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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  May 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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black -- equivalent of the black box has been recovered and the ntsb is examing what is in it right now. we are hearing preliminary reports that the train may have been going 100 miles per hour. the section of rail where it happened is limited to 50 miles per hour. we expect to learn more about that when the ntsb officials come out and state at their 5:00 news conference, which we will cover live of course. before we get to that we have team coverage from d.c. to philadelphia here. let's begin right now from the crash scene. brad bell standing by live. brad what is the latest? brad: well, you and i both attended the press conference the mayor held a while ago when he said nobody in philadelphia can remember a tragedy on the rails like this. a quick scene-setter. police guarding access to the rails over here. the press where we are being kept about two blocks away. but as we pan over you can look off in the distance, past those banners at the used car dealership and you can see an
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amtrak locomotive. that is where the rails are. the train crash is just to the right of that. as you said now, the investigation focusing on the speed of this train. and the possibility that it was going more than twice as fast as the speed limit on this tight corner. the scene described by survivors as chaotic, train cars torn apart. tipped on their side. mangled. >> there were so many head injuries and, you know, bloody faces. people were really injured. brad: shortly after 9:00, tuesday night, amtrak train 188, 238 passengers and five crew members traveling from washington, d.c. york city. going around a bend train came off the tracks. tracks that had been inspected just hours before the accident with no defects found. >> i was in the third car. so we had to actually climb out the top of the window to get out.
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brad: investigators now trying to collect all the pieces. the black box data recorder has been found. video analyzed. the speed limit before the curve is 70 miles per hour. the curve itself, 50. >> we are looking at the track, the train signals, the operation of the train. the mechanical condition of the train. human performance. brad: hospitals treat more than 200 people for injuries including burns and broken bones. the dead include an employee of the "associated press" and a midshipman at the u.s. naval academy. >> this is a tragedy. my heart goes out to all involved. >> it is an absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life. brad: train service through philly is likely canceled for the week. in philadelphia brad bell. back live now in philadelphia. i want to show you this huge press crowd that has gathered for the 5:00 press conference we are expecting from the
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ntsb. generally speaking, they don't put out a lot of detail early on but it is possible that they can talk a little bit about some of the data recovered from that -- you know, we use the "black box" term. it's actually an orange box from the engine. some of the data that could speak to the speed and perhaps give preliminary answer as to what happened here to cause this terrible train crash. northeast philly, brad bell, abc7 news. leon back to you. leon: all right. we'll get back to you later on. information about the victims of the train cash, i should say, coming out slowly. we have learned that one of those who died last night was a naval midshipman. we're trying to find out more information but officials are careful about releasing it. suzanne kennedy is standing by not far from us at temple university hospital and has more on other things. suzanne? suzanne: the good news here
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this an is the number of patients here at temple university hospital is declining. two more have been discharged since this morning, leaving the number of patients here at the hospital at 22, eight in critical condition. a majority of the patients are considered surgical trauma patients. hundreds of people were injured when that train derailed. many of them had to be taken away on stretchers and by ambulance. some were able to walk from the crash scene. they were taken to close to a dozen area hospitals. temple university where i am seeing about 50 patients, most with rib and other bone fractures. within the last 30 minutes,chief medical officer talked to us. this is what he had to say about patient conditions this afternoon. >> there are still a number of folks in the hospital that are going to stay overnight. probably we'll have three more surgeries tomorrow amongst the group that will stay. some people will get to go home tonight. probably another half a dozen will get to go home tonight because their situation has
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improved. suzanne: they have i.d.ed the one fatality that took place here at this hospital. it's 49-year-old james marshall gains of princeton, new jersey. they say he died overnight here. they are expecting to be able to release patients here tonight, maybe as many as a half a dozen. that is their hope at this point. as you heard the chief medical officer say there, they have more surgery scheduled for tomorrow. amtrak is on site here at the hospital to help patients as they are discharged get to their final destination. they are however, having trouble dealing with some folks that are from foreign countries. obviously, some challenges posed there. people from spain albania and belgium trying to get home after the derailment. the chief medical examiner did give us hope here this afternoon saying they do not anticipate there will be any more fatalities here at this hospital. reporting live at temple university hospital in
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philadelphia, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you, suzanne. as we mentioned this rail corridor is the busiest in the nation. obviously, nothing is happening now. nothing is moving between philadelphia and new york at this particular point. which means people who are trying to travel between new york and washington, d.c. are having to scramble now to try to find some other way to do it. our stephen tschida is standing by live at union station with a look at that. stephen? stephen: kay york confusion consternation for thousands of passengers today at union station. we have video we can show you of what can wants to -- what continues to go on inside union station at this hour. thousands of people scrambling to find alternate mode of transport from new york and north. they were trying to get buses and they were lining up to run cars. a lot of people trying to get to nearby airports to fly to new york city. here is what one of the stranded passengers told us about his experience.
