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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  May 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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gets right up under redick now. double harden e. get the ball out of his hands knocked away by jordan. picked up by crawford. ahead to redick. redick to paul. paul back to redick. j.j. the floater, up and in. it's 103-92. kevin mchale calls a time-out. the 20-point lead has been cut to 11. 2:24 remains is that all that's left to the clippers' season? it's rockets' ball when we come back. you put in 4 hours before the 9 to 5'ers even show up. and you don't drive to an office. your van is your office. for you, ford created a different kind of full-size van: ford transit with ecoboost. efficient where it counts and built ford tough. and so customizable, it'll fit any business like a work glove. this is ford transit. during ford commercial van season,t up to $2000 cash back and up to $1500 in upfit assistance on america's best-selling brand of commercial
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>> mike: the lead is now 10.
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they looked at that earlier three-pointer and it was a two. it's all on the line. so it's 102-92 with 2:24 remaining. both teams in the penalty. clippers only have a time-out. there's another turnover. paul and griffin. back to griffin. throws it down. eight-point game. nine straight points by the clippers. >> mark: we've seen this movie before. >> mike: that's something the clock didn't start right away. tony brothers notices that. >> mark: james harden again off the pick and roll. throws it away gives clippers credit. they are not fading away. all of a sudden they have gotten life. creating turnovers, picking up
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percentages. >> what do they look like now? >> jeff: i think it's 9% with my quick calculations. give them another bucket though they'll be back pedaling quicker than a politician. >> mike: shot clock down to 8. again, trying to get the ball out of harden's hands. three to shoot. harden on the drive. stepped back puts it up and fouled. martin back to the line. with 1:40 remaining. fouled it .03 remaining on the shot clock. redick the fourth foul. >> jeff: i would like to see that one more time. i -- >> mike: did he foul him after -- >> jeff: maybe on the elbow
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right there? >> mike: redick didn't vehemently argue. >> mark: now we see dwight howard. with under 2:00 to bring him back in. >> jeff: oh it's legal now, now we have the rileule that you can foul. >> mike: >> mike: >> mark: it's called bring your ball back. you can play now. >> jeff: does that make any sense? >> mark: that's one thing i agree with you. i think the rules should stay the same because i don't want to reward a bad flee-throw shooter. but i agree with you on that. make it the entire game. what is right is right. >> mike: harden gets a pair there. 29 for harden. ten-point game. 1:30 left. redick finds jordan.
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and a foul. jones not a smart play there. and deandre jordan a change for a three-point play. >> jeff: for me you don't have to tell deandre jordan to miss a free-throw. but think he has to miss it and try to rebound it. he really pounded the rim. >> mark: you continue to defend get the ball out of james harden and force other guys to remain uncomfortable. >> jeff: if i'm chris paul, i might grab chris howard as the ball is in the air and make it a loose ball foul. >> mike: it would not be away from the play in that situation, howard would have to shoot. >> jeff: and he does just that. >> mike: he does exactly that. howard shoots two free-throws. it's not away from the play where it's a free-throw
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situation. >> jeff: it's like he's playing piggy back. the absurdity of the nba. it's beautiful to watch. >> jeff: it's funny. i remember doing a game with you several years ago. so i did it coaching the war kwler, barnes jumped over somebody's back. we wound up losing the game but a brilliant strategy. >> jeff: it is a way being around the foul but you can save time. . i don't know if anybody told you, but you can coach. >> jeff: thank you, sir. at least i can come up with whacky ideas. >> mark: i know that. it's documented. >> mike: do you guys just have a nice exchange? >> mark: i know. it's been a while, right? >> mike: howard 4 of 7 from the line this afternoon. misses both jordan the rebound and doc rivers calls his last -- no, he's actually got several time-outs. it's houston with one time-out remaining. rockets now have two time-outs
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left and here's a smart heads-up play. knowing your rule. chris paul trying to will his team back in this where they trail by as many as 20 here in the fourth. technology that lets a pc be a tv and a tablet. all in one? yeah,, no more clutter. ♪ a lot's changed. upgrade to a portable all in one with intel inside. even less clutter. ♪ >> mike: here in game seven a big fourth quarter for the clippers certainly not like the rockets fourth quarter in game six. but it's keeping their hopes alive. however, just 1:25 remaining.
