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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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st degree murder charge in connection with a quadruple homicide in northwest d.c. ee in court prosecutors want his fingerprints to be tested against a lay didn't print they found on -- latent print they found on a water bottle at the savapoulos family home. they are learning more charges to be expected in the case. we are learning new information that authorities think more than one person may have been involved. let's get in the court records that were released to show that savapoulos the son and housekeeper were held against their will by mr. wint and others from wednesday may 13 through the afternoon hours on may 14. when the firefighters were called to that home in northwest. we are learning they were in an upstairs bedroom but the son was in an assaysiant bedroom. in court, they play that pizza
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boxes found in the room where they were located. pizza delivered 9:15 wednesday night. delivery man instructed to put the pizza on the front step and ring the doorbell and leave. they allege that the family and the housekeeper were held against their will inside. the court document allege thursday may 14 $40000 delivered to the savapoulos home. by an employee. the employee didn't originally tell the truth about how he was contacted about it or how it was placed inside of that home. we understand witnesses telling authorities it was left inside a car in the savapoulos garage. when the investigators searched the car and the garage the money not found at the home. new information about the family 2008 blue porsche. found set on fire.
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today in court, they say that the description of the driver didn't match wint's description. we heard from officials speaking about the case. take a listen. >> mr. wint is now incarcerated and he is held without bond. our work is not done. we will investigate the case and bring charges appropriate in coming weeks. brianne: we will continue to follow that. brianne carter abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you. abc7 jennifer donelan was the first reporter on the scene when wint was taken in custody. he was picked up on 1000 rhode island avenue. jennifer donelan has more on
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the arrest. quite a scene. jennifer: what a night it was. we were the first ones here. you could see it was shut down. you could see the relief and satisfaction on face of the u.s. marshals. when the task force got the word for daron wint on wednesday -- >> we went full speed to develop associate patterns. >> it led them to brooklyn new york where they learned wint was staying with his girlfriend. u.s. marshals in new york moved in position but they just missed him. >> wint had seen his image on the news as a suspect and he panicked and fled. jennifer: frustrating, yes. but the nonstop hunt led the officers and marshals to the d.c. area. they found him at the howard johnson motel in college park room 412. >> we had a location where we were preparing for a tactical entry. >> but an advance team signal
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wint was in a car. the car and the moving truck were driving out of the parking lot. they followed the chevy and the box truck for five miles. once on rhode island avenue in northeast. >> we conducted a vehicle where we closed in and boxed in the sedan. jennifer: sources say wint was in the passenger seat with three other females in the car. he had a bag in his hand. someone in the car admitted to detectives they ordered $10,000 worth of money orders. just yards away the team pinned in the moving truck. >> we were concerned. we tried to block it off and plow right through it. jennifer: they confirm wint's brother darrell was in the truck with hundreds of dollars of cash and more money orders. >> we approached with overwhelming force. they gave up immediately. there were rumors that wint
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was going to turn himself in but it didn't appear to be that way. they were getting ready he was getting red -- they were worried he was getting ready to flee the country. alison: great job. thank you for your reporting. he was with two men and three women when police arrested him. he is working to learn as much as we can about who these other people are. sam ford picks up the coverage live from the scene of the original crime in northwest d.c. the question is did he act alone? sam? sam: in describing what happened at the family home, police in charging documents say they believe all four victims were held captive "by mr. wint and others." the belief by police that wint didn't act alone comes as no surprise. every neighbor we spoke to today believes that as well. >> to have one person keep four people hostage in their
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own home is -- i find it strange. >> were any of the people taken in custody with daron wint with him or with they involved in the crime of the home. no names released but we learned one last night was darrell wint. daron wint's younger brother. he has a list of arrests himself in maryland for selling marijuana. two active cases now. but they have not named him or anyone else. based on your knowledge and experience and the observations of this crime scene, we believe the crime described in the affidavit requires assistance of more than one person. the victims' neighbors agree. >> it's planned. >> does it make you wonder if one person was involved? >> no, i think it's a lot of
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people involved. >> so police and prosecutors are going to be leaning on the others that were taken in custody along with wint last night to find out if more than one person was involved in this horrific crime. alison: you can watch all of abc7 reporting from when the arrest unfolded last night at you can be the first to know about any breaking news as it happens by signing up for abc7 text alerts. sign up on leon: you know you can get weather alerts sent to your phone but on a day like today nothing to worry about. brian van de graaff is in the weather center. he came in today when it's the easiest job in the building to have today. brian i leave the hard day for douglas. it's spectacular out there.
