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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  May 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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leon: hey, guys. anchor: leon, we're going to get to leon in a second though. right now, we want to get to the rest of our team coverage of this case including community reaction and more about the officers being charged. alison: we begin with our maryland bureau chief brad bell who has been in baltimore from the very beginning and first told us about gray being injured inside that police transport van. brad, what a day. brad: quite a day. and the events continue. we've now come to the maryland african-american history museum because in just a little while, we're going to hear at this location from freddie gray's family. yesterday, we told you exclusively here on abc 7 news some of the details of the medical examiner's findings with regard to the death of freddie gray. that there was severe injuries caused in the back of that police van. that he was sent flying head first into the wall. that his neck was broken. well, today, it was enough for the state's attorney in
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conjunction with her own investigation and a police investigation to levy charges against all six officers who had contact with freddie gray back on april 12th. she says there was series of crimes committed from the outset. first, there was no probable cause to arrest freddie gray in the first place. and then, when he started to go into medical distress from his rough handling aid -- medical aid was denied and then he was put in the back of that van given essentially what they call in west baltimore a rough ride. he was -- he died of injuries typical of what you would see in an automobile accident so today, the state's attorney filed serious charges against all six charges ranging from second degree depraved heart murder to assault, to misconduct in office. she says now the justice system has to be allowed to work in peace. >> i don't want anybody to be confused.
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that the issues of police and community is one part of a broader set of issues. our children need to be properly educated and they need to be trained in certain areas so they can get jobs. >> to those that are angry, hurt or have their own experiences of injustice at the hands of police officers, i urge you to channel the energy peacefully as we prosecute this case. brad: all right. well, what we heard from there was representative elijah cummings first. he's the man who represents and has for 30 years in the state legislature and then in congress represented that west baltimore neighborhood. he spoke first there reacting to marilyn mosby. marilyn mosby is who you heard next, state's attorney asking essentially for peace.
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now, we'll be hear and talk to you again at 5:00 when we expect to hear from freddie gray's family reacting to these charges brought as a result of his death. leon, how are things looking up on pennsylvania and north? leon: that's right, brad. we are right here at pennsylvania and north avenue where we were just about 48 hours or so ago and it's a completely different scene here now. you heard the state's attorney calling for people to channel their emotions peacefully. well where we are right now there's lots of emotions and it does seem to be taking quite a bit of peaceful but emotional at the same time. this scene as you can see across the street are people on the sidewalk just hanging out almost like a block party is going on. you can hear some of the music in the background and meanwhile, just across the street from them, you can see the police who are standing there lined up outside of that check cashing place that we saw being looted just a couple of days ago. this scene here was where most of the violence is played out and a lot of the looting and the
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burning that we saw and a completely different scene. turn around here rich, and catch these guys. traffic is coming down north avenue here and as you can see here folks here with their car trunks open, music blasting waving signs and getting people to honk as they come rolling by. hang on here comes a tractor-trailer. might get a little loud here. it's a completely different scene than what we've seen here. the calls for peace seem to be taking hold here. people are celebrating what they heard this morning and the surprise announcement and revelation that the state's attorney has determined that freddie gray's death was a homicide. reaction still playing out here very positively, very festively. suzanne kennedy has been here since this morning when that announcement was made. suzanne, i'm getting that you've seen the same kind of reaction throughout this area, haven't you? suzanne: leon it has changed progressively throughout the day. we're also at this intersection and you can see behind me there's still a significant crowd here people gathering, people mingling people talking
