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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] anchor: that breaking news in arlington county. we have learned that for people, including two officers, are injured. jeff goldberg is live with the breaking details for you. jeff? jeff: we are at second and lead road, right off pershing. the buckingham area.
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a lot of details evolving. all of this happened at 11:15 this morning. two officers injured in the shooting. we are told that they suffered minor injuries. minor injuries. we do not know the extent of those injuries. we are told a fourth person injured in this situation is suffering from critical injuries . that individual has been transported to virginia hospital. again, this happening at about 11:15 this morning in the buckingham area of arlington. two officers injured in the shooting. still a lot of details evolving and questions about what exactly happened. you see some of that video we are rolling. officers trying to establish the scene, telling people to get back. this is obviously unfolding as
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we see it here the last 45 minutes or so. still many questions about what exactly happens, what -- what exactly happened, what lead up to the details. just to recap again, two arlington police officers injured, minor injuries in the shooting. the investigation is continuing. we will bring it to you as soon as we have more abc 7 news. live in arlington, jeff goldberg abc 7 news,. anchor: thank you for that report. we are also following new details of police in northwest washington work around the clock to solve a murder about a family . we are learning more about the strange event. d.c. police chief cathy lanier just left abc 7 studios. jeanette? jeanette: we are learning some disturbing details leading up into the hours before the murder
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of the savopoulos family. savvas savopoulos, his wife their 10-year-old son, and their housekeeper found dead. today we are learning more about another housekeeper who showed up, allegedly hearing shuffling noises from inside that home. as we continue to learn more about this horrific crime residents are understandably upset with the killer on the loose. police will only say they have a person of interest, a shadow we figure that you see in that surveillance video. d.c. police chief cathy lanier was an abc 7 studios a half hour ago and this is what she had to say. chief lanier: i understand how nerve-racking this is for the community. we try to keep the foot patrol and the bike patrol officers out
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there. jeanette: chief lanier would not sure anything else about this investigation and would not speak on whether the victims were being held against their will in the hours leading up to their death. police say that there are clues in the house. they also are now -- analyzing a voicemail sent to another housekeeper, telling her not to come to the residence. jummy: video surfaced of a teacher hitting students with a belt. this is the video right here. the video appears to show that teacher hitting students on the floor. he has been removed from the classroom. our maryland bureau chief red bell is checking into this. stay tuned tonight for the
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latest. and man accused of killing neighbors in rockville has been arrested in alaska. scott tomaszewski was arrested when he departed from a cruise ship in alaska. scott: -- reporter: 31-year-old scott tomaszewski has confessed with grisly details about this double murder. this is where the young man lived for many, many years with his parents. he committed the crime right next door. it was 1:00 on the morning on mother's day. he was armed with a knife when he broke into his next-door neighbors home using a side window near the garage. this is a photo police have released showing the cruise ship he was on this past weekend. when he committed the crime, he proceeded inside the home to richard and julianne vilardo's
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bedroom. that is where he stepped the couple repeatedly. while they lay dying, he rummaged through the home, stealing cash and jewelry. >> there is no crime in this neighborhood. we keep our windows open our doors open. yes, it has changed. >> our neighbor is installing a security system because of this. what are your thoughts? chef but i am not going that far. reporter: we knocked on the door of the home, but we got no answer. scott tomaszewski could be flown back to maryland in the next couple of days, facing armed robbery and first-degree murder. in rockville, john gonzalez, abc seven news. jummy: federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused a great fruit-sized crack on the windshield of the derailed amtrak train last week.
