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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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condition. meanwhile, lawyers for four passengers announced lawsuits against amtrak today. scott: abc7 is on storm watch tonight after the temperatures topped out at 90 at reagan national airport for the second time this year. now showers and the storms are popping up on the radar. chief meteorologist doug hill is standing by with your forecast. doug: we heard a big rumal of thunder a few seconds ago in the belfort furniture at rosslyn. there will be more of that. this is the at the country club in alexandria. it's raining down there and for good reason. you can see it's from alexandria south to the east of interstate i-95 and route one. so that will drift slowly but surely across the river to western charles county maryland. another to the north. near between falls church and the city. that will continue along 66. drifting on the beltway. so listen we will have more of these popping up.
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heavy downpour, slow movers and lightning and thunder. there are many more to the west. i will diminish later this evening and tonight. it will be hot and humid with shower and thunder and heavy downpours. we will taper it off after sunset this evening and quiet it down later tonight. we look ahead to rest of the weekend and the holiday weekend as well in a few minutes. alison: we will see you then. new information tonight as police are searching for the man who attacked a 12-year-old girl. after canvassing her neighborhood for days, it turns out the new information in this case may have come from a chance encounter by the girl's mother. maryland bureau chief brad bell spoke with the mother in the last half hour and has this story you will see only on seven. brad? brad: alison, can you imagine as a parent that you have to deal with this terrible drama being inflicted on your own child. suffering through a sexual assault. then being with the child and spotting the suspect. well, the mother reacted
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instinctively. she tackled the guy. this is what she told us about why she did it. i had to protect my daughter. i was angry. i'm still angry. >> ask anybody in the neighborhood and they l tell you, they would do as the mother did last week. >> it is hard to control yourself when someone hurts your child, period. brad: this starts last wednesday morning. a 12-year-old girl to the man follows her onto an elevator in her own apartment building. she is sexual assaulted. the man gets away. but police find this security video of the suspect walking. still no arrest. friday the 12-year-old victim and her mother were out walking near her home when they spotted the suspect. the mother took off running. she tackled the man.
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put him on the ground. he was able to squirm free get up and run off. but not before the mother got a good look at a couple of his tattoos. >> the man got away but the woman says her child's attacker has the word "blessed" tattooed on the front of his neck. he also has stars tattooed on each shoulder. police hope somebody knows him and turns the guy in. big break in a case provided by an angry mother. >> i would have got into it. i would have helped her. that's her kid. >> now the mother whose identity we are protecting says there can't be many people out here who look like this. once again the word "blessed" tattooed in script writing right here across the neck. tattoo of a star on each shoulder. the mom wants somebody to please call police so that nobody else has to suffer through an attack. in prince george's's county brad bell, abc7 news. scott: thank you. tonight police tape surrounds the house where four people
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were found dead last week blocks away from the vice president's residence in washington d.c. now police may have a new clue to go on as they try to figure out what happened. brianne carter live in northwest now with new developments in the case. brianne: well, police have been here throughout the day as they have been here on scene for the past four day since this happened. look behind me. you can see right now police are gathering generators and lights. imagining they will continue their work throughout the night. police are not answering many questions about how long the individuals may have been inside the home as they work to try to piece this together. >> the savopouloss, and their son and the housekeeper were found. >> i didn't think anything of
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it until i came by and i realized that is where the crime took place. >> he drives by the house every day on the way to work. today he stopped to tell police what he noticed last thursday. the same day the home went up in flames. what he saw seemed out of the ordinary. >> it made me stop my car. >> this follows clues about what was going on inside the home wednesday night. in a voicemail obtained by abc7. mr. savopoulos tells a family employee his wife is sick then goes on to say the housekeeper will stay overnight instead of going home. >> she doesn't have her charger. i don't have a charger that fits her phone. brianne: police continue to search for a person of interest seen in this video. detectives say this person seen wearing a hoodie while walking with a bag may have been driving the family's blue porsche taken from the house and found hours later torched in prince george's county.