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about what has happened today. i want to take you back a little bit into the day and you can see that there were police officers here throughout the morning. they moved in around 10:00 this morning. lots of them flanked both sides of the streets, pennsylvania state troopers maryland state troopers. and baltimore city police officers. cars move through the area they were honking, they were celebrating. people raising their fists in the air in a sense of celebration and a sense of joy at the announcement that was made at 10:30 this morning. people here feeling a giant sense of relief after what has been an incredibly stressful week and here's what a few people told me this morning as word of the police officer's charges were announced. >> the people are happy. a lot of frustrations have been released just from this decision. don't have to worry about the riots anymore because justice
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has been served. >> the police have gotten away with a lot and i believe that this time maybe everyone has made their point clear that they're tired of it. reporter: a very different situation here as you can see as the baltimore city police officer is directing traffic. you can see in his left hand he has his protective helmet obviously four or five days ago he was wearing that and certainly not directing traffic. right here you see a gentleman who has got his fists in the air in celebration of what has happened today. very interesting day here at the epicenter of this week's events. back to you, leon. leon: all right, suzanne. i'm sure you're hearing the same kind of comments that we're hearing through the crowd here. people here with cause to celebrate because they feel in their minds that finally, the police are going to be held accountable. the police on the other hand, though, are going to have their own response to what happened today with the announcement of these charges. let's go right now to a press conference, the fraternal order of police who has already said
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that they believe that the police officers here did nothing wrong. reporter: what elements are not complete in your mind? >> until we see what they've done, i can't answer that. i can't speculate to what they did or didn't do. i just find it very difficult that it's not a rush to judgment when conducting a case in which someone has been charged with second degree murder, they can wrap it up in two weeks. until i see the investigative file until we get the discovery in this case, i can't answer that question. [inaudible] >> like i said i'm sure they're disappointed. i haven't been out and talked with them yet.
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they're not happy. i mean, this is going to -- this decision to charge the officers is going to make our job even harder. i could say that. >> the knife that was found on freddie gray had he not had a knife or illegal weapon on him, he would have been released after the proper paperwork. leon: that's the fraternal order of police now speaking to the press there answering to the questions about the police officers involved here and what may happen to them next. right now, let's get more insight on those officers and the charges that they're going to be facing. stephen tschida has more on that for us right now. stephen? stephen: well, we have been out here in front of the baltimore city jail for hours as vehicles would come and go. we do now understand that all
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six of these officers are here at the jail awaiting processing and formal charges. but i want to tell you a few minutes ago, a number of people religious groups came through here. they were demonstrating right here. we still have a lot of police. they showed up moments afterwards after this protest began and then the protesters moved away. still police here among those demonstrating to bring the mother of trayvon martin, young man killed during an altercation with a security guard. she spoke out about these charges against these six officers. >> that's not a conviction. we have to keep that in mind. although we're celebrating and we're hopeful that something will stick and they will be able to stay in jail that they will be able to be accountable for killing this young man. stephen: among the religious leaders who were speaking or who were directing the crowd, one of them said that this is not a black and white issue.
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this is a police scene issue and he pointed up to the barbed wire to this jail and said this is a major step in his opinion in rectifying some of the injustice and some of the unfairness that has been then perpetrated on members of the community here in d.c. by police officers over the years. back to you, leon. leon: all right, thank you, stephen. and boy, things are really starting to pick up over here at pennsylvania and north avenue. people are coming out here and dancing around. they've got kids out here dancing in the middle of the street. you know that's a little dangerous, don't you dancing in the middle of the street with some kids? >> we're ok. leon: you're acting like you won the super bowl. is what that it feels like? >> it feels good that we're out here and the cops are serve -- that justice has been served. haven't been convicted yet. this is only the first step. but, you know we here. we here. leon: yes, you are. you are here and this is only a first step as they say here.
