. oz released this statement, we provide multiple points of view including mine which is offered without conflict of interest that doesn't sit well with certain agendas which distort the facts. we reached out to the ten doctors and dr. oz all declining to go on camera. dr. oz plans to address the issue on friday's episode of his show. turning now to a dramatic rescue all thanks to a 13-year-old boy, trapped with his little sister in their burning home he manages though to keep his cool calling 911, leading firefighters right to
7:34 am
them. abc's ryan smith has the story. >> it's eesi'm trapped if the hallway. >> reporter: it's the harrowing call of a 13-year-old trapped in his home. the fire broke out in the early morning hours on sunday in this maryland home trapping marcus mccoy and his 9-year-old sister in a second-floor bedroom. despite the smoke and his sister's terror marcus remains calm throughout the entire call. >> who else is in the house in. >> i got my mom, my stepfather and my older brother in the bassment. mom, you okay? >> reporter: no answer. they had's escaped. with firefighters on the way. >> i need you to tell me if the firefighters came to you how would they get to you. >> so up the steps. >> reporter: after ten intense minutes help finally arrives. but something isn't right.
7:35 am
>> they broke the wrong window. >> yes! >> reporter: and finally -- >> we're right here! >> reporter: marcus and his sister are rescued. >> good job, good job. >> reporter: the firefighter lieu the about got to the kids first. >> that was a great feeling. >> reporter: and the dispatcher has no doubts that marcus saved the day. >> he did a wonderful job, everything he gave us helped saved his and his little sister's life. >> thanks to ryan for that. let's go to amy over in the social square. our buddy tim tebow all over the speed feed. >> touchdown on facebook right now. news this morning of a comeback for the possible quarterback. he's getting a new lease on his football life signing with the philadelphia eagles, in addition to his feats on the field, he scored social media points for that thibaulting.
7:36 am
. his after-touchdown celebration. tebow posted this bible verse on facebook sharing this message, share kindness with someone today. tell us what's in your feeds this morning. tweet us. we know that tebow hasn't been on the field since 2012. he never gave up his dreams to work with brady's coach to join the pros. >> good luck tim. some weather from rob. i see the umbrellas coming up outside. >> >> this cool shot from arkansas. not only lightning and wind and rain but also some hail and we're going to see more of that across parts of the east. the south, yesterday, we saw some rough weather roll across lower alabama.
7:37 am
we'll start to dry things out. the focus goes to south florida and the northeast as this front begins to push that moisture edwards the east. >> our rain showers are ending with sunshine midday but showers and storms return this evening a few could be strong and possibly severe with high tempearound 80 >> this weather cast brought you by sprint. some folks may be having a sprint between rain drop. >> reporter: thank you, rob. shoppers taking aim at target. what the stores are saying this morning. a new expression oversharenting. one mom who's speaking about the anonymous letter criticizing her. when sprint told us that they'd cut our verizon bill in half we were like 'why?' and they were all 'to save you money
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7:41. we're back now with the frenzy at target shoppers flooding stores and the website over the weekend going crazy for the new product line from top designer lilly pulitzer abc's rebecca jarvis is here with this story. good morning rebecca. it was apparently insane. >> reporter: it was. there were lines around the blocks. reports of some stores completely selling out of merchandise just seven minutes after going on sale. this was the big debut of lilly for target. they came. they shopped. and the lucky ones conquered. shoppers lining up at target stores acrossntry couldn't wait to get their hands on the store's newest collaboration with lilly pulitzer. the beach wear and accessories sold out within hours.
7:43 am
tweeting out in defeat. customers complaining about issues with target's website as soon as the 250-piece collection debuted. >> basically up all night. this is what you get. so frustrating. >> reporter: even kristin davis tweeting her troubles. what is happening? target apologizing for the website delays saying we know you're frustrated and we're sorry. >> when they saw this big activity early in the morning, they shut the site down at 3:00 eastern time for about 15 minutes to keep the site from crashing. >> reporter: it's not just target crashing in. customers have posted their purchases on ebay at huge markups. $30 at target. now $100 on ebay. for lilly lovers ebay is your last shot at getting the goods.
