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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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me and pushed me three times. leon: punched on a metro escalator. now he is speaking out. and sin which spilled on a perch -- and sewage spilled in a prince george's county neighborhood. and stories of survival. >> i'm so lucky to be here. leon: the victims of a new tory us crime in d.c. with their inspiring story, next. alison: the man who was punched and knocked down a metro escalator is speaking out about his ordeal. we showed you the surveillance footage last month. leon: tonight, the victim says he does not remember his head hitting the ground. a teenager is in custody facing charges for the incident. richard reeve has what they are saying. richard: the 69-year-old gentleman said he is very lucky. he was punched multiple times,
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landed at the top of the escalator on his right hand side, his accused attacker just 19 years old. >> i had a slight abrasion below my eye. richard: his face has some bruising and swelling. you think you are lucky? >> yes, i think i'm very lucky. richard: those injuries from the april attack at the eastern market escalator. >> he punched me and spat at me three times. richard: the police say the man behind the punches are 19-year-old elisha smith. they had words as they left the metro. >> we had words. i looked at him than i said you are a disgrace to the human race. richard: he was left unconscious. >> court records show that smith talked about the encounter on social media.
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in eight footer exchange, one person asked why were you punching the old man. he said, because of his disrespect. he swung first and popped off. >>he had an assault of a maryland theater actor as his previous encounter. the man appears to be healing well. he says he will ride metro again. he said he has been riding the train's over 30 years and this is the first time anything like this has happened to him. smith is facing felony assault charges and is due in court this friday. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: a horrifying arrest in montgomery county. james kirkland is charged with abusing his 87-year-old mother in bethesda.
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her wounds were packed with newspaper. she remains hospitalized in critical condition. her cks had to be removed because they were fused to her feet. alison: leaking sewage and prince george's county has been spilling from a paper in forest heights -- from a pipe in forest heights since sunday. tom roussey is live with what the neighbors are saying. tom? tom: they have a lot of signs warning about this. if you look down there, one neighbor said that area is usually dry over a close to it. when you are watching to it is basically sewage. >> i don't even want to talk about it. tom: folks in this forest heights neighborhood may not want to talk about, but they cannot help but smell it. >> it smells like the bathroom. tom: king is keeping her romms
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close tight. much of the sewage is in her backyard. normally her dog can run through the backyard, but now -- >> i cannot even go back there. tom: wssc says a broken sewer main is a lot harder to fix. when a water main breaks, you can shut off the water, but you cannot shut off the sewage. much of it has gone here, but some of it has gone to the nearby creek. wssc has to create a bypass with a mile of temporary pipe. a spokesman said it will likely be friday before the replacement is in place and the sewage stops leaking. this is some of the 7000 feet of pipe that they need to put in place temporarily. although there is big problems with the sewage, a spokesperson for wssc said the drinking water
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still perfectly safe. she said that runs in a separate system. live in forest heights, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: so tom got the short straw tonight, now we know. the hottest day today, 2015 scattered showers and storms rolled in this evening. we have more rain possible. steve rudin is here now with the stormwatch forecast. steve: we hit 86 degrees this afternoon, then showers and thunderstorms came rolling through. doppler radar right now the skies have cleared out nicely. all the moisture across the bay and that is how it will stay overnight. tomorrow morning, grab the sunglasses. a mixture of sun and clouds, maybe patchy fog. the temperature near 63 degrees. moving through noontime, a better chance of pop-up showers still limited to about a 30% risk. the temperatures mid-seventies
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in the afternoon the daytime high near 80 degrees. showers and thunderstorms and heavier downpours, nothing severe. mother's day weekend, more on that coming up. leon: suspected killer jesse matthew could face the death penalty. he appeared in a charlottesville courtroom today. the charges include capital murder. he is accused of murdering hannah graham last year. >> the commonwealth received additional forensic information in late february that led to this increase in charge, which is factually no different than what he was already charge. leon: graham disappeared in september, remains found weeks later a dozen miles away from campus. alison: one of the officers charged in the death of freddie gray is fighting back, filing a motion contending that the