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yesterday was nasty but makes today better. we are keeping an eye on that. if your have evening plans if you are heading to the nationals game, it should be good. partly cloudy skies. clear. from the 70 to the 60's. the temperature will be 40 to low 50's. what in store for the holiday weekend? it's pleasant. that is a look at the forecast. see you then. alison: now a developing story, disturbing story out of charles county where police are investigating the death of a 3-year-old child. police found a woman pushing a child in a swing.
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jeff goldberg with the latest on the investigation. jeff: police removed the swing where the boy was found deceased this morning. he was in a swing like this one. authorities believe that the mother was pushing the boy through the night. >> i just seen cops and police. >> it's just sad. >> officers got a call about a woman pushing her toddler on the swing for a long period of time. >> we think she was there since yesterday.
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>> they released the 3-year-old boy was deceased. they answered questions before being taken to the medical center. >> it's a very sad case. as a fare of a 5-year-old girl his heart breaks for the young boy. brings tears to my eye. he was young. >> the authorities are not saying much about the mother but that she is not from the area and may have come here recently. they are asking anyone with information to come forward to determine what happened with the situation.
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leon: virginia department of mines and my rales and energy tell abc7 news that the loudoun quarry took precaution before the blast and even though they monitored the blast by video they were unaware that any rock left the area. once that happened they notified the department and followed the protocols. prince georges county are trying to determine what caused a fire. they found a home around 11:30. three sides of the 3600-square foot home collapsed and the neighbors say the home hadn't been lived in for a year and tell us that squatters have been in and out of there since last summer.
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coming up document dutch and a look at what is in the hillary clinton e-mail released by the state department today. alison: plus -- president obama: everybody has a place. everybody has rights. >> the president brings message of equality to local congregation. leon: later we will celebrate the unofficial start to summer with a look at the best beaches. >> "7 on your side" gets results where d.c. couple booted from the wedding reception to make way for the redskins. that is coming up next on
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leon: "7 on your side" with fall-out of the richmond. redskins in training camp. they inform more people that the room and meeting spaces they have booked are no longer available. kimberly suiters first told us about the ballroom situation last week and tonight she has a situation reed but another one that could be heading to court. kimberly: the problem looks like a double booking. the nfl preseason schedule runs a week later this year so the redskins will need the home away from home. the omni richmond shown on the hotel website a little longer. >> i don't blame the redskins. i really do not. i'm a fan, always be a fan. i do not blame them. it's the omni and their niggly
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jens with their planning. kimberly: a week ago they asked "7 on your side" for their help. >> they said they had to make a redskins decision. to honor the redskins contract over the couple 90 days before their wedding. >> i cried every day. not a day went by i did not cry. kimberly: we called the redskins who promised to give the couple sideline passes. we talked to the manager who promised a refund. then we learned an fda protection seminar booked at the omni was also bumped for the same reason affecting 175 government attendees for 14 states and taxpayer dollars. a letter put the hotel on legal notice saying it's apparent you value the redskins business and cease value on our business. they wonder who else had been deplaced. they believe the media pressure help them score a sweeter deal this week. >> that is the world.