7:44 am
target does not anticipating more items becoming available. the twitterverse lot of people are upset to see the items they couldn't get over the weekend now on sell at huge markups. when you limit the inventory so many people want it. target knows what they're doing. >> supply and demand. >> one tweet was calling it the target hungry games. coming up here sam smith revealing the addiction struggles he tried to shake. mark hamill speaks about his seek rut lunch with george lucas. ds for us to choose from. zack is our best sleeper. bitsy has a little bit of a sensitive stomach. bitsy likes a fairy tale before bed. do you have any types of food
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♪ okay more star wars secrets right now. mark hamill opened up to fans revealing how this new movie came together t.j. holmes is in the social square with that. >> this movie almost came together without him. that's right. he considered for a split-second for not reprising his role as
7:49 am
luke skywalker for the next film. he was afraid what his fellow jeddis ewoks would do to him. do tell luke. do tell. 30 years after this iconic father/son duel. the just-released teaser once again has star wars fans clamoring for answers. >> you have it. >> reporter: the surprises keep on coming from skywalker himself mark hamill telling adoring jeddis at the celebration in california he was shocked when creator george lucas discussed the new trilogy over lunch. >> i remember she said maybe he's going to do another trilogy. i asked at her. later i thought it's not like a choice, it's like i was -- it was like i was drafted. i would have all of you surrounding my house like
7:50 am
villagers in a franken stein picture. with light sabers instead of torches. >> reporter: overall, hamill remaining tight-lipped about the upcoming film. >> i'm so nervous that i'm going to leak something. >> reporter: but his co-star carrie fisher who played hamill's twin sister revealing a little bit more. >> probably not going to have the futuristic buns. but i think we have an alternate thing that you'll be very into it. >> you heard him joke about it there, there's so much seekry about this movie, the actors are pair nad about what they and can't say. >> split-second. >> come on now. he's been doing a lot of voice-over work actually hamill he's had a split-second
7:51 am
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>> announcer: "good morning america" is brought to you by car max. start the search for your new car start here. still ahead on "good morning america" -- we all know parents who share too much about their kids online. justin timberlake sharing his first picture of his new baby boy, stay with us.
7:56 am
>> well, we want to get a check on what the weather looks like right now outside your window. we are getting over to jacqui jeras with a check on that. larry: it is looking -- jacqui: it is looking better than it was have an hour ago. peaks of sunshine across the area west of d.c., a live picture right now on the weatherbug network shows you that we have got a few breaks with 66 degrees, which is not too bad, warming things up nicely throughout the day, live stormwatch doppler seven radar showing showers to the east of the region now, cooler in some spots, 52 in winchester. the hourly forecast for the day sunshine and 70's by midday, a
7:57 am
few strong to possibly severe thunderstorms by the middle of the afternoon. jamie: a lot of spots definitely something to keep in mind we want to give you an idea of eastern avenue with the school bus and cars behind it blocked off for most of the morning because of the standing water. we have the flooding and they have reopened this, you can get through here without an issue. we still have an accident for you on the inner loop of the beltway, moving to give you an idea of how slow the traffic is, this is the delay in your braddock road the crash is actually it gallows road, still one lane blocked, get ready for the congestion runny the inner loop. top side of the beltway congested 200 70 very slow for you as well, a look at new hampshire avenue to show you how slow we are in as we look at the maps we will also show you how heavy we are again on the top side of the beltway near 95. that is a look at traffic, back
7:58 am
to you. >> one of our top stories this morning, a man goes to trial with a -- connected to a murder in alexandria. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch.
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. good morning, america, it's 8:00 a.m. as our super wcks off, batman versus superman trending high and why star ben affleck is making headlines for allegedly trying to cover up his past. and the mother behind all backlashes. her friends criticizing her for oversharing about her baby. now, she's speaking out. ♪ stay with me ♪ and sam smith's super weight loss. >> from a young age food has controlled me. >> the star singer revealing now that his struggle with his weight shaped. jesse palmer right there. raining times square this morning. monday morning.
