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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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revelation about freddie gray's injuries. >> this is not a baltimore problem, this is a r problem. leon: and protests in new cities. plus, drunken still driving? why are repeat offenders getting away with it? and the police say that he raped day nun. this chilling ties to other crimes, next. tonight, a city in crisis. protests continuing on the streets of baltimore, but for a second night, the protests remained peaceful. some are lingering on the streets will past curfew, but noclashes with the police. now, major revelations about the death of freddie gray. alison: multiple law enforcement resources say that freddie gray's injury happened inside of the police van. leon: tonight, the investigation
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is in the hands of the state prosecutor. late word of the autopsy report coming out that could be completed as soon as tomorrow. alison: we have team coverage of the case in the protests, beginning with jay korff. he has the exclusive details about the investigation. jay: a huge development from brad bell. sources are telling him the focuses not on what happened outside of the police transport van but what happened inside those critical moments. we are also learning the law enforcement response as the protests get big this weekend. thursday night baltimore and maryland law enforcement leaders announced they will enforce an evening curfew through the weekend and that additional police will be brought in if needed. >> people need to observe the curfew, protest peacefully. we have allowed the protests you
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happen, we want that to happen. jay: earlier in the day, the police submitted their findings to prosecutors. multiple police sources finley with the investigation tell brad bell that gray's fatal neck injury did not happen when the cell phone images were recorded outside of the van. sources say his head hit the back of the transport van while in transit. sources say a mark on his head matches a bolt inside the van. sources say that his hands were cuffed, behind his back, his legs shackled. who is to blame remain central to a community on edge and prosecutors who have to decide what if any charges have to be filed. as for the medical examiner, they are not commenting on these latest developments. >> as we shared this morning when we turned the case over to the state's attorney, it's now under their direction. they will answer all questions pertaining to this. jay: back live, national
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guardsmen doing a fantastic job protecting baltimore city hall. people are wondering, when our prosecutors going to finish their investigation. they are doing an independent one and when will they come or if they will, charge the police officers involved. we are working on that word. the other big thing is the federal probe going on. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: probes are underway, but the press for answers is not letting up. tonight, peaceful protesters march to baltimore city hall. more rallies are planned in the coming days. tom roussey continues team coverage from baltimore. what did you see from the crowds tonight? tom: things were largely peaceful, although we had some tense moments a short time ago. in west baltimore we still have a lot of police officers here, but nothing like what it was a half hour or so ago.
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things got a little tense, folks ignoring the 10 p.m. curfew. the police formed a line on the street and started advancing where protesters had remained after 10:00. after that, the police drew back dispersed, and now things are peaceful for a second straight night. for the second straight night, protesters marched. they finished in a neighborhood hard-hit monday. earlier, a smaller crowd than wednesday rallied in the rain outside of city hall. >> how can the police believe their own? tom: many said they do not believe that he died from an injury from the van. >> we have seen the video. we know what happened. why did it take so long for them to tell is a lie? tom: the protesters marched through the city. like wednesday, the police work
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to keep things peaceful. at the intersection where the protest ended, the cvs sits boarded-up. >> i would go to cvs every day. tom: they lost a store they used for prescriptions and groceries. a senior affordable living complex was burned, and they are left without their drugstore. >> the moment they rebuild is what we are hoping for. tom: behind me as pennsylvania avenue and north avenue, which has been the epicenter of so much activity this past week. so close to it as the boarded-up cvs. ms. griffin and a of other seniors live in that building. it is attached to the cvs so you can only imagine how much they depended on it and it's not open anymore. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: the protests spread to
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philadelphia tonight where the crowds clashed with the police for a short time. tonight, the protest was called philly is baltimore. the police tried to hold back the crowds of thousands. some drivers saluted the protesters, others expressed frustration. there is no curfew in philadelphia, so that rally continued well into the night. our sister station say that they banged on the doors of the federal detention center chanting, "you are not alone." leon: the police investigation is the hands of prosecutors. we are still awaiting findings. we are watching the situation closely, so stay with us for continuing live team coverage throughout. alison: cooler weather will return tomorrow, but it will not stay long. steve rudin is here with how low the temperatures will dip. steve: it will be chilly tomorrow but we are getting a
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lot of the rain out of the way now. cells hugging the border of northern charles county and southern prince george's county. that cell beginning to fizzle out as it moves to the west, something we don't see very often this time of year. the express forecast, waking up in the morning, 51 degrees showers. grab the umbrella to be safe but you probably will not need it much past noon time as the temperatures warm into the middle 60's. a nice warm up on the way next week. i will tell you all about it from the belfort furniture weather center in a few minutes. leon: developing now, new information about the man accused of raping a nun in prince george's county. the police say that juan rained off broke into the victim's home and attacked her. they found him hiding underneath a sink today. richard reeve has more on how he has been tied with other crimes.