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happy wife, happy life. >> the omni sending additional $19,000 check to hold the precipitation at the jefferson hotel. >> kimberly suiters, abc7 news. >> good for them. leon: something to laugh at. alison: good resolution there. alison: the national zoo is celebrating a conservation milestone ahead of world turtle day which is tomorrow. you may not have known that. not everyone is aware. a rare spider tortoise has hatched. they are monitoring the hatchling that emerged may 10. zookeepers report it appears to be thriving and they are encouraged by the growth. leon: shouldn't it have eight legs? alison: tiny, too. brian, nice to have you here on a perfect day. brian: when the weather is
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nice, i can take credit. leon: come here every day. if you being here means that the weather is nice. alison: at least on friday. brian: look outside. i want to show you a blip on the radar. if you are heading out you should be good to go. a system is dropping by to knock our temperatures back tomorrow. in the mid-to-upper 70's this afternoon. tomorrow in the mid-70's. it will be fantastic. through the holiday weekend the heat will build and the sunshine will linger. i don't think we have moisture to worry about for the next few days. showers through pennsylvania. hagueerstown, and frederick. maybe a brief sprinkle or two but after that we're good to go. 73 at dulles. annapolis 73. at the beach, 73. tonight thing is the temperatures are back to where they should be.
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we are running 20 22 24 degrees milder. yesterday was so cool, damp and raw. not the story tonight. partly cloudy and breezy. winds from the west northwest to be a factor. the numbers are cool. tonight may be 52 in the city. anders at 47. 47 in kwanco. a few clouds tonight. we will be good to go through the holiday weekend. if you head to the beaches, sunny and warm. it's nice. put on the sun screen. it's direct. we will have total sunshine tomorrow. the rest of the weekend from the 70's. we'll launch in 80's on
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sunday. by monday push 90. but we can keep the shower and the thunderstorms chances out. and they will return tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday next week. it will feel like sunday. fitting. alison: a beautiful weekend ahead. thank you. leon: one thing that you have to see to believe. still ahead a look at how police think this man is high and dry. literally so to speak. alison: the president had choice words for graduate at thenal academy. leon: --na
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alison: president obama visited one of the most influential synagogue to connect with the jewish community. he received a warm welcome today. president obama's visit comes as the negotiations resume on the final nuclear deal with iran, a deal israel heavily criticized. president obama: our enduring friendship with the people of israel and the unbreakable bonds with the state of israel.
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alison: hi called the commitment to israel unshakable. the vice president joe biden spoke at the graduation and the commencement ceremony for the naval academy. leon: he praised them for the career path. and we report that biden told them in the next five years the nation expects 75% of the forces will be in the asia pacific region. >> a perfect day. 1100 midshipmen have been commissioned to the navy and the marine corps. there was a ceremonial flyover to electrify the huge crowd. they heard from vice president joe biden who told them they will play a vital role to keep the peace around the world. he reminded them to be moral leaders as well.
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>> vice president biden: as leaders in the navy we count on you to refuse to tolerate sexual harassment or sexual assault in any form under any circumstances. >> nearly 800 will be commissioned. and 264 will be commissioned as the second lieutenant in the marine corps. alison: beautiful day. leon: the next step after the oil spill. alison: a major tourist attraction closed. find out why no one is going to the eiffel tower.