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but everyone believes that finally for people who have felt like they have been oppressed so badly and for so long by this police department here, they're feeling like this is taking a step in the right direction we'll be back with more later in the hour. alison and scott, back to you. alison: thank you very much. see you later, leon. we want to tell you more about the baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby. scott: mosby is 35 years old and has been on the job for four months only. and according to her biography, she's the youngest chief prosecutor of any major city in america. alison: mosby is married to a baltimore city councilman and lives blocks from the community where monday's riots broke out following freddie gray's funeral. we are receiving lots of comments from you about this case on our abc 7 facebook page. scott: many of you responded to a question that we posted asking how do you thibault more's chief prosecutor has handled the fred
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yes gray case. she's doing what she should holding the position she holds. i have a lot of respect for her. alison: dan responded she rushed a charge to appease the mob and get the national guard out of the city. scott: another wrote the case isn't over. don't go out handing praise until it's said and done. you can join this conversation by going on our facebook page. alison: we'll check back with our horace holmes in a moment with the latest on what's going on there in baltimore today. a lot more to cover for you in the coming hours. scott: let's turn to the weather now. we had to dodge some rain drops around town today. alison: there is more reason to look ahead to the weekend as if we we needed more reasons, doug hill is here with the forecast. hi doug. doug: it's still kind of cloudy outside of the belfort furniture weather center. we may see a little bit of sunshine breaking through for the next couple of hours. let's get you started first up and get you a look at current conditions. 63 with clouds at reagan national airport. a little bit of a light breeze
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out of the east. as expected the low pressure center off the outer banks is pulling the moisture into itself and out to sea. our rain chances rapidly diminished and we'll be in fine shape through the evening with some clearing. 61 right now in gaithersburg. 65 degrees in martinsburg and hagerstown where there is a little sunshine breaking through. 56 at this hour in annapolis. through the evening, we'll all look for some areas to get a little bit of sunshine through before sunset. otherwise, mostly cloudy evening. cooler temperatures and there's easterly winds and as we move forward through the overnight hours, we'll continue to see a little bit of clearing and temperatures 45 to 52 degrees by morning. plan on sunshine for the weekend. at least more than we had the past couple of days and definitely warmer temperatures. we'll highlight that in the seven day outlook coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you. scott: thank you doug. scary moment for dozens of people in northwest washington forced to run for cover after a three-story parking garage collapsed near the watergate hotel. d.c. bureau chief sam ford has been at the scene all afternoon and sam, what do we know about
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injuries out there? sam: right now, we have the mayor talking and we want to just go in and hear exactly what she has to say. mayor bowser. mayor bowser: working with engineers and construction crews for the last several hours to shore up the structure and ensure that it is safe for first responders to enter. parts of the garage were under construction when the collapse occurred. all construction workers have been accounted for. earlier as part of the response three dogs that are trained to search for human activity found no evidence of human activity on any of the three levels. a cadaver dog was also sent into the scene. and that dog made a possible hit on one of the three levels. the operation has now
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transitioned from search and rescue to a recovery operation. the fire department the incident commander is chief donnelly and he will answer specific questions about the effort to shore up the site, make it safe for first responders and additional recovery efforts. i should also say that there are vehicles currently in the garage and the fire department will notice the community when those vehicles can be accessed when the garage becomes safe. there's also a condo building above the site and it is presently -- it has presently not been cleared for occupancy. there is an office building that is just across the way from the site and it has been cleared for people to enter, to secure
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personal items and to leave. we are also joined by our d.c. -- our aid director and the chief building inspector for the district of columbia in addition to our consumer and regulatory affairs staff who will be able to clear the buildings once they become safe for occupancy and use. with that i'm going to ask chief donnelly to advise you on the response to the scene throughout the day. >> -- sam: you have just been listening to mayor muriel bowser. there was an incident in which a parking garage from the top level collapsed into another level that collapsed into another even taking a tree down with it. and since then fire personnel have been here on the scene. one minor injury so far but they're bringing equipment in here to shore up this area because they're not sure -- it's
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not safe enough to go in there. they got cadaver dogs from montgomery county or at least, sorry, rescue dogs from montgomery county to go in there. they hit on nothing alive but the mayor just said they bought in a cadaver dog and there's a possibility that there was perhaps, someone who might have perished in there. they don't know. they got to do further investigation. but at this point, they're shoring up the area so that they can go inside. a number of people here you know hundreds of construction workers and two buildings, in fact, had to be evacuated and that's where we stand now the mayor has spoken and we're hearing from members of the fire department. i'm going to send it back to you. we'll keep you up with the latest from here on the scene outside the watergate. this is sam ford, abc 7 news. alison: we'll check back in with you in a little bit. thank you. still to come here on abc 7 news at 4:00 the man who placed several bottle bombs in local movie theaters. learned his sentence today.
