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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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gray's injuries occurred inside that baltimore police van after his arrest. this as we learned the van made a previously unreported stop while gray was in it. that detail was the only public part of a report police turned over to prosecutors this morning. abc 7's brad bell broke the news of gray's injuries first on 7. brad is live in baltimore with what happened inside the van. brad? brad: a week and a half ago, police told us that freddie gray died of spinal cord injuries. and they said at that point that they believe the injuries happened inside the van and not out on the sidewalk. and now we know more about why they believe that. the sources very familiar with the investigation told me today that injuries have been discovered on freddie gray's head consistent that matches up with a bolt in the back of the police transport van into which he was put after his arrest. now, they tell us that freddie
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gray was handcuffed behind his back. that he was in leg shackles and the theory is that he was standing up in the van kind of like this and that he went flying for whatever reason his head contacting the wall and the injuries that he suffered to his spinal cord happening at some point in that fall. now, the police report was released today to the state's attorney. the state's attorney has announced that her investigation is under way. the medical examiner has not completed a report. when we asked the medical examiner about these findings today, they said that they could not comment on an ongoing investigation and that they don't do preliminary reports. but that is a bit of news today that really narrows it down. people saw that arrest video. it looked as though freddie gray was severely injured at that point. he was screaming and yelling. it looks like the investigation is leading away from that and really focusing on what happened
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in that van. additionally the driver the police officer driving that van, we are told has not given a statement. the police are stressing but their investigation, however, is ongoing. >> also know that getting to the right answer is more important and making sure we look and overturn every rock is more important than coming forth and giving up documents. brad: so now it could be some time before the state attorney concludes her investigation and decides whether or not anybody will be charged in this matter. give you a little bit of a scene setter. as you can see, it's starting to rain the sky is very dark. we're hearing thunder and lightning. out on the streets, it's been a very normal evening. we are aware of one protest march that's going on. but it has been a very peaceful day in baltimore once again. back to you. maureen: thank you, brad. as for the chaos in baltimore, police are releasing many of those arrested during the civil
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unrest. more than half those detained have been released without any charges. that's over 100 people. among those who are charged is joseph kent. his dramatic arrest was caught on camera tuesday night when police say he violated curfew. his attorneys insist however, he's not the problem. the city should be dealing with. >> become political active and conscious with respect to doing political activity with respect to lawlessness. maureen: police reveal today 98 law officers have been injured since monday and 13 have been unable to return to work. tonight, abc 7 is getting answers about the future of the people accused and even caught on camera looting businesses. horace holmes continues our team coverage from baltimore. he's live with what business owners have to say tonight. horace? horace: maureen, every business in this strip mall on this row
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of this strip mall was looted on monday night. and every business had video of surveillance cameras inside and caught the looters going in. they've turned that video over to police. do the store owners think that police will actually go after these store looters and do they actually want them to be arrest ed? it was a day to do business for business owners victimized by monday's looting. to assess the loss. file insurance claims and police reports. looters broke into this clothing store in this neighborhood strip mall and walked off with everything. >> police could have came here and stopped them when they were doing all of this. but they didn't. horace: baltimore's police chief wanted to use surveillance video like this to find them and arrest them. >> should they arrest the people that did this? do you think they will? >> no. brad: store owners we talked to
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-- rob townsend spent today picking up the pieces to replace what looters took monday night from his beauty salon. >> part of the morning cleaning up and getting things in order, talking to the insurance company. horace: maryland's governor has talked about finding state funds to help businesses like this rebuild but townsend says he can't wait for that and he can't focus on revenge. >> i know shut down the business but they can't shut down my spirit. we'll be back open before the week is done. horace: now, legally, police can go after people caught on camera committing a crime. but in this case, so many people so many looted stores. there's a question about whether the police really have a will to go after everyone. store owners say they're going to focus on rebuilding.
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reporting live in east baltimore, horace holmes abc 7 news. maureen: thank you horace. abc 7 of course is continuing to monitor the situation in baltimore where more protests are planned. we'll be live there throughout this evening including when curfew enforcement begins at 10:00. the other big story we're following tonight is the big change in the weather. chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking the rain showers and he joins us now with the latest. doug? doug: hey, maureen. kind of cloudy at the moment outside of the belfort furniture weather center. doppler radar shows plenty of areas of rain especially south and southwest of metro. heaviest downpours south of fairfax and across the route 195 corridor in dale city. it's moving from right to left and moving from east to west not the usual pattern of travel around here. there's a lot of rain to deal with. most of the heavier amounts will be d.c. metro area west and the entire pattern will slowly calm down during the day tomorrow and things are looking good for the weekend not only with the clearing trend but warming trend. all the details coming up in the
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seven day outlook in a few minutes. maureen? maureen: thanks, doug. still ahead at 6:00 how senator bernie sanders may alter the tone in the race for the white house. plus a rescue team from county pulls a 15-year-old from beneath a collapsed building in nepal. the one thing that saved that teenager's life and a suspect is named in the attack on a man inside a metro station. we'll show you next. and don't forget to go to to sign up for our breaking news and weather text alerts.
