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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  May 16, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." tragedy on the tracks. the investigation into amtrak 188 taking a mysterious turn, three trains all in the same area, all hit with an object? could that have triggered the deadly crash? dangerous sky, tornado watch tonight. a threat of flash floods looming. 40 million people on alert for severe weather this weekend. nightmare renters caught on surveillance camera raiding the fridge. the tenants who refuse to leave after a home owner rents them a room through a popular website. >> absolute nightmare. worst thing i've ever experience experiencedexperience personsed in my life. how to protect yourself. and plot twist. two students in the same writing class the extraordinary way their stories collide and the ending neither could have imagined.
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good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. and we begin with that deadly train crash in philadelphia. investigators saying tonight the train's windshield may have been hit by an object shortly before it derail and now this troubling possibility. three different trains just a few miles apart all hit by objects all within just a few minutes of each other. here's amtrak 188. investigators focusing on the small hole on the right and this, a different train, also struck in the windshield, here another amtrak passenger train a passenger car hit. the fbi is involved and so many questions tonight. and abc's phillip mena tackling all of those questions. he leads us off from philadelphia. >> reporter: the knick looking at this damage on the front part of the windshield amtrak 188 and if there's any link between
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similar damage on two other trains the same night of the derailment that killed eight passengers. >> there's particular damage we want them to look at for us. >> reporter: an amtrak conductor weighing in tonight. >> there had to be impact to get that kind of damage. we've had our trains stoned before. all kinds of stuff happens on the northeast corridor. if you name it i've seen it. >> reporter: first report of a >> projectile coming from a southbound amtrak on the ocella line. >> we got hit by something too. that's really train. >> reporter: minutes later a local commuter train is also struck by an object. the impact on that local train here on these tracks so severe, they were forced to make an imagine stop. >> reporter: around that same time 188th engineer brandon bastian was overheard saying his train was also hit by something. at 9:28 the fatal derailment. >> the big question, even if
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something hit this train. could it have caused 188 to accelerate to twice the speed limit so fast that it flew off the rails? >> two possibilities. one is the projectile damaged the train so it started to speed up on his own or the engineer was hurt and he couldn't slow it down. >> reporter: tonight federal rail safety regulators instructing amtrak to employ technology that could have prevented this accident. right now they're examining the wreckage, and depending what they find this could turn into a criminal investigation. cecilia? so many questions still. phillip, thank you. and next, another developing story. u.s. commandos taking out a senior isis leader. tonight, terry moran with details on that raid and what american forces found that could unlock secrets about this terror group. >> reporter: the daring raid happened overnight. elite delta force troops taking off from iraq aboard blackhawk helicopters and v-22 ospreys
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headed deep into syria. their mission, capture and interrogate abu sayyaf, a key isis leader, according to us intelligence, the top money man, in charge of isis's multi-million-dollar black-market oil and gas sales. >> this is not just another person. the revenue streams are extremely important for their survival. >> reporter: a counter terrorism official tells abc news sayyaf is the isis leader who gave kayla miller killed in syria in february as a forced bride or slave. on the ground at his house, a fierce fire fight. isis defended the building using women and children as human shields. at time it was so close. it was hand-to-hand fighting. he was killed along with a dozen fighters, his wife, held and captured for questioning. all american personnel returned
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safely after scooping up laptop computers that could be an intelligence windfall. all in all, a significant success. >> should have a large psychological impact with ice that is we can do raids whenever we want and take out key leaders when we want to do it. >> reporter: isis has been making gains in iraq and serious, but this raid won't reverse those gains but might make isis leaders sleep a little less easy tonight. terry moran, thank you. and back here at home to the dangerous weather moving across the country. millions of americans in the threat zone this weekend. take a look. is dark sky part of the storms rolling through big springs nebraska and this big rig in west texas, barreling down the road in hef rain hazard lights flashing. but this suv no match for that texas hail. the driver pulling to the side waiting for that storm to pass. but the biggest threat tonight, tornado watches up through four states at this hour. abc's senior meteorologist
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rob marciano is chasing those storms tonight. >> reporter: tonight the heartland chase preparing for another battering of severe weather. in oklahoma city the billboards saying dangerous storms on the way. this system bringing golf-ball sized hail to nebraska overnight. rain turning city streets into rivers. dangerous flooding out west, too. in california, this driver trped. rescuers using a boat to reach him. ten tornados reported in the last 24 hours including two near torington, wyoming. damaging building overturning trailers and downing trees. after a slow start, we had 180 tornadoes in the last two weeks. rob joins us now. rob joins us now from tornado alley. rob, you've been out there chasing the storms all day. what are you seeing?