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alison: 5:30 now on friday. a look at the top stories. authorities say daron wint accused of murdering four people in the upscale northwest washington home. police say he did not act alone. wint was in court today following his arrest overnight in northeast. a court document indicates that authorities feel wint had at least one accomplice based on the nature of the crime. leon: charles county police say a mother was found pushing a dead 3-year-old in a swing at the memorial park in la plata and say the child's body showed no obvious sign of
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trauma. the mother is now at a hospital for a medical evaluation. alison: the woman accusing jesse mathew of sexual assault ten years ago will testify at a pretrial hearing next month. mathew was in court for another pretrial hearing today. he is also accused of killing university of virginia student hannah graham near charlottesville. leon: we are keeping a close eye on a developing story off the coast of louisiana. 28 people have been evacuated from an oil platform there. they helped evacuate the worker after a fire broke out at the top of the platform. no one was injured. the operator estimates 5000 gal listen of oil spilled in the gulf. speaking of oil spill, the company that is behind the big spill in california is coming under fire. federal regulators ordered the all american pipeline to inspect the pipeline before it can be used again. up to 105000 gallons of crude oil spilled in the pacific so far to cause a big danger to
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wildlife. >> a lot of the animals will start hitting the beach in the days ahead. >> oil has a big impact on the wildlife here. >> officials say gusty winds and high waves are hampering the clean-up effort. meanwhile, the spill shut down beaches in santa barbara county as millions of americans headed to the beaches this memorial day weekend. alison: back at home, d.c. mayor muriel bowser kick off summer at d.c. pool an hour yeah ago. the city has 18 outdoor pools 24 spray parks and four kids pools as well as 11 indoor pools. they will all open officially tomorrow. well hawaii's bay is topping this year's list of the best beaches in the u.s. the coastal science professor known as "dr. beach" released his list this morning in time for memorial day. barefoot beach and st. george island state park in florida. himoya beach in hawaii round
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out the top beaches. you know life is good if you are known as "dr. beach." leon: you have a hard time waking up and going to work then? i don't think so. a lot of folks have been hitting the road for the last couple of days and others are making the ge away nice. jamie sullivan is watching the roads for us. jamie: they are. a lot of people head to the beach. i want to begin with traffic. this is what we have on 50. near route 7 not bad. lighter than yesterday. that is what i said. thursday is the worst travel day to head to beach for the memorial day weekend. we move to the maps and we have slowing but we are not seeing it as much on the camera. that is where we are going to see 9 miles per hour. it's just past the point we have the delays. you get a nice little break and just before bay bridge, you drop down in the 20's. once you cross the bay bridge take a look. we are green! so tonight is the night. if you want to travel to beach. it won't be too bad for you. as we move to talk about the
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beltway, slow spot. we have congestion for you traveling on the inner loop of the beltway. mainly getting from college park or getting your way closer to tantam. heading out of town. 95 is the better option instead of the baltimore-washington markway. outbound 395 is not too bad. 95 is a different story. we have stop and go traffic starting in morton and continuing to fredericksburg. outbound on 66 we are okay but i want to zoom in on the area working your way across the american legion bridge. it will take you under ten minutes to get to 270. a live look outside shows you what we are working with now. again, this is a italyal lighter in -- this is a little lighter in both spots. alison: all right. thank you. well, talk about being comfortable with heights and in your own skin? oh, look at this video. this is from florida this morning. the guy sitting up there wearing nothing but his birthday suit. it's unclear how he managed to get stuck at the top of a
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drawbridge when it was raised. witnesses say they saw him swimming in the river before the bridge was raised. they set up a ladder to help him down. leon: i heard about this. he was swimming in the river and he went up on the bridge to walk across it. as he was walking across it came up. but the bridge is up 95% of the time. alison: he was skinny dipping and got stuck on the bridge. leon: you know what folks in friday call that? friday. alison: always making fun of florida.on: how can you not? my gosh. alison: i know. we provide a lot of news stories, floridians. leon: when you see unacted brother on a drawbridge, we can talk about other places than florida. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- we will take you to a big birthday celebration for one of the happiest places on earth. alison: speaking of florida. then a little bit later, slowly but surely. we will have a look at the hillary clinton e-mails released by the state department today. leon: new at 6:00 -- we show you a video of a world