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details on the text messages read aloud during the sentencing. scott: and "7 on your side" with a consumer alert for hockey fans. the washington capitals team is warning fans to do when it comes to playoff tickets. alison: and abc 7, of course, is following the situation in baltimore and the latest news that six police officers have been charged in the death of freddie gray. stay with us for coverage throughout the afternoon and evening. we'll be right back.
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alison: big gatherings in baltimore this afternoon in response, of course to the decision to charge six officers in the death of freddie gray. our horace holmes is live in the crowd. horace, what are you seeing there? horace: alison we're right in front of city hall in what they call war memorial plaza here. about 500 protesters have gathered here to rally and listen to speeches. they marched in front of the inner harbor up here about a mile to city hall. they're reacting of course to the decisions for the indictments against the police officers. also a reaction coming from government officials. we heard earlier this afternoon
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from the mayor of baltimore city stephanie rawlings-blake and also governor larry hogan. here's what they had to say. >> we believe in the criminal justice system the process is going to play itself out. i don't have much role in that process. but we're focused on keeping the city safe. >> we know that the vast majority of the men and the women in the baltimore city police department serve our city with pride, with courage, with honor, and with distinction. but those of you who wish to engage in brutality, misconduct racism and corruption, let me be clear, there is no place in the baltimore city police department for you. horace: now, those officers as we reported, were placed in custody. moving forward now, governor hogan said that the national guard would remain in place for
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the foreseeable future. and as far as the curfew here in baltimore city that has been in place for most of the week, the mayor's office says that 10:00 p.m. curfew will remain at least through saturday. they'll look at it again and determine whether it should go forward throughout the entire weekend. there will be several protests throughout the weekend like this one. everyone is hoping that they will all be peaceful. reporting live in baltimore, horace holmes, abc 7 news. scott: all right. we'll head back to baltimore shortly. in the meantime, switching gears, the man who planted bottle bombs in local theaters learned his sentence today. alison: as jeanette reyes explains the legal troubles are not over for manuel bell. jeanette: the man who terrified moviegoers with a series of detonated bottle bombs will be behind bars for 18 years. he remained stoic during this morning's sentencing as one prosecutor accused him of carefully planning the bottle bombings saying that joiner bell
4:24 pm
picked theaters filled can capacity, some up to 400 people inside. he read text messages making fun of the moviegoers running out and yelling that shots were fired and a bomb went off. he told his friend he was going to be a legend. he pleaded guilty to possession of a destructive device and six counts of second degree assault, reckless endangerment and conspiracy to use a deconstructive device, all of that in prince george's county. as part of his plea he agreed to plead guilty to two counts in anne arundel and montgomery county. the 21-year-old face a total of 60 years in prison and the judge suspended all but 18. prosecutors strongly suggest that joyner-bell serve more time because the bottle bombs could have burned or killed some of those moviegoers. however, no one was injured. after today's sentencing, he will be extradited to virginia where he'll face charges there as well. reporting in the newsroom jeanette reyes, abc 7 news.
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scott: we have a warning tonight from the washington capitals. the team says buyer beware. it noticed a sharp spike in the number of fraudulent playoff tickets. the caps are encouraging you to buy directly from the team's website or through any ticketmaster outlet. alison: on this friday afternoon, let's get a check of how traffic is moving along. jamie sullivan is here with the details. hi there. jamie: one big problem for us that's going to be an accident you're seeing a lot of red on 50 eastbound right at route 665. so heading towards annapolis, anne arundel county, this will be an issue for you. all lanes are blocked. they're doing accident investigation. so for you traveling southbound on 97 you can see bumper to bumper, same thing working your way on 50 eastbound. as we move now a little bit closer to the capital beltway, we're slow both directions on the top side through montgomery county. same thing for you working your way across the american legion bridge and then as we move a little bit closer to d.c.
