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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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anchor: sophisticated schemes to steal your cash. how you can avoid them. >> i'm shocked this is really going on. >> going inside the business of body cameras. >> clearly this is the missing tool in the toolbox now. anchor: and tributes in the air and on the ground. on the 70th anniversary of v.e. day next. anchor: high profile accusations of brutality prompt loud calls for police accountability. today bowser said they are laying the ground work for body cams. anchor: the orders for those devices are pouring in. one of the leading manufacturers agreed to meet with us. jennifer traveled hundreds of miles to see the booming business first hand.
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reporter: new york, north charleston. baltimore. images captured on cell phones sparking anger and protests. the response across the country so far has been bring in more cameras. >> we have to get it right. reporter: and put them on the men and women charged with keeping the peace. it is turning into quite the year for the companies who make them. >> we have gone from 2,500 departments to more than 3,000. reporter: that jump was in the past three months at taser international in scottsdale arizona, the makers of the well known stun gun. got in the business of body cameras in 2009. >> it was an enormous expense. we lost million s of dollars. at first this was perceived as big brother and laughed at. reporter: now taser stock is on the rise. in the last year they saw a 73% increase in revenue from its three body camera products and
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digital sthaves stores the videos. some argue the use is all about capturing officers behaving badly. keep in mind it won't be the officer on video. it could be you. it does capture the officer's perspective and will record his or her actions whether visible or audio. reducing secretary esive use of force and complaints against police. >> clearly this is the missing tool in the toolbox now. clearly cities like d.c. are scrambling to come up with ground rules. >> my administration will be prepared to offer a set of regulations. anchor: 7 is on your side now are a consumer alert to make sure you money doesn't fall into the wrong hands. this week alone, two people have lost hundreds of dollars because they fell victim to a
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sophisticated phone scheme where the callers claimed to represent the prince george's sheriff's department. >> they said they had never seen anything quite like this before. although the person calling is a scammer, they found a way to make the victims caller i.d. show the actual number for the sheriff's office. >> they are able to somehow program that in we believe through some sort of an app. >> it is an old scam with a new twist. >> there is technology available now that people are putting to really bad uses. >> the scam is basically this. you receive a call from someone claiming to be in law enforcement who says you missed jury duty or something like that and you owe money which you need to wire or somehow provide right away. >> i'm shocked that this is really going on. >> the sheriff's office said this week one scammer claimed to be an officer and then gave the number of a captain the victim could supposedly verify the
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information with. >> i haven't had the sheriff scam. >> maureen singleton received a similar call from someone claiming to be the i.r.s. >> they said i owed money and they had been trying to track me down to take me to court. i didn't fall for it. >> bottom line, if you receive any such call, hang up. >> i'm running. >> in sheriff's or police department will call an individual to tell them they need to pay money to get something resolved. >> reports of two victims both out hundreds of dollars just in the past week in prince george's county and the scam is not just going on there i'm told. i'm told it is going on all over the d.c. area and beyond. anchor: new footage now in an investigation we first showed you yesterday. police want help identifying this pair in relation to two armed robberies in georgetown. they are considered people of interest.
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the gunpoint robbery happened near the university campus and another at a hotel. if you have information, police want to hear from you. anchor: to the weather now. temperatures will be in the 80's tomorrow. we're monitoring the potential for storms before the end of the weekend. we have the outlook. steve? anchor: not so bad out there as you move through the overnight hours. patchy fog come early tomorrow morning but nothing that will bring us travel delays. satellite and radar at this hour, just a few passing clouds. as they move through the day tomorrow, our forecast shows morning temperatures around 63-65 degrees inside the beltway cooler to the north and west of us. noontime partly sunny. warm. a bit muggy. by 5:00 in the afternoon, we're talking temperatures around 894-85. it stays warm and humid. we have showers and thunderstorms on the way just in time for mother's day. i'll give you the timing plus
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the latest update on subtropical storm ana. all of that coming up in just a few minutes. scott? anchor: three teenagers are dead and two others are hurt after the driver of their car lost control and careened into a river. this is all unfolding at the stoney creek metro park in southeast michigan. the teens were in that car when it crashed through a guardrail and rolled into the water. an investigation is expected to last well into the morning. late breaking global news. another terror plot busted. this time in australia. police say they plan to detonate three bombs in the city of melbourne. the suspected is only 17 years old. investigators are not releasing any other details at the time. stay with abc 7 for further updates. anchor: a new chapter in baltimore tonight. the police department is fighting back after those six officer were charged in the death of freddie gray.
