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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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maureen: right now at 6:00 people take to the streets of baltimore in celebration and solidarity. this after prosecutors announce they have charged all six police officers involved in the arrest of freddie gray. today, baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby announced gray's death was ruled a homicide based on injuries he sustained after his april 12th arrest. tonight, all six of the officers who arrested and transported gray to a police station are in custody. the charges range from second degree depraved heart murder against the van driver to manslaughter and other assault charges against other officers. the officers are also accused of making an illegal arrest. we have team coverage tonight from baltimore led by abc 7's leon harris. leon? leon: hello there, maureen. it is quite a friday evening here in baltimore. maybe one of the most unusual fridays they've ever had here in this town. this has been called a city in crisis. now at this point, it feels like
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a city in celebration after the announcement this morning of charges being filed against the six officers involved in freddie gray's death, people here have been taking to the streets and expressing their satisfaction and their relief because so many here say they believe the whole process would be ground to a halt and they would not see justice served but this development, they say they all understand is just the very beginning. but it is a positive step forward. we're just hours away from the curfew being set in this town. everything here is supposed to -- the streets are supposed to be cleared by 10:00 p.m. tonight. we'll see what happens then. there were demonstrations taking place all over even here at the intersection of north and pennsylvania. we saw one spontaneously a moment ago marchers took over the street and police stood by and let it happened. traffic once again is flowing. the city is some ways trying to get back to normal. moments ago, we heard from the family of freddie gray through their attorney. maryland bureau chief brad bell has been leading our coverage throughout the -- from the very beginning on all of this from day one, when all the activity broke out in baltimore and brad
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here has coverage now on more of what the family is saying now as we go forward and as this investigation plays out. brad what's the latest? brad: yeah, leon we're down at city hall right now. interesting scene, it's being circled by people honking their horns in celebration talking about freddie gray. most of those people that have come to baltimore in protest have never met freddie gray but he was a son. he was a brother. he was a fiance. and as you said just a little while ago, we heard from his stepfather reacting against stunning news of these charges against these officers. >> we are satisfied with today's charges. these charges are an important step in getting justice for freddie. and we ask that whoever comes to our city a city that we love a city that we live in come in peace. if you are not coming in peace,
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please don't come at all. because this city needs to get back to work. the last thing that freddie would want is to see the hard working people of baltimore lose their jobs and businesses because of his death. brad: we want to get back to talking about these charges against these police officers. stunning developments. now, yesterday, we broke the news of one of the aspects of the medical examiner's findings that freddie gray had a dent an injury on the top of his head that matched a bolt in the police van where he was thrown after his arrest. and we reported that the medical examiner had a theory ofdeath that gray was handcuffed behind his back and his legs were shackled and had stood up in the low head room of that van and had been thrown against the side of the van, the back of the van and his injury was consistent with what would have happened in an automobile accident. that as it turns out was one of
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the key pieces of evidence that led the state attorney to file charges today. in baltimore, many are celebrating. >> that's what i was talking about. brad: after baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby announced that the six police officers involved in freddie gray's arrest will face criminal charges. >> we have probable cause to file criminal charges. brad: the driver of the police van transporting gray faces the most serious charge. second degree depraved heart murder. he could face more than 60 years in prison if convicted on all counts. the charges against the five other officers vary but include involuntary manslaughter. second degree assault and false imprisonment. >> i was sickened and heart broken by the charges that we heard today because no one in our city is above the law. brad: mosby says gray did not commit any crime and was illegally arrested. she adds that the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide and it is believed to be the result of an injury
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suffered in police custody. >> mr. gray suffered a severe and critical neck injury as a result of being handcuffed shackled by his feet and unrestrained inside of the b.p.d. wagon. brad: state leaders now calling for peaceful reactions. >> we want to make sure people have the right to express their frustrations and their feelings in a safe manner. brad: while mosby is going to seek justice for freddie gray. >> as young people our time is now. brad: one final point from the gray family. we were told that they had no idea charges would be filed today. they tell us that -- leon: i lost it. just lost -- all right. thank you for that brad.