4:26 pm
so far, so good. 21 miles per hour is your average on the freeway and taking a live look at right near the american legion bridge no problems for you getting closer to river road. just our typical volume. again, 50 towards annapolis, anne arundel county. that's the problem spots. back to you guys. scott: all right. let's talk about those rain drops we saw earlier today and whether or not we've got more on the way. alison: yeah and the weekend. talk about that. doug: i think any rain drops in the weekend tomorrow would be in the afternoon, maybe a sprinkle briefly or light shower. not much. weekend pattern looks a lot better. let's get started on this first day of may on friday still cloudy, still chilly. this is mount airy, maryland and looking at summit ridge and it has been cloudy all day. at least the rain has ended and throughout the day there hasn't been a lot of changes in the sky condition as we get late in the afternoon here especially north and west of the metro area, we'll start to see the cloud mass move a little bit. may see a few breaks in the overcast this afternoon. now, there are a few showers still existing to the west.
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winchester and even a lightning strike here. that will tend to settle well down to the south and kind of bypass the metro area but as we get through the overnight hours, skies will start to clear and see some improvement. 63 now at reagan national. 57 in baltimore and at andrews. 62 degrees in fredricksburg. definitely a cool first day of may. through the evening, we'll see the temperatures drop especially late tonight and overnight when skies start to clear out some we'll turn much cooler. lows by morning, 45 to 52 degrees. our futurecast shows we'll make steady progress over the weekend with the majority of the rain moving out of the picture and still have that counter clockwise circulation keeping cooler air in. but in time over the weekend, the surface wind direction will change. that will bring some dryer air. just a slight chance of a pop-up sprinkle or shower in the afternoon and then sunday looks like it will be bright and sunny and significantly warmer. so here's the story for the next seven days. tomorrow partly sunny and improvement over today. a little milder lower 70's. maybe a sprinkle or shower in the afternoon. lots of sunshine. 80 degree temperatures on
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sunday. monday, tuesday into wednesday, even into thursday and friday, we're at least at 80 degrees. more may -like afternoon showers possible tuesday, wednesday and thursday but whole different weather pattern. one that i've been waiting for anyway. alison: i think a lot of people have been. that looks good. thank you, doug. doug: all right. scott: coming up here on abls 7 news at 4:00 prom season is in full swing. some students are choosing not to wear one popular item. we'll explain why. alison: be sure to sign up to receive text alerts about breaking news, traffic and weather. go to and enter your cell phone number. abc 7 news will return in just a moment.
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alison: it is prom season. that means high schoolers will be thinking about what to wear. scott: yes there is one item that won't be a part of the prom outfit for some. suzanne kennedy explains. suzanne: it's a right of passage for high school students but there's something missing this year from this time honored tradition. >> i did not wear the crosage. suzanne: whether it's roses or carnations, wrist or pin-on some area students are foregoing the flowers. >> definitely. definitely wasteful. suzanne: this gonzaga high school senior came one the idea when he was picking up for yet another corsage for another dance knowing at the end of the night it would end up in the
4:32 pm
trash. >> i thought why can't we turn from like something that's so trivial into something that can help others without sacrificing any of the fun of prom? suzanne: the flowers can be costly running anywhere from $20 to $30 each. the students decided to put that money to a more permanent use. by donating to catholic charities instead of wearing the flowers, the boys wear these pins. the girls this wrist ribbon. and then they make a donation. this high school senior annie williams says students are trying to put other's needs ahead of their own desires. >> the tradition to wear the flower but why can't this just be a new tradition? why not you know, put them with your prom statements. suzanne: the president of catholic charities praises the movement says he hopes to spread the idea across the country. >> these are kids who are saying i'm having a good time but others aren't quite as lucky. let's take care of them. suzanne: st. john's high school will host the prom next later in may. more students wearing items like
4:33 pm
these means more help for an underserved community all because of some very thoughtful teenagers. in northwest washington suzanne kennedy, abc 77 news. alison: right idea. scott: absolutely. still ahead at 4:00 we'll return to baltimore for the reaction filed against six police officers in the death
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>> no crime had been committed by mr. gray. mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. leon: those were the words and the voice of marilyn mosby the baltimore state's attorney this morning announcing that it's been determined that freddie gray's death, rather was a homicide and six officers will be facing charges in the wake of it. and after that announcement was made let me show you a chopper shot here that shows you what's been happening around baltimore all day ever since that announcement came up this morning around 10:30. people have been breaking off into celebrations. we're seeing some location -- celebrations downtown around city hall where we are right now, close to that spot at the c.v.s. that everyone has been watching since monday night here. we've seen here crowds coming and going and celebrations and horns honking the whole time.