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brianne: we are learning about the funeral plans for the family. speaking to someone at the orthodox cathedral currently tentative plans are set for monday. reporting live brianne carter news snooze. alison: thank you. we have new information in a deadly shooting in rusten. today, police told abc7 news there was no home invasion in stone view square sunday. now investigators believe rashad day was shot and killed after an attempted robbery in the apartment. today, two were chargeed with attempted robbery but so far no murder charges have been filed. scott: a ruling from the special appeals in the saed case. i gained national attention. he is serving life sentence for the murder of his high school girlfriend. his attorneys say his original attorney in the case should have called a high school
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friend to testify on his behalf in 1999 trial. today, the court issued a ruling granting a new hearing clearing the way now for the witness to take the stand. police in the district are looking for vandal or vandals who slashed tires on dozens of cars over the weekend. the bulk of the vehicles were in the 3300 of mount pleasant street northwest. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live in the neighborhood. let's go to him to get the latest on the investigation. >> some speculated with kids and others said it was someone drunk and mad at the world. they came in here and punctured tires all over the place. leaving some tires unusual because so many tires were flat. >> to do something like that is being mean and rotten. >> j.t. roy and other mount pleasant residents sunday morning walked out of their homes to go on the way and found they couldn't, at least not right away. tires were punctured all over the neighborhood.
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dozens. >> this is a tremendous nuisance. >> a lot of trouble. >> of course. it costs money. it will cost money for people that don't have it. >> from 150 to several hundreds of dollars per tire rand punctured in the side they have to be replaced not patched. >> came out taking my wife to work and found the tire flat. >> he has yet to get the other tire fix. >> all had the same on the side. >> slash? >> yeah. >> a slash is like this. this is a stab. >> you're right. >> mary had three tires slashed. video camera there. if the police can look at it. i'm not sure if they are pulling the video camera in the alley to find out who is doing this. >> there there is a concern they take it seriously. she noticed the tire was stabbedded.
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>> she probably doesn't know. >> officially they list only four incident of punctured tires but the residents and the beat officers say it's many times that. perhaps some didn't file police report. so far no suspect. reporting live from northwest washington, samford, abc7 news. alison: sam, thank you. supporters of the proposed purple line took to the streets this morning in silver spring. they are protesting what they say is maryland governor larry hogan indefinite delay. hogan says the existing price tag is too high. but his aides tell the "washington post" he hasn't made a decision. protesters from the action committee say the process is an economic necessity. the 16-mile light rail line would run between prince george and montgomery county. scott: maryland counties are scrambling tonight after a supreme court decision put a crimp in the bottom line. rebecca cooper is live in
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bethesda tonight and got a look at why they put down the safe tax code. what has happened here? rebecca: the howard county cup that took the case to supreme court said they shouldn't have to pay maryland county taxes on income they earn from out-of-state businesses. today in a contentious 5-4 supreme court ruling the supreme court agreed. >> the dollar cost to the state will be high, though most maryland impacters won't be impacted. if you live in one state and work in another, maryland, virginia, west virginia d.c. and delaware have agreements to not double tax earners who live in nearby states. but someone like jacob will save money. maryland resident that often takes the short-term job in other states beyond the region. >> i have work in california. at a ski resort. i have worked in alaska on the dome highway. i worked in boise idaho. i have been all over. >> but he says he is
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conflicted by the ruling. >> it benefits me so i'm for that. but i'm also all for getting back to the community the school system. obviously you need taxes to do that. >> jeffrey is a tax attorney in bethesda. >> i think the biggest losers will be montgomery and howard county where you have the greatest amount of income earners for the state. the aggregate hits the state. >> annual dollars lost. roger berliner chairs the montgomery county commission that oversees the transportation, infrastructure and the environment. he says those are just some of the budgets that could take a big hit. >> we have had pressure on the school system. many of us have tried very hard to figure out how we can provide more resources for the school. everything that we want to provide more resources to. it will be harder to do. >> so the big winners today, taxpayers double hit. but there is a warning to counties. not only do they have to lose the future funds, but today's
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ruling says that taxpayers can come back and file for refunds for previous years for money, counties already spent. this ruling will have big implications for numerous other states with similar tax laws. reporting live in mont gomry county, rebecca cooper abc7 news. >> neighbors rush in to help a grandmother as the fire surrounds her and her grand kids. alison: later -- >> exceeds the bound of human decency. alison: found out what happened to this family as they tried to lay a loved one to rest. scott: find out what comes next to the man who confessed to killing his neighbors in rockville. >> when you have a beautiful yard it is hard to enjoy it with the mosquitoes in d.c. we look into whether it's
