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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the day today back at the house, fire investigators and the a.t.f. agents combed through the first and second story of the woodland drive home. the home where amy and savvas savopoulos and their three children lived. today at the home, the family dry cleaner showed up as he does every tuesday and friday. he says he was just at the home tuesday picking up dry cleaning and back today, unaware of what happened. >> this is like my head is spinning and i can't breathe. i knew this. the last time i saw her, last friday she was on the cell phone in the yard. that was the last time i seen the wife. we always speak. they are very nice. brianne: now police have not released the identities of those found inside of the home. again, in a matter of minutes we are expecting update from the police chief as well as the mayor. we'll continue to follow developments here on abc7 news. reporting live, brianne
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carter abc7 news. leon: thanks. while we wait for word on the victims, some that knew the savopoulos family started grieving. today, memorial services held at the national cathedral where the youngest child went to school. we have more from stephen tschida on the presumed victims. stephen: it's still a very active scene here outside the house. we have a.t.f. here. investigators have been going in and out of the house. a few moments ago we saw them bring out bags of evidence. now we also have a better look at the house. the burned out shell of what was a home for a family. tonight we are learning more about the people who call the house home. the ceo of american ironworks, the leading manufacturer of metal building materials savvas savopoulos and his wife amy lived in the multimillion dollar home in the stately neighborhood. family and friends attended a prayer service. a few blocks away and steps from the burned out house,
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gutierrez tried to make sense of what happened. >> i can't believe it. stephen: gutierrez worked for the family for 20 years. >> making sure you did not come today. stephen: yesterday a cryptic text told her to stay home. nothing that happened before. >> she tried calling the lady and they didn't answer the phone. she tried to call the other housekeeper and she didn't answer the phone either. stephen: gutierrez believes the other housekeepers among the dead. they say she planned to leave her job soon with the savopoulos family. >> she retired to spend time with her family. stephen: tonight, gutierrezs are still in shock. >> i can't believe they're gone. she was so good. a very nice family. she was so nice. the little boy. i don't understand what
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happened. stephen: the little boy is the youngest son. he did not attend school yesterday. they had the prayer service today. the gutierrez and a lot of people in this neighborhood now anxiously awaiting information from m.p.d. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: thank you. following breaking news out of boston where a jury sentenced dzhokhar tsarnaev to death in the last hour and a half. he was convicted of killing three people and injuring hundreds of other in the boston marathon bombings and he was convicted of killing m.i.t. police officer. observers in the courtroom say he showed no emotion when the verdict was read. alison: back at home member of the d.c. fire department paused to remember one of their own. lieutenant kevin mcrae collapsed after fighting a fire in an apartment building last week. our d.c. bureau chief was at
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his funeral and is live from engine six where lieutenant mcrae was stationed. sam: the procession came by on new jersey avenue in front of engine six as they remember a good family man friend and firefighter. some 3000 people came to say goodbye to lieutenant kevin mcrae. most of them were fellow firefighters dressed in blue. for members of the mccrae family wife two daughters three sons, it was rough. mayor muriel bowser called him a hero. relating now 911 dispatched another engine company to that high-rise fire on may 6. >> but lieutenant mcrae radioed back to say that they were close. send me. residents credit him with saving their lives.
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[applause] sam: it was a spirited service. he was remembered as one who loved firefighting and joined the cadet program at the student at high school and stayed with firefighter until he collapsed on the job after the fire. 25 years later. >> to my brother rest easy. we'll take it from here. you will not be forgotten. sam: outside the armory a search where the flag-draped coffin was taken out and placed on the engine he commanded staffed by hi crew. they left the armory and procession that eventually made its way by the engine six firehouse where he serve and the colleagues stood in his honor. the procession led to fort lincoln cemetery which is just across the line in maryland. he is being buried there. kevin mcrae was the 100th d.c. firefighter to die in the line
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of duty. his cousin james mcrae was the 99th. a lot for one family. reporting live from northeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: thank you sam. president obama joined hundreds gathered to pay tribute to police officers killed or injured in the line of duty. [bagpipes] the national fraternal order of police hosted the national peace officers memorial service on the west lawn of the capital. the president called on americans to honor law enforcement heroes for what they do on a daily basis. >> we hold them up as heroes because that is what they are. it takes a special kind of courage to be a peace officer. to be the one people turn toheir most desperate moments. to be willing to run into a dangerous situation when even else is running the other way. leon: around the capitol flags are flying at half staff
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in observance of the memorial today. the search comes at the end of the national police week. alison: switching over to weather now, a gorgeous day out there today. but there are changes in time for the weekend. chief meteorologist doug hill in the weather center with the forecast. doug: we have been sunny outside most of the afternoon. we have cloudy skies now. look at the current temperatures around the metro area. 76 at reagan national. 74 in baltimore and andrews. 77 in menino. 79 with more sunshine in frederick, maryland. as far as the radar, we continue to monitor shower and thunder that moves across pennsylvania. it won't affect our effort. showers to the south of roanoke. you see radar west of town. for this evening, partly cloudy for most area. steady drop in temperatures. it will stay mild. 68 to 65 by morning.