4:37 pm
and let me tell you something, a second ago we saw one of the craziest scenes the only reason why traffic was ever stopped in this street on west north avenue was when a bail bondsman's truck pulled up and in the back of the pickup truck they had boxes and boxes of these white t-shirts that say "i bleed baltimore" on them. all right. people mobbed this truck and i can't tell you how many folks i'm seeing wearing these shirts. i asked a lady who was one of those that jumped in the back of the truck to tell me what that meant to her. it means the same thing it means to everybody else here. it means i will live and die for baltimore. emotions are running so high. besides that fact everybody being excited about the announcement that the police officers will be in a position where they face charges for what happened. there's no disillusionment here. folks here are convinced this is really just the very beginning. they think there's still a process to be played out but they are now more hopeful than they have been at the beginning
4:38 pm
of all of this on monday night. now, this is the way things are shaping up here in baltimore. there's been reaction to what's happening here from all across the country and joce sterman is standing by in the newsroom where she's been watching and monitoring all the activity on social media. what have you been seeing? joce: we're seeing all kinds of things and social media having a big impact. this is posted 30 minutes ago as the crowds headed through downtown baltimore to arrive at city hall for what many are calling a victory celebration. but we're also seeing lots of other things. we want to show you and hit the rewind button from five hours ago when that announcement was made about these officers. joy about that decision. and we're seeing a lot of people posting their messages about baltimore. #i love baltimore. #all lives matter. people talking about freddie gray putting him in the same category as eric garner and trayvon martin as they try to
4:39 pm
get this message out. this featuring marilyn mosby comparing her to olivia pope the fixer we know from "scandal" solving many people's problems. the reactions today on social media were loud very colorful and as you mentioned leon this t-shirt this "i bleed baltimore" pops up in multiple potentially hundreds of social media images that we saw today, many of them featuring people in those neighborhoods. strong statements coming out, the mixture of the national guard and people in the city of baltimore. talking about how this just begins the changes they need to see in this city moving forward. the communication between officers and the citizens and leon, as you mentioned, this is the scene at pennsylvania and north avenue shortly after that announcement. it has continued all afternoon honking, people going through in celebration right where you are. leon. leon: that's right, joce. we are right smack dab in the middle of all this. and as you mentioned, the social media reaction as of a moment
4:40 pm
ago, as we were reporting, someone walked up to me to tell me what they've been seeing and hearing earlier today and he told me that he was very, very glad that the announcement was made today because he said there had been rumors more and more rumors circulateing among a lot of the young people here in this part of town that if something wasn't done today, there was going to be an explosion tonight. there had been talks here about them believing that the process was being deliberately slowed down. and that was building -- that was causing frustrations here to build up even more. but as you can see now instead of tensions being built up we're seeing something of a release happening here in west baltimore. we'll be here to cover it all throughout the night. we'll have more coverage for you just ahead here on abc 7 news. alison and scott, back to you in washington. alison: ok. see you in a few minutes. thank you very much. coming up at 4:00 fears of a possible serial shooter. targeting drivers. hear from one woman who survived a recent incident. scott: and now developments in the scandal known as bridgegate.