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>> it has been a little disturbing. not being able to get to your final destination. every train that comes in here the lines are going to get longer and longer. stephen: earlier in the day, only one of the bus services was honoring amtrak tickets. as the day progressed more of the bus line heading to new york and points north were starting to honor the tickets. i spoke at length with an amtrak representative who told me at this point with what continues to be underway in philadelphia, she would advise anyone who plans to take an amtrak train to new york or points north from d.c. to get busy right now trying to book a spot on a bus a plane, or to respect -- rent a car. she does expect this situation to continue for days. reporting live stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: thank you stephen. the investigation is also going to be continuing for days here at this point. we said we are just a few
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yards away from the site of the crash here. we have a chance to get out and talk to a number of the neighbors up duped this street. it was really interesting to hear their accounts of what happened when they heard the sound of the crash and some of them who said they saw some of the victims. it was telling to see the emotion because there is emotion today. people here are expressing their sympathies for the people that suffers last night. take a listen to what one man who lives really only 150 yards away from the crash site told us. >> it was really scary. tears coming out from my eyes, too. i'm not saying nothing. leon: yes, and he like all the other neighbors that we talked to on the street all say they now are focusing on praying for the victims. that is all for now in philadelphia. we will be on the story throughout the hour and throughout the evening and we will have more just ahead. scott, allyson, back to you. alison: leon thank you. we will see you shortly.
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we want to give you more perspective on how many riders use amtrak. scott: of 2013, amtrak carried 11.4 million riders along the northeast corridor between washington, new york and boston. with more than 2200 trains in use on that corridor each day amtrak carries more than three times as many passengers between washington d.c. new york as the airline industry. alison: anyone with questions about loved ones on the derailed train should call the amtrak incident hotline. it's on the screen. 1-800-523-9101. amtrak also established a family assistance center to work with family and friends of the victims. scott? scott: president obama and the first lady also expressing condolences to the victims of the derailment. president obama's statement reads in part -- "philadelphia is known of the city of brotherly love. neighborhood and neighbors. the spirit of loving kindness
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was reaffirmed as hundreds of first responders and passengers lend a hand to fellow human beings in need." vice president and his wife jill biden released a statement saying they were praying for the victims and also noted amtrak is like a second family for him. because for his entire career he made the trip from wilmington, delaware to washington, d.c. and back on that train. stay with abc7 and as we follow this tragedy on the tracks. as we mentioned, ntsb is scheduled to hold a news conference at 5:00. we will bring that to you as soon as it begins. alison: in other news this afternoon, attorneys in baltimore now laying out a defense plan for sergeant alicia white. she is one of the six officers facing involuntary manslaughter in death of freddie gray. the plan is call character witnesses to testify on white's behalf. white and the other officers have a preliminary hearing may 27. scott: we want to get to the
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weather. not as warm as yesterday but pleasant out there. alison: very nice. will the good weather stick around? chief meteorologist doug hill has an early look. hi, doug. doug: the next couple of days days will be delightful. not as windy. over the weekend, it will get warm and humid. let's enjoy what we have. bright sunshine outside the weather center now. get to the pcture now of the way it looks at national harbor. clouds at times. but that is the way it has been all day. sun and clouds. gusty northwesterly breeze and the temperatures well below average and below yesterday's level. 67 at reagan national. 61 at dulles. 62 at dran drew -- andrews. these are running 26 degrees cooler than yesterday. so a big change behind the cold front. we still have gusty winds. at last check, gusting to 28 miles per hour at reagan national. 24 at washington dulles. 29 miles per hour at thurgood marshall. the skies will clear and winds will diminish.
