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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  May 16, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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kellye: let's find out what is ahead with the weather. devon: strong storms earlier in the day. not as much activity since then. kind of tropical right now. graduation, george washington university at the mall, the latest info, chance of scattered showers right when the procession begins at 9:30 and the ceremony at 10:00. scattered showers and storms really hot. the one constant will be the humidity until the front passes tuesday afternoon. later next week is cooler. kellye:
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kellye: a daring operation by
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u.s. special forces killed a key leader of the islamic state. jeremy roth explains how it happened and what it means against the fight -- in the fight against isil. jeremy: u.s. special forces try to capture him live in syria. when he resisted, he was killed. he was a senior leader of isis responsible for their oil and gas operations, a key source of financing. the military analysts said that he was running the operations behind the scenes. >> this is the one who creates the revenue so they can conduct these operations. and the amazing marketing arm they have achieved. this is all now hopefully at risk as of this operation. jeremy: u.s. special forces entered by helicopter and engaged in hand-to-hand combat. about a dozen fighters were killed. his wife was captured. all u.s. troops returned safely. secretary of defense ash carter
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said he ordered the raid at the direction of president obama. it represents another significant blow to isil and a reminder that the united states will never waver in denying safe haven to terrorists. >> when you pull one thread especially a high level guy and his wife, you not only get the operational requirement the equivalent of a cfo, but you could get the info source on how they recruit people. that is huge. jeremy: jeremy roth reporting. kellye: panic at a fairfax county police station after no warming number of employees have been diagnosed with cancer. investigator chris papst said the department and county have not done enough to find out why this is happening. >> i have never been more freight in my life. chris: for 16 years, he has
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worked the streets of fairfax county as a police officer, but it is the work that he did inside of the franconia police station that scared him the most. the 23-year-old building that has earned a chilling nickname. >> franconia cancer station. chris: all of them have been under the age of 50. three people have died. >> i don't think it's just a coincidence. chris: kathryn buried her mother last june. she worked here 15 years. she was 45. >> my mom was still alive, she would be appears saying, it's time to get out. >> we want the station tested, the personnel tested. we need to know. chris: last july, they tested the air and water. 7 on your side obtain the results which called for "no corrective action," buty rad radon, a known carcinogen, was
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not tested. benzene, founding gasoline, was also not tested. there was a cluster of 12 confirmed leaking underground gas tanks surrounding franconia. >> these could be related to the building. chris: he says while testing is important, a broader investigation looking at types of cancer and patient medical history is needed. >> cancer clusters are the hardest kinds of investigations. chris: an investigation we have learned has just begunand rosler is the fairfax county police chief is that he spoke to us with the county health director by his side. as of now this is the only station you perceived have a problem? >> yes. chris: the county has stepped up efforts to solve this mystery. patient medical records are being analyzed. possible toxins associated with
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police equipment like vets or gun belts are being studied. and three days before the chief agreed to sit down with us, he sat down with all of his franconia employees to address their grave concerns. >> i've lost good friends to cancer, some of which have worked at this station. i will try to do every thing i can to determine whether there is a problem. chris: the county expects the results of the medical records analysis sometime later this month. the outcome will determine the next step in what could be a lengthy process. chris papst, abc 7 news. kellye: the diocese of maryland has named a replacement for the deposed bishop. cooke was maryland second-highest ranking it piscopo leader when the police say that she hit and killed a bicyclist in december. her trial is scheduled for next
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month. a new study shows a surprising number of public charter school students in the district are heading further from home for their education. many students travel an average of 1, 2 miles to school, nearly half travel outside of their ward. more than 1600 students from other parts of the city chose to attend public charter schools in wards seven and eight. the new leader of the university of d.c. is making his presence known on campus. ronald mason junior was introduced this week. prior to his introduction, mason met with mayor muriel bowser. she told him of a reversal of plans to cut $3.5 million to the school budget. >> she asked me to let you all know that she decided to put the money back into the budget. [applause] so that is a win for this
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administration. kellye: the council was likely to restore the money without the mayor's approval anyway, said a councilmember. coming up -- making amends. what people working at camden yards can expect at the end of the month after being forced off the job. first, putting contractors to the test. why did we get eight costly solutions to a simple problem, and what you need to know. devon: the humidity is back in full force. when we continue, i will give you the full forecast.
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kellye: 7 on your side went undercover with a hidden camera to look at contractors. we rented a house in the district for a week and hired a like trash and -- hired an electrician to fix a problem created by our own master electrician. horace: most homeowners fear they will hear this when they hire a contractor. >> the renovation and everything else. horace: 7 on your side hired eight electricians and received eight estimates for 8 solutions to one simple problem. our expert, a master electrician, certified and licensed, with 35 years of experience in the field. he created the problem by
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loosening the connection to the electric panel. the outlet and the microwave stopped working coming easy fix form a anyone, just tighten the breaker connection. next, we set up hidden cameras and watch as the electricians attempted to diagnose the problem. our producer called in the electricians, chosen from craigslist yelp, and the yellow pages. we sat downstairs to watch. >> i would like an estimate. >> i'm on the clock. horace: sometimes a bit surprising. >> i don't know what's wrong. i cannot give you an estimate. horace: every homeowner should not be surprised to be charged a service fee. the prices we work what it ranged from $75 to $135 just to come to the door. with such a supposedly simple problem -- >> we created the problem.