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warm and humid over the weekend. shower and thunderstorm chances. i will lay out the timing in a couple of minutes. leon: all right doug. alison: we have breaking news. the d.c. superior court. less than an hour ago we learned the fate of a local rabbi who secretly recorded naked women in a ritual bath. barry freundel has been sentenced to 6.5 years in prison. the judge sentenced him to 457 days for each of the 52 counts of voyeurism. he was the rabbi for 25 years and he is a former teacher in georgetown at towson university and the university of maryland. police on the campus of george mason university say a student may have been drugged before she was rained -- raped in her dorm room over the weekend. jeff goldberg has more on this developing story. jeff: it is graduation weekend here. students and families
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enjoying smiling throughout the wonderful time. at the same time the investigation continues into the awful incident. back to you in the studio. leon: thank you. we want to get back to the press conference now. mayor muriel bowser talking now about the death of the four people in the house in d.c. listen. mayor bowser: our fire department and the police department responded to the 27900 block of woodland drive in northwest washington, d.c. yesterday. 3200 block. about 1:30 p.m. there we told you we discovered three of our residents who were deceased. three adults. one child. today the chief able to provide you with all the information we have about the identities of the persons who were deceased. give you any update that we
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have available at this point about the homicide investigation. chief? >> chief: thank you. to try and give you a summary of what we knew from yesterday and update you on what we know today, start off by saying that evidence collection is going to go on for several days. there is a lot more that we don't know. we are continuing to learn as we continue to investigate. we do know at this point that the fire appears to be intentionally set. an intentionally set arson. autopsy are conducted but we confirmed the identity of two of the individuals. those are the -- the identification of 46-year-old savvas savopoulos. the adult male. 47-year-old amy savopoulos. female. his wife. we believe the other two victims, not concerned yet but believe they are 57-year-old
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figueroa housekeeper. the couple's son 10-year-old phillip savopoulos. we anticipate that the evidence collection will take several days. we have additional information as it goes on. we have expanded the timeline and our request for information from the public. first, i want to say thank you to everybody who has provided information. steady stream of information. we have some information we thought would be useful. we appreciate that. it has been helpful. we are asking again for anybody who may have information about that 2008 the blue 2008 porsche. d.k. tag 248. i was recovered yesterday
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evening. on annapolis road in prince george's county maryland and set afire. we are asking anyone who may have seen the car between wednesday the 13th. and thursday around 5:00 p.m. anybody who has seen that blue porsche between the times we're asking coplease call with us the information you may have. or where you saw the vehicle or any other information that you have. we are asking anyone who may have information or see anyone suspicious in and around the home of the 3200 block of woodland road between wednesday 13 and thursday 14th around 5:00 p.m. give us a call at 202-727-9099. we have anonymous text tip line. 50411. or any means that you feel comfortable reaching out. people have e-mail and reached out in a variety of ways. i want to remind folks that we
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do for this case like every homicide case we have a $25,000 reward. for any information that leads to arrest and conviction of homicide in the district. so again we appreciate all of the information that we have gotten. the only other information we have that is new since we have started now going through the autopsies of the individuals recovered. we can say that there were at least on three of the four victims, there were injuries discovered. it appears to be blunt force or sharp object injuries to three of the four victims. additional injuries were discovered through the autopsy process. with that, i will take what limited questions i can and see if i can answer them. [inaudible question] 7 chief: it's still early on. there are a lot of things to
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do. other than the entry made by the fire department we have not discovered obvious signs of forced entry. we are continuing to collect information. obviously there is not many places or any area that you can go anywhere that are not videoed so we have a lot of video to review. there is nothing to suggest a random or forced entry in the home. but we want time to sort through the evidence. >> do you think all four are homicide victims? chief: at this point we do. yes. >> the housekeeper got a text thursday morning saying don't come to work. we're all sick. do you believe at this point it was a text sent under duress? chief: as always, there is going to be a lot of information that comes from a lot of places that i can't comment on. i'm aware of the information you are talking about but i'm not going to comment on
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anything speck lative or evidence in the case. i can't respond to that. >> the thing about the porsche, can you confirm who owns the porsche? do you believe whoever committed the crime left in that car? set it on fire and remains at large? chief: obviously the car is registered to the family in the home. we don't know who had the car but the conditions where it was found set afire shortly after they were discovered we certainly want to know if anybody saw the car and who was in the car. >> is there video in that area? leon: i can't comment on anything evidence related. >> is there a sharp about with the bodies. was that the adult victims? chief: i would rather not out of sensitive toy the victims. i will just say that the autopsy have not been fully completed. >> were they tied up?