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arrest was legal because of the type of knife that he was carrying. last week, prosecutor marilyn mosby said they had no right to arrest gray. also today, u.s. attorney general loretta lynch was meeting with the police officers and the mayor. >> i'm looking at the hardest working police officers in america today, and i know there is difficulty, i know we have struggles, and we are here to help you work through those struggles. alison: the justice department is conducting a civil rights investigation into freddie gray's death. baltimore's police chief is speaking out, saying that he was surprised when the charges were filed against the officers. >> there is a lack of trust within this community, bottom line. that will take healing. that takes us in alleging as a police department not just in baltimore but law enforcement as a whole that we have been part of the problem. alison: there is a fierce debate
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about whether the charges against the officers will stick. meanwhile, prince will perform in baltimore this weekend at the rally for peace concert, sunday. attendees are encouraged to wear the color gray. the grammy winner recently recorded a song about the death of freddie gray and the unrest in baltimore. tickets go on sale at 5:00 tomorrow. leon: isil is warning of more attacks and is taking responsibility for this weekend shooting in texas. two men opened fire at son of a prophet mohammed cartoon contest event. the white house says it is too soon to tell if the islamic state was behind the attack. the obama administration is offering up to a $20 million reward for information leading to isil leaders. closer to home, the council on islamic american relations is calling for protection of a mosque in baltimore. they said the mosque has received threats of bombs to
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spill "muslim blood." the school closed last week after a threatening phone call. alison: inspiring stories of courage shared in northwest d.c. it is called the hope awards, hosted by the national center for missing and exploited children. among the presenters, two women who survived being kidnapped and held hostage in cleveland. jay korff has the amazing stories behind the awards. jay: tonight's event reminds us once again the critical importance that there is nothing more important than protecting our children. the national center for missing and exploited children's annual awards transcends the red carpet. >> i was abducted from a hospitaljay: she was told that 16 that the woman raising her was not her biological mother.
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she found her biological parents thanks to the national center's resources. >> it was not for them, i would not be up to find out by m. jay: she was given her award by honorees from last year, cleveland abduction survivors amanda berry and gina dejsusesus. >> one thing i would like to share is that hope is alive. jay: it also highlights advocacy, those who do all they can to protect children from harm. they believe that we should never give up on a missing child, no matter what. >> when i was missing my parents reached out to law enforcement and the national center. the national center immediately created and disseminated my missing persons flyer. because of that poster, i was rescued. jay: the national center for missing and exploited children has helped law enforcement track down over 200,000 missing
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children, a remarkable figure indeed. live in the district, jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: still ahead -- a consumer alert for drivers, and this is after a recall. the same safety concerns are popping up. which cars are under a new federal investigation and why. leon: plus, a prisoner who escapes a real-life shawshank prison 56 years ago is back in cust
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leon: 7 on your side with a consumer alert for drivers. the u.s. government is re-examining jeeps in dodge durangos after a recall was made in repairs made. they said that visors inside of the car could burn. federal safety regulators have received eight new reports of fires even after repairs have been made. they are reopening their investigation. alison: researchers at m.i.t.
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have come up with a touchpad small enough to fit on your thumbnail. it allows the user to access wireless devices using their fingers on the same hand. it has four layers -- anuter layer that is a decoration, a aesensor layer, then the electronics, and a bottom layer that has the battery. leon: you can never have two hands for anything anymore. alison: that looks like lee press on nails. you remember those? you may not. leon: a class-action lawsuit from fans of boxer manny pacquiao. they claim that the fighter, his manager, and promoters fraudulently concealed his shoulder injury before the fight. pacquiao lost to floyd mayweather in a fight worth hundreds of millions of dollars. his manager admitted to knowing of the shoulder injury after the
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match. the fans are seeking more than $5 million. alison: a texas school district is rethinking its policy of not teaching sex ed in the wake of a chlamydia outbreak. at least 20 of their 300 students have the sexually transmitted disease. the school offers students a three-day class in abstinence. texas law requires schools promote abstinence over teaching sex ed. chlamydia can damage a woman's reproductive system if left untreated. a school bus driver locked the doors of a school bus because he said his children were misbehaving. the parents tried to pry the door open and omitted the kids be released, but the driver drove back to the school, forcing parents to follow him and call 911. the school district is reviewing that tape. leon: a real-life escape be of