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>> they're just getting going as a big system comes out of the rockies they continue to initiate. we're watching across the texas border, they'll continue to develop as we go through the xt hour. one or two may drop tornadoes. we're chasing with a team in the storm's prediction center. the guys responsible for putting out these forecasts. tornado watches. a slew of them are out tonight. really right through the heart of tornado alley, and the risk will get further east and into more popular areas. and as nightfall comes so does even more danger with these storms. tomorrow the less likelihood for a tornado but severe risk in places like milwaukee, chicago and minneapolis. a lot of rain the past week with these cells. flash flood watches from texas through oklahoma. one thing for sure, cecilia it will be a turbulent night of >> it sure will be. rob, thanks. now to a terrifying moment as a city bus stuck on the tracks. as a cargo train barrels toward it. passengers pan iing. here's bazi kanani with the crash caught on camera. >> reporter: this city bus stuck in atlanta track on railroad
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tracks. >> trains coming! >> reporter: passengers warn the driver, then, start running. up front, the frustrated driver is honking to get a red suv in front of him to move forward. no time. the driver tossed from his seat. other cameras showing the passengers barely escapeing. one man struck by the bus door as the train strikes, throwing him to the ground. another woman, seen here limping away from the bus. this case, all onboard that marta bus walked away. six injured as the freight train clipped the back of the bus. one of them calling his mother for help. >> he said he told the bus driver, "the train is coming, the train is coming," and it hit him. >> reporter: that bus driver on leave from the city tonight. investigators also want to find the driver of the red suv that stopped in front of the bus. the railroad, csx, says crossing gates and warning lights were working. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. and staying in washington, d.c. and that mansion fire that
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killed four people. tonight, the mystery deepening. one woman who said she was supposed to be at the house that day now said she received an unusual text message telling her to stay away. here's abc's gloria rivieria. >> reporter: tonight, arson investigators and dc police are back at this burned-out mansion, searching for clues. >> the fire appears to have been intentionally set. >> reporter: this tight-knit, affluent and well-patrolled community grieving the sudden, grisly murders of a well-liked family. savvas savopolous, a leading ceo in the iron industry, his wife amy, their young son and family housekeeper. >> i've been here for 25 years. nothing like this ever happens. >> reporter: thursday's time line. at 9:56 a.m., a woman who says she worked for the family told wjla she received an unusual text from amy telling her to stay home. >> i don't understand why. >> reporter: around 10:30 the family porsche is spotted at the house. but by 1:30 p.m. reports of fire. >> there were injuries appeared
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to be blunt force or sharp object injuries. >> reporter: that porsche later located in this maryland church parking lot torched and abandoned. police say they have a lot of video to review but there are no specifics whether that means security cameras from within the family's own home. they are also looking into who drove that porsche and who might have gotten in easily. there were no signs of forced entry. cecilia? >> gloria thank you. now the race to the white house. hillary clinton releasing details about income in a campaign finance report. she and husband bill clinton earned $25 million since 2014 delivering more than 100 paid speeches. the former secretary also collected more than $5 million in book royalties. that puts the clintons in the top one-tenth of 1% of all americans, making hillary clinton the second wealthiest candidate behind republican carly fiorina.
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a popular shirt making doing an about face. this is the shirt four men hoisting a basketball stand. but that reminded many of the famous ewoeiwo jima memorial. tonight that shirt off the market. here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: it was a marketing idea gone badly awry. this t-shirt, made by under armour, with an image very similar to the famous photo of marines raising the flag on iwo jima in world war ii. four athletes hoisting a basketball backboard and hoop. hundreds of people took to social media to express their outrage "seriously, very offensive" said one message on gned "marine corps veteran." another, "this shirt is blasphemy. it is a spit in the face to me and my marines. today, under armour announced it would pull the tee shirts. in a statement, under armour said, "we deeply regret and apologize the release of a shirt that is not reflective of our commitment to support and honor our country's heroes." >> part of you wonder how does it possibly come up with the checks and balances? >> reporter: in fact, under
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armour has a long record of support for the military. a partner of the wounded warrior project. good deeds now tarnished in the eyes of some by what they say was exploitation of a sacred patriotic image. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. and next to the sale of counterfeit goods. what our year-long investigation uncovered. you may very well have fakes in your house. and not even know it. tonight, our own david muir. inside the secret warehouses of this trillion dollar a year industry. showing us the tricks those vendors use and what you need to look out for. >> reporter: inside this building in newark, new jersey, 30 minutes outside new york city, we see them. we're about to fly you right over the mountain of boxes. stacked four, five boxes high. inside, investigators say, countless counterfeits. many of these products end up in medicine cabinets in homes across america. >> exactly, right david. >> reporter: this looks exactly like the crest you'd get at the supermarket. >> at a glance it looks like the real thing. but, it is counterfeit. we have found trace quantities
