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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 22, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, behind bars after a dramatic takedown. the suspect charged in the brutal killing of that washington, d.c., family. police saying he didn't act alone. officers taking in five other people traveling with him. but tonight letting them go. and, new details of how the crime unfolded. holiday washout. one of the busiest travel weekends in a decade. millions facing heavy rain and flooding. caught on camera. the suspected hit-and-run driver accused of ignoring police. body cam video showing officers using a taser and pepper spray. the startling discovery at the hospital. and, the family bombshell. the scandal swirling around one of the stars of "19 kids and counting." the popular show yanked off the air tonight.
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good evening. i'm amy robach. david is away. let's get to the breaking details. tonight, a suspect is behind bars, daron wint is behind bars after a weeklong search. prosecutors say he killed all five people and then set the home on fire. ryan smith is there again for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the manhunt is over. daron wint, arrested last night and appearing today in a washington, d.c., court, charged with felony murder in the deaths of savvas, amy and philip savopoulos and their housekeeper vera figueroa. >> he's now incarcerated. he's held without bond. our work is not done. >> reporter: police revealing they believe that the crime required the presence and assistance of more than one person.
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new details coming to light about the timeline of their gruesome ordeal. the incident began around 6:00 p.m. wednesday evening, when the four victims are held against their will. later that night, two pizzas are ordered and charged to a woman believed to be amy savopoulos, who says she has a sick child inside. instructing dominos to leave them on the porch, ring the bell, and leave. the next morning, an assistant, following the direction of savvas savopoulos, leaves $40,000 in cash inside a car in the home's attached garage. just hours later, the d.c. fire department is notified of the fiery blaze. and prosecutors believe all four victims were killed after the money was delivered. authorities identified wint from dna left on the pizza, which set them on his trail. affirming today that he traveled by bus to brooklyn, where u.s. marshals barely missed him earlier in the week. law enforcement says he hired a car service to drive him from new york back to d.c., allegedly paying in cash with the money stolen. then last night, they finally caught up with him.
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authorities track wint to this howard johnson hotel, planning on taking him down here. but as they approach, wint was already in a car, leaving this parking lot with five other people. wint and three of them in one car, and two others leading them in a truck. authorities pull out of the lot and quietly tail the two vehicles, at one point concerned wint knows he is being followed, when they make a sudden turn and head back into d.c. but the task force presses on. washington police joining in with a helicopter overhead. and after five miles, maneuvering between the car and the truck, blocking the road and arresting the five inside. police say one of those five, admitting to buying more than $10,000 in money orders. and in those cars, u.s. marshals spotting what appeared to be a large stack of $100 bills. as for those five men and women taken into custody, all of them were released without being inging
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charged. >> are police giveing any reason for letting them go? >> no explanation was given, but they could be charged at a later date. word yet on who any others involved may be. >> ryan, thank you. and to the other developing story tonight, a huge stretch of the country facing a wet holiday. this oklahoma lake one of many whose waters are far above normal levels. but the busiest memorial day travel season in decades expected. rob marciano with the forecast in a moment. but first, phillip mena in texas. >> reporter: tonight those
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37 million americans hitting the roads could be in for a washout. this drone's-eye view in oklahoma showing they're just drops away from the wettest month ever. in corpus christi, texas, streets turning to canals, water up to the headlights. this van stalling. >> i just assumed it wasn't that deep. >> reporter: these good samaritans using their truck to help push another stuck motorist. in liberty county, levees breached. that island is pat hensey's barn. >> we were safe until we got the last couple of rains. and that's really what's got us. >> reporter: water levels could take weeks to go down. in wichita falls, this now officially their wettest month ever on record. just days ago, they were praying for rain. tonight, those prayers more than answered. as you can see, they've gone from extreme drought to mandatory evacuations. the red cross setting up shelters as an army of sandbaggers prepares for the worst. amy, this holiday weekend people in america's heartland will have their eye on the sky. with rivers already out of their
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banks, any more rainfall could mean disaster. amy? >> phillip, thanks for the latest. and rob is here now. the weekend forecast, you may be holding an umbrella over that barbecue? >> record levels over the next couple of days. flood watches, wichita falls could see another six inches same for oklahoma city. and add severe threat into that mix. tomorrow into tornado alley, and expanding into the each. and saturday freeze warnings in the morning, but then sunshine in the afternoon. and we move on to an encounter between a driver and police officers. one officer prodding him with
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the tazser and pepper spray. but the driver was experiencing a medical emergency. and tonight, the police officer is off the force. david kerley has the story. >> can you see his other hand? put your hands up right now. >> reporter: a driver has already hit another car. >> hands up both of them. >> reporter: and knocked down a sign driving the wrong way on a fredericksburg, virginia, street. >> put both of your hands up right now. >> reporter: but the driver is unresponsive. all three officers wearing body cameras. that third officer, shaun jurgens, moves in and fires a taser. >> i don't think it made a connection. >> reporter: when the taser doesn't work, the officer uses pepper spray. once they get him out and cuffed the driver's car rolls over his foot. >> stop it. >> reporter: why no response from the driver? >> what are you on? >> reporter: the driver was having a medical emergency and the officer who used the taser and spray has resigned from the
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police force, with the lead detective saying the officer's actions were not in compliance with department policy or training which requires officers to exercise appropriate restraint and good judgment in their dealings with citizens. >> reporter: the driver's medical emergency wasn't discovered until he was at the hospital and he could still face charges. david kerley abc news washington. >> david, thank you. next to nevada. rocked late today by an earthquake registering at 4.8. shaking buildings across 100 miles, cracking this wall in henderson, nevada. and in las vegas, inspectors looking at this stretch in a support on u.s. 95. and a setback in the oil spill cleanup. the number of volunteers is
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growing, and animal rescue teams helping birds. and the beach cleanup, a massive effort. the oil slick covering nearly ten miles of ocean. kendisginessen gibson with the story tonight. >> reporter: tonight, as workers in protective gear continue the beach cleanup, swift, tough action against the operators of that busted santa barbara pipeline. the federal government ordering plains american pipeline to suspend operations on the ruptured line, giving the company 45 days to remove and test the part of the pipe that failed. >> we have yet to find the actual release point. but the leak has been contained. >> reporter: this oil-soaked pelican, the very first rescued bird getting scrubbed down. they're actually using something as simple as dawn to clean the bird. it will take upwards of an hour. veterinarians saying the oil from this spill, used for asphalt, making this situation far worse.