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chief: i don't know the answer to that. the question is the house ransacked? the condition after the fire department goes in and put out a fire it's difficult to make the determination. the other question asked about videos, if it's evidence related. i can't answer the question. >> is there anything you can say about why you are asking about information with wednesday? the car and the house? chief: we are trying to expand our timeline. yesterday we asked if anyone had seen the car in a six or seven-hour window of time. we want to start with wednesday and ask for anybody that has information in the time frame. >> do you know of anyone who saw the family thursday morning? chief: i won't comment on that at this point. if it's evidence related i'm not going to comment on that. thank you very much.
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leon: police chief confirms as we follow the story on the arson case on woodland drive near embassy road. three people there were found dead inside as a result of blunt force injuries. one of the person there we now have a confirmation that the savopoulos family. savvas savopoulos amy and the son phillip were the victims and also the housekeeper. alison: still making a plea to the public for help regarding a 2008 blue porsche with a d.c. tag. d.k.-2418. recovered in prince george's county. it was set on fire. police chief there asking anyone who may have seen that vehicle between wednesday and thursday. to let them know immediately. we will continue to follow this story out of northwest d.c. throughout the evening. meanwhile, let's go back to the story with jeff goldberg at the campus of george mason university. they say a student may have
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been drugged, before she was raped in her dorm room. jeff has more on that now. jeff: with the joy of graduation in the air george mason university must also cope with the pain of a sexual assault on campus. >> i was shocked. i couldn't believe it happened here. reporter: tara is a graduating senior and reacted immediately to the news. >> my roommates and i decided we wouldn't walk around by ourselves. jeff: hours after the incident the university sent an e-mail alert to students reporting a female student had been raped in a dorm by two male students known to her and that the victim may have unknowingly ingested an unidentified drug prior to the incident. >> all of your neighbors your r.a.'s, anybody who is in charge of any of the housing on campus needs to be aware this is a reality. >> according to search warrants the two male subjects 18 and 19 one a member of the track team had been partying
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with the victim prior to the amounted assault. multiple witnesses report seeing the victim in great distress on two occasions. running through the residents hall screaming for help. begging for help. one witness tried intervening when the male suspect grabbed the victim by the arm and pulled the victim back in the room. >> having anything happen like that on a campus is horrible. jeff: four hours after the incident one of the male suspect texted the female victim saying you are going lie. you are going to ruin my life. investigators have collected the cell phones and the swab d.n.a. from both of the male subjects. who we are told are cooperating with investigation. live at george mason university in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: thanks jeff. a judge rejected the request to delay mathews attempted murder trial in fairfax county.
