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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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kimberly:kellye: heartbreak in rockville. and the capitals drop a nailbiter in the phone booth. plus, an explosive report from baltimore. how would could change the investigation into the police department. the news at 11:00 starts now. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kellye: a rockville family and mourning tonight after fending two family members dead. the police say this is not an accident. roz plater has the story. roz: there are still a few investigators at the house at this hour with lots of questions, not a lot of answers and the cumulative you on edge, asking why.
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investigators court over this crime scene in this quiet neighborhood where a husband and wife were found dead, and the police believe they were murdered. >> it shocking. things like this do not happen in this neighborhood. roz: the police identified them as richard and julianne vilardo. residents said they were part of a neighborhood outing saturday night. >> they had gone out to the charles town races. they came home about midnight. roz: when the vilardos did not show up for a mother's day event in the morning her son came to check on them and made the horrifying discovery. >> the deceased male was outside the home, to the rear, and a deceased female inside the home. roz: the neighborhood wants to know who would harm them and why. >> is there somebody on the
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loose who is a serial killer, or did they know them? it would be nice to get the details on that. roz: the police are not confirming how they died until they get the autopsy results. investigators are canvassing the neighborhood and interviewing family members as they try to piece this together. roz plater, abc 7 news. kellye: right now, d.c. police are asking for your help finding a suspect in a kidnapping and attempted sexual assault. a woman tells the police that she got in a vehicle near 11th and g streets this morning. she said that the vehicle had an uber decal in the window. the driver refused to allow her to leave. it's not clear how the woman escaped. abc 7 reached out to uber, and they said they are looking into the serious report and have
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reached out to the metropolitan police department to offer assistance. a local family is grieving on mother's day after a loved one was found shot to death. d.c. police a that some but he called 911 after hearing gunshots on north capitol street overnight, about two blocks away from the galliard debt -- galliarduadet metro station. >> it's scary. very unfortunate. i just hope that everybody is all right. it's very unfortunate. kellye: neighbors say they had no idea the loud noises they heard this morning were gunshots until the police arrived. the police are still searching for the suspects. a veteran d.c. fired fired ghter will be laid to rest tomorrow. he collapsed ever a fire in the
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shawl neighborhood. a 25 year veteran of the department, he was the 100th d.c. firefighter to die in the line of duty. a terrifying incident in oxon hill in the 3000 block of wrigley station drive. only on 7 we have confirmed the next president of the university of the district of columbia. ronald mason junior has been tapped to fill the role. he is currently the president of southern university in louisiana. the announcement is set for tuesday, naming mason to the post. a dramatic rescue today in texas. rescue crews were out in full force, pulling people from floodwaters. they are working in dangerous conditions to help people come in some cases even going into waterlogged homes to pull them to safety.
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this is in denton county which was slammed by a tornado and they are still dealing with flash floods. big changes to talk about with the weather. a lot that you need to know for the work week. devon lucie is joining us with a first check the forecast. devon: the severe west shifted to the west, and the flash flooding us sometimes a severe problem. for us, heat and humidity. low to mid 80's across the region, some areas a lot warmer. the real-time temps, back into the 70's in some cases, upper 60's manassas. it will slowly creep downwards with the temperatures. it feels fairly humid. the bigger picture, a cold front to the west, ana to the south. they converge in the mid-atlantic. the heat and humidity is here.
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starting the school day, cloudy skies, mid 60's. may get by without the jacket. for yourself getting to the office, have the rain gear ready. by the afternoon, evening, scattered showers and storms. more about the heat, humidity, storm chances, and a spike in temperatures before a big plunge. a lot to cover coming up in the forecast. kellye: a rough night at the verizon center, the caps could not get going in game six against the new york rangers but they are not out yet. jay korff joins us now. jay, what is the mood at the phone booth as the series goes to seven? jay: the mood is not good. fans are crushed frustrated quite frankly angry. but going into this game, this place was electric.