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that will allow temperatures to take a tumble. satellite and radar shows decks of clouds that might be hard to make out. scattered fair weather cloudiness. it will disappear tonight and it will get chilly. we talk about the weekend coming up in a few minutes. scott: crash on the inner county connector sent two people to the hospital. news chopper 7 over the scene here in silver springs. montgomery county firefighters say the crash involved an overturned truck and a car. we are told the man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. a second victim suffered non-life threatening injuries. alison: we have uncovered new information of a case of a husband and wife found dead inside the upscale rockville home on mother's day morning. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis has details. kevin? kevin: hi allison. the big question was the double murder targeted or random? police not saying either way. we have seen detectives take out a number of brown bags presumably full of evidence.
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15 minutes ago we saw detectives carry a large brown box out the front door and placed it in the bed of the gray pickup truck. >> very unsettling. most unsettling. kevin: day four in the mother's day double murder at the $700,000 rockville home remains unsolved. police say the killer or the killers crawled through an unlocked window and slain husband and wife dick and jodie vallardo. today they described the homicide scene as terribly bloody and added the cutting wounds appeared very personal. their adult daughter whose sedan is parked in the driveway found her mother lying dead inside. her father later discovered on the back porch where police have assembled a white tent. sources tell us they were found wearing their pajamas.
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tranquilly for neighbors, added gardener is all but gone. >> you cannot wrap your mind around it. you just cannot. it's just incredible. kevin: state, today attorney john mccarthy toured the murder scene for a third time as they dusted for fingerprints. sources tell us there is not an abundance of evidence. a hard case to crack. now investigators just hold a press conference right here on their front lawn. only 20 minutes ago. they are asking for anyone residents here in the glen hill neighborhood of rockville that have home security cameras to review their footage. they are look for footage from saturday, and sunday and hopes someone caught something. life in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. scott: police in prince george's county are investigating a deadly shooting in capital heights. five people were shot after 11:00 last night. 18-year-old regional brown iii
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of southeast washington died at the hospital. the other victims are expected to be okay. detectives say it was not random and they believe the victims were targeted. firefighters rescued two children from a house fire in prince george's county. crews pulled the children ages three and six from the fairmount heights home around 3:00 this morning. two teenagers got out safely on their own. all forwere treated for home inhalation. alison: our coverage of the tragedy on the tracks will continue in a few minutes on "abc7 news at 4:00". the change d.c. mayor muriel bowser and other leaders are calling for after the amtrak derailment. scott: we are following the search for a missing u.s. military helicopter in nepal. what the pentagon is saying about the search efforts. alison: but first, a big night for d.c. sports teams and fans including the caps. how the team's postseason comes down to
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price guaranteed for two years. plus, get a $300 visa prepaid card with your 2 year agreement. go to today. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v alison: well it is an exciting yet tense time to be a d.r. sports fan. scott: of the only are the wi -- not only are the wizards playing tonight, the caps are playing, too. sports director tim brant is here. nervous feeling out there.