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war ii plane making an emergency landing at reagan national airport. we are giving you a look at
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get out of the car. don't move around. leon: body cameras were rolling when police encountered a man driving erratically in fredericksburg two and a half weeks ago. now we are learning that the man who was stunned and pepper sprayed by the officers was actually having a medical emergency. rebecca cooper now at the live desk to explain. what is the story here? rebecca: the officers were responding to another driver reporting getting sideswiped in a hit-and-run. two officers responding found 34-year-old david washington motionless in his car. he ignored their order. a third officer respond and the video and the audio from the body cameras all three officers were wearing that you are about to see now. when the first two officers responded to the hit-and-run they found driver david washington strapped in and motionless. >> put your hands up where i can see them. >> let me see your other hand right now. >> hands up. both of them. rebecca: washington remains
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motionless despite several officers yelling to see his hands. >> put them up in the air right now. let me see your other hand right now. rebecca: his right arm on the wheel and his body motionless washington's left arm can't be seen. after repeated orders the third officer now using his taser. washington then sprayed told to get out of the car but washington tries to use his right arm telling officers he can't breathe. but he gets pulled to the ground and cuffed. still struggling to say he can't breathe. >> i can't breathe. >> all right. we got someone coming to clean your eyes out. >> i can't breathe. rebecca: an ambulance call police remain frustrate and unconvinced he is having a medical emergency. >> if you don't hold yourself up you will fall. i can't sit here and hold you like that. rebecca: washington tries to answer police questions about unopened beer in his car and any medication he is taking but for several more minutes the confusion, angry orders and mumbled responses continue
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back and forth until the ambulance arrives. now in releasing the video this week officials from the fredericksburg police department now say washington was, in fact having a medical emerge the officials say the use of force was not appropriate. washington still faces charges. not only driving on a suspended license but despite the doctor diagnosis of a medical emergency starting before accident, he still faces charmings that are -- charges pending that include and reckless driving. reporting live in the newsroom, rebecca cooper abc7 news. alison: all right. thank you. well visitors were turned away from paris' famed eiffel tower today as the worker pros test a rise in aggressive pig pockets. they want -- aggressive pickpocket. they want permanent presence at the landmark. this comes after the tour. i dropped this year. they are working with the police to a solution to crime problem. meanwhile, one of the most
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magical places on earth is celebrating the diamond anniversary. leon: all right. 24-hour party underway right now in anaheim california. disney land celebrating 60 years. brandi takes us inside the celebration. reporter: thousands of families are pouring into disney land for 24-hour party to celebrate the 60th anniversary. >> this is the 60th anniversary. wow! >> stay up 24 hours! reporter: in 1955 walt disney transformed the southern california farm land to a magical world of imagination. >> disney land is your land. reporter: rob officially seen in this photo was there on opening day. >> to have a chance to see what was inside was spectacular. reporter: disney is abc parent company and over the last six decades a lot has changed. new rides animated characters and even new parks. >> it creates memories that last a lifetime. touching people's hearts. reporter: now for its diamond
5:41 pm
celebration engineers added crystal to castles. a new paint the night parade, new world of color show. they have added interactive projection in fireworks. >> it's really going to take the fireworks and make it four dimensional. reporter: a family affair many are passing down from one generation to the next. >> py parents brought me to the 30th. so it's cool to bring my kids to the 20th. >> staying up for 2 hours straight. are these new threads for the celebration? look out ladies. in anaheim, abc7 news. leon: her weekend is made. alison: she covered "dancing with the stars." she would know. she can judge his move. leon: another pop culture icon celebrating a milestone today.