8:01 am
jesse is here for a great series. super heroes week. super athletes smashing all kind of records. she's got man of steel strength. we're looking forward to that. >> or should we steel strength. >> we should have. check out the social square so much star power happening. john travolta in the house. hayden paniettere in pink. it's going to be a great morning. >> going on. we begin with breaking news overnight the fbi arresting six people in a nationwide terrorism investigation, the suspects were taken into custody in minneapolis and san diego, it comes as federal authorities try to track down people trying to recruit americans trying to join isis overseas. one official calling this is the largest case of its kind.
8:02 am
we expect to learn more about the suspects and charges later today. also breaking right now, a boat carrying migrants has run aground off the coast of greece unclear where those migrants sailed more more than 80 were onboard. at least three were killed in that crossing. on sunday a far larger boat carrying 950 people overturned. so far, only two dozen survivors have been rescued. european leaders have called for an emergency crisis to address the crisis. about three more boats in trouble this morning also this morning, people along the gulf coast marking five years since the bp oil spill, 11 workers were killed when the deepwater horizon oil rig exploded. up to 10 million gallons of oil remain on the sea floor. bp faces a fine that could drop $13 billion. ben affleck is getting some unwanted attention this morning, word that the actor tried to
8:03 am
bury his roots hiding part of his family's past that he's not very happy about. abc's linsey davis explains the controversy. >> i'm sure that there's so much people's history that gets lost over time. >> reporter: in an october episode of finding your roots the host makes several revelations to affleck about his relatives. >> how does it feel to know that you have an ancestor that served in the revolution -- >> reporter: according to private e-mails between lou and the sony head that were stolen during november's hacking scandal, affleck allegedly asked to reveal the show that one of his ancestors had owned slaves. >> this was the first time that anyone had asked for this type of content to be edited out. >> reporter: they told gates to honor affleck's request and the show aired without the reference. now gates is defendinthe show
8:04 am
as it aired. telling abc news ben affleck's ancestor's story wasn't as interesting as the other stories that we did. 37% of the families in georgia where ben's ancestor lived, owned slaves in 1860 and pgs is supporting gates, telling us that he and his producers made a judge clear judgment. our thanks to linsey for that. finally, you never would guess it a petite mother of four is the steak-eating champion in the world, you see her there, tearing true three 72-ounce staex, plus all of the side dishes eating faster than pro
8:05 am
wrestlers competing against her. she weighs just 120 pounds. i guess she weighs about 126 pounds. i can't imagine. she ate 13.5 pounds of steak. good for her? >> i guess. >> one hungry mama. >> thank you, am j. "pop news" and water coming up. later in the social square. here's what coming up -- in "pop news" bobby brown sharing an encouraging update about his daughter. also coming up could you be guilty of what's being called this expression oversharenting one mom called out for posting too much about her kids online. and sam smith opening up his emotional addiction and how he finally overcame it. and pretty in pink hayden is live with us. look over there. say, hi america. >> hello. >> good morning, america.