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maureen: new information tonight about an attack in a metro station caught on camera. last week we showed you these images of a teenager repeatedly punching a 69-year-old man on the escalator inside the eastern market station. today, metro transit police named 19-year-old elijah smith as a suspect. he is not in custody but he will be charged with felony assault once he is arrested. a man convicted of raping a woman along a silver spring walking trail will spend 60 years in prison. he was sentenced today. the judge went beyond the sentencing guidelines because of nature of the attack. torres pleaded guilty to raping and beating a woman at knifepoint along the northwest branch trail last year.
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rescuers from fairfax county pulled a young man from the rubble of the earthquake that killed more than 6,000 people in nepal. task force one deployed to that area on saturday to help sear for survivors in kathmandu. they found the 15-year-old beneath a concrete slab. a crushed motorcycle kept him from being killed. >> able to access the patient with cameras and some listening devices and then some tools, we were able to assist the nepalese in extricating him. maureen: 54 members of task force one are expected to continue the search for survivors into next weekend. next on abc 7 news at 6:00 a senator enters the race for the white house. how this underdog could change the tone of the entire campaign. plus rain moving through the area. how long will it last and what should we expect this weekend? tim: the caps and rangers are geared up and getting ready for the first round matchup in
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madison square garden tonight. 80th annual nfl draft is about to begin as abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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maureen: a charles county fire department is mourning the loss of one of its own. 20-year-old autumn jenkins of the volunteer fire department was killed in a head-on crash. police say an oncoming vehicle crossed the center line and hit her car. driver who hit jenkins may have been drinking. >> one of our members went over and was checking out the vehicle and came back and said it was autumn. and it was you know nothing we could do for her at the time. maureen: jenkins had been with the station for five years. tonight at 11:00, an eye opening "7 on your side" investigation into repeat drunk drivers. abc 7 fighting back against crime investigator jennifer donelan sits down with the parents of a university of maryland student killed by a two time drunk driver. she also looks into why critics
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say maryland law allows repeat drunk drivers to stay behind the wheel. our special report drunk and still driving, tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. he says people should not underestimate me. that's the warning tonight from vermont independent senator bernie sanders. he just announced he's running for president as a democrat. he will face hillary clinton in the primaries. as senior political reporter scott thuman shows us sanders could alter the tone of a race. >> in this day and age, w it is possible for any candidate who is not a billionaire or who is not beholden to the billionaire class to be able to run successful campaigns. reporter: with bernie sanders now in it looks like we'll find that out much the vermont independent faces challenges like hillary clinton, fine tuned political machines and, of course, cash. but he says that's the point. >> our country belongs to all of us and not the billionaire class. reporter: the self-described
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democratic socialist is unapologetic for his brash talk which may play into his favor. sure, one poll shows him down 60 points to clinton but he could make the entire field uncomfortable. >> absolutely. will seem like the most authentic candidate of anyone running in both parties. reporter: john says because he banks on principles and not teleprompters that he will earn votes. >> there are going to be two types of people who vote for him. one, people who are voting against clinton. the other group that will vote for him are progressives. people who also share in senator sanders' values. reporter: a household name among progressives, he hopes to resonate with all parties and use that label as a champion for the working class. to change the landscape in a big way. sanders says he'll release very specific proposals soon for things like raising taxes on the wealthy, free tuition at public university and heavier regulations on wall street and in another effort to stand out,
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he says he also won't be running any negative ads. on capitol hill scott thuman, abc 7 news. maureen: sanders and clinton aren't likely to remain alone. other potential candidates include former maryland governor martin o'malley, jim webb and ex-rhode island governor lincoln chafee. an emergency helicopter landing turned into an unscheduled lesson for some alexandria students today. the air force chopper touched down on a playing field at the william ramsay elementary school. several students in gym class at the time got to talk to the crew about the chopper. no one was injured on the ground or on the helicopter which has been repaired and returned to its base. some excitement there in alexandria for those kids. doug: uh-huh. maureen: and for the helicopter, too. and the rain is -- doug: showers. kind of unusual in a way normally when we attract showers and thunderstorms, they approach the d.c. metro area from the
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west or northwest. today it's coming from the east. opposite direction. i'll show you why on the maps. let's get started, though and take a look at live doppler radar in the red. upper right hand corner 14 lightning strikes within the screen and that's where we're checking right now with areas of rain, we've had some hail. most are developing on the western shore of the bay and as it travels westward tends to intensify. most it was is south of the metro area now. very heavy downpours mount vernon stafford through charles county dale city and every now and then couple of hailstones come out of these systems. watch them tonight. generally later tonight the intensity will diminish and through the day tomorrow that intensity will diminish even further and eventually may come to an end. you may notice this is spinning counter clockwise due to the fact that all this is being generated by a pretty big low pressure center and has counter clockwise circulation. it's moving in to the west and coming back to the southeast.
