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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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our side. maureen: new details are emerging tonight about the deadly train derailment in the heart of philadelphia. a short time ago the ntsb confirmed the train was traveling more than 100 miles per hour shortly before it crashed. seven people were killed according to the latest information from investigators. eight people are in critical condition. and 23 people remain hospitalized out of the more than 100 people injured. abc7 has team coverage of the tragedy on the tracks. that includes the latest on the investigation and the victims. our leon harris leads our coverage on the crash scene near philadelphia. leon? leon: hello, maureen. as you can see we are here live in philadelphia. just across the road from scene of the derailment of the amtrak 188. you can see the crane in yellow and the white crane. officials are working and removing piece by piece the debris of the train. even if it plays out they have not confirmed that they
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made sure they know where each and every person on the train is right now. you mentioned the ntsb did update the investigation with the press conference a little while ago. we did learn a few things this evening. for that and for word on who survived go to brad bell standing by in philadelphia as well. brad? brad: you talk about survivors. that is one of the things that the philadelphia mayor michael nutter amazes him that so many people did walk away from this. sadly, seven perished many injured but many, many survivors. the breaking news as you said from the ntsb a while ago. they have been going over all day the data recorder from the train's engine. they have done calculations. yes, they have come up with what to them is a fact. that the train was going more than 50 miles per hour faster than it should have been which is really something that matches up with what we are hearing from the survivors
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that says it seemed that the train lost it on a tight corner. >> what had been a sleek seven-car train from d.c. to new york is a twisted pile of wreckage. the engine separated from the cars. jeff cutler was a passenger in a second car heading home to brooklyn. tonight, he is a senior. -- he is a survivor. >> i feel lucky. brad: he ended up on the ceiling of what had been the so-called quiet car. >> when everything came to a stop i could take a breath and say how do i get out of this position? which was kind of upside down. brad: he has bruises and pain in his leg. many are not as lucky. seven killed 200 treated for injuries, no ma'am critical. now the focus on why the train crashed. in the last hour ntsb investigators releasing preliminary finding. >> when the engineer induced brake application was applied the train was traveling at
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approximately 106 miles per hour. brad: the train should have been going 50. before that it should have been going 80. it was going 106 miles per hour. the ntsb says they want to interview that engineer to find out what his explanation for what happened here could possibly be. philadelphia's brad bell, abc7 news. back to you. leon: thank you. as you know, brad, officials have been slow and careful about revealing the identity of the people who were on board that train. those who survived and those who didn't. we are learning more about some of those who didn't. seven died in the crash. two of them we have information on tonight. one was a "associated press" video software architect jim gaines. he spent yesterday in meeting in the district and was returning home to his family in new jersey. also killed was a naval academy midshipmen. for more on him we go to jeff
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goldberg live outside of the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. what have you learned there? jeff: when we arrived at the academy late this morning it seemed that everyone had heard about the death of justin zemser. the shock and pain was evident all across i anap his -- across annapolis. this afternoon, his mother gave a brief statement about the sudden life about her son's life. >> the smile on the face is one of hope and promise. his sudden loss left his mother susan heart broken. >> this has shocked us all in worst way. we wish to spend the time grieving with close family and friends. jeff: justin was on his way home to rockaway beach in queens, new york when the train crashed. president of his high school class and a stand-out high school football player, justin played wyden for the navy sprint -- wide receiver for
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the navy sprint football team. >> we were pretty close. yes: he also served as intern in a new york city councilman who today called justin a bright, talent and patriotic young man who will be sorely missed. >> he committed himself to his country. jeff: ryan is a life-long resident and knows that the death impacts the entire academy. >> if you lose one, it is a big deal to all the guys. jeff: it's a big deal to neimack who is a sophomore at the academy. >> losing midshipman is like losing a family member. some people react differently. it always is hard. jeff: we are told that events were canceled because of his death. and grief counselors are on hand for those in need. no comment from the naval academy on the death. but a press conference is happening here tomorrow morning. live in annapolis, maryland
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jeff goldberg abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you. now show you a phone number that is very, very critical tonight. this is a number being used by amtrak. you can see it on your screen. this number to be used by anyone who has any questions or any information about loved ones aboard the derailed train. amtrak 188. you see the number. 1-800-523-9101. authorities tell us that they need to have anyone who has got information on loved ones on board the train, they want to hear from them to confirm for themselveses who was on the train and two was not. and their whereabouts at this moment. it is important to note how many people use the northeast regional rail corridor here. each day 750000 people ride amtrak between d.c. and eight northeastern states. so that means that the sudden severing of the service sent people scrambling for alternate transportation at
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the union station. for many people it meant catching a bus. bus lines responded by adding many additional services. others decided to drive. many are trying to find a route out of town. amtrak has not said when service will resume. i could be some time from now. the white house was quick to respond to the derailment, president obama calling it a tragedy that touches all americans. vice president joe biden who has been a champion of about track and many people know he is a patron as well riding back and forth to his home in wilmington over the years and called it his second family. he wrote this today. the victims could have been any one of our parents, children or someone from the community. our thoughts are with every person grieving now from the terrible tragedy. maureen, no doubt that many people who are here part of the grieving could be easier if we find out what happened last night. that process still goes on. back to you.