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worth it to s
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alison: the national zoo is showing off this guy. one of newest additions today. cayenne is the name one of two in the zoo's small mammal
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house. this is a type of anteater. you can usually find her in the trees and she is on exhibit every day. looking for ants. scott: i know where she can find some. my backyard. alison: it is getting to be that time of year that you may be spraying or swatting a little bit. scott: already. in fact, a new study by the pest control company orkin puts our region third on the list of cities with the most mosquitoes in the u.s. consumer investigator kimberly suiters is live in northwest d.c. and she will look at the debate whether to spray or to keep them away. what do you do? what is the word? >> spraying can be very expensive. this homeowner spent $1000 to protect the yard between now and the fall. he says if he hadn't he would not be able to sit down and enjoy his backyard for all the
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mosquitoes. and the calls pour in. the owner says each spring more customers are asking for natural spray like in garlic based product. it will knock down the mosquito if it hits it with the sulfur in the garlic but it is only a repellent after that. kimberly: entomologists question the effectiveness of spraying your yard at all. >> 30 feet back further in the woods in rock creek park we will be breeding hundreds or thousands of mosquitoes to reinvade your land. >> ralph recommends mosquito-proof clothing. individual sprays with and even without dete. eliminating a mosquito favorite breeding ground. >> make sure your gutters run.
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empty the birdbath twice a week. >> but he respectfully rejects that advice. as impractical. >> i don't want to say they are wrong but in practice it's not possible. so it is a little bit flippant to say we'll just reduce the water and you will be fine. you can't walk out from the car the front door without being eaten alive. >> it is pretty amazing. all mosquitoes need is just a capful of water. they can produce a whole new generation in a week. scott: that is really comforting. generation a week. doug more showers and sports are popping up. lightning and thunder. we'll see what happens now.
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time lapse from the weather bug camera up the road in arlington at washington lee high school. the clouds rolled in. the thunderstorm and the rain. we look live. wuah! somewhere over the rainbow right there. that is seven corners in that area. we got rainbow action. slow movers in rosslyn. in oakdon,% 2 of rain. there are numerous showers. to the southwest, washington through the northwest and out across the river to northern virginia. moving in prince george county. more coming farther west and section of the fair fax county. there are more on the way too. combined with the intermittent
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sunshine that heats up and destabilizes the atmosphere. even late in the afternoon. for more of the showers and the storms to develop and flourish as they drip from west to east. pennsylvania maryland along the ohio pennsylvania line. a cold front is moving in. mid-atlantic to the carolinas. there is cooler air to the west. we don't have afternoon temperatures in the 40's like later this week. but we have the afternoon temperatures in the low to mid-750's. we have a couple of nice daying that are cool and
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comfortable. in the holiday weekend it will warm up. tomorrow, sunshine and isolated shower or storm. 85 degrees. cooler air clearer conditions moving later tomorrow evening. here we go for seven days as we head to the holiday weekend. we will notice the cooler stretch as we get through the day on wednesday. we start to warm up through the holiday weekend. it's partly to mostly sunny heading through sunday. temperatures are climbing from the 70's to the lower 80's. it looks as though we are in the lower 80's on memorial day. partly cloudy skies. 30% chance of thunderstorms. some computer models suggest showers and storms as early as sunday. this is only monday. we have a lot worked out. it is warm for memorial day weekend. only question will be when and if any showers or storms fall. alison: we will see what happens. thank you. well, 2015 marks 30 years
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since we got a glimpse in the future? >> come back with me. >> where? >> back to the future. alison: still to come, find out what predictions may be on the verge of coming through. scott: but first -- >> garage doors, banging, banging banging. they are yelling. i'm trying to get 911 on the phone. scott: a grandmother takes drastic measures to save her family as the neighbors try to help. >> now a look at what is coming up tonight on abc --
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scott: neighbors who drove by anne arundel house are being called hero. but the real hero may be the grandmother who threw two of her grandkids to safety from a second-story window before jumping herself. diane cho has ry. diane: bobby and his neighbor got up early sunday morning for a hunting trip but say they didn't get far before they saw the flames down the road. >> oh, my gosh! diane: he says the two of them went to garage and started banking at the top of their lungs to get everyone out. witnesses say fine people were inside including five children.
