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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  April 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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jummy: hundreds of officers remain on alert in baltimore this noon. this as we wait for more details about freddie gray's arrest. the baltimore police department just wrapped up a news conference less than an hour ago announcing their investigation is now complete. our brad bell has been in baltimore all week and he is live right now with the latest on the city in crisis.
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brad? brad: yeah jummy a week ago -- a week and a half ago the police said they would complete their investigation by tomorrow. and as you said they have now released the fact that they have completed that investigation and handed the results over to the state's attorney today, a day early. they did not reveal anything about that investigation other than that there was an additional van stop for freddie gray. we can show you the video. you can recall during the riots we were doing stories about the arrest of freddie gray. he was picked up in west baltimore. handled seemingly roughly in the video by police and put in the back of a transport van. well, the police have said they knew that he was ok going into the back of that van. and when he came out, well he was near death. police revealed today there was one additional van stop that they didn't know about before before freddie gray got medical attention. the bottom line from the commissioner, he says, their report is now in the hands of the person who will decide
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whether or not any charges will be filed against police. >> the family and the community and the public deserve transparency and truth. the task force heeded my call and we have exhausted every lead at this point in time. but this does not mean that the investigation is over. let me repeat. this does not mean that the investigation is over. brad: now we're taking a look at a police van. this is similar to but not identical to the van that freddie gray was put into. this one actually has a window broken out that happened in the riots the other day. police are focusing their investigation on what went on in that van. and some new information we can share with you is we know from sources that this new second stop that police have revealed today, there was videotape of that. sources tell us that on that videotape, there is evidence that at that point, freddie gray was talking, that he was
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essentially ok. that means that that was after that handling on the street and before his final stop in the van when he was near death. the investigation is focusing on what exactly happened inside that van. in baltimore, brad bell, abc 7 news. jummy: as cleanup continues in baltimore, the owners of one business looted on monday are now hoping to catch the thieves. sam sweeney live with the new surveillance video that captured the entire thing. sam? sam: jummy, good afternoon. this is a heartbreaking story. first, i want to explain to you where we are. we're in east baltimore and every single store in this shopping center was looted on monday night. these are all private business owners just trying to make a living and starting their own businesses and they were victimized. here in this one, they raise up this security fence, security wall. they go inside the store. they break the windows, and i want to show you that surveillance video that we just
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obtained from this store owner. you can see these people pouring in, one after another. and then it becomes hundreds of them. they turn on the lights. and they do this for a minute and then they take whatever they wanted inside this store and they left. now, we can come back out live i want to show you what this looks like today. four days later take a look around me. i've covered hurricanes. i've covered floods. i've covered fires. this is what it looks like after one of those events. but this this was looting. these people were victimized in their own businesses. now, i want to bring in the owner of this business. she came here with her parents from korea, and they've had this store for 28 years. when you saw that video, that surveillance video for the first time, what was going through your head? >> i was devastated. i felt so hard to recognize people that i know. and we built on the trust and we really worked so hard to be here
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and really worked with people and really tried to provide a good service honest service. that's all we wanted to do is just make -- just help you know just be a really really good people. we tried, we tried so hard. so it was very painful, yes. i don't know what to say. it was -- i was -- i try not to be angry but i was so hurt. so hurt. sam: thank you so much. our prayers are with you. the hardest part about this is when she was watching that surveillance video she recognized the people in that video. they were her customers, her loyal customers, her friends. and then she saw them burglarizing her business on that video. police just got that surveillance video within the half-hour and they're now nning their investigation. the good news out of all of this she has insurance and she says she will rebuild. reporting live in east
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baltimore, i'm sam sweeney, abc 7 news. jummy: so tough to hear. thank you. meantime pastor jamal bryant in baltimore blasting a new "wash ington post" report claiming that he hurt himself. he believed that gray was intentionally banging against the walls of the vehicle trying to hurt himself. bryant tweeted today that the account is "insulting and infuriating." meanwhile, about 100 people arrested during monday's riots are now out of jail. a total of 235 people were arrested that night. by law, anyone held for more than 48 hours without receiving charging documents has to be released from jail. we want to get now to that breaking news in alexandria. a u.s. air force helicopter made what they're calling a precautionary landing all due to mechanical problems. it happened before 11:00 in the 5700 block of sanger avenue at william ramsay elementary school. northern virginia bureau chief
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jeff goldberg live in alexandria this noon with exactly what happened. do we know, jeff? jeff: this is certainly something that stands out anyone that sees it. you're in a recreational parking lot or something in the area and you see a gym there, area no surprise. baseball diamond, no surprise. definitely a surprise here. united states air force helicopter. this is a uh-1nqe making that precautionary landing outside of ramsay elementary school. now, the crew, based out of andrews air force base when a light came out indicating a problem with the transmission. so the pilots needed to find a safe place to land as soon as possible. helicopter on its way back to andrews happened to be right above this field at ramsay elementary making the landing certainly convenient and easy. seven people were on board the flight two pilots and five chaplains. no one was hurt. when the landing happened by the school, no surprise. a lot of people took notice.