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maureen: thank you. we'll check in with you again in a few minutes. still ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00", what has happened in philadelphia is burning the date in washington and including a strong rebuke from a senator. plus surprise announcement about the orioles about what they are doing for their employees after having to cancel games because of riots in baltimore two weeks ago. doug: i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture weather center. bright sunshine, gusty winds and chilly temperatures. we'll level it out with a warming trend in the seven-day outlook coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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maureen: this is a live look at the site where seven people died in the train derailment. we learned the train was going 102 miles per hour moments before the crash. the coverage continues in a few minutes. but first new information in a home side. police arrested three suspect in the death of anthony minnick who was shot to death in a fight. stephens and smith from montgomery county are charged with first-degree county. another woman is charged being an accessory. lawyers for one of six baltimore police officers charged with the death of
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freddie gray say their client did nothing wrong. sergeant alicia white is charged with involuntary manslaughter second-degree assault and misconduct in august. her attorneys held a news conference today with the vanguard justice group. a group supporting black police officers. they said sergeant white will be cleared of wrongdoing. "grey'sgray's death led to protests and riots in baltimore. the baltimore orioles will pay the hourly employees the time they missed during the unrest. they postponed two games, played one without fans and relocated three others to florida. the money due will be paid to employees at the end of the month. concession workers will be compensated for their lost hours. up next on "abc7 news at 6:00", we will go back live to leon harris in philadelphia with what is happening there and how it is spurring debate here in washington. and chief meteorologist doug hill tells us if this
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beautiful weather will hold out for the weekend. tim: what a night in washington sports. wizards and hawks tangle in game five in atlanta. i have the latest on john wall. and alex ovechkin made the bold prediction for tonight's game seven in new york. hear what barry trotz thinks about it; what
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leon: you are looking at the bird's eye view of what the mayor calls an absolute disastrous mess, wreckage of amtrak 188 which is now meticulously picked up and carted away for scene here so the ntsb can do the job of investigating and finding out what went wrong there. as the discussion about the nation's infrastructure is already underway. with this as a backdrop. the mayor here saying that he doesn't think today is the time to talk about politics when it comes to amtrak and the infrastructure. other mayor in particular the mayor of d.c. and new york were in d.c. today to have the conversation and talk about what amtrak needs to do going forward. sam ford has more.
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sam: the new york-bound train that crashed in philadelphia became the focus of a news conference of the u.s. conference of mayors previously scheduled. they come to the capitol to lobby congress to spend more on infrastructure. the mayors of d.c. and new york were among those raising questions about the crash. >> regardless of what happens for sure but the bigger message is we have to invest in infrastructure. not just to make a viable economy but for the safety of the people as well. sam: later report suggests speed may have been a factor in the crash. mayor bowser noted she has spoken several times by phone with the philadelphia mayor michael nutter. >> mayor bouzer: we are concerned about the passengers and the crew and that there would be the proper notification of family which i understand is happening. sam: new york's mayor noted the longer the line is closed the more it will cost the economy. for those of us who live on
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the train washington from philadelphia to philly to new york, it's personal for all of us. we have all taken that train. sam: the mayors admit they don't know exactly what caused the crash in philadelphia. they emphasize that the infrastructure improvement are paramount. bill de blasio put it together, the accident was a painful coincidence. reporting from the u.s. capitol, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: meantime back in philadelphia. work does continue here on the crash site here near frankfurt avenue. we are now seeing the cranes there. they are busy picking up pieces of the train to be taken away and investigatedded further. that is it for now from here. there is a lot of work to be done. we will cover it every step of the way. we will continue to work to get you answers just what went wrong in philadelphia. so many questions to answer. we will bring you all the new details on the investigation as it breaks. much more coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. back to you. ureen: thank you. now go to the weather.
