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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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now. from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. maureen: that breaking news comes from nepal where a search is underway for a missing marine corps helicopter. this is hours after a second massive earthquake rocks the region. people ran in the street to escape falling debris. the second quake was 7.3 magnitude. and occurred just east of where a 7.8 magnitude quake struck two weeks ago. the missing helicopter on board had been providing disaster relief. senior political reporter is tracking developments from the capital bureau. scott? koz scott: the pent tells us americans and nepalese aboard the helicopter. it doesn't mean there has been a crash or there are fatalities. we just don't know. but there has been no
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communication with the helicopter. it is now nighttime. a search by foot is underway. this is video from the helicopter squadron 469. six of its members american based in california and on board a helicopter like this one now missing somewhere in the nepalese mountains. it has been documenting their work to help thousands of earthquake victims. >> we delivered 68000 pounds of needed supplies to the outer villages. we also plan to deliver another 140000 pounds before we leave. scott: while teams search for the chopper and it crew that made one drop and on their way to a second site, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake sent much of kathmandu scrambling. already ravaged by aer thal quake three weeks ago the fears were only magnified. you can see the cameras start to shake in a meeting of
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parliament as people ran through the street to find open areas and the tremors triggered landslides. >> i was really scared this time. very big. i was very scared. scott: the good news if there any regarding the incident with the chopper, there was no smoke seen no other signs of a crash. the pentagon doesn't want to jump to conclusions yet. additionally there was a helicopter and a crew from india that was nearby. they heard radio chatter about a possible problem with fuel. so this may have been an emergency landing. still way too early to know. live on capitol hill scott thuman, abc7 news. maureen: thank you scott. today's quake sent fairfax county task force one back to work. that team is working with usa i.d. and had been winding down search and rescue operations since deploying two weeks ago. members tweeted this morning they are okay.
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and their building is safe. they are leading the search for survivors. a big change in the weather after what has been the hottest day of the year so far. for what to expect today and tomorrow go to chief meteorologist doug hill. doug: it will get cooler but we hit 90 degrees after 4:00 this afternoon. the first final in the season we have hit that number. take you live now to the high school in laurel. 86 degrees. live look for the weather camera. a gorgeous evening cooking up, taking a stroll or taking a walk. whatever you want. it will be gorgeous. still warm. cooler air is coming and much later tonight when the temperature starts to fall. inside the beltway 70's 11:00. then fall to 49 to 59. the range of temperatures by the morning. it will stay muggy for a while but the drier air will move in tomorrow and it will be spectacular. mostly cloudy, breezy highs of 74 degrees right on the money for this time in may. with a northwesterly wind at 10 to 20. we look ahead to weekend
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coming up in a few minutes. maureen: thank you. you can get instant weather alerts sent right to your phone. just go to to sign up. three federal appeals court judges weighing the fate of former governor bob mcdonald. he and his attorney made the case to have the corruption case overturned. jeff goldberg tells us what happened inside and outside the courtroom. jeff: walking into court with energy and confidence. >> how do you feel walking in today? >> good. we look forward to have a chance to present the argument today. jeff: he was eager to argue what he has been claiming all along. >> there is nothing done here to violate the law. i know that in my heart and my soul. >> with maureen mcdonald and four of the couple five children inside the courtroom, defense attorney addressed the three judge panel in the u.s. court of appeals. claiming mcdonald conviction
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should be overturned for two main reasons. one that the governor performed no official acts on behalf of businessmen johnny williams. >> none of the governor's conduct crosses the line. >> that during jury instructions judge spencer gave jurors a too broad definition of what could be considered corruption. something the defense believe the prosecuted exploited. >> the prosecution says the corruption is clear. given his financial dealing with williams. >> if you have a two-year pattern of comment and the timing in this case is just i think devastating for the defendant. >> before court adjourns, a notable moment from the judge. >> the case strikes me as one there is a lot of quid pro quo. but the quo is thinner. jeff: the panel will decide to
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uphold or overturn the conviction or call for a new trial. the ruling is not expected for several weeks, possibly longer. in richmond, jeff goldberg abc7 news. maureen: meanwhile, maureen mcdonald is also appealing her conviction. no date has been set so far for oral arguments. breaking news from northeast washington. d.c. firefighter is hurt battling a row house fire. this is a live picture from the scene. the firefighters condition is not known. but the crew on the scene says he does not appear seriously hurt. no word on cause of the fire but arson is a possibility. a rockville man got 14 years in prison for orchestrating a ponzi scheme. garfield taylor must also repay money that was invested in his company. the victims were hillcrest children and family center, a d.c. charity helping single mothers.