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>> the kids were pretty excited. luckily, the principal and teachers kind of held them back until we were ready. a few of them came out and we talked to them and managed to take a few pictures with them. hopefully gave them some encouragement to stay in school and do good things. jeff: the pilot tells us if this field had not been here they feel confident they would have been able to find a field to land safely pretty nearby. what's going to happen now, maintenance crews will come out and take a look and fix it. hopefully, soon this helicopter will be back on its way to andrews. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. jummy: the maryland woman charged in the disappearance of her two children in a courtroom today. she has been in a mental health facility undergoing treatment while the search continues for 3-year-old sarah and 2-year-old jacob who have been missing since september. jeanette reyes in montgomery county this noon with new details from this morning's hearing.
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jeanette: another day in court for the case. inside of the courtroom, it was that way and outside emotions ran high. this morning's status hearing was short. the district judge asking for an update on her mental competency. seven months after her toddlers went missing, her attorneys say doctors believe she is still not competent to stand trial although she is showing signs of improvement. the prosecution and defense attorneys did spend much of the time going back and forth about evidence that has not yet been provided by the state. the children were hardly mentioned. outside, the father of the children expressed frustration. he believes even in her current mental state, she knows where their children are. and he has not given up hope that they may be alive. >> i don't feel like it's just her. i feel like there's three people standing there that have information, you know and two of them as far as i know have kids and a father. i don't understand how you move forward with this the way that they are. >> i have no idea why the family would believe that. i don't even know if she knows where the children are.
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jeanette: there is another status hearing set for july 10th. the judge repeatedly said that if she's found competent at any time between now and then a trial date will be set. meanwhile, the father is continuing search efforts for his children. reporting in montgomery county jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. jummy: new this noon a man who raped a woman along a popular walking trail in montgomery county will spend 60 years behind bars. he was sentenced this morning. police say he raped his victim at knifepoint just off the northwest branch trail in silver spring about a year ago. he was caught when detectives returned to the scene and spotted him nearby. we're hearing from a local man who helped pull an 18-year-old boy from the rubble five days after that devastating earthquake in nepal. the boy is recovering in the hospital this noon. he had been trapped after a seven story building collapsed in kathmandu. crowds cheered as he was rescued. chris shaft from fairfax county
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u.s. aid disaster team told us how they got the boy free. >> approximately 4 1/2, five hours to get him out of that space. lots of negative results on searches so r -- to be involved in the one day is very uplifting. it makes it all worth coming over even though we're able to do just one rescue. jummy: anoverturned motorcycle likely saved that boy's life preventing concrete from falling on him. the quake has killed at least 5,500 people. coming up here on abc 7 news at noon, must see video of a bizarre gas station fire. what caused a woman to intentionally light up the gas pump. on alert, the latest on the investigation into a deadly shark attack at a popular tourist destination. plus the flaw in most credit card scanners that could put your information at risk. we've got the details. and doug has details on potential rain in the forecast.
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and when we'll see some summerlike temperatures in the coming days. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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jummy: welcome back. right now another lawmaker is jumping in the race for president. vermont senator bernie sanders announced he's running in 2016. this is a live look right now at his press conference. this is happening right now. sanders will give hillary clinton some competition for the democratic nomination. he served as an independent in congress for 24 years. sanders told abc news he thinks people have had enough of establishment politics. well, take a look at this video right here. surveillance video from a gas station in jerusalem. a woman arrested after she is seen setting a gas pump on fire. police say the woman did it in
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retaliation after the man pumping gas refused to give her a cigarette. gas station workers put the fire out and no one was hurt thankfully. a judge has ordered that woman to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. drunk and still driving in the state of maryland. critics this noon they're arguing the state has a problem with repeat drunk drivers. the question though this noon for you is it too easy for them to get back behind the wheel? that's a question of abc 7 fighting back crime reporter jennifer donelan hit the streets and is searching. she's here with us now with the answers. jen, this is a scary story. jennifer: it's a scary story and it's eye opening. we spent a lot of time on this one. this was an overwhelming investigation. at the end of the day, the most sobering argument for having tough drunk driving laws is death. >> so much potential and i guess that's the thing that's so hard.
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jennifer: the university of maryland student was crossing route 1 last year when he was run over and killed by a repeat drunk driver. the driver's license was suspended but they did not stop him. we hit the streets with maryland state police and saw the lockups first hand but mothersst drunk driving is arguing that maryland needs to toughen its laws. the latest proposal failed in annapolis. the driver in cory's case got two years in a plea. cory's father says his family lost and so did the driver's family. >> 10-month-old little girl twins who now he's going away for two years and he's not going to see them. and you know we're never going to see cory. so what do you say to that? jennifer: emotional father there. what do you say to that? what did maryland lawmakers have to say in this report? "drunk and still driving" is coming up tonight at 11:00 on abc news. jummy: we'll be tuned into that. thank you so much. jennifer: thank you.
