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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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s live with the story you will see only on 7. brianne: maureen, investigators are trying to piece this together. in the last hour, they are taking large evidence from the home behind me. the husband is speaking out for the first time saying he tried to get in touch with his wife. now they are left grieving. >> i called and it went straight to the voice mail. brianne: his concerns grew with every hour he couldn't get in touch with his wife wednesday night. brianne: he dropped his wife at the bus wednesday morning to get to work at the savopoulos home where she worked as a housekeeper. when he still couldn't reach her thursday, he drove to the savopoulos home in northwest
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and knocked on the door. while he didn't see anyone, he says he felt like someone was inside. hi did see the porch that was on fire. >> the porsche on the street. brianne: hours later the house went up in flames. figueroa amy and savvas savopoulos and their 10-year-old son was found inside. the family is heart broken. >> she was a lovely woman. brianne: tonight new twists coming to life. before the fire a man dropped off $40000 as four people were inside. three of the four people suffered inches before the fire was intentionally set. new information tonight, prior to that fire the sources now
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tell abc7 that a pizza was delivered to the home wednesday night from a domino's. reporting live brianne carter, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. the search for those responsible, the d.c. police released a video showing a figure running from where the family porsche was set on fire. they call the person in the picture a person of interest. the son of the late marion barry will spend the next year on probation. >> even though i felt as though i was wrong i ultimately pled guilty because i did react the wrong way. maureen: christopher barry pleaded guilty to threatening a bank teller and destroying a security camera. he was angry because a teller he argued with in the past stopped a transaction and prevented him withdrawing funds to pay the workers. in addition to 12 months on probration, he must attend
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anger management class. he put washington on high alert when he landed a gyrocopter on the cop to lawn last month. a grand jury indicted doug hughes on six charges. tomorrow he will face a judge on what he calls a political statement. first, hughes sat down with the senior political reporter scott thuman to exphy he thinks the act could change the way elections are run. >> do you regret any of it? >> no. scott: the stunt by 61-year-old florida mailman doug hughes is one he described from the capital hill home. he is barred from the building. he is under house arrest after scaring scores of tourists and nearly being shot out of the sky. >> you intentionally broke the
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law. was it i irresponsible? >> what congress is doing is irresponsible. scott: hughes said the alarm shouldn't be over his pop but over citizen united that allow corporation and groups to bank role political campaigns. >> it's bribery. it's legal. some of the recipient of the letter say they agree in part. >> he has a point. i have seen it get worse and worse. >> either way he raised concerns over safety. >> the gyrocopter man showed a hole in security we need to be concerned about. maureen: hughes tell me he is not done. the sole mission change election laws but tougher if behind bars. >> the judge has to hand the decision to 12 peers. i can live with that.
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scott: he still has his job with the u.s. postal service but he has been suspended with pay. tomorrow afternoon he will head down the street to the capital where he will face a judge and determine if it will be resolved from a plea deal or if it will heat to -- head to trial. scott thuman abc7 news. maureen: happening now republican senator and presidential candidate rand paul is trying to spur debate over the collection of american phone records. maureen: he plans to speak for hours in a filibuster speech against the renewal of the patriot act. it expires june 1.
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president obama says climate change puts the nation security at risk. he made the comment at the coast guard academy and says the military will be affected by the rising sea level and the warmer ocean temperatures. >> climate change did not cause the problems around the world but we know it helped the instability exploited by the terrorist group boko haram. it's believed that the drought and crop failure helped fuel unrest in syria. maureen: the president said the coast guard needs to be ready to deal with refugees from flooded and drought-stricken countries. u.s. intelligence officials have released a cache of documents in the raid that killed usama bin laden. of the more 100 documents found are a love letter to one of bin laden's wives and notes to his children.
