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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jummy: tragedy on the tracks. that breaking news continuing this noon out of the year. right now, philadelphia investigators -- right now investigators are on the ground in toronto. it was headed to new york from d.c. wouldn't overturn in the port richmond section of philadelphia last night. we know six people have been confirmed dead including a naval academy midshipmen. information is still pouring into the newsroom and we have team coverage for you.
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tom roussey is with us from philadelphia with the latest. >> we just received new information in the last hour. let me show you the scene here in northeastern philadelphia, lots of police and fire on the scene as they have been all day and all night long. a short time ago there was a prescott went philadelphia's mayor and he said the train has a black box and it is being analyzed by experts but caution the investigation could take time. >> we are heartbroken at what has happened here, we have not experienced anything like this in modern times. we will get to the bottom of it and figure out what happened why it happened, but that will take time. >> the mayor also said the conductor of the train was injured but was also treated.
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at some point this morning started to give out information of what happened last night to investigators. the national transportation safety board team out of d.c. is on the scene investigating right now. a total of six people died in this derailment. we are told, out of 243 people on the train, more than 200 had to be taken to the hospital, many of them suffering fractures , but many are also out of the hospital already. we spoke to one passenger who was able to return to the scene this morning. this is what she had to say. >> our car flipped over, i was in the dirt with some other people. a woman next to me was injured so was another woman that was to underneath the chair. >> just a chaotic scene. that passenger said that they had to eventually climb their way out. the train was on its side, so
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they had to climb out of an upper window. investigators will be on scene all day long, and at the very least, for several days. they will be conscious but will try to get more information out as they can and as they learn more. the ntsb says they will be looking at a lot of things including the way the train was operated, signals at the time, to determine what went wrong when the train derailed here in northeastern philadelphia last night. jummy: thank you for your hard work out there. 238 passengers, five crew members were aboard when the train derailed. as we mentioned, six people were killed, including a midshipman from the naval academy in annapolis. jeanette reyes continues with our coverage in philadelphia. >> right now we are in one of the emergency rooms where 54 of
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the more than 200 patients were taken to the hospital after being rescued or escaping him the remains of that train. you can see it was a busy morning. we know six people are dead and we were numeral to confirm that among the dead is a 20-year-old navy midshipmen. he was on leave and on his way home when the tragedy happened. no other details are being released until next of kin are notified. earlier this morning, the chief medical officer told us that the most recent death, the six person, died shortly after arrival. more patients -- most of the patients complained of chest pains, broken bones, contusions from luggage laptops falling on them, passengers ramming into each other. listen to how they describe the horrific crash. >> the ones that were awake and
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could talk to me were the ones in the last two cars. i did not speak to anyone further ahead. they said it was chaotic and difficult. the folks i talked to were injured because people or things fell on them. >> officials tell us many of the staff here showed up even before they were called in, many of the medical professionals offering whatever help they could. at this hour, we can tell you about 25 people are still at the hospital here. eight of them are in critical condition. one thing we should mention quickly is that victims still remain unaccounted for. one of the reasons why is because with these trains, there is not assigned seating, so it is making it difficult to find out who was there and who was not and if there is still anyone in there. we will let you know as soon as we get confirmation as to whether or not everyone is
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accounted for. jummy: if you are worried about your friends or family members contact amtrak's hotline or information. -- for information. this derailment has closed a major section of the nation's busiest rail corridor. it carries 11 million passengers a year. sam sweeney is at union station with the impact it is having on train riders today. >> the frustration is reaching a boiling point. the lines from the customer service counter stretches across the station. this noon, thousand now find themselves stuck here with no hope in sight. >> everybody, if you want to go past philly, there are no trains going past philly, on. >> thousands arriving only to find that you are stuck. >> they said no trains for about
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two or three days. >> passengers say they were promised a solution. >> they said there would be representatives here to help us but there is nothing. >> very frustrating not knowing. we don't know how we are going to get to jersey now. >> 78 trains leave from d.c. to the new york area daily. philadelphia mayor michael nutter says he does not expect trains to run north of philadelphia for at least another seven days. >> right now, they are saying they had nothing for us. >> right now, amtrak is offering modified service on the northeast corridor as far north as philadelphia but with no continuing service of two new york or boston. for those looking to get on buses, the next available seat is tonight at 11:30 one
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megabytes. for those that have a confirmed purchase on amtrak, they have a flexible travel policy in place. call them and they will help you to reschedule or cancel. jummy: thank you. we will continue to follow all the latest developments in the story. stay with us and throughout the day for any updates. seven is on your side when news breaks. sign up to get our alerts sent to your smartphone. just go to and enter your phone number. taking a look at the nation's capital. what a difference a day makes. starting to feel like spring out doug hill has a look at the forecast. doug: yesterday at this time, this number was 86 at reagan national. today, 66.
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gusty winds out of the northwest. temperatures will struggle but the cloud cover was limited on any potential highs. 67 in fredericksburg. 63 degrees in annapolis. we will get into the 70's but no higher thanks to the sustained wins gusting at 20 miles per hour, bringing in the cooler air from the great lakes and canada. partly sunny weather at times. highs below average. yesterday we hit 90, today we will be in the upper 60's with persistent wind out of the northwest. tonight with the wind diminishing, it will be chilly again. a little bit of a warm up over the next couple of days and then a substantial warm up by the weekend. we will look at that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. jummy: new this noon, early estimates are coming in and putting the damage from the west baltimore riots at about $9
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million. that number is coming from the small business administration survey. 30 businesses and one home sustained major damage. another 254 businesses had minor damage. police have filed homicide charges five months after a deadly crash in howard county. a 29-year-old is facing several charges this noon including never -- negligent homicide and dui. police say he was behind the wheel when he crashed into a tree in mount airy in december. that crash killed the front seat passenger. in prince george's county, an active investigation after deadly gunfire in capital. five people were shot. 18-year-old reginald brown the third died at the hospital. the other victims are expected to be ok.