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mathews was scheduled to go on trial june 8 when the charges he attacked a woman in 2005. the defense says they needed more time to investigate the 40 possible suspects in police file. judge disagreed. mathew was accused in the death of hannah graham. alison: still to come here on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the murder haunting woodbridge. "7 on your side" trying to find the killers among us. >> just 90 days away from their wedding and a d.c. couple is bumped from the ballroom from the redskins. "7 on your side" trying
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leon: tonight the crews are working to repair the track after the deadly derailment in philadelphia this week. today, dell ra airlines announced it would honor amtrak ticket on the flight between d.c., new york and boston. suzanne kennedy in the newsroom with the latest on the investigation. suzanne? suzanne: the ntsb is wrapping up third day in the investigation of the fatal train derailment. the focal point whether the engineer manually increased the speed of the train to top 100 miles per hour. overnight, the final wheel car was removed. from the air you can see the track repairs underway in
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north philadelphia. the engineer brandon bostian who survivorred a concussion in the accident now says he will talk to ntsb investigators. although the timing of the interview is still unknown. the 32-year-old friends are coming to his defense saying he is a careful person with a love for trains. >> i don't think this is his fault. i don't believe it's his fault. brandon is not the kind of guy, even if he was going through a hard time he wouldn't do this. suzanne: in new york the first funeral for one of the victims. naval academy midshipman justin zemser remembered as a rising heart. >> if he could have saved everyone on the train he would have. suzanne: video shows the train accelerated by 30 miles per hour for a minute before derailing. investigators say so far no problems have been found but the track signal were locomotive. the derailment crippled service in the northeast
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corridor. if the repairs go as scheduled, limited service will be restored monday. full service tuesday. live in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: thank you. alison: all right. doug is here so talk about the weather. perfect day today. we have a weekend coming up. doug: sometimes that works in our favor and sometimes not. it will be warm and humid. then there is a chance of showers and the thunderstorms. tell you the story on friday afternoon. it's gorgeous. get a live look from the many weather bug cam this is staring straight at the woodrow wilson bridge on friday afternoon rush. you know traffic going from left to right. going to maryland. right to left is going to virginia. that is all i know about traffic. except i guarantee you when i leave here i will get stuck in it. that is a guarantee. 76 degrees at reagan national. southerly winds at 10 miles per hour. mid-70's across most the area. 80 in fredericksburg. there is warmer air south and west. the way the weather pattern is setting up with the high pressure offshore winds turn
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now to south and southwest. that will draw the warmer and the more humid air overhead as we go through saturday sunday, monday. with that, the stability or the energy and the air will increase. it's not a wash-out of a weekend. but a weekend you have to keep your eye on the sky. if you have lawn mowing to do the morning hours are your best bet. rain across pennsylvania, rain south and west of the metro area. pop-up showers locally we have been tracking the doppler radar. the closer to it is harrisonburg and that will stay in the foothill and the mountain. across the board, partly cloudy and mild. 58 to 65 by morning. cold front will linger and lurk north. the warm air surges in from the south and southwest. the proximity to the front will set the stage to the showers and the thunderstorms at times. as we head through the weekend. by the time monday rolls
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around. the chances of the showers and storms will increase more. check it out for the next seven days for you. 86 or so straight through saturday monday, and warm and muggy. 40% chance of showers and storms tomorrow and monday. 60% monday. lingering 40% tuesday morning. the front comes through and we turn cooler and clearer and less humid more enjoyable and pleasant. see if we get in luck next weekend. alison: thank you. the message from australia's government was clear. >> his dogs go back to california or we will have to euthanize them. alison: still ahead, how johnny depp is reacting to the threat against his dogs. leon: okay. later, in it to win it. what the wizards need to do tonight to make it happen and stay alive in the playoffs. alison: first look at what is coming up tonight on abc.
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alison: "7 on your side" tonight for a d.c. couple 9 o days away now from the wedding of their dreams. well this week, their hotel bumped them to make way for the redskins. leon: what else? they turned to "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters for help. what happened? kimberly: the couple put down $11,000 of the government paychecks to reserve the omni richmond for august 15 wedding reception. "7 on your side" found out the
5:31 pm
catering manager who signed the contract with them no longer works for the hotel and the ballroom is booked. >> happy wife, happy life. kimberly: 29-year-old christopher 27-year-old fiancee cecilia is decidedly unhappy. 90 days before their wedding the omni hotel informed them, they had been bumped from the ballroom. >> they said they had to make a business decision. >> i don't work for them. i work for my fiancee. >> the new offer is move them to the jefferson hotel. they would like the omni to cover the cost of the inconvenience. >> hi, is this the omni? "7 on your side" called the general manager and e-mailed hotel staff. a contract signed in october stipulates any changes have to be approved by both parties.
