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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 15, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news. that missing marine helicopter on the rescue mission found near moupt everest. the wreckage many pieces. no chance of any survivors. what caused the deadly crash? new this morning. sudden acceleration. new video showing the moments right before the deadly amtrak crash. why did the train speed up nearly 30 miles an hour the minute before flying off the track. bill cosby responds for the first time about the allegations from dozens of women. >> i've never seen anything like this. and i -- i can't speak. >> the interview you'll only see on "gma." and scare in the water, as millions get ready to head to the beach, sharks lurking near the shore on both coasts. this great white spotted near a
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popular surf spot. six more swimming nearby. the great white warnings this morning. and good morning, america. it is a busy friday. let get right to the breaking news. the wreckage of the u.s. military helicopter which disappeared in nepal has been found. near mt. everest. u.s. troops on the ground there now. terry moran has all the latest. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. a grim discovery today. nepalese rescuers scouring the terrain, near the chinese border they've been at it for days. they spotted the wreckage of the crash. within a short time a u.s. military team including air force pararescuemen were on the
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site. then it was nepal's top defense official told reporters three bodies have been dig covered. then he said as the helicopter is broken into pieces and totally crashed, there is no chance of survivors. now the pentagon has not confirmed that report. that is from nepal's top defense official. six u.s. marines, and two nepalese soldiers were on board. they were on a relief mission, delivering rice and tents and desperately needed supplies to villagers devastated by the earthquake. it's feared those people have gib their lives for the humanitarian mission. >> they were just trying to help. we're thinking of their families. the latest on the amtrak disaster. a live look at the scene thi morning. the busiest rail corridor in the country still shut down. and today, the final moments before the train went off the
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rails. investigators saying it accelerated rapidly in the final minute. david kerley is in philadelphia wi the latest. good mo david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. they found an eighth victim yesterday. they believe e everyone is accounted for. why did the train accelerate in the final seconds before jumping the rails behind me? these are the last seconds of the amtrak train 188. closed-circuit video obtained by wpvi. as the train hits the corner, all we can see is the flash. in the last seconds, the last minute the eight-car train increased speed, from 70 to 100 miles an hour just 16 seconds before the crash. investigators have seen the on board video, too. >> mere seconds into the turn we can see the train tilting approximately ten degrees to the right. and then the recording went
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blank. >> reporter: the 32-year-old engineer suffered a concussion and has amnesia according to his attorney no memory of the moments leading up to the crash. he will talk to investigators. why did the train accelerate to more than 100 miles an hour twice the speed limit of the curve? the crumpled remains of the first passenger car and the engine. the engine is equipped with speed control technology. as of this morning, that technology is not along these tracks. >> by the end of this year we'll have positive train control in here lit not happen again. >> reporter: when you heard this train was 106 miles an hour in a 50-mile limit, what was your thought? >> it was a sickening in any stomach. >> reporter: yesterday this boy looking for his dad. >> my name is marc gildersleeve. >> reporter: his dad, bob, among the victims.
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a ceo, a real estate executive. a naval academy midshipman. >> he had an aura about him. i can't remember a bad memory i had with him. >> reporter: amtrak took me to the scene yesterday. the crumpled first car on the side of the tracks. just a mess. crews working feverishly. they hope to have the corridor reopened on tuesday. >> david, you mention that investigators do plan to talk to the engineer. do we know when that may happen? >> reporter: it could come as early as today, amy. they want him to be of sound mind and the ability to recall what he felt and saw and heard. and as the ntsb board member here said they want him to tell the story before they ask him any questions. could happen today. >> david kerley with the latest. thank you. >> that acceleration such a mystery. to the flash flooding in california overnight. forcing some evacuations and
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more than 20 million americans in the path of the severe weather right now. rob marciano trarkcking it all. >> this is out of los angeles. about three-quarters of an inch of rain there. plu out the old record by 2,000%. even with that for the year they're only at 30% of normal. up to road to fresno. this is how they're getting around there. one to two inches in spots. the dodgers had a rain delay, as did the padres. they only had that five times since they opened that park. this gets into the plains stirs up severe weather later on today across parts of western nebraska. tomorrow more pop lated areas. we'll talk more throughout the half hour. amy? >> all right, rob, thank you so much. now to a new terror arrest in the u.s. a texas man in custody accused of pledging allegiance to isis.
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pierre thomas is tracking the case. >> reporter: this latest arrest shows just how concerned the fbi is about the potential of lone wolfs. especially people that may identify with isis. investigators charged man in texas about lying about false ties after they confiscated his computer and found evidence he pledged allegiance to isis. they found vicious videos on his computer. they believe aboud snuck through mexico and flew through turkey. >> he's charged with lying to a federal agent. no terrorism charges yet. why? >> reporter: after the recent shooting in texas, fbi officials are being ultra aggressive. in this case not waiting to develop terrorism charges. they wanted aboud off the streets. the latest now on deflategate. tom brady has field an appeal of
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his four-game su pension. commissioner roger goodell will personally hear the appeal. ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: the league rejecting brady's request for a neutral, third-party arbitrator. attacking the detlatgate report adds wrought with problems. the wells report in context lays out the patriots' case. stating there is no evidence that tom brady pretered footballs lower than the league norm of 1.5 and no evidence that anyone did anything. locker room attendant jim mcnally aka the deflator. according to the pats that nickname has nothing to do with deflating footballs. one possibility, they say, it was a reference to his desire to lose weight. the in context report alleged
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mcnally's alleged trip to the bathroom before the game. according to the pats the report does not address whe 1:40 is consistent with the time that it takes a gentleman to enter a bathroom relieve himself, wash his hands, and leave. in fact it is. also new this morning, the nfl players' association representing brady sharing the contents of the appeal exclusively with abc news. writing that brady's punishment is based on insufficient evidence and his treatment is unfair and inconsistent. asserting no player in the history of the nfl has ever received anything approaching this level of discipline for similar behavior. the players' association also vowing to call roger goodell as a witness to answer questions about how his discipline was handled and what may have been a sting operation to implicate the