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tim: not for me. i feel good. this is an incredible spring. washington sports continues with the wizards and the caps in playoff action tonight. put the babies to bed. baton down the hatches and get ready to keep one eye toward atlanta to see if john wall plays and the other guy on the winner take all game seven. back alley brawl between seventh and eighth in midup to manhattan. 850 miles separate the two games. the wizards and the hawks are tied at two games apiece. caps-rangers tied at three, in an elimination game. game five for the wizards game seven for the caps. tonight a double dose of d.c. sports. >> tonight will be an epic night. >> absolutely. looking forward to it. >> i'm working now and wearing a caps jersey to support. >> can you measure your excitement? >> no. it is off the charts. this is something that d.c. has been waiting for for a long time. >> you won't see him tonight but every once in a while you might catch alex ovechkin stop in at the summer's restaurant
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for a quick burger. >> we got plenty of people working tonight. a lot of food ready. specials. should be a great night. tim: in maryland they are optimistic about the wizards with or without john wall. >> do you think the wizards can go all the way? >> yes, they can go all the way with him or without him. they really need kevin durant. come on home, kevin. >> we found someone with a vision. >> it will be 4-2 at the end of the second and 6-2 at the end of the third. >> john wall is also coming back. >> okay. robert burton. tim: what a great night in washington sports. put the babies to bed. alison: you need to get more excited. tim: get the bottle out and take it yourself. my babies are 18 years old.
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doug: we have good weather. get you to it. this starts with a live look at the weather by the lens of the h.d. weather bug camera at national harbor. you can see the low-angle sun off the potomac river there. it will be a nice evening. the winds will diminish and the cloud cover that is excessive now will diminish as well. we'll have a clear night around the area. we are going to find ourselves with the temperatures dropping somewhat in the overnight hours as well. low 50's in most areas by morning. we have northwest winds at 21 miles per hour. temperatures are starting to fall off in the mid-to-upper 60's at best around the area. that will drop throughout the evening. 61 at winchester. 63 in gaithersburg. 66 at andrews. the cool air to the north and the west of the area. warm air is hanging tough to the south. 83 in atlanta. 79 in nashville. this air will come back. that is a natural direction of the air moving this time of
4:22 pm
the year. except we have alarming area of high pressure from canada. holding it at bay. winds diminish tomorrow and friday. we see the pattern change and the warmer winds will come up from the south. the story is clear and cool. with lighter winds. 42 to 52 overnight. high pressure will give us high sunshine. milder temperatures tomorrow. warmer temperatures on friday. but then friday night and saturday, this moves offshore. as it does that opens the door literally for more heat more humidity. tomorrow is gorgeous. but watch the warmth return in a big way over the next seven days. saturday and sunday warm and muggy, mid-80's. storms likely on monday. turning cooler and drier slowly next week. alison: thank you so much. doug: all right. scott: time for a check on the traffic situation. get to robert altman who has the details. robert: a serious accident happened two hours ago now out on the i.c.c. route 200 east
4:23 pm
and westbound. new hampshire avenue remains closed. looking at the camera shot on the eastbound side, that is coming toward. that is where the accident happened. dump truck hit the left side guardrail and spewed whatever it was hauling on the westbound side. right now one person was in critical condition. the other one in serious condition. both taken to area hospitals. it's shut down. the outer left side of the stop and go continues from the toll road past the accident near connecticut aver to the shoulder. northbound 270. local lane. three-car accident reported there as well. outbound 395 leaving the pentagon. stop and go and starting to jam up on the eastbound side of the 14th street bridge. that is the latest from the traffic center. back to you. alison: thank you very much, robert. still to come on "abc7 news at 4:00" --
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the fate of the boston bomber could soon be in the hands of a jury. details on the closing arguments that took place today in the trial for dzhokhar tsarnaev. scott: we are also monitoring any new information on the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. stay with abc7 and for coverage throughout the evening. "abc7 news at 4:00" will continue in a moment. is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number.