8:06 am
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8:11 am
at a concert saturday night, giving the crowd this update. take a look and listen. >> my baby is awake. she's watching me. >> you heard him there, she's awake, she's watching mes the update that we get. news getting a lot of reaction from that crowd and online. lot of people showing support for bobbi kristina's but a family source has told "people" magazine they're not aware of any change in bobbi kristina's condition. the daughter of late whitney houston was found unresponsive about three months ago, has been in a coma this would be a great update if it's true. some people maybe he was saying watching over me and maybe she's not awake and hoping for the best. let's turn to new baby news not the royal baby this is as close as we're going to get,
8:12 am
justin timberlake sharing the first photo of his newborn son, silas, posing with superstar mom. he's wearing a memphis grizzlies onesis. justin is part owner of the memphis grizzlies and the grizzlies in the playoffs they beat portland mom and baby look pretty healthy and happy. he was just born over a week ago, already a pop sensation. 1 million likes on instagram. the kid is a week older. >> adorable. now, one last thing here it's very important for families to eat together that's a good bonding time that applies to dogs as well. take a look. now, bonnie and clyde, it's dinner time. now they're about to chow down. watch what happens. bonnie is the family's new rescue dog, moves the dish over
8:13 am
to clyde, so that the dogs can eat together. now, there's clip is getting a lot of attention, it's outdoing the justin timberlake baby right now. >> that is real? >> that is real. i can't confirm or deny that. >> in our house, that would never happen. thank you, t.j. heat index coming up. let's go to rob. >> i have an umbrella doesn't that doesn't work. everybody out here is prepared. the rain has not dampened their spirits. a live picture in boston it's dry there for now. 43 degrees going up to about 52. warm front coming through, new york that's where the rain is coming from. a second round of storminess will be coming through, then a
8:14 am
patterchange cooler air rolling in. there we go. >> good morning, washington, we have cloudy day.y. clouds and thunderstormsms will re-develop and a few could be strong to severe with highs aund 79. headed into tonightfter the storm skies will clear out and a loaf around 55 degrees and tomorrow, we will see the sunshine and cooller temperatures with high temperature around 70 degrees. a few showers are poossible on winds we will watch for low 60 the rest of the week. >> umbrellas of all shapes and sizes. watch your umbrella etiquette here. back to you guys in studio. >> thank you, rob. first on our gma heat index, sam smith is opening up this morning about his life long struggle with his weight.
8:15 am
he relied on food to help him through tough times. abc's rachel smith is here with more on this. >> this is such an honest story, it will inspire many out there. he's captured attention of millions. with his moving lyrics and distinct voice. now he's letting fans in his lifelong struggle. ♪ >> reporter: soulful singer sam smith is no stranger to success. his debut album call pulling to top of the charts and now the british pop singer revealing a life long struggle that being bullied for his weight shakes his self-esteem more than anything else i am gay and i'm a proud to be gay so there's no issues there.
8:16 am
when someone calls you fat, that's something that i want to change. ♪ >> reporter: smith admitting he's leaned on food as a source of comfort. >> from a young age, food has controlled me basically. when i was at school and wasn't having a good time i would eat. when i felt lonely, i would eat. ♪ >> reporter: last month, the ult million-grammy winner announced another major victory in his life posted this instagram photo of his weight loss. >> nutritional therapy, it's all about getting healthy. >> reporter: and smith doesn't stop there, insta gramming these photos over the weekend, saying he's determined to stay the course. making his weight loss story just as much a success as his
8:17 am
story. ♪ won't you stay with me ♪ >> smith attributes his new lean look to a completely transformed relationship with food. the basics cooking from scratch, cutting out processed foods and sugars. implementing one healthy habit at a time to better the chances of success. set yourself up for success. thanks guys. next on the heat indecision they're calling it oversharenting posting too much about your kids on social media. one complaint to a mom is getting reaction from parents all over the world. abc's paula faris has the story. >> reporter: oversharenting it's the parenting phenomenon sweeping cyberspace moms and dads sharing very pers parenting moments on very public social media websites. from cute outfits to patty
8:18 am
training tales. is that too much? >> too much. >> reporter: with all of this buzz comes with a motherlode of backlash jade received this anonymous letter in the mail slamming the first-time mom for posting too much about babied aie too much. posting "she's 6 months old, we don't care. >> i read it and reread it again and i felt like i was being bullied. >> reporter: but this aussie mom isn't buckling. instead the scathing letter on facebook and it's gone viral. >> i was shocked. shame them out. >> reporter: then flooded with words of encouragement, like you have every right to show off your baby.