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patriots and mr. brady. >> dan abrams is here. goodell, witness and judge. surprised? >> yeah. technically, under the nfl constitution, roger goodell is allowed and empowered to hear these sorts of appeals. typically, you would expect the commission to hear this kind of appeal. in this case with this amount of controversy, and because he's been under fire for so long now, i would have expected that he would have wanted an objective person to hear it. so what? if someone else comes in and says they got it wrong on deflating footballs, what's the big deal? this is not a particularly sensitive topic. it's not related to racism or sexism or something like that. so if he gets repudiated as he has in the past for example in the ray rice case by an objective neutral arbitrator who cares? >>en unusually detailed appeal? >> very. procedural, saying the executive
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vice president of the nfl didn't have the power to issue this punishment. number two, the punishment doesn't fit the crime. it should have been fair and consistent with past punishments. number three is substantive. saying the wells report can't be trusted. too many inconsistent sis. the vongest argument in my view is punishment doesn't fit the crime. >> that could apply to the patriots' penalty as well. >> that's a separate appeal. they have until may 21st to appeal. they have a stronger argument within the nfl to appeal. the wells report itself cleared the owner and the coach. so why are the patriots getting this enormous fine and looing the draft picks? their argue is stronger than brady's. brady has a more likely chance to take this outside of the nfl and sue in court if he loses in the nfl. all right, guys. now to the alert for anyone heading to the beaches this weekend. sharks spotting along both
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coasts. six of them off the waters in southern california there. and that massive great white, hanging out near new york. gio benitez is in rockaway beach, new york, this morning. >> reporter: shark attacks are rare. they do happen. beaches from coast to coast are putting swimmers on high alert. be ware the great white. this morning, scare in the water. this shocking sight caught off the coast of a popular southern california surf spot. marine experts say that is a juvenile great white, swimming alongside a sheriff's booed this week. that shark wasn't alone. at least six more in the water. some up to six feet long. just two weeks ago, another swim at your own risk alert after these go juvenile great whites were seen swimming off the same surf line. >> this is the first time in 25 years a confirmed shiiting of a
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white shark. >> reporter: experts say young great whites are often harmless. >> hey, get out of the water! >> shark! >> if a swimmer gets too close, the dapger can be very real. >> just hear everything crunch. >> reporter: just up the coast, a 7 to 8-foot juvenile attacked. so far this year eight shark attacks. one of them in maui fatal. now as the weather heats up beachgoers on both coasts are on high alert. the 16-foot 3500-pound geo-tagged shark known as mary lee has been cruising new york and new jersey shorelines for weeks. and that great white, mary lee, was spotted just off this coast here a couple of days ago. i want to show you how big she is. from where i'm standing to the
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edge of these rocks here that's how big mary lee is. about 16 feet. research eers were shocked by her size. >> and she has her own twitter account, too. 40,000 followers. big news here and around the world. let's turn to "gma" weekend anchor dan harris. >> hey, good morning. it's happened again. the white house placed on lockdown for more than an hour after a man started flying a drone, equipped with a camera across the street. the secret service took him into custody and inspected the drone. washington is a no-drone zone. a newly released audio recording is casting doubt on reports that the leader of isis has been incapacitated. there was talk that al baghdadi was gravely injured. in this audio recording, he refers to incidents that took place as recentlies a late
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march. two officials in the los angeles county sheriff's office has pleaded not guilty. the former undersheriff and the captain went to extreme lengths to hide the abuse of jail inmates. the sheriff resigned last year. a freight train unable to stop before plowing into a tractor trailer on the tracks in south carolina. happy to say that nobody got hurt. and an incredible and slightly disturbing sight in china. police pulled over a slow-moving van and found 51 people crammed inside. that van is only designed to seat six people. officer there is are cracking down on unlicensed cab drivers who cram as many people as possible into vance in order to boost profits. finally this morning, we remember the man known as the king of the blues. b.b. king has died at the age of 89. fans are gathering at the b.b. king blues club and grill.
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he was a former farm hapd who took his unique sound from the mississippi juke joints to the international stage. chris connelly looks back at a remarkable career. ♪ thrill is gone ♪ >> reporter: his 1970 hit "the thrill is gone" secured his contemporary status as king of the blues. ♪ oh the thrill is gone ♪ >> reporter: in his decades of recording and through some 15,000 live performances b.b. king was a blues virtue woe sow. and that voice. ♪ how blew can you get ♪ >> reporter: was a voice that harkened back to his days in mississippi, where he was born on a cotton plantation before coming to memphis and fining hits with such songs as "sweet little angel." ♪ i've got a sweet little angel ♪ >> reporter: admired by fans and
7:17 am
fellow musicians. he clab rated with eric clapton on riding with the king. and with u2 with love comes to town. ♪ when love came to town ♪ >> reporter: and in 2012 at the white house with a cast of all-stars. and president obama singing a blew bluesy song. ♪ sweet home chicago ♪ >> reporter: given the presidential medal of freedom and elect odd the hall of fame. he was a consummate artist. able to climb inside the deepest blues imaginable. ♪ for "good morning america," chris connelly and, new york. >> man worthy of the title legend. musicians all over the world tweeting out tribute this is morning. including this b.b., anyone could play a thousand notes and never say what you said in one. that from lenny kravitz.
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i want to address news you may have seen about me. over the last several years, i have made dozens of donations to charities, including the clinton foundation. they were a matter of public record. i should have made additional disclosures on air when we covered the foundation. i now believe directing personal donations to that foundation was a mistake. i should have gone the extra mile to avoid even the appearance of a conflict. i apologize to all of you for failing to do that. amy? george we have a lot of weather news to get to. including the flooding out west. let's go to rob. >> the rainwater just running down the steps and running off. that's a prom. some areas in california trying to capture this. getting snow across the east of l.a. in the mountains there. that's a shot of that. your local forecast just 30 seconds away.
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jacqui:oo morning washingt. another beautifuful daday to look forward to, but the temperatures willll be up a little e bit and we will have a bit more cloud cover wiwith partly sunny skies anhigh temperatures in ththe mid to upper 70's today. overnight tonight, mild with lolows in the 60's, tomorrow the heat really kicks in with showers and thunrstorm possible in t the afternoon and highs in the mid to upper0's saturday
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and coming up on "gma," an abc news exclusive. bill cosby speaks out for the first time about those allegations from women across the country. also ahead, "world news" anchor david muir is with us. could air bags meant to keep you safe actually put you in danger. it's nearly memorial day so hurry in to lowe's for these great deals, like $10 off select deck and concrete resurfacers via online or mail-in rebate. plus 10% off composite decking. so before this memorial day, come to lowe's and enjoy special savings.