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richard: the court documents showing new information that randolph was released from custody two weeks ago, his most recent criminal case dismissed. this after a psychiatric evaluation done by a halfway house in jail. a former attorney said he should have been getting mental treatment instead of on the street. the seven-year-old juan randolf is in jail, it used of breaking into the home of a nun and ra ping her. >> i'm devastated. i know he will pay for this. : richard she is in disbelief. it was at her apartment where the police arrested randolph earlier this morning. >> this could be anybody. i feel sorry for the victim. richard: sources say that he broke into the victim's apartment in chillum, attacked her, and fled. >> i was stunned. he is a mild-mannered young man. richard: his former attorney
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said this could have been prevented. >> this is a seriously disturbed young man. i find it sad he has not gotten the help that he needs. richard: court records show seven domestic abuse charges against randolph. thursday a judge ruled that he needed a psychiatric evaluation and was declared competent. during a hearing two weeks ago -- >> the government witness was not there and they cannot go forward. so the judge had to dismiss the case. richard: and that is the same day he was released. >> yes. richard: d.c. police arrested randolph last december for secretly recording women in a library restroom. he reportedly told the officers, "i have a problem." he has been treated at six hospital units in the past year. his first court appearance could be as soon as tomorrow. live in the newsroom, richard
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reeve, abc 7 news.on: this just into the newsroom, a motel fire in anne arundel county, at a motel 6 on old annapolis road. news chopper 7 flew over the scene a short time ago. no reports of injuries. the cause is under investigation. leon: the police have named their suspect in the attack of a 69-year-old man on a metro escalator in eastern market last week. officers say the attacker's 19-year-old elisha smith. a warrant is out for his arrest. the victim was taken to the hospital is now recovering. alison: speaking up about a proposed new metro station in alexandria. there was a potomac yards station hearing, taking comets from the public, discussing the environmental impact as well. it would be built on the blue and yellow line between the reagan airport and the braddock road station. leon: more than 6000 people are
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dead after the deadly earthquake in nepal. members of the fairfax county response team are sharing a story of an incredible rescue. april play teenager from under a seven-story building's rubble. >> he had been trapped five days in a very tight space, supported by a motorcycle that had turned over. that prevented the concrete from crushing him. leon: amazing. the fairfax county team is expected to be in nepal two weeks. good luck. alison: hopefully more rescues like that. still ahead, the i-team fighting back. >> not even one drink? alison: is the free state a safe haven for drunk drivers? leon: plus, a big night for football fans, the nfl draft.
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a great entrance never goes out of style. dresses start at $25. the eva mendes collection. exclusively at new york and company. leon: d still driving. runk and arrests can summon to get? alison: abc 7 is on your side as
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jennifer donelan hits the streets, finds repeat offenders and gets answers. jennifer: critics say that maryland is a great place to drive drunk. >> you can drive and be a repeat offender countless times and not be charged with a felony until you kill somebody. jennifer: mothers against drunk driving says maryland is one of five states that does not have a felony dui statute, nor does d.c. while alledge drunk drivers are locked up, they keep drinking and driving. we saw first hand on a warm april night in montgomery county with the dui enforcement team of maryland state police. >> i only drank a little. jennifer: records show what was his third dui arrest. we were at this corner where the driver in that red blazer literally crashed into the back
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of a state police vehicle. >> not even one drink whatsoever? are you sure about that? jennifer: records show what is his second dui arrest. we ask repeat offenders what would get them to stop drunk again driving. you have a dui in 2001 2002, 2003 and 2014. they believe a solution is a proposed bill for mandated interlocks on the first dui conviction, breathalyzers in cars. drunk, the car will not start. sober, you are on the way. >> a 25 reduction -- a 25% reduction in drunk driving. >> all we are looking for is a judge to be involved in the decision. jennifer: montgomery county got a majority of the judiciary committee to cosponsor the bill. why hasn't been so tough to get the legislation passed? >> i'm at a loss. jennifer: he points the fingers
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at joe vellano rio for sitting on the bill. he is a defense attorney by trade. what you think about interlocks? >> no, no. jennifer: the most sobering of arguments his death. last year, the two-year-old university of maryland student -- a 22--year-old university of maryland student was hit and killed by a two-time drunk driver. he got two years and a plea deal. pushing for more what i've been a struggle. >> we just took the plea. jennifer: this is a normal night? >> it's a normal night. jennifer: critics say the argument to make roads safer in maryland will stumble on until there is a better answer. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. leon: now let's switch over and
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talk about the weather. alison: is the rain over? steve: most of it is out of here. in the morning hours, more rain, then the weekend. warmer temperatures. today, not so bad, 74 degrees, a little above average this time of year. nowhere close to the record of 96. right now, 58 degrees, the wind out of the north northwest. we look for that to hold through the overnight. 54 gaithersburg, andrews quantico 55 degrees. the showers we have are generally moving to the west. something you don't see very often. we normally expect things to move in from the west towards the east. the low pressure, the spin in the atmosphere, that is why everything continues to move that way. most of the shower activity out of here by midmorning tomorrow. 45 to 53 overnight, milder temperatures inside the beltway.