8:19 am
>> i wasn't going to go see them -- >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris -- abc news, new york. okay we're now here with editorial magazine for parenting at yahoo!. what do you think. >> this is time when kids are growing up it's like an unprecedented new movement in parenting. they have their whole lives put on online. >> what should they share and not share? baby's first photo. >> baby's first photo is okay share. you want to make sure your security settings are okay on facebook just your friends can see them and people can't pass it widely. >> okay how about first day of school? >> first day of school you want to watch out for, lot of parents don't think about they could be posing in front of their home. >> this anonymous letter was
8:20 am
pretty nasty, if you someone is oversharing, what do you dow? >> it's very simple just block them. you're not forced to look at their kids. it's better to do that than be passive aggressive. >> okay thanks very much more about this story tonight on "nightline." let's go to amy. >> all right, george, thank you so much. ♪ >> do you hear the music. we have living legend john travolta here in times square. he sings, dances and acts. and apparently he paints very well. he's playing the forger in the forger. we're so happy to have john here this morning. >> thank you for having me it seems to follow me wherever i go. >> your character is described as an artist turned thug turned block artist and he tries to
8:21 am
replicate monet's woman with the pair par sole. we have a clip. take a look, everyone. ♪ ♪ >> not a spoken word and yet i was sucked into the drama. you have dabbled in water colors before. >> well 30 years ago, i started doing a hopper paintings with water colors it's not an easy thing. for this i decided to take up oil.
8:22 am
i went to hong kong and i studied with a master there. i had a professional with me on the set from texas that worked with me and i did my own -- >> there's the photo. >> that's mine. >> you actually paintd that? how long did that take you and what skill level does this require? >> my grandfather was a painter. my father painted. my brother paints. it's a gift a family has to some degree. i did it through half the film i was working on. in order to be in character to feel the real pressure of trying to duplicate a famous painting and i just wanted to know what that felt like. i tested myself. >> there's so much going on in this film. another one of the big moments you come back from prison and your son is dying of a brain tumor and we saw him there in the film.
8:23 am
was that difficult for you personally? >> you can't help have it reflect on your own life. i try to separate my art from my life when it's that personal. but i believe you know it's hard not to sometimes have it reflect. >> of course. of course. >> your father in the film is played by christopher plummer. you were in perhaps the two most famous musicals of our time grease and sound of the music. >> we found it interesting that the thing we'll most be remembered for are those two films, grease and sound of music. we had that in common let's say. >> another film out there that's been making headlines, garnering quite a bit of press, taking on your religion scientology. why do you think there's so much
8:24 am
intrigue so much interest in your religion? >> mostly because it's not understood you know people really need to take time and read a book you know that's my advice you can read about it if you read about it you can understand it. unless you do you'll speculate it. >> why has it become such a target though for critics. >> when something works well it becomes a target. 40 years for me i have been a part of it and i have loved every minute of it. my family has done so well with it. it's a beautiful thing for me. i saved my own life several times through my loss of my son, it helped me every step of the way for two years solid. here i am talking to you. >> here you are. you're a busy man, you have a lot on your plate. i understand you have a big o.j. movie coming up.
8:25 am
>> i'm playing his lawyer shapiro. >> that's certainly a teaser. we can't wait to see you and the forger it hits theaters and on demand this friday. john travolta thank you so much for joining us. coming up we're kicking off our real-life superheroes steerz with a real-life spiderwoman all part of our countdown to the "avengers" cast. stay with us.
8:26 am
8:27 am
jumm let'sy head: over to jacqui jeras in the weather center. jacqui: heavy and steady rain is over and done with for now thunderstorms returning later on. it feels pretty warm and muggy we are getting some breaks in the couch -- cloud cover in the form of sunshine. we will see that for the midday hours for the day. i'm expecting to see some changes on the way as we go to our telestrator and you can see the temperatures warming up this afternoon with high temperatures around 79 degrees where we do expect to see things clearing out through the overnight hours. jamie: this morning we have seen a lot of wet spots starting to try out and clear out these delays. some spots are definitely not clearing out. 270, you've got an idea of how slow the traffic is, top side of
8:28 am
the beltway working its way from prince george's into montgomery county. take a look, this gives you a good idea of how slow we are on the inner loop of the beltway approaching braddock road. let's take a look in the area near the robinson terminal just to show you how congested we are, it will give you a good idea. give yourself extra time. jummy: we want to get to some breaking news from annapolis, where police are trying to figure out who fired a shot into the home on bend drive. at 12:45 this morning a bullet came through the kitchen window and lodged in the living room wall. other residents said that they saw a gray suv quickly leave the area. the rear windshield may have been shattered. you can get more traffic, weather, and news updates right now on news channel 8. have a great day.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ in the city lights ♪ ♪ call my name ♪ this is live. welcome back to "good morning america." we're here with charles hamilton and rita ora. it charles, welcome. good to see you guys here. what a roll you're having right now. you have the finale in empire. straight to the top of billboard. how does it feel. >> it feels good. long time coming. i'm glad this time around i'm putting in the amount of work to get the kind of success i need, everybody needs success. >> everybody needs that. moral of the story, hard works pays off. >> tell us about this collaboration in. >> i'm sorry. go ahead. >> you can start and then i'll kind of interrupt.