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horace: really, it is breaker number 10. the problem is the connection. >> i don't know. horace: you would think it would be easy to diagnose and fix. >> sometimes it takes multiple days. horace: we're with abc 7 news, putting contractors to the test. there was a big problem in the wiring in the walls? we created the problem. it's a tiny problem and you told her it would be a big job. >> no, i did not. >> didn't use it would be a big job? >> it takes several times to do this. horace: mm-hmm./ >> and um, this is really awkward. horace: of the eight electricians only one correctly diagnose and fix the problem and he did it five minutes after he walked in the door. >> there's a wire loosen the panel. horace: we are putting
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contractors to the test. how do you think you did? >> i think added good. horace: i do, too. he charged just his $85 entrance fee. >> will a have to cut walls and stuff? horace: all the way up to$1250. getting a simple problem fixed can be costly. what matters most is if the contractor's license. maryland, the district, and virginia can help you get your money back if things go wrong with a licensed contractor. also check with the better business bureau, ray contractors, but the best reference comes from somebody that you know who has used that contractor before. horace holmes, abc 7 news. kellye: good information. the baltimore orioles will pay hourly employees for the time they missed during recent unrest in the city. the money will be paid to employees at the end of the month and concession workers
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were loss of be compensated for the lost hours. -- concession workers will also be compensated for the lost hours.
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kellye: 7 on your side with health matters. a new fallout from the listeria went with blue bell ice cream. they said they will lay off more
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than one third of their workforce. this week, the company signed agreements with health officials detailing steps they must take before resuming production. three people died during the listeria outbreak. google's self driving car is closer to reality. it will be tested on public roads this summer. it works without a gas pedal or steering wheel. it does not have airbags or required safety features, so i cannot go faster than 25, but it can have passengers to recognize road had hoosiers. -- road hazards. google wants to make the car available to consumers in the next five years. devon: it would be fun, but sounds like i'm not going very far very fast. in the forecast, the humidity is dragging slow, too sticking around, numerous showers going on. first up, stormwatch 7 live doppler radar thunderstorms
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saturday afternoon and evening. the last rain is south and east of washington. closer to midnight, there are some folks getting showers. it is almost tropical-like. real high humidity. the humidity level in dew point is the best measure of what it will feel like. heavier showers and prince george's county, southeast of clinton, dunkirk. charles, st. mary's county, lexington park newburg. this pocket is close to annandale. this crosses back towards the beltway, fairfax. springfield as well. further west, culpeper rappahannock county to the north, general rain activity. we had a hail report today of severe weather full stop western maryland, allegany counties, cumberland, just general rain
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activity. the widespread and widely scattered showers, the same picture continues overnight into the morning. the forecast temperatures have gone down with cloud cover. don't think there is a chance we get close to 88 or 90 on sunday. real-time temps upper 70's. this cold front will likely turn into the warm front with the heat and humidity. scattered showers and thunderstorms chances come back sunday, monday, even tuesday. the hottest part of the day will be the afternoon and evening. overnight, just mainly rain activities. tomorrow morning, chance of a scattered storm in the afternoon, evening time frame. 80 degrees. some areas indicating the cloud cover will hold the temps a little bit. low 80's in washington.
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monday widely scattered storms more sunshine bleeding through. the next several days, the heat humidity, storm chances. the cold front blows through breezy. that will usher in cooler air. lower humidity wednesday, very nice and thereafter. sunday, the big event is the george washington university commencement, 9:30 is the processional. might need the rain gear with the chance of a scattered shower. kellye: thank you. coming up -- the city has been chosen and plans are in the works, but there is still one hold up in bui
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kellye: the obama presidential center will be built in his adopted hometown. they are considering two locations near the university of chicago. reporter: the decision obvious, the obama's choose chicago again. president obama: that is where i met my life, that -- that is where i met my wife, that is where my children were born. reporter: the president named chicago the host for the future barack obama presidential center. >> they decided to return to
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their roots on the city southside, were a young community organizer once inspired his community to take action. it will serve as the home base for the foundation that will organize and inspire people. reporter: among the supporters, the first lady, a chicago historian, and a chicagoan who immigrated to the u.s. as a child. >> i do not think it would happen but i worked to make it happen. the impossible is possible. >> i feel like this can be a beacon of hope for other youth. reporter: while there is much hope for the presidential center, some are frustrated with the pace of the site selection process. >> it's a little disappointing. i was hoping we would know whether it was jackson park or washington park. reporter: there is also concern about health inequities. some rallied to emphasize the lack of level one trauma care on the south side. >> to me it says they don't care
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about all the black people who are dying. kellye: in addition to the library, the presidential center will include a museum, office, and activity space. the facility could openin 2020.
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