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of antifreeze. >> reporter: where is this toothpaste coming from? >> china. >> reporter: and it's money on american products going straight to the chinese. >> exactly right. >> reporter: and tonight, the number one piece of advice they say if you're buying toothpaste or another product at a deep, deep discount, you should always beware. the agents going box by box. they allow us to start opening, too. >> there is hours of opening boxes here? >> it is. >> you don't know what chemicals were used in the making of this product? >> exactly. look at the trick revealed with these boots. >> non-descript, generic brand, mega gear -- >> reporter: but we notice something. on the sole of the boot, a rubber piece added to hide something. >> this one piece affixed right here but if you peel that away, you'll see that it has the timberland brand underneath. they were just hoping to get it here, rip off that piece of rubber and sell it as the real thing. >> reporter: so once they arrive at the store, they can take this off? >> exactly. >> reporter: and sell it as a timberland boot. one small victory for the army
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of counterfeit investigators who work this every single day. our thanks to david for that report. and we have much more ahead on "world news tonight." up next, rental nightmare. what an airbnb ten dant did to one home owner and the lesson for anyone looking to turn their home into a short-term hotel. and hitting the road what you need to know about gas prices before you plan that summer vacation. why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than
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and next to a warning about a growing trend for american families earning extra cash by renting their home on a popular website. tonight one woman couldn't get renters to leave. here's abc's kendis gibson for what you need to know before opening your home to strangers. >> reporter: this is what one california home owner called a living nightmare. watch as this couple rome roams
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the santa cruz house, rummageing through the ridge straight and cabinets the home owner standing on the side helpless. the 33-year-old rent her master bedroom to this couple last month. weeks into the contract agreeing to transition to a cash-only payment not involving airbnb. that's when the payments started coming. so i asked them to go. >> did they go? >> they did not. >> reporter: surveillance cameras learning as the duo is served legal papers but they refuse to leave. the shirtless male seen creeping through the home at night. >> california law finds the tenant 30-day notice because they have to find a place to live. and some tenants are using that to their advantage. >> reporter: this nightmare is finally coming to an end, but it was costly. she paid them to get the pair to leave the house figuring it's less than a lengthy eviction process.
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>> nightmare? >> absolute nightmare. >> reporter: court documents indicate this same couple has an ongoing claim against them for not paying rent elsewhere. now airbnb saying we strongly encourage hosts to only book through airbnb. they may change policy for anyone that extends the reservation, encouraging those renting out their homes to do background checks. kendis gibson santa cruz, california. and still ahead on "world news tonight," you know who this is. it's the 2015 billboard music awards. the young stupor star honoring women who are changing the face of the music industry. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin. victoza is not for weight loss
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and just in time for the summer travel season, some good new for you. gas could be the cheapest it's been in six years. experts predict the average american household will spend $675 less at the pump this year, but, yes, there is a catch. sorry. that could mean some pretty crowded freeways come memorial day. and next to a shot that had crowds at a basketball game floored? what is better than a three-pointer? this at the nba playoffs, league mvp stephen curry launching this rare three-quarter court shot sinking it just before the third guarder buzz. that shot from 62 feet away. the golden state warriors went on to victory and clinched a pot spot in the western conference finals. and who will lynch this year's billboard awards? taylor swift with "bad blood." hone fr hodgelongering the strong
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women who transformed the music industry. the billboard awards will be aired live tomorrow night and tonight, "countdown to the billboard 2015 music awards" and insider's guide airs at 9:00 p.m. right here on abc. and when we come back, what are the chances two women taking the same class -- they thought they were strangers until they started chatting. the conversation that changed their lives. needed to quit smoking. i would quit then i'd go right back to it. chantix absolutely helped me smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had
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finally tonight, a story worthy of a novel playing out in a writing class here in new york. two college student, sitting across from each other on the first day of class, something seemed familiar. it turns out these two strangers
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have a lot in common. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: it's a tale these two story-tellers could never have imagined. 35-year-old lizzi valverde and 34-year-old katie olson met at columbia university on the first day of a creative writing class introducing themselves. >> we were going around the table doing generic, what's your major sort of like introduction. after class katie asking lizzi so many questions, lizzi assumed katie might know her younger sister. i'm like, yeah. i don't know your sister, i think i am your sister. >> when she said i am your sister, i froze. >> reporter: women were adopted as babies by different families. valverde growing up in new jersey. olson in florida and iowa. >> what questions did you ask each other?
6:58 pm
we asked each other all kinds of question. do you like chicken wings? do you have a weird pinkie toe? >> next week, katie graduates and the first time they'll meet their biological mother. leslie parker. parker spoke with us over the phone tonight. >> both amazing and beautiful women. i'm looking forward to seeing them. >> reporter: and for these wordsmith sisters a story better than fiction. >> and this story, your true story, could you make it up? >> absolutely not. if i workshop this in a fiction class, i would be run out. there's no way. >> reporter: linzie janis, abc news, new york. they have the makings for a pretty good novel. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. we'll see you right back here tomorrow night. i'm cecilia vega in new york. thanks for spending your saturday with us. good night.
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