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there is a job application for would-be terrorists that has typical questions such as what hobbies do you enjoy? do you have a criminal record? applicants are asked if they wish to execute a suicide operation and who should be contacted in case you become a martyr. coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- an air show in annapolis has taken on new meaning. what made this year's performance for the naval academy stand out from years past? plus we tell you when you don't want to be on the road at the start of the memorial day weekend. and what happened to a driver whose truck was washed off a local bridge by floodwaters. doug: i'm doug hill in the weather center. today is beautiful. tomorrow not so much. i tell you what to expect and look ahead to the
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narrator: puerto rico's healthcare
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system is on life support, putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
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maureen: authorities identified the body of a missing waldorf, maryland man. he disappeared when the pickup truck was swept in the river yesterday morning. a witness told police he saw him drive through a flooded section of rock ridge road. the search team found the body this afternoon. collapse at a building site at georgetown injured two construction workers this morning.
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we are told the workers were reinforcing the building foundation when a piece of concrete fell on them. they were taken across the street to med star georgetown university hospital. one worker suffered life threatening injuries. an abc7 viewer is credited with helping identify a man who is accused of sexual assaulting a 12-year-old girl. prince george's county police arrested 20-year-old isiah bogan this morning. police say bogan followed a girl in the elevator at her forestville apartment building and forced her to commit a sex act. abc7 spoke with the victim's mother on monday and she told us she saw the daughter's attacker two days later and chased him. the description of the tattoos jogged the memory of one of our viewers. that view e called the police. virginia state candid das morrisey is admitting to fathering a child with the
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receptionist who was 17 at the time. he is was house of delegates when he served three months in jail for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. he faces perjury charges connected to that case. next at 6:00 -- the special meeting behind one portion of today's air show near the u.s. naval academy. hill tells us the best day for the outdoor activity for the long holiday weekend. tim: steph curry was the star of the game but his daughter was the post game superstar last night. riley curry. i have that and more as "abc7 news a
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maureen: artists will have a chance to design washington's next memorial. the national park service is meeting tonight to talk about the next step in creating a world war i memorial. they include launching a design competition for the project to be built at the park near the white house. the d.c. war memorial further south on the national mall will be left intact. although many people lobbied to have it converted to a
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national memorial. the alexandria city council is expected tonight to make a choice for the new potomac yard metro station. four sites are considered near crystal city. the council is expected to approve the site near glebe road. the national park service and the metro governing board must approve any plan. the rush to get out of town for memorial day weekend is underway. this is a live look at what southbound i-95 is right now. you don't see anything moving. a report released yesterday lists this afternoon as the second worst traffic time for entire weekend. triple-a near atlantic expects a million drivers. count on abc7 to have traffic
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alerts sent to your phone. sign up now on tradition that has become a right of passage at the -- rite of passage at thenal academy continued today when the blue angels soared through the sky in annapolis. the air show took on a new meaning this year. suzanne kennedy explains. suzanne: the u.s. naval academy flyover went off under blue skies today over annapolis river. >> amazing. amazing. >> i live in annapolis and it never gets old. >> they have stamina. the strategy, they have to think about what they are doing up there.
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>> the hour long performance brings massive crowd to roads and the neighborhoods near the river. >> this blows my mind. it never aceases to amaze me. she walked the flyover today in awe. the rush and the thrill. i can feel it inside of me. i come here and i can feel it coming out again. >> this is all part of thenail academy class of 20 -- naval academy commissioning week. but it was held in honor of the midshipman who died last week in train derailment in philadelphia. in annapolis, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. >> what a show. doug: it will work out nicely. tomorrow is not such a beautiful day. but we get back on track for the holiday weekend. here is the story now.
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this is the country club in bethesda. beautiful day. the temperatures manage to climb in low 70's. drier air than yesterday. cooler temperatures and nice breeze as well. outside now is gorgeous. look at the numbers. 96 is the record high for the day. i got to tell you maybe by tuesday, monday or tuesday we could be close to 90-degree mark. not 92 but summertime temperatures ahead. we have temperatures in the 60's and lower 70's. 64 in gaithersburg. 69 in andrews. 79 in fredericksburg. cooler air is coming. showing up to the west. the winds will change tomorrow out of the east. we will be lucky to get out of the 50's for the highs. but warm and humid air to south is going to come back.
