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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  May 17, 2015 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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>> i was trying to figure out how to get the boat over here. my wife got out of bed, looked out the window and said, oh, my god, the water is under the house. reporter: the water was too swift. flooding caused problems all the way to missouri, residents forced to evacuate after a tornado outbreak overnight. 30 reported from texas to minnesota. >> you can hear the tornado sirens going off. reporter: in kansas, the storm blowing this 34-car free train right off the track. in oklahoma, softball-sized hail. a trail of damage in its wake. today, residents east of tulsa
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facing the repairs. >> the whole house started shaking. reporter: she and her mother survived. >> we lived through it. kellye: a d.c. court closing the door on a reckless renter. friday, a judge ordered jefferies to shut down a property on to pound -- on dupont circle. he would rented using air bnb. neighbors complained of the noise. he can still rent the property but needs to get a proper license, and no more than eight renters will be allowed in the house at a time. a judge has rejected a request to delay jesse matthew's attempted murder trial in fairfax county for stop he is scheduled to go on trial june 8 on charges he attacked a woman in 2005.
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the defense said they needed more time to investigate 40 possible suspects in the police file, but the judge disagreed. matthew is also accused in the death of uva student hannah graham. video for the 7 on your side i-team. a woman attempts to slap the police officer. the officer's responses at the center of the investigation. this happened at a nonprofit mental health facility in southeast. we do not know what led to the exchange. we contacted to be department of behavioral health and community connection, but neither offered a statement. members of the d.c. fire tire ap -- fire department honored one of their own. sam ford was at his funeral and had more on the massive outpouring of support. sam: some 3000 people said
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goodbye to the firefighter, most of them dressed in blue. members of the family, his wife two daughters, three sons. it was rough. mayor muriel bowser called him a hero, relating how 911 had dispatched another engine company to that high-rise fire may 6. mayor bowser: he radioed back to say they were close. residents credited him with saving their lives. [applause] sam: it was a spirited service a celebration of a young life. he was remembered as one who loved firefighting. he joined the cadet program after -- as a student at balloiu high school. >> to my brother, kevin mccrae
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rest easy. we will take it from here. you will not be forgotten. sam: his flag draped casket was brought out as hundreds stood at attention, placed on the engine that he commanded, staffed by his crew. the procession made its way past the firehouse where he served and where his colleagues also stood in his honor. sam ford, abc 7 news. kellye: president obama joined hundreds friday to pay tribute to police officers killed or injured in the line of duty. [bagpipes play] kellye: the national fraternal order of police posted the peace officer memorial service on the west lawn of the capital. the president called on americans to honor law enforcement heroes for what they do on a daily basis. president obama: we hold them up as heroes because that is what they are. it takes a special kind of courage to be a peace officer
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to be the one that people turn to when their most desperate moments, to be willing to run into a dangerous situation when everybody else is running the other way. kellye: at the capitol, flags are flying at half staff. the ceremony comes at the end of national police week. family friends, and fans remembering the legendary bb king, who died friday. >> ♪ standing beneath the mistletoe ♪ kellye: he was known as the king of blues. his career spanned nearly 70 years. he was performing into his 80's. bb king was 89 years old. coming up -- a risque reward. what led to a teacher showing
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students "50 shades of grey." and a program that hackers are targeting and how you can keep your information safe. devon: hot and humid monday. the forecast is coming up.
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♪ deidre & the dark - classic girl plays in the background ♪
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a great entrance never goes out of style. dresses start at $25. the eva mendes collection. exclusively at new york and company. kellye: high school students in west virginia convinced their
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teacher to let them watch the movie "50 shades of grey" as reward for good work. a report said the teacher apparently did not know what the film was about. they shut it off after 10 minutes. when an assistant principal walked by and saw what they were watching. 7 on your side with a consumer alert about the starbucks app. the company says it's possible thieves are trying to get their hands on your rewards. rebecca: these working women say life is usually spent on the run, so they like using mobile payment plans, where the starbucks app lets her purchase an espresso with the swipe of a finger. but numerous customers say that hackers broke into their account. not only stealing works, but also stealing bigger sums from their credit cards, bank, and paypal accounts.
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starbucks says they are investigated the gunplay, but so far have not found signs of widespread hacking of their system. -- they have investigated the complaint. they said the problem may be customers using passwords that are too easy. >> when you are a company like starbucks, you kind of assume they have those controls and the security in place. rebecca: this starbucks customer does not use the payment app but he increasingly uses his phone is a wallah, computer, and checking account. >> like all millennium's, i think i trust the mobile payment systems. rebecca: critics say that starbucks should offer more security, like a two-step sign in but even big companies cannot provide complete data and cyber safety. consumer should also take precautions, including frequently changing passwords and always trying to use at least 16 random numbers, letters, and special characters for their password.
