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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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kellye: the memorial day concert disrupted, the west lawn turning explosive. with the police have just said in the last 30 minutes about this bomb investigation. plus -- >> we saw what we thought was a rescue boat coming down the river. then we realized it was a car. kellye: flooding in texas now all deadly. the situation growing worse by
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the minute. and devon is tracking what you need to keep an i on for memorial day. the news at 11:00 starts now. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kellye: the moment that a bomb investigation turned explosive on the national mall. it happened on the west lawn of the capital as thousands packed in for the annual memorial day concert. jay korff was there when it happened. it's my understanding new details are just coming out form the police -- from the police? jay: that's right, just moments ago, the scene was cleared. this is where the suspicious car was, the back window kicked out. the auths and saul simpson wishes items in the car. -- the authorities could smell gas and saul suspicious items in the car. they deemed there was nothing
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suspicious in the vehicle, but out of an abundance of caution they had to see if there was a threat. these are some of the parts of the pressure cooker that they exploded, and here is the spot where it went off. this is not what anyone expected to happen. near the u.s. capitol sunday night. >> i heard a big boom. it sounded like a canning going off. jay: the police closed the streets close to the capital because of a suspicious item found inside of this silver station wagon parked and left unattended on 3rd street. >> we were wondering what was going on. jay: thousands of people were delayed from walking around the scene. from the nearby west lawn of the capital to get to the concert. >> they had police cars everywhere. everything is roped off. jay: abc 7 news was there while
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the bomb squad used a robot to examine the scene. soon after, a technician wired up an item from an side of the vehicle that appeared to be a pressure cooker. moments later, this happen. [explosion] jay: soon after a technician pulled out what appeared to be a propane tank. and he was among the many who tried but did not get to the concert on time. >> even though it's an inconvenience, that is the world that we live in. sometimes you have to sacrifice for security. jay: back live, the authorities are saying there was no threat to the public. they are telling us capitol police are confirming the person who owned the car has been charged with operating a vehicle while after his drivers license was revoked.
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live from the national mall, jay korff, abc 7 news. kellye: the concert itself when off without a hitch. ♪ kellye: this year's lineup include gloria estefan an acclaimed tenor, and the national symphony orchestra. while the concert is over streets around the capital will be closed for a few more hours. as we get ready to fire up the grill tomorrow, expect a little more humidity creeping in. devon lucie joins us for a first check of the forecast. devon: kellye, the humidity is making such a slow creep. memorial day just starting to feel a little humid. don't often show the dewpoint temperatures, one of the best
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measures of humidity. these have been in the 30's and 40's the last few days, in the 50's today. near 60 is more humid. the real-time temps, near 70. fairly mild overnight. the memorial day parade around the capital tomorrow, into the 80's. upper 80's, 88 after the parade. keep the bottled water handy. in the sunshine it will feel hotter. you want to stay hydrated. hot and humid tuesday steals eve -- feels even more humid. we will track to complete forecast with you in a few more minutes. kellye: ahead of the holiday, the sound of thunder and the mission of remembrance. hundreds of thousands of riders
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crammed into the pentagon and made their way to the national mall as part of rolling thunder. all of the noise meant to bring attention to veterans issues, including prisoners of war and missing in action. >> i have seen mothers and fathers go to their graves not knowing what happened to their son. kellye: for the first time this year, three banners went up near the vietnam memorial. they contain more than 7000 names of those killed in action in iraq and afghanistan. if you plan to ride the metro tomorrow service goes from 70 him until midnight. the trains will be running on a sunday schedule, will off -- with off-peak fares in effect in parking will be free. tonight, and all clear at the silver spring metro after a track fire at 7:00 this evening. we got in touch with montgomery county police to tell us in insulator caught fire, which