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jummy: time to get a check on the weather for you today. jacqui jeras is standing by. jacqui: looking quite good, but this is kind of our last comfortable day before the heat and humidity returns plus a chance of thunderstorms into the weekend. temperatures in the 60's
7:27 am
downtown, 64 in fredericksburg 54 degrees in winchester. 70's by the lunch hour, a special bike to work day, no problems here though a stray mountain shower will be possible this afternoon. warm and humid this afternoon with highs in the mid to upper 80's. angela: tied up on the fairfax county parkway, over the scene of this crash it is a jackknifed tractor-trailer traveling southbound nearly highway. they have moved it over to the center but we are blocking lanes in each direction as a result of this overturned tractor-trailer on the fairfax county parkway. no issues to report, just volume for you, making her trip into silver spring inbound at stirling avenue blocking the right lane. back over to you, jummy. jummy: authorities are investigating a suspicious fire
7:28 am
in the district where three adults and a foot -- child were found dead in northwest. sources tell us the victims were killed before the fire was set. police have not confirmed that. sentencing is set for local rabbi who secretly recorded naked women in a ritual bath. a rabbi in georgetown, he pled guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism. right now you can get more news weather, and traffic updates live on news channel 8. have a great day.
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good morning, america. right now, the wreckage of the military helicopter that went messing with six marines on board has been found near mt. everest everest. everyone on board feared dead. this mysterious fire that left four people dead very suspicious. and bill cosby responds about the ale gagss from dozens of women for the first time. an abc news exclusive. as we say good morning, america. happy friday. robin not here. guess where she is? down in miami to give the keynote address to the national aarp conference. guys you have a few years. robin and i have our cards. >> proud members. one of the biggest names in muse thick morning. >> prepare yourself america. for one epic announcement. >> that's right.
7:31 am
you have to wait for the epic announcement. we're revealing our huge lineup for our summer parties in the park. one hint you'll be cruising in five seconds when you hear this lineup. >> i can get one of them. >> yeah i can, too. >> you can get one everyone though you're a member of the aarp. that's good. >> i have kids. did you for that dan. appreciate it. we move on and begin on a serious note. the mysterious fire in an upscale washington, d.c. neighborhood. the bodies of three adults and a child found inside the mansion. >> reporter: good mornings george. this is a real mystery. a deadly fire in a neighborhood of multimillion-dollar homes. the cause of the fire suspicious. authorities have yet to say who the victims are or how they died. just a few blocks from the vice president's official residence, a nand full of mansions. >> 3201 woodland drive.
7:32 am
a three-story house fire on the second and third floors. >> reporter: a suspicious fire at this $3.5 million home. >> we've removed four victims. >> the fire is suspicious in nature. we have slee adult and what appears to be a child deceased inside the home. >> reporter: police would not say who they are or how they died. but wjla obtained politics records showing that the ceo of american ironworks lived here. his wife amy, active in society circles. neighbors say three children live here. two away at boarding school. >> i've been here for 25 years. nothing like this ever happens. it's rattling. >> reporter: a blue porsche 911 was seen at the home before the fire and later, found abandoned. authorities have reportedly found evidence suggesting that the fire was set.
7:33 am
unclear if the four victims died in the fire or were already dead. and the motive and possible culprit also unleerclear. now to the abc news exclusive. bill cosby responding to questions about allegations of sexual assault for the first time. he's in alabama, where he's spreading his message about education, preparing to speak to students later today. >> reporter: this morning, embattled comedian bill cosby trying to change the narrative. for the first time responding to questions about the barrage of sexual assault allegations. are you prepared for the backlash if a young person comes up to you and says my mom says you've done some bad things. how will you answer them? did you do it are you guilty? are the allegations true snmgts i'm not sure that they will come like that. i thing many of them say, well
7:34 am
you're a hypocrite. you say one thing, you say the other. my point is okay listen to me carefully. i'm telling you where the road is out. now, you want to go here or you want to be concerned about who's giving you the message? >> since november allegations have resurfaced with more than 30 women coming forward. some accusing cosby of drugging or sexually assaulting him. his side as issued a number of denial. he's never been criminally charged. in an effort to turn the page now part of an initiative invited by the plaque belt community foundation to bring attention to underfunded schools in alabama. online a fire storm. are you concerned at all given the allegations that that may overshadow your message? >> i have been in this business 52 years and -- i will -- i've
7:35 am
never seen anything like this. and reality is the situation. and i -- i can't speak. >> reporter: just given the allegations alone, were they enough to make you think twice about inviting mr. cosby? ichlgts >> i would say yes. at the end of the day, what was most important was how do we make sure the world knows the black belt children matter. >> reporter: some of your biggest sporters say they're worried about your legacy. what would you like your legacy to be? >> i really know about what i'm going to do tomorrow. i have a ton of ideas to put on television. about people and their love for each other. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news montgomery alabama. >> thank you.
7:36 am
you can see more of that interview tonight on the "nightline." now to rob and the weather. >> we have hail in parts of lubbock, texas. this is the small stuff. ? some areas, they'll have quarter-sized hail. this is the small stuff. we don't sweat it much. check it out across parts of lubbock, swamping roadways and parking lots there. an inch and a quarter was the record. they have had a very very wet spring. ten inches of rainfall this year already. they typically get 19 all year. they could use the rain fall right around here. wichita falls. western parts of oklahoma. i think the heaviest will be jacqui: hapappy friday,verybody. we are endinthe work week o nice note, another great day with temperares in the mid to upper 70's a added cloudud
7:37 am
>> this weather cast brought to you by cottonenll ere. try to integrate a little bit. coming up here, "world news tonight" anchor david muir with a shocking investigation. these air bags meant to keep you safe. and dress code dilemma, the teen sent to detention for wearing this to school. the way she's fighting back grabbing headlines across the globe. how was your wiping experience? ok. why do you think ripples are so great? probably ripples would just clean better. yeah, why? just...would pick up more layers. do you feel confident enough to go commando? go commando...uh...yeah sure. congratulations! i did it! how do you feel? fresh! only cottonelle has cleanripple texture, so going cottonelle means you can go commando.
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we're back now with a first look at a year-long abc news investigation into fakes. counterfeit goods hiding in every corner of your home from medicine to makeup to air bags. yes, there are people out there duping families into buying air bags that could harm you. david muir is here with his investigation. it's a shocking story.
7:42 am
>> the whole hour is shocking. there's an urgent effort under way to undercover counterfeit goods. this morning, we're revealing the tricks. air bags. the family that knew they needed a replacement air they bought a used car. so they bought one. but watch this. we're given access to secret facilities all over the country out the catch the fakes. counterfeit goods that end up in every corner of your home. even your driveway. >> hi david. we're the larsons. this is millimetermy i'm bob. >> reporter: the larsons reaching out to us. standing in front of their used car, they bought it knowing they needed to replace the air bag. they didn't know hat the air bag they bought online was from this guy. the man who owned this home in indian trailing north carolina. who tonight is behind bars. >> new details emerge in the case as the man accused of selling fake car parts. >> reporter: look what they found in igor's home.