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they have ruled out a gone, this after the conductor said that she thought she heard the engineer talk about iraq were being shot apple for the train derailed. there is no mention to dispatches. the ntsb could see -- says a joy euro for the determine the level because of the derailment. meanwhile one of the conductors of the train is suing amtrak. his lawyer says he suffered head trauma and multiple roque bones and need to rail meant. he complains there was alleged negligence in the operation of the train. taking a check of the forecasted now -- more heat and another chance of thunderstorms today. ryan van de graaff is here with a look at that -- brian van de graaff is here with a look at that. brian: a slight chance of showers this afternoon, but that will be followed by drier, more comfortable or. 84 degrees at reagan national
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airport, but notice the winds have shifted. north-northwest at 12. that is a good sign. that means we will get drier more comfortable air eventually. low 80's in quantico. still a little muggy out there. the humidity will start to drop back into the afternoon the evening. a few showers, hopefully out of here in time for the nats game tonight at 7:05. by 7:00, 8:00, we are in the clear. tamara look spectacular. a little moisture on thursday. what does that mean for the long holiday weekend? a break it down in just a few moments. jummy: we will see you then. thank you. service is getting back to normal after a track problem on the red line this morning. service was temporarily suspended in bethesda. all of this happened while firefighters investigated a report of a track fire. the good news is, no hazard was
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found, but the station -- the train was forced to stay out of commission for a couple hours. we have a traffic update for d.c. to northern virginia. lanes on the memorial bridge are shut down because of korea's -- corrosion. >> good afternoon. the memorial bridge making headlines again, this time because inspectors found corrosion underneath the westbound lanes. it happened yesterday right after the rush-hour commute and they shut down one of those lanes. i want to show you where it is taking place. it's right there in the center of the bridge. that is the drawbridge section. that drop it has not been lifted since 1961 -- that drawbridge has not been lifted since 1961. inspectors check it every six months because of deteriorating condition. it is long passes lifespan in
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his to be rebuilt. the latest estimate for those repairs -- 250 billion -- $250 million. they have not secured funding to do a full overall of this ridge. you can count on abc seven tuesday on top of the story and bring you the latest threat the day. reporting near memorial bridge, i'm sam sweeney, abc seven news. jummy: coming up -- running into trouble read why no one could register for the race this morning. and what you need to know about what is lurking in department store bathing suits. plus
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: welcome back, three baggage handlers are among 14 people charged with a drugrunning operation. those handlers used security access to pass luggage filled with marijuana to passengers in that operation. the passengers went on to their destination where those drugs were distributed in and even sold. 11 are in custody and three remain at large. runners hoping to take part in the annual army 10 miler can register online, but that was not the case after several problems this morning. that registration opened up at 6:30, and a lot of people to do social media to complain. the good news is the site is back up and open after 10:00 this morning. and a new survey ranks the district as the fittest city in
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the u.s. minneapolis comes in second followed by san diego, san francisco, and sacramento. the american council of sports medicine compiled that survey. drivers are doing more than watching the road when they are behind the wheel. that's according to research from at&t. nearly 40% of drivers use social media while driving. 30% surf the internet. and 27% snap a selfie behind the wheel. with this data at&t is launching their "it can wait" campaign. our investigator is looking into a d.c. police officer who appears to be behind -- asleep behind the wheel. this video is incredible. chris: i have never been involved in anything like this
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before. it was not anything that we plant. it just kind of happened. we work on the parkway for another story and we noticed a police officer who appeared to be catching shuteye in a car. the engine was on, there were blue lights on the roof. it turns out she was assigned to a larger police post protecting president barack obama's motorcade. she was directing traffic to review can see her right there. this officer will be investigated. due to police privacy laws, the public will likely never know what happens to her. we will never know if she will be reprimanded. >> we just have to trust the appropriate disciplinary measures will happen. >> yes. you do not surrender your rights when you become a police officer. reporter: we will tell you what happens when we knocked on the window of that car at 11:00. you might find it interesting what she had to say.