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in arlington, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. kellye: ahead bumped from the ball room just three months from their dream wedding. a mixup with the redskins that left a couple scrambling to find
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i love the new place. thank you. we used a designer from havertys to help blend all of my y stuff with dave's one good chair. i love it. that reminds me of when we blended our furniture. yeah. ryan helped me get all my stuff just the way i like it. and emily helped me get all of my
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stuff right to the curb. that was a great day. yeah. refresh your space with an extra hundred off every thousand at havertys. us enjoy 36-month, no-interest financing. havertys. discover something you. kellye: we have an update on johnny depp's dog drama.
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his dogs are back in the united states. he is accused of smuggling them into australia, where the agriculture minister threatened to put them down. they promptly boarded a flight back to california, just hours before the government deadline. pistol and boo, his dogs, back on u.s. soil. devon: i understand the love for the dogs. but on the island, i can totally tell they want to keep things away. for us, we are starting to get the heat and humidity in full force. 87 was the high temperature. not indicative of a lot of the region. closer in, low to mid 80's, morning cloud cover. that cap the way the storm chances -- that kept away
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the storm chances. real-time temps this time of the night, almost the same here as it is in chicago. in the midwest, they have some humidity as well. the warm front, warm and humid air in front of it. the overall storm system way off in the plains and upper midwest. this is two days away. we have heat and humidity and more storm chances tomorrow. the timing could be 2:00 until 8:00. the latest information tuesday is this runs earlier. the temperatures may actually slide, slightly lower humidity. should be up to get by. the wind is not as strong.
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the average high, 76. we approach that in the morning. by the afternoon, scattered showers and storms. the storms come through any time from 2:00 until 8:00. the heat and humidity, the storms providing energy but also in new england a front trying to back in with a cold front. everything combining, the storms are fairly likely in the forecast. near 90 degrees. add the humidity, it will feel warmer. the forecast here, showers and storms possible tuesday. the latest trend could be showers and storms early in the morning hours, lower humidity, southwest wind with the sunshine. that is the latest info for the highs tuesday. could price close to 90 with the right -- could press close to 90 with the right combination.
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monday, really what you want to plan for is the human start for the day -- the humid start for the day. watch for storms. could be the afternoon, evening drive that you have to prepare for. after you get through the beginning of the week, beautiful , 70's, low humidity. bright and early in the morning eileen whelan will update the forecast. kellye: 7 on your side for a d.c. couple just 90 days away from their wedding. the wedding of their dreams. this week, their hotel bumped them to make way for the redskins. kim released suitors digs in and finds out why the couple who dropped 11 grand on the venue has now been blocked off. >> happy wife, happy life.
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kimberly: but his fiancée is decidedly unhappy. the omni hotel in richmond informed them they have been bumped from the ballroom. >> they said they had to make a business decision. i'm sure the redskins have a lot more money than us, so why get it, but i don't have an obligation to the redskins. i only work for my fiancée. kimberly: the hotel offered to move them to the jefferson hotel. they would like the omni to cover the cost of the inconvenience. 7 on your side called the general manager and e-mailed the staff. a contract signed in october stipulates any changes have to be approved by both parties. >> we are being treated like we are no one because we are not the billion dollar company. kimberly: which brings us to the redskins. there spokesman immediately called back 7 on your side.
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you did not even know they had been bumped from the ballroom? because of the richmond-based training camp, they have an eight year deal with the hotel. the schedule starts a week later this year. the tell said they accidentally double booked. but he is not done trying to make his future wife's wedding dreams come true. >> there is nothing i won't do to see her happy. kellye: the omni richmond's g.m. said when the redskins contract was enforced by the team, he immediately re-staffed and offered to pay for part of the reception elsewhere. the redskins do apologize to the couple and have offered two sideline passes to any game that they choose. "dancing with the stars" live is coming to washington june 15 at the warner theatre. abc 7 is giving one lucky fan a
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chance to meet the stars and win for tickets. watch "good morning washington" in a few hours and look for the clue. more information on the kellye: facebook page. coming up, the woman who made history with the blue angels.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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kellye: a marine captain is a
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graduate of the naval academy and georgetown university, flying nearly 400 combat hours around the world and is the first female member of the blue angels. alison starling introduces us to tonight's working woman. alison: flying is in her dna. her father ran grandfather were both military pilots. she was also drawn to public service. >> the military was the highest calling for me. alison: she flies a c-130 for the blue angels. she was attracted to the plane's versatility when piloting combat missions in afghanistan and humanitarian missions in africa. >> i will fly at for the rest of my career. alison: she is most comfortable, most herself in the cockpit, even when feeling weightless. >> when you go from zero g's to
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positive two, that is where you get the weightless feeling and you are floating in your seat. then 2 g's you feel about fisher body weight. -- you feel about twice your body weight. i fly this plane as good as my male counterparts. i have a good time doing it. i think my flying speaks for itself. alison: flying in front of the hometown crowd? >> it's beyond words to be up and to perform for the midshipmen, my parents, my family was going to be there. it's definitely an unreal experience. alison: alison starling, abc 7 news. kellye: the blue angels demonstration at the naval academy is this coming wednesday, may 20, open to the
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