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the mood in chinatown sunday night, playoff excitement. >> five here is incredible. >> unleash the fury! >> this is game six, a huge game, the game the caps will finish off the rangers. jay: thousands poured into the verizon center. a win and the washington capitals are heading to the eastern conference finals. >> if we win this game, we are in. jay: for fans like todd nash, this collective celebration stems from pride. >> we all think of ourselves as a losing city, but we are a winning city right now. >> i'm a huge fan. jay: for maureen ceiling the series -- sealing the series at home would be sweet. but as the sun sets outside the verizon center, washington's
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shot at a victory faded inside. fans, once jubilant and hopeful, came out crestfallen after a disappointing loss. >> it ate no joke. it's time to play some hockey. jay: this is not the sight caps fans expected in chinatown tonight. the mood at the verizon center if the cancer going to win it, they will have to do it in new york and the big apple. jay korff, abc 7 news. kellye: a grassroots efforts by orioles fans to bring baltimore together is happening monday. fans declared may 11 reopening day, the first home game for the orioles with fan since the large-scale protest after the death of freddie gray. organizers are attempting to pack camden yards in a show of support and unity. a step towards healing and baltimore.
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kellye: new findings and baltimore could change the investigation into the city's police department. "the baltimore sun" obtained report showing thousands of people had been brought to the city jail with injuries to severe to be admitted. between 2012 and 1015, they refuse to admit 2600 detainees. prince debuted his performance of the song "baltimore" at a concert in the city tonight. he described the performance is a moment for reflection. concertgoers seem to agree. >> it brings people together. there is black, white, all kinds of people. music is universal. it speaks to every body.
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it can break down walls and barriers. kellye: attendees were asked to wear something gray in honor of freddie gray. a portion of the proceeds will benefit charities and baltimore. several murals have gone up around baltimore in honor of freddie gray. this one takes up the entire side of a building. his death in police custody sparked a day of rioting and weeks of protests. developing right now, a for the rest in the murders of two mississippi police officers. the two officers were gunned down during a traffic stop late yesterday. two brothers and a woman were arrested after a massive manhunt. another man was charged with obstruction of justice this afternoon. all the suspects are due in court tomorrow. today is the start of national police week. in the district, the 20th annual law ride honor those who risk
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their lives and sometimes give their lives in the service of others. it began at rfk stadium and ended with a ceremony at the national law-enforcement memorial. >> they know that daddy is in heaven and that a lot of people here have had that happen as well, so think it's a comfort for them. kellye: the memorial contains the names of more than 20,000 fallen officers. president jimmy carter is back in the u.s. tonight, cutting his trip short because of an illness. president carter was working with a foundation in ghuuyana ahead of their elections. he stresses the need for a peaceful process before, during, and after the elections. hillary clinton called for paid family leave in a mother's day message on youtube. the democratic presidential candidate says the u.s. remains
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the only developed country without family leave. despite recent criticism over her husband's charity work, will show clinton maintaining a lead over democratic and republican opponents. it's not the voice that you would expect to hear on the other end of the phone. president obama: this is barack obama, your president. kellye: presidents obama surprise three mothers with telephone calls. they had all written letters to the president in the past year. a different kind of mother's day surprise in south dakota. 13.5 inches of snow fell in rapid city by noontime time. some places got even more snow. there are travel advisories in hard-hit areas and parts of interstate 90 were closed for a time. some areas of the black hills could get up to 24 inches before the day is done. devon: can you imagine if that had happened in boston? kellye: my goodness, they have
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had their fair share. as long as it's not happening here. devon: half the city would have moved to florida. happy mother's day to you kellye. the humidity back in full force today. the real-time temperatures today, all the heat in the deep south 93 montgomery, alabama jackson, mississippi 90. i tripped a little there. you think it's funny, but that happen. charleston, west virginia, 91 degrees. what we have as soon as tomorrow, a combination of this front with severe weather the last couple days. ana churning away, moving inland. the combination of the heat and humidity in place will increase the rain chances. it's not going to be until
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afternoon, evening. ana and the national hurricane center has issued their last update. the location tomorrow, close enough to the region and the upper peninsula to increase the moisture, enhancing rain chances. tuesday, the system is long gone and very weak. the strongest wind under 40 miles per hour. once that swings in, we could have our storm chances increase in the afternoon and evening. as the front passes tuesday, it will not cool down immediately. we will take down the humidity. tomorrow morning, mild, very humid. clouds, it will not look pretty, but you may be able to get to school and work without a light jacket. as soon as a, heat and humidity, the combination strikes widespread showers and possible thunderstorms continuing all the way into the afternoon and