5:32 pm
>> we are being treated like we are no one because we are not the billion dollar company. kimberly: which brings us to the redskins. their spokeman immediately called back "7 on your side." >> you didn't know this couple had been bumped from the ballroom? redskins spokesman was surprised because of the team richmond-based training camp it has an eight-year deal with the hotel. the preseason schedule was released in april and it starts a week later this year. the hotel must have guessed wrong and double booked. but charity is not done trying to make his future wife wedding dreams come true. >> there is nothing i won't do to see her happy. >> late this afternoon, the romney richmond general manager e-mailed "7 on your side" and said when the redskins contract was enforced by the team we reached out to chris and cecilia and offered to help pay for part of the reception at the jefferson. for the redskins they do apologize to the couple. they offered two sideline passes to any game they
5:33 pm
choose. temperature will take them up on a certain game this december. against the cowboys. back to you. alison: let us know how we can help you or send us your story ideas. leon: tonight a "7 on your side" exclusive. in murder case that haunts the city of wood bridge. two employees gunned down inside small family grocery store. a young mother dies and the other survived and now she is sharing her story on tv for the first time. fighting back against the crime reporter jennifer donelan shows us the police are putting the case on display to catch killers among us. >> on route 1 thousands of cars passed the billboard featuring the larger than life picture of marisol.
5:34 pm
>> this woman's coworker and friend is speaking for the first time. since three masked men walked in the grocery store in february of last year. the men opened fire. she was shot in the head. and killed. >> i saw marisol next to me. she wasn't responding. >> she was also shot in the stomach. critically wounded from the store, she called her two children on the cell phone believing she was going to die. while in the hospital she didn't know coco romero didn't survived. >> every day i asked about her. nobody wanted to tell me. >> her father -- the pain is as fresh as it was that day. >> i want to die but i can't. because i still have a daughter. >> coco had a daughter and she is now 2 years old.
5:35 pm
>> don't believe it's acceptable that we allow a child to grow up without a mother. >> prince william county detectives are bent upon solving the case and even bringing in the f.b.i. >> this is not a cold case. >> the billboard in the community where many are afraid to talk to law enforcement is another hard try. >> we are all scared. >> they can do it to other people. >> to loosen lips, ease fears and to catch the killers among us if but for a daughter. >> the love of a mother is very different. we all love her. she knows it. now with the f.b.i. assistance the reward has risen to $21,000. i'm live in d.c. because folks here will begin to see marisol's picture across bus stops across the city. if you have information, call crime solvers. i'm jennifer donelan live in
5:36 pm
northwest. back to you. alison: thank you. still to come on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- flying high. we will introduce you to the first female pilot with the blue angels.
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leon: check of the traffic situation. robert altman is watching it for us. robert: thursday has been bad. friday early is bad and then we break it up. take a live look now heading to the area roadway. out to 50. slow from maryland to virginia. don't get me wrong. we have breaks in there. heading to connecticut avenue you can see the traffic continuing all the way through prince george's county. earlier delays on the outer loop beltway from springfield and 95 over the wilson bridge still there. slowing beyond route 5 to 95 in college park. southbound 795 most of the way but with some breaks.
5:40 pm
out toward the area of 123. plenty of stop-and-go. eastbound route 50 through annapolis. we were slow before the seven river bridge as a seven mile backup. from 97. once you get to the bay bridge it looks okay with no major problems. also along the outbound side of 66 stop and go continues. beltway to 123 in centreville. that's the latest from the traffic center. back to you. leon: robert, thank you. the first female pilot of the navy blue angels will be part of the team performing at annapolis. bleep captain katie higgins of maryland is a graduate of thenail academy and georgetown -- naval academy and georgetown. she has thrown 400 combat hours around the world and is tonight's working woman. flying is in her d.n.a. katie's father and her grandfathers were military
5:41 pm
pilots and she, too was drawn to public service. >> the military was the highest calling for me. the loudest calling i would say. >> she flies c-130. she was attracted when the piloting combat missions to afghanistan and humanitarian missions in africa. >> i have been in love since i started flying it. i will fly it for the rest of my career. alison: higgins is most comfortable and herself in the cockpit. even when feeling weightless. >> the zero g you get a weightless feeling and you are floating around in your feet. the 2 g's feel twice your body weight. alison: she rejects the notion she was chosen for the elite group because she is a woman. >> i flighted planes as good as my male counterparts and i have a great time doing it. my flying speaks for itself.