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prosecutors said that taylor stole millions of dollars from investors from 2006 and 2010. taylor pleaded guilty to security fraud last year. we are a followup to a story you saw first on 7. the new leader of the university of d.c. is seeing a big boost for the campus. at a news conference today u.d.c. introduced ronald mason jr. to the public. mason said he just met with the d.c. mayor muriel bowser who revealed a change of heart about plans to cut $3.5 million from the university budget. >> she asked you to let you know after five minutes of talking to me she put money back in the budget. [applause] >> that is a win for the administration. maureen: the council would likely restore that money without the mayor's approval. mason takes over on july 1.
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coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- too much noise. the proposal that could league pet owners in one county facing deep fines. plus a new law aims to prevent future tragedy after a man with down syndrome dies in police custody. next, the one question that remains after president obama picks chicago for the presidential library. "7 on your side" is on your side tonight to help you get unclaimed cash. call our help center right now at 703-236-9220. phone lines are open until
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leon: the obama presidential library will be built on the south side of chicago. maureen: they are considering two locations near the university of chicago. the school will host the presidential center including the library museum office and activity space. the president and first lady made the announcement in a youtube video today. the presidential center is expected to bring economic boost to nearby communities and could open as soon as 2020. some new laws will take effect in maryland. governing everything from police officers to taxes. governor larry hogan signed 350 bills this afternoon. the first one made good on a hogan campaign promise by repealing the so-called rain tax. the governor also signed
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legislation clearing the way e officers to wear body cameras state wide. misagencies will also be -- police agencies will also be required to notify the office of crime control and prevention about all in-custody deaths. among the bill signing was patty sailor. her son ethan died in a struggle with police at a frederick movie theater in 2013. ethan had down syndrome and died of asphyxiation after officers pipped him to the floor. a -- pinned him to the floor. a bill signed for officers to safely handle confrontations with people who have disabilities. next on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a proposal that could mean big fines for pet owners. how long a dog would have to bark or a cat howl to trigger a fine. >> "7 on your side" connecting you with the unclaimed cash. call 703-236-9220. the phone lines lines will be open for a few more minutes.
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milwaukee we have had the hot -- maureen: we have had the hottest day of the year so far but tomorrow we might need long sleeves. doug hill has a big change on the way. tim: the red hot strasburg face the diamondbacks. and john wall hopes to be back for game five in atlanta. i have the latest at "abc7
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kimberly: i'm consumer investigator kimberly suiters live in the "7 on your side" health center. we are helping to connect you with the money. phone line is open for 15 minutes. 703-236-9220. neat stories here from the d.c. office of unclaimed property. he checked his own family and he finally found his dad. over here just recently helped a woman find close to $1 million in stock. what a find. we are not promising that will be you. there are billions of dollars owed to people in d.c. and maryland. call the phone call and we will connect you to your cash. back to you.