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scott: the intense search for missing u.s. marine helicopter continues in the air and on the ground in nepal. six marines and two nepalese soldiers were on board to deliver aid to earthquake survivors. the pentagon says there is no indication that the chopper crashed. and it is possible that it made an emergency landing. meanwhile, evacuation orders have begun just a day after a second earthquake there. alison: meanwhile today the jury who found dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty in the boston marathon bombing will soon decide if he will get the death penalty or life in prison. scott: closing arguments got underway this morning and we get the latest now from elizabeth hur in boston. elizabeth: this morning, dzhokhar tsarnaev back in court after his attorneys argued one last time for the jurors to spare his life. claiming the 21-year-old making the obscene gesture is remorseful for the death and injuries he caused. to help make the case,ed on monday the defense called the
4:28 pm
final witness. an anti-death penalty crusader and roman catholic nun portrayed in the movie "dead man walking." the sister had seen tsarnaev five times testifying that he is genuinely sorry for what he did and feels sorry for his victims. adding he told her no one deserves to suffer like they did. the defense then showed these childhood pictures of tsarnaev in an effort to humanize the convicted killer claiming he was lost and under the influence of his older brother. three people were kill and more than 260 injured when two bombs exploded near the boston marathon finish line in 2013. tsarnaev was convicted on all 30 counts against him. prosecutors maintained death is the only proper punishment. the defense closed today by reminding jurorring their decision must be unanimous. adding it is their duty to discuss and deliberate but not
4:29 pm
their obligation to vote for death. in boston elizabeth hur abc7 news. alison: still ahead at 4:00 -- we will go back to leon harris who is in philadelphia with an update on the amtrak derailment. we will also learn how d.c. mayor muriel bowser is call
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you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00" on your side.
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leon: leon harris in philadelphia as we cover the tragedy on the track that happened when amtrak 188 derailed 200 yards behind us here at this location. in north philadelphia. ntsb is saying that preliminary data shows shows that the train was going more than 100 miles per hour. well this section of track is only rated for about 50 miles per hour. whatever happened, seven people are now dead. that number has been confirmed. at least 200 we understand are hospire currently in the hospital. we expect to get more information from the ntsb. they have a news conference set to start at 5:00. of course we'll have coverage of it for you right here. in meantime the mayor of new york and d.c. come out to call for safety measures looking at amtrak and the infrastructure. they were in washington today and sam ford was there to cover it. he is live now with more on what he heard. sam? sam: leon, 30 mayors were in
4:33 pm
town today as part of the u.s. conference of mayors. lobbying congress on the funding of transportation infrastructure. though the cause of the amtrak crash is not known at this point, new york mayor bill de blasio called it a painful coincidence. this happened as the mayors are sounding the alarm. they urged member of congress to spend more to improve road bridges and transit. both de blasio and d.c. mayor muriel bowser expressed condolences for the families who had loved ones on the train that originated in d.c. headed for new york. >> those of us who live on the train line from washington philly to new york it's very personal for all of us. we have all taken that train. >> while we don't know what the causes were of last night's accident, we do know that investing in our infrastructure is critically important each and every day.
4:34 pm
sam: they complain that the u.s. spends a fraction on infrastructure compared to europe and china. and de blasio raised the question whether safety is being compromised by that lack of investment. reporting live from capitol hill sam ford abc7 news. leon: thank you for that sam. in contrast to the comments comments from washington, a few moments ago we heard philadelphia mayor michael nutter asking question about amtrak and the safety measures and the infrastructure with regard to am trok using the corridor today. he said today is not the day to talk about that, or talk about politics or policy. today is the day to remember those lost and their families. we know the corridor between new york and philadelphia has been completely shut down. things have been come collated up and down the eastern seaboard now. there is a problem brewing in baltimore. let's go right now to penn
4:35 pm
station to look at what is happening there. what can you tell us? >> a far slower than normal rush hour at baltimore. you can see the cabbies lining up behind us. commuters are coming in here in the last few minutes. train leaving northbound can go no farther than you are in philadelphia. there is a 4:30 train to boston. usually pulling out of here by now. that has been canceled with other trains. some southbound d.c. because of the route from the north isn't coming. with all the scheduling nightmares, service for the few commuting here went pretty smoothly today. i talked to a passenger who came down from perryville to go to church in baltimore and he told me the train lines and the rails were all clear. he only noticed one train going northbound to him. that is the scene from here.