8:31 am
>> it was a collaboration with the invisible man, the producers of igy azalea's fancy. i asked management if rita could be a part of the song. i love her voice. >> thank you. i'm a big rap fan and i know kind of his story and what he's been doing. i was so excited. you know all in the same management. it's a big family. >> it is really nice. thanks for being with us. >> and it's raining. >> yeah live performance coming up. right now, a brand-new series we're starting right now, it's called real-life superhero, all week long we'll be highlighting ordinary people who con skwer superhuman feat. the first woman who has free climb. jesse palmer has her story. >> reporter: that's right,
8:32 am
george. lynn hill is a legend amongst climbers and she's free-climbed some of the most treacherous rock formations. she's the gravity-defying spiderwoman would give him a climb for his money. she's no computer-generated action hero. she's the real de don't feel like a superhero. i have had magical experiences. i don't know why it's coming together it's just magic and it's something great. >> reporter: a trail blazer in the climbing world. in 1993 she became the first person ever to free-climb the nearly 3,000-foot of el captain at yosemite. >> they kept trying it and going after it. they wanted it. and here's lynn, and she crushes it. it was ground-breaking,
8:33 am
earth-shattering and it was a woman. >> reporter: more than two decades later, it's only what she and only one other person have done. >> i want people to believe in themselves. not limit by stereotypes. >> she approaches things differently. she sees the rock differently. >> reporter: but climbing like her takes catwoman agility and man of steel strength. >> fimpx of steel. zero body fat. flexibility is super important. you just have to stay really cool and calm. >> reporter: perhaps the now 54-year-old is more like the avengers' black widow in her superhuman longevity. >> with great power comes great responsibility. so i try to be good to people. i do my part when i can and i just try to talk about what i believe in that's what a superhero does, they do good things.
8:34 am
>> wow, you talk about a spidey sense. it premieres sunday night. if you're looking for another superhero fix, the entire cast of avengers will be live right here in times square on friday morning. how exciting are you guys. >> i'm very excited. >> it's going to be great. i love her energy. it's very contagious and beautiful. >> quite possibly the greatest athlete the general public has never heard of and she just keeps pushing the boundary of the art of the impossible. >> thanks for being us that story. >> absolutely. let's go to rob with another check of the weather. >> how do you say it's raining in swedish. >> okay, that's all i got.
8:35 am
they could use some of this rain out west. couple of shots there. that one is kind of pretty. we don't want fire and smoke that's for sure cooler today. onshore breeze will help the situation. maybe some rain next week. we got a lot here. >> our rain showers are ending wi sunshine midday but showers and storms return this evening a few could be strongnd possibl severe with high temperatures around 80 >> boston strong it's a big day, it's patriots day. >> i ran the marathon twice. go runners! >> you look like a runner. we'll be dry to start the race and then you know if i were to run a marathon i would be running in the rain. where are you folks come?