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started to singe a wooden rail tie. the fire was knocked out quickly and it will not affect the commute tomorrow. the child in the deadly motorcycle crash and i'd hyattsville has been identified. today, a makeshift memorial for seven-year-old alejandro santos. roz plater has new information about some of the other victims. roz? roz: it is a beautiful memorial to the seven-year-old who died in the crash. we don't know who put it here at the site. we are learning new information about the injuries to the other victims in the crash. those injuries are much more serious than originally thought. the crash happened at about 4:00 on east-west highway knew the entrance to the prince george's mall. it motorcycle crashed into a car that was making a left turn into the mall. the rider was thrown from the bike in the motorcycle plowed
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into a group of pedestrians on the sidewalk. four people were struck, an adult male and three children. the man's injuries are considered life-threatening and one of the two surviving children has critical injuries. the police have not confirmed the relationship of the victims. the crash was so disturbing that one would miss came back to the site today unaware the little boy had died. >> that is really sad to hear. the child was lying on the ground. i just thought he was hurt really bad. i did not know he had died. roz: the investigation is continuing. the police believe that speed on the part of the motorcycle driver was the factor in the crash. no charges have been filed, but investigators still want to talk to people who witnessed the crash. roz plater, abc 7 news. kellye: right now, you are looking live at the scene of a double shooting in northeast d.c. at 9:00 at 58th and e
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streets. two men were shot, no update on their condition and no word if the police have made an arrest. a fire caused at least a half million dollars of damage to a townhouse in montgomery county. it is believed to have started on the deck of this home in clarksburg. we have learned the homeowner was asleep when the fire started. a smoke alarm woke him up. >> fortunately, the occupant got out without injuries. eventually we had a two alarm which is over 100 firefighters. kellye: the firefighters kept the flames from spreading to adjoining homes. investigators believe that a discarded cigarette sparked the fire. thousands in texas have left their homes in search of higher grounds, one person dead, three others missing after flash floods between austin and saint antonio. in oklahoma, a firefighter died
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during a rescue operation and high water. tornado watches are in place from illinois to the louisiana and parts of kansas. tomorrow morning, live reports from texas. "good morning washington" will have up-to-the-minute coverage and your forecast at home. that is starting at 4:24. coming up, saving money and keeping your family safe. how you can give your wallet a break if you stock up for severe weather. and dozens arrested after violent demonstrations. what protesters did to innocent high standards that left the police -- to innocent bystanders that left the police with no choice but to arrest.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kellye: protesters in california demand it an end to fracking another drilling, the protest
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coming days after thousands of gallons of oil spilled from a damaged pipe into the pacific. several animals died because of the spill and beaches around santa barbara are being cleaned up. the police in cleveland arrested 71 people in protests after an officer's acquittal. some demonstrators used pepper spray on people eating dinner at outdoor restaurants. the ohio governor and likely presidential candidate john kasich address the protests. governor kasich: it is proper to protest, but at the same time, no violence. kellye: yesterday, a judge ruled that officer michael brelo that his actions after a high-speed chase were justified. he was one of several officers that fired more than 100 shots of the vehicle, killing two people inside. the justice department is going to review the case. the police in new orleans are
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scrambling to find out who shot and killed a housing authority member this morning. they 45-year-old officer was shot to death inside of his cruiser with the driver side window broken out and the car still in drive. friends and family are mourning the death of a 37-year-old baoter in maryland, the new carrollton man one of five people in a boat that on water near north beach. a bystander pulled all five from the water. the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. the other four people were not hurt. the matriarch of the stiller comedy dynasty has died. actress and comedian anna meara was 87 years old. she was married to jerry stiller and the motherr and director ben stiller. she appeared in dozens of films and tv shows. she was perhaps best known for
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her roles on "all my children" and "the king of queens." the world's mourning the death of nobel prize winning mathematician nash. "a beautiful mind" was based on his life and his battle with schizophrenia. russell crowe and director ron howard expressed their condolences. howard said it was an honor to be able to tell part of his story. tomorrow, a tax break in virginia to get you in your family ready for hurricane season. any items that you need to stay safe during an emergency, which includes bottled water generators. which cost less than $1000. there is a full list of all of the discounted items on our website, the sales tax holiday runs through may 31. devon: good timing.