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clippers have two time-outs left. they don't have a foul to give. ideal with the clippers is get them to do that same situation. >> mark: the thing is screen and roll. sloppy action i'm fouling him. right here. >> mike: griffin looking for redick. good ball from jason terry. fires away. way off the mark. ariza, the rebound. coming up on 1:00 remaining. and an eight-point game. >> mark: you have to force the issue right now if you're the clippers. >> mike: terry, swings it. jones out to ariza for three. it's good! trevor ariza, again! his sixth three-pointer of the game. and that one should seal it for the rockets.
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a 20-point game for trevor ariza, a former champion with the lakers nails it with 55.8 remaining. and the rockets, on the verge of a western conference finals. strong can lift you from your lowest point. strong can silence the doubters. strong can push you even harder. think what strong can do for you. at&t's network now has the nation's strongest 4g lte signal. >> mike: they are celebrating
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here at the toyota center. rockets back up by 11 as trevor ariza coming up huge for the rockets. remember the offseason, they didn't match chandler parsons, they want the chris bosh they wanted to seip him. they wanted to sign carmelo anthony but instead they signed -- or acquired trevor ariza in a three-team trade. ariza brought defense, he's brought three-point shooting. he was seventh in the nba. with a field goal. a former champion with the lakers coming up huge in game seven. >> jeff: there's a lot of debate that's going on about the value in the three and can it hold off in the playoff? and the reason is yes t-can, if it's the right guys. >> mark: who is debating? >> jeff: well phil jackson for one. >> mike: paul looking, finds crawford. crawford off the tribble. pulls back. crawford hits the shot.
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107-98. that's not the man they want to foul. harden trying to sell it. and they do find chris paul after harden released the ball. kevin mchale talking to mike callahan. paul picks up his fifth foul and harden at the line with 45.6. >> mark: kevin mchale trying to make the point james harden didn't have the basketball. that foul committed -- that's not when they made the call the call is made now. 689 i agree, kevin, that's what it should be. but, kevin, it's over. it's fine. it's good. and, mike he is -- there are a lot of coaches, i think, that don't get the credit they deserve, but he would be near the top of the list. what he's had to navigate through this year injurywise roster turnover this guy's done a terrific terrific job.
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>> mike: 34 wins 45 minute 54 win, now 56. he's got an extension back in december. and again roster fluctuation throughout. there is not one player on the roster here from his first season not one. >> mark: doesn't get a lot of credit. i thought he did a great job all season long and his finest moment was in game six. as a coach, leaving your best player on the bench as the bench, the supporting cast does the job. that's a tough decision. that's why they pay them the big bucks. >> mike: mean while his team here in game seven will have a wire-to-wire victory. and jubilation in houston, but heartbreak in l.a. the clippers still desperately trying to somehow come back. crawford launches it up. that shot won't go. rebound. who else trevor ariza? and he's foul eded more
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free-throws. what a devastating finish this will be for the l.a. clippers as they hear the celebration from the rockets' fans. up three games to one. and not just up three 3-1, but blow-out victories in their three wins. i mean dominant at times in this series then lose a game on the road where the rockets played well and then game six will haunt chris paul and the clippers all summer long. up 19 with 2:30 to go in the third. paul once again, will come up short. on something he is so desperate for, a trip to the conference finals. he's never been there. as griffin's jump shot is good. a two-pointer. as you said jeff so much pain
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at the other end. expectations different now for the clippers. they are expected to be one of the best teams but they are now judged by what they do in the playoffs and they have fallen short of those expectations this year. deandre jordan will be a free agent. >> jeff: and they've got to add to their bench depth. glen davis had some good moments. spencer hawes didn't ever find really a role. they just need to add, as chris paul congratulates mchale and harden. on a great series. >> mike: future hall-of-famer congratulating mchale congratulating a current hall-of-famer, paul a fantastic season during the regular season and just unbelievable playoff
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performances. game seven game-winner against the san antonio spurs but his team will fall short as james harden and houston rockets, what an impressive win here on their home floor. will now get set to play the golden state warriors. that will start tuesday in oakland. a stunning turn around here in this series as the rockets will become the ninth team in nba his interest to come back from a 3-1 deficit and second rockets team to do it. the '95 champs did it. how about this ovation from ariza. 22 point, 6 three-pointers 7 rebounds and some great defense. >> mark: and appreciating his work and the work of this rockets' team. what a heck of an accomplishment. and the crowd ready to erupt.