4:36 pm
i'm paul gessler reporting. back to you. leon: good to hear there are not problems there. we expect to have a news conference with the ntsb at the top of the hour to learn more about what is going on with their investigation. the process of going through the wreckage site still continues. the mayor said they have found every person on board the train. we'll keep you posted. back to you. scott: thank you. the amtrak accident in philadelphia stirs up difficult memories for residents in a baltimore county community. alison: in 1987 amtrak colonial 94 crashed in a freight train. this is in chase maryland. people died and were hurt. bill and barbara are in the
4:37 pm
same house they lived in during the disaster and they remember the day. >> a loud explosion. we were taking the christmas tree down. >> the train was behind my buddy's house. we were bringing them over to be in one spot. alison: the 1987 accident was becamed on engineer high -- blamed on an engineer high on marijuana. we're told he ignored a warning signal as well. stay with abc7 and for continuing coverage of the tragedy on the tracks in philadelphia. we will bring you press conferences and updates as soon as they happen. but first go ahead and turn to the weather. everybody is talk about how much cooler it is today. but pretty nice out there. scott: not too shabby. chief meteorologist doug hill with a look at what we can expect tonight. doug: the winds will diminish some of the cloud cover will diminish as well. temperatures will get in the lower 50's in many areas. 57 as we look at the numbers at reagan national airport. 64 in frederick. 67 degrees at quantico.
4:38 pm
a couple of 70's but you have to go far south, fredericksburg. 71 in charlottesville. plenty of warm air farther south. high weather leaves northwesterly winds bringing in the cool air. that keeps them below average. 42 to 52 is the range of temperatures by morning with clear skies and and diminishing winds. tomorrow we will have more sunshine today. lighter winds. warmer temperatures. 72. sunny, 76 degrees on friday. saturday and sunday as well. mid-80's. partly sunny. warm and muggy afternoon thunderstorms. that is the way it is looking for several days. we will check out the complete seven-day outlook in a few minutes. alison: we'll see you then. changes could be coming to the military maternity leave policy. the secretary is expected to propose a policy to allow sailors and marines up to 12 weeks maternity leave. that is double the current allowance. one of several initiatives aimed to retain talented women. it would require legislative
4:39 pm
approval. still to come at 4:00 -- our coverage of the tragedy on the tracks continues with a look at some of the incredible images and reaction that has all been posted on socia
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scott: we have seen first-hand accounts of the amtrak derailment in philadelphia all over social media as well alaska the devastating images. alison: joce sterman is going to share what she found out there. joce: we are seeing three main emotions. this one from the former lawmaker patrick murphy on pennsylvania, he was on board the train and he is tweeting about gratitude, thanks the first responders there in a minute. the naval academy tweeting about their midshipman that was killed in the accident. a kid from new york city headed home on leave, one of the live lost. we've got hope on social media. this is a philadelphia company that still does not know the whereabouts of their ceo. she was on the train last night and they are holding out hope she will be found at some point. we want to rewind and show you the stunning video we have seen on social media. this comes from a man who was on board the train. he took it seconds after the crash as people on board try
4:43 pm
to squeeze out of the small areas in the cabin trying to get out of the cars in absolute blackness. he also tweeted some footage just a few moments after that, showing us the extent of his injuries. he was badly cut on his legs. a lot of bruises hurt his neck as well. he also captures a chaotic scene out of frankfurt junction. show you all the first responders there. within moments he posted this to social media ten minutes after that crash last night. prayers for everybody involved in this amtrak incident. a popular thing there. but we are seeing the stunning images. this was actually taken by murphy earlier on in the night. bloody passengers trying to seek escape from the situation. a really grisly harrowing scene we have seen. they are still cleaning up but still a lot of hope on social media. scott: all right, thank you. we'll check back in soon. up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a "7 on your side" consumer alert about a piece of furniture that could be in
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scott: with school budgets tightening and programming being cut, "7 on your side" is on your side finding out what perks you are paying for when it comes to your local school superintendents. alison: the government watchdog investigators chris papst pulled all the contracts of superintendents across the region and found eye-opening comparisons. he joins us now with more. chris? chris: this is what we are talk about right here. the contract of 29 local school superintendents in the past few weeks. we read through all of this. light reading to find out exactly what you are paying for. within the contracts we found that two school ceo's get $12,000 a year for a car allowance, even though one of the school districts is considering charges parents to bus the kids to and from school. this is story you will only see tonight at 5:00 on abc7 news. we also found the average school ceo salary is about $195,000 a year.