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>> it's a thick, tarry oil. it's hard to get off. the washes are taking a long time. >> reporter: this sea lion caught in the spill now getting a scrubbing, with a toothbrush. now, a setback for cleanup efforts in the ocean. four-foot waves forcing oil-skimming boats to leave the area. tonight, two popular state parks remain closed this important holiday weekend. take a look at some of the hundreds of buckets, filled with oil recovered from this tiny beach. with miles of coastline to clean, this could take weeks. amy? >> thank you. now to breaking news in the gulf of mexico. the oil rig burning on the water. the crew safely evacuated, back on land. located near louisiana, holds up to 4,000 barrels of oil. and the company says the wells have been shut down. and the first of hillary
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clinton's e-mails from her private server has been released. and clinton, struggling to keep the focus on her message. cecelia vega with the story. >> reporter: showing voters how to take a selfie. while in washington the state department releasing the first batch of e-mails. 296 in all. what they show clinton never sent classified information. but one e-mail on benghazi so sensitive, 23 words have been redacted. >> that doesn't change the fact that all the of the information in the e-mails was handled appropriately. >> reporter: many of the e-mails mundane. clinton remains on the
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defensive. it was her aides that hand-selected those e-mails. >> i'm going to let the americans decide that. thank you, all. >> reporter: as much as she would like this controversy to go away soon it won't. there are 55,000 e-mails in all, and many will be released just as the campaign is heating up. >> thank you. and next to a nationwide salmonella outbreak. ten people hospitalized. and the outbreak has spread to eight other states than california. and to a would be carjacker that picked the wrong driver. he had a gun, and used it to turn the tables on the alleged
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thief. here's steve osunsami. >> you picked the wrong [ bleep ] to try to rob today! >> reporter: it's the cell video from atlanta that has people cheering for the guy with the gun. >> so apparently, you thought i had a "rob me" sign on me, right? >> reporter: on the ground in the plaid shirt is an alleged carjacker, being held at gunpoint by the young man whose car he's accused of trying to steal. >> i thought you were my friend. >> you thought i was your friend? you thought i was your friend? so you woke up stupid this morning? >> reporter: police say 30-year-old hashim fannin was operating well within state law, and held the man until they arrived. he had just pulled his brand new nissan into a family dollar to do some i.t. work, when police say this man, 61-year-old edgar horn, slid into his passenger seat, demanding the car. fannin told him what time it was when he pulled a gun from underneath his seat. >> at that point, his whole demeanor changes. and now, suddenly you're sorry. >> reporter: wait, wait, wait. he said he was sorry, now that he realizes -- >> because in so many words, i asked him to get out of the car.
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>> reporter: his accused thief is out on bond tonight, but has not yet entered a plea. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the scandal swirling around one of the stars of "19 counting." and the outbreak of dogs across america spreading to many states. how you can protect your doug. and the indianapolis 500.
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allegations. >> reporter: they're the wholesome christian family on the reality show counting." but tonight, the show yanked off the air, amid allegations that the oldest son abused girls when he was 17. >> we decided that there was going to be no kissing before marriage. >> reporter: today, he admits 12 years ago as a young teenager i acted inexcuseably. with tv popularity the duggars have wielded influence, and
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today, mike huckabee said it is inexcusable but not unforgivable. and the family saying we're not a perfect family. ron claiborne abc news new york. when we come back the military plane off the runway and in the water. and the dog flu warning tonight. and the magic kingdom as you've never seen it before. congratulations. you're down with crestor. yes!
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and finally tonight, an american classic. the world's biggest race the indy 500. after a century, it's not just drivers getting noticed. it's who's keeping them on the track. here's matt gutman. >> reporter: for 90 years, the drive driving, crashing, and fixing of indy cars has been the sole domain of men. except now -- what's your job here? >> i deal mostly with the tires.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: watch this tire changer get flipped by a sliding car. this one, crushed under a wheel. bu is in her blood. >> i grew up near midohio sports car course. >> reporter: she tried to show me how it's done. >> they're tightened to the back. >> reporter: so i'm lost. in this case it's righty. >> wheel is going to come off. pull it off. and that's it. >> reporter: that's about five or six seconds. this is her team doing it in real time. but acceptance isn't always easy. do you get a hard time being a woman in the job? >> they'll ask the guys the do it. and i'll be left out. if you want to do it that's fine with me. just makes me work harder. >> reporter: starting this
6:58 pm
sunday at indy. >> and you can see jessica and her team, and all the indy 500 action this weekend on abc. from david and all of us at abc news, have a great night.
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[ wind whistling ] wheel... of... fortune! jim: ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of america's game -- pat sajak and vanna white! hi. we're here. honey, we're home. [ laughs ] thank you. thank you, jim. thank you very much. good-bye. how you guys doin'? it's that time our first "toss up."hrase" the category. $1,000, here we go. ♪ [ bell chimes ] sarah. the first time... i don't know it. [ laughter ] everybody else now.


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