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state's attorney marilyn mosby read that list of charges that the officers are going to be facing today. the reaction from that was immediate and widespread. from across the country. we heard this today from president obama. not hearing it. president obama: justice needs to be served. all the evidence needs to be present presented those individuals who are charged obviously are also entitled to due process and rule of law. you know i want to make sure that our legal system runs the way it should. leon: congressman elijah cummings actually has this area in his district and he also spoke out following that announcement today. he called today a good day for baltimore. however, as you might expect the attorneys who are representing the police at the center of this investigation now, well they expressed a completely different point of
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view on it. they spoke moments ago from the baltimore fraternal order of police headquarters today and they call what happened today a rush to judgment. our chris papst is following that element of the story and he's live now with how police are raekeacting. chris, what are you seeing and hearing? chris: leon the president of the baltimore police union said today the charges were "appalling." and an attorney of the police union said with great confidence that these six officers did nothing wrong and these charges were politically motivated. now, that man's name is michael beatty. as i said, he is an attorney for the police union. and he said in his 36 years of practicing law, he's never seen second-degree murder charges filed after just two weeks of an investigation. now, he stated that all the officers acted reasonably and in accordance with their training. he said no officer at any time harmed or injured freddie gray and that will eventually come out. he says lieutenant rice, for
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example, is a 17-year veteran of the police force who devoted his life to public service and he should not have been charged with manslaughter. here's what the president of the union had to say in defense of his officers. >> our officers like every other american citizen are entitled to due process. we will continue to support them throughout this judicial process which we believe will result in a finding of innocence. reporter: the president of the union went on to say that these charges against his officers were only going to make it more difficult for police officers in the city of baltimore to do their jobs because now they won't feel like their rights to due process, for example, otected. leon, back to you. leon: all right. you got it, chris. thank you for that. now, all day long here we've been watching the rallies calling for justice in the case of freddie gray to watching the reactions here in the streets.
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it's going to pick up as the night goes on. news chopper 7 is following those who are marching through the streets of downtown baltimore and we'll continue to track the progress throughout the night. also ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 tonight, we're on the ground with how people are reacting to the news of the criminal charges. doug: and it's the first day of may. the weekend is here. everything you need to know about the weekend weather is still to come here on abc 7 news at 6:00. stay with us!
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leon: welcome back to our live coverage from baltimore where earlier today prosecutors announced charges being filed against the six officers involved in freddie gray's arrest and death and that announcement today was a stunning one. it was not expected to come today and it prompted an eruption of cheers from all different quarters of this city. suzanne kennedy has been here since that announcement was made this morning and she's seen and heard heard. tell us about it. suzanne: it's been going on eight hours now here at this corner. as you can see, there are still a lot of people encouraging folks to honk their horns. a lot of people gathering. a lot of people celebrating. this has been the case since around 10:30 this morning. a lot of people reacting with a great deal of emotion. and we want to take you back just a little bit and show you some pictures from earlier today when people are out on the street at the very beginning of this day.
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people were gathered here marking this day questioning what was happening and wondering what thisld mean for this community. many people seeing this as a victory but others concerned about what this means long term for this community. >> i think that she made the decision that she knew was the right decision. so i stand behind her decision. it's not about the charges. it's about what is going to happen. are they going to get indicted you know? because we can be excited about charges but if we don't follow up about the indictment then this means nothing. >> i don't think that's good enough. i think they should have been charged with murder. they killed that boy in the streets. and you know they did -- it wasn't right! suzanne: back now live. you can see lining up here on the streets, members of the omega psi phi fraternity a
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group of professional black men who have come together to uplift this community and show support in light of what has happened here. you can see it is still very much in a festival atmosphere here but one thing that we have noticed that is so different with what has happened over the last week is a police officer here you can see this police officer here in baltimore police officer standing with his hands on his hips, his riot gear attached to his side. clearly not in use. far more peaceful look than it has been here through much of this week. reporting live in west baltimore, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 7 news. leon: all right. you're right, police on the street and people on the street are taking a different and more relaxed posture today. something that was better to see. something not so good to see is one of the blasting images that happened on monday night. that was the looting and burning of that c.v.s. that c.v.s. is literally 50 years behind me right now it's one of two that was seriously damaged in baltimore. they are still closed at this point right now.