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it will change tomorrow as it diminishes, goes away and opens the door for a pretty good looking weekend around here. 74 and 56 the high and low today. 71, and 52 are the averages in washington. we have 70 degree readings like at reagan national airport. other areas we have the 60's. now, tonight, we'll have scattered showers and they will diminish and over night, we'll remain rather cloudy. a cooler area of temperatures across the middle part of the country here. so we have to get rid of this cool air mass let it rotate through later tomorrow and tomorrow night into saturday morning. then we can get on to some real good clearing and very noticeable warming trend beginning later saturday through sunday. here's the big picture again as we zoom in on radar and satellite together. all this will pretty much consolidate off shore into a pretty good storm system. as that moves out to sea, it will take most of the rain along with it. we're looking good for the next couple of days. this is the futurecast showing how it will improve over the
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next 48 hours. here's the story weatherwise for you in the next seven days. still some chances of showers, only 30% tomorrow. a little sunshine. cooler. 65 for the high temperature sunday, it will be -- saturday, rather partly sunny. can't rule out a sprinkle. temperatures in the lower 70's. as we get through sunday, nice warmup. 8 80 degrees or warmer with sunshine tuesday into wednesday. maureen and tim? maureen: thanks, doug. are the caps ready for tonight? tim: they say they are. it will be interesting. bring them on. i have a preview for you. while the redskins have their game plan in place for tonight's nfl draft in chicago. it's all coming up next in sports.
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tim: the 80th annual nfl draft sets up business on the corner of michigan avenue in chicago. it's the auditorium theater built back in 1989 historic spectacular and all eyes will be firmly focused on that podium when the nfl takes center stage at 8:00. robert burton is there. robert, what can fans expect from the home team tonight? >> well here's the situation, the redskins have the fifth overall pick in the nfl draft. and if the quarterback from oregon gets picked second what do you do? do you trade down for more.
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>> we'd love to get more picks in this draft. seven originals right now. and i'd love to get 10 plus out of this thing if not i'll be ok. but, you know, it's just -- it's -- you go and get a pretty good idea of what team needs are and what teams are coming for. the last thing you want to do is take yourself out of a good football player. robert: i don't think we can put a finger on any specific position that the redskins want. they'll take a quarterback and take offensive linemen and probably take safety. they'll definitely take pass rushes. for now, at nfl draft day robert burton abc 7 sports. tim: thank you very much. hear more coming up tonight. meanwhile, the caps are in new york for game one of the best of seven conference semifinal series against the rangers. new york won 3-4 from the capitals during the regular season. the caps play faster heavier with good chemistry and they come in with a whole lot of momentum after beating the islanders in game seven on monday night. hey, let's go to baseball. nationals are in new york to
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play the mets in a four game set. what an opportunity to get things going in the right direction, nationals have just had back-to-back wins scoring 26 runs. tonight, they have strasburg on the mound. they play new york four straight head to head. the nationals need some momentum and they need to win all four of those. maureen: let's hope they get going. let's hope the rain gets going, too. doug: take a look at doppler radar. heavier downpours and it's moving from right to left. east to west across your screen. but the tempo will taper down late tonight into tomorrow morning. steve rudin will be here at 11:00 to monitor and see if there are any heavy downpours left and give you more details about the weekend warmup ahead. maureen: "world news tonight" coming up next. have a good evening.
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breaking news from baltimore tonight. the secret police stop we never knew about. caught on a surveillance camera the suspect in leg irons in that police van. and now, a witness in the van reveals what he heard. and the protests from baltimore to philadelphia nearly 100 police officers now injured. ahorities believe a deadly shark attack on an american beach. a 65-year-old woman swimming. and the new warnings up tonight. where they haven't seen great whites in 25 years. the manhunt. the shooter on an american highway. you'll hear from the driver who called 911, not realizing she'd been shot. the volcano erupting at this hour. our team, flying you right over it. and the tiger on the loose in the heartland. the american zoo and the scare today.


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