4:41 pm
how it could threaten the future political care
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4:43 pm
4:44 pm
>> it's a shock. it's a shock and it's troubling and it's bothersome and going to be a touch night of sleep tonight. reporter: pleading guilty in court today, david wilestein admitting that it led to the george washington bridge lane closures in september of 2013 causing a major traffic gridlock and his attorney adding christie knew all about it. >> mr. christie knew of the lane closures while they were occurring and evidence exists to establish that. reporter: for now, christie has not been charged and at an event
4:45 pm
earlier this week, he said he's innocent. >> i didn't think this has much to do with me. reporter: meanwhile, two others the chief of staff and former port authority executive stand accused of lying, calling the closures part of a traffic study. >> traffic study story was a sham. a total fabrication that baroni kelly and wilestein created to use to cover up their scheme. reporter: for now prosecutors say while their work is ongoing, at this time they do not expect to charge anyone else to which christie responded in a statement "the charges make it clear what i have said from day one is true that i had no knowledge or involvement." in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for abc 7 news. scott: more continuing coverage from the scene in baltimore coming up in a moment. stay with us. our coverage of "city when you own a small business there's a never-ending list of small things to do every day. appointments...
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scott: a loss in the entertainment world. legendary musician ben e. king
4:49 pm
has died at age 76. he's best known for the 1961 hit "stand by me" that you're hearing. king began with the 1950s group the drifters before becoming a solo artist and he died of natural causes yesterday at his home in new jersey. four americans are spending at least half their pay on housing. a new analysis of census data suggests that amid the economic recovery, a potential rank crisis is growing. a nonprofit that helps finance affordable housing says more than one in four renters, rent and utilities consume at least half of their family income. the number jumps 26% sin the year 2007. alison: let's switch over to weather. it's friday and we're heading into the weekend. much needed weekend for most. doug: absolutely. alison: it sounds pretty good. doug: some improvement. there will be some sun and warmer and sunday monday and tuesday it will feel like may. crazy thing, huh? in the 80's. let's get started now. here's what we have for you at
4:50 pm
this moment. still cloudy. this is a look at frederick, maryland at st. john's regional school. 63 degrees right now and we've had periods of clouds all day. little break in the overcast visible up in the upper right-hand side of your screen. that was the story. and now we still are having some areas that we're trying to clear out a little bit. persistent area of rain off the west of the metro area. it's front royal up into west virginia and a little southwestward on the western side of interstate 81 and the rotation continues to come to the south and southeast. all that should stay away from the metro washington area. west and east of town keep your eye on the sky there. 57 in andrews. temperatures well below 70 which is the average temperature this time of day on the first day of may and tonight when skies clear, it will turn even cooler. probably some 40's out there. 45 to 52 as we clear off with some light winds through the area as well. tomorrow partly sunny and milder. 72, a slight chance of a sprinkle or isolated shower in the afternoon. then sunshine on sunday.
4:51 pm
80 degrees and then check this out as we head through the next seven days headed into the 80's on monday tuesday, wednesday and thursday. time to get to the middle of next week there could be some afternoon showers. it will be a totally different weather pattern developing next week. one that we haven't seen since september. scott: look at all those 80's. doug: would love to see those on my scorecard after 18 holes. scott: time to check on the traffic situation with jamie sullivan. jamie: i have good news. we'll start off by taking a look at the beltway. no accidents for you right now working your way closer towards river road. inner loop and outer loop it is congested. pretty typical for you. as we move to the maps i want to stick with maryland. what we have right now heading outbound closer towards annapolis, it's slow traffic. good news is the crash that we had cleared away. we have a solid red line. now we're starting to see more yellow pop up but still heading
4:52 pm
southbound on 97 some of that congestion. we have no problems for you right now heading outbound on 50 inside the beltway, a little bit slower, though in the d.c. area working your way out on 295. some spots at only about 12 miles per hour. as we move back to take a live look outside just to give you an idea of what we're seeing. 66. this is heading outbound through falls church. a little bit of a sluggish ride once you get to the beltway, you're still on the brakes and continuing a little bit closer towards 50. past centreville. that's where you get some relief relief. that's a look at traffic. back to you guys. alison: thank you very much. up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 the search for a possible serial shooter. hear from one of the victims shot while driving home on the freeway.