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jummy: we will be watching tonight at 11:00 and tonight all members of the 7 on your site team will be taking your story ideas. that is tonight from 5:00 until 6:30. make sure you tune in get this arc also we can be on your side, just like we are with the weather. brian: we coordinate. i did not even know. jummy: yellow in yellow. because the sun is out. brian: the holiday weekend looks good, but whenever we have a holiday weekend, it's a lot of pressure on us. jummy: it's memorial day weekend, right? i'll show you what is happening out there. it is to muggy. a lot of humidity in the atmosphere. we do have those high dew points. ascattered clouds over the
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congressional country club. the footage and are starting to shift. as they shift, eventually drawing in the cooler, drier air from the northwest, it will feel a lot better as we go through the afternoon. 81 at dulles. 72 in annapolis. a little cooler by the water for the midday. our dew points are in the upper 60's. 67 in andrews. when our dew points get into this higher range, they are in the sticky range, and when that happens, you can feel it. it's a bit of press about their. here is the big picture. wedding for showers in the afternoon. the showers will move on, fire off. they will progress 70's. the front will get out of here and the timing, i'm thinking and we are hopeful -- fingers crossed -- it will head out early enough it does not impact the game tonight. look at the air.
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53 in detroit. 54 in minneapolis. we are not going to get quite that cool. but moisture is pushing southeast of 95. the rains aching up this evening and that will usher in a nicer pattern tomorrow into wednesday, thursday. thursday we do have an opportunity for showers. tomorrow will be beautiful. so, 80's today, warm and muggy. scattered showers. not all of us will see them. they will breeze through hopefully the same time later tonight. nascar -- the yankees taking on the nationals later tonight and the forecast, i think you should see these guys starting to clear out and temperatures lower. speaking of 70's -- that is where we are going tomorrow. breezy for your wednesday. notice thursday, i've got to put a cloud back in here. thursday may not be so pretty,
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but then weekly route. mid and upper 70's. we start out the weekend great. monday, a slight chance of a shower. we have many days before we get to that point. at this point, for a holiday weekend, it looks pretty nice. jummy: we can go to the pool on sunday. brian: i don't care what happens. we are there. jummy: thank you. a dirty little secret. a store warning customers to be careful about picking a bathing suit off the rock. they were tested. and they found bacteria. some were everyday germs and others were potentially dangerous like e. coli. >> they were on the swimming suits. they had to get there somehow so someone probably was trying it on and was not clean. jummy: ugh.
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retail employees of recommend you always keep on your undergarments when trying on swimsuits and after you buy it, watch it before you wear it. that is the ke
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jummy: police in waco, texas say the threat remains high after that deadly shooting on sunday. there were at least 170 arrests. there are reports that texas law enforcement were warned weeks to go -- weeks ago about growing animosity between the gangs. the incident remains under
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investigation is new. now we want to get back to that breaking news in arlington county now where four people are injured, including two officers. our northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg still be seen with an update for us. what do we know? jeff: we have significant updates on the situation. the civilian involved in the shooting has died as a result of a gunshot went to the chest at virginia medical center. we can also tell you the two injuries to the arlington police officers have severe and significant injuries, although non-life-threatening. that is an update. that was about 35 minutes ago. just before 11:00 here, near pershing in the buckingham neighborhood -- it was a call for a domestic dispute. people heard screams coming from a residence there. two officers entered the scene. enter the home rather. there was some kind of
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altercation. one officer suffering a laceration and injury to his face and the other suffering an injury as a result of a taser deployment. the officer who suffered a laceration to the face, a fairly some plastic surgery is be conducted at the virginia hospital center. the civilian was shot in the chest. officers tried to perform life-saving techniques on the scene. he was transported to the hospital, where i am told he has died. a female also at the home ered minor injuries. she is speaking with authorities to try to determine put the pieces together as to exactly what happened. again, this is a quickly evolving situation. a lot of detail still to come out. the big question is exactly what happened? many questions still to be answered. we are point to be here all afternoon and we will bring you updates on the situation on later editions of abc seven news. until then live in arlington,
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jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. jummy: thanks for the update. cooler weather on the way. brian is back with one last look
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brian: welcome back. a couple thunderstorms possible. comfortable tomorrow, but a few showers on sunday
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