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now they are public servants. but that is more than other public servants make like the governor of virginia for example who makes $175,000 a year. or the governor of maryland who makes $150,000 a year. that is a comparison that some find hard to accept. >> who can justify a superintendent making more than the governor of the state of virginia? that is an outrage! chris: coming up at 5:00 we will tell you which superintendent in area get personal drivers, security details and housing allowances. up to $24,000 a year. we will also tell you why superintendents in the past couple of years have been able to demand such perks and impressive compensation packages. chris papst, abc7 news. scott: interesting stuff. all right. looking forward to that. meanwhile, "7 on your side" is on your side with a consumer alert involving laz-boy
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recliners. they have before recalled because they have a tip. no injuries were reported. the furniture was sold from january 2015 through march of 2015. alison: are you an aspiring singer/songwriter? clint black is looking for the next big act. upload a video of you or your band performing an original song and clint black will narrow it down to four finalists and people can vote for their second. you have until june 2 to submit the video. the winner will be announced in july. the winner gets a trip to nashville to record your song in clint black's studio. go to for contest rules. you know what is weird? scott and i did an event saturday night and the entertainment was clint black. scott: he was fantastic. alison: he was. doug: many years ago i was part of, out at bull run they
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had a country musicfest. i got to meet him in one of his first public performances ever and to see his whole career is impressive. alison: all right. weather wise cool day. doug: not the hot summary feel we had yesterday. that will come back this weekend. in the meantime diminishing winds is the thing to talk about. still windy. a live shot from chesapeake beach. this is on the beach of the by a. you look at the boats in the dock and you can see the outriggers bouncing up and down because of the strong gusty winds out there that continue to grow 25 miles per hour at times. 27 at reagan national. winds out of northwest at 21 miles per hour. the air is dry. dry air gusty winds, big pollen count. up comfortable high pollen levels. mold spore and weeds in the lower. i don't know if i have seen everything in the high range at once. that seems to be allergy armageddon. those of us suffering hang in there.