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hits the wire up top. rockets will inbound. and this one will be over. dwight howard going back to the conference finals. he did it with orlando. they made it to the finals before losing to the lakers. and the comeback is complete! the houston rockets will play in their first conference final in 18 years. as they win game seven, wire-to-wire. the runner-up for mvp. 31 points in his game seven. howard with 16 and 15. he had three strong games. as they won three straight to
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take the series. leeza is withase lisa is with harden. >> lisa: thank you. mike. james, you just took off your shoes. your feet hurt? >> no i throw them in the crowd, man. i love this crowd. they are very supportive. it's a great position to be here right now. >> lisa: you guys led james -- he wants to say hello to deandre jordan jordan. you guys led wire to wire. how were you able to take control of this game? >> the will to win. you know we were down 3-1. we didn't give up. we've been through adversity our entire year. so another case for that. we just kept battling much. >> lisa: i'm going to get back to that but describe the impact trevor ariza had. >> when we lost tayrevor, he was knocking down victories. he's a winner.
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that's what i like around me. guys that like to win. >> lisa: about overcoming that 3-1 deficit only 8 other teams in nba history have done that. what does it mean to you? >> a very special group. a very special group. >> lisa: you know folks have counted you guys out. >> what what's that? >> lisa: folks have counted you guys out. >> all of the time. overlooked all of the time. i'm overlooked. we don't worry about it. we just goat out and play. that's what it's about. >> lisa: looking to the next round. steph curry, how do you think that will play out? >> they're a good team. they're rolling right now, we're rolling. it will be a great battle for us. >> lisa: congratulations. mike back to you. >> mike: lisa rockets, three straight games face elimination. perfect in all three, there in the western conference final. jeff, your thoughts? >> jeff: i just think that they were dominated through five games. even though they won that game five i had no thought that they would go to l.a. and win game
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six, and then to be down 19 find a way to win, and back it up with a terrific performance today, to me that's a great, great accomplishment. mark? >> mark: i echo that. give credit to kevin mchale did not panic, trusted his players and he responded. what a bigtime play. earning one possession and one win at a time. >> mike: conference finals the top two seeds in the east make it now the top two seeds in the west. tuesday on espn western conference finals again from oakland. golden state hosting houston. it starts at 7:30 eastern. and at 8:30 the nba draft lottery, and game one will tip off shortly after 9:00 eastern. james harden and rockets are in the western conference finals. the wire-to-wire victory in game seven. one victory in the final. for jeff van gundy, lisa salter
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mark jackson, and our fantastic abc crew mike green saying thanks so of for watching here on abc, home of the nba finals. it's the rockets and warriors next up in the west. right now let's go to sage steele and the studio in los angeles. and there you have it. game 7, for all of the marbles, all of the presser in the world and houston rockets, the rockets withstood that pressure to beat the clippers. welcome back to los angeles. jalen rose doug collins, i'm sage steele. coach let me start with you. what did it take for houston to get it done. >> when clippers were up 3-1 in the series they went to play game six. they didn't go to a close-out in game five. james harden had a triple double. howard played well. they got momentum.
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and we want to talk about the last 14 minutes ofame six and today. you had james harden and howard show up. to me jalen, when i look at it. terrence jones, prigioni trevor ariza. those guys outplayed the clippers badly. >> clippers were allowed to rely on the lead guys but character guys didn't show up. matt barnes zero points. j.j. redick six turnover only had seven once in his career. jamal crawford six from the floor. players you mentioned, 56 big points. role-players showing up at home in particular. closing the deal. >> you used the word uncharacteristic, that's a little surprise considering what these guys have done all season long. to what do you attribute that when they know better than we do what's on the line? >> detective,bt. a a lot of time you make mistakes when you're fatigued.