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>> i couldn't believe it. >> they were sound asleep. >> but they realized the children's 58-year-old grandmother was upstairs. the smoke was too heavy to get to her and they went back outside. >> the window was coming up. she is yelling. i can't breathe. she popped the screen out. the neighbors told them to drop the neighbors below to catch them. once they were safe, she jumped out of the window. >> she hit the ground. busted her ankle and knees. >> the cause of the fire is still unknown but say it was remarkable that everyone escaped alive. the neighbors are now called heroes for the quick thinking. if you ask him he will tell you otherwise. >> the heros to me are the ones fighting for us right now. all the first responders and the firemen and the policemen. >> he says the two of them usually leave around 4:45 in the morning for their trips but on sunday they decide to leave is a minutes early. had it not been for the
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decision, they may have been too late. >> the good lord had it turn out good. scott: diane cho reporting there. we always say there is no such things as accidents. alison: what a story! scott: oh, boy. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- working together as a team. alison: then later, investing in our health. find out what virginia's governor wants to do to help stop
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you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: the man accused of killing a rockville couple and then boarding a luxury cruise will appear before an alaskan judge tomorrow. investigators say scott tomaszewski already confessed to murdering his neighbors dick and judy vilardo. kevin lewis explains how detectives scrambled to catch him. >> you probably never imaginedded you'd end up in juneau. >> no. kevin: they are calling a north american chase to catch scott tomaszewski. >> at 5:00 friday flee detectives boarded a flight at reagan. they made connections before landing in alaska. travel time was 12 hours. police snapped this photo
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before boarding the coral princess and arresting tomaszewski who was toting blood-stained cash in his wallet. >> he could have thrown evidence off the side of the ship at sea or a port of call. kevin: tomaszewski was a clean record with the exception of a conviction for possession of marijuana and handful of traffic citations. >> this is a major crimes division. he described details only their killer would know. >> the hardest thing for all of us is what the vilardo went through. the special people in the house. we all have problems wrapping our head around why it had to happen. alison: according to the empire newspaper tomaszewski will be arraigned in alaska tomorrow at 5:00 our time. checking tonight's other top stories abc7 news obtained a voicemail left the night
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before a home on woodland drive in northwest washington was set on fire. in it savopoulos tells a housekeeper to not come to work because his wife is sick. the next day his wife a 10-year-old son and another housekeeper were all found murdered in that home. scott: prince george's county police looking for a man that sexual assaulted a 12-year-old girl in her apartment building last wednesday. police say on friday they spotted a man in a parking lot. the mother tackled him but the man got away. he has the word "blessed" tattooed on his neck and stars on each shoulder. alison: ntsb says damage to the front of the amtrak train that derailed in philadelphia last week did not come from a gunshot. investigators are looking into reports that something hit a local commuter train minutes before the train 188 derailed. amtrak resumedded full service this morning. >> something lighter and
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slipperyer now. midshipmen at the aisle academy and hour and 30 minutes. the pressuremen took part in the heard the monument cline today. the class of 2017 followed in the footstep of those before them working to climb. the legend has it the person who puts the cap at the top of the pole will be the first member of the class to make admiral. alison: nissan hopes to have vehicles with self-driving technology on the road in the next five years. however, the company ceo says regulators will have the final say on whether the car owners can use that technology. the goal is to improve the driving experience, not replace the driver. they say nissan has no plans to build a driverless vehicle not yet. if you don't want to wait until 2020 four companies are working on flying cars. two of the companies are already accepting deposits. hope to begin production in 2017. before that can happen,
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though, the vehicles must pass rigorous testing to prove they are fit-of fit ride and fit to fly. scott: look pretty click. i wonder if you have to prove you can care pel park in the sky. alison: that would be a challenge. scott: tricky! check to see how it's shaping up on the roads tonight on monday with jamie sullivan. hey, jamie. jamie: this means i have at least two years of job security. and then everyone will be flying. so let me help you out right now while you're on the ground. this is going to take you 30 minutes. as we take a live look, show you the bottom side of the beltway. right here van doran street. this is a good idea of how congested we are. seeing the inner and the outer loop. congestion. we don't have crashes right now. we move to talk about what we are seeing as they move this camera around. go back to the map and show you what we have got on the beltway. 9 miles per hour in this stretch. again, this is for you traveling on the outer loop. but we were seeing delays as well on the inner loop.