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the pacman video game debuted in japanese arcades 35 years ago today. live from the u.s. 15 months later. since then made his way from the video screen to tv set cereal boxes, t-shirt and you name it. he was originally named pucman. but in the last 35 years the pacman arcade machines generated $2.5 billion in sales. if you are counting that is 10 billion quarters. alison: good name change to pacman. leon: yeah. alison: good move. leon: have to agree with you. alison: so fans of another game are up in arms tonight. find out what they are saying about the new scrabble words. that is just ahead. >> a mother yanks her child out of a local elementary school because she says the second grader keeps getting sick. i'm chris papst. coming up we will t
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leon: breaking news. sources are confirming the man
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accused killing chandra levy will get a new trial. we will have more and what happens next on "abc7 news at 6:00". alison: meanwhile, prince george's county mother yanked her child out of school saying something in building is making her second grader sick. in the last few weeks the 8-year-old has been rushed from the school to the hospital three times. "7 on your side" investigator chris papst dug into what is happening. chris: when any parent sends a child to school they expect the child to be safe. but this woman believes something inside the building is making her second grader sick. she doesn't know what it is. but until he is finds out -- she finds out her daughter is staying home. for past week the dining room table has been goodwein's classroom. the second experience she never wanted. do you like going to the school? do you like your friends?
5:47 pm
>> yes. >> don't want to send her back there. chris: there is the elementary school in prince george's county. earlier when the weather got hot, she got sick with headache, dizziness and elevated heart rate and three times she passed out and went to the hospital. >> the normal e.k.g. he is had to see a neurologist and rushed to the hospital. chris: slew of tests came up negative. one doctor suggested a mold allergy. soon after, jackson snapped these pictures of the second grade classroom that showed water damage. that can harbor mold and other bacteria. >> i'm not giving up. i know my child is experiencing the issue and it's only at the school. chris: "7 on your side" requested the school latest environmental test results. no word when we will get them. district says it is not aware of health hazards in the building but still it's not taking any chances. >> son saturday we are taking
5:48 pm
proactive measures to get everything out of the classroom and clean it thoroughly. >> are you hoping that the student comes back to the school when you clean it? >> we'd love to have her back at school. definitely. >> jackson requested that her daughter be transferred to a different elementary school. something the second grader doesn't want to do. chris papst. leon: the fairfax county school have a budget for next year. they a don'ted a $2.6 million plan last night and almost $1 million more than allocatedless year. but it's still $14 million less than what was requested. $5 million will go to change the school start time and other $4 million for addressing the growing class sizes. alison: scrabble players are abuzz about the words added to the dictionary.
5:49 pm
ridic, emoji, facetime and twerking. we have 6500 new words in all. the scrabble word list is used by players in international tournaments. leon: maybe they should stop letting 13-year-olds pick the words used in scrabble. alison: i agree. those are funny. let's find out what brian thinks about the water. if it's ridic. [laughter] brian: outside it's spectacular. it's nice here, bay beach in the mountains. wherever you are headed it will be great. look at the live camera shot. looking great. awesome forecast we put together for us. water right there. on the bay. sunny and warm. upper 60's to 70.
5:50 pm
the bay temperature is 65. the low to mid-70's in burbs. 79 downtown. watching a couple of sprinklals northwest of town -- sprinkles northwest of town. scattered showers. a breeze. through the evening should be good. heading out for a night on the town the temperatures will fall in the 60's. light jacket. otherwise comfortable evening. later we will bottom out in 40's and 50's. tomorrow when you wake up dulles is 43. 47 at andrews. 48 in quantico. 51 in lexington park tomorrow. so a cool start to the morning. warmth in the midsection that is making a beeline for us. tomorrow may be cooler in the 70's. 80 return for sunday. memorial day is pushing 90. warm and muggy but the storms should hold off until next week. back to you. alison: thanks. leon: it's ridic.