8:36 am
>> wisconsin. you're not phased by this. >> all right, george back over to you. >> thank you, rob. i'm here with john ridley he took home the academy award for 12 years a slave. now he's tackling "american crime." take a look. >> -- part of the healing. this is not a violent protest -- >> boy, you know what it feels like to be in that protest right now. john ridley is here. i love the story how this all came to be, the story is so real and so gritty. abc came to you and be bold. >> it was very unusual to have a
8:37 am
network television to come and say, don't hold back use all of the tools of cinema this was before the academy awards lot of people expected it before. >> i heard that you were a little unsure of it first and then ferguson came and something really clicked for you. >> it was post-trayvon martin when we started dealing with it. maybe as americans we moved past a certain something. in the middle of production ferguson happened. there's still a space to have these conversations and present certain emotions that you're not going to see in other place. >> reporter: it's so candid. felicity huffman came here at the beginning of the series and you know she plays a character, bash who can be unsympathetic. she's fearless in the role. >> she's phenomenal. to have a show that's about family about faith, about people dealing with themselves
8:38 am
that's what's extraordinary about the show. how often have you seen religion dealt. >> you're busy right now, working on ben hur with morgan freeman. i had flown to italy to meet with him. that's incredible. you're around people that you literally grew up with at a distance. >> you have worked with just about everyone will smith back on "fresh prince." >> yeah if you're around long enough -- i'm working with you. check that on off. you see. it's pretty special and it is nice. to have people look at you, i still feel like i'm a kid from wisconsin. to have people look in you in the eye to think you're a peer and your work has merit, that makes it special. >> you're generating a lot of buzz right now, as well i don't
8:39 am
know how much you can tell us a secret project with marvel reinventing a superhero. >> i found out on friday i'm working with marvel. i can't wait to find out this morning how i'm doing. it's a secret project. i honestly can't say much about it, except that i'm really happy to be working again at abc. marvel obviously know what they're doing in creating good characters. can't say too much. most of the speculation is completely wrong. >> most of it a tiny clue not all of it is wrong. john ridley thank you. >> thank you, sir. american crime is on this thursday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. coming up hayden pen tierre is here live. she'll dish on "nashville" and what it's like being a mom. and [ female announcer ]
8:40 am
8:41 am
business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
8:42 am
tt2wút+o@pd4 bt@q;
8:43 am
>> out of body. you know what it's like. i mean it's fabulous. it's fabulous. >> you're much younger than i am but you would agree that it really changes your perspective of what's important. >> absolutely. absolutely. you just repriorityized as you said before. and you hear that they're healthy and you don't care about yourself anymore. it's the most out of body experience. i will completely lay myself on the line for my child without even -- >> questioning. >> -- without hesitation. >> that's a beautiful feeling. >> it is. >> i loved last season on the show. they incorporated your pregnancy. you still pushed the envelope. how was it playing patsy kline role.
8:44 am
>> it was fun. it was quick. working with derek hough was amazing and getting to wear -- like transform into patsy cline and getting to sing crazy, one of my favorite songs and i was pregnant at that time too. >> right >> i was trying to suck it in and hide it. >> would you do a cover of any country album? >> i would love to my only hesitation is that people would not be able to differentiate between juliet barnes and myself. i want to dedicate myself to the role that i'm doing. and i have really -- i feel like -- zblsh maybe down the road. >> all right. that's not a no. happy to hear that. >> i got to find myself. to tell the story. the greatest thing about country music it has a through line of
8:45 am
honesty honesty. >> speaking of which, thanks for being us a sneak peek of what's to come on "nashville." >> what possessed you guys to sign that little copy-cat? >> she's grown a lot from little hitmaker. >> really? >> he's building a solid fan base for her. we have high expectations for the first album. >> speaking of albums finish mine. baby's out back to work. juliet is such a trip. do you love playing her? >> i love it. i feel like i can get my angst out. >> now, you guys aren't allowed to reveal can you give us a little bit of nugget. you were telling our producers sort of behind the scenes what's
8:46 am