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today they filed a motion asking for charges to be dropped. roz? reporter: the attorneys for those six officers charged in the gray case made that motion to the court in a 100-page filing. not only asking for the charges to be dropped. but that the prosecutor recuse herself from the case saying she has multiconflicts of interest. that investigation comes on the heels of the rioting and civil unrest following the cust-related deaths of freddie gray. baltimore's mayor asked the agency to conduct that probe. >> the department of justice is opening an investigation into whether the baltimore police department has engaged in a pattern or practice of violations of the constitution or federal law.
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reporter: in the freddie gray case, back to that motion, the attorneys for those officers said the prosecutor has a bias because her husband is on the city council and because the attorney for the gray family gave thousands of dollars to her campaign. she has denied having any conflicts of interest and said the police union also gave thousand s of dollars to her campaign. no word yet on when a date might be set for the court to rule on that motion. anchor: thank you. next week a georgetown rabbi will be sentenced for secretly recording naked women in spiritual baths. prosecutors recommended a seven-year prison sentence. he pled guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism. sentencing is may 15. anchor: developing now. a police officer is being called a hero for saving the life of an infant. it happened in the parking lot of the white oaks shopping
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center in silver spring last night. officer david reed found a hysterical mother holding an infant. he took the infant and strubs her between the shoulder blades at that moment and she woke up and started crying. the baby is recovering with family. >> those big beautiful brown eyes looking at you at the hospital. i was very thankful to be part of that. anchor: police are not saying why the child wasn't breathing. mother remains in hospital and authorities are investigating the circumstances. anchor: it was a heart breaking night for caps fans. the caps dropped game five in overtime falling to the rangers 2-1. but they are still alive in the series. let's get to robert burton with the very latest from new york. robert? robert: yeah. all is not lost right here. however i know fans are thinking how do you lose this one? they pretty much had it in the
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bag until less than two minutes to go. chris kreider of the rangers tied it up. let's go into madison square garden. it was the captain of the new york rangers, ryan mcdonagh. talk about being clutch. right here sneaks one past braden holtby, who by the way was amazing tonight. rangers win game five 2-1 in overtime. after the game, we went into the locker room and saw goalie braden holtby. you could see the pain in his eyes. it was almost as if he didn't want to talk to the media tonight. coming up in sports we'll hear from the players after the game. anchor: still ahead on abc 7 the spectacle everyone was talking about all around town. world war ii planes over the national mall. we'll take a look at the incredible video. plus -- >> 70 years after world war ii
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and emotional gathering here at the world war r 2 memorial.
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anchor: an historic show in the skies to honor an important day in history. today is the 70th anniversary of victory in europe day. dozens of vintage aircrafts from world war ii flew over the region. richard is live with tonight's tribute to veterans. hi, rich. rich: hi, alison. so much emotion. the interaction between world war ii veterans and the public. ordinary people turned into heroes. red roses flowing water rs an american eagle. >> the memorial is beautiful in regard to world war ii. symbol s of life, honor and remembrance. >> i love my dad and i'm so glad to be here in honor of him. >> this is janet's first visit. in her wallet she carries photos
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of her father who served in france. separation of war took its toll. >> he left in the middle of the night because he emotionally couldn't leave us girls and our mom. >> on a day when world war ii planes filled the skies. >> my granddaughter is getting married. >> he was remembering. >> i was on utah beach and we went all the way to austria through germany. >> people in period costumes gathered around. >> anyone who serves and risks their life is a hero i think. >> glen died after a full life. john buford said he is thinking about his fellow soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> they gave their life for our country. i would do it again if i had to. >> sadly, the number of surviving world war ii veterans is dwindling.
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91-year-old john buford. you saw him there. so humble and full of love for the country he fought for. anchor: a brief scare there for one of the flyover planes. it was forced to make an emergency landing as you see at reagan national. this is exclusive video of that landing. they reported a mechanical problem. no one hurt there although it triggered a few additional drivers flights. anchor: the weather was not a problem. anchor: it was so cool watching that. all the people lining the memorial. what's that. it is cool stuff. we have warm weather on the way tomorrow and then a hot week next week. at least the first half is going to be hot. hottest we have had all year. >> ok. anchor: you have been warned. our high temperature made it up to 8 h degrees. day number six at 80 or warmer
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at reagan national airport. 10 above average for the this time of year. our record 96 back in 19 -- i don't remember. sorry. 71 degrees at reagan airport. winds out of the south at 10. i can't memorize everything. humidity at 68%. dew point levels around 60. when we're 68-72 it begins to feel more uncomfortable here. the heat and humidity is back by the end of the weekend into early next week. 64 manassas. winchester looking at 66. warmer temperatures, head to the north and west of us. charle 73. 74 in columbus. we're not going to see a big cooldown overnight with temperatures falling into the 60's across much of the area. upper 50's. it stays mild and a bit on the muggy side. we may see dense fog come early tomorrow morning.