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june 1 is the official start of the season. we have already had a named storm. there is a whole checklist for your preparedness kit put out by fema. a whole list of things to put in your kit. the most important thing, water. the high temperature today you need about a gallon per person per day. if you have a family of four and a three-day supply which is what they recommend, that could be 12 gallons of water. check that list out at a great time over the next couple weeks to get back it together, very important. the high temps today low 80's. the humidity still low. many times with the west to east general weather pattern take the nashville and st. louis temperatures and average them out here. clearly, the real-time temps
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were upper 90's and the west. the high humidity holding up the temperatures. we are getting higher humidity here, much more humidity in the midwest. the flooding story, the red river valley, tropical moisture in place. the low-pressure pops over us just getting warmer. the humidity still not back until tuesday, really where the humidity is felt. upper 80's if not 90 degrees. a weak front comes in, washing over wednesday and thursday. the overnight temperatures not as chilly. starting off memorial day near 60, warm, mid to upper 80's, higher humidity as well. just warm enough to keep cool at the pool but not hot enough to burn up on the pool deck.
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tuesday, widely scattered showers possible, thunderstorms most likely north and west of washington. it will be about the heat and humidity. the temperatures will be closer to 90 degrees. the high end of the week, the warmest temperatures will be about 93. that is what most of the forecasts have centered on. the seven-day forecast, i will be the laziest meteorologist in the world and say hi of 90 the next seven days, or low of 70's. i do not quite do that. hottest they will be wednesday. the best storm chances as well as a widely scattered is what we are seeing right now. wednesday thursday may be the next two with the most rain. kellye: thanks, devon. well, the nats? robert: much better. highlights from today's rubber match. the nats looking like the end
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only to leaders. and
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: rubber match of the nats-phillies after a not so good performance from strasburg. the good guys took the lead, 2-1 on the fielder's choice. bryce harper slices down the line. denard span scores, 3-1 nats. next batter, ryan zimmerman crushes one to right center hits the wall. bryce harper scores all the way from first. nats win 4-1. their eighth straight series. coach williams: success for him or any other player is getting the guy in from third base.
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that is what will make a fantastic season. he is playing great defense coming is comfortable with those. he will hit balls over the fence, but that is not the measure of his success. it's the little things. robert: the terp women looking for their second straight lacrosse title. taylor cummings passes in front to erin collins. the terps take the lead. they trailed 6-3 at the half but they scored five straight opening the second half. megan gives maryland the lead for good, 7-6. the terps win 9-8 their second straight title, 12 overall. the terps baseball team playing for the big ten title. top of the eighth, drives to right field, up against the wall. one runner scores. tries to do too much, stretching it into a triple, but he is thrown out.
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instead of a 4-3 game with runners on second, it is 4-2. the terps lose 4-3 and the ncaa tournament berth may not happen. the indy 500, the chairman of the indianapolis motor speedway, starting the engines. this time her daughter nancy got to jump in. >> ladies and gentlemen, please start your engines! robert: 23 laps to go, scary crash. they go flying into the wall. the debris, one driver had to be helped out of his car, contusion on his right foot. willpower in the lead, one pot below montoya -- juan o
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pablo montoya passes him and wins the indy 500 for the second time in his career. french open, roger federer won his first round match. the problems came after his victory. a fan sits on the court and tries to take a selfie with roger fetter, and denied -- with roger federer and was denied. afterword he said, "i'm not happy about that." wow. a full house at gillette stadium , the fans filled the parking lot to protest tom brady's four-game suspension over the deflategate scandal. the rally was organized on facebook. a couple hundred people came to protest. the terps men will take on play for
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the lacrosse title tomorrow. here we go. kellye: all right, good. i would never deny him a selfie. put that on the record. robert: oh, my gosh. retreat that, please. -- re-twe
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kellye: hundreds of people in key west cheered on 37 sailors in the wacky regatta race. the boats are made out of the thin cardboard and duct tape. also in florida, a brand-new fire truck quickly turned into a delivery room for the fire department. they had just finished outfitting the rescue truck when they got their first call, a woman going into labor. >> we spent the majority of the day moving into this brand-new truck. we had a good idea world the was at and it really helped. kellye: the delivery went smoothly, with a healthy baby boy. it only took about five minutes
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and they made it to the hospital but only after baby jeremy made his entrance.
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kellye: a final check of the forecast? devon: memorial day looking good, the temperatures in the 70's midmorning, mid 80's in the afternoon. not hot enough that dad cannot fire up the grill. the heat and humidity is felt tuesday. wednesday and thursday the likely a storm days. 50/50 shot of scattered storms. there is no big weather feature that is coming in the next week or so. meantime, tune in early tomorrow morning with "good morning washington."
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