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evening. be sure that you have the rain gear for the afternoon and evening because that is when the showers and storms could be here. 50/50 shot that you could run into one. low 80's and it will feel hot because of the humidity. tuesday, more sunshine, less win. that is the hottest combination. it is easier to heat up the dry air then humid air. that is when we get close to 90 degrees in the temperatures. upper 80's, near 90, possibly 90-plus with the strong southwest wind and sun's john. -- sunshine. storms monday afternoon, evening. it will be hot tuesday. down into the 70's and a breeze on wednesday, but the truly cool air will settle and thursday. some spots may be on the upper 60's for the high is where we start off with the lows tomorrow. kellye: by the way, i am going
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for the dry 90. all right, robert, what went wrong at the verizon center? you are so hopeful. robert: it would have major mother's day. kellye: it would have. robert: the caps were on the brink of illuminating the rangers and could not
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: caps had a chance to close out the series with the rangers and this was the night to do it, game six at the phone booth th with the crowd on your the rangers when the face-off in the first, puts home the rebound. just beats the clock. 2-0 rangers. 28 seconds into the second, joel ward fires towards the net jason chimera puts home the
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rebound. in the third, the rangers on the attack, marty st. louis denies, but rick nash puts home the rebound. rangers lead 3-1. the caps are down 4-1 but show some life. ward lights the lamp. it is now a one goal game for stop later in the third, one last push by the caps, alex ovechkin streaking down the ice he shot denied. one of lunqdqusit's 34 saves. >> is just frustration. the goal tonight was to knock them out. the adversity. >> that's probably not the path when you are up 3-1 that you want to take, but at the same time it's a great opportunity in game seven to find out this team very well. >> we had the opportunity to
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move on. game seven, we will have to use the momentum. robert: hoops, you can still hear the buzzer after paul peters's game-winner -- after paul pierce's game-winner last night. he did it again last night to lift the wizards. john wall did not practice today, but he burst the floor after the game, something he probably should not be doing. rather than give us an update on his status come it looks like he is making progress. >> it's heading in the right direction, the swelling is down. it's heading to a situation were hopefully he can get the ball in
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his hands and we will see how that feels. robert: cavs-bulls, third quarter, scary moment for lebron james. takes the charge, and lebron is hurt. turns his ankle, a rare sight to see, king james down. 1.5 seconds left, tied at 84- 84, lebron from the inbounds pass launches from the corner. series is now tied. the nationals and the braves this afternoon, game tied at 4-4. wilson ramos down the line, nick markakis cannot get there. ramos gets caught in the rundown, but the damage is already done. nats win 5-4. and the caps are 3-5 in game
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sevens during the alex ovechkin era. by the way, happy mother's day. kellye: i had been waiting all day. robert: it's not your day even though it's mother's day. kellye: it's a winning day nonetheless. appreciate it, robert. a new look at flooding in texas.
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h-]ó@ tt0w!tñ!hn% ueh-í=0 tt0w!tñ!hn% 7hh-b?d kellye: just coming in, a surre al scene from texas. floodwaters ripping three theme park. the whole area was under a tornado watch. this was taken earlier today. the flash flood watch for almost all of northern texas continues through monday morning. as the storms pound of the central portion of the country an incredible image caught on camera, a photographer snapped this
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kellye: what will the work we cold for us weatherwise? devon: a lot. storm chances do not arrive until later in the afternoon. note the breeze tuesday and wednesday, getting warmer tuesday, thursday 71. then we are looking at temperatures that could go into the upper 70's with rain chances to finish out the weekend. that is kind of a suspect forecast. eileen whelan is joining us tomorrow morning to track the temperature changes. kellye: stay with us.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kellye: a massive manhunt after
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a double murder after a police stop stop investigators are trying to find out what occurred the deadly chain of events. >> i heard loud gunshots. reporter: a quiet mississippi community shattered by the sounds of gunfire. >> it was loud. or was no return fire. -- there was no return fire. reporter: minutes later, the police arrived on the scene and found their colleagues down on the streets. the suspects on the run. the grief stricken mayor of hattiesburg facing the camera sunday, saying what started as a traffic stop quickly escalated to murder. one officer called and backup. both ended up dead. mayor: we know that he called the backup for a reason. we will find out why. reporter: marvin banks is
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charged with two counts of capital murder and account for stealing the cruiser. jody calloway also charged in the killing. and banks brother as accessory after murder. and a fourth suspect cornelius clark, charged with obstruction of justice. the two victims are a recent police academy graduate and a decorated k-9 officer. a 34-year-old husband and father of two. he was officer of the year in 2012. it has been more than 30 years since a hattiesburg officer died in the line of duty, leaving the community in shock. >> all these men and women allow us to god and have a peaceful dan come back home. kellye: the american association of poison control centers says it has seen a spike in synthetic marijuana overdoses. they recorded more tha


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