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shawshank prison escaped. he was facing 26 years in prison because of manslaughter. seven months later he escaped. the police came to his house with a pitcher of him in 1959 and asked if he had seen the man. he said not a long time. he is now awaiting extradition to ohio. he did not watch the movie. he should have been in mexico by now. alison: and change his name. let's talk about the weather. it was summerlike. steve: it was great today, 86 degrees, the warmest so far this year. late september was the last time it was this warm. 86 degrees, going into the
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record books. the average this time of year, 73, so we are 13 degrees above average. cooler tomorrow, but still well above where we should be. 93 was the record back in 1950. reagan national at 68 degrees right now, the wind out of the southwest at seven. the temperatures will fall probably another 5, 6 degrees. a mild start tomorrow. doppler radar, we have dried out nicely. a lonesome shower nearly's berg come slowly fading away in the next half hour, 45 minutes. should not amount to a lot. the wider view, the heaviest rain across the bay. very widely scattered showers fizzling out. the temperatures comfortable, 65 degrees at dulles, 66 gaithersburg, 71 hagerstown.they made it up to 90 degrees in fredericksburg. now down, 66 tonight, mid to
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upper 50's, inside the capital beltway we have a little bit of clearing. that will aid the development of patchy fog late tonight into the early morning hours. i don't think we'll be enough to cause traffic delays early in the morning. the futurecast overnight, dries out nicely, patchy fog, a few showers develop midday. similar to what we had today. may have some rumbles of thunder, heavy downpours, but not expecting anything severe. only about a 30%, 40% chance of anything at all in your neighborhood. high tomorrow, 81 degrees. grabbed the number a lot the wind out of the southeast at three to six miles per hour. the upcoming weekend, upper 70's thursday near 80 friday. the first half of the weekend saturday, looks fantastic, 83 degrees. outdoor celebrations for mother's day, a slight chance of a pop-up shower, maybe a rumble of thunder, high near 85
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degrees. some of you may not see anything at all. if you don't get rain on mother's day, could have highs near 88 degrees. alison: ok, isolated showers. thank you. leon: ready to rumble. tim: the nats' bats go silent, and the hawks evened the series with the wizards. ♪ deidre & the dark - classic girl plays in the background ♪
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>> and now the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: the wizards played game two of the best-of-seven series with the hawks. john wall was a late scratch. after trying to warm up, he could not go. john wall in street clothes. the question was, where with the scoring come from? the answer was ramon sessions. he had 21 points, most of them on circus shots like this. six point game of the fourth quarter. paul pierce, he spots up, drills the three. under four minutes to play 95- 86 hawks. but the hawks outrebounded and outshot the wizards. the hawks pulled away. by 16 points. the wizards sure are missed john wall tonight. coach: now it's time for every
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body, we lose a key guy like we did today, everybody has to step up. everybody has to step up and play better than we have. that is where we are at. tim: the best-of-seven series tied at 1-1. game three, 5:00 saturday afternoon in washington. nationals park nationals-marlins, stephen strasburg struggling with a stiff shoulder. the sacrifice, everybody running. the marlins take the lead on the error, 2-0. that was all the fish needed. the nats generated only three hits. the marlins beat the nationals for the fourth time in the last five meetings, 2-1. orioles-mets. the mets lead 1-0. this ball goes where nobody will catch it. deep, deep left field. two runs scores, 3-0 mets.
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the birds get a couple solo home runs, but they fall in new york, 3-2. tiger woods is getting ready for the players championship, but he is some kind of struggling in the practice session, and struggling in his emotions with the media. tiger woods and lindsay vonn have broken up, the anniversary of tiger's dad's death. tiger says he is not slept in a week. tomorrow night at the phone booth, game four, capitolals-rangers. leon: is he going to make it this weekend, is he going to play? tim: he is definitely going to play, but i don't think he is going to play well. alison: coming up next, incredible video taking the internet by storm.
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alison: prosecutors seek the death penalty against jesse matthew, accused of killing hannah gray. that is the top story on also, the d.c. embattled 911 director resigns. and steve's forecast for the wii, all the stories and more at leon: and you can sign up for
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breaking news text alerts at alison: he is being called the new bruce lee, except he is only five years old. he can mimic the famous martial artist perfectly. he is performing in sync with the movie "game of death." he started by watching the movies and is now being trained by his dad. so look out, everybody. leon: yeah, nobody is stealing his lunch. alison: don't mess with him on the playground.
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alison: a final look at the forecast? steve: a cooler day tomorrow, 81 degrees the high, possibly a few
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showers, nothing severe. mother's day weekend, saturday is dry saturday
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- julie bowen. from "pitch perfect 2", adam devine. and music from imagine dragons. with cleto and the cletones. and now, like always here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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