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jummy: right now, "7 on your side" with a consumer alert on a cyber security firm found at 90% of credit card readers currently use the same password. the pass code has been set by default on credit card machines since 1990 and with that an attacker can gain complete control of a store's credit card readers. it could potentially allow them to hack into the machines and steal payment data of customers. well, this noon tourists are being told to stay off the beach after what looks like a rare and deadly shark attack. a woman was separated from her snorkling group off the coast of maui. and not long after, the 65-year-old was found unresponsive floating face down in the water with wounds consistent with a shark attack. if confirmed, this attack would be the first shark-related death in the u.s. since 2013. wow. doug: not good. jummy: not good at all. doug: weatherwise, a couple of systems will be affecting us.
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i think the d.c. metro area will be a little bit out of the action. we'll get a few showers later in the weekend. still looking up. get you to it and tell you about weather conditions now. a little bit of sunshine getting through the clouds but the clouds are increasing. a light sotherly breeze miles per hour and humidity at 49%. so the clouds will be with us. some areas, i suspect, could see a little glimmer of sun. i think that will be a losing proposition. 74 in stafford now and 73 in woodbridge. 71 in landover. lows this morning in the lower 50's and now we're looking at the pollen and that's high once again. no surprise for tree pollen, again, oak and mulberry the main offenders. a little bit of rain will go a long way to wash the pollen out of the air and get it down to the ground. with rain and more sunshine the pollen will jump up again. here's the numbers across the board, lower 70's and lots of mid to upper 60's around the area. because of the cloud cover, we don't expect to see much more of a rise in temperatures through the afternoon hours.
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doppler radar shows showers, most of it off to the west. in fact, we think that's where a lot of it will be for the next 36 hours or so as winds come off the atlantic and push the moisture up the mountains. they tend to have the rainfall enhanced. larger area of rain to the southeast right now over the lower bay, southeast virginia and eastern north carolina. some of it heavy and some thunderstorms and i think all of that will continue to stay south and east. maybe the northern neck extreme southern maryland this afternoon might get an isolated rumble of thunder and the other area of rain back to the west and farther west either another area of low pressure that's spinning. that's really going to wrap in and eventually sometime later tomorrow, all of this will kind of you know form together in one large storm center. it will be off the coast. that's good news for the weekend. that will allow some clearing and eventual warming trend. for this arch afternoon, expect lots of clouds. temperatures will climb lower 70's and fall through the 60's tonight with the best chance of rain. futurecast shows that pattern of
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rain to the west. some of this moisture will pinwheel across the area and be with us at times tomorrow. maybe a break of sunshine and maybe some clearing through the metro area in the afternoon. here's the way it will work out. we see a 30% chance of showers in the area for tomorrow. i think that will tend to be towards the morning and midday. we jump into saturday. saturday looks better we'll get a little bit of sunshine but it will be in the morning and then decks of clouds will form up and could have a sprinkle that's still better near 70 and sunday, we really take off and three gorgeous days in a row near 80 degrees with sunshine sunday monday and tuesday. jummy: hopefully thursday, friday, saturday sunday. doug: happy with three days in a row. see what happens. we'll start there. jummy: thank you. coming up at noon president obama's new proposal to bring internet to more kids. and it's the biggest night for nfl hopefuls when the redskins will make their picks.
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jummy: president obama visited the anacostia library in southeast washington today. the president participated in a virtual field trip for middle school students from around the country. he also announced two new reading programs. the first plan is to give young people better digital access to books and the second goal is putting a library card in every child's hand to ensure they have access not only to books but to public internet. to the sports world new where all eyes will be on the city of chicago tonight for this year's nfl draft. washington, they've got the fifth pick overall. the last time the burgundy and gold had a first round pick was back in 2012 when they selected you guessed it robert griffin iii. they potentially traded this
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year's first pick. they have washington keeping that pick though and shopping around for a defensive player. new general manager scott mclaughlin had seven draft picks this year. robert burton will have live reports tonight at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00. let's hope they pick good huh? keep your umbrella handy today. doug is back with one last look at the forecast and when
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jummy: take a look at this. too far from water. marine mammal center captured a sea lion pup after it wandered on to the streets of marina district in san francisco. the sea lion was found sitting under an s.u.v. this morning. it took crews about a half-hour to capture him. probably just trying to enjoy some sun. doug: yeah i mean, i love san francisco but if you've been there in the summertime where all his brothers and sisters are out on the rocks, probably needed some fresh air i'm thinking. let's talk about our weather. a little fresh air and a few showers wash the pollen out of the air. majority of the rain heavy rain will stay south and east of washington. other areas to the west. but by the time the system moves out, we may see a few showers this evening. but that will be then. mostly cloudy for this afternoon. mild temperatures. and the weekend, sprinkle on saturday. sunday, monday looks gorgeous. jummy: ok, thank you so much. thanks so much for joining us this
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