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scattered showers, the wind out of the northwest at 10 to 15. everything clears out nicely midmorning to the early afternoon. through the afternoon, don't be surprised if you see sunshine. saturday looks even better daytime highs warming back into the 70's. sunday, even warmer, more humidity. 65 the high tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. sunshine in the afternoon isolated showers mainly in the morning, the wind out of the northeast at 10 to 15. a of 72 saturday. moving into sunday upper 70's. monday and tuesday, a little bit of heat, humidity, temperatures of 80 to 85 degrees about 15 degrees above average this time of year. alison: that is a rarity. we will take it. steve: you will love it. alison: thank you. leon: did the skins do it? tim: i think so.
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the redskins go big early. there is a new sheriff in town. cap's take a bite out of the big apple.
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>> and now the to field a sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. -- and now the toyota sports desk. tim: with the fifth picked of the draft, the redskins took brandon scherff from iowa.
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he was a high school quarterback. he played football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, and played from bone in the band. remember bobby beth third and charley casserley? they took mark may in the first round and will the super bowl often's round offensive line. robert orton in chicago for the draft. -- robert burton is in chicago for the draft. robert: marcus mariota did not drop to the fifth spot. i'm a gender earlier if marcus mariota was not the fifth pick -- i mentioned earlier if marcus mariota was not the fifth pick they would add offensive linemen. say hello to brandon scherff. how excited are you to try to contribute? >> i'm excited, but everybody has to earn their spot. i will learn the respect of my
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team its first and try to improve each day. robert: don't know how much of the redskins you have watched but what have you taken so far? >> i've heard about the hawks tonight. i'm excited to be part of that. -- i've heard about the hogs tonight and i'm excited to be part of that. robert: the gm likes his offensive line massive, and that is exactly what brandon scherff is. tim: as expected, jameis winston and marcus mariota were one and two in the draft. madison square garden, caps on rangers tied 1-1. joel ward in front bang! what a dramatic ending. was it in time? yes, sir a second to spare. washington takes game one. game two will be saturday afternoon, in manhattan. city field, bryce harper the
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batter. this is trouble from the get-go. everybody is running. here comes escobar, here comes jayson werth, sliding together. nats win 8-2. they have scored 34 runs in the last three games. and a reminder that redskins quarterback robert griffin iii will be here on abc 7 first thing in the morning, "good morning washington." that should be good television rg iii in the house. leon: he has to be the happiest man, he got the option and he got the big ugly, too. tim: don't tell his mama. alison: a rare sight in san francisco.
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leon: tonight, maureen bunyan helped honor those providing opportunities for refugees from africa, part of an annual like it. it helps improves social opportunities for immigrants. alison: way to go, maureen. there are fish out of water, and then there are sea lions on the sidewalk? this sea lion pup was stranded
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on the street, hiding under cars and waddling away from people when they got too close. scientists a we may see more stranded pups because of the shrinking food supply and a warming ocean. leon: a reminder tonight that 7 on your side when breaking news happens around the region. just subscribe for text alerts at
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alison: a final look at the weather. steve: the seven day outlook brought to you by belfort furniture, 65 degrees the high friday, upper 70's sunday, near 80 degrees monday, 85 degrees with he can humidity -- with
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heat and humidity tuesday. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, kim kardashian west, michael sheen. this week in unnecessary nsorship and music from yelawolf featuring travis barker. with cleto and the cletones. and now, be seated here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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