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when you're wearing chris paul constantly down guarding him with multiple wings all of a sudden he has to be a ball handler and creator that's not something he's used to do. >> it caught up with the clippers finally. they got through the spurs and this series caught up with them. you could see fatigue today. they had lose balls. you see the three guys talk about barnes j.j. and crawford. 10 for 32. i talked about them in the pregame. those three guys had to make shots. the sad part to me everybody focused chris paul had not gone to the conference. chris paul played his heart out. this was not about chris paul. he didn't have enough help. >> that fatigue is credit to the rockets because of their style of play. they like to change ends of the floor. spread you out. shoot the three. that helped the clippers. >> before the next matchup with the golden state warriors and again with chris paul these
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numbers come up. tied for the fourth most player for a player without conference finals appearance. we know he's a future hall-of-famer. we know them. you're friending with him, jalen how does he live with this? >> he's a terrific coal pet tore. one of the toughest players in the entire league. teams advance, nod individuals. you look at team-to-team matchups you take chris paul over jason terry. look what he was called upon to do. there's a time when chris paul was guarding james howard being guarded by trevor ariza. that's a lot for a small guard. he showed up. he played. but it's a team game. you have to give the rockets credit how they took care of business. >> remember what i said at halftime? to follow up what jeff van gundy said. chris paul was probably not going to come off the floor.
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but they stopped playing at the end of the game. >> doc rivers said he wants to take it all on his shoulders, he obviously will. any changes with this franchise in the offseason? >> there's two stories. one you wing and fly to golden state. the other is do we have to break this team up? can blake griffin and chris paul do it together? deandre jordan can go somewhere. what will we do to upgrade our bench. is this too much responsibility for doc rivers? do we need somebody to come in and handle all of the personnel. maybe give him the final decision or handle all that stuff. that's what happens when you lose. you have to answer these questions. >> a lot of analysts talk about traditional basketball. you have multiple guys doing multiple things. that's what you see when you watch the warriors play and rockets play. normally those guys of 6'5" and 6'8", clippers don't have many productive players that size.
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the ones they do have. zero points today. >> good night to the los angeles clippers we'll talk about you this offseason. now heading to the golden state warrior, they won all four of those games important to note dwight howard did not play in two of those games. first thing that comes to your mind jalen, when you look at this matchup with the golden state warrior, houston rockets, with the mvp race steph curry, james harden what do you think? >> off to the rockets. i didn't think they would get to the conference finals. i'm looking at three-point shot in the pace. both teams like to get up and down the floor, spread you out. dribble drive kick and/or finish at the hoops. >> patrick beverly one of their best defenders has not played who will guard steph curry. who guards klay thompson. thr he going to put ariza on
6:27 pm
klay thompson and collide james harden over to barnes. to me the matchups will be have very interesting, i tell you what, i've been in the playoffs down 0-6 to the cleveland cavaliers. went on the road and they beat them in the playoffs. throw out the regular season a lot of those numbers might mean stuff. in the playoffs it becomes a different game. >> you talked about it in particular. with james harden dwight howard who were not consistent. how important is it against the warriors? >> those are the two best players. when they play well they set the table for everything else. the thing the rockets are good at taking care of business in gameseries the warriors have that luxury. >> it was the first adversity they faced all year. down 2-1 they won game four.
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they're better. >> congratulations to the houston rockets when it counted the most. our coverage begins at 7:30 eastern. tip-off at 9:00. we can't wait. "world news" or local news up next. except on the west coast. have a good night. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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kimberly: a grisly crime and now murder charges. the startling confession from the suspect and what documents are saying about the day dick and jodi vallarta were murdered. why this video could be the key to cracking a quadruple homicide case and the details police want you to pay close attention to. playing out right now, a bar in texas, a powder keg. it is a deep-seated feud that is being blamed for sparking a deadly gunfight. >> now abc 7 news at 6:30 -- on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: a rock phil dead, their neighbor charged with murder. scott, shanosky was arrested on a cruise ship in juneau, alaska. abc 7 broke word of his arrest last night. kevin lewis has been coming through charging documents


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