7:43 am
fake air bags. he sold $1.7 million. calling himself air bag pros. the larsons telling us federal investigators reached out to them. >> we found later the guy who sold us the driver's side air bag sold us a bum bag. >> reporter: we offered to tow the larsons' car to a dealer to have their air bag replaced with an authorized air bag. we're about to test their air bag. first they set off a real air bag. then the one in the larsons' car. >> two, one. >> wow. >> shrapnel. you would have had a face full of plastic. >> we have a piece of the air bag cover over here. this is probably about 40 feet from the actual explosion of the air bag. can you imagine this being in the driver's space of a car. >> just unbelievable.
7:44 am
you saw the ebay seal, top seller. tonight, they'll show the counterfeit crest toothpaste with anti-freeze in it. counterfeit mac makeup. some of it hiding in plain sight. check this out. you believe she's selling counterfeit prescription medication from here. >> correct. >> reporter: we're off. >> if we see a lady wearing a striped shirt with gray pants. she's right in front of us. >> reporter: we dark across the parking lot. >> she's with me. >> reporter: they find her. a push cart, a tiny mobile pharmacy. this is a prescription anti-inflammatory you can get for arthritis. i ask her if she's worried. she says no. men with back they're angry over what it did with them. they showed up with our cameras
7:45 am
rolling. are you in main? they were there to complain saying what was in the medicine you gave us. >> designed to protect you and heal you are kill sners. >> everything shipped in is not watched over like theb the fda like med sip at your pharmacy. you can see more tonight opt a special "20/20," to catch a fake. 10:00 p.m. 9:00 central. david, amazing. coming up next kris jenner speaking out for the first time. what she's saying about life with bruce. and the dads trending around the world for these photos. are they parenting fails or the the ultimate dad wins? all want to see our kids grow up strong. and when you buy your vitamins at walgreens, your purchase helps provide life-changing vitamins to 100 million children. here in the u.s. and around the world
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we're all accounted for except dan in the social square with the speed feed. >> i'm going to tell you about something i can identify with. it's called the hashtag dadwins. there's an entire instagram accounts filled with fatherly
7:50 am
vickorys in child care. this dad is proud of how he handles spills. this up with zi a cam flaum for some spilled mac and cheese. check out this tad's solution to sticky hands. not sure if mom will like that. babies can help with shores. this little one pitching in as his dad stacks laundry. speaking as a father of a 5-month-old, by little alexander turns 5 months old today. i have a by accepts workout. a combination byicep triceps workout. >> he looks just like you. >> except for he's a large -- a large person unlike me. yes, yes. >> he's huge. >> he's a very large baby. i'm proud. he's going to crush my enemies when i get older.
7:51 am
>> a great workout. >> it is a great workout. it's not showing up yet. >> we have so much more coming up. stay with us, everybody. almay celebrates the true spirit of american beauty. which rises from the heart of our great country... dreams are born. hopes fly high... we love this country with a passion. you can see the pride in our eyes. read the joy on our faces. hear the love on our lips. we create products that deliver an effortless beauty look. genuine and glowing with confidence. almay. simply american. at philadelphia, there's an art to making cream cheese. we always use fresh milk, real cream, and no preservatives.
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7:55 am
the epa now faces a choice: cave to the oil industry? or keep their commitment to america's rural communities. paid for by fuels america.
7:56 am
jummy: good morning and happy friday, a check on the weather for you, jacqui jeras? jacqui: a good-looking day ahead, don't worry, the sunshine is coming to the clouds with temperatures warmer than yesterday, 58 degrees downtown high pressure sliding off and pushing through our region, heading into saturday and sunday, a comfortable day with low humidity, high temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. starting tomorrow a little bit more active early next week.
7:57 am
occasional showers and thunderstorms with temperatures in the 80's. angela: the jackknifed tractor-trailer should be in the final clearing stages. along the capital beltway sluggish traffic from and through annandale. on the prince george's county side to the outer loop you will see the outer loop delays. a live look here passing new hampshire avenue friday for those folks. back over to you. jummy: police investigating an early morning shooting outside a nightclub in the fairfax county section of alexandria. a man was shot outside of eddie's billiard. his injuries are serious but not life-threatening. today his bike to work day.
7:58 am
for more traffic and weather news updates right now, head over to good morning washington live on news channel 8.
7:59 am
(mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru subaru.
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♪ lying ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the teen ager fighting back after being suspended for violating the school dress code. kris jenner speaking out for the first time. >> we could not keep our hands off each other. >> what she has to say about life with bruce and his transition to a new life. ♪ bang bang into the room ♪ and the morning after the most shocking finale in "scandal" history. >> the president himself joining us right here live. get ready to welcome everyone's favorite primetime leading man to times square. and a whole bunch of sharks this morning. there they are. entrepreneurs this morning facing off getting ready for
8:01 am
robert herjavec. chief shark today. boy, he's really getting into it. >> he always does. the man gives it everything he has every time he's here. joining us, fresh off the red hot "scandal" final e. you two just can't get enough of each other. >> please. in my dreams. "scandal" finale last night. no spoilers but, you're so good to your fans. we'll talk about that. how you are there tweeting and loving them right to the end of it. >> that's right. i've been up all night tweeting to them. almost. >> all morning about the tweeting parties. sound like fun. >> you have to come. >> lara was there. >> consider us there. also ahead, we'll tell you about the red-hot artists who are going to light up our summer parties in the park. it's quite a list. but you have to wait just a little bit longer. >> it is fantastic list. harper gave it a thumbs up when i gave her a sneak peek
8:02 am
yesterday. now, the morning rundown from dan. >> we're going the begin with the breaking news out of nepal. the wreckage of a missing u.s. helicopter has been found, three days after it took off on a relief mission to deliver supplies to earthquake survivors. authorities say it is unlikely there are any survivors. now to the train derailment in philadelphia. the train sped up for a full minute when it was supposed to be slowing down. it's unclear why the train axel accelerate accelerated. investigators plan to question the engineer possibly as early as today. the first of the eight victims' funerals will be held today. a bill that would make vaccines mandatory for nearly every child son track for approval in california. it would eliminate exceptions for parents who oppose vaccines because of religious or personal bleefs.
8:03 am
now to a dress code dilemma. one that has a teenager faces off with her school. she's punished for her outfit. she's not taking it quietly. >> reporter: this morning, one teenager saying dwroe this dress. but her school saying no. 18-year-old high school senior lauren wiggins speaking out, telling cbc news her school suspended her for one day for wearing this dress, saying it tound her full-plengt backless halter dress in appropriate. >> they said that part of my body showing was a distraction, a sexual distraction to the young men in my school. >> reporter: lauren wrote a letter to her school fighting against the unjust standards women face. saying she's fed up that women canning be comfortable without being provocative. if you're truly concerned that a boy in school will get distracted by my upper back and shoulders, he needs to be sent home and practice self-control.