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detectives are still investigating who fired and wide. they are offering a $25,000 reward that really -- for information that leads to an arrest. a man has to be pulled from a vehicle after an accident that brought down power lines. the victim was trapped in the vehicle with live wires behind -- around him. he was rescued and it cap prove restored power. no word on man's condition at this hour. firefighters rescued two children from a fire in prince george's county. police rescue the children at 3:00 this morning. two teenagers got out safely on their own. because cause of the fire is still under investigation. coming up, continuing coverage of tragedy on the tracks. the new images coming in from social media. and the search for earthquake survivors continue this noon in nepal. and the part new home burglary in call-up on compound -- caught
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on camera. how long will this cooler weather stick around?
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jummy: we are back with continuing coverage of the tragedy on the tracks. national transportation safety board investigators have recovered what equates to the trains black box. they are still trying to figure out what caused that derailment that killed six people. we are getting a look at some stunning images from social media. >> i want to show you this video. what you see is black, but this
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is from a music producer who was inside that train when it crashed. people trying to escape. histone turned upside down as people try to get out of the train car, trying to squeeze through this small area to escape the train. i want to show you the next one that he also put up on instagram where he is showing you his injuries. deep leg cuts but not badly injured. you see this chaotic scene about 15 minutes after that train crashed in philadelphia. obviously, this is making a lot of headlines on social media. lots of images from this accident. inside the train car, you can see people badly cut, trying to figure out how they are going to get out of the train car. you can see how confusing it is.
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the car is turned over on its side as onlookers look to see the naked help and also to capture images. we know the impact of this is being felt on d.c. all the way to new york with delays and cancellations. lots of images talking about looking for people involved in this situation. you see firefighters here trying to peek into the train cars to see if they can find any additional survivors. just a really grisly scene here. lots of prayers for people here on that amtrak train. jummy: thank you. closing arguments are underway in the sentencing phase of the boston marathon bombing trial. by the end of the day we could know it dzhokhar tsarnaev will be sentenced to death or life in prison. he was convicted last month in the bombings that killed three people and injured more than 260 others.
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the same jury must now decide his punishment. search teams on the ground in nepal this afternoon. a u.s. military helicopter still missing. on board were six marines and two nepalese soldiers delivering aid. that helicopter is reported missing although there were no crashes. evacuation orders have become one day after that second earthquake. the 7.3 magnitude earthquake has killed at least 65 people. at a time when school districts across the region are tightening their budgets and finding places to cut, we are digging deeper into finding out exactly what taxpayers are funding when it comes to school superintendent perks. our investigator is here on what we were able to find out. i see a large stack of paper. >> these are the employment contracts of 29 local school attendance, what they make and monday get.
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-- what they get. what we found is pretty eye-opening. this is a story that you will only see tonight at 5:00 on abc seven news. we found one superintendent gets in just about as much money in annual retirement as the average teacher in her district makes in a year. that same superintendent also gets a housing allowance of $24,000 a year. teachers in her district say they cannot even afford to live where they work. some say superintendent are supposed to be there for the kids first and not the money but others say it is a very demanding job. >> very few superintendent's go into it for the money but they will negotiate what they consider to be the best package possible. >> coming up tonight, we will tell you which superintendent in this stack of papers gets personal drivers, security details, or very big car allowances.
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we will also toying with the average salary for a local school ceo is and compare that to other public service jobs. jummy: we will certainly look out for that one. speaking of schools, all those kids are probably a little colder than yesterday. doug: it will warm up a little bit tomorrow and into friday and even more so over the weekend. here is a live look in laurel where it is cloudy and breezy. check out the temperature right now, only 59 degrees. you take the limited sunshine and the gusty breezes and it feels a couple degrees cooler. 63 in frederick right now, 63 in baltimore. 66 at reagan national airport. the temperature change -- this is over 24 hours.
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22 degrees warmer yesterday. you get the idea. a big swing from yesterday to today. today's averages will be below average. the pollen count is still up there. now we have the trifecta. tree, grass, mold spores, and trailing the end of the pack weeds. interesting satellite imagery. you can see clear skies in the back. these clouds are being whipped up by the combination of cold air and warm sunshine. sunny in the morning for a few hours and then these decks take over. further south you are of washington, the more sun you can expect. 47 degrees in pittsburgh right
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now. futurecast shows high pressure building in. sunshine tomorrow, warming into the low 70's. into the mid-70's on friday. over the weekend, warmer air comes in, more moisture, some sunshine and probably some scattered afternoon showers. the chance of showers on sunday and monday as well. mid-70's on friday. it looks nice and then the warmer, more humid air comes in over the weekend. jummy: looks good, doug.
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jummy: a frightening home invasion in san jose call-up on it is common on surveillance cameras. two burglars armed with knives went to room to room has three family members hit in the bedroom. >> i don't know what to do. you don't feel safe in your own house. jummy: this is not the first time burglars have targeted his home. now he hopes that releasing the video will help police find the attackers. it is back to sp
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jummy: staying cool the rest of the day. doug: upper 60's with sunshine and breezy conditions. the wind will diminish tonight. between 42 and 52 degrees by the morning. tomorrow, lighter winds, comfortable and back in the 70's. possible weekend thunderstorms.
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