to come. >> she's just finding herself. she's trying to find herself, she's trying as you know as a mother, you feel like you have lose yourself for a second, which you should you're giving yourself to another person. she's terrified that that's going to disappear. that's her identity. >> in the pre-interview, you said juliet is a pistol. now imagine a postpartum pistol. >> she's a postpartum pistol. can't wait to hear more about the baby. love having you here. >> check nashville wednesdays at 10:00/9:00 central right here on abc. coming up charles hamilton and ri 2, a ora performing live in tim
8:47 am
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8:49 am
welcome back. now charles hamilton and rita ora are here with the hit stingle off the empire sound track. this is "new york raining." ♪ ♪ >> how you all feeling today? happy 4/20 today. miles from home my style has grown, stick of getting played like a xylophone. my instrument is me with thousands of bones ♪ many ♪ my ma'am no knows ♪ ♪ i need a chick to be kind of done ♪ ♪ you're like royalty, baby catch that see that rain is making me feel painless ♪ ♪ this relationship is do dangerous ♪ if they find out what will they make of it ♪ ♪ so i say that every kiss like
8:50 am
a sanction ♪ ♪ it's was blocked by pain ♪ ♪ in the cities lights i swear i hear you call my name ♪ ♪ there's nothing right ♪ ♪ i'm stuck here while you're miles away ♪ ♪ new york raining new york raining ♪ ♪ it's too much baby i need you ♪ ♪ red wine and cheese before bedtime you and i fell in love is the headline ♪ ♪ you want me to talk? ♪ i hate fights now i got stage fright ♪ you make me smile stop doing that ♪ ♪ needless to say it's magical after you chif alary i have to
8:51 am
do i love it when you catch an attitude ♪ i want to tease you just to laugh at you ♪ ♪ in the city lights i swear i hear you call my name ♪ ♪ new york raining new york raining ♪ ♪ it's too much baby i need you it's too much my baby i need you. >> when the rain falls down the pain is all out, my brain you call out my name and that's fame. i love you, i really hope you feel the same. you know what i am. you're holding my hand. no once else can. so i'm your man. you're what i miss. we all need this love and affection is all we miss from the world. i want to hear you out. talk to me miss. call me whenever pl call me
8:52 am
forever. i love you. ♪ in the cities lights i swear i hear you call my name ♪ ♪ there's nothing right i'm stuck here while you're miles away ♪ ♪ new york raining new york raining ♪ ♪ in the city lights i swear i hear you call my name ♪ ♪ i'm stuck here miles away ♪ ♪ in new york raining new york raining ♪ ♪ it's too much my baby i need you ♪ ♪ it's too much my baby i need you ♪ >> yeah! >> thank you.rxqxqx
8:53 am
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8:55 am
♪ in the city lights. "good morning america" is brought to you by hilton ready for you in over 2,000 cities in 12 brands. >> rita ora and charles hamilton thank you so much. that was just perfect. have a great day, everyone. >> thank you.
8:56 am
jacqui: good morning washington. we have some heavy rain showers for you overnight and in the early morning hours. drying things up now, still a lot of standing water do not drive through any water or flooded roadways. 68 is the temperature and we will reallng up they
8:57 am
are afternoon into the upper 70's. 67 in frederick, 66 in quantico. our first showers are out of here here is the next one pushing into west virginia by the middle of the afternoon and bringing some thunderstorms into the area. isolated storms could be strong, possibly severe. jamie: we have definitely got slow traffic out there this morning. it was raining earlier on the commute, so the roads continue to still just a wet. as you take a look at the area, the red is popping up and this shows you what we have got as far as the volume. let's take a look at our map, just to show you the volume in the area for you. right now on the inner loop of the beltway near braddock road it is congested right now on 66. we have got heavy traffic is well working your way in down on the gw. 390 five, we are seeing some of that congestion as well. taking a live look outside
8:58 am
traffic is bumper-to-bumper. this is on the inner loop of the beltway near braddock road, very slow right now. let's go ahead and take a look for you right now, switching the camera it gives you a look at what we are seeing near the top side of the beltway near new hampshire avenue, very heavy for you. we are still clear i-95, working your way in, maryland heading closer to the capital beltway. went out there definitely be careful this morning. that is
8:59 am
announcer: it's "live! with
9:00 am
kelly & michael." today, from "ncis" -- "ncis: los angeles," ll cool j. and a cooking lesson from the award-winning talk show host rachael ray. and a performance from "american idol" finalist joey cook. plus, the co-hosts have a special announcement to share with the viewers. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] ♪ now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: spring break is over.


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