4:51 pm
it will get better in time. as far as numbers around the rest of the area holding in the 60's. 65 in annapolis now. 63 in manassas. 64 in frederick. temperatures will fall after sunset. satellite radar not revealing with the fair weather clouds. we get to the sunset those clouds will diminish. it will be nice and clear. changes are on the way. with the cool temperatures. 42 to 52 overnight with clear skies. then we start to warm it up as the high pressure moves offshore the next couple of days. as that happens we see the numbers start to recover. 72 for a high tomorrow. for the next seven days continued to increase in the daily temperatures. expect highs to be in the mid-to-upper 70's on friday. back in 80's over the weekend. chance of storms on saturday, sunday and then on monday. alison: all right. looks pretty good. thank you. well, get a check on the traffic to see how that is looking. robert altman has details. hi there. robert: hey alison. when we started out the rush hour, a very serious accident
4:52 pm
along the i.c.c. near new hampshire avenue. maryland 200 at new hampshire. everything was shut down eastbound and westbound. taking a look now you can see the traffic coming toward us eastbound. what would be the traffic coming toward us. eastbound is shut down. westbound, two right lanes are open. leaving 95 heading to rockville. the good news for commuters right now. the bad news is two people seriously hurt. one critically in this accident when a dump truck hit the guardrail on the i.c.c. near new hampshire avenue. northbound 270 in the local leaps just above montrose road. the delay starting to extend back to the 2770 spur continuing on up to 117. moving in through montgomeryville and clarks clarksburg, expect delays. leaving 66 to silver spring to 50. that is the latest from the traffic center. back to you. alison: all right. thank you. scott: up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- who doesn't like to save money while shopping? "7 on your side" to explain
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alison: well, we have the spring-like weather here and many of us are thinking about buying grills or outdoor furniture. but knowing when to buy it can keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket. scott: consumer reporter john matarese explains when prices are the lowest so you don't waste your money. john: want to save a lot of money? a lot of money on your shopping? sure you do. look for big sales is one way to do it. knowing when to shop is important, too. timing is everything when it comes to finding bargains. for adventure mom blog knowing when to shop can save hundreds of dollars a year. >> definitely better times of the year to find some of the best deals on specific items. john: she agreed to share her secret calendar of monthly deals. january. >> different holidays.
4:57 pm
john: january is the best time for a new tv at stores like best buy in super bowl sales. linens? >> memorial day weekend there are sales on mattress. john: memorial day is big sale on beds and mattresses. >> you can take advantage not only at their store but at other stores who are competing with the prices too. john: father's day is sales at home depot and lowes. >> father's day get deal on tools. john: july has big saving on summer clothing and swimsuits. >> summer clearance, we will see it in july. then it will be more in august/september. john: august, the best month for laptop and school flies even if you don't have --
4:58 pm
school supplies even if you don't have young kid. >> stock up because the prices are low and competitive. john: buying clothing at the end of the season is not as exciting as buying them at the start of the season but the credit card bill will thank you. you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese abc7 news. alison: tragedy on the track. >> really scary. >> you can hear other people hurt. alison: as the amtrak 188 investigation continues evidence suggests the train hit a dangerous bend at a terrifying speed. >> it's just a great loss that that happened. alison: the naval academy in mourning. among the seven victims a midshipman on his way home. and a mad scrambling. >> it has been a little disturbing not being able to get to your final destination. alison: northbound travelers at union station battle for a way out of town. now, five five -- "abc7 news at 5:00" on your side.
4:59 pm
scott: good evening. leon: i'm reporting for your live from philadelphia where the crews are going through the wreckage at the scene where the amtrak train 188 derailed here in northeastern philadelphia. they are still searching the crash site looking for any signs of people that may be trapped inside even at this hour. that train was traveling from d.c. to new york when it derailed. around a curb in northeastern philadelphia. now we should also advise you that we are standing by for a press conference with the ntsb. we have been waiting all day to hear from them. as soon as they get started we will go there live to cover that. seven people are dead. 200 more injured. eight of the people are in the hospital in critical condition at this hour. we have team coverage of tragedy on the tracks. brad bell and suzanne kennedy joining me here in philadelphia. jeff goldberg and stephen tschida are in d.c. monitoring the impact there. let's start with brad bell here in philadelphia. brad? brad: leon, i'm in the middle
5:00 pm
of a crowd right now waiting for the ntsb briefing that we expect to start at any moment. just beyond, though the police officers beyond the building the searches continuing at this hour to make sure that there are no more casualties, no more survivors, no more victims at that train wreck. the mayor described how they expanded their perimeter expanded their search area. a lot of people with lucky to be alive tonight with terrifying stories to tell. jeff cut her is one of the -- jeff cutts is one of the lucky one bruised but alive to tell the story. jeff: we were going around the curve and i could feel the train lift and go off the track. that was happening you could tell it was out of control. brad: he was in the second car behind the engine flipped upside down. beth davis in the third car and she remembers her emotion when the train stopped tumbling. beth: just being glad that you are like it


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