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closer toward bethesda you have heavy traffic working your way from virginia into maryland averaging 13 miles per hour. as we move to the district. watch out for an accident. pedestrian struck 19th street northwest near "g" street northwest. live look to show you 270. it is wet. you are seeing this in some spots. you have to it here. but the sun is up so it is not too bad for you. road spray for sure. back to you. scott: here is a road situation that will really get your goat. family in california is upset after the funeral procession was pulled over by an officer. cell phone video captured the funeral possession altercation on the side of the 10 freeway last friday. a c.h.p. officer is seen here arguing with outraged family members after he pulled over and ticketing the lead uniform traffic escort. the officer claimed the procession was moving too slowly. >> i'm looking at him the car my mom was in on the side of the freeway. that was embarrassing.
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a lot of the family members did not make it to the grave site. we sat on the side of the freeway so long, they had to go on. i saw some of them drive past. scott: humphrey hired a lawyer and is demanding a public apology from the california highway patrol. her lawyer concedes the officer did have full discretion to pull over the traffic escort but says the incident was handled poorly. you can say that again. alison: really sad. all right. still to come here on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- struggling to survive. we will tell you how supporters of sweetbrier college may be getting help today. >> later, if only lincoln could hang his head. he would. we show you what local college students are accused of doing at his memorial that has people shaking their head today. alison: coming up at 6:00 -- president obama goes digital with a personal twitter account. what makes this different and the answer to a que
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scott: an update just in about a story we brought you last week. the mother of a 9-year-old girl beaten by other students on a prince george's county school bus is firing a lawsuit. the mother says her daughter suffered a concussion and is traumatized on the incident that happened on the bus ride
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home from highland park elementary school. the family is suing the prince george's school board. the little girl seen beating the girl is bei suspended. alison: from to apps like tender everybody is looking for ways to find love. but would you shell out big cash? some customers of a match-making company have and they are calling out the costly cupid saying it wasn't worth it. "7 on your side"'s item investigator is here to explain why. joce sterman? joce: you see on shows like the bachelor and bachelorette. will you accept this rose? it seems that easy. it's all they need to trade it in for love. but the customers we talk to trading out contracts and thousands of dollars and a bunch of them say they didn't get their money's worth. the iteam digs in complaints from the customers who say the match-making company took the money and did not deliver the
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kind of dates they were asking for. they spent big for customize service with a company boasting 100% guarantee. so what does that mean? well, we discover the company which looks local is actually making the same big promise on websites across the country. >> they are very convincing. i really think in hindsight obviously it's a farce. that is what they are there to do. they are there to get your money so they will tell you what have you want to hear. joce: tonight, we are getting action after raising questions about the guarantee. we show you how we link together complaints across the country. we will let you know how the company is responding tonight at 11:00. we'll be watching. alison: it's not just a matter of -- good for you. scott: my roses are completely done. believe me. >> we'll be watching. scott: good stuff. >> thank you.
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alison: maybe your next date could be with "dancing with the stars." "dancing with the stars" live is coming to d.c. june 15 at the warner theater. we are giving one lucky abc7 fan a chance to meet the stars. and win four tickets. just watch "good morning washington" for two days to look for your dancing clue. we will name a winner thursday morning. you can get more information on the facebook page. don't forget to watch the "dancing with the stars" finale. that starts tonight on abc7. leon: when anthony bruno started college he was paying $50 in tuition. >> i think it's really wonderful. intelligent man. leon: still ahead find out why it took so long for him to finish. >> i'm kellye lynn in fairfax where a multimillion dollar gift to local health system could transform the way doctors treat patients with cancer. that story is coming up. >> don't forget you can log on to to sign up for the
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text alerts there. you can get texts about weather, traffic, breaking news. all sent straight to your phone. we'll be right back.