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4:55 pm
alison: we're back with an incredible story out of california. thanks to the kindness of a stranger, a homeless woman now has shelter. irene magee had lived on the streets of l.a. for more than 10 years. that's until she met elvis summers and they formed an
4:56 pm
unlikely bond. summers who runs an on-line retail business says he knew right away he wanted to help. >> she's a human being. she's 60 years old, mother grandmother sleeping in the dirt. it's not right. >> what do you think if i build you a house? i said build me a house? i said when is it going to be ready? alison: with the siding and the roofing all donated by a local company, elvis started building a portable shelter. inspired by the need in his community, elvis started a crowd funding campaign so he can hire other homeless people to help build their own houses with him. he has already raised more than $25,000. scott: that's inspiring. alison: isn't that fantastic? what a cool bond between them. scott: you can see it there. that's great. well colorado woman says she is thankful to be alive after she was shot in the neck while driving on the freeway. alison: police are looking for the gunman who may be linked to a series of other incidents on the road.
4:57 pm
abc's ryan owens has the story. >> i'm on the highway right now and somebody just hit me and i'm bleeding from my neck and i'm scared. reporter: she didn't even realize she'd been shot at first. >> there was like a pain in my neck and i thought that came from the glass that had shattered from my window. reporter: this 20-year-old just got out of the hospital. still recovering after being shot as she drove home from work last week on this highway north of denver. >> i'm still in shock. don't really think that something like that would happen to you just driving home from work. reporter: romero tells abc news a gunman in a dark s.u.v. pulled up right next to her car and shot her in the neck. >> if you can get a clean dry cloth or towel, anything you can place on the wound ok? >> i'm fine. it's on both sides of my neck. i'm just really -- i'm just scared. reporter: she's not the only driver in this part of colorado to have a scare in the last week or so. the sheriff's department is investigating seven other shattered car windows. so far, the only bullet they found is the one that hit
4:58 pm
romero. >> i've been lucky to be able to literally walk away from this incident and still have my voice. reporter: investigators are still trying to find the gunman who shot her and figure out if he's targeting others. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. alison: strong words from the state's attorney. >> we have probable cause to file criminal charges. this is your moment. alison: then celebration. >> justice for baltimore! yes! >> beautiful. alison: as six police officers are charged in the death of freddie gray. and -- >> who knows what was beneath? >> i pray nobody was in there. alison: witnesses paint a picture of destruction after a three-story garage near the watergate collapses. leon: another busy and loud day on the streets of baltimore nearly two weeks after freddie gray died in police custody. now, this morning, baltimore's state's attorney marilyn mosby
4:59 pm
announced that all six police officers involved with gray's arrest will face charges. those charges range from misconduct in office to second-degree depraved heart murder. the representatives of the fraternal order of police spoke in the last hour and said that the charges are a rush to judgment. we're standing by at this hour right now for freddie gray's family and expect they'll be having their own press conference and they'll have their own comment about the events of the day. we have team coverage of the city in crisis tonight. we have suzanne kennedy, stephen tschida and horace holmes all here in baltimore at various points. but let's begin now with maryland bureau chief brad bell. he first broke the details of that police report into gray's death just more than 24 hours ago. brad, give us the latest. brad: yeah leon we're at the reginald lewis museum just east of baltimore's inner harbor and we're waiting to hear from lawyer billy murphy who represents the gray family as well as richard shiply who is freddie gray's stepfather. as you said it has been a day of extraordinary events.
5:00 pm
we talked a little bit yesterday about some of the findings of the medical examiner's report and the state's attorney today in combination with her own investigation, the police investigation, and the m.e.'s report decided she could go ahead and charge the six officers who dealt with freddie gray on the morning of april 12th and i'm taking a look over my shoulder. we'll be beginning this press conference in a moment. you can take a look at the video. what the police have determined was that the six officers had no reason to arrest mr. gray. he had a knife but the knife was perfectly legal. he committed no crime. his arrest unlawful. he went into medical distress and yet, the police offered no assistance and he suffered a life-ending injury in the back of that van. we want to know, now go to mr. shiply at the podium. >> good afternoon.


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