8:04 am
>> i think it's ridiculous. ridiculous. >> reporter: her school's website lists a dres code banning shirts erks posing shoulders, back or midriffs. citing halter tops as excessively revealing. >> if there's an issue with one of the rules, bring it to our attention. we'll work with you. >> reporter: we reached out to lauren, her family and the school district and have not heard back. for "good morning america," mara shaf camp pochiavocampo schiavocampo, abc news new york. off the edge. u2's the edge falling off the stage. he posted to instagram, i didn't see the edge. i'm okay. >> this band with injuries of late. with bono off his bike in central park. i think the tour goes on. >> thank you, dan. let's go the lara in the social square. here's what's coming up.
8:05 am
kris and bruce jenner speaking out about their relationship and talking a look back at what made them fall in love. and the real secret to weight loss. why the way you diet may will wrong. how the keep the pounds off for good. and mr. president is in the house. tony goldwyn is with us live opening up about the shocking finale and the last scene is so good. >> shocking. we'll talk to him coming up. and heading outside. we're supersizing one of your favorite childhood game. robert is here with jesse going head to head with our audience. jesse, robert. it's all coming up on "gma."
8:06 am
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8:10 am
and welcome back to "gma." time now for our "heat index." and today's hot button. kris and bruce jenner speaking out about what's next for the jenner/kardashian clan. and the love that brought them together. chris connelly has has the story. >> reporter: through more than 400 episodes of e's "keeping up with the kardashians" a multitude of so much drama while a big story went unseen. >> all this time you had something -- >> i had the story. >> reporter: that story first revealed exclusively to abc's diane sawyer. of jenner's transitioning. prepareing for life as a transgender woman. >> what i'm doing is going to do some good. >> reporter: seeking to do well is kardashian incorporated.
8:11 am
jenner's ex-wife, kris at the helm. >> she's their mother and manager. >> reporter: a two-part reality special. not before a look back at the way they were via old family footage and kriss' words. >> so much in common that it was kind of match made in heaven. there wasn't anything we didn't do. we could not keep our hands off each other. >> when kris jenner met bruce. he was in a lot of debt. he had a fledgling business doing motivational speeches. she turned him into a brand again. >> reporter: tender images and memories with echoing thoughts from her ex. >> kris is really good woman. i love her to death. and the love and acceptance i have gotten from kris is absolutely overwhelming. >> reporter: overwhelming as well the response to jenner's disclosures. support from so many who can recall the former olympian's
8:12 am
past heroics. and a breakthrough moment for those in the transgender community. >> we all know somebody who is transgender now. knowing somebody helps us be much more empathetic. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly abc news, new york. >> boy, many more chapters in that story. next up secrets from the eating lab. the new book reveals how you may be dieting wrong. it calls will pow ter enemy and lace out simple steps to keep weight off. linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: time for bathing suit season. and lots of talk of shedding those winter pounds. is a radical diet the way to do it? not at all, says dr. tracy mann. >> diets don't work because they don't do what we want them to do. >> reporter: at the university of minnesota's eating lab, subjects participate in online activities, with and without snax. to see how comfort foods affect our moods. >> it might make me re-evaluate.
8:13 am
>> reporter: but dr. mann says comfort foods are a myth. >> i think we've all been taught when you feel bad, we should have comfort food. since it doesn't help i don't think people sould do that. >> reporter: she doesn't recommend a crash diet. >> willpower is not your friend. you can't depend on it. >> reporter: instead, she offers strategies for successful healthy weight loss. strategy number one, encounter less temptation. if your ruth takes you past the favorite bakery you know you can't resist. maybe crosses the street before you get there will help. number two make healthy foods more accessible and noticeable. leave a bowl with fruit on the kitchen counter. maybe buy prewashed, precut vej
8:14 am
i have -- veggies. strategy three, be alone with a vegetable. >> put a vegetable in a contest it can win. a vegetable and nothing. you're much manufacture lie lick to eat it. >> reporter: strategy with number four eat with other healthy eaters. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> friends who eat healthy together stay thin together right? >> all are simple steps. all work. just gotta do it the. >> i'll do anything as long as i can still have a once a week cookie binge. >> fair. outside the lara. >> all right, gladiators have you recovered? we were warned that we would be shocked by the "scandal" finale. and were we ever. lucky for us we can get into it all the plot lines with none other than tony goldwyn known on the show as the one and only
8:15 am
president fitzgerald grant. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, lara. major scandal hangover this morning. >> i have one, too. i want to share with everybody that your cast has not only the most wonderful chemistry but you love and appreciate your fans so dearly. i got to witness you last night, as the show was airing pip was watching your faces. but tweeting away with your fans legitimately it's you guys talking directly to them. how is that to get that instant feedback? >> it's amazing. a lot of them are here today. it's to have that kind of interaction with our fans we have had it for four seasons. and, our fans are everything to us. we would not be -- i wouldn't be sitting here without them. it's just really fun. it's like a party on thursday nights. >> and you guys were shocked by the show as well. shonda overshot and changed the endings. >> we tend to shoot shows much longer. she picks and chooses and
8:16 am
restructures. there were things we were not aware of. the show is so complicated, i sometimes forget what happens. it's always such a treat to see. last night was -- it was awesome, i thought. >> when you were told by shonda about the final scene. we're allowed to talk about it. it's all over twit person if you want to turn us off, dvr it the final scene was -- everybody applauded and cheered. there you were. it look like you and olivia will get your day in the sun. >> we'll have at least one day in the sun. one night in the sun. >> the song choice was great. were you happy to have the ending? >> wherp we were at the table read shonda doesn't tell us everything. there's so many twists and turns in the show page to page i was like okay so fitz and olivia aren't going to be together. she's going off. she'll be with jake. i had to make my peace with it. that's shonda's choice.