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alison: all right. "7 on your side" now in health matters as we update a story abc7 brought you a few months ago. in february, a nova health system announced plans to transform the former exxon-mobil campus in fairfax into a cancer research center. today kellye lynn tells us about a multimillion dollar gift helping fund their vision. kellye: amy's son is one of many that could benefit new research for the center. zachary suffers from a rare medical condition that affects 1-12 people around the world. >> nothing that i did. it's something he was born with. very helpful for us. helpful in being able to treat him in long-term. >> the newly announced center at the exxon-mobil center will provide a platform for development in cancer care and personalized medicine in an area of genetics known as
5:47 pm
genomics. >> we'll bring in the best mind to take the human genome and figure out how cancer is developed, most importantly how to use the immune system to stop cancer. kellye: to help fund the plans, a major financial gift from the founder of the home building company nbr inc. >> i am bright to announce no dwight and martha today are going to contribute $50 million to the health system. >> i am doing this i believe that nova is at the forefront of health through power of geno michelecs. kellye: it allows scientists to shape treatment according to a person's genetic makeup. science that could go in a long way to treat cancer the leading cause of death in northern virginia. newly diagnosed cases are expected to rise by 26% in 2020. a transformationm gift to accelerate transformationm science. with the $50 million gift the
5:48 pm
cancer center named named in the shar honor, the cancer institute. leon: thank you. leon: new developments tonight in the fight to save sweetbrier college. today the group preservation virginia named the school as one of the most endangered places in the commonwealth. the school administrators announced in march they would close for financial reasons. the 114-year-old women college held what could be the final commencement over the weekend. alumni say they are fighting to keep the school open. alison: plenty of colleges and universities held graduation searches over the weekend but at west virginia university a trip to the stage was the end of a 76-year journey. anthony received a regents batch already of arts debris last night. he is -- batch already of arts degree last night. he is 94. he started out at the school in 1939. he was close to graduating in 1942. he was drafted into the army
5:49 pm
for world war ii. then once he retired he decided it was time to go back to school. >> he's very mathematically given -- mathematically inclined. i think it's great to give him an opportunity for a degree. >> they can't take it away from me. alison: that is right. he tried to reenroll in college after the war but he had to drop out a second time because he was caring for his ailing wife. leon: how about that? alison: today he has five grandchildren and three great grandchildren. in addition now to this degree he is proud of. leon: that is great. in this case especially, the tassel is worth the hassle. alison: for sure. leon: congratulations. alison: wonderful. check out weather now. we have a rainy evening doug? doug: it has come and gone between the showers and the thunderstorms. and the sunshine. look what we saw out of rosslyn a while ago. sarah took a picture of a
5:50 pm
rainbow over the city in between heavy rain falling and moving east. sun comes out and illuminates the rain drop. you have beautiful rainbow. now on doppler, we have a number of downpours that are electrically active. wheaton around at college park. east side of town through part of the northeast washington. to southeast. more showers and more thunder to deal with in the next few hours. 81 at andrews and reagan national. it was warmer earlier but there has been cooling because of the heavy rain. 89 in fredericksburg. 90 in frederick. big picture shows more showers and storms. as we head later through the early evening hours when we start to lose the solar heating, that will calm storms down a bit to eventually rain themselves out. that will the b the story through this evening. our forecast later tonight, lingering showers and storm. patch of fog here and there.
5:51 pm
65 to 71. storm a 30% chance of a shower. warm and muggy 87. breezy and cooler. warmer more humid. showers and storms by memorial day. that's the latest. alison: thank you. leon: how about the nats? >> bryce harper who is on the greatest tear, one of the great esstares in baseball history. the national league player of the week. he won it two straights week. it's only been done ten times in history of baseball. his 11-game run is the best in 75 years. he went 3-4 yesterday with r.b.i. in the last 11 games since may 6, harper is batting .564 incredible 22-39. 22 runs batted in. as i throw you the numbers, in the last week, harper had two doubles, triple and three home runs with nine r.b.i.'s. historical run indeed. he is only 22 years old.