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most likely north and east of d.c. nothing that is going to cause a travel delay at the local airports. if you're up early you're going to see a little bit of fog out there. satellite and radar, no problems across the immediate metro area. this is subtropical storm ana. the latest information. 11:00 information still keeps it as a subtropical storm. winds are at 60 miles per hour. we have wind gusts at 69 miles per hour. it is friday. and this storm is going to eventually liftedn out to the north and take a quick turn offshore and that means better news for us. however, we're likely to be on the northern edge of this and that is going to bring us the chance for a few showers and maybe a few rumble s of thunder come mother's day afternoon and into the daymond. cold front off to the north and west. it stays dry. however off to the west across the blue ridge may squeeze out
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an isolated shower or two. showers and storms come sunday. highs tomorrow at 84 degrees. the same on sunday. a bit more humidity. it is going to feel hotter out there. a 30% chance for storms on sunday. middle 80's on monday. tuesday of next week, could very well turn out to be the hottest day so far this year. temperatures upper 80's to around 90 degrees. and that will cool down behind a cold front wednesday, thursday and friday. we'll be in the lower to middle 70's. i got it all out. class will be dismissed in 12 minutes. anchor: first we got to talk about the caps. big disappointment. big disappointment. anchor: let's send it up to the big apple. robert joining us live from new york city. robert? anchor: a long night here at madison square garden. here headed back to d.c. the cap it is still lead the
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series. we h
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anchor: welcome back. we're live outside of madison square garden where pretty much all you hear is new york range rs fans screaming in the streets after a loss by the caps. a very disappointing loss at that, after being up 1-0 and then letting it get out of the
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bag. let me go to madison square garden and show you how this one went down. the caps struck first blood actually. curtis glencross found himself out in the open one-on-one with lundquist and the caps took a 1-0 lead. chris kreider finds a hole and now it is tied at 1-1 just like this. this game would go into overtime. here is the decider. the captain ryan mcdonagh, talk about clutch sneaks one past braden holtby who was amazing. we were in the locker room after the game. >> we were in a great position. coming back home. stay positive. go get the next one. >> you have to forget about it and move forward.
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>> the nats were in action as well today starting off a three-game series with the atlanta braves and it looks like bryce harper is still on fire. let's go there. today he smacked two more homers. one in the sixth and another in the eighth. also danny espinosa would also hit a two-run shot. the nats win big in this one. the final 9-2. switching gears now. talking hoops. john wall. we still don't know his status into tomorrow's game three against atlanta hawks. however randy whitman was not a happy camper. he responded to a report saying wall is clashing with medical experts on his wrist. here is randy from today. >> that is so far from the truth. i've got to say something. our doctors are busting their [beep] to have something like
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that said. that is not right. i don't want to hear anything else. next question. >> let's look on the bright side. this thing can be a lot worse but the caps still have a 3-2 lead in this series. you bring it back to d.c. and hey, you close it up. i can dream. back to you guys. anchor: yes, we all can. thank you, robert. anchor: i like that optimism. still ahead, hulk mania. why hulk hogan was at our studios today. it has nothing to do with
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" lzt& ék4 anchor: a real spectacle in the sky as warmed war 2 planes flew over d.c. this morning. the incredible video is the top trending topic on tonight. also a missing howard university student found safe and it will feel like summer this weekend. you can read these stories at anchor: finally a familiar famous face at our studios todalegend hulk hogan. he wasn't here to talk about wrestling. he was here donning pink and that touk about the susan g. komen walk tomorrow. it kicks off tomorrow and you can find out more at anchor: always a great event.
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anchor: you can't miss hulk hogan either. anchor: we'll have a final look at the
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anchor: ok. hot weekend ahead? anchor: hot weekend and lot to do. woodbridge high school having their screen on the green 8:15 for showtime. "toy story 3." scott thought it was what? "50 shades of grey"? 84 for a chance of thunderstorms on mother's day. warm and humid on monday. hottest day of the year possibly on tuesday. back in the 70's on wednesday, thursday and friday. once again woodbridge high school. it is toy story 3. anchor: good. that is probably a better choice. anchor: thanks for joining us, everyone.
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"jimmy kimmel live" is up next. anchor: see you monday.
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