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all the workers at those stores they're still being paid for whatever hours they're going to work. and the company here in the process of assigning all those workers to other stores throughout the city. another positive note to talk about today as we get ready for the curfew which is going to be enforced beginning in about four hours from now. so lots still going on over in the streets in baltimore, celebrations in some places we're seeing demonstrations in others, we will keep our eye on what's happening here and keep you up to date with we're going to have coverage throughout the evening here on this crisis in baltimore and how the people of the city are responding to what's happening right now. we'll bring you all the new information as soon as we learn it, we'll have everything for you constantly updated on but for now, maureen, back to you. maureen: thanks so much leon. and thanks so much to all of our team covering this story in baltimore. here in washington, a collapse sends people running from an iconic d.c. complex. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 what's blamed for making a
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crumbled mess a part of a parking deck at the watergate complex. plus chief meteorologist doug hill details the changes in the weather and what to expect this ♪ deidre & the dark - classic girl plays in the background ♪ a great entrance never goes out of
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maureen: the office building and the watergate hotel that is under construction. the man behind a series of movie theater bottle bombings will spend 18 years in jail. manuel joyner bell intentionally picked theaters in maryland and virginia that were filled to capacity and set off the devices. prosecutors read text messages joyner-bell sent that day making fun of the moviegoers that ran
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out in panic shouting that shots were fired and that a bomb had gone off. no one was hurts in the attacks. there was a call tonight to create a so-called hostage tsar for the federal government. today, maryland congressman john delany filed legislation to create a panel on the national security council to be headed by a tsar. that group would coordinate government responses to overseas hostage situations involving americans. congressman delaney first proposed the legislation on abc 7 news at 4:00 last week after we learned american hostage warren weinstein had been killed in a c.i.a. drone strike against al-qaida. weinstein was from rockville which is in delaney's district. legislation would not change the long standing u.s. policy against negotiating with terrorists. we've had a nice day around here. your job has been easy. doug: it's been easy. now starting to clear up a bit. tell you about the weekend because it's coming and it's going to be a lot brighter and
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warmer too. this is live look on the h.d. weather bug network and see the light coming through the clouds and beginning to break up across the area. continue to see clearing across the region through the evening hours. temperaturewise, we're doing ok. upper 50's lower 60's. still some residual areas of rain back to north and west of the area. hagerstown to martinsburg, berkeley springs, that will swing south and miss metro washington. instead, see a continuing clearing trend tonight. 63 and 54. that's it on the high and low for today. 71 is the average high. higher than that tomorrow and a lot higher for the day on sunday. 62 at reagan national. 57 at andrews. baltimore is 56 right now. 63 degrees in fredricksburg and as we head through the evening hours, we'll continue to see the storm system kind of consolidate the energy around itself and then head out to sea. that will allow a change of the winds to clear the skies. one little thing we're watching for the day tomorrow will be a little upper air disturbance that just may cause a shower or a sprinkle to pop in the afternoon hours. this is tomorrow morning at 7:00, lot of clear skies and just a few clouds and then
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during the day this model suggests just a few showers popping here and there. it's certainly not out of the question but generally a partly sunny and lower 70's by the afternoon. mostly sunny and we'll indeed be warmer for the day sunday as well. forecast going forward for the next seven days give you a look. tomorrow, partly sunny skies. 72. just the chance of an afternoon sprinkle or two. mostly sunny 80 on sunday. 82 monday. tuesday, wednesday and thursday we'll see temperatures 80 or higher each day. we'll get into a pattern where the heat and humidity will build enough there could be isolated showers and thunderstorms each and every afternoon. maureen and tim? maureen: thank you, doug. no rain in your parades, i hope. tim: great weekend for washington sports. as a matter of fact, the rangers are whining and the caps are resting. the draft continues in chicago and tonight in new york, the nets -- nats try to make it
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tim: the nfl draft continues tonight. the redskins have the fifth pick in the second round. 38th pick overall and they have picks in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds. how about that for the redskins? a lot of the so-called experts were surprised when the redskins took offensive lineman from iowa but he is corn fed and hand spanked. 6'5" 320 pounds redskins thought he was the best athlete available. don't forget the skins were one of the worst at giving up sacks a year ago and this kid plays with bad intentions. >> nasty player. i want to finish people after the whistle. i want to do things right and do things well. tim: meanwhile, for baseball fans, the nationals play the mets again tonight at citifield.
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a great chance to make up ground for first place against the mets. the nats have scored 33 runs in the last three games. tonight is a pitcher's showcase with scherzer going against harvey. denard span who has been red hot at the plate will sit out tonight suffering from some tightness. the caps are taking it easy today after a quick turn around for those who wanted it today. all voluntary, because it's more rest than anything else now. stay off your feet. caps play at 12:30 tomorrow and still riding a high after getting that goal from joel ward with 1.3 seconds left last night in that game while the rangers are still whining about a no call on backstrom with five seconds left in the game. for fight fans this is it. they're finally going to fight. and it is a cash windfall with a purse that is expected to top $200 million, mayweather gets 60% of the purse.
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paquio gets the rest no matter who wins. kentucky derby tomorrow night, post time at 6:24. this is one of the talented fields to ever run in the derby so what a weekend in washington sports. maureen: lots of things happening indoors and outdoors. tim: good times. doug: quick look at the weekend. tomorrow partly sunny and slight chance of a sprinkle in the afternoon at 72. sunshine, 80 on sunday. steve rudin will check out the warmer weather and talk about highs into the 80's next week. maureen: looking forward to that. thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up neck. we continue to follow the situation in baltimore. rallies will be put on tonight. this after criminal charges are filed against the six police officers involved in the arrest and death of freddie gray. see you at 11:00. have a good night and a good weekend.
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breaking news this friday. six baltimore officers arrested. the driver of the police van charged with murder. and the prosecutor, why she made this decision. breaking news after the massic traffic jam. and the never before seen home videos from chris kyle. the staredown before the big fight. and who is our person of the week?


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