5:42 pm
alison: flying in front of the hometown crowd? >> it's beyond words. to perform for my midshipman and my parents and family that will be there. it's surreal. alison: if you are interested the blue angel demonstration is wednesday, may 20. it is open to the public. leon: that look like fun actually. i envy her. thank you. got a chance to keep the postseason dreams alive tonight. >> that is right. we are live at the phone booth where the wizards have showed up but can they show up. preview to game six coming up later in sports. leon: but first, president of college says he will not attend commitment tomorrow. find out why next. 7
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alison: breaking news out of philadelphia where the national transportation safety board is holding a briefing on the deadly amtrak derailment. investigators say they have talked with the engineer of train 188.
5:46 pm
and that he is being cooperative. however, brandon bostian says he cannot remember what happened in that crash. we will get you more information from the press conference as soon as it comes to abc7 newsroom. leon: new information on the sweetbrier college. the president announced he will skill tomorrow's commencement and says he reluctantly made the decision after being told of threats to disrupt the events if he came. graduates of the small school say they are not told the truth about plans to close down the school. we have more on the movement to keep the school open movement getting bigger by a the day. >> sweetbrier college is much thar than just a school. >> it was and is still a place that is home to me. i can't imagine a world without it. >> but that is the reality. the graduates are facing following the february vote by
5:47 pm
the sweetbrier board to close the 1714-year-old women liberal art college in amherst, virginia later this summer. >> just devastated. >> the decision came as a total shock to students, staff and alumni who say school officials gave no indication of trouble prior to the vote. they are working with other alumni in an attempt to prove the decision to close was intentional. >> we weren't informed and we just kept giving our donations thinking everything was fine. >> a major source of frustration among former students they were never asked to help contribute financially to the struggling school. if the call had been put out they would have answered it. >> we have told the truth. we have given as much information as we can. >> sweetbrier spoke perp christie jackson said the decision was not planned before the vote and wa
5:48 pm
financial. enrollment is down financial aid is up. debt and maintenance need exceed endowment by $30 million. but students wonder why they have been out directors for two years and other unanswered questions that led to rumors like the board wants to sell the land. >> untrue. >> or a plan to move with holland university in roanoke is close to a done deal. >> i can not comment on any potential merger or a collaboration with a college university. we're found by non-disclosure agreement. >> alumni group called saving sweetbrier received $12 million in prej donations to stop the close sure. three separate lawsuits filed as part of the efforts. would be of which is under review by the virginia supreme court. >> i believe we will save it. >> they say while the board's vote may be done the real work is just beginning.
5:49 pm
jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: all right. jeff thank you for that. we go to a bit of an update for you on something we told you about yesterday. johnny depp's dog drama. the actor's two yorkshire terrier crystal and boo are back in the u.s. depp is accused of illegally smuggling the dogs in the country on his private jet. australia's agriculture minister threatened to have the dogs put down if depp didn't send them back. they boarded a flight to california today hours before the deadline. leon: so the two little renegades are back home now? how long before they get their own reality show. alison: exactly. leon: animal planet maybe. alison: you'd watch. leon: i would. >> right now i want to see what is happening outdoors for weekend coming up. see what we launch outside. doug: bright and sunny outside. we watch the thunderstorms
5:50 pm
increase. look at the temperatures. showers continue all afternoon. they are moving east. we are tracking those. we have high pressure off the coves. it will bump warm and humid air. we will have the chances of showers and the thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and sunday afternoon. warm and humid. it's mild with partly cloudy skies. tuesday a cold front will come through with showers and we will clear it up for the middle and end of next week. that is latest.
5:51 pm
leon: hawks right now have the hopes of everybody in the region on their shoulders. >> what happens tonight i'm not sure. leon: not the hawks. wizards. >> i'm a play-by-play not a prognosticator. it's harder predicting the outcome of games. i can tell you this, the wizards head to game six tonight against the hawks with a whole lot of confidence! a brand new resolve. they understand game five got away from them. wizards whatted a nine-point lead. pierce hit a three ball with eight seconds left. place was going crazy. wizards led by one but they let it slip away. al heroford come in with the game winner. john wall says they have been in this situation before and they are a better prepared team now. >> last year we didn't have the presence to know how to close out games.