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sunday, monday and tuesday when we see it. a storm system is developing over missouri that will move east. move across to southern virginia, and northern carolina. ahead of it is rain. the cloud cover will increase. rain beginning at 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. the future cast shows by 1:00 we are into it with moderate downpour. tomorrow night at 6:00 or 7:00 most should head out. lingering showers and then we are good to go. the next front coming through is dry. it will reinforce the cool air. the way we look for the next seven days 60% chance of rain for friday. breezy 75. sunshine. saturday is gorgeous. sunday, nice. warmer. touch more humid. 83. warm and humid on memorial day with the temperatures close to 90. a chance just a chance of isolated thunderstorm late in
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the day. better chance for tuesday and wednesday with highs in the low 90's. maureen: thank you. it looks like tom brady still in the spotlight. tim: no question. commissioner breaks hi silence about tom brady. have it for you. the star in the nba. nats try to keep their role. moving up the standing tied with the
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if nationals are playing the yankees tonight. if you like baseball, does it get better than this? clear skies cool front moving in. doug told us. the yanks-nats in a first place matchup? that is tonight at the ballpark. this magnificent may continues for bryce harper who is batting .5350 in the last 12 games. washington is 10-2 in that stretch. harper with ten home runs, 234 r.b.i.'s in the month of may. zimmerman hit his tenth career walkoff last night why the yankee star jacoby ellsbury will not play tonight. he injured his knee last night but he is headed to the d.l. what a run by the nationals. >> this shows how good we can be if we play the baseball we know we can play. >> take it a day at a time. every baseball cliche that there is. we keep our head in the sand.
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like i said you have to minimize it. if you get ahead of yourself in the game, you get if trouble. >> not a bad strategy. 24 hours after patriots owner robert kraft made it clear his club would not appeal deflategate, nfl commissioner roger goodell spoke about tom brady's app >> i look forward to hearing directly from tom. if there is new information or information that can be helpful to us in getting this right. i want to hear directly from tom on that. >> let's go to the nba. great game last night between houston and golden state. james harden 28 points. steph curry, 34. the warriors game from 15 down. this game had it all. hard fouls, big drives nine blocks. steph curry is impossible to contain. he was the m.v.p. but afterwards his daughter riley was the star. >> we are both supposed to -- >> that's too loud daddy. >> i know. hold on one second. >> be quiet. tim: "be quiet!"
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2-year-old riley curry stealing the spotlight from her dad. nba m.v.p. steph curry and you know he is loving every second of it. the hawks and lebron james and the cavaliers play tonight in game one of the best of seven series in the eastern conference finals. that's what you say to me every night. be quiet! alison: we don't call you "daddy." doug: beautiful day. tomorrow is rain. look at the forecast. 60 at best. you may see rain when you wake up. clears out nicely for friday and saturday. warmup on sunday. hot and humid on memorial day. maybe an afternoon storm or two. the same monday and tuesday. we hit 90's. we track the morning rush hour rain and the holiday forecast at 11:00. tim: big daddy. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir is up next. join us at 11:00.
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tonight, the dramatic security breach. one of america's biggest airports. authoritying using a taser. as a man appears to race through security. also tonight, outbreak. a stunning 29 reported tornadoes in just 24 hours. towns getting hit, debris flying. ginger zee right here with the new threat tonight and the concerns this holiday weekend. the major oil spill on america's coastline. the oil covered birds, whales swimming right through it. tonight, the famous beach now closed this memorial day. osama bin laden. for the first time the secret files from inside his compound. his warning for his own wife. and the cruise ship nightmare. 34 3500 on board. the time lapse. the moment it runs aground.


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