5:51 pm
[laughter] alison: all right. tim: going to the ball pac tonight? leon: don't jinx them. tim: too late. you are going. a perfect night for baseball. the phillies are in town. holiday weekend. max sherzer pitching. ain't the beer cold? the nationals going after the sixth straight win. they have taken 17 of 21. nats took 3-4 from the phils the last time they met in april. the nats are on the field. robert burton is there. what do you have? robert: the nats won 17 of the last 21. it's big to say they are hot. but not safe to celebrate. >> it's way too long of a season. we are at the tip of the season right now. it's just continue to enjoy what we're doing right now. robert: after going 7-13 for the first 20 games, we asked what clicked? well, he didn't have the
5:52 pm
answer. >> man, if i had that answer, everybody wishes they had that answer. i just think it's a combination of things. the offense is on track. guys feel more comfortable. we played better defense. >> we had big missing pieces there. we were throwing the ball all right. we didn't have games where everything showed up. grinder games but we got through it. robert: as far as the rejection goes, matt williams wants bryce to stay in the game. but at the same time he wants bryce to be bryce. with the nats, robert burton abc7 sports. tim: now hear this. milwaukee brewers pitcher will smith has been suspended eight games by major league baseball for having a foreign substance on his arm last night against atlanta. freddie gonzalez, the manager alerted the umpire he had something on his arm. look at that. they checked and tossed him. he got mad at the braves manager for turning him in. c'mon, son. stand up!
5:53 pm
he said it was sun screen. it was a night game. he is going to appeal. he can't pitch against atlanta. giddy up. get out of here. leon: looks so obvious. tim: sun screen? alison: the sun is bad at night. leon: if he is that bad a cheat he needs to go. tim: he appealed it. leon: good luck to you. tim: giddy up. >> coming up next at 5:00 -- hundreds of hillary clinton e-mails released to the public.
5:54 pm
narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million
5:55 pm
puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive ononly half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story... woman: "unfair treatment from washington." man: "thousands without medications." woman: "it's a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." narartor: washington must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late.
5:56 pm
alison: democratk presidential candidate hillary clinton released nearly 300 e-mails from her time as secretary of state. she received the official e-mails through a personal account and a private server. as marsy gonzalez report it pertains to the attack on the
5:57 pm
u.s. consulate in benghazi. reporter: of the thousands of pages of e-mails sent twoto and from hillary clinton's private account as secretary of state, 300 messages were released today. all related to libya and the deadly terror attack on the consulate in benghazi. >> did you have understanding of what happened during before or after the attack. >> some include sensitive information which state department policy advises against putting in personal e-mail. one has information about a suspect that has been classified by the f.b.i. the white house saying the message did not violate any laws. >> it's not uncommon to be deemed classified. >> all the information in the e-mail was handled appropriately. >> the e-mail made public are the same ones reviewed by a house select committee investigating benghazi which note the messages raise questions about how much clip top knew about the
5:58 pm
deteriorating security situation leading up to the attack. the head of the committee and other republicans also point to key period in which there are no e-mails. calling on clinton to hand over her private e-mail server. they are just one piece that cannot be fully evaluated or fully understood without the total record. she said she will not release her server but the state department will make thousands more pages of the e-mails public. clinton admitted to deleting some e-mails but say they were all personal. abc7 news. alison: this is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". but right now at 2:00 -- >> mr. wint is incarcerated. our work isne. alison: one man chaptured
5:59 pm
accuse -- capture for what the mayor called an act of evil. why the search for those responsible is not over. breaking news the man accused of killing chandra levy will get a new trial. plus -- alison: we will have a first-hand look at the moment the pilot of a world war ii plane realized he had to land immediately. a woman's car pulled from her driveway. it wasn't a repossession. why was it legal? "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00" on your side. leon: a first at 6:00 -- frightening new details emerging about the night police say a man held a family hostage before killing them and setting them on fire. it comes after a capture in northeast washington.
6:00 pm
we have team coverage. jennifer donelan will have more on how wint was captured in a moment. but first brianne carter is outside d.c. superior court where she has learned much more about the criminal investigation underway right now. brianne: we have been poring over the documents in the last few hours and it's in the documents that they allege that the savapoulos family and the housekeeper were held by wint and others and possibly that others may be involved as well. this comes as tonight the u.s. attorney's office say they anticipate additional charges to be filed. 34-year-old daron wint is held without bond facing first-degree murder charge in connection with a quadruple homicide. news tonight the court records show amy and savvas savopoulos their son phillip and the


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