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a beautiful day. doug: more like yesterday. 90 degrees was not typical. today upper 60's to 70's in spots. look at the beautiful book at the belle haven country club. the winds have been gusty. blowing the pollen around. what we have seen in the last hour is the deck of the heavy cloud cover in the day. it will continue to diminish. the temperatures in the mid-60's. 65 at reagan national. the official numbers for you. 71 and 63 is the high and low at reagan national. 75 and 56 are the averages. a couple pleasant days before the heat and the humidity ramp up again. 63 near andrews. the temperature contrast is impressive. yesterday was warm.
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80 to 90 degrees. at this hour, the temperatures across the area ranging between 20-25 degrees colder than they were this time yesterday. tonight, it will get chilly. in the 40's in most suburban areas. the spread of numbers 42-52 degrees overnight with the winds down to 6-12 miles per hour. a lot more reasonable wind speed. tomorrow, it will be beautiful. warmer. we will see the temperatures reach in the lower 70's for the day tomorrow. probably 70 or 72 degrees for high temperature. for the next seven days we can't show you but it will be pleasant for the next few days and head to the weekend warm and humid. okay. we are back. that is the story here. high pressure building in. once it moves out of the picture, we will see the winds from the south to bring the heat and humidity from the
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south. you have a forecast that is hopeful and then winds up in the mid-80's once more with 30 to 40% chance of showers and storms saturday and sunday and 20% by -- 60% chance by monday. maureen: caps are at it again. tim: the caps are in the garden. we are waiting word on the availability of john wall for game six in atlanta. i have the latest up next
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now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: well it doesn't get better than game seven in any sport. coaches tell you you need to play at a high level but don't press. be quick, but don't rush. with that said, the rangers have done a better job than the caps over the years. washington is 4-9 in game sevens. 0-4 when they led the series 3-1. while the rangers won the last five game sevens dating back to 2012. here the other thing. the so-called experts said ove has not played well in game seven. but barry trotz is expecting something very special tonight. barry: a big game big-time player. i expect something special from him. it seems this year the bigger the stage, the bigger the moment he seems to rise. tim: game seven. go to the nba.
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wizard are in atlanta to play the hawks. best of seven tied at two games apiece. wizards practice at george tech this afternoon. practice was closed and john wall reportedly did what he did yesterday. dribbling, limited shooting, conditioning. randy whitman said after practice that john will be examined by the team doctor before the game and that is when the decision will be made about the availability for the matchup. if wall does not play the head coach has this message for his other players. randy: you have to be who you are. if you are going to try to be somebody else you probably won't do a good job. i thought our guys have done a great job. do what you do. it doesn't matter who is on the floor. all right, if you try to do somebody else's job it gets you in trouble. tim: head coach randy wittman. and diamondbacks-nats. one on. get a new baseball. off the foul pole for the home run. they are tied at five.
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the game in the seventh inning. the matchup for the big ten/a.c.c. basketball challenge is released showcase game is university of maryland against north carolina in chapel hill december 1. virginia plays at ohio state. i think maryland and virginia will be in top teams. doug: lower 70's tomorrow with sunshine and lighter winds. beautiful day on friday. heat and the humidity returns saturday, sunday monday. mid-80's with the increasing chances of shower and storm saturday to monday. steve rudin will be here at 11:00 tonight to give us an update on what you can expect in the morning and beyond. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir is up next. he is live at the scene of t
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tonight, breaking developments. we're on the scene of the deadly train derailment. federal investigators talking moments ago, revealing how fast that train was going. speeding toward disaster. the death toll rising. tonight, the search for those still missing. and we take you inside the trauma ward. also the chaos inside the train. passengers using flashlights on their phones to crawl out. >> keep crawling okay? also tonight, the wild scene on the streets of new york city. police opening fire. the suspect armed with a hammer. attacking a female police officer. the growing mystery tonight. the american military helicopter that vanished. among the missing, six u.s. marines, trying to help after the earthquake. and a hidden world tonight. more people have been to space than to this secret cave. tonight, the drones overhead. can you guess, where is ginger zee?


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