8:17 am
until literally the last page i'm like yes! it was so well done. >> that's how we felt too. however, poor jake the guy almost gets killed. >> such a pretty good when jake says -- you're like oh jake come back. >> and what a great guy in real life. >> scott is the best right? >> you seem like you're buddies. to watch you tweeting there, making fun of each other at the lines you have in the show. because you don't always get to shoot the scenes together. >> no we don't. it's not faked. we're like high school friends. now, again, like four years into it, we're like a family. it's a's amazing. >> last night, at the paley center i got to moderate with all of you. they were ribbing you about when you direct which is something i know you would like to do more. >> yeah i have done it a lot. i just sort of do one a year. >> one a year. they said when you direct it's hard to wrangle them because
8:18 am
they're your pals. >> yeah they don't behave very well. i have to become daddy. >> let's go over some of these plot lines. fitz and mellie done? >> as far as last night goes he's done. he extended himself and trusted her so much and brought her back in. he said to her, you're my best friend. he really felt invested everything in her and i think he feels so betrayed. he's done. >> which opens the door to our girl, olivia which i think everybody liked. >> what about that lizzie. portia de rossi. just made a series regular. >> isn't that awesome. >> it's not as it seems with lizzie bear. >> she was so great last night. very subtle. she manipulated the whole thing. >> i was sitting next to her watching the show i said ooh, because she has one scene where she's doing something not very nice. there's a little corner of a
8:19 am
smile. that says it all. >> she was backstage telling me bringing the walls of the house down around my ears. you called that when we were talking earlier in the evening. you said i don't know about her. >> i'm a true gladiator. are you guys glade yaters? [ cheers and applause ] before you were fitz and the president, 25 years ago, the movie "guest." >> yeah i was -- >> 5th anniversary. >> it's the 25th anniversary this year. right. >> i would like to see you behave better this season with olivia. try to make it work for us. leez. >> i got her. i got her in my arms. >> you heard it here first. thank you, tony. always a pleasure. so great. mr. president. "scandal" returns with season five in the fall. we'll all just have to watch repeats. let's get a final check on the weather with rob. >> oh lara they love him. look at this handsome group right here.
8:20 am
>> we're from robert j. harris in decatur, georgia. >> you're on a field trip. what else are you doing? >> going to the apollo theater. >> you've been to d.c. i assume you're not going to vegas next. we're going to take you there. hail in some spots today and yesterday. winter storm warnings and flooding down the san diego. jacqui:ood mornining washington. anotother beauful day to look forward to, , but the temperatures willll be up a ltle bit and we will have e a bit more cloud cover with partly sunny skies d high teereratures in the mid topper 70's today. overnight tonight, mild with lows in the 60's, tomorrow the heateally kicks in with shshowers and d thunderstorms possible in the aftfternoon and highs in the mid to upper 80's saturday and s
8:21 am
>> the group from decatur, georgia. are you kidding me. and from italy? actually you bought that in little italy. >> yeah. >> it's a good-looking sweatshirt. >> tony thank you for coming back in. are you convinced that lara is a fan? >> i'm getting the feeling. >> i have always known. >> you were nice enough to let me see behind the scenes. we thought we would bring you in to do pop news. hilary duff is looking for some sparks. her newly released video for the song "sparks" follows her trials and tribulations on tinder. she said that is her on the dating website. a lot of men who spotted her picture wondered if it was her. from picking her profile pick to swiping right and then a blind date at the bowling alley, it's all in the video. she's like i want to meet a
8:22 am
nice guy. when you're famous people assume you're getting asked out a lot. she said i'm not. also in "pop news" this morning. this would be a "pop news" investigation. these are serious and scientific. please take notes. the expression seeing red when you're angry could have scientific merit. a new study from durham university finds men wearing red were seen as aggressive and more dominant than men wearing blue or gray. >> george and i. >> i did note the tie is red. >> yep. >> women perceived men who wear red as angry. the doctoral candidate who ran the testing said people should think carefully about wearing red in certain social settings. >> what are you talking about, lara? >> i love the color red. >> come on. >> don't blame the "pop news"
8:23 am
investigation. >> proof positive. it's true. the study show ifs you're at a job interview, depending on the employer you might not want to be seen as so dominant. this is good in sports. something tiger wears every year. the power red is his power color. he's dominant. sometimes, yes, he does get angry. is there that really was an investigation. >> yes, it was, george. you are exhibit a. >> it is a dominant color. >> i remember my first suit interviewing was my red power suit. now i know why i didn't get the job. >> that's why children are scared of clouns. the red noses. they know they're very angry people. >> there is a lot of truth that. finally, everybody. i would like for you the call me daniella. that is my modernized name. a new app tells you what your name would be now. the folks at use new baby name data.
8:24 am
the year i was born lara was the 220th popular name. george your 2015 name is oliver. dan, from this point forth, you shall be known as anthony. how you doing, tony? >> and amy, you are olivia. >> olivia and oliver. >> i thought that was sort of -- >> i like olivia. >> and tony in my air, the team is saying that your name this year from now on is cameron. >> i'm not feeling it. >> i dink like oliver that much either. >> i'll trade you. >> okay. >> listen tony enough from you over there. >> i'll take that. absolutely. >> daniella says it's time to move on. i'm speaking of myself in the third person with a fake anytime. an important "pop news" announcement. we had to call in friends to help. right now, we'll begin.
8:25 am
>> now, from high above central park. we present -- >> oh hello. >> jessiej. >> prepare yourself america. >> with "good morning america"'s insanely hot summer concert lineup. >> "gma" is burning up. >> it all starts next friday. >> are you ready for me central park? because here i come. >> with jessiej. live in concert. >> i'll light the way to your summer. >> then get this. ed sheeran. >> are you ready to get your party on? >> takes over morning tv and central park. so how do you follow gnat? should we tell them? >> okay america. let's get it on. >> jason derulo. florence and the machine. adam lament better. dierks bentley. florida georgia line. 5 seconds of summer. nicki minaj. and a surprise announcement so hot, we can't even say it here.
8:26 am
yet. every friday this summer. >> are you ready? it's going to be wicked. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. ♪ good morning america ♪ >> so much blazing fun it has to be presented by coppertone. >> good morning, america. see you friday. >> that is right. next friday jessie j. kicks off the summer concert series. i want to thank tony for doing so much. >> cameron. >> oh wait oliver call me cam. coming up robert herjavec, shark-tanking your life.
8:27 am
jummy: good friday morning to you. we want to check on the forecast friday. jacqui: happy friday, everybody. we will start season changes though, the airport 60 degrees downtown, so this afternoon, mid to upper and's. you will to the west of and one. the afternoon and angela:.
8:28 am
sudden delays want to reach 216. crashing into the right lane southbound on interstate 95, crash activity reported on the baltimore southbound, at 193. no accidents with a good ride for you slow to seminary, making your way from pentagon to the 14th bridge. that's the latest from the traffic center. jummy: top stories right now the naval academy midshipmen killed in that derailment in philadelphia will be laid to rest this morning. his funeral will be held in new york. a funeral will be held this morning for d.c. firefighter killed in the line of duty lieutenant kevin mccrae died last week battling a high-rise fire in the shaw neighborhood. the funeral begins at 11:00 this morning at the d.c. armory. the news continues this morning with good morning washington live on news channel 8.
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] it's hard right? >> 75 days. it is megamay on "gma." and, we're in the megagames spirit this morning. inviting some of our great times square audience to join in on bringing some popular board games to life in a major way. we're talking hungry hungry hip poes. who played it? >> oh, please. is there that >> that was a childhood favorite. a megaco and our megagame arena. can't wait to see what happens here. >> some big hippos are happening. >> i don't think it will end well. coming up this morning, our sponsor, almay kiging off a cross-country tour and celebrating the spirit of american beauty and military
8:31 am
people women. >> moments ago, two military veterans stepped in the bus. just see what they do in 60 minutes. we're excited for the stars of the billboard musing you awards. iggy azalea will be performing. taylor swift will debut her video for the single bad blood. it will be a big night. i'll get you ready for it. it's an abc news special in prime time on saturday night. right before the big show on sunday night, which airs sunday on abc. george where are you? ? i'm right over here are shark robert herjavec. fresh off the turn on "dancing with the stars." you really had fun on that show. >> i had a blast. >> i hope you have a blast today. we have two rival entrepreneurs. let's start with abby curtis. it's for people who love a good workout and hate what it does to
8:32 am
their hair. >> hi george hi robert. this is care rather yorhair warrior. with hair warrior, you apply it prior to working out on dry hair. your body heat activates it and hydrates your hair. no more damaged hair. perfect for yoga spinning whatever heats you up. the end result? shiny, healthy beautiful hair. and it contains many natural and essential oils. >> that is interesting. let's see what the home testers thought. >> it feels conditioned. it's very soft. i give this hair warrior a thumbs up. >> i used it one time. went and worked out. came home. and washd my hair out. i did not see any difference. i'll have to give this product a thumbs down. >> oh.
8:33 am
okay. well that's start. >> she must be a shark. >> let's get to the next one. angela tsai. her item is for busy moms who don't want to sacrifice style. >> i'm the creator of the mama chic. it's a skirt, a top, a hood a scarf. you take the snap buttons and voila, a nursing cover and burp cloth. it won't slide off. lit protect your clothes underneath. i'm taking the snaps on the ends and making it into a cozy wrap. so many ways to wear it. you can swaddle your baby with it. ladies the mama chic is all you need to look good and get it all done. >> wow. >> yeah. multipurpose. loets let's see the home testers. >> i like the way it looks.
8:34 am
nobody would ever know that i'm using it for him. i give ate thumbs up. >> it's cozy and comfortable. it's perfect few a new baby. i give it a thumbs up. >> all right. double thumbs up. robert your turn. let's start with abby and the hair warrior. >> it's a great product. great presentation. you were sweding. your hair looks great. i think it's great. i don't know why that lady didn't like it. she must be related to kevin or something. but i wish you the best with it. i think you're doing a good job. >> thank you. >> angela? >> i love all the purposes of the product. i was worried about that baby pip hope it wasn't a real baby. i love how you can use it as a fashion item. it looked great. does it come in different colors? >> we have four right now. i'm working on prints and patterns. >> impressive. >> a tough choice. let's get a drum roll. you have to decide. >> i hate that. they're both great. do i have to pick one.
8:35 am
>> i'm going the decide who george is going the give $25,000 to right now. i'm going to go with angela. >> congratulations. >> it just seemed like a wider appeal. >> our sponsor wants to give you $500 to use for their small business marketing services. and of course the trophy. >> thank you guys so much. >> before we go you're a spokesperson for deluxe. you have a new small business initiative. >> it's a movement across america. we're sponsoring 100 businesses. profiling them. small businesses like a vet shop and your local coffee shop. you can go in, nominate them, go to small business and one of them wins $25,000. >> no kidding. >> america is all about small business. >> we want to thank robert. tune in to "shark tank" tonight at 8:00. followed by beyond the tank at 9:00 p.m.
8:36 am
back to rob with the weather. great crowd. who wants to be in the shark tank next. exactly. that's the look. i would be frightened. dallas a flash flood watch for rain and severe weather. we're watching that. we have a threat today. further north. then we stretch it out and slide to it the south. a decent chance of tornadojacqui: happy friday, e eveverybody. we are ending the workeek on a nice note, another great d with temperatures in the mid too upper 70's a added clouds witith partly >> this weather cast is brought to you by serta. time now for "gma" megagames. jesse palmer getting some hungry hungry hippos going. >> that's right. the megamoment is finally here.
8:37 am
welcome to "gma" megagames hungry hungry hippo. it's time to meet the contestants who have some help from our times square audience. eating out of this corner here the yellow hippo, she's hip she's hopping. and she's hungry for a win this morning. lara striker spencer. and she's going to be paired with mike from dallas. and in this corner competing with the green hippo, a genuine cat lover. dan the titan of trivial pursuit harris. he's competing with toby. out of alabama. she's feisty she's hungry. welcome amy robach and her partner, dana from virginia.
8:38 am
finally, eating out of the blue corner. with the blue hippo. he loves the weather pu will he with a "reigning" champ? rob marciano with alice from dickinson. you have 15 seconds to use the megasized hippo heads to gather as many balls as you can. whoever has the most at the end will win. ready? three, two, one, begin. as everybody nose the key is speed and timing. right now, the blue hippo seems to be eating all the bals. a lot of hippo heads running into each other. that's it. time is up. guys stop. time is up. it's over. stop using your hippos. it's finished. time. time. 15 seconds left. it's over it's over. we got to count the balls.
8:39 am
amy -- this is violent. we have on count the balls. we'll anuns a winner after the next break. >> cheating. >> oh jesse, you're out of breath. are you kidding me? >> i'm out of breath yelling. coming up we have our military makeover reveal. two deserving veteran moms. i'm out of breath, too. getting the final touches by our glam squad. and then we have john legend, the singh opening up about his major new project. we'll be right back.
8:40 am
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it is time now for our military makeover. our sponsor, almay, is here this morning kicking off a cross-country bus tour honoring the spirit of the american women and the the beauty of the u.s. military. just over an hour ago, two deserving female vets sisters charity and rachel began the change of their dreams. here's their story. >> i'm, i'm rachel. >> i'm charity. >> reporter: meet sisters rachel and charity. both are moms of three and voter rans having served in the military for algt years. they made headlines a decade ago when they were deployed to iraq
8:43 am
with a third sister, michelle. that third sister charity's twin, was killed in irq. the nation mourn aid long side the family. the sisters say they remain a tight-knit unit. they're in need oflp. >> help me "gma," i need makeover. >> this girl really needs some held. >> reporter: we have a but the i dream team. gretta monahan, rebecca perkins and ted gibson. can they give them the makeover of their dreams? find out now. i say yes. now is the moment we have all been waiting for. we're joined by celebrity makeup artist rebecca her kins. style guru gretta and hair stylist to the star ked gibson. thank you for being with us. we have kept rachel and charity separated. let's look at rachel before. there she is.
8:44 am
let's see hat she looks like now. come on out, rachel. >> whoo! >> she's not going to look in the mirror just yet. because we'll show charity before her makeover. a picture of that. and now, we'll have charity come on out. crew the doors. all right. there she is. wow. and so charity and rachel have not seen each other until right now. look at that. >> oh, my gosh. >> look at her. >> you get to see each other. now do you want to see yourselves. >> i want you both to now see each other. >> oh, my gosh. >> look at your hair. >> you look incredible. >> come on back. >> what do you think of your new looks. you're crying. tears of joy? >> yes. >> wow. >> you look good. >> thank you.
8:45 am
>> so sweet. rebecca, let's start are you. what did you do with the makeup? >> almay celebrates the true beauty. we wanted them to have a classic classic, fresh-faced look. the butter kiss makes red wearable. this is so not intimidating. with charity, we wanted to do a smoky eye. we balanced out with a nude lip. they're so beautiful. >> so beautiful. and gretta. the ladies both said they wanted to kick start summer. you did that. >> orange is the new red spring. you obviously know that, amy. you look amazing. the maxi jumpsuit. you look great. a high neck, show the shoulders because they smolder. >> they look fantastic. the hair is really -- >> i say hashtag hair changes
8:46 am
everything right? >> what did you do? >> rose gold is the hottest color at hi new york sal lon. rose gold. a beautiful thing. we brought the length up and put in a side-swept bang. it brings flatter and flerttyness to the eyes. and with charity, we completely changed the hair cut. completely changed the hair color. we did this amazing baliage and put a color over the top. my colorists did an amazing job. >> these are incredible. how are you feeling? >> amazing. >> this is really exciting. >> it's been a whirlwind. they're the nicest most fabulous people. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> it's an amazing experience. >> this is an emotional moment. a big change for you. tell me what it means to you to have this. >> it's amazing out of everything that happened that we could come together to do something happy and fun. >> for yourselves because you're
8:47 am
always serving others. thank you for your service. thank you for being great moms. you look beautiful. both of you. thank you so much. and, we want to thank our amazing beauty team here. dream team. yeah. and our sponsor, almay. for more tips have your own makeover at home go to our website. thank you, everybody. >> thank you. coming up we have john legend opening up about his big new project. stay with us.
8:48 am
8:49 am
grammy and academy award-winning singer john legend has joined forces with a photographer. the hbo documentary southern
8:50 am
rights. it explores racism and justice. following a black man's murder by a white man. take a look. >> an january 29, 2011 my2-year-old son was taken from me. it's changed my life forever. the pain seems to be growing more and more inside me is unbearable at times. this man will never know what he has done to my family. >> very powerful. joining us is first-time film maker jillian laub and john legend. i have to say watching this so powerful. what drew you to this? what made you have to tell these stories? >> i felt like i needed to tell these stories. justin wiz killed. and -- no one knew about it. outside of the town. and i felt like i needed to tell this story. >> so you've got three stories. the segregated prom. you also have the murder of a black man by an older white man.
8:51 am
and your third story was really tough. >> yeah well we watched the sheriff try to -- a police officer try to become the first black man to be a sheriff of the county. you see him in the election process. he gets death threats. all these things are happening to him as he's trying the achieve this milestone. >> and yet, we watch through your lens what happens. >> yeah. i mean on one hand i was trying to tell the hopeful story, because years ago, he couldn't even run. he was too scared. he got death threats. the fact that he was running with such hope and such support from the community showed we were making progress. >> john how did you hear about the project and why did you know you needed to be part of it? >> we feel so privileged to be a part of it. i have a film company called the get lifted film company.
8:52 am
gillian presented this to us. it was interesting to hear that we had segregated proms in america in the 21st century. >> shocking. >> this is truly a relic of the '50s and '60s. it couldn't possibly be happening now. that was the original hook piquing my interest. >> what did you walk away from this experience with? >> the legacy of separating us by racial difference is really strong. really difficult for us to overcome. but i think it's something we can overcome. >> it's bittersweet. on one hand this town there was change. there is hope. but, you know somebody in the film says we take one step forward and two steps back. we have come a long way. there's a lot of work to be done. >> john legend thank you 37 gillian
8:53 am
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narrator: rural communities across the country are coming back thanks to bipartisan supppport for the renewable fuel standard. expanded renewable fuel production has created over 850,000 jobs. and the american biofuels industry produces the world's cleanest fuel from agricultural waste. but the oil industry wants the epa to protect their profits and foreign oil. the epa now faces a choithe oil industry? or keep their commitment to america's rural communities. paid for by fuels america.
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[ cheers and applause ] there's the replay right there of our megagame hungry hungry hippos. lara are you prepared to go on the record and accuse dan of cheating? >> he admitted it. >> easily the most violent game of hungry, hungry hippos. amy has blood blisters. in tend only one winner of the inaugural megagames. that goes to team yellow lara
8:56 am
and her teammate mike. >> have a great weekend. jummy:jummy: a good friday morning to you. we want to start out with a check on the weather. jacqui jeras has a look. jacqui: looking good, the thicker clouds are pushing to the east, the sun is shining on
8:57 am
the water this morning, 60 degrees at reagan national airport. 65 at dulles, 67 in. cooler start the morning this afternoon we will have filtered sunshine with highs making it into the 70's. a 40% chance of afternoon showers tomorrow, that will last off and on into early next week before the 70's come right back. angela: the capital beltway mclean on the inner loop, closer to the dulles toll road, the crash was blocking a lane over to the shoulder and until authorities can get out on the roadways there will be a delay. making a trip into silver spring, smooth sailing on 270 from hyattstown into germantown connecting with the 270 spur. that's the update for the commute. jummy: top stories, authorities
8:58 am
investigating a suspicious fire at a home in the district or three and a child were found dead. sources tell us that the victims were killed before the fire was out. police had not confirmed that. today marking the one hundredth anniversary of the silver spring fire department. a wreathlaying ceremony will be held today and there will be a tribute to the departments to members killed in the line of duty over the past century. the news continues now on "news channel 8." we will see you there. have a great friday.
8:59 am
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