5:52 pm
in pro basketball wizards packed up and headed home for summer vacation after the disappointing elimination series against atlanta. three days and who knows how many tenth of a second now passed since the wizards' remarkable run ran out. >> it just stops. like you just ran into a wall. it's over. >> the wizards went their separate ways wondering what went wrong against the hawks. >> in my opinion we should have won 4-1. we let games go down the stretch. >> who knows what would have happened if john wall didn't break his hand. >> he played great. it's just something that happens. >> moving forward the wizards are proud of their second straight postseason and the promise that there will be more. >> as an organization we're going in the good direction. >> we are not missing many pieces. we have all the assets. the guys that we have that we need. it's just putting it together to win it. tim: one of greatest feets of the year.
5:53 pm
charlotte brow won the bronze medal at the texas sate high school pole vaulting championship despite being blind. she counts with her left foot. she hears a beeper that tells her to go. she is legally blind and she has her seeing eye dog with her on the medal stand. charlotte brown winner in the game of life. leon: amazing. tim: isn't that fantastic? leon: you know where that pit is. tim: absolutely. counts the pole with the left foot. beeper by the mat. she hears it and she is going. alison: incredible. wow! thank you for telling us that story. leon: this one boy you call this one students beheying badly. >> some college students participate in a graduation tradition and trash the lincoln memorial in the
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leon: breaking news where the westbound curve lane is closed. engineers with the federal
5:57 pm
highway administration found corrosion in routine inspection and they closed the lane out of an abundance of caution. no word how long it will be closed down. we will keep you posted as soon as we get information. alison: a sea of graduates filled the national mall as george washington university celebrated commencement on sunday morning. but just down the national mall students from their neighbor in georgetown had another celebration, but not one sanctioned by the national park service. stephen tschida looks at the mess left behind. stephen: the lincoln memorial is a tribute to great man and symbol of the city. the george town tradition following senior ball. those of us who graduate assemble at the lincoln memorial for early morning farewell. sarah didn't make it but heard it was spectacular. >> i know it was a memorable experience watching the sunrise with the classmates. i was yes.
5:58 pm
great. stephen: this year the crowd grew large and rowdy and that prompted calls to the u.s. park police. >> it's a shame they would do that. stephen: once the park police moved in the crowd disbersed quickly but left behind quitet of litter. >> it's obviously terribly incident. stephen: the police received complaints about trash but that was it. no vandalism. some believe the lincoln memorial should be off limits for any form of revelry. >> i don't know what to say to the students except to think about this. what you have right now as a student came because of the 167th president. stephen: is spokesperson for georgetown said the school receivedded a complaint but that was all. the people most upset about the predawn party was the clean-up grew who spent saturday picking up after students who were picking up their diplomas. stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: one more note here. two hours ago georgetown give
5:59 pm
abc7 news this statement -- "our location provides access to world class events and history. we expect all members of the community to be responsible sits of our campus and our city." that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". but still to come on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- >> four people found murdered inside a d.c. mansion. what a new video shows and what neighbors are now telling investigators. plus thrown from a burning home. a hero opens up about the act of heroism that saved two young children's lives. >> why isn't it fixed? alison: a man claims that he hacked into an airliner's controls. and nothing has been done about it. what the f.b.i. is now saying. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. ♪ ♪ now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: we begin tonight on storm watch as thunderstorms
6:00 pm
bring rain and lightning to part of the area. chief meteorologist doug hill has the latest. how bad is it? doug: nothing severe at the moment. we don't anticipate that. but heavy downpours. showers and thunderstorms. sunshine outside the belfort furniture weather center but close by showers and thunder. heavy downpours coming quickly. to the east side of town. it's stretching southward to andrews. that is continuing to drift east. another one to the east after resten. there is plenty more out there. several more hours. another two two and a half hours to sunset time. showers with downpour. we have cooled down the area with the rain. reagan international is 781. 81 at andrews. through the evening, the showers and the storms will end later especially 65 to 71 degrees. there will be patchy fog at times as well. everything


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