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leon: thank you. a plan to fine people for their pets and loud. the center is how much noise it takes to become a nuance. members of the public are raising their voices about this. tom? >> inside the government center where the meeting is going on behind the doors. they are hearing opinions on the proposed noise rules. this is video we took a short time ago. one of the most controversial things being proposed is a rule that would mean if animals make noise from 7:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night from two minutes out of ten that is potentially a violation. overnight the noise can be heard from doors or windows shut there is another violation. there are other parts that are controversial. a rule to continue to add lawnmowers to operate early at
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golf courses. one resident was upset about that. >> why should the desire of a small group of wealthy men at 6:00 a.m. trump the needs of hundred of people to get an adequate night's sleep? it's not like they are doing something important out there like working for world peace or curing cancer. they are playing a game. tom: originally we thought the board of supervisors could vote tonight on this. now based on what the chairman said it looks like they will delay making a decision until probably next month. reporting live inside the fairfax county guth -- government center, tom roussey. maureen: a big change underway. doug: what is funny the temperature just go back to normal. we have been so warm. maureen: was it normal? doug: hitting 90 is not normal. average high is 74. we will get back to average temperatures. let's get started with a look today. shot from the rockville campus
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on montgomery college. beautiful day throughout. we had periods of cloudiness. turned out to be fine. temperatures in the 80's. nice breeze to keep you comfortable. 80 in middletown. 82 in winchester. 89 in quantico. the winds are gusty. wind gust of 367 miles per hour. over southern section of frederick county earlier. the breeze will diminish tonight but a bit of a breeze. 90 degrees, the first time this year we hit the mark. 16 degrees above average. morning low is 71. so temperatures will fall. for the next several hours it will be warm and comfortable. the humidity levels are not overwhelming. the breeze will see to that. still 88 at reagan national. 88 at manassas. even in the higher elevation at lower 80's but it will change overnight. on the sunny breezy day we have huge numbers on the pollen count. trees, grass pollen. in the high range. mold spores in the moderate range. weeds in low end range. as far as tomorrow morning
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these are the predicted low temperatures. 59 in washington. 52 in gaithersburg and fredericksburg. 50 in winchester. 58 near andrews air force base. those numbers are the current temperature reading. across the middest with. cool air brought in our direction. difference is upper 80's. 50's and we will see a cooling trend as we head overnight and through the day. tomorrow we will be in lower 70's. thursday and friday. it is cooler than what we have had but more seasonal weather. nice breeze tomorrow. but dry air. i should be pleasant. but in time the drier air will move out. more humid air moves in. for tomorrow spectacular. sunny, breezy highs of 74. we head through seven days we will end the string friday with the sant weather. we get through the weekend and beyond through early next week. partly sunny and muggy temperatures in the lower 80's. there will be chances of thunderstorms each afternoon.
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now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: john wall practiced albeit on a limited basis but he is getting closer to playing. the wi soreds beat the hawks without him. they are 1-2 when he doesn't play. take you back to phone booth. john wall was dribbling trying to get a feel for the basketball again. he has five non-displaced fractures in his hand but the swn garrett temple said he looked good staking the jump-shot today. john wall still listed as questionable for tomorrow night's game in atlanta. >> we have seen him dribble and handle the ball taking jump-shots. that is always a good sign. that gives us more motivation to go out and get a win. play harder just in case he doesn't play. tim: hockey. caps went through the final skate-around before leaving for new york and the winner take off game seven with rangers. there is a lot of pressure on holtby after giving up four goals in game six.
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the teams with the hottest goalie wins in the playoffs. the cap fans hope holtby is not fragile and he has amnesia. he needs early game success to rebuild confidence tomorrow night. football. redskins have all ten of their draft picks signed and ready for friday mini catch for the rookies. it was completed today when the skins finalized the deal with the first round draft pick. the 6'6" 320-pound rookie expected to start at right tackle next season. the nationals play the diamondbacks tonight. stephen strasburg will be back on the hill. he left the last start with back and shoulder stiffness but he is ready to go. nats won five games in a row. they are seeing the ball big. washington scored ten runs? first two innings last night. they won for the 11th time in 13 ballgames. now hear this maryland terp basketball for the brenda freeze has a commitment from one of to top young players in the country. kayla charles who played for eleanor high school. she will be a terp.
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but she is only a junior. she has another year of elementary school left. maureen: great. look forward to seeing her. what is the latest? doug: beautiful. warm. 80's. later we will cool down and drier air will move in and breeze. bring the temperatures from 49-59 in the morning. during the day tomorrow bright and breezy. temperatures 74. that is average. it will be pleasant through friday with the dry weather and the normal temperatures for this time in may and warm and humid in the weekend with the afternoon shower and thunderstorm chances. we will talk about the cool air and warmer weekend ahead. maureen: join us at 11:00. meanwhile, "world news tonight" with david muir is next. have a good night.
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breaking news tonight. the urgent search right now. the american military helicopter missing. six marines among those on board. the chopper helping after a second massive earthquake hits nepal. while on the ground tonight, the race to save the newest victims. here at home the emergency landing. passengers staying on the plane as they race to extinguish the engine. harsh words for tom brady. tonight, the lead investigator for the nfl comes out swinging. you'll hear what he's saying now about the quarterback. breaking news. homeland security agents raiding a clothing drive in the middle of the country. finding guns weapons, they say headed overseas. the rescues tonight. the massive flooding. lifted into helicopters. and, the celebrity chef revealing her very personal health battle.


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