5:52 pm
this is a great team. we felt like we let them off the hook. we can only take it one game a time. >> bring in robert burton. wizards have to learn to close the deal. he says he thinks they have learned it but they are running out of chances. robert: you are rightm game six win or go home. the players are getting the shots up. gooden on the wing working on his 17-footer. the guy you don't see, paul pierce will be the x-factor tonight. according to the espn's chris broussard. we spoke with him earlier today. >> you need the truth. paul pierce has been a great surprise in the playoffs. his minutes have been up. he is playing -- not like he was in his prime but he is playing very well. he gives them swagger and gives them confidence. moxie in the series. the wizards this is an elimination game. they have lost six straight
5:53 pm
elimination games in d.y. they need the crowd to be raucous. you want the real home court advantage. if they get that, win the night, with paul pierce who has more experience. title wise than anybody on either of the teams. i think they could feel good about going into atlanta and getting the game seven. if they can take care of business tonight. robert paul pierce. they call him the truth for a reason. he hit big shots in the series. talk about the nerves. the wizards are down 3-2. my palms are dripping with sweat. i can't stop it. back to you. leon: 7:00 tip. >> caps are still sick about the way the series against the rangers ended. but as they cleaned out their locker, they said goodbye and thanked the fans. never easy to say goodbye to a season with so much promise. leon: so many high hopes.
5:54 pm
they lost to a team that was rated better than them. >> absolutely. this was a different series. competitive. >> dagger. leon: all right. there may be an app for that but it doesn't mean it's safe. alison: when we come back warning about how the these
5:55 pm
there are a lot of channels on yourur tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want d not the ones you don't w, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv, at a price that's totally affordable. starting at $74.99 per month. get custom tv, including internet and phone. price guaranteed for two years. plus, get a $300 visa prepaid card with your 2 year agreement. go to today. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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alison: "7 on your side" tonight with a consumer alert about the starbucks app. leon: rebecca cooper reports that tonight the company says it's possible these out there were trying to get their hands on your rewards. rebecca: with a rare day off these working women say life is spent on the run. they like using the mobile phone. her stab bucs app lets her buy expresso with a swipe of a finger. the convenience. rebecca: but numerous starbucks users say hackers broke in and stole dollars there but they stole bigger sums from the customer credit card bank and paypal account. >> a statement, starbucks says
5:58 pm
they are investigating the complaint but has not found sign of widespread hacking in the system. they say the problem may be customers using passwords too easily broken into it. >> when you use a company like starbucks you assume they have the controls and the security in place. >> this starbuck customer doesn't use the payment act. he increasingly uses his phone as a wallet computer and checking account. >> i trust mobile payment system more than other people. i don't hesitate to put my info in there. rebecca: critics say starbuck should offer more security like two-step sign-in. but even companies with deep pockets like starbucks can't provide complete data and cyber safety. they say the consumers should take more precautions including frequently changing the passwords and trying to use 16 random numbers, letters and special characters for the passwords.
5:59 pm
in arlington, rebecca cooper. leon: i know how much you love yours. have you checked this out? alison: i haven't. i should change my password. 167 characters is a -- 16 characters are a lot. leon: you and steve rudin should get on it. alison: that is it for abc7 news at 5:00. leon: coming up at 6:00 we are following two breaking stories including a killing of a wealthy couple before their house was burned blocks away from the vice president's home. alison: plus people react to the sentencing of a robbie who secretly regarded women as they undressed. >> it's a nightmare. leon: a family afraid to use their own home's water. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. from abc7 news breaking news alert. maureen: first at 6:00 a search for a killer after four people are dead inside a burned home. near the vice president's
6:00 pm
mansion. within the past 45 minutes police identified the victims found in the luxury home that burned yesterday on woodland drive. abc7's brianne carter is live outside the d.c. police headquarters with what she has just found out. brianne: we are hearing from police chief and confirming the identity of those found dead. they tell us they are investigating this as a homicide investigation. police confirmed the victim 46-year-old savvas savopoulos, his wife 47-year-old amy savopoulos. police believe the couple's 107-year-old son phillip and the family housekeeper vera figueroa are the victims inside the home. we found three of the four victims in an update given to us in the hast hour from police suffered what